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Since he killed a vampire eight months ago, Oriel has been on the run. The coven wants him dead, and the feds want his blood to eradicate the vampires. Exhausted, he sneaks into an obscure mansion, rummaging for food. What he doesn't know: a vampire lives there.Three centuries ago, a human lover betrayed Seb, selling him to the hunters for some quick gold. When his chef quSince he killed a vampire eight months ago, Oriel has been on the run. The coven wants him dead, and the feds want his blood to eradicate the vampires. Exhausted, he sneaks into an obscure mansion, rummaging for food. What he doesn't know: a vampire lives there.Three centuries ago, a human lover betrayed Seb, selling him to the hunters for some quick gold. When his chef quits, Seb is left hanging... until he finds the thief in his garage. He captures Oriel, only to discover that Oriel needs protection. And the one thing Seb wants? A purpose to his life again.Oriel sets one condition when Seb hires him: Seb cannot drink his blood. Except Oriel's blood tempts him from a distance, tempts him in bed. If he tastes it, he'll be addicted, completely dependent on Oriel. And the hotter Oriel kindles his desire, the harder it is for Seb to stay away....

Title : Forbidden Blood
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ISBN : 9781547103454
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Forbidden Blood Reviews

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-03-24 17:06

    I LOVE vampire romances (I have Buffy to thank for that, I think!). I feel like there's not enough of them what with everyone jumping on the werewolf and dragon bandwagon, so I was very excited to see that Anna Wineheart was releasing this! Seb is a 300+ year old vampire who lives in a mansion with his butler, gardener, and a chef that he just fired. Due to events in his past, he is untrusting of both humans and the vampire coven that rules over them. Oriel has been on the run for months, both from vampires and from the feds who hate them. His blood has the ability to turn vampires insane, so the vampires want to stop him and the feds want to use him against the vampires. Oriel is hiding out in Seb's garage when he is discovered, and Seb hires him on as his new chef. I think what I enjoyed about this most was the chemistry that Seb and Oriel had together. Yes, things moved quickly, even they marveled at how much they had come to mean to the other in the span of a week, but it worked for me. The times they had together were explosive and hot. I have some questions about how things ended, what will happen with Oriel and if we'll ever know why his blood has the effect it does on vampires, will they ever try to work on increasing Seb's tolerance to his blood, and if the next book will be able Seb and Oriel still, or a new couple. I liked these vampires - they can go out into the sun, they can turn to mist, silver kills them (not wooden stakes) so I would definitely be interested in more world building and expanding on characters in this 'verse. I'm loving everything I read from this author, can't wait to see what is next!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Darlene
    2019-03-16 18:00

