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A dead ship returns to the Deep Dark with a live crew.Captain Ishmael Wang finally gets the Chernyakova out of the yard and embarks on a voyage into the Toe-Holds where the Confederated Planets Joint Committee on Trade has no authority. Where the law is whatever you say it is as long as you can enforce it.Where he learns that some will do anything to hide their secrets an A dead ship returns to the Deep Dark with a live crew.Captain Ishmael Wang finally gets the Chernyakova out of the yard and embarks on a voyage into the Toe-Holds where the Confederated Planets Joint Committee on Trade has no authority. Where the law is whatever you say it is as long as you can enforce it.Where he learns that some will do anything to hide their secrets and everybody has a secret....

Title : To Fire Called
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ISBN : 35022102
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To Fire Called Reviews

  • Betsy
    2018-10-22 14:52

    This is Book 2 of the Seeker's Tale Series and it was something of a disappointment. Throughout most of the book, I felt that I didn't quite understand what was happening, or that nothing seemed to be happening. To be fair, that may have been the intention of the author, because obviously Ishmael felt the same way. He felt that he was somehow being used, maybe scammed, but he didn't know how. There was a little bit of excitement at the end, but it didn't last long, then was too easily resolved, and the book finished with another conundrum. Another thing that was frustrating, there were a number of references to people from previous series, not just the last book, that were not explained to any extent. Granted, some of that may be explained by my less than perfect memory, but I have read each of those previous books at least twice. Most authors are able to include some minimal explanation of back references, enough to trigger the reader's memory. At least enough to enable us to know whether the references are important to the plot. But not here. It pissed me off.I will probably read the next book in the series, but I will be skittish about it.

  • Steve
    2018-11-09 18:54

    Nathan lowell rulesI think I have read almost everything NL has written. Really terrific reads, all!I'm about to the point to start again and reread them all!If you haven't read NL you really need to

  • Scott
    2018-10-28 17:45

    I can't seem to stop reading these books. I really love this world, characters, and stories. I wish there were more to read, but I guess I'll just have to be patient. And I'll probably hold myself over by reading some of Lowell's other works

  • Laz the Sailor
    2018-10-26 14:58

    I really love this author. His characters are usually mature adults, and the situations are usually not very complicated. And yet there is drama and humor, setbacks and success.If you haven't read the previous 7 or 8 books, this is not the place to start. Go back the beginning, you'll appreciate the journey.

  • Mark Zodda
    2018-11-03 13:46

    I really like Nathan Lowell's writing and have enjoyed the Solar Clipper series and his other stories. While his writing is character rather than event driven, I found that this last book tended to drag and I got tired of the Ishmael Wang "dealing" with depression and loss. Pip's return was quite a let down as well as his character was not in the least bit sympathetic. I found the ending rushed and as I thought Lowell was setting the stage for the next book in the series only to find that the matter was resolved with a wink and a nod. Overall, disappointing.

  • Shane Lawrence
    2018-11-06 19:57

    Great Cheracters and concept but....Great characters and concept building in his earlier series but this is almost a kafkaesque satire....imagine a book called the battle of X, you spend 98% of the boom talking about getting ready for the battle, logistics, ground conditions etc ...then you get to the battle site , get ready and then next page discussed where you are having Tea now that the battle is over. Crazy and that made me want to give it 2 stars

  • AR
    2018-10-15 15:42

    What happened to the ending???I was really enjoying this book and then all of a sudden: It's almost 2 months later, a couple questions get vaguely answered, and then the book ends. What?!?When I read a book, I've come to expect a certain level of resolution / satisfaction at the end of it. The ending of To Fire Called completely failed to live up to this standard, leaving me unhappy and frustrated with it. Not recommended.

  • Angus
    2018-11-10 17:04

    This is the first one of Lowell's books that I didn't love. It was still okay, but it felt unfocused and rather random, as if the author didn't really know where it was going for most of the book.Nathan Lowell is superb at writing stories in which not very much happens—but which are, nevertheless, utterly engrossing. But in this one, I feel he's taken a rare misstep.

