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It’s June in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and Julia Snowden and her family are working hard to get their authentic Maine clambake business ready for summer. Preparations must be put on hold, however, when a mysterious yacht drops anchor in the harbor—and delivers an unexpected dose of murder . . .When Julia’s old prep school rival Wyatt Jayne invites her to dinner on board herIt’s June in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and Julia Snowden and her family are working hard to get their authentic Maine clambake business ready for summer. Preparations must be put on hold, however, when a mysterious yacht drops anchor in the harbor—and delivers an unexpected dose of murder . . .When Julia’s old prep school rival Wyatt Jayne invites her to dinner on board her billionaire fiancé’s decked-out yacht, Julia arrives to find a sumptuous table set for two—and the yachtsman dead in his chair. Suspicion quickly falls on Wyatt, and Julia’s quest to dredge up the truth leads her into the murky private world of a mega-rich recluse who may not have been all that he seemed . . ....

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Stowed Away Reviews

  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    2018-09-10 09:32

    Faithful readers of the Maine Clambake Mysteries are going to LOVE this sixth addition to the series! It’s June in Busman’s Harbor, Maine where the Snowden Family Clambake on Morrow Island is readying to open for summer season. Julia Snowden’s mother is deliberating on restoring the old family mansion, Windsholme. Architect Wyatt Jayne is arriving to look it over and estimate the costs to renovate. A yacht belonging to billionaire recluse, Geoffrey Bower has anchored in the marina. What happens next serves up as many suspects to a murder as there are lobsters in a tank!Ms. Ross delivers a page-turning cozy that kept me on pins and pincers until the jaw-dropping reveal. Be ready to feast your eyes on every page of this crafty plot without interruption so you don’t miss any clues! Phenomenal ending! I would give this story more than 5 stars if I could.I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC provided by the author.

  • Betty
    2018-08-24 15:39

    This series keeps getting better with each book. In the sixth book, we find Julia Showden and her family back in Busman Harbor getting ready to open the family business on the island. A high school classmate indicates Julia and friends aboard the yacht of a recluse billionaire for dinner. The next night the friend needs help she has found the billionaire dead on the yacht. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to read it in sitting. The twists and turns will keep reading until the end. There is one turn I didn't see coming. I highly recommend this book and series. Recipes are included.Disclosure: I received a free copy from Kennington Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review this book. The opinions expressed are my own.

    2018-09-03 14:24

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsSummer in Busman’s Harbor means a lot of work for the Snowden Family. Preparations for the summer clambakes are underway and a decision needs to be made about Windsholme, the home on Morrow Island that been empty since the 1920’s and that suffered additional damage in last summer’s fire. Do they update and renovate, restore the historic home to its glory or do they tear it down? Everyone has their own opinions but the decision is up to Julia’s mom. After her financial windfall last year she can afford to take on this huge project but a family friend, Quentin Tupper has brought in an expert to look over the home. Julia is shocked when she see’s the expert is her old roommate from prep school, Susan Wyatt Jayne, she just goes by Wyatt Jayne now. She is even more shocked to learn that the huge yacht docked in the harbor belongs to the woman’s “boyfriend”. When invited to meet the wealthy yacht owner Julia reluctantly accepts and finds she knows his chef too.The next day Julia receives a frantic call from Wyatt begging her to come to the yacht. When she arrives, she finds a table set for a romantic dinner and the billionaire dead at the head of the table. Everyone living aboard the yacht has become a suspect. Quentin asks Julia to investigate to help Wyatt but what she discovers is the most shocking thing of all.I eagerly picked up this book excited to return to Busman’s Harbor and I enjoyed every single minute of this trip.Chris and Julia are transitioning away from their winter restaurant and to their summer jobs. Julia managing her family’s clambake business and Chris back to his landscaping and bartending, meaning they are not going to see each other much. The whole Snowden family returns including baby Jack. Sonny, Livvie, and their kids will be moving to the island for the summer. Julia and Livvie’s mom will be taking a leave from her current job to return to work at the island gift shop, We meet several new characters including the crew aboard the Garbo and a mother and daughter that have moved to the area.This story takes place before the Snowden family clambakes begin giving Julia plenty of time to investigate. She has a bit of a vested interest to part of the mystery that adds a really cool element to the story. There is also a mind-bending twist that turn that turns the whole mystery on its ear.I really enjoyed when Julia paired up with someone unexpectedly as she started to form a theory about the murder. I also enjoyed that when she had more details Lieutenant Binder was willing to listen and then included her as they got closer to solving the case.The subplots fit nicely into the main mystery. Some secrets are revealed and decisions are made that may change some relationships. I am excited to see how they are addressed in upcoming installments of this fantastic series.A cozy escape to Maine always proves to be a good time. Great characters and the drama they create and that is created around them will grab you and hold on tight. The story is so well written and the dialogue realistic. Barbara Ross knows how to set the scene too. I was ready to dish up my plate at the friends and family clambake and relax on Morrow Island.The author does a wonderful job so that all her books can be read on their own, but I encourage you to read the series from the beginning. Be sure to check out the recipes too!

