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Three estranged sisters struggle to sustain their late father’s failing hockey franchise in Kate Meader’s sizzling Chicago Rebels series. In this second entry, middle sister Isobel is at a crossroads in her personal and professional lives. But both are about to get a significant boost with the addition of a domineering Russian powerhouse to the Rebels....Isobel Chase knowsThree estranged sisters struggle to sustain their late father’s failing hockey franchise in Kate Meader’s sizzling Chicago Rebels series. In this second entry, middle sister Isobel is at a crossroads in her personal and professional lives. But both are about to get a significant boost with the addition of a domineering Russian powerhouse to the Rebels....Isobel Chase knows hockey. She played NCAA, won Olympic silver, and made it thirty-seven minutes into the new National Women’s Hockey League before an injury sidelined her dreams. Those who can’t, coach, and a position as a skating consultant to her late father’s hockey franchise, the Chicago Rebels, seems like a perfect fit. Until she’s assigned her first job: the man who skated into her heart as a teen and relieved her of her pesky virginity. These days, left-winger Vadim Petrov is known as the Czar of Pleasure, a magnet for puck bunnies and the tabloids alike. But back then... let’s just say his inability to sink the puck left Isobel frustratingly scoreless.Vadim has a first name that means “ruler,” and it doesn’t stop at his birth certificate. He dominates on the ice, the practice rink, and in the backseat of a limo. But a knee injury has produced a bad year, and bad years in the NHL don’t go unrewarded. His penance? To be traded to a troubled team where his personal coach is Isobel Chase, the woman who drove him wild years ago when they were hormonal teens. But apparently the feeling was not entirely mutual.That Vadim might have failed to give Isobel the pleasure that was her right is intolerable, and he plans to make it up to her—one bone-melting orgasm at a time. After all, no player can perfect his game without a helluva lot of practice......

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So Over You Reviews

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2018-11-16 18:28

    4 STARSI would like to apologize. Properly.” Her lungs went on hiatus. He couldn’t mean what she thought he meant. “Apology accepted,” she said cheerfully, though it came out chipmunk style. Alvin would be so proud. “You choose to act clueless about what I mean?” “Are you offering to apologize with your penis?” “It is my most improved area.”Is it any wonder I've been obsessed with all things Kate Meader ever since reading her first book? The woman is the queen of banter and she writes some of the most sizzling enemies to lovers romances I've ever read. I was immediately hooked on her brand new Chicago Rebels series, and it isn't just because it's based in my home town. Though it's safe to say I may have been a tiny bit biased. But let's be real, any author that can take three estranged sisters and make them the new owners of a sport that's a boy's only club and not only make them sassy and powerful, but totally endearing too is a total rockstar in my eyes!So Over You brings the story of Isobel Chase. And while her sisters have had a connection to the game because of their famous and philandering hockey player father, no one was closer to hockey than her. She had her sights set on a professional career and a handsome Russian hockey player until both were ripped away from her in the worst way possible. While she may have licked her wounds over her lost hockey career, the man that made her first time the most ho hum affair and then disappeared from her life...not so much. Here a girl builds up losing her virginity to the most handsome boy she knows and it's a wham bam, not even a thank you m'am affair. And now said man is back in her world as the newly traded player on her team and not only does she have to suffer his glares, but she has to coach him, too.Can I just say how much I absolutely adored the banter and camaraderie between the Chase sisters in this latest installment. It feels like with each book, their bond just gets tighter and tighter, and I simply can't get enough of it.The man has only ever had eyes for you.” “Yeah, the minute he laid those Cajun peepers on you,” Violet chimed in, “he was all, ‘Me Remy, you Remy’s baby mama. Take my seed. Take it all!’But the center stage of the story was definitely the banter between Vadim and Isobel. There's nothing sexier than a brooding and glaring Russian. Unless said Russian is also now determined to right the wrongs of the past and deliver on the missing orgasms. GAH! I loved this grumpy puss. So much. I don't know how the author managed to take his grumpy and glaring ways and make him hilarious and endearing, but she totally did. Add in the secondary characters and the banter, and I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time!Isobel!” Mia called out. “I’m bored, and Vadim doesn’t know how to entertain me.” “Entertainment was not part of the deal. Neither was little dog with big shits.” “Don’t call Gordie Howe that. He’s very sensitive.” As always, the sexual tension was even hotter than the sexual chemistry. I was literary vibrating with glee to finally see the two of them give into the undeniable attraction and feelings that still run between them.While I loved Isobel's fierceness, admittedly her stubbornness at times wore on me. But Vadim was the perfect salve and together with her sisters, they gave her what she needed to get herself together.I love a sexy second chance romance, and So Over You delivered on that end and then some! If you're looking for a fun, quick paced, and sizzling sports romance, this book is not to be missed. My woman is the North Star in my night sky, but also in her own. If she is not there to guide me, there is only darkness. For us both.”ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on:

  • Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆
    2018-11-01 00:50

    Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books✮ ✮ ✮ 4 STARS ✮ ✮ ✮After a minor book hangover from another hockey story I was looking forward to reading "So Over You." I knew Kate Meader would deliver and boy, did she.In a world dominated by alpha males like ice hockey it's hard for a woman to be heard. When you make your three daughters co-owners of the team with the least prospects of winning a game and least of all making the play-offs AND making this a condition of the inheritance you deserve a special place in hell. Make those three sisters estranged and you have a recipe for disaster. Right? Wrong.Ice Hockey is in Isobel's blood. It's the one thing that she always wanted to do and the career-ending injury she had still hurts on a soul-deep level. Then there is the issue of having to prove her position as a coach on the team and having to deal with the man who popped her cherry when she was a teenager and forgot to rock her world.“The Russian was a . . . cock-a-doodle-dud?” “Right. Bad in bed. Terrible, actually.”Isobel loves hockey so much, having her dream ripped away from her leaves her a bit like a fish out of water. The next best thing is coaching but it's always been hockey for her. While I loved Isobel's drive, her ambition, I was on the fence about her true feelings and wondering if Vadim really meant more to her than hockey or if he really was only the next best thing, too. However, she did convince me in the end. But: Isobel comes with a load of daddy issues. Her womanizing father did a number on her but her issues were quickly forgotten in the end, so that was an inconsistency that I couldn't look past. Vadim, the big, grumpy Russian, was simply adorable and personally my highlight. He is this seemingly entitled, arrogant man so when he learns that he left young Isobel wanting all those years ago he is indignant...and then a little insecure. He is melodramatic, often unintentionally funny, and high-handed and has a serious alpha-vibe about him. All this together though is a weirdly endearing package. His speech without contractions becomes more pronounced the more time you spend with him.The sisters relationship is so obviously improving and I was happy to see that the youngest of them didn't let Isobel get away with her issues. All the sisters interactions show me that there is real bonding happening.Harper’s head was cocked as she blatantly ogled their GM. Stop it, Isobel frowned. You stop it, Harper frowned right back. That made them both giggle, which drew Dante’s querying look.Of course Kate lets us spend time with Remy (yay!), Cade (who I'm tickled silly about), Dante (OMG!) and Bren (Scottish brooding deliciousness!). I love their dynamics. I adored Vadim's relationship with his sister.A moment of silence was offered for the female tragedy that was Dante Moretti's homosexuality.Kate Meader's writing is like water. It flows effortlessly, pleasantly and is full with her own personal wit and humor. She really has that down pat. I have come to appreciate her books so much. So Over You was a wonderful addition to this series and I'm really sad that there are only two more installments. Even with the minor issues I was supremely entertained. I can't wait to get Dante and Cade, and Violet and Bren in my hands!"My woman is the North Star in my night sky, but also in her own. If she is not there to guide me, there is only darkness. For us both.”

