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SEXY & STRONG, SHE KNOWS HER BUSINESS, HER MERLOTS AND HER MEN BUT DOES SHE REALLY KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS TO KEEP THE MAN SHE LOVES? Bernie Taylor: The New York Days & Nights is the 2nd in the series of Bernie Taylor Books. This is a masterful contemporary women’s bonk buster that unfolds the bold, impressive and sexy character of ‘Bernie Taylor’ a women with a strongSEXY & STRONG, SHE KNOWS HER BUSINESS, HER MERLOTS AND HER MEN BUT DOES SHE REALLY KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS TO KEEP THE MAN SHE LOVES? Bernie Taylor: The New York Days & Nights is the 2nd in the series of Bernie Taylor Books. This is a masterful contemporary women’s bonk buster that unfolds the bold, impressive and sexy character of ‘Bernie Taylor’ a women with a strong head, high ambitions and clear vision of needs and how to achieve them. Success in business and with men come easy for Bernie, and she'll fight for both. From being unfamiliar with true love and commitment she now has Josh, a man who is kind and loving but equally has a face and a body that you would crawl over broken glass to get to, or does she? Giving herself irrevocably. Being married to him was all she wanted, and yet divorce and heartbreak found her. A new life they had planned and embraced entwined with mistrust and lust. Two hearts that should have beaten as one, torn apart by suspicion. Finding shelter from life's storms, she finds comfort with others and battles sorrow and misgivings. But her greatest battle will be believing in herself. Believing that the end, could still be the beginning. Committing to it all, was just where it started, Not believing could see her alone again or further from where she knows she should be. At times heartbreaking & seductive, Bernie Taylor. The New York Days & Nights is a much awaited follow up to Bernie Taylor: The London Days & Nights. Author Paige Summers manages to stir the heat and unsettle the emotions of her readers by skillfully placing a few strong, independent life-like characters in her novels whose bonds paint pictures of believable friendship and their camaraderie serves a necessary reprieve from the tension at times. A heart felt recommendation for a relaxing day. "Cracking read!" P. Finch "Read this one before the first in the series but loved it. Found it easy to read and now I know what I'll be reading on my next holiday." Sue Hemmingley. Other Books in the series: BERNIE TAYLOR The London Days & Nights (This has at times an erotic tone with romance and contains some graphic language with the love scenes.)...

Title : BERNIE TAYLOR: The New York Days & Nights
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ISBN : 34746649
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BERNIE TAYLOR: The New York Days & Nights Reviews

  • Turner
    2018-09-13 19:40

    Oh dear. I should start off by admitting that I didn't read this book. For all I know, the plot could be amazing and engaging and impossible to put down, but my one-star rating is based on horrible mistakes in grammar and spelling, and so many problems with punctuation... Overall, it needs at least three more drafts.I received the book as part of a Goodreads giveaway, and started flipping through. Almost immediately, I thought "huh, looks like this is an ARC," and yet when I look at the giveaway: nope. It's the final copy, published in March. I may as well say I am so sorry to the author for not really giving this book a fair shake, but I honestly couldn't bring myself to do so after flipping to 10 different random pages and finding mistakes on the first half of each one. On the back of the first page is the following:Table of ContentsNo table of contents entries found.Like honestly, please please please edit your book. First chapter opens with: "Well, I guess, that's it." The punctuation is cringe-worthy already, and I'm someone who will admit to overusing parentheses. Taking a deep breath, I considered that hey: maybe that's just a very strong voice. Weird staggered wording, but maybe the character is super awkward. I continued:"Well, I guess, that's it.""Yeah, I guess Bernie. You know I'm...""Go on, what were you going to say?""Ah, nothing. It's done now and it's what we both agreed, right?""Yeah, of course. "Bernie stopped for a moment, trying to find, what best to say next, but nothing of what she actually wanted to say, came easily. "Well, I better get a taxi then.""A cab.""Shit, yeah, a cab. I keep forgetting, even though it's been 4 years."Josh turned and looked into Bernie's eyes, "4 pretty amazing years."I try to be forgiving, but honestly I am gritting my teeth over how easily these things could've been fixed by just re-reading what you wrote. Within three inches of text, multiple horrible punctuation errors, and something that I didn't realize was a pet peeve until just now: the incorrect writing of numbers. I can understand using numerals when writing something like, say, an online review. But in a book? Starting a sentence with the numeral 4? It just immediately reminds me how absolutely juvenile the publisher is. Almost every style guide agrees: write out numbers one through nine. If you want to write 10, sure, but I wouldn't say "he was the 1." I'm not writing a text message.Okay: breathe Turner, you can do this. That was only the first page.I am now going to flip to a few random pages and share highlights from each. All of these are exactly as they appear in the book, including spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.Page [I don't know, the pages aren't numbered, get your shit together Sleeping Lions], second sentence: "It's been a great team effort. I couldn't have done it without my team, and you and Elliott. Well everyone, I'm just lucky to be surrounded by some fucking awesome people.""Your fucking awesome.""Do you know what, I think I am just a little bit." She started to undo the top buttons on a dress she was wearing."Page [honestly, this seems like such an easy fix], after a massive block of all-caps that represents a (poorly formatted) text message:"Oh my goodness, I haven't done that for a while, well, not as long."Later that page:"You should have come with us?"(In context, it wasn't a question, or even a sort of 'am I saying the right thing' questioning tone.) Meanwhile, a few sentences later:"I'm all wet honey, watch your clothes.""You don't normally mind, anyway, if needs be we'll just have to shower together, no harm done." and kissed him.Page [who knows, it's all a big mystery] third line down:She went into her kitchen and poured herself a glass of red and flicked on some music. A text beeped from her phone:VERY SNEAKY, SLIPPING OFF, BUT THANKS FOR THE DRINKS! SEE YOU TOMORROW, YOUR FANTASTIC TEAM (followed by some screaming!)With a selfie picture attached. She smiled. What does that even mean? I just can't with this. Why did I even bother entering this giveaway? I don't know. It was obviously a huge mistake. I guess I'll donate the book to the public library, since I don't see myself being able to read the whole thing without putting my hand through a wall. [Side note: On another page I saw a character speaking about a "2nd room" -- what even.]I should also mention: this is honestly the most vicious review I've ever given anything. I'm usually relatively polite and understanding, but when my writing from high school is better than an actual bound book, it irks the hell out of me.