    I have really come to love Anna Wineheart’s writing. Forbidden Blood is just as great as her others. M/M romantic love stories involving vampires is right up there with my love for M/M shifter love stories.In Forbidden Blood, Wineheart starts us right off with heart throbbing fear as Oriel runs for his life and for the life of all vampires. He ran away from his home, friends and job when it’s discovered Oriel Lancaster had to kill the vampires that had fed off from him and became addicted to his blood and went crazy losing their minds. Of course who would want such a weapon against the vampires, but who else, the Feds.He’s been on the run since the government agents had crashed into his California home, that was eight months ago. Now he’s hunger, cold and afraid, it feels like he’ll be on the run for the rest of his life. Oriel sought shelter and food wherever he could fine it and sometimes people came home unexpectedly and he was off running for his life once again.It was one of these times that Oriel was seeking shelter and a place to break into for food when he came across a century-old mansion that had possible prospects. When he tried to open the garage door it was locked and Oriel had become very good at picking locks. Once inside he was overwhelmed with joy when he found a velvet chaise and old camping cook stove and a fridge and freezer.A starving Oriel couldn’t believe his eyes when the landed on boxes of deli meat, cups of yogurt, eggs, pickles, fruit preserves as well as sauces. What caught his eyes was soy milk as he was allergic to milk products. Oriel made himself to home making a makeshift room under the stairs and a tarp that covered the spot and he spent three days gorging on food, but he wanted a hot meal and decided to take the chance to cook some eggs with some salami. He dragged the portable cook stove over to his hiding place to cook his meal.Meanwhile, the owner of the mansion, a vampire, was having an angry conversation with the Coven to help find the missing person who has tarnished blood. No way was Sebastian (Seb) going to help them. It was an old leader of the Coven that had turned Seb and he was not going to help find a person who could kill him. There were already hunters, cops and people out here who had tried to kill him in the pass.One of those people was his boned prey, Dirk, a human who had betrayed him and sold him out to hunters. Seb had survived and killed the man he had loved for his betrayal. Seb vowed he never take another bonded prey again. Robert, Seb’s butler had been with him for many years and enter Seb’s study to inform his cook had quit.That’s when Seb finds out that food had gone missing in his fridge in the garage. Seb could care less the terrible cook had quit though it could be hard to replace him. Hungrily Seb strides downstairs to see what was in the kitchen fridge, hopefully so liver, which happened to be in the freezer out in the garage. Oriel at the same time had gone to the freezer to check it out for a steak and discovers liver and fresh blood pig which could only mean he had been staying in the garage of a vampire! Oriel knew he had to flee but he needed rations of food to take and it was bitter cold outside. He decided to make his last meal and was cooking when the door to the garage opened and Oriel bumped into the hot metal pan burning himself and swore.The next thing he knew Seb was right beside him and Oriel is begging him not to kill him or drink from him. Seb quickly had him pinned to the floor sitting on his hips with his fingers around his throat. The encounter brought these two together in a very intimate way. Oriel was lucky Seb didn’t drink human blood and Oriel was tired of running and gave himself up. Seb checked him over for weapons and in doing so was a big turn-on for Oriel big time. It’s cute the dialogue what went on inside Oriel’s head and urging Seb to check him inside. Seb agreed and the next thing Oriel is cumming in his pants.So, not to bore you with all the wonderful details as I go on (you really need to read it yourself), Oriel becomes Seb’s new cook and is very disliked by the butler Robert. Robert sees him as trouble for his employer. Seb and Oriel become close and lovers very quickly, but with Oriel’s blood calling to him he has to keep his distance. Everything about Oriel attracts Seb to him and Seb to Oriel.There’s plenty of action from the Coven leader, Thomas, the feds, cops and even Seb’s own butler. Trust is most important to a vampire and it vacillates where Seb and Oriel is concern. But they both grew to love each other and Oriel puts his own life on the line to save Seb. As I said earlier, this is a wonderful story. The love that grows between Seb and Oriel is precious and fragile, but love does win out in the end. I highly recommend this book and it’s a big five stars for me. ***I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review. ***

  • Shin Mon Thway
    2019-03-08 19:08

    Uh .. it took me 10 days to read this book and this is a very short read and which means this book is just boring. I mean I like vampires and werewolves and all those mystical creatures but I just don't get this story at all. There is no solid storyline, no background and the characters are just not attractive. I finished this book only because I didn't wanna leave a book unfinished. This is my first Anna Wineheart's so you can see how disappointed I am. I don't think I wanna read more.Just meh :/

  • Theresa
    2019-03-24 20:53

    2+ stars. The story started out engaging but then dragged. The attraction between Seb and Oriel was great but it didn't solidify into the beginning of a relationship. The sex was hot and very sensual. Of course, there were unanswered questions at the end. The story felt short and under developed, even for an installment. I'm going to wait until the series is finished to resume.

  • Alexandra
    2019-03-18 17:09


  • Jacey Jeffrey
    2019-03-03 20:50

    I enjoyed this book by new to me author Anna Wineheart. This is the story of Oriel and Seb. Seb is a vampire who enjoys being alone. He was double crossed by someone who he thought loved him and swore that he would never fall in love again especially with a human. Oriel is on the run from the coven and vampires. His blood is different than most humans and is addictive to vampires who consume the point of death. The coven wants answers...the government wants to use him as a weapon to use against vampires. Feeling threatened for his life he decides to run away and hope that they don't find him. Seb discovers Oriel hiding in his garage...neither of them bargained on the fierce attraction for each other....the very thing they are trying to keep away from. All through the book...I had a hard time connecting with the story. What about Oriel's blood made it so addictive to vampires? I wanted more of Seb and Oriel's connection or pull to each other. It felt rushed to me in that respect. Overall the story was okay just wanted more. I would read the next book in the series for sure.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  • Amber
    2019-03-05 15:14