  • Wendy
    2018-11-18 20:41

    I am a huge fan of sport themed books and the hocky ones are my absolute favorite. I also have a big thing for Russian men....So of course I had to read this one.This is a series about three sisters, who have inherited the Chicago Rebels Hockey team from their father. Each book features a different sister. This time we get Isobel's story. I did read the first book, but I think reading this one as a stand alone, shouldn't be a problem.Isobel used to be an olympic hockey player herself. That is, until an injury ruined her dreams. Isobel not only co-owns the Chicago Rebels...she is also a coach....or well she is on her way to be one. Those who can't she is supposed to be a personal coach to Vadim... The newest member of their team. There is only one small problem. Vadim is the one who took her virginity when she was 18. Their encounter ended in a disaster, because her father caught them, but that's not the only reason it was a disaster. The fact that he didn't really pleasure Isobel, also has something to do with it ;)When Vadim hears about this, his ego is pretty hurt. He is dead set on righting his wrongs.....and boy does he !!This was a very entertaining, sexy, funny and sweet read. I am very curious about the next books in this series ;)My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession

  • Jen
    2018-10-26 18:32

    4.25 Let’s Try This Again StarsFrom the time Isobel Chase was old enough to remember, hockey has been the most important thing in her life. When your father’s a hockey legend and has decided he wants you to follow in his footsteps, you count yourself lucky you enjoy the game as much as he does. A career ending injury and the crazy will her father left now means Isobel’s only option is to help her two estranged sisters run her father’s mediocre pro hockey team. When Vadim Petrov, left-winger extraordinaire and the popper of Isobel’s cherry over a decade ago, gets transferred to her family’s team, you’d think Ms. Isobel would be excited to catch up with her first love.Yeah, not so much.You see, Vadim and Isobel parted on unpleasant terms after Isobel’s father didn’t react kindly to finding the two naked, post devirginization. Isobel wasn’t happy with the way the relationship ended, but Vadim’s status as both a hockey player and manwhore means she’s been able to keep up with his life a bit. Vadim’s never really gotten over Isobel or the way their relationship ended, but he’s managed to move on. Now he has his choice of any woman he wants, no strings attached, and that’s just the way he likes it. So what happens to that huge ego when he finds out he may have felt fireworks during his first and only time with Isobel but she was left unsatisfied and…hanging, so to speak. “I would like to apologize. Properly.” Her lungs went on hiatus. He couldn’t mean what she thought he meant. “Apology accepted,” she said cheerfully, though it came out chipmunk style. Alvin would be so proud. “You choose to act clueless about what I mean?”“Are you offering to apologize with your penis?”“It is my most improved area.” He saidI loved Isobel and Vadim together. When they reconnect and start talking again, sparks start to fly immediately. The fact both Vadim and Bella are both strong characters helped to make this book a win for me. It doesn’t hurt that Vadim wants a redo of their one night together, if for no other reason than to prove to himself the myriad of women he’s had in his bed haven’t been faking it all these years.“You raging dingus! You’re not interested in ‘my disappointment’ or in making up for that first terrible time. All you care about is that there are women living in this universe who didn’t go off into the stratosphere when your dick made its debut inside their vaginas.”I expected there to be some family drama from Isobel based on the “getting to know you” phase she’s in with both of her sisters coupled with trying to run a professional hockey team together. I was surprised to find Vadim had his own compelling family story, which gave So Over You depth I wasn’t expecting. He’d followed Isobel’s career, knew she couldn’t play professionally again and knew how difficult that must be for her. Letting her into his world beyond just the sexy time stuff proved more arduous, but unlike stories where the male lead has “walls” around his heart simply to up the drama, Vadim seemed to genuinely want to let Isobel in but didn’t seem to know quite how to do it.I really enjoyed So Over You and I’m so glad I decided to read it, even though the first book in this series didn’t exactly wow me. Even though a good deal of the family dynamic is laid out in the first book, this one can be read as a standalone if that’s the route you chose to go. As much as I enjoyed this one, I’m thinking based on the blurbs for the remaining two books, this is one of those righteous series that just keeps getting better and better.ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Geri Reads
    2018-10-27 21:24

    4.5 stars!This book wasn't just hot, it was also filled with great moments, funny banter, and solid character development.Vadim Petrov and Isobel Chase had a thing between them during their teenage years. Their passion for hockey was as encompassing as their passion for each other. But things didn't really work out. They lost touch over the years until now. Vadim is playing for the Rebels and that means being in close contact with Isobel. So Over You has top-notch romance and the sizzling chemistry between Vadim and Isobel can't be beat. It just leaps off the page. There's a depth of emotion to this book that took me by surprise. Isobel was as much a victim of her father's control as Harper was but in different way. While older sister Harper was dismissed and ignored, Isobel had her father's approval, that is as long as she continues to follow the path he's laid out for her. He totally made use of her love for hockey to extend his legacy. He was an unconscionable ass, and my heart felt so much for Isobel. The pressure she went through especially after her injury knowing that she's lost not just her dreams of playing hockey but her father as well. And Vadim!! Gah! He was exactly what Isobel needed then and now. He suffered too. And some of my favorite parts of the book involved Vadim and his family. Yes, he's romance-hero perfect but there's so much more depth to him. His earnestness and the way he loves Isobel is what made this book for me. And I loved that he wasn't perfect. He made some boneheaded decisions but as a reader, his motivations are clear that you understand. These two together lit up the pages for sure. Everything, from the banter to their teasing and their sexy times, was perfect and came alive in the page. Kate Meader certainly know and love these characters. It's the only explanation I have for how these characters were intricately written, their actions and motivations so in sync that once I started reading, I just couldn't stop. The story, the romance was just well done. This series is definitely shaping up to be one of my favorites this year. I'm so looking forward to Violet's story now. And Dante's! Oh my gosh, he was a standout in this book. He was introduced in the first book but it was in this book where he really stood out. And I'm so happy that Kate is giving him a book of his own because gah! I want his story so much. ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    2018-11-15 16:42

