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Walking in Fire Hawaiian Heroes, Book #1 by Cathryn Cade **This book is back with updated content** Passion blooms on a Hawaiian beach… but danger lurks, hot and deadly. When a young food blogger visits paradise, she falls for a big, handsome Hawaiian… but with glamorous women at his beck and call, she doesn't expect him to notice a freckle-face blonde like her. Until dangWalking in Fire Hawaiian Heroes, Book #1 by Cathryn Cade **This book is back with updated content** Passion blooms on a Hawaiian beach… but danger lurks, hot and deadly. When a young food blogger visits paradise, she falls for a big, handsome Hawaiian… but with glamorous women at his beck and call, she doesn't expect him to notice a freckle-face blonde like her. Until danger throws them together, and passion flows like molten lava on the flanks of Pele's volcano. Nawea Bay, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is just the place Melia Carson needs to escape the chill of rejection. But she soon finds herself swept up in a tropical heat wave, fueled by her attraction to a handsome local. Malu's big, powerful, hot enough to melt her defenses—and when he isn't rescuing her from trouble, he's poking fun at her naivete. But he’s no ordinary guy. How did he survive an injury that should have killed him… and why does she dream of him in traditional native finery and wreathed in flames? David “Malu” Ho’omalu is out to find and destroy a cache of 'Kona Kula' before the deadly, addictive drug can be sold to his people. Fending off amorous tourists is part of the job. But one look in Melia’s blue eyes, and he wants to claim her for his own. As they surrender to the passion burning between them, she discovers a man who'll descend into the molten heart of the volcano to protect his island. And he discovers a brave woman who will entrust her heart to him… if he can keep her alive long enough. Don't miss this sizzling, tropical paranormal romance--get your copy of Walking in Fire today!...

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Walking in Fire Reviews

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2018-09-20 16:46

    Originally posted at: http://www.longandshortreviews.blogsp...If you've never been to Hawaii before, you will be able to envision it in your mind just by reading Walking in Fire. Set on the beautiful islands, this book is an attention grabber with its blend of description, sexy and fun dialogue, and characters who come to life. It's an adventure waiting!Melia is visiting and what a wild ride she's in for. She's a successful chef and blogger in need of a little downtime. What she gets, however, will change her life. Melia's character is a great one, she's witty, smart, and not afraid to stand up to anyone.The hero is to die for! David, better known as Malu, has that sexy, mysterious feel to him. His appeal is hot and I fell for his charms quickly, although when he's introduced, I didn't get that feeling right away. As Melia spends more time with him, staying under his protective power, that's when I learned more about this intriguing man. The way he treats Melia like a queen, and showing his true persona to her was wonderful. Readers, I have a suspicion that you'd like him, and some of you may want a Malu for your very own.The great pacing kept me entertained and I loved some of the dialogue Malu uses. It gave a total feel of being on the island and how some of the people there spoke. I've always wanted to visit this enchanted place, and the way that Ms. Cade creates the atmosphere and the vivid imagery in my mind gave me a bigger sense of longing to one day go there. The other characters had a great appeal in the story, too. This story held me captive from first to last.If you like a clever contemporary story with a little bit of paranormal entwined, Walking in Fire is a fine place to start. Won't you take a chance and get yourself a copy? You may come away from this novel in a dreamy daze, searching for a little magic and adventure of your own.