  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    2018-09-09 07:13

    I have really enjoyed all the books in this series, and Barbara Ross has penned another winner. I loved that this book went back to Busman's Harbor, Maine. It’s June and the Snowden Family Clambake on Morrow Island is getting ready to open for summer season. When Julia's mother got her share of the sale of an antique piece of jewllery, she is considering either renovation or restoring Windsholme, the family home that is on the island. Quentin Tupper brings in Architect Wyatt Jayne to look it over and estimate the costs to renovate. A yacht belonging to billionaire recluse, Geoffrey Bower has anchored in the marina and it seems that Wyatt is in a relationship with the owner. Once again, there is a murder and Julia is asked to help investigate to clear certain people. The usual characters are once again around including the rest of the family, Chris (Julia's boyfriend), the police investigators that we have grown to know and love and some of the local townfolk. It makes me feel like I have gone home again. This story had Julia, Chris and Quentin opening up and sharing some secrets that give us more information about their backgrounds and how that has affected who they have become. This was a good story that had a lot of surprises that I never would have predicted. I did figure out who the murderer was before the end of the book, but not much before. This was a well plotted story with great pacing and characters. I recommend this story to any and all cozy mystery lovers. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

  • Sue Em
    2018-09-05 12:22

    Solid well-written mystery with interesting characters.Julia Snowden and her family are getting ready to open the family's Maine clambake business for the summer. The fire last summer in the mansion on the island left them with the decision whether to rebuild or the tear it down. As they consider their options, the suspicious death aboard a mega yacht in the harbor embroils Julia in the investigation.Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jason
    2018-09-19 08:22

    It's like visiting old friends every time I pick up a book in the Maine Clambake series. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this, the 6th book in the series. I'm so addicted to Julia and the rest of the clambake clan! An eccentric yacht owner, a childhood acquaintance, a "there one moment, gone the next" diamond ring all converge to complicate Julia's life a week before the clambake opens for the seasons. This book is due out in January, 2018-make it a priority for the new year!

  • Lea Wait
    2018-08-29 12:19

    Not everything (or every person) is as it seems in this suspenseful 6th book in Barbara Ross' Maine Clambake Mystery series. A "mean girl" from Julia's past appears in town, her billionaire boyfriend is murdered, a diamond is missing .... and that's just the beginning. Those who love learning about the lives of the rich and famous will relish the details about the yacht ... and everyone will love this view of the different faces of Mainers. Recommended!

  • Jennie Shook
    2018-08-21 09:35

    Another fun Clambake mystery with several twists! I seriously start to get depressed when I'm getting close to the end of these books. I just want to stay in Maine with the Snowden family for months!