    Forbidden Blood is the first book in the Ironwrought series by Anna Wineheart. I loved this novella about Seb and Oriel. The story is well written and nicely edited and has just enough chemistry and hot scenes to balance the amount of gore and fight scenes. It is, after all, a vampire story. There's going to be blood spilled and bloodlust involved. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I would love to know what Seb's vampire friend finds when he analysis Oriel's blood. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • T Paul
    2019-03-17 19:15

    Absolutely loved this book. The blood that sealed them together was the blood that nearly destroyed them and that's what made this story so great. The forbidden, the temptation and the fact that love overcomes gives this book five stars. Sebastian and Oriel are perfect, their trust and their relationship with one another as well as the other characters is so well written that you escape into the story. A terrific love story. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book.

  • Yvette
    2019-03-15 16:05

    Review on AmazonI was given an ARC for my honest opinion.

  • Antoinette
    2019-02-28 21:12

    Not what I expected but truly enjoyable. Both Oriel and Seb are wonderful characters and I loved them both. I can't wait for the next book, 4.5 stars. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Cee Brown
    2019-03-13 16:02

    ✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿✿´¯`*•.¸¸✿Paranormal at its finest.I am a paranormal queen and it was my Mum who told me she lived off of horror movies when she was carrying me. I am a creature of habit and I am a night owl and horror/PRN gives me life. So imagine my surprise when I saw Professor Blood up for review. I quickly contacted the author because I HAD to read this then being the anal [no pun intended] person that I am, I knew if I did not read book one first it would haunt me [pun intended]. Ms. Wineheart was sweet in offering me this read with no offer to review. But I love authors who are free giving so I am giving her what she did not ask for. He was tired of running.Oriel was on the run and not only for his life. He had witnessed too much and now the Government was after him, hell or high water. For Oriel, he had discovered months earlier that his blood had a serious side effect on vampires and not a good one. He refused to become a lab rat and decided to run. Unfortunately, the last palce he needed to be was where he ended a vampire's home.Sebastian wanted nothing to do with his coven. For over three centuries, he had been making it on his own and "surviving". But on discovering Oriel, the human everyone was haunting, including his coven, Seb was palced in a precarious position. Seb was a vampire who treated his staff like family. But the sweet smelling human proved to be a little bit too juicy for him to resist. Seb was having a hard time keeping his word and his blood virginity. It didn't take much for these two to become attracted to each other, but the hardship was Seb's weakened state around Oriel, his new cook, and his intense desire to feed from the man; something he had no problems with for years. With people after them both now, Seb's main desire was to protect the man he was starting to care for and have them both survive at the end of the day. I have read few vampire book where the characters where not a drinker of human blood. Anna Wineheart did what most PRN writers attempt. She created a world her main character was not a consumer of human blood and learned to survive. What fascinated me was the clear only-my-blood-for-you storyline. And though Oriel's blood was something no vampire should have, Seb was still tempted and discovered first hand why. With some violence, action and happily ever after, who can resist this tempting treat. One click and enjoy. I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.

  • Sri
    2019-03-09 19:47

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.Let me start by saying I really really enjoyed the book. The story was beautifully written. The characters were detailed. Their actions and inactions were explained and justified and it just - it was a well written story all around. Oriel had been on the run for like 8 months and the author had very subtly added every mannerism of a paranoid in his body language. He was a horny male who trusted his body to Seb but he always always was wary of Seb and his intentions. Same goes for Seb - he was betrayed by an innocent looking man before and he didn't trust Oriel even though somewhere in the back of his mind he knew Oriel did not give Seb a reason to mistrust him. The sex was - it was hot, you guys. No two ways to it. Their sexual chemistry and tension was off the damn charts. The teasing, the probing - I was lying in a puddle of hot mess is all I'm saying. I did wish that Thomas, the antagonist's character would've been a bit more explored. His intentions apart from sheer curiosity and hunger felt a bit I don't know - unexplored to me. I wished there was more to it. But that comes to my mind when I'm trying to find holes where none exist. The rushed ending was probably me being greedy but I really wanted the whole Thomas+ scene to be at least a month later. They barely got time to know each other is what I felt. I loved the book on every other term. It was insta-lust, yes. But the lust developing into love was constantly questioned by each character and it made it believable. It really made it real. I loved the scene right after the first time they had sex. The way Oriel slept in Seb's arms. My heart was all kinds of mush! Really excited to see if there's an upcoming sequel to this and to read more from the author. This story gets a 4.5, y'all. Don't miss it. It was a pleasure to read. Thank you. All my love,Sri

