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Title : Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken - Free Comic Book Day 2017
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 35076215
Format Type : Audio Book
Number of Pages : 207 Pages
Status : Available For Download
Last checked : 21 Minutes ago!

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken - Free Comic Book Day 2017 Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2018-08-27 12:56

    Returning to the Mirror Universe!This single comic book is part of the Free Comic Book Day event in 2017.Creative Team:Writers: David Tipton & Scott TiptonIllustrator: J.K. WoodwardPICARD’S RISING IN THE MIRROR UNIVERSE!This comic book from the 2017 FCBD event, is an introductory short story for the incoming series Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken, where you’ll know the rising to power of the mirror version of Jean-Luc Picard in (obviously) the Mirror Universe.The Terran Empire was overwhelmed by the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance and now it’s limited to its own Solar System, where the ISS Stargazer is one of the few remaining battle cruisers, where the cunning and manipulative Jean-Luc Picard is the captain, along with his fearsome officers: the Borg-augmented Data, the mental inquisitor Deanna Troi and the sadistic mass murderer Tasha Yar.In the middle of a fleet where the only way to survive and progress is to be ruthless, we find Lieutenant Reginald Barclay as our guide to this dark parallel dimension.Additional to this short story, you’ll have brief glimpses of other Star Trek titles from IDW: Star Trek: Boldly Go, Star Trek / Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds and Star Trek: Waypoint.

  • Carmen
    2018-09-22 10:08

    "I can't stand Picard or his mindwitch."..."Lieutienant Commander Data. Science officer and Picard's pet android. I don't like being this close to him. He smells of... ozone."Evil alternate ST:NG universe. Picard is so yummy and you get to see his muscly arms here, since in the alternative universe apparently no one believes in sleeves. Data is looking pretty good, as well. However, Picard has a goatee and it looks horrible. :(Is the only thing you're going to talk about is how attractive the men are?Um.... yes?Okay.There's a also a really weird Green Lantern / Star Trek Reboot crossover tacked on to this comic. o.O

  • Chris
    2018-09-20 14:00

    Can't Tasha Yar get some respect somewhere? Geez. Do you have any idea how upset I was when she was killed off in TNG when I was kid?

  • Logan Aube
    2018-08-29 13:14

    This book had me hooked as soon as I saw the cover."Mirror, Mirror" is my absolute favorite episode of Star Trek, and the idea of revisiting that universe's TNG era resonated with me INSTANTLY.And, well...just LOOK AT IT.SLEEVELESS, JACKED, GOATEE'D PICARD.SEXY FEMME FATALE TROI.JACKED-UP HALF-BORG DEATHBOT DATA.Inside the cover, the story is interesting, if criminally short. (About half of the issue is dedicated to previews of other Star Trek comics.) The issue (and the imminent miniseries) follows a lowly engineer on board the Mirror Universe version of the Enterprise, where all of our favorite TNG characters are vicious, ruthless, and hyper-aggressive. This way, not all of the TNG characters are introduced at once, and each of them gets a chance to shine in a way that feels organic and relevant to the story. Also, the engineer's perspective keeps the overall story feeling small-scale enough to be relevant.Long story short, said engineer (who is in fact a minor character from the series whom I have no memory of) is simply trying to stay alive and make his way in a harsher world than the one we saw on TV: schemes and conspiracies are business as usual, assassination is a perfectly natural means of promotion, and mercy is seen as a fatal weakness.It's just fun. The art's a bit wonky in places, but the character designs are KILLER. And this teaser left me wanting more, much MUCH more.

  • Shaka Jamal
    2018-09-03 12:13

    To be fair, I should start out by saying I really dislike the mirror universe. That being said, this comic is pretty much well done if you look at the story in the confines of the alternate or parallel universe. No this is not Star Trek based on IDIC that many of us love, this is Star Trek that is of course, the exact opposite of that. I enjoyed Lt. Barclay's perspective, and Picard's machinations to remove his rival. The dialogue happened to be unwieldy but that is understandable. I just don't like the concept of the Mirror Universe that much to get into this series. Alternatively I really enjoyed the "Waypoint" preview. I'm really looking forward to that release. I wasn't really interested in the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover, although those are two of my favorite franchises.

  • David
    2018-08-27 12:15

    Picked this up on Free Comic Book Day. This was the first comic book I've ever read and it was good enough to make me want to go out and get the first issue, which I loved. I was disappointed with the fact that it was so short, but I suppose that's how they get you hooked. I credit this freebie with getting e hooked on a whole on genre. The artwork is amazing and as a huge fan Star Trek and in particular TNG, it's fun to see what the mirror universe might be like. I will definitely be following this series through to its conclusion.

  • Nancy
    2018-08-26 12:49

    The Next Generation crew is looking pretty bad-ass here. This prequel to an upcoming comic series features Captain Picard, Troi, Data, and Tasha Yar on the Starship I.S.S. Stargazer in a alternate universe in which the Klingon/Cardassians alliance is powerful. Low ranking crewman Barkley gets a chance to shine in this issue, and reestablishes equilibrium of one person’s fate no matter what universe they belong in. An after note by the authors whets my appetite for further story lines in this Mirror Broken universe.

  •  The Black Geek
    2018-09-21 15:50

    As a descendant of enslaved and indentured people, I am definitely not entertained by the "mirror universe" plot line of the Enterprise actively engaged in the enslavement and selling of various species. According to its revised mission statement: "Its continuing mission: to conquer strange new worlds, to enslave new life and new civilizations..."Really?! This dark and alternative story that delves into the shadow side of some of the most beloved characters from The Next Generation may be appealing to some fans, just not to this one. As for the art, I do not think it was a great idea to give Captain Picard the body type of a bouncer or bodyguard. And Data...poor Data... Who thought that a franchise that celebrated and promoted "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" (IDIC), would be reduced to this? Two words: Epic Fail.

  • Ithlilian
    2018-09-24 14:08

    It's like the Sith version of Star Trek. Ambition rules, everyone is trying to kill one another, and everyone is generically boringly evil. Some complexity would be nice, as it stands I can't take it seriously.

  • Anneli
    2018-09-10 10:45

    Star Trek Arm porn edition. Nice wee story :-)

  • James
    2018-09-07 08:03

    So many possibilities...

  • Jessica Stephenson
    2018-09-25 16:07

    I love it and I hate it. I'm not sure if this will be a series I can stomach.

  • Megan
    2018-08-26 10:46

    Pretty solid actually. Story was kind of horrifying, but I guess that's the setup for this world. It was also nice to have a few strips of other Star Trek comics in the back.

  • Lauren
    2018-09-20 14:49

    Love Star Trek The Next Generation, but this comic seemed a bit weird.

  • LQ (to the max!)
    2018-09-08 13:15

    Thanks to Big Petes for saving this to my pull list.