  • Jessica Robbins
    2018-09-20 15:14

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  • Mary Brown
    2018-08-27 13:35

    Stowed AwayA Maine Clambake Mystery, Book #6Barbara Ross5 StarsSynopsis:It’s June in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and Julia Snowden and her family are working hard to get their authentic Maine clambake business ready for summer. Preparations must be put on hold, however, when a mysterious yacht drops anchor in the harbor—and delivers an unexpected dose of murder . . .When Julia’s old prep school rival Wyatt Jayne invites her to dinner on board her billionaire fiancé’s decked-out yacht, Julia arrives to find a sumptuous table set for two—and the yachtsman dead in his chair. Suspicion quickly falls on Wyatt, and Julia’s quest to dredge up the truth leads her into the murky private world of a mega-rich recluse who may not have been all that he seemed . . . (Goodreads)Review:The characters are well developed and well rounded. I enjoyed spending time with Julia and Chris, it was like visiting old friends. Julia does not hesitate to snoop around and try to gather clues to help solve the murder and I think she is pretty good at being a detective. I felt like the secondary characters added a lot to the story. One of the things that I liked most about this book is the family ties and closeness that came through while reading.The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing. Busman’s Harbor, Maine, is a place that I would like to visit. I like the small town feel of it and I enjoy that everyone looks out for each other and everyone is so nosy. The mystery was carried on well throughout the book and it was not an easy one to solve. There were enough suspects to consider and clues to sift through that I was left to keep guessing until the reveal at the end.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well plotted cozy mystery. This is a great addition to a great series and it is well worth your reading time.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Kensington Books, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.

  • Mark Baker
    2018-09-16 13:20

    It’s a week away from opening day for the Snowden Family Clambake, and Julia and the rest of her family are hard at work making sure everything is ready. But they are also discussing what to do with the ruins of Windsholme, the family mansion on the island where they host the clambake. One expert they are bring in turns out to be Julia’s prep school roommate, Wyatt Jayne. Wyatt is in town to oversee a yacht renovation, but when the owner of the yacht is found murdered, she finds herself the prime suspect. Julia has her own reason for investigating the murder, a very personal one. Can she figure out what truly happened?While this is book six in the series, it’s only been a year to Julia and the rest of these characters, which allows us time to really see their relationships grow and change. I like watching this growth as the series progresses. There are several sub-plots that facilitate this, but I felt they slowed things down early in the book. Once the mystery kicks into high gear, it completely captured me again, with several wonderful twists and a climax that tied everything together perfectly.NOTE: I received an ARC of this book.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Cheryl
    2018-08-31 08:29

    Julia’s old rival Wyatt Jayne invites her to dinner on board her billionaire fiance’s Yacht and Julia finds the billionaire dead at the table. Julia sets out to prove that Wyatt didn’t do it and find out more about the billionaire recluse. Lots of twists and turns to the plot. the side plot of opening the family’s clambake business makes this book really interesting.

  • Nicole
    2018-09-07 15:28

    Wow! Stowed Away, the 6th Maine Clambake Mystery by cozy author Barbara Ross, had me turning pages so quickly towards the end I thought I might break the button on my Kindle! I have thoroughly enjoyed every single book in this series, but this one is just so well-written that I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. We join Julia Snowden and her family and friends as they prepare to welcome summer and the tourist season to Busman's Harbor, Maine. Wyatt, an old high school friend of Julia's, and her billionaire boyfriend, Geoffrey, are parked in his mega yacht in the harbor awaiting a retrofit, but soon after their arrival Geoffrey is found dead at his dinner table, and Julia discovers that he had a heretofore unknown connection to her family. Incredibly fast-paced, Stowed Away keeps the reader intrigued from start to finish, and Ms. Ross does a fine job of continuing the relationships between the main and recurring characters in the series. A+++