    Title: So Over You Series: Chicago Rebels #2Author: Kate Meader Release date:December 4, 2017Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)] They found each other— but a part of her knew she was forever lost.Kate Meader's Chicago Rebels series continues with Isobel and Vadim's story. A delightfully entertaining second chance romance that had me laughing consistently from her trademark witty humor. Ever since getting a little bit of everyone's backstories in the previous book, Irresistible You, Isobel's was the one I was most interested in reading next. Out of the three sisters who have taken over ownership of the Rebels from their father Clifford Chase, Isobel was "the golden child". When she showed a natural affinity for hockey as a young girl, he focused all of his affection and attention on her. He had lofty ambitions for her: reaching the pinnacle of women's hockey and all of the glory that entailed to his name. Sure, it seemed like she was the one who had it easy. To be the favored one. But with his favor, came lofty expectations that she worked herself to the bone to reach. When she climbed as high as she could go, the crash from grace was even more painful from the top. Isobel is still coming to terms with her professional hockey career abruptly ending. Her entire identity, her passion, and her whole heart had been centered around playing the sport she loved. With one serious injury two years before, she was set adrift and without direction. Throw Vadim Petrov into the equation as the new player on the team, and you have one very unsettled woman. Vadim was her teenage crush, first lover, and forced out of the US by her father when his feelings for her were threatening to become too much of a distraction. They never got to have one last conversation before they were separated. She was in the hospital recovering from her head injury, and he was deported back to Russia. So to say that there were loads of unresolved feelings between them would be an understatement. She had been young, immature, more sheltered than the average eighteen -year-old. All she knew was hockey. It was her life, and then Vadim had skated into it, and she’d seen something else. Her eyes had opened to beauty and passion and— hell, she’d been a teenage nightmare.I have to say, I thought Isobel would be the star character here, but I think Vadim stole the spotlight from her. He was such an original character with a personality that kept me on my toes. On one hand, he was stiff and formal with people, almost a little haughty. But then he'd turn around and surprise you with these glimpses of humor that were even funnier because of the contrast. You'd think some of these traits would make him unlikable, but it had the opposite effect. Isobel was also enjoyable in her own right. She was disciplined, strong, and independent. I think a lot of readers could identify with her journey in having to rebuild her life from scratch. One event can forever alter the path you have mapped out for yourself, and there's nothing you can do but scramble to reroute and woman up.Isobel is coaching a youth hockey team, but hopes to move towards coaching the Rebels eventually. Getting wrapped up in Vadim as she acts as a consultant for him would be foolish inadvisable. Not only would she lose respect for dating a team member and risk her chances of coaching, but their one time together as teens was not exactly fireworks and earth shattering passion. Which brings us to one of the more unique aspects of this story. The fact that teenage Isobel was left unsatisfied all those years ago makes for a very quirky and entertaining twist. He may have a playboy rep now, but he certainly wasn't the "Czar of Pleasure". More like, the Czar of One Minute. Seeing him try to piece back together his shattered manhood was entertaining to say the least. My only issues being that I would have liked to have seen the conflict go in a different direction. The forbidden aspect due to the owner wanting a relationship with a team member seems to be a repeating theme, and I wish we could get a little more variety in there. I don't really buy that her reputation would take that much of a hit for being in a relationship with Vadim. After Harper went public, everyone seems to be dealing just fine. The fact that one player talks smack about them, does not mean that that is the general consensus of all. Then there was one point where Isobel was pretty hypocritical in an attempt to keep Vadim at a distance. One moment she was telling him that they never had a chance as teens because hockey would always be her first priority. Then pages later, she was internally judging him by saying that she couldn't be with him because she would never be her first priority. Not a game changer for me by any means, but it a little nitpick that bothered me. Overall, I thought this book was funny, fast paced (despite the 400 pg. count), and a welcome addition to the series. If you're a sports romance fan, I highly recommend this series. Even if you haven't read the first book, this is easily read as a standalone. The series will continue with Undone By You the GM Dante Moretti's story in March 2018. FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Kate Meader
    2018-11-06 20:45

    When last they met it was a no-no on the oh-oh . . .Years ago, Vadim Petrov checked Isobel Chase's heart, relieved her of her pesky virginity, and left her . . . frustratingly scoreless! Now he's back to do her right.Caution: Features a melodramatic Russian hockey god, a female coach who knows exactly what she wants both on the ice and in the bedroom, and enough family drama to fill the baggage hold of a 747. Buckle up, baby!SO OVER YOU is Book 2 of the Chicago Rebels series about three estranged sisters who inherit their late father’s failing hockey franchise and are forced to confront a man’s world, their family’s demons, and the battle-hardened ice warriors skating into their hearts.

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2018-10-27 20:36

    4.5 StarsHockey has been Isobel Chase’s life ever since she can remember, but her career imploded after a head injury almost ended her life. Now she finds herself part owner, along with her two other sisters, of The Chicago Rebels, her deceased father’s team, and since she can’t play, coaching will have to be the next best thing. For a chance at the job Isobel must personally coach their newly acquired player, Vadim Petrov through his knee injury to prove her skills. Unfortunately, they have a checkered past, a night together that started out amazing, but didn’t wrap up so well for Isobel. That night got Vadim kicked out of the country, back to Russia thanks to her father. The attraction they felt as teenagers only burns brighter now, but Isobel is serious about making her position work, and gaining the respect of the team. So, no-go with Vadim, even if he is about ten times hotter now! Plus, her experience with Vadim started off all hot and bothered, but left her hanging in the end, so it wouldn’t be all that great anyhow, right? Vadim is back in the States, traded after an injury, back with the Girl with the Blazing Skates. Isobel Chase amazed Vadim and lit up his fires when they were teenagers, and it postponed his US Hockey career. Finding out he didn’t live up to his reputation as the Czar of Pleasure with Isobel back then makes him determined to make up for the past and then some! Oh my, a man on a mission I wholeheartedly approve of!I just loved Vadim! All big and broody, a heart the size of Texas, and a dry sense of humor! I immediately connected with Isobel, too; my heart went out to her and all she went through. Vadim and Isobel together were electric, but they’re romance was more than just sizzling physical attraction. Their chemistry was off-the charts, but I appreciated the many layers to these characters as their vulnerabilities were revealed. Vadim’s were wrapped up in family issues, and Isobel’s stemming from her loss of career; well, that and a kind of shitty dad. Loved the understanding and support between them!This is the first Kate Meader I picked up, but it won’t be my last! Her writing is playful, humorous, and hot! Everything I love in a romance! She brought Vadim and Isobel to life; their their struggles and their highs all felt real to me making their journey towards a HEA a pleasure to experience! A copy was kindly provided by Pocket Star via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

  • Zoe
    2018-11-18 16:31

    4+ Stars!Sexy, steamy, and sweet!So Over You is a sizzling second-chance romance that introduces us to the broody, stubborn, handsome Vadim and the feisty, driven, scarred Isobel as they each navigate the loss of a loved one, familial drama, career-altering injuries, undeniable chemistry and insatiable desire.The writing is lighthearted and fun. The supporting characters are encouraging, loyal, and kind. And the plot, from start to finish, is filled to the brim with longing, lust, emotion, angst, witty banter, and tantalizing romance.So Over You is the second novel in the Chicago Rebels series and another highly entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable sports romance by Meader who seems to have the formula for writing irresistible rom-coms down to a fine art.Thank you to NetGalley, especially Pocket Books, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.All my reviews can be found on my blog at

  • Dali
    2018-10-27 18:28

    Sexy, surly, domineering and overprotective alpha males are my new catnip, especially ones with a delectable Russian accent. So Over You is such a delightfully swoony read with a great balance between heat, drama, and romance."My woman is the North Star in my night sky, but also in her own. If she is not there to guide me, there is only darkness. For us both."Harper was not the only Chase sister who tried and failed to prove herself to her hockey super star father. Middle daughter Isobel, was the son their father never had. The one who’d continue his legacy, but thirty-seven minutes into her first NWHL game a devastating injury ruined her dreams. There’s always plan B. She can still get a coaching job with her late father’s hockey team, she just has to prove herself. The only problem is that the man she needs to train is the one she long ago threw herself at as an infatuated teenager and right after they did the deed, her father banished him to the other side of the world. “Vadim, some of the things I said before when I was talking to Violet…”“About the quality of my lovemaking?”Did he have to talk like a dissolute duke? No one should be able to say lovemaking with a straight face and make it sound so… sexy.He should hate her. She’s the reason why his NHL career took too many turns to reach. Many years have passed since Vadim had chased after Isobel though, and the Czar a Pleasure wants for nothing. He has fame, fortune, women who fawn over him. But a knee injury has led him straight into to the hands of Isobel Chase, co-owner of his new team the Chicago Rebels, his personal coach for the foreseeable future, and the only woman he’s ever loved. Can he convince to give them a second chance? “... Sex, for example.”“You can never stray long from that subject, can you?”“Men think of it often, yes. I am just a slave to my gender. My offer is still open, you know.”Sparks fly and the fun starts as soon as Vadim and Isobel reconnect. The attraction between the two is undeniable but it’s their initial reluctance to admit it that hooked me and the fact that Vadim is itching to rectify the fact that he failed in his manly duties to satisfy Isobel his one time with her all those years ago. I loved the push and pull between Vadim and Isobel, with his domineering personality and her very assertive one, they were sure to create delicious friction. They both needed to work on their relationship skills, since neither had any experience in the arena but I was a big fan of the couple whose heart and souls were destined to be together.“He was determined to see this through. Isobel would be his. Because there was no doubt he was hers. She owned him.”One of the things that made me smile with each page was Vadim’s laser focus on Isobel and his brooding, dominant, Russian ways. It was both infuriating to her and completely endearing, and comical as all get out. He just couldn’t help himself and it’s obvious it comes from his deep love for Isobel and it makes his alpha maleness sizzling and swoony.Isobel is not just a talented athlete, she’s a powerful franchise owner but you would never know if from getting to know her. She never abuses her influence nor shoves her athletic credentials in your face. She’s just a normal, sometimes too stubborn for her own good, woman wanting to find her place with her sisters, career and man. She’s quick-witted and I really enjoyed the banter and growing friendship between the sisters. So Over You is book #2 of the Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader. It is a standalone contemporary hockey romance. It is also a second chance romance with a fast pace told from both points of view and has a happy ending.

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2018-11-08 00:49

    So Over You features a second chance romance with a little twist. Isobel Chase and Vadim Petrov had a moment as teens before her father found out. She won an Olympic Medal before an injury ended her hockey career and is now a one-third owner of the Chicago Rebels. Vadim suffered a knee injury, and the team was able to trade for him. I laughed when I learned about their shared history and became caught up in the discussions, chemistry, and back and forth banter.The romance quickly pulled me in with its laughter and chemistry before tugging at my heartstrings and connecting me emotionally. While this isn't a true second chance romance, it was powerful, sexy, sweet, and memorable.I love that each book has the heroine grow. While Isobel deals with the team, siblings, and her coaching career she also reaches a crossroads when an opportunity to play again arises. I felt like the author understood what injured players face.I love hockey, (Go FLYERS) but can honestly say I am not a huge fan of sports novel romances. Having said that, Meader has me caught up in the overall story arc. Conditions of a will, estranged sisters, and the hockey franchise have pulled me in. While not bogged down with sports talk, we do spend time with the team and get a sense of the inner workings of the arena and sport. We spend time with the players both on the ice and off. Meader has given us villains, supporting characters and obstacles to keep everyone in check. One hockey player is an arse, and I am curious as to whether there is more to his issues. The next book, which I am assuming is the final book will share the youngest sisters story and the fate of the Chicago Rebels. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

  • CC
    2018-11-02 21:47

    Nope. Just did not feel it. Vadim was too big of a manwhore for me. Isobel was a doormat. Cannot believe she would sleep with him when he was just trying to "make up" for a previously bad experience. Yuck! I have no faith in his faithfulness. I get he said he would be, but I just was not believing it. And Isobel was going to be a green eyed, insecure, paranoid monster. Not a good foundation for a relationship.

  • Hollis
    2018-11-10 22:32

    Hockey is warfare with water breaks.What's that you say? Another hockey read, another contemporary sports romance, three back to back? Haven't you had enough, Hollis? Hockey season might be here again but there's no such thing as too much ice time. The fact that you might not see any more in my feed for a while, however, is completely unrelated and nothing to do with me needing a break."And you are, who, exactly? The daughter of a hockey great who was not so great when it came to running a team. The woman who can no longer play yet thinks she can offer 'tips' to me. To me! You may have pedigree, Isobel, but there is nothing I can learn from you."Picking up more of less where we left off in book one of the Chicago Rebels series -- a book I only just recently discovered, so colour me surprised when this one popped up for request -- we are thrown right back into the messy mix of the Chase half-siblings trying to hold together a team that hasn't seen greatness in fifteen years. With the added drama of being female owned and having the first openly gay General Manager, life sure ain't dull for this group. After a veteran player infamously known as a jinx, yet who still manages to be a rocksteady centerman, was acquired to hold the team steady and guide them towards being something more than second-worst in the league, management takes another gamble by adding Russian left-winger Vadim Petrov to the mix. With a massive ego, amongst other things, Vadim is a superstar player who is recovering from an injury and a bad year. And he just so happens to have a rather memorable bit of history with Isobel, middle sibling and current consultant-coach for the Rebels.Why did the lumberjack hotties always go for twigs instead of branches? Did it make them feel more virile to screw a pocket-sized Barbie?Isobel comes with her own baggage in the form of injuries. Once the apple of her asshole-father's eye, she not only holds a silver medal from her win at Sochi but she also made it onto the national team.. except she never saw her first game to its conclusion. A brutal injury carted her off the ice after only thirty-seven minutes of play time and ended her career. Almost ended her life. Unable to return professionally to the sport she loved once she'd recovered, her career took her in a different direction : coaching. But before she can be given the green-light to make it onto the Rebel's coaching staff, despite being part owner, she has to prove she can give the team the results they desperately need. And her first test is to get Vadim back into shape and get the team to the playoffs. Or else."Vadim? I'd suggest you quit with the trail of women looking to sit on your.. knee. We don't want to weaken it or any other parts of your anatomy. Keep that up and you won't even have a shot at Dancing with the Stars."I loved the history between these characters, the teen-aged infatuation that threw them together until they got caught and were separated for the benefit of a career -- and, surprisingly, it wasn't Vadim's. Add in the little juicy fact that their one time between the sheets was a complete dud for Isobel which Vad finds out all these years later.. well. It made for a delicious, angsty, sorta hate-y, chemical situation, made more complicated by the politics (once again) of an owner -- and coach -- fraternizing with a player.He would test her. Make her angry and emotional. Make her cry. Because angry, emotional criers were not the stuff of coaches. If she was serious about a career in the NHL, she would hear worse. She would get him game fit. He would get her battle ready.Where SO OVER YOU kind of fell apart for me, or at least failed to measure up, was some of the inconsistencies in his behaviour towards her that I couldn't always write off as just more of the Russian in him. Sometimes he was rude or inconsiderate, especially regarding the drama of his mother, and it frustrated me that he could be judgmental of her but no one else could. Like, I get that alpha behaviour, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Also, I hated the tactics Vadim used to back Isobel into a corner. In the specific, spoilery, instance I'm referring to, he did something for her own good, for her protection, but it left a sour taste in my mouth. And yet at the same time I could appreciate his oblivious stubbornness over it, too. His conviction he was right. But then he'd bust out a Russian-ism or flub something in English, mess up a metaphor (on purpose, sometimes!) and it would be all, d'aww, shucks. Hilarious. But still. Dick move."You think this is what that kiss was about? My need to prove something?""Of course it was. That's all any man's kiss is about."Likewise, however, Isobel and I went through some ups and downs, too. I understand that all these women have a lot of baggage to work through as a result of their father, plus their own circumstances or struggles, and in this case Isobel was desperate to hold on to some part of her dream of playing once more in the sport she loved. The part that connected her to her late father, even if she couldn't respect or like the man. She had to come full circle; to recognize she was being as stubborn with her health as her own players often could be, and how her main job as a coach was to prevent them pushing on and risking themselves. A job she wasn't applying to herself. As a reader you love to see that acknowledgement, that growth, but it can also be frustrating as hell when you have to wait for them to wake up.A moment of silence was offered for the female tragedy that was Dante Moretti's homosexuality.I think, overall, some of the mess of their relationship just didn't do it for me. I liked the idea of these two, their history, but found myself distracted by wanting more out of the yet-to-be-couples waiting in the wings. We have two more guaranteed books yet to come and I'm chomping at the bit for them both. I don't know which couple I'm more excited about, to be honest.Stevie Nicks's "Gold Dust Woman" increased in volume as Isobel approached the cottage on the Chase Manor estate where Violet had lain her fedora for the last seven months. Vi's love of the Fleetwood Mac front woman was a tad obsessive.So, yeah, Vi and I are going to get along great. #stevienicksforpresidentBut what I missed from this book that I loved from book one was some of the more outrageous elle-oh-elle humour. Don't get me wrong, Meader is funny as hell and this book still shows off that wit. I have a lot of highlights I'm obviously not going to be able to fit in this review. But I think this was just a bit heavier than maybe I was in the mood for. The author knows her hockey, too, and as a fan I can absolutely appreciate that. But also not as present in this installment was some of the brilliant awkward sisterly bonding I loved so much. I get that the stage has been set already and we already know the dynamics but part of this appeal of this series, what makes it different, is that dynamic. And I wanted more girl time and maybe less Russian-doling-out-orgasms time. Y'know?God save us from alpha dickheads who could make women "forget" they were lesbians.SO OVER YOU is still a fun, funny, sexy, read. And I would definitely encourage readers to get this series on their radar if they love this kind of contemporary romance. IRRESISTIBLE YOU might have been the stronger of the two books so far but I'm definitely on the hook for more. 3.5 "breaking up with the guy you're banging before you make the play-offs should probably not go in the coach's manual" stars** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. **

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2018-11-19 00:47

    Unbelievably udivitel'no! (aka AMAZING!)Gob-smacked. In love. Bowled over. I’m trying to figure out, in real big people words, how much I LOVED this story! Flat out, everything about it, in LOVE! I’m still in a post-read high so the fangirling may be a bit much but to be honest – all the words are deserved! And there will be way too many exclamation points… Be warned…“Vadim Petrov took assology to a whole other level.”The first book in the series was hard to top with Harper and Remy – and the whole Rebels crew – setting the bar impossibly high. Emotion, love, drama, humour, AND hockey? All were awesomeness + sauce and all the cherries. Unbelievably, Isobel and Vadim took that bar, shook it around, made it their own and raised it even higher….“Intense Vadim was a total stud. Funny Vadim was a threat to her heart.” There’s so much going on in this series – in each story – it’s hard to focus on one thing. The relationship between Isobel and Vadim is intense, rife with heat and anger, guilt and… hope. There has never been a right time for them and this time is no better. Worse, in fact, but professionalism wars with emotions and desires that can’t be muzzled any longer. It all comes together in a maelstrom compounded by all the sub-plots, parallel plots and new plots that accompany this totally engrossing read…Isobel and her sisters continue to grow their non-existent relationship. Two steps forward, one step back with wine and tears, and plenty of hugs. Vadim and his complicated family situation plays out amongst blazing hot encounters with Isobel – on and off the ice, and a return to the game that has meant so much to him. A cool façade that hides a sense of humour that is as irresistible as his abs… I want to talk about so much in this book that I shouldn’t – and won’t – so all I can say is.. READ THIS BOOK! READ THIS SERIES! I know I will – again and again….If that all isn’t enough, tantalizing glimpses of Dante and Violet and Cade having me jonesing for the next read like a cat seeing the catnip, hearing the catnip, but it’s just out of reach. ARGH – I need those stories right now!! ~Diane, 5+++++ Swoony Stars

  • ChrisCarroll
    2018-11-06 20:25

    When three sisters end up owning a hockey team, being surrounded by delicious men can be a good thing or a bad thing. In this instance it’s definitely a good thing.Hockey is not one of of the Sports I usually follow however I can definitely get used to steamy hot guys that are associated when Kate Meader is involved. This book to me was not as passionate or emotional as the first book in the series. Much of the plot was dealing with the sport side of the story and I didn’t feel quite connected to these two main characters. However, I loved them together. Great chemistry and I love seeing Vadim caring for Izzy. There are many parts that were amusing and several parts that were sad. But to me the ending can be the most magical and this one ended with a wonderful feeling.With one more sister to go, the next book in the series should be interesting and tie everything together. A wonderful series and definitely one to read, whether you love hockey or not. * Copy received for review consideration

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2018-11-06 23:31

    This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsSo Over You brought the feels big time! Both from Petrov and from Isobel, there was a lot on the line for them - professionally and personally. Story: I loved how So Over You showed a different aspect to hockey, with three estranged sisters having to direct their late father's team, things have been rather tense of late. And Isobel knows her hockey, as she used to play in the past. She was so focused on her hockey she didn't want anything to be in her way - not even the sexy hockey player she was falling for. That is - until he disappeared from her life.The three sisters are finally starting to open up to each other a little bit, and that is one of my favorite parts on So Over You. Sharing the same father, but never really living together has not made them close. Now, though, from the grave, their father is doing his best to make them get to know each other. Both in some perverse way of still deciding for them, and, possible, because he did love his daughters and want them to have family.Isobel took some great risks in So Over you, both professionally, personally and as a player. When things got heated up between her and Vadim once more, she wanted to flee. And at the same time, she really felt like she deserved some heat and passion in her life. Other members of the team made me want to punch them, so when Vadim went a bit overboard, I was totally cheering for him! Characters: Isobel is my kind of female character. She is tough, but still very feminine. She is open-minded, strong, and knows what needs to be done to make the team successful.Vadim is the typical stoic Russian hockey player. But there is much more to him than that, and I loved seeing all the different layers to his personality.Violet is Isobel's younger sister, and I am so very curious about her! She is the most secretive of the sisters, but also the one who seem to be most open-minded.Harper is Isobel's older sister, and she already has her book out Irresistible You. She was very much present here, too, and as I said above, I loved seeing the three sisters getting to know each other better. Writing style : So Over You is written in third person point of view, past tense, and mostly from Isobel's perspective. I love how even her thoughts are a bit sarcastic at times, because her personality really shines through. All the time! There were some chapters from Vadim's perspective too, and I enjoyed getting to know The Ruler much better. Feels : All the feels. There was so much both from the past and the present that impacted So Over You, and I loved every part of it. There was hope, anguish, love, despair, happiness, sadness... You name the feeling, I probably felt it!Violet looked like she belonged here with her fabulous gold bustier, a black band masquerading as a skirt, and lashings of ink adorning her gleaming olive skin. Really, she fit in anywhere that was cool and dangerous.She turned and woosh! Sure, she didn't need all that breath in her lungs anyway. Vadim Petrov sat on a chocolate velvet couch wearing a sharp suit, and icy stare, and a half-naked blonde.

  • ◊♦ Naomi
    2018-10-21 21:27

    I can't seem to like the characters in this series. They're annoying and inconsistent. I like the story enough but I don't feel any kind of attachment to the characters. I'm still looking forward to read the next one though, I'm curious.

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-02 17:29

    4.5 Stars. What can I say about this series, other than that I love it? The sisters are terrific and I'm loving seeing their relationships with each grow, and them navigate this hockey team together. This couple was fun to read about and I could not put this book down. Their backstory was interesting and yet each character also stood on their own. I just felt happy reading this book. I can't wait for more in this series. As usual, Kate Meader knows how to bring terrific writing, great characters and supporting cast, and a couple that you want to root for.* Voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book, which was provided by the publisher through NetGalley

  • Ivy Deluca
    2018-10-22 00:30

    In the second installment of the Chicago Rebels series, Isobel Chase, is the second of the three sisters trying to make the hockey team they inherited from their giant turd of a father. They have one season to turn this failing franchise into a playoff team and they are right in the middle of the hunt when Isobel is tasked with helping to rehab Vadim Petrov. Her first lover, who was decidedly not all that. Anyway, is trying to reconcile their past and present, along with the end of her own career as a hockey player, alot of things happen on and off the ice and yes, romance happens.-Hockey is even more integral to this entry. Isobel’s personal struggle to accept the devastating end to her own hockey dream (which was deeply mingled with her father’s approval), gives a different layer to her as a heroine. She was (and is) an incredibly talented woman at the top of her profession when a freak accident on the ice fractured her skull and a shattered dream. It’s a dilemma that happens to athletes day in and day out, and I liked that we got to see it from Isobel’s perspective. Vadim is an athlete who’s coming back from injury and he can sympathize with her. But he will recover and she will never, and that’s another obstacle that they have to address. It made for some heavier issues directly related to the sport than the first book and I enjoyed that difference alot.-Vadim and Isobel both have personal journeys. I really enjoyed the fact that there’s a good balance between Isobel and Vadim, each of their character arcs are developed, and physically and emotionally, they’re on pretty even footing. Other than one moment that made me a bit frustrated (more on that later), they each give the other respect for their hockey acumen and their feelings. Isobel is in a position of power over Vadim, and there is a token hesitation between them pursuing a relationship. Since office type romances are among my favorites, I’m willing to look past certain things that in real life would be a much bigger deal.-The relationships between the sisters is even stronger. When you’re first introduced to Harper, Isobel and Violet, these estranged sisters had very, very different experiences with their jackass of a father and it colors their perception of each other. It’s an important part of the ongoing series, and so it’s lovely to see the sister-bonding to get even deeper. Strong female relationships anchoring a romance series are critical for me and this fits the bill just fine.-A choice taken made me side-eye a smidge. Sigh. Ok, keeping this spoiler-free as possible, so I’m vaguing this up. There’s a major decision made late in the book on Isobel’s behalf. This is explained away and resolved a bit too quickly for me because frankly, as much as she was in the wrong, I think she had a right to be angry that the choice was taken away from her. Can I get past it? Yes, but I didn’t necessarily agree with the way it was handled. But overall, the ending to this romance resolved well for me, and I thought the ending was in keeping to what I expected - the playoff hunt is still on, but Vadim and Isobel earned their HFN/HEA.-The series leaves me eager for more each time. To end on a positive note, the teasing moments that you glimpse in this book about the next entry in this series intrigued the hell out of me, and I was hoping. Then I read the next book blurb on GoodReads and let me tell you - I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. I cannot wait to see Dante and Alamo’s story, and I am beyond ready to see Violet get her HEA.The Bottom LineI really did love this. Hockey is a favorite sport of mine, and mix some strong banter, family bonds and friendships, with a strong emotional romance in the middle of a playoff hunt and I’m happier than a cat with a bag of ‘nip. If these are a few of your favorite things, then I say pick up this hockey romance. I definitely recommend it.**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**For more reviews, visit

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-10-22 20:36

    4.5 starsTeenage lovers are reunited as adults years later in Kate Meader’s So Over You and the result is combative, explosive, revealing, and sexy as hell. I love when characters have history are forced together again and even more so when it is obvious that despite years apart there is something between them neither one can forget or deny.For the past two years Isobel Chase’s life has been turned upside down repeatedly; thirty-seven minutes into her first came as a pro player in the National Women’s Hockey League a freak accident cost her an hope of playing professionally again, her father’s death forced her to deal with the older half-sister who can’t stand her and a younger half-sister she didn’t know she had, the terms of his will forced her to quit her minor league coaching job, and the icing on the cake the team she now co-owns with her sisters has just acquired Vadim Petrov, the man who took her virginity years ago and then her father made sure his career in the NHL was put on hold indefinitely and she has been tasked with coaching him to get him back on the roster following an injury.I enjoyed the complexity of this story (as well as that of the first book in this series), there are no easy answers for these two and unfortunately for Isobel if she gets involved with Vadim again, any career hadn’t aspirations of being a full time coach for the Chicago Rebels will be out of the question. Isobel was so stoic at times it made my heart hurt, the expectations her father thrust on her to carry on the family name as a hockey star and her subsequent fall from grace due to her injury weighed heavily on her as evident by her father’s voice she often heard in her head. Add in Vad’s animosity towards her and the pressure of needing the team to make it to the playoffs add in the fact that she still come to terms with the loss of her hockey career and Isobel’s stress level was off the charts. I enjoyed watching Vadim’s cold exterior melt little by little as he worked to prove to Isobel that he was improved man on many levels and as he confronted his past thanks to some help from his younger sister.The premise of this series makes for interesting reading and some revelations during this makes me excited about what is to come next. A strong heroine with something to prove, a brooding hero determined to win his spot on the team and the woman of his dreams, made So Over You highly entertaining, wonderfully touching, and as always from this author completely sexy!

  • Celestine
    2018-10-25 00:43

    Kate Meader is the Sultan of Similes, the Lord of Labels and the Authority on Accents.Most of the time while I read this book, I was grinning at the similes tossed out by Kate Meader's characters in this second book of the Chicago-based hockey sports series. Every once in a while I was blown away at her talent at pulling off one that simply resonated, and the one about the monolithic Easter Island statues comes to mind.The push-pull between Isobel and Vadim gets off to an early start with internal name-calling. The nicknames Isobel assigns Vadim flow fast and furious, and the fascination with his chilly, Russian stare and his Slavic good looks were total entertainment. I mean where does she come up with these? The Cat's Meow from Moscow, the Czar of Pleasure, Mr. Nosy Parkov and Mr. Siberia. Too funny. It is especially funny in the context of a second-chance romance that at first seems to be a situation of convenience, but as the story rolls along, you learn that the deep, deep feelings have been shared for a long, long time. The revelation is very nicely paced.Another thing that is nicely paced is the stilted speak of English-as-a-second-language from Vadim. His sentence structure is formal, with the verbs a little flubby, his understanding of idioms is occasionally off, and I don't think I saw a single contraction in his conversation. I definitely heard his accent in my head. Kudos on that.As much as I grinned and appreciated the relentless observational zingers, I will admit that I didn't have quite as many pure laugh out loud moments as I did when reading Irresistible You. Maybe it was due to the Stoic Slav himself. He bothered me at times. There was a bit too much playboy in his past to make me totally embrace the second-chance romance, and the preoccupation with performance was off-putting as well. Speaking of performance, while physical therapy and practice skates get quite a bit of page-time, I was disappointed there wasn't more drama mined out of the games themselves. In a sports romance, I want to see a little more of the athletes doing their day job.I was a little surprised that the sister relationship between Isobel, Harper and Violet wasn't explored more. Perhaps book three will develop that angle as it deserves. The sister relationship that was developed was between Vadim and his sister Mia, and she was a delight. No doubt about it, Volcanic Vadim erupts at the pressure of the women in his life: mother, sister, girlfriend, boss. I enjoyed Vadim and Isobel on the page together, and they have a lot of moments. Intense ones. Funny ones. Hot ones. Sad ones. Mad ones. Two ka-pow people just trying to make it work, and keep their hot chemistry on the down-low. There isn't anything about this couple or this book that will stick with me long term, but I had fun while I was there.Book source: ARC from NetGalley.

  • maggieandteddy
    2018-11-02 23:31

    This is the 2nd book in this series. The 2nd (half)sister's story.Isobel is Clifford Chase's 2nd daughter. He left Harper's mom (Harper's book 1) for Isobel's mom when Harper was around 5 years old. While Harper is all business and running the Hockey team, Isobel is focused on the actual sport of hockey. She'd silver metaled in the Sochi Olympics. Soon after, Isobel was injured in her first professional game & never played hockey again. This is 3rd person POV, switching from Isobel to the H, Vadim. The title is completely inaccurate. Neither Isobel, nor Vadim are over the other. I read book 1, enjoyed it, but if you started with this one, I don't think that you'd be lost. I really do reco that you read book 1. This author really gets the Hero & heroine's chemistry. (Harper & Remy were great in Book 1)Isobel was very young when she and Vadim met.Isobel and Vadim meet again. They pretend to have moved on.I absolutely loved how Isobel really dedicated she is to the Rebels. Vadim was recently traded and they are assigned to work together. Isobel really holds her chin up and implies that maybe Vadim wasn't all that great when they knew each other before. It drives Vadim crazy. Vadim is known as a lady's man with a lot of confidence & the looks to go with it.. He soon realizes that he has a lot to learn. On and off the ice, Isobel coaches Vadim. Vadim really does grow up in his attitude about being a giving lover. I don't know why, but I love the part when they nap (hockey players need to nap before the big game!). It just struck me as so tender and warm and fuzzy.There's some humor and sexy banter. Vadim's sister makes an appearance & another character (I won't say, but it's not an ow) from his past that makes Vadim grow even more empathy. Isobel had been her (late) father's favorite. He had no sons. He pushed her to be a champion athlete. Isobel had not yet let go of her chance at a professional career. I loved Isobel and Vadim's second chance at romance. They are older, both wiser and became friends and developed their relationship. I liked this book even more than book 1. The 3rd book will be Violet's story. I will definitely read that one.ARC from Netgalley for an impartial review. 4.25-4.50 stars.

  • Jillian
    2018-10-29 20:49

    So Over You is the second book in author Kate Meader's Chicago Rebels Series and I have to say, no one writes sexy brooding hockey players like Ms. Meader.  This book was fantastic!If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for an enemies to lovers story.  Well, this was part that, and part second chance romance and the combo when written by Kate Meader is a total win! Isobel Chase is trying to find her footing, along with her two sisters, in the male dominated world of professional hockey.  She has a new title in her late father's hockey organization and as if being a woman wasn't bad enough, the first player she is assigned to help get back on the ice is the one player she'd love to never see again. The brooding, sexy, Russian star player Vadim Petrov. It seems as though the feeling is quite mutual when the broody Russian player realizes he will have to work closely with the woman he would be happy to leave in his past. To say the past they share is full of missteps, hurt feelings, and broken hearts would be an understatement.  Of course that makes their reunion that much better and the sexual tension and pent up emotions lead to some serious heat and fun banter between them.  Man, can Ms. Meader write some freaking sexual tension.  I loved these two characters, especially as their defenses start to wear down and they both start to realize maybe being thrown together wasn't such a bad thing after all. I also have to say how much I love seeing the relationship between the three sisters grow as the series goes on.  Having two sisters myself, I know the ups and downs that comes with but I also know the silly fun times sisters share. I can't wait to see what Ms. Meader has in store for us next!  

  • Book Lover
    2018-10-23 17:31

    Isobel Chase is an Olympic winning hockey player who was sidelined before her time by a life threatening injury. She was coaching a minor league men’s hockey team before her father died and left her and her two half sisters his NHL team, the Rebels. Now she is a consultant to the team, hoping for a coaching job. Since her injury, she has been struggling to make peace with her loss of career, move forward and discover where she now belongs. Vadim Petrov is an injured hockey player, traded to the Rebels. He is Russian, rich, arrogant, and alpha with multiple lucrative sponsor contracts and loose morals. Isobel is charged with rehabbing Vadim to his former abilities. Isobel and Vadim have a past. At the ripe old age of 18, she insisted on losing her virginity to him. However, she never got her happy ending during the interlude, unbeknownst to him. Her father walks in on them and has Vadim deported back to Russia. Fast forward several years and he’s back playing in the USA. Vadim has supposedly never gotten over Isobel, and followed her career, despite his manwhore ways. Rolling my eyes. Not that I would expect him to be celibate for the last 10 years, but why must they always be manwhores? And he is very heavy handed with his “I know what’s best for you” attitude. If you don’t know much about hockey, you will be fine reading this. There is more focus on the developing romance than the intricacies of the sport. I don’t mind characters whose first language isn’t English. I don’t mind lines thrown in using their primary language. What I do mind is when no translation is given. It is frustrating. If a writer is going to do this, a glossary of words and phrases needs to be included if you aren’t going to translate during the story, which not all of the words and phrases are in this book. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as Remy and Harper’s story. However, I can’t wait for the next pairings story from the glimpses we get in this book!I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher.

  • nick
    2018-11-09 18:29

    Kate Meader never disappoints with her romantic, sexy and absolutely entertaining books. So Over You was no exception. As always, the author delivers a fun book that’s hard to put down. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Irresistible You, but I was particularly looking forward to So Over You because of the second chance trope. I had an absolute blast reading this one, and omg did I ship the couple!The basic premise of this series is three sister’s suddenly inheriting their father’s hockey team, and the challenges that they force as they become burdened with this responsibility. In the first book we got big sister Harper’s story, and this time it’s Isobel’s turn to tell her tale. I enjoyed her character a lot. It was interesting to see a female hockey player as I don’t think I’ve ever read about one in any contemporary romance. Though an injury had forced Isobel to turn to coaching itself, she still had hopes and dreams and a deep passion for the sport. It was sad to hear her backstory of how her father manipulated her love for hockey and put immense pressure on her. Isobel didn’t let that put her down though, and she rose above it all to become a role model. Vadim was also a pretty great hero. He’s this gruff, sexy Russian, who is known for his prowess on the ice and in the sheets, but his character was so much more than that. There are layers to his personality, and underneath it all was a sweet guy. I particularly loved his dynamic with his sister, who was perky, meddling, but well-intentioned young hockey player herself.The romance between Isobel and Vadim was a second chance story. As teenagers, Isobel loses her virgnity to Vadim, only she doesn’t orgasm! Unfortunate events pushed by Isobel’s father lead to the two breaking up and Vadim leaving the country. When he finds out that she didn’t finish during their sexy times, he is hell-bent on righting the past – after all, he’s got a reputation to hold. I absolutely loved the romance. It was really swoony, and I particularly loved how earnest Vadim was when it came to chasing after Isobel. He might be an arrogant ass at times, but there was no denying that he was mad in love with her. The banter between them, the bond they grow, and the sexy times just made this book even better. Besides the romance, I also really enjoyed seeing Isobel and her sisters bonding further. I love these three girls, and seeing them become close to each other was pure delight.If you like hockey, sizzling romances with swoony heroes and strong, independent heroines, you have to give this book a try. I can’t wait to read Dante’s book next!

  • Dísir
    2018-10-22 21:32

    Hockey isn’t a game I follow at all, but the premise of Kate Meader’s series is easy enough to understand. Three estranged sisters—broken in their own way by a father who still wreaks destruction from beyond the grave—, a switch in management of a hockey team and the struggle to stay afloat with a change this momentous. For those who don’t understand the game, then the details or lack thereof are sparse enough that you can focus on the drama surrounding the couple and the management team in question. ‘So Over You’ is Isobel’s story and a Russian player who’s as ‘Russian’ as they come (that however, depends on your perspective), though it was for me sadly, more of a surprising miss than a hit as the first book. Quite a bit of the story made a mountain of a molehill of Isobel not getting an orgasm when Vadim took her virginity (or in a more cringeworthy way of putting it—‘making her a woman’) close to a decade ago and how Vadim obsessed increasingly over this salient point because he wanted to prove otherwise now. In this book, that’s not just a backstory; it’s in fact, like a niggling ghost of Christmas past that wouldn’t go away because both parties remembered it in different ways, not to mention the aftermath that was significant enough that this had become a point of contention with the both of them. To be fair, the dour sex they had as teenagers wasn't all that the story revolved around, though the little sub-plots in between did little to distract me from watching out for the next pairing (Cade! Dante!) in the sequel, which was a clear indicator of how difficult I found it to be invested in Isobel and Vadim. On the one hand, I could understand Isobel’s need to define herself apart from hockey, or simply as a WAG of yet another famous player in the league when her own career fell to pieces.Yet it was hard to sympathise with that self-same selfish ambition that ran over people in the process; neither could I accept her interfering with Vadim’s relationship with his mother as she projected her own daddy-issues onto his markedly different parental situation. Vadim, on the other hand, apart from his awful heavy-handed ways, sometimes leaned towards becoming a caricature—broody, with speech patterns of a non-English speaker that’s either archaic or with mixed metaphors meant to be amusing somehow—or at least a character that seemed to conform to the stereotypes of how some parts of the world view Russians these days.I’m just going to put this particular book down as an aberration in a series that I do like quite much. There’s still so much going for it: Meader’s writing, for one, but the tease for Cade and Dante is enough to keep me watching out for the next book that can’t come soon enough. *ARC by Netgalley