  • Tina
    2018-09-06 16:40

    Walking in Fire is the 1st book in the Hawaiian Heroes series and my first Cathryn Cade book. After reading some of the other reviews of this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. They were pretty mixed. I’m kind of glad I didn’t go in with any pre-conceived notions. I loved it! As it was the first in the series there was some background to be explained, but it wasn’t overdone. Melia Carson is heading to Hawaii alone. She was supposed to be going with her boyfriend, but somehow finding him in bed, naked with another woman put a damper on those plans. She needs this getaway now, more than ever. No worries, she’s always been independent enough and she plans on making the most of her escape. Not typically the trusting type she joins up with a group to go on a boat tour. She figures she’s safe enough considering the group is comprised of men and women, plus the tour guide and his wife will be there. All bases are covered. That is until she boards the boat and sees a very hot, surly Hawaiian, glaring at her. What did she do? This is just what she needs; an attraction to a sexy, huge Hawaiian that doesn’t seem to like her much. To top it off she dreams of him every time she closes her eyes. And boy does she dream of him. If the reality of being with him is half as hot as her dreams there is a good chance she’ll catch fire. David “Malu” Ho’omalu has the weight of Hawaii on his shoulders. Being one of the warriors chosen by Pele to protect her Island Malu has much to worry about. Drug cartels are working double time to get their drugs onto the Island and Malu is doing his best to find them before they get distributed. What he doesn’t need is an attraction to a tourist. An attraction that burns hotter every second. None of this makes any sense. He has never had a problem with a quick fling and going back to life. What is it about this wahine that is so different? He dreams of her when he sleeps, he is constantly distracted by her when she’s around and he is jealous when she gets attention from the other guys in the group. When one of the girls in the group is attacked and left for dead Malu knows he has to get his head in the game and take care of business. Roping a beautiful wahine into helping him just adds to the excitement.I always thought when I met the wahine for me, I would choose her. But then I looked into a pair of big green eyes, soft pink lips, and those freckles.” He looked up into her eyes, and shrugged. “And that was it for this local boy."I can’t wait to read on in this series. If the next ones are even half as good as this one I’ll be thrilled.You can find this review and others at

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-09-11 19:48

    This review posted on Guilty Pleasures3.5 Stars Walking in Fire is set on a secluded Hawaiian Island called Nawea Bay. Melia, an aspiring chef, is taking a break from her depressing life and recent break up to relax in Hawaii. She lucks into a private adventure with a small group and some local guides. David “Malu” Ho’omalu, a native Hawaiian, is saddled with the responsibility of protecting Pele. Pele is represented in this story from Hawaiian mythology as the the goddess of fire and volcanoes. His responsibilities to his deity are as far reaching as overseeing the tourists in order to ensure the protection of his home. It’s understandable he’s some what distant and annoyed with those duties because, there’s a lot more too him than a babysitter. His true personality emerges when the danger presents itself on the island. I really enjoyed Malu’s character he was charming and fun and I found myself thinking of Geno Segers with a little Dwayne Johnson as ‘Malu’. Cathryn Cade does a wonderful job of making you feel like you’re right on the beach. I more than once found myself wishing I could feel the sun, swim with the yellow tang’s and taste the MaiTai’s.This is first use of Hawaiian mythology paired with paranormal elements that I’ve read. Quite fascinating, and I found myself wanting research the islands after reading. In that respect it reminded me some of Sherillyn Kenyon’s use of Greek Mythology in her Dark Hunter series. The paranormal aspects of this one are mild, and don’t detract from the overall story or over complicate things. I’d even say people who don’t normally like paranormal themes would still enjoy this release.Geno :o)The action pieces and the bad guys were used to animate the story and draw the hero and heroine together. Melia and Malu have a powerful chemistry that makes getting to know each other fun and intense. Action and mild suspense of the story is somewhat predictable, but still enjoyable.Walking in Fire is the perfect spring break read, or a good one to warm you up on a cold afternoon

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2018-09-09 15:53

    This book had an interesting premise. Set in Hawaii, we meet a very hot local who turns out to be more then meets the eye. He is a guardian/warrior of Pele, and it is his duty to protect the island and the way of life of the locals, without stopping time from moving forward.Our heroine has come on holidays, after a breakup. She meets a group of other tourists and that is where our story begins.There is drug runners and criminals, local art and food, beautiful descriptions of the locale, plus much more.The reason I gave this only three stars was at times it seemed a little wordy, without really much happening until I was well into the book.I enjoyed the ending though, and would try the next book in this series.

  • Keri
    2018-09-19 22:08

    NTM author and I liked the book well enough that I am going to pick the next up in the series...I mean who doesn't like sexy Hawaiian men??? (Hate the large format though, because that means I have to pick it up used versus buy it new.)