  • Gwendolyn Patton
    2018-10-22 12:50

    I always like Nathan's books. I've listened to all of them that have audiobooks. Don't tell the guys who did his Audible books, but I have copies of the podcasts squirrelled away. The Audible books are excellent -- I even spotted where some wordings got edited, and for the better -- but frankly, I thought Nathan's reading sounded more like Ishmael, and I will never forgive the Audible guys for changing how to pronounce "Roubaille". Sure, their pronunciation sounded believable for the spelling, but it's not how NATHAN pronounces it, and that matters. It probably needed an accent acute on the last e (é), and that would have forced the "-ay" ending. It's like listening to Grover Gardner reading his first Vorkosigan book ("Memory", for the trivia fans), and getting all the names wrong. He fixed it in "Komarr", but still...that recording should have been redone, they were so off. But I digress...Like "In Ashes Born", this book isn't so much a solid story in and of itself, but a series of "...whatever happened to..." pastiches regarding all the old characters we knew and loved from the first series. There's nothing particularly wrong with that, but when you spend your time stitching together a dozen character pastiches, there's a tendency to rush to the next pastiche, rather than pay attention to the plot development. You can't do a short story for each character development, but only a drabble for the plot. It's unbalanced, and makes for a thin story. It's still entertaining, because we like those characters a whole lot, but the thin story is like thin air. We might like what we're doing way up there, but if we pass out from anoxia, we're no longer READING. Characters and setting may be meat and milk, but plot is the air we breathe between meals, and this is pretty rarefied. We like the taste, and it slakes our thirst, but it gives us a headache at the end.And so this did for me. I was reading, reading, reading, enjoying it so much, then "suddenly, he woke up". For Nathan, that had to be the most abrupt ending of any of his books I've ever read. It built up and up, and while we had a nice conflict, there was no climax. It just dove directly into the steepest denouement I've ever seen, and I'm a Heinlein fan (RAH couldn't write endings for the life of him). That's as close as I can get to a decent review without actually spoiling the plot.I can tell there's some dovetailing with Milk Run, so I'm going to finish that next and see if there's any caulk for the gaps and maybe even a shot of oxygen for those rarefactions. And I will be waiting for the NEXT book in the Seeker's Tale to see if any of the stuff Nathan left OUT gets told there.I enjoyed this book. It had some really fun moments. But next time, Nathan, fix your plot holes BEFORE you move on. You almost left one large enough to throw a dog through. Let me point it out. Space is not cold. Space is NOTHING. You did manage to squeak out of that one, barely, but it was pretty whiffy there for a moment. Don't do that again, please. But that ending...sir, it gave me the distinct impression that you had run out of time before deadline and needed to slap a stamp on it and hope it arrived at the address. You only get ONE of those. I suggest you ask your publisher to give you an extension clause, so if you are running tight on deadline but still have story in your teeth, you can ask for the time to floss properly. Who was it who clipped their nails for luck and trimmed his nose hair? Attention to detail is important. Take the time to get the WHOLE story out...or find a way to shove a piece to the next book WITHOUT giving us such an express elevator to the egress quite so quickly.Again, don't think I didn't like the book. I gave it four stars, so I liked it a lot. But I should have been able to give you FIVE stars, like the rest of your books I've read. This one...I simply couldn't give that ending the fifth star, and I really wish I could have. If you missed the climax that badly in bed, you'd be lucky if your partner let you try again. But she might if she really liked you a lot, so you might get away with it. But it'd take a real good sport to let you get away with it TWICE.