  • Alison
    2018-10-21 19:47

    Four and a half stars!OH, Kate Meader this book has catapulted you into the echelons of my favourite authors. Imagine, if you will one of Elle Kennedy or Sarina Bowen's hockey stories, add in one of Shelly Laurenston's grumpy Russian skaters - got the picture? That is this book for me. Absolutely cracktastic.The series follows the three Chase sisters, each from different mothers, who inherit the Chicago Rebels Hockey team from their egotistical father. This book centres on Isobel, the second daughter. Isobel had been silver medal winning Olympic hockey player until she took a skate to the head in the 37th minute of the first game of the new National Women’s Hockey League and nearly died. Having spent her whole life to that point living and breathing hockey she was devastated but she is trying to make a name for herself as a hockey coach, although even when you part-own a hockey team that isn't always as easy as it sounds.When she was 18 years old Isobel trained with a young Russian hockey played Vadim Petrov, he was her first but the night was ruined when her father caught them in bed and had him deported back to Russia. There was also a leetle problem, she didn't (ahem) feel the earth move that night. Now years later Vadim is a player for the Rebels, he has a knee injury and his nickname is 'The Czar of Pleasure'. Of course Isobel gets assigned as his personal coach to get him back to fitness!When one of his teammates overhears Isobel telling one of her sisters about Vadim's less than stellar performance all those years ago he takes great delight in passing on the food news to Vadim. Now Vadim is determined to make up for his lack of prowess.I had wanted to read this book ever since I read the teaser at the end of the last book. Can I just step aside and say, "well done, Kate Meader", sometimes when people tease the next book they give away all the dirt, sometimes they repeat everything in the next book, but Kate Meader showed us something that we didn't see in this book - but it was described/ referred to at various points so the reader of this book didn't miss out. I like the way she did that.Some people might not like Vadim's heavily accented Russian, some might think it's stereotyping. I just thought it was hysterical. I loved the way he called his sister's dog "little-dog-with-big-shits", I loved his interactions with Isobel and I just thought he was amazing. Maybe my new book boyfriend.I see I've somehow missed out on the prequel novella so I'm off to track that down ...I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Bumped for release.

  • Sheyla ✎
    2018-10-30 21:45

    "The girl with the Blazing Skates has this boy on the ropes."I couldn't wait to dive into So Over You. I'm a huge fan of Kate Meader's books. I knew the banter was going to be incredible and I was right!!! Kate's books always make me laugh out loud. The best part, her secondary characters are always memorable. So what's this one about? We met Isobel Chase in the first book in this series. She's one of the three sisters who are the co-owners of the Chicago Rebels. The franchise was a gift from their not-so-nice-father. Isobel used to play professional hockey herself until she was injured during a National game. She is now a coach and she's interested in coaching the players to improve their game. The first player she has to help is none other than the man who took her virginity. Vadim Petrov has been traded into the Chicago Rebels. He suffered a knee injury and he's still not at one hundred percent. He has no choice but to let Isobel assist him. They have history, he was attracted to her and they had only one night together before her father interfered changing their destiny. When he learns that he was not able to make Isobel happy in bed all those years ago, he'll do anything to remedy the situation.This was a fun read. It had plenty of great banter and funny situations. Both main characters were easy to like. Although, I had to warm to the Russian. There was only one situation that I was not happy with. I believed Vadim made a huge mistake and I sided with Isobel, no questions asked. If you enjoy romance and love hockey, this one is for you!"Past, present, future, Bella, I am yours. That will never change."Cliffhanger: No4/5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Pocket Star via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Nadine
    2018-10-24 18:51

    5 Stars! ★★★★★This book is old school sports romance and I loved every sentence of it! When I started reading romance back in the days I fell in love with brooding jocks, feisty women and angsty but also heartwarming stories. These stories were well written and more than just sex scenes surrounded by some alibi sport. I've read a lot of romance over the years and somehow the taste of readers has changed. That's not supposed to be a judging, but I've often missed the good old stories. I want a well written story with lovable characters, depth and just this tiny bit more effort the author has put into the book. "So Over You" is one of these stories. One of those you don't find often anymore. It's the story of Isobel and Vadim. They are both hockey players. One of them, Vadim, is living the dream and playing in the NHL, the other one, Isobel, had to retire after a life-threatening injury. Isobel and her two sisters have inherited the “Chicago Rebels” from her late father and try to find their way in this male world that is professional hockey. When Vadim gets transferred to the Chicago Rebels he is faced with his new skating trainer who is none other than his first love, Isobel. Both, Vadim and Isobel, have to deal with a lot. He gets a sister he didn't know existed and she is facing a future she never wanted.Isobel worked her whole life for one thing: playing professional hockey! When this dream is destroyed she feels lost and Vadim, who has everything she ever wanted, is a daily reminder of what could have been. That he's the only guy who makes her heart beat faster doesn't help. He's living every man's dream: money, success, women. She doesn't fit into his world. She's a hockey player, not a puck bunny. But maybe things are not like they seem to be. Maybe he didn't forget her either. And maybe... hockey is not everything Isobel ever wanted or needed. I loved Isobel and Vadim. Individually and as a couple. Both are wonderful characters. Vadim is everything you're looking for in a jock. This guy is brooding, stubborn, hot (!) and would do everything for the people he loves. I had a great time with Isobel, Vadim and the Chicago Rebels. I will come back for future books, that's for sure.

  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    2018-10-23 23:47

    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Though I am a romance reader through and through, I have to say that lately, sexy reads have not been the top choice for me only because some “sexy” scenes have been repetitive or very similar, and lately, not many have captured my attention.  But because I have loved Kate Meader books before including this series, I wasn’t about to pass up on it.  I’m happy to say, that Meader did not disappoint.  Yes, this book was a sexy read and despite my reservations, Meader captured my attention throughout the book.  This second installment is about Isobelle, the ex-pro hockey sister who is now one of the coaches of the team.  She gets a chance at working with an athlete who she had a fling with years back.  The struggle isn’t really with his refusal to work with her but the fight to be recognized as who she is and what she is worth.  Yes, she is part owner of this team, but she is also a well qualified coach and damn good hockey player (before her accident).  It will take all her effort to keep her status, but also a little help from Vadim to realize what already has in her life.  I love that Meader takes the time to give a realistic female role in her books.  I love the stereotypes and prejudices against women and how it was overcome by the ladies in this series.  Meader also stays consistent in terms of the right amount of sexy but not in the least redundant or typical.  There was some humor and cuteness but not overwhelming and the drama wasn’t over done.  Only thing I wasn’t too fond of is that Vadim’s face came to me as Rocky’s Russian opponent in Rocky V.  I have know idea why.  I had to force it out of my mind and remember the book cover which obviously did the trick.  *ARC provided by publisherReviewed by Angela❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email! ♡ ❤