  • Lyssa Dering
    2019-03-19 20:02

    Sweet, tropey funOriel has been on the run due to his blood, which for reasons unknown the everyone makes every vampire wild with addiction within just thirty seconds of tasting it. As a result, he's had to kill multiple vampires, and both the Vampire Coven and the human federal government (they want to use his blood to hurt vampires) are after him. Homeless and hungry, Oriel takes refuge in the garage of a mansion in Minnesota, only to learn the mansion belongs to centuries-old vampire Sebastian.This is one of my favorite types of reads. Give me a submissive in need and a dominant caretaker, and I'm hooked. Though this was hurt/comfort with a bit of angst, it wasn't too heavy and made for a nice read. The strong third act was riveting and had me reading late into the night.My only gripe is that the characterization and sex scenes (though hot) didn't have much depth to them. The relationship was fast-moving, and the connection didn't feel very strong. But Seb and Oriel's story ended on a satisfying HFN, with some open threads that I'm sure will carry over into future books.I'd recommend Forbidden Blood to fans of vampire erotic romance who don't mind suspending some disbelief for the sake of sweetness.

  • Katherine
    2019-02-22 19:02

    Love out of lonelinessThis was a quick to catch you book that I really enjoyed.The easiest thing to fall into is the relationship between Seb and Oriel. They are both left wondering why they continue on with life, why they keep fighting, what is even worth it anymore. Through that loneliness and desperation they see each other and it creates a fast bond. Oriel finds a safety he had been missing, while Seb finds trust and someone who cares. They find a home in each other and it is a beautiful read.My only disappointment is that this was so short! There is so much to this world that I would love to know, and I would love to see more of Seb and Oriel! The vamps of this world are different and I am curious to explore them. What all are their abilities? How much can they eat outside of blood? What are their weaknesses? Not to mention, how does the government know of them and the public does not? Further, what doesn it truly mean to be bonded prey? I loved all of the bits and pieces we were given but would really love to learn more! Good book, fascinating series starter, very engaging romance!

  • Tina
    2019-03-05 20:17

    Forbidden Blood is the first book in the Ironwrought series by author Anna Wineheart. I loved this story. It is told in alternating POV. There is action, adventure, and steamy chemistry. It kept me turning the pages and wanting more.Oriel he is being hunted. His blood will make a vampire addicted to him. The vampires want to kill him. The humans want to use him. He just wants to be alive and safe. Oh and a burning hunger to eat food sometime soon.He finds his way into a rich person's garage. He access to food and shelter. Finally after forever he can rest and eat.He is a good person his life has just gotten out of control. He is smart and crafty that has kept his alive so far.Seb has been a vampire for a long time. When the council contacts him about some problem with a human he really doesn't jump to do what they want. When he finds a sexy squatter in his garage though things change. But how long can he resist the lure of Oriel's blood?This is a great paced book. I loved the over all story arc, and it is very well written. I am looking forward to reading more in this series too. I would love to see where we go from here and who falls in love next.

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-03-23 21:12

    This wasn't necessarily bad if you're into the whole instant lust, instant love, instant meaningful relationship sort of story. The problem is that I really am not. What's more, I like a little world building in my vampire stories, even novella length ones, and there isn't any here. For me, the problem isn't that the story is underdeveloped, though it is, the problem is that this particular story has been written again and again and again and again and again. While the idea of a human with addictive blood might be interesting (though I'm sure I've come across it already) the idea of an immortal meeting their mate, falling into INSTANT sex (even though one is supposedly in fear of their life) and then instant love, one leaving to protect the other, the one left behind protecting the leaver in some moment of mortality, a sacrifice being made and then them making up and living happily every after, with all challenges magically swept away is just so done, I mean DONE. To call this story predictable is an understatement. I had hoped for a lot more out of it. The writing and editing were fine.