  • Marcel
    2018-10-31 15:54

    The story isn't perfect. The pacing felt off from other novels, the characters also seemed different from other books in the series. I know that Ishmael has never sailed through the Deep Dark before, but he felt a bit more clueless than I expected. Also, Pip seemed very different. He always was crafty with the truth, but in this book it seems he's taking a lot more liberty with the truth than in other novels. As if he totally didn't trust his best friend. If I had been in Ishmael's shoes, I'd have flushed him out the nearest airlock a lot sooner. You don't play with the lives of that many people while leaving them in the dark as to the stakes. The buildup in the story is long and the 'chase scene' (if you can call it that) near the end takes its time while the pay-off feels rather anticlimactic. To be honest, what really happened at that system is still somewhat of a mystery to me. That could've used a bit more exposition, but my guess is that Ishmael didn't have any role to play in that. Another mystery is what happened at a certain gallery. Why was it important that Ishmael got gassed there? The story left me with questions that I'm pretty sure the next book won't answer and that's slightly frustrating to me. But in all, it is another fun ride with Ishmael. But one that's not without issues. It's a toss-up between 3 and 4 stars. Giving it 4 for old time's sake.

  • Scott Guthrie
    2018-10-22 18:54

    At the end of the day, this was a great read, like all the Ishmael Wang books!The story was relatively quickly paced, (perhaps sometimes too quick!), but it managed to bring a ton of new material from the Solar Clipper universe into the story without feeling like a data dump. All in all, while each of the previous Ishmael Wang book felt pretty self-contained, To Fire Called seemed a bit more like a "middle book". It had definite and firm linkages to the previous book, and seemed to be setting Ishmael and crew up for the next book. This is nowhere better seen than the end of the book, when much is revealed, but the story ends essentially abruptly, leaving the reader begging for another chapter or 100! Like all the other Solar Clipper novels, this one begs to be re-read. I keep the Solar Clipper books on my Kindle at all times, and they remind me a bit of those tattered, dog-eared paperbacks I read so many times that the spine was broken...except they are just as unblemished after 5 reads as they were when my Kindle downloaded them. Mr. Lowell has the gift of writing stories that are engaging and fun, presenting them in a universe that just maybe "could be". I can't think of any better praise than that for a Science Fiction novel....the Solar Clippers "Could be". Scott

  • Terri
    2018-10-23 12:43

    To Fire Called is the second book in Nathan Lowell's A Seeker's Tale series. It follows the story of Ismael Wang, Captain of the Chernyakova, and his crew. We were first introduced to young Ishmael in this author's previous series, the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Series; Trader Tales. I love that this epic tale unfolds through and around the Captain, without infringement of space wars and aliens. It's best to read these books in order of their release, as recurring characters rotate in and out. The overall journey captures the imagination and binds you to the story line, without relying on huge battle scenes or aliens. This is an epic tale set in outer space. The characters are very well defined, and they continue to mature before our eyes. This particular installment is full of mystery and intrigue, and caused me to wonder throughout on which side the many players belonged. Well, the pieces are coming together nicely, but I'll have to read the followup, Suicide Run. I can hardly wait.Note to Dr. Lowell: You old salty dog! You hold your cards very close to your chest. And you only show us one or two at a time. The intrigue is addictive. Well done. And, please, keep it up. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. I'm in for the long haul.

  • Adriel Wiggins
    2018-10-27 21:00

    Although I am a huge fan of Nathan's Tanyth Fairport Series, I am even more ridiculously a fan of the Solar Clipper series. I was introduced to them via John Ward, the great collector of interesting people, who suggested the Quarter Share podcast to me. A couple years later, and not only have I thoroughly enjoyed devouring the entire series on a regular basis, but I've also roped my family into the fandom as well. I'm pretty sure my mother has listened to the first six books at least a score of times. I'm not kidding. My children have listened in rapt attention to Quarter Share at least five or six times. We use them as road trip entertainment. They're published in series of three, each trilogy focusing on a different phase of Ishmael Horatio Wang's life.To Fire Called is rightfully dedicated to John Ward. But if Ward can't get Nathan to write derring-do and such, I don't know who can. Despite that, this is a great book. I love following the clues and solving the mystery. I love some of the fun characters that pop up in this one. And I'm super happy that Ish found that coat again! To read my review on every book in the series, check out my full review at