  • Fred
    2018-09-03 15:22

    Stowed Away is the sixth book in the A Maine Clambake Mystery series.Julia and her family are busy getting ready to open Morrow Island for another season of authentic Maine Clam Bakes. A day of two before, everyone in Busman’s Harbor was in awe of the large private yacht of recluse billionaire Geoffrey Bower tied up at the pier. When a family friend, Quentin Tupper, stops by Julia’s mother’s house with the young lady that designed the refitting of the yacht, Julia’s heart sinks. The young lady, Wyatt Jayne, was a roommate from high school who had treated Julia very badly. Jayne is being introduced to Julia’s mother for possibly doing the design work to rebuild the family home, Windsholme. Julia decides to put the past behind her and accept that Jayne might be around for a while.A couple of days later, Julia gets a call from Jayne pleading with her to come right away to the yacht giving no other information. When she arrives Jayne takes her to the dining salon where the body of Bower is seated at the table with a terribly gruesome look on his face. Bower was to have had a quiet, intimate dinner with Jayne and the table was set as if that was still the plan. As Julia is waiting for the police to arrive, she does a quick scan of the room looking for anything unusual that might point to what had happened earlier. One thing she does notice is a beautiful diamond ring being held by a lobster claw. By the time she is interviewed and relays this information to Lt. Binder, the lead investigator, the diamond is now nowhere to be found. As it was rare for anybody to be aboard the yacht, the crew immediately become suspects. Especially Jayne and Julia’s friend, Genevieve the chef, as it will be determined that Bower was poisoned. Even with the past history with Jayne, Julia feels compelled to search out the murder and clear Jayne’s name.I’ve read all six of the books in this series and have loved them all. Ms. Ross does a wonderful job of storytelling, providing a few twists here and there and also provide an exciting and believable cast of characters.I will be definitely looking forward to the next exciting story on Morrow Island and around Busman’s Harbor.

  • Amanda
    2018-09-14 07:33

    A well-written, quick, enjoyable read! Busman's Harbor is the perfect setting for a cozy mystery: a small, quiet, seaside town in Maine where all the locals know each other and the Snowden family clambake draws visitors from all over. Julia Snowden helps run the clambake and has a history - and a knack - for sleuthing. When a newcomer is found murdered and two of her friends are potential suspects, Julia has to investigate. The plot is believable and kept me guessing until the end. Although Stowed Away is part of an awesome series, I think it easily stands alone for anyone who hasn't read the previous books. I love this series and hope it continues for a long time! I received an ARC of this book and happily provide my honest opinion of it.

  • Shelly
    2018-09-14 12:33

    Stowed Away is the sixth book in the Maine Clambake Mystery Series. The summer tourist season has once again begun in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, where Julia Snowden operates the family business. In this edition of a Maine Clambake series we are introduced to an eccentric billionaire and an old high school nemesis, who take center stage in this engrossing mystery. The suspects include several people Julia knows, so she feels compelled to get to the bottom of this whodunit. As a cozy mystery, Stowed Away does not disappoint! The plot takes several surprising twists to keep the reader guessing. The town of Busman’s Harbor is idyllic, the main characters are well developed and the plot is well conceived. Although this is part of a series, this book can certainly stand alone. I received a copy of this book from Net Galley, but this did not affect my rating. I have provided an unbiased and honest review.