  • Jessie
    2018-09-13 22:44

    This was a timely read - I was sitting in Roatan Honduras reading about a hot romance in Hawaii! This author did a great job. The quotes that started each chapter was adorable and the details showed she did her research about life in Hawaii

  • Jessa Slade
    2018-09-05 20:54

    Jessa's pithy review: This is one of those books that pulled me into its world. I felt like I was breathing in a Hawaiian vacation: truly sensual. Never mind reading in my pajamas; I wanted to read this in a sarong with a flower tucked into my hair.

  • Ava
    2018-09-19 22:03

    3 1/2 Stars! Full Review @ http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews...

  • Linda Levy
    2018-09-05 21:41

    I love this authors books usually but this just didn't fit me for some reason.It has it all, hot hero with a bit more, an interesting heroine I didn't want to slap for being silly, beautiful descriptions of gorgeous Hawaii but I couldn't get into it.This is my second go at reading this series but just not for me.Don't let this put you off as Ms Cade is a talented writer and tells a good story.

  • Sharon Karson
    2018-09-10 14:45

    Fun Fling of a bookIf you like your romances HOT with a heaping side of action sauced with a generous ladel of the paranormal you will relish this book. I've already ordered the next book in this series. Enjoy!

  • JoAnne
    2018-08-26 15:47

    a 3 1/2...

  • Minga Dotson
    2018-09-25 16:44

    One hot story, in many ways.Action, beautiful locales, danger, laced with Hawaiian legend and a legendary fire goddess, and a good dose of suspense and romance.

  • Donna
    2018-09-18 15:02

    Take 1 Oregon chef and blogger, 1 smoking hot Hawaiian artist , some nasty drug runners and a pissed off Hawaiian Guardian shake well and you have a wonderful romantic suspense with a bit of paranormal. I really enjoyed this story. The Ho’omalu family is one of the oldest families of the Hawaiian Islands. They are the chosen of Pele Hawaii’s Guardian. To this end she has given them gifts to help them carry out their duties.David “Malu” Ho’omalu is trying to find out who is bringing in a new deadly designer drug to the islands. Melia Carson was supposed to go on a Hawiian vacation with her boyfriend when she found him banging some bimbo. Her friends convince her to go anyway without him. When she and Malu first meet she is taken with his good looks but not impressed by the women throwing themselves at him. Malu is just as taken with her but she isn’t Hawaiian and he has a job to do. This doesn’t stop them from invading each other’s dreams. Watching these two come together while in the midst of a terrific mystery was a blast. Having it set in paradise only made it that much better.

  • Judy
    2018-09-22 20:07

    The first book in the Hawaiian Heroes series by Cathryn Cade was super smokin hot, and not just from the lava. Last Christmas, I was lucky enough to win the book from a contest that the author ran on her website. It took a while for me to read it, but once I did I wondered why I kept putting it off. Let's just say that I kept picturing a cross being Alex O'Laughlin (Hawaii 50) and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. *closes eyes and sighs* This was an unique and interesting take on the local mythology. I don't want to spoil things for you, so let's just say that this story gives us a new take on old Hawaiian legends, and leave it to you to read all about. There was a nice mix of action and romance with the two protagonists starting off very confrontational with each other. Watching the sparks fly between two characters fighting their feelings always adds to a great novel. Throw in some danger, some misunderstanding and you get a quite lively read. I gave this 4 stars on Goodreads.

  • Melindannk
    2018-08-29 16:52

    Walking in Fire was a decent 3.5 star read. It was good enough that I will read the second book Rolling in the Deep, just to see if the minor little things about the book were specific to book one or if it signature of Cathryn Cade’s writing style.Pros – Book was sent in Hawaii and I’ve been hunting Goodreads for a good, non-cheesey, Hawaiian romance. Loved me some David “Malu” Ho’omalu. The paranormal aspect of the book was great because it was so different that what I normally read from the paranormal genre. I also loved the Hawaiian folklore found in the book. Cons - I didn’t care for Melia’s personality. I’m not a huge fan of “weak” characters and that was how she came off to me. There were also sections that seemed to get wordy, when in fact, they didn’t tell you much. I’m also a huge fan of character dialog and felt like this book lacked a little in that department.Overall, it’s a simple, entertaining and enjoyable read.