  • T.H. Leatherman
    2018-10-16 21:02

    Rules, who needs rulesCaptain Ishmael Wong is on a mission. He's out to find the man who murdered the love of his life. To do that he'll have to go into the world of thieves and outlaws: Toe Hold Space. It isn't anything like he expected. The space station and people who operate outside the law are much like the people on the right side of the law. There are some differences though. Might is right, and there are fiefdoms everywhere. Not everyone tells the truth, including some of his oldest and dearest friends. When he finds some of those friends in danger, he doesn't give it a second thought. Helping each other is what friends do, even if it could cost him his life.Nathan Lowell brings another book to the golden age series. There are lots of old faces and many new ones. Like many of his books, it about the journey, not the destination. A fun read for sci fi fans everywhere.

  • Dave
    2018-10-31 16:43

    I've lost track of the number of Nathon Lowell books I've read. I enjoyed this book, but I have alot of comments (which I may or may not share here). Ultimately, the Ishmal Wang books are slow and repetitive, but I can't look away. I listen with regularity to Nathan's morning walks podcast and this the first time I've listen to him while he was writing his book. I don't know him personally, but listening to him adds a sense of familiarity and you can sense his changing moods in his writing. Like 'Ohh, I bet he wrote this chapter during this time'. Purely speculation. The book felt very "pantser" and in my opinion could have benefited from another re-write, but at some point you just have to say "it's done" and publish it. I'll keep buy and I'll keep reading and I'll keep listening.I still have no clue why the series is called A Seeker's Tale???

  • Leonardo
    2018-11-10 14:48

    Uhmm I have loved this series since I first started reading them...But this book tone was a little off. I don't know if it is about Ish being depressed, or Pip not being as trustworthy.On the other side of the coin, I totally understand that Ish cannot be happy because of everything he has been trough, and the author is giving more dept to some of the other characters. I just did not enjoy this book AS MUCH as the previous ones.I will remain interested in the series, but I would love if there was something focusing on other characters set in the same universe.

  • Bluecobras09
    2018-11-07 18:59

    Nathan continues to draw me back to the Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper. Coming back to live Ishmael Wang's life through Nathan's books is something I look forward to after finishing each book and this time is no different.As Ishmael and Pip bring their bar bellbell out of the yards, ready to start hauling cargo, they take themselves into the deep dark, into Toe-Hold space. They find it a lot different than confederation space. And as they attempt to solve a decades old mystery, they find Toe-Hold space can be a lot more dangerous.

  • John S Roth
    2018-11-12 16:03

    Great Things Come To Those That WaitIt's been a while. However, getting into this story was like getting back with old friends. Nathan Lowell writing gift is to transport the reader into his world, with incredibly relatable characters, great action and wonderful storyline. I waited a while for this book and wasn't the least disappointed! While the book easily stands on its own merits, I highly recommend the entire series! Thank you Nathan Lowell, and don't stay away too long!!!

  • Sotolf Flasskjegg
    2018-10-26 13:48

    Then I'm through with what's been written off Ishmael's adventures so far, and boy has it been a ride :) I've been enjoying every page of it, and I'm really looking forward to the next one! if anything this has been the best one this far, the exploration in the toe holds really brought some extra life into the until the next one is out, my time with the crew is over. I love this series, and it really is one of my favourites, I hope I'll be able to find something like it again, and I hope Lowell will never get tired of writing :)

  • Edward
    2018-10-26 16:04

    Unfortunately, probably his weakest effort so far. The first couple Solar Clipper books were struggles because the protagonist was too much of a Mary Sue. But, at least the characters were interesting. This time around, the stakes really don't seem worth the effort and Mr. Lowell fails to make the case why this particular leg of Ishmael Wang's journey is so important to put it to words. And even with all that, the final chapters feels like he just got tired of writing and wraps up the major action completely off screen.