  • Kathleen
    2018-09-10 11:24

    “Stowed Away” earns 5/5 Lobster Salads…Murderously Fun!“June [and murder] is bustin’ out all over!” This exciting sixth book in Barbara Ross’s Maine Clambake Mystery series has made me a big fan. “Stowed Away” starts out with the delightful Julia Snowden and “friend” Chris Durand setting up Morrow Island for the summer business on which the Snowden Clambake Company relies. Several family members are returning to pitch in adding to an entertaining bunch. Quentin Tupper, a family friend, made a large investment last summer and is now a partner in the family business. He is also, along with Julia’s mother Jacqueline, eager to renovate the family’s ancestral home, Windsholme, perched on the island’s bluff despite Julia’s thoughts that it is impractical to spend that much money on what should be extensive renovations. The estate has been uninhabited and not maintained since the 20s, and last summer’s fire has made matters worse. Enter Julia’s prep school nemesis! ‘Susan’ Wyatt Jayne, a well-known architect, is brought in to evaluate the viability and projected cost of the project. That evening Julia, Chris, and Quentin join Wyatt and her reclusive boyfriend and billionaire Geoffrey Bower for dinner on his yacht, a yacht the size of a football field, but instead the quiet evening ends with an annoying local protest…then a murder. I was engaged throughout the entire book with Julia’s subsequent investigation (amateur, but realistic, and she does not circumvent, but works cooperatively with law enforcement) and character interactions (delightful friends and family dynamics, evolving love interest, and resolving the past). Protests against the one-percenters? Alleged financial shenanigans? Greed? Secrets? Lies? Barbara Ross has penned a clever mystery with several suspects and motives that challenged my inner “Sherlock,” and the final reveal was definitely a “Wow!” moment. Her compelling descriptions and dialog brought the environment, the mansion and yacht, emotions, and various personalities to life along with the interesting ins and outs of the Snowden Clambake business and life of the rich and reclusive. As a newbie, now a fan, I never felt out of the loop. Barbara provided enough background information and references to the past, although no spoilers, to make my experience rewarding…I highly recommend this book, and the series is quickly becoming a favorite. A favorite part in many culinary-themed cozies is the inclusion of easy-to-follow recipes. I especially enjoy recipes that are actually mentioned in the story. Inspired by Julia’s favorite chef Genevieve your dinner party can enjoy Tarragon Ricotta Gnocchi with Lobster Veloute or test out at home Herbed Halibut Sous-Vide. Julia’s sister Livvie fixes for the family her Oven-Roasted Beer-Can Chicken with Potatoes, and with the recipe you can, too! “Disclosure: I received an advanced copy from NetGalley. This voluntary review is my honest opinion and insights.

  • RO G'ma
    2018-08-24 09:29

    Stowed Away is the sixth book in the Maine Clambake Mystery series written by Barbara Ross. Ms. Ross has written a well-plotted murder mystery with a cast of realistic, three dimensional characters. The story moves at a steady pace and has enough twists, turns, and suspects to keep the reader involved and kept me guessing until the reveal. Ms. Ross provides great character background that allows this book to be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy a well-crafted, clean mystery.Julia Snowden and her boyfriend, Chris Durand, live in Busman's Harbor, Maine. During the off-season, they operate their fine dining restaurant and bar, Gus Too’s, in Gus Farnham’s diner that is only open for breakfast and lunch. During the summer months, Julia helps with her family’s business, the Snowden Family Clambake. Jacqueline, Julia’s mother, recently received a package containing a family heirloom, a valuable black diamond necklace, known as the Black Widow. Jacqueline sold it at an auction for a large amount of money and set aside her portion to repair Windsholm, their mansion on Morrow Island, where the family spent their summers, which was recently damaged by a fire. Quentin Tupper, a family friend and part owner in the Snowden’s business, brings Susan ‘Wyatt’ Jayne, an architect, to look at the structure and help the family determine if it should be restored, renovated, or possibly torn down. Geoffrey Bower is a recluse and the billionaire owner of a mega-yacht, the Garbo, which is docked awaiting a refit designed by Wyatt. Geoffrey planned a romantic dinner for Wyatt on the Garbo, but when she arrives, she finds him slumped over at the table. After unsuccessfully trying to contact Quentin, she reaches out to Julia. She spots a unique diamond ring in a lobster claw on the table, but no one else sees it and it disappears before the police arrive. Julia has a history with Wyatt, who was one of the ‘mean girls’ from school, but when Quentin asks her to help prove Wyatt’s innocence in Geoffrey’s murder, she can’t turn him down. Sergeant Tom Flynn is in love with Genevieve, who is Julia’s friend, the chef on the Garbo, and a murder suspect. Julia and Tom work together off the record, but share the information they learn with Lieutenant Binder, Tom’s Maine State Police partner.I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.

  • Patty
    2018-09-06 08:28

    Stowed Away by Barbara Ross is the 6th book in A Maine Clambake Mystery, and a wonderful book. Julia Snowden and her family are getting ready for the summer season and opening the Snowden Family Clambakes Company. The family is also deciding what to do with Windsholme, the family mansion. Next Julia nemesis from prep school Wyatt Jane shows up, and of course a murder. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book, which Julia is determined to solve.Ms. Ross's books just seem to get better and better. I enjoyed reading about summer, as it snows outside my house. I strongly recommend this book and the whole series, you won't be disappointed. I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Taryn
    2018-09-13 15:18

    The family is back to work getting ready for the new summer season for their clambake business but when a murder occurs they have to take a step back. Will Julia be able to figure out what is going on before it affects the business. Her rival from school is the main suspect, does she still have competitive feelings towards her and does she really want to help her out? Follow along with Julia as she answers the questions and more. If you love Maine or want to get to know more about it these are the books for you. The recipes at the end are also a wonderful way to get a taste of such a terrific series.

  • Carole Jarvis
    2018-09-11 12:19

    Reviewed at The Power of Words: a great mystery to start the new year off! If only all cozy mysteries were this good. Stowed Away is #6 in the Maine Clambake series and can stand alone, but this series has me hooked and I’m eager to read the previous stories.I love New England settings, which is what initially drew me to this story, and let me just say that Barbara Ross excels at vividly conveying the feel of Maine’s coast, making me feel as if I was actually there. And what could be more representative of Maine than the Snowden family clambake business? Julia and her family are easy to connect with, and it’s obvious that there’s good character development throughout the series. The mystery itself is very well crafted and easy to follow. Suspects are plenty, but not too many to keep up with. I felt sympathy toward to murder victim, a billionaire who made money on the country’s banking collapse, only to become a recluse or self-imposed prisoner of his wealth. Add a yacht named Garbo after the actress Greta Garbo into the mix, and you’ve got a fascinating plot. Rather than being scary or suspenseful, the pace moves steadily along with a solid investigation that held my interest constantly. There’s also a little romance between Julia and one of the characters, but I felt her connection was stronger with a certain police detective and wondered if there might be a change coming for Julia.“Windsholme was built as an exclusive retreat for a small family. My parents had made it available to thousands of people a year for the cost of a boat ride and a meal. Sharing was always better than hoarding.”- JuliaA secondary plot involves the future of Windsholme, the Snowden family estate on Morris Island. With the decision to renovate and open it up to more events – wedding receptions, retreats, etc. – there’s so much to build future stories on. I think it’s that attitude of caring and sharing that not only makes Julia’s family business successful, but gives the series a unique appeal.Highly recommended.I was provided a copy of this book through Great Escapes Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

  • Stanley McShane
    2018-09-05 09:28

    The sixth in the Maine Clambake Mystery series by Barbara Ross, Stowed Away features smart and perceptive Julia Snowden as protagonist and amateur sleuth. She is part of the Snowden family annual sail and clambake at their little tourist retreat on Morrow Island off of Busman's Harbor twice a day for the summer season. During the off-season, she is part owner of a diner with Quentin Tupper. The old family mansion on the island, Windsholme, deteriorated for lack of funds and then recently suffered a fire, rendering it uninhabitable until the family inherits sufficient funds to rehab. Mom Snowden is deliberating whether the old place would be worth renovating when a former prep school acquaintance of Julia, now architect, anchors in Busman's Harbor with billionaire Geoffrey Bower. The architect, Wyatt Jayne, has created quite the reputation for restorations. Quentin prompts Jacqueline Snowden to engage Wyatt to additionally consider whether Windsholme has the bones to undergo a rehab.Unfortunately, the reclusive billionaire Bower doesn't live long enough to proceed. The yacht's chef, Genevieve and Wyatt herself becomes a suspect. The book can function well as a standalone. You get to know Julia as she tries to juggle her mother preparing for the clambake, delve deeper into the yacht personnel, her boyfriend Chris, and both Wyatt and Tom, a friend and state trooper with whom she has collaborated previously. As the story progresses, you begin making assumptions--but you'd be wrong. This story includes a plot twist so deliciously different, you'll find yourself grinning and bobbing your head. Of course! But it wouldn't have occurred to you to even consider the possibility.I totally loved the climax! I had theories, but wouldn't have guessed this one. I actually had to chuckle--you GOT me, Barbara! I think I can see where this might go in the seventh of the series, however, when it does, I want to be there.I downloaded this digital offering from Kensington and NetGalley and was absolutely thrilled and delighted to read and review this book. Recommended for all who love cozy mysteries, thrillers, suspense, women or amateur sleuths, clambakes or coastal town stories. Sit down with a hot beverage, maybe a fish cracker or two, and treat yourself!See my full review at

  • Kristina
    2018-08-31 13:24

    Stowed Away by Barbara Ross is the sixth book in A Maine Clambake Mystery series. Julia Snowden is getting ready for another tourist season in Busman’s Harbor, Maine. Julia and her family own the Snowden Family Clambake Company. They host authentic Maine clambakes on Morrow Island. Windsholme, the old mansion on Morrow Island, suffered severe fire damage and Quentin Tupper is bringing an architect to provide an evaluation on the house. Wyatt Jane, the architect, went to prep school with Julia (Julia is less than pleased to see her). Wyatt arrived on the reclusive Geoffrey Bower’s yacht, Garbo. She invites them to dinner that night to see some of her work and they are surprised to see their friend, Genevieve Pelletier who is the chef for the yacht. The next evening, Julia gets frantic call from Wyatt. Julia races over and Geoffrey Bower is dead in the dining room with a strange grimace on his face. Julia had noticed a diamond ring on the table which disappears before the police arrive on the scene. There was something about the diamond that looked familiar to Julia. Suspicion falls onto Wyatt and Quentin asks Julia to investigate the murder. Julia dives into her investigation and begins by chatting with the crew. She wants to see if any of them had a motive to kill Mr. Bower. But then Geoffrey’s attorney arrives with news that surprises them all and changes the focus of the investigation. Who is the killer? Will they find the culprit before the crew departs town?Stowed Away is nicely written and has a good pace. While Stowed Away is the sixth book in the series, it can be read alone. All the necessary details are included in the books. There are many cozy elements in the book. Getting the business ready for the season, Genevieve and her romance with Sgt. Tom Flynn, why Julia dislikes Wyatt, Page’s friend, Page’s friend Vanessa Bailey with green eyes just like Chris’, Julia’s romance with Chris Durand, whether to renovate or tear down Windsholme, and the upcoming Family Day clambake (for friends, employees, and family). The mystery is interesting, and many readers will not solve it before the reveal. Can it be solved? Yes. The clues are there to aid readers in solving the crime. There is a delightful twist that will surprise you (unless you paid close attention while reading the story). This is my favorite book in A Maine Clambake Mystery series. I especially appreciated the complex mystery and that the romance between Chris and Julia was in the background. Ms. Ross has created a lovely community of people in A Maine Clambake Mystery series. The main characters are smart, caring and friendly (instead of silly, bumbling fools). Fans of A Maine Clambake Mystery series will be delighted with Stowed Away.

  • Lisa Morin
    2018-09-17 13:27

    Stowed Away by Barbara Ross in an incredible story, intricately woven to leave even the most seasoned cozy mystery buff stumped.Busman's Harbor, Maine, an idyllic town filled with residents who look after each other, are excited and curious as to why the magnificent yacht, Garbo, is moored to their dock.Rumors has it that a reclusive billionaire is on board and the speculations are running wild.It isn't until Julia Snowden meets Wyatt Jane, that she understands the reasons behind their arrival.Wyatt is a top notch designer, brought in as a consultant for some renovations.Julia dislikes Wyatt, the reasons stemming back to an old high school issue.It isn't until Wyatt becomes a suspect in the untimely death of reclusive yachtsman that Julia begins to soften towards Wyatt.The twists and turns in this story will certainly keep you guessing. There were enough red herrings that I thought I was able to figure it out quickly, but I was wrong.Fans of this series written by the talented Barbara Ross are bound to love Stowed Away # 6 in The Maine Clambake Mystery Series.I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley.#MaineClambakeMystery #NetGalley

  • Diane ~Firefly~
    2018-09-08 13:17

    A ship owned by a reclusive billionaire comes into port and it turns out Julia's old school rival is the owner's girlfriend as well as in charge of the retrofit as well as up for the job of restoring Windsholme (on Quentin's recommendation). Julia is not dealing well with old teenage angst.When Wyatt is under suspicion for the death, Quentin asks Julia to help her out. Julia agrees because another old friend is also under suspicion. Chris and the family didn't seem to really be in this book much, and I missed that dynamic. Although we did finally get to find out more about Quentin.(view spoiler)[I totally called Geoffrey wasn't really Geoffrey practically the minute he was introduced. I also expected the stalker to be him, so those secrets weren't hidden much. Still not sure how that worked, did he hide onboard his own ship or get to the destinations another way? I also had more faith in Chris then Julia and was expecting a brother to be the father. I wish that part of the story got more time. (hide spoiler)]

  • Teresa
    2018-08-21 10:13

    I really enjoyed this mystery as Barbara Ross shows us the everyday life of a working family in Busman’s Harbor Maine right before the tourist season. Julia has an old friend show up who wasn’t exactly a bff in high school with her rich boyfriend who has parked his yacht on in the harbor. Murder, a diamond ring, and a great story!I really liked the characters and the unfolding of the mystery all the way to the end. This is the first book I have read in this series and will need to check out the rest of them!I obtained this book through Net Galley and have left an honest review

  • Kelly
    2018-09-17 12:15

    **I voluntarily read this ARC**Another enjoyable addition to the series. There were some surprising twists in the mystery, although some twists spoiled upcoming twists (I'm not sure if that makes sense, butt it's the only way I can think of to describe it). I'm curious if some of the revelations will be addressed in later books.

  • Dina
    2018-09-11 08:20

    I can’t get enough of this series! Barbara Ross has become a favorite author of mine and her new books always go to the top of my TBR pile! This mystery was very well done and I’m excited at the direction the author is taking Windsholm and Morrow Island.

  • Brenda
    2018-09-04 13:24

    Solid, steady plot merging the Snowden Family issues with solving the murder of recluse billionaire Geoffrey Bower.The connectedness between all of the characters has developed into a warm family, whether blood family or town friends.Told in first person by Julia Snowden, this book ends with recipes from the Clambake.

  • Christine
    2018-09-06 08:28

    This is the sixth book in the maine clambake series . It is the start of summer so Julia Snowden and her family are getting ready to open their clambake on Morrow Island. The family is trying to decide what to do with the Windsholme house on Morrow Island since the building had caught fire the previous summer. One of Julia's high school classmates is brought in as an expert to look at the home. Her classmates boyfriend owns the huge yacht that is docked in the harbor and she invites Julia and Chris over for dinner. The next day Julia gets a frantic call from her classmate and her and Chris arrive on the yacht to discover her boyfriend dead. Julia has many reasons to want to investigate and teams up with sergeant Flynn to piece the mystery together.I always enjoy catching up with the Snowden family. The charcters sre fun and lively. The mystery was well done and there were a few twists that I didn't see coming. I am curious to see what happens with Julia and Chris in the next book. I received this book from net galley for review.