  • Scarlett
    2018-09-01 17:52

    The setting in Hawaii caught my eye. I'm supposed to go to Hawaii soon. I love the fact the writer, Ms. Cade, has personal knowledge of Hawaii. She speaks of the people, the places, their clothing, and culture in a very interesting way. Pigeon (sp?) language is used throughout the book. I found it fun to try to figure out the meanings before they were told and tried to remember some of the vocabulary. While part of the setting is fictional, it still left me with the overall feel for Hawaii. I can't wait to see it, though I know I will be considered 'shark bait' (very fair-skinned tourist, here). My only disappointment came after reading book 2 in the series, which I'll tackle on that book review. But if you love a sizzling, hunky romance, this is for you.

  • Vicki
    2018-09-04 22:56

    This was a re-read and it was just as good and exciting the second time.Melia takes the vacation she and her ex-boyfriend had planned to get over him. Dane runs into her and sees that she is alone so he asks her to join his party for the snorkeling and party time and she agrees. On the catamaran to the dive and vacation/party place is a huge, handsome Hawaiian hunk , Malu sadly with 2 beautiful women hanging onto him and offering him whatever he wants. She tries to ignore him and his friends but he's so handsome he keeps catching her sneaking peaks at him. How and why they get together and the mystery surrounding the islands keeps you interested. The Hawaiian legends add to the excitement. It's a good beginning to a good series.

  • Kathryn
    2018-09-12 20:02

    I do not know what i expected when I picked this book up, but it is not what I got. Having read and thoroughly enjoying Cathryn Cade's other series Odion I was seriously disappointed with it, the story seemed to go on far to long and lacked any real story line for the majority of the book its not until more than half way through that a anything really starts to happen, yet it is over so quickly. I would recommend reading this just because of who the author is, but go in with an open mind and lower your expectations otherwise your in for a great disappointment.

  • Linda
    2018-09-05 17:03

    Melia takes the vacation to Hawaii on her own, leaving her cheating ex to get over the heartbreak. Meeting new people she agrees to join them on a snorkel tour.Malu is a part of this group with a mission of his own, someone is smuggling drugs and he wants to know who´s threatening his island. Malu has some powers of his own, and soon Melia will know more than she ever thought possible about the island mysteries. Paranormal, smutty fluff and suspense.

  • Lizzie
    2018-08-30 21:58

    I am so disappointed. I gave up when the international drug dealers just happened to all show up on the sacred mountain top. It was as corny as the white guy playing the chinese guy in 'Kungfu'. I borrowed the other two books of this series. I hate to leave a good looking book unread. But if the other two are like this one, I donamt think I will make it.

  • Frances
    2018-09-16 22:03

    First book by this author for me... Liked the premise and was intrigued. Really entertaining and fast paced read. Not really heavy with anxiety when it comes to the danger/threat aspect of the story like in other books. You know it's there but it doesn't consume you nor the story, which I REALLY LIKED! Can't wait to start the next book in the series.Happy readings!

  • Paty Jager
    2018-09-16 20:56

    This was my first trip to Hawaii. Catherine Cade brought the islands and the people to life for me. The steamy chemistry and history of the islands added to the enjoyment of this book. Looking forward to reading more!

  • Gigi staub
    2018-09-12 18:03

    Makes me want to move back to Hawaii. Really great story and Cathryn really conveys the feel of Hawaii and from having lived there the language/dialect is dead on.Many Mahalo for giving us a great read :)

  • Rachel
    2018-09-21 18:02

    *won a copy during the Hot Paranormal Nights Blog Hop

  • Thorne
    2018-09-07 14:55

    Love this series of books. You can't help but enjoy the world that Cathryn has created.

  • Felicia
    2018-09-01 18:01

    Great book, however i found it a little slow in the beginning but once you got past the first couple it catches you and I couldn't put it down.

  • ms bookjunkie
    2018-09-21 15:53

    I really liked it. It's interesting and enjoyable, even hot…but I think the best part is the setting. Hawaii. *swoon*

  • Charlene
    2018-09-24 16:03

    I don't like this as well as her "Orion" and "Lodestar" series, but this series is good.

  • Kim
    2018-08-25 20:41

    I like the Orion story a little better, but this is worth the read for sure!