  • Tami Veldura
    2019-02-23 21:47

    I'm THRILLED to see that this is the first book in a series. Forbidden blood starts tense and ramps up fast. I adore Oriel and while I saw the twist coming from the start, it still worked to drag these characters into trouble.Seb is a classic older vampire, just wants to be left alone with his household. Oriel's character was the more interesting of the two, highly conflicted. Their attraction hits hard at the start and then things get more complicated, which left the second half of the book more plot-heavy and less sensual. I was hoping for a final sex (or sexy) scene to bring the tone back around more firmly but even without, the ending was satisfying.The main plot, Oriel's blood, remains unresolved and I'm excited to see where that goes in future books. I'd also like to see Oriel's submissive, sexual nature more. There was a single mention of him enjoying being pinned down but that wasn't explored in this book.I highly recommend this for vampire fans. There's a world being built here that I need to know more about.

  • Diane
    2019-03-14 16:11

    I received an ARC from the author. The only other book I've read by this author was 'The Wizard by the Sea' which was mesmerizing.This was a wonderful 'vampire' book...because the plot didn't focus on a bad vampire that turned the 'good guy' but a sweet vampire who was protecting a man who had the ability to kill vampires. Sounds convoluted, but it really 'works!' Then you add in some nebulous 'government agents' that were a threat to both of them, as well as a vampire coven that has nefarious purposes of their own, and the action really heats up.To say nothing of the 'warmth' in the bedroom. Since there is blood involved that can be addictive you've go a great story.The dialogue is well written and the ending great...even though it took awhile for the butler to buy into the new dynamics in the house.I'll definitely be reading more by this author. She never fails to deliver a wonderful story with men who make you smile

  • P Leslie
    2019-03-03 15:05

    *I voluntarily read a review copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else's*Oriel's been on the run far too long; he's had enough - he needs to find shelter and food. He sneaks into a mansion to get shelter but nothing prepares him for what he does encounter in the mansion. My heart broke for Oriel; the circumstances leading him to a life on the run were horrifying. Oriel was broken but he was determined to fight another day. I liked Seb - he was a unique vampire. He's been burnt in the past which is why he doesn't trust humans but is Oriel different? Seb and Oriel had explosive chemistry - the pull between them was incredibly strong. Their interactions were full of heat, fire, passion, flirting and teasing. The author captured their conflicted emotions beautifully throughout. Seb's reaction to being called 'sir' made me laugh. The author has delivered another amazing story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Ali
    2019-03-12 20:06

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Oriel has been so alone since he has had to be on the run and he is so grateful for a place to hide that he gets to stay a few days. When he is found be Seb he is sure that his life is over, he definitely doesn’t expect their attraction to each other.This was a nice story, I just felt like I was missing something throughout the whole thing though I’m not sure what. Oriel can’t help but think no one would really want him after everything he has been through and knows he can’t be what Seb really wants because of his blood. We see Oriel struggle with his abandonment when he and Seb end up avoiding each other to prevent Seb getting a taste of Oriel’s blood. I felt for Seb also as he didn’t want anything more than to have Oriel in his life but he was scared of hurting him. They are able to work through everything and in the end have a great future ahead of them. I am definitely interested in this series continuing and hoping to see more of their relationship and solving the mystery of Oriel’s blood.

  • Nessa
    2019-02-28 15:52

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book...... This was a well constructed story that totally drew me in. The fact that Oriel's(human) blood was forbidden and addictive is a unique concept that I enjoyed. Oriel was on the run from both vampires and the feds, so when he saw the mansion, he decided to hide out in the garage for a few days since there was food and just about everything he needed, especially warmth. Little did he know that he was hiding out in a vampire's home (or garage). Sebastian is a different type of vampire. He doesn't want to belong to a coven, and he's also kind and thoughtful, so it didn't take long for Oriel to develop feelings for him. I also like how these vampires can turn into mist. Awesome. The characterization was excellent, and the ending was sweet, just the way I like it. Overall, a very enthralling, and enjoyable read. :)Read less

  • Lisa
    2019-02-26 18:52

    Really enjoyable read.I really enjoyed this book and loved the characters and the simple storyline. Basically Oriel is human and running for his life because his blood is different, it's addictive and makes vampires lose their minds. The Fed's want him so they can eliminate the vampire race so Oriel ran. Cold tired and at the end of his role Oriel finds himself hold up in an old mansion garage. What he doesn't know is that Sebastian a vampire lives there. When Seb finds Oriel camping out in his garage his first instinct is to kill the human, that is until he smells his blood and realised who Oriel is. Seb needs a reason to continue living and the fugitive Oriel needs someone to protect him. What both men didn't expect was the attraction to each other. Recommended.

  • Kevin
    2019-03-05 21:55

    Interesting vampire and human gay lovers story. The human is on the run from the human authorities and also from vampires. He hides out in a garage but is discovered and taken in by the vampire homeowner. This vampire is tired of existence after three hundred years but the human excites him. Danger lies in the human's unique, addictive blood.Typos: some misplaced punctuation, a repeated phrase, missing words, a wrong pronoun, mistaken character name, plural/singular mismatch, mixed up word order, a couple confusing words in the context of the sentence. Oh, and the words "sunken" and "drunken" (used three times) have not been valid verb tenses since the Elizabethan age or earlier. It's "sunk" and "drunk."

  • Paisleyrowan
    2019-03-12 21:12

    So neither of these guys are ones I want as my soulmate. Oriel is a little too grateful and Seb is a little too...I don't have the word for it. But I like them together.I may not be into "insta-lurv" types books often, but I enjoy them when they are done well and in a way that is believable. Sometimes chemicals happen and sometimes when you meet someone, you just...know things. You can trust them, you like them more than you should already, etc. This is the beginning of a seemingly thrilling series I look forward to enjoying.I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

  • ~nikki the recovering book addict
    2019-03-22 20:17

    Really good!This is the first time I'm exposed to this author so I didn't really know what to expect. I'm happy to report that I enjoyed her writing style and story arc. Although, it felt a bit out of place that both MCs fell into bed together so quickly. I mean, it just didn't quite fit the narrative of Oriel being scared and running for his life. I don't know anyone who would be able to drop their guards in such a situation to have sex. But perhaps that's just me. Lol... it's still an enjoyable read, don't get me wrong. Am actually looking forward to the next book!

  • John-TorleifHarris
    2019-03-24 17:59

    Interesting new world This book was interesting, and I'm full of questions after having finished it. Did the Hunters infiltrate the government and that's why they want to exterminate vampires? Does everyone know about vampires? Why didn't Oriel's blood trigger any cravings in Seb with the bonding? Wouldn't some of Oriel's blood have entered Seb's system in the bonding, and might that have given him some kind of immunity to its addictive properties? I can't wait to read more in this world and find out what's in store.

  • Linda
    2019-03-12 16:52

    A dark m/m romance with an unusual twist that makes Oriel, the human hero on the run from both human law enforcement and vampires, a bit of an enigma and seemingly incompatible with Sebastian, the reclusive vampire hero. The story started slowly but built to a satisfying and action-packed conclusion. Their story includes a past of betrayals and cruelty that should prevent them from trusting each other, but mutual desire trumps their caution and leads to some very steamy scenes.I received an ARC of this book from the author at no cost. This is my honest review.

  • Anthony
    2019-02-21 18:02

    Oriel's blood is addictive to Vampires. The authorities want his blood to wipe out the Vampires. Poor Oriel is on the run from both. And hides in a garage. Only to find out that Seb the owner of the house is a Vampire. They slowly learn to trust one another but not fully. Seb vows to protect him. But they are caught up by the Feds Can they save each other,This book is an exciting read, with a will they won't they turn on each other and will Oriel be caught by the Feds or Vampire coven leader.Well written and nicely paced with good believable characters.

  • Missy Clifton
    2019-03-07 15:48

    Another book by this author that has hit it out of park. Seb living such a lonely life as a vampire stumbles upon Oriel hiding in his garage. Oriel is running and hiding from those that want to eat him or kill him. I loved both characters! Seb finally has someone worth living for and Oriel can let his guard down and learn to live again.

  • Steph ☀️
    2019-03-01 22:13

    Meh...***2.5 stars***It's okay. As a reader it was hard to get involved with the story and form a connection with the characters. Some parts of the story kept my attention, but it was few and far between.