  • Kevin Black
    2018-10-18 12:47

    Great continuation of seriesIshmael does it again, he is a great captain yet is still learning. I was very pleased when I found out this book was out, and read it through quickly. Now I find myself in a Celina of waiting for the net book. Please get it out quick, this is a great series spinoff. So we'll written, you are pulled into each character as the story progresses. You feel as one of the crew by the end of the book.

  • Jonathan
    2018-11-11 12:54

    An exciting storyThere was a lot of exploring of new areas and new ideas. The Toeholds, a series of deep space stations without planets, but with plenty of interesting people.Each station has its own law. Visitors are advised to read the guidelines and keep a legal weapon handy.And I believe this is the first Solar Clipper novel to contain an actual space battle.I loved the story and I only wish it ended with more detail about the various players.

  • Bdstoller
    2018-10-15 17:46

    Whenever I start a new book in this series, I feel like I am coming home or meeting good friends. I love this series. I really want to give every book in the series five stars. Unfortunately, I cannot. The story was too short and thin. There was so much more that could have been done with this story and it just ended too abruptly. It felt like Nathan decided he had written enough and just ended it. Obviously, there is another book and he had to leave some material for that installment. As a side note, I would like to see one or more quarter shares added to the story in order to see Ish deal with good, bad, troubled quarter shares.

  • Cory Rose
    2018-11-12 17:47

    Another good taleI read it, I liked it, kinda hard to describe why. Not much going on not a lot of action or very fast paced, these are all quite different from my usual reads, like in the author's note just basically a tale about ordinary hard working everyday people. The world isn't about to end there aren't any evil overlords but the characters and their lives are fascinating. I really like these stories and look forward to the next one.

  • David
    2018-10-31 14:48

    Love this Author!I have enjoyed every Nathaniel Lowell book that I have read! He crafts great, captivating tales about average people making a living in space. Despite having recurring characters, each book has a unique storyline which holds my attention and encourages me to keep reading, even when I'm tired at the end of the day or eager to complete some personal chore around the house. I look forward to reading these wonderful tales for years to come!

  • Jason Braida
    2018-10-15 18:57

    While it is true that most of the "action" doesn't start until the last 15% of the book, To Fire Called is a good read as it continues Nathan Lowell's world building of the solar clipper universe. The whole point of the Solar Clipper series is that is science fiction from the working man's point of view. That being said, Ishmael becoming a perhaps unwilling tool of TIC does lend a certain interest and sense of purpose that wasn't there before. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

  • Anameeka
    2018-10-15 15:01

    enjoyed the new adventures of returning and reoccurring characters. The ending felt rushed, that might be a bit typical for the author. I really enjoyed learning about "Toe-hold" space, which seems a bit Firefly-esque, compared to CPJCT space, which seems more like Federation space but more economically driven. Of course my favorite thing about this series is how feasible everything seems, no aliens, no war, a plausible space story about ordinary people.

  • Steve Lundh
    2018-10-30 18:38

    This was the second book in the Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper Series and even though I enjoyed this story it started out very slow for a Nathan Lowell book and did not have the depth that his other books have. The ending felt very much as if the author was just setting up his next book. Worth the read if you have read book #1.

  • Barb Schaarschmidt
    2018-11-01 12:40

    Even better than the earlier booksWhile the earlier books were wonderful with great characters and fun world building, this has a richer and more complex story while maintaining everything that I loved about the earlier books. The end was a tad abrupt. I think it could have used one more chapter before the epilogue. But overall a real winner.

  • Allison Woods
    2018-10-24 17:35

    A great read.One of the best in science fiction I have encountered for more than two decades. This is the final installment of Captain Ishmael's story, but not the end of his wonderful universe. I will re read this series with the same pleasure of reading the works of H. Beam Pipper, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury.