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From New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, comes SMART TASS, a new Romantic Comedy. He’s the hot quarterback all the girls want. She’s the smart girl he loves to pick on. And now that they’re all grown up, things are about to get geekin’ ugly. . . My name is Tass. I’m smart, I’m driven, and I am determined not to let prankster Hunter Johnson continue raining on mFrom New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, comes SMART TASS, a new Romantic Comedy. He’s the hot quarterback all the girls want. She’s the smart girl he loves to pick on. And now that they’re all grown up, things are about to get geekin’ ugly. . . My name is Tass. I’m smart, I’m driven, and I am determined not to let prankster Hunter Johnson continue raining on my parade. When we were little he’d pull my hair and call me names. When were teenagers, he’d throw food at me and tease me for being a flat chested virgin. But now that we’ve ended up at the same college, things are about to change. Because I’m not that geeky little girl anymore, and Mr. Amazefootball is due for a little lesson. One about how women with brains shouldn’t be messed with. I’m going to crush his heart. So what’s my plan? He’s about to find out… ...

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Smart Tass Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2018-09-13 19:18

    Smart Tass is book one in the OHellNo series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I’ve been a fan of Mimi Jean’s books forever. She never fails to amaze me with each new book or series. They are all so unique to one another, each one a complete new adventure. Such is the case with this new series. It is fun, yet has a serious side. It’s a little bit sexy and a lotta bit sassy. Tassie Summerset comes from a family of academic over achievers. Both her parents and her older brother have accomplished great things. Now it’s her turn. She is weighted down with pressure to carry on the family torch. Her entire life Tassie’s family has lived next door to the Johnson family. Their son, Hunter is her age. Before they were school age, they were best friends. Then came the first day of kindergarten and everything changed. For the next thirteen years Hunter made her life a nightmare with teasing and taunting. Tassie looked forward to college and getting away from Hunter, until he chose the same college as she did, Austin U. Hunter Johnson, aka Hunt, became a football star in high school and is now the starting quarterback for their college team. The man is solid muscle and heads turn when he walks by. Tassie is expected to follow her mother’s footsteps and get into the Tri Kappa Sorority House. But the most recent prank of Hunter’s has put her acceptance in grave danger. So Tassie has a plan to get him back. Let the games begin.As Tassie and Hunter circle each other in their never ending battle, truths begin to come out. Tassie has remembered things one way, her way. Her memory has left out some things. Is it possible that the ongoing problems between them are partly her fault as well? And Tassie’s roommate has a theory. That when a boy bothers you, it usually means he likes you. Could it be possible that all along, Hunter was just trying to get her attention. That he was into her?Lines were definitely crossed in the battle between these two. I actually worried that the damage was too much. But even though Hunter did some despicable things, when the truth came out, I fell in love with him. I loved this book but if I had one tiny little complaint, it’s that the whole book is told from Tassie’s point of view. Oh how I wanted to hear what Hunter was thinking. As always, though, Mimi Jean has managed to entertain me, make me smile and sigh and swoon and just make my day better. I am so excited to read the next book, Oh Henry, which is Tassie’s roommate Elle’s story, and Henry, Hunters friend and fellow football player. I can’t wait to see what Mimi has in store for these two.

  • Dali
    2018-09-14 23:13

    #99cents #SALE could be better and a hot jock and a sassy nerd falling in love? A jock and nerd who make me laugh, smile and in the end leave me with a huge smile and a story with a great moral at the end!

  • Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    2018-09-22 16:26

    4.5 Nerdy Stars!I love me a good nerd book! Hunter and Tass have a love/hate relationship. Growing up as neighbors has put them in close proximity all through school. Hunter is the popular jock and Tass is the snarky nerd girl. It’s a classic case of boy picks on girl, girl snarls at boy.If living next to each other isn’t enough, they both get scholarships to the same college and Tass finds that she can’t get away from Hunter. Things come to a head when Rush week for both Tass and Hunter finally brings out the truth behind their childhood animosity. For the most part this book was fun and light. I enjoyed Tass as the snarky nerd and I loved Hunter’s constant taunting of his nerd princess. Their banter was entertaining. We also got to see a bit of Elle and Henry together. It looks like where this book leaves off, will pick right up with Elle and Henry in book 2. I’m looking forward to it! ARC provided by NetGalley.

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2018-08-25 20:21

    3.5 ★'sI really enjoyed Ms. Pamfiloff's Fugly series and the way she spun something different so I was interested in what she would bring to the table with this one. This is a new adult series and the H/h are both in college. We find out that they grew up together and were best friends at first and then things went downhill and stayed there. Tass' family are geniuses so she has high standards to live up to, one of which is getting into the smart girl's sorority. Unfortunately, that falls through when she's taped being called out for being a virgin by Hunter. The Tri-Kapps hate the Alpha's, the fraternity that Hunter is trying to get into. Tass and Hunter come up with a deal to work on together so they each can get into their respective fraternity/sorority. They are going to have a fake relationship and have fake sex and then a huge fake break up. The problem is they both get their feelings involved. Tass was a pain. She wore me down going on and on about her family, how smart she was, blah, blah blah. BUT...I was sooo happy when her eyes were finally opening. Hunter, he sort of comes off being this goofy jerk but then we find out so much more and I really loved that! I thought the drama was a little weird and needed more of an explanation. The whole set of parents being involved was interesting but the make up was a little too easy. However, besides the birthday present (again, a little too much), I was really getting into Tass and Hunter and then it ends! And it ends with some drama from Tass' roommate/best friend, Elle. Her and Henry's book, Oh, Henry, is up next and I'm really looking forward to it!

  • maggieandteddy
    2018-09-19 22:30

    This book was such a surprise to me. I've read and enjoyed a couple of books by Mimi. It's been a little while and I'm so glad that I picked this up. The book cover fooled me. A little cartoonish silhouette of the heroine had me thinking Chick Lit.This is NOT Chick Lit. I would say NA. The time period is college- first year. Tassie and Hunter grew up next door to each other. They are as different as night and day. Tassie is really super smart and quirky. Hunter is a star quarterback of their college football team. They are each other's nemesis. Hunter constantly teases Tassie. She's determined to not let him get to her. She has some wacky, dorky come backs. Hunter never stops trying. Tassie is always on her guard.Normally I hate bullying stories. In reality it sometimes ends badly. No worries in this story. It's pretty benign stuff. Tassie is very funny. Tassie is not a stereotype nerd super brain. She wears cute clothes (with her big glasses)."Honestly, I think it's the number one stereotype I hear-smart girls aren't feminine. That we don't like girly things or wear makeup or skirts or watch romantic movies. Not true. Some do. Some don't. Everyone's different. But its never made sense to me that just because you dream of giving cold fusion to the masses or want to be the queen of terraforming on Mars , that you're instantly not a woman or can't be sexy?" She pledges for a sorority. Tassie's (intellectually elite) sorority has an adversarial relationship with Hunter's fraternity. Tassie and Hunter call a truce to help each achieve their goals. They are more and more friendly to each other. Is it for just appearance sake? Tassie isn't sure.The POV is first person Tassie. In this case, I liked that. I was naturally on Tassie's side, but Hunter's true nature and motivation is kept from the reader until near the end. Assumptions assumptions. What was the bully thinking? Why was Hunter bullying Tassie? Was it really bullying?Why did Hunter sometimes help Tassie?I gradually got on Team Hunter & also Team Tassie. She's just so cute. The heat turned up- now Team Tassie and Hunter.The big misunderstanding confused me a little . Tassie had a lot to learn. She did learn. Assumptions assumptions.They were thrown out the window. Even the parents grew a little Tassie's roommate Elle was a really great supportive friend. Tassie was in awe of Elle's even higher IQ. Elle is having some seriously sad things to go through. Tessie and Elle are 1st year roommates, but they're good friends from the start and are great at supporting each other. Elle's book is next. I'll be reading that it. 4.95 stars. No epilogue. A little longer than a novella length. So entertaining- all the way through. I laughed a lot, but also loved that NOW Hunter and Tessie really try to figure each other out- especially after knowing each other since they were 5 years old and living right next door. I love this author's style of writing. I received an ARC from NetGalley, but I would have bought it. $.99 on Amazon.

  • Claire Robinson
    2018-09-09 16:28

    1 - "Don’t you think this is a little extreme.." Star.DNFI tried, I really did, I generally like these types of books, and the other novel I read by this author was a five star read for me, but I know the title is a little word play but Smart Tass would have been much better titled Dumb (T)ass not quite as catchy, but sums up our heroine perfectly in my opinion, because for a supposedly highly intelligent College gal, she acts like an absolute idiot for the portion of the book I read.Brains beat brawn every time.I think what was supposed to come over a witty inner monologue and jokey verbal banter actually came over as bitchy, judgey and generally dislikeable. Constantly harping on about how uber intelligent you are, while acting oh so stupidly cliché didn't help me like our deluded heroine much either really."You’re my nerd."I’ll be honest and say by the time I gave up we hadn’t had much interaction with Hunter Johnson, although from what I had read you could very much tell he is the type of guy that tries to prove his interest in a girl by pulling on her pigtails imaginary or not, if you know what I mean, but I definitely think with Tass’s highly intelligent seduction plan he would absolutely be better off going with the generic blond bimbette-fratgirl-cheerleader that our heroine is so disdainful of.Not for me on this occasion, an ARC was provided via Netgalley and I am sorry I cannot provide a more positive review.

  • Snow
    2018-09-06 23:11

    A jock & a nerdy chick?!One would think, for those who like this kind of trope, as I do, in fact...that there's nothing there that could go wrong in fulfilling this equation...And yet again...I m here thinking...Fuck, how the hell can you pull the heroine to look like a hateful little snob thinking she's actually the one being bullied by the jock...well, sure she is, but he s not the only one to blame for that, in this love/hate charade...and you still end up disliking the chick?! And actually root for the bully! *gasps*The whole 'I hate to love you' thing was awkward at times and then there were times I liked their banter...but all in all too much overboard drama with unconvincing heroine to pull off all the transformation from hate to love awareness!Too bad, it could have been better...way better...😒

  • Book-Bosomedblog
    2018-09-10 22:03

    4.25 StarsTass (Did I miss an explanation on her name) and Hunter Johnson have known each other since pre-school. They are neighbors, started kindergarten together, graduated together, and now they are freshman at the same college on different scholarships. Tass is the brainiac and Hunter is the athlete, and while the romantic set up, a nerd vs. jock love/hate romance, has been done many times before, the climax-conflict is fairly predictable, and there’s a little suspension of disbelief required; there are sufficient reveals in the story to keep you guessing, the writing is smooth, and the characters are engaging. (I was up reading way past my bedtime).“I have no sex life because school is my boyfriend and science is my lover.”Told via Tass’s sole first person POV, Tass is a dedicated book worm, but she’s no shy wallflower. It’s always refreshing to get a cleaver, strong, and determined heroine. Tass dishes it out as much as she takes it.“It’s just my athletic supporter…But who knows what’s underneath it? Could be just as firm.”Hunter’s the outgoing, show-off jock on the outside, but it isn’t hard to see the vulnerable interior he also sports. I really found him cute with more integrity than he let on and much to offer once he came into his own.Hunter and Tass get a major A in chemistry! Their interactions even when tormenting each other elicit sexual tension, and under their humorous banter is a strong spark. But Tass and Hunter’s insults, pranks, and torments are coming to a head and how they really feel about each other and whether they know it or not is the game that must be played out. All in all, I liked both characters and the supporting ones as well. As new adult characters they are realistically flawed, influenced by their peers and parents, and confined by their social structures. There’s a bit of a coming of age element as the duo wrestle with their feelings, identity, and self-awareness. And while there is some drama of their own making, the tone isn’t angsty and the narrative stays light-hearted making it an enjoyable read. The themes of stereotyping, appearances can be deceiving, and judging are strong, but they provide a relevant message. Now about the fornicating…it was hot and there’s plenty of build up, making you root for them to finally let their sexual frustrations out. “From the first pop of a button, I can see the dark, course hair inside. Another pop and the base of his cock. I am transfixed by the raw maleness of his body and the immediate sexual need it provokes.”But…the story needed more of it, and just when I thought we were getting another go-round, it ends abruptly. So I’m breaking out my puppy dog eyes and begging the author—paweeze write at least a novella HEA for these two from Hunter’s POV. Smart Tass is the first book in the OHellNo series. The next book features Hunter’s friend Henry and Tass’s roommate Elle. This title was purchased via Amazon. All reviews written by Book-Bosomed Book Blog are honest, unbiased opinions. Safety: (view spoiler)[Safe. No cheating. No OW/OM sex scenes. No OW/OM drama. h is a virgin; H does not appear to be virgin and h thinks that he has slept around; however various hints suggest he hasn’t. My impressions of that part of his characterization as a manwhore via the h is part of the ‘appearances can be deceiving theme’ and he hasn't been with anyone in quite a while. No rape. HFN.(hide spoiler)]

  • Emma
    2018-08-27 18:12

    The Jock and the Geek were next door neighbours, once best friends now sworn enemies following years of verbal abuse on both sides, but are they really hiding their true feelings behind their antagonism!!!!It is pretty obvious from the beginning that despite their words and actions, Hunter and Tassie are harbouring some very friendly feelings towards each other. However, there are a number of lingering issues between the pair that require a wrecking ball to knock them down before Hunter and Tassie can clear the debris and create a new kind of friendship.Opportunity presents itself in an unexpected way for both Tassie and Hunter to work through their problems, both past and present, when they attend the same university and try to join respective sorority/fraternities. Both are required to undergo a test as means of entry, requiring each other's help and trust opens the proverbial door to allow them both to work through their issues and move on with their lives in a better place emotionally.I loved the character development within Smart Tass, specifically the way Mimi tackled preconceived notions and judgmental characterizations of others within the narrative. Tassie embraces the enlightenment she receives, realising she has been insular and injudicious in her assumptions. Taking the opportunity presented to her to change her way of thinking and socialise for the first time in her life. There are some surprising revelations within the plot that I really wouldn't have seen coming but did add depth to both the story and the characters. Both Hunter and Tassie mature emotionally through Smart Tass allowing their true feelings for each other to come to the surface. Unfortunately, juvenile bets and puerile people add a level of angst to the proceedings. Luckily they both have a terrific support system and unexpected feistiness brings an end to the conflict on all sides.The relationship between Tassie's friend, Ella, and Hunter's friend, Henry, is continued in Oh Henry !!!!!!

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-09-09 21:05

    This first story in the OHellNo series is a change for Mimi, venturing into the YA realm. But while the genre for this tale may be a bit different, it also couldn’t be more identifiable as one of her books. It’s quirky and snarky and everything adorable that I’ve come to love in her writing.Smart Tass takes the idea of the nerdy girl/jock romance and stands it on its head. Instead of the geek that takes off her glasses, gets a makeover and makes the star quarterback fall in love with her because of how much she’s changed, here we have a jock grow up and realize that the smart girl is exactly what he needs, glasses and all.Tass and Hunter were hysterical together. With their insults and put downs, it is easy to see that they never grew out of the hair pulling stage. Tass is brash and I loved her for it. She said what she thought and stood up for herself, despite years of school yard torment by the boy that always considered her to be “his nerd”. She was hard on herself and out to prove her worth to the world, when the only one she really needed to prove it to was herself. I was simultaneously laughing out loud at her unsuccessful attempts to play dumb, and cringing while she owned her geekiness…“Are you ready?” “Does a koala have fingerprints?”And as the seemingly dumb jock, Hunter was adorable. Even being a jerk he was cute, and when we find out that there’s more to this seemingly shallow guy than meets the eye, my heart just melted for him.Throw in a football team, snooty sorority girls (not the ones you’d think!), fraternity pranks and a few roommates that need stories of their own, and you have a new series I can’t wait to read. Smart Tass was an adorably sweet story about growing up and accepting yourself and realizing that everyone is fighting a battle you can’t see. And learning that koalas do indeed have fingerprints. ARC provided by the author for a voluntary review.

  • Molly Carson
    2018-09-19 20:26

    Mimi does it again!I love Mimi's books! She has such a way with words!. Tass is a self proclaimed nerd, a virgin and she hates the boy next door. Or does she? Hunter and her have been "friends" all they lives and now they are at the same college. Throw in a bet from his frat and her need to get into the sorority she wants things are going to get interesting. Does she really hate him? Is she his "girl back home" and the reason he doesn't date? You'll have to read it to find out.

  • Irina
    2018-09-14 18:09

    The story is not particularly original, but the book is funny and cute and I enjoyed it overall, even if the conflict after the night in Henry’s „cabin“ seems a little unnecessary (and therefore outrageous) and the events in the end were way over the top. Both heroes are very likable: Tass is a little nerdy, but not too unwordly, and quaterback Hunter isn’t the dumb and cocky jock he seems to be — in fact, he’s really, really gorgeous and caring. It was my first book by Pamfiloff and it won’t be the last for sure. I’d love to read book 2 (featuring Henry and Elle) AT ONCE, but it’s not in sight yet. *sigh* (So I had to buy another one, Fate Book –– thanks to Dali, who always links to tempting Amazon bargains! ;))

  • Libby Harrison
    2018-09-10 17:11

    https://romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c...Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Tass): 18yrs old?Hero (Hunter): 18yrs old?Plot: 4/5Grovel: okCheating: noneHEA: happy for now and no epilogueTriggers: noneAverage score: 4/5 Best Line: “Okay, right about now you’re probably asking yourself if I’m one of those nerdy girls who had a crush on the quarterback back in high school and got her heart decimated every time she saw him walking down the hall, because he didn’t actually see her. Oh hell no.”Worst Line: “I just want to fuck you, Tass! I need a virgin!”Personal Review:A funny haters-to-lovers college romance.Random Ramblings•A great and funny start…love a man on his knees•My type of heroine!!•I liked how the tables turned but I disliked how the other kappa sisters treated the heroine•It was soooo funny!! Especially the ‘puppy face’•I disagree with the sympathy vs empathy argument – empathy is much better than sympathy•The ‘reveal’ annoyed me because it didn’t make sense and didn’t fit with the story•I enjoyed her maturity and growth from ‘I am so smart’ to ‘intelligence isn’t everything in a person’•Henry and Elle were sweet•I kept waiting for him to explain why he was mean to her when they were 6yrs old but he didn’t •What a way to end! Cannot wait for Elle’s storyOverall Feeling:For the most part…

  • Missy's Book World
    2018-09-16 17:12

    Tessie and Hunter have a complicated past with lots of drama. Tess and Hunter are always teasing and pulling pranks on each other which results in them fighting with one another (until college where they start to stop this type of behavior). Their story had lots of pent up tension and feelings they both tried to cover up so they did not have to face it. Overall, Tess and Hunter started to fall in love and it was a slow romance. I am going to read the next book in the series because I was little more interested in the side characters. 3/5 Stars.

  • Kate (beautifulbookland)
    2018-09-23 18:26

    I don't usually like books where the love interest picks on and abuses the main character. It just makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I thought I'd give this book a try because I love a good easy reading new adult book every now and then.Tassie (it literally took me to the end of the book to realise that her name was not, in fact, Tessie) and Hunter (classic fuck boy name, if you ask me) lived next door to each other their whole lives. Their rivalry spans back to their nursery days, when their parents used to drive them to the day care and they used to insist that they weren't actually friends.Who picked on who first? Why did they start fighting? Who knows, I don't. Smart Tass is basically just about Tassie and Hunter pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend for their sorority and fraternity bets (I'm English and so don't really understand these sorority and frat things so let's not focus on that too much)Tassie wants to prove to her snotty nosed sorority that she can win over Hunter simply by 'dressing like a slut' and giggling. Hunter wants to prove to his jock-ish(?) fraternity that he can get Tass to give up her virginity to him, thus earning him points in their fraternity scavenger hunt(I don't really get it either. What even is the point in a fraternity)While Hunter sounds like a sleazy sleazeball, I actually preferred him to Tass. Let me tell you, Tass is the most annoying female character I've read about since MacKayla Lane from the Fever series. To put it simply, she's a brat. She thinks she's above everyone else because of her IQ and her parents' jobs. She literally met some cheerleader girls and was surprised when they actually cared about their studies. Like seriously Tassie, you need to get someone to forcibly pull your head out of your own arse before it's too late.Now, I love characters who are smart and don't put themselves down, who own their intelligence. But just because you're smart doesn't give you the right to be a massive dickhead.The amount of stupid euphemisms that Tassie came out with for losing her virginity drove me wild too. He's not 'riding your chariot on its maiden voyage', YOU'RE HAVING FUCKING SEX. YOU ARE NOT ACHILLES. YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHARIOT. YOU HAVE A VAGINA. I'm aware that this 'review' is more of a massive bitch about Tassie's character, but Tassie and the rest of the smart girls were so immature. I think MJP tried to make them come across as kooky and witty, but they just came across as morons.One of the smart girls literally called someone a 'dwarf planet' as an insult. If I called someone a dwarf planet in an argument I'd get laughed out of the joint. And breathe.I would give this book 4 starts because of how light and easy it was to read, but Tassie ruins everything. How dare you, Tassie.*Thanks to the publisher for giving me an e-galley to review*

  • Lexi Cubbins
    2018-09-22 23:13

    Oh, I love it when the jock falls hard for the nerd! Throw in some love/hate and I'm sold!I adore the author's style, it's quirky, sassy, witty, cute and absolutely hilarious. The banter between Tass and Hunter was perfectly entertaining, the chemistry off the charts. I really liked that for once the nerdy female lead didn't just fall at the hot quarterback's feet, she gave back just as good as she got. Despite their differences in character, neither of them wanted the other to change, I guess that's why they say opposites attract? Anyhoo, fantastic start to this new series, impatiently waiting for the next book!Want to devour a fast-paced, sweet, funny story in one sitting? Look no further!

  • Toni
    2018-09-22 15:21

    5 Stars!I really loved Tass, she is a firecracker! This story is a fun new adult romance. Tass's "voice" is quite entertaining and hilarious. The side characters were well developed and i enjoyed them almost as much as Hunter and Tass. I am eager to read the next in the series. This is my new favorite by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

  • Cali Jewel
    2018-09-18 16:07

    Highly entertaining, emotional, sexy fun opposites attract romance with all the wonderfully sassy witty humor this author does so well. Outrageously funny yet thought provoking! Tass is a smart, determined, young woman that comes from a full family of successful intellectuals and is so sure she knows where her life is headed. Hunter Johnson extremely hot, alpha male jock and the boy next door (literately) her entire life has been the thorn in her side since her earliest memories and he is still there as she is trying to start a new life in Collage. This crazy journey reviles how growing up is making them both realize some hard truths about perception and how our relationships can affect everyone in our lives. Excited to find out what happens for Henry!

  • ies
    2018-09-22 19:14

    Ini POV nya Cuma heroine nya doang.. jadi sepanjang baca gw menebak2 tu si masnya mikir apa, meski gw yakin masnya jail karena die suka sama si mbaknya dan gw rada kesel sama mbaknya yg menyimpulkan negative, memandang orang sll dr sisi negative nya… untungnya sadar sih ahahahahaha.. apalagi si kappa2 itu.. iyeuh deh! Pengen gw pitesin satu2 ahahahaha… Tass, jenius, ortunya jenius, kakak nya jenius, bibi-pamannya jg pada jenius, dan Tass satu2nya yg gak bisa masuk Harvard jadi tujuan hidupnya saat ini adalah masuk Kappa2 sisterhood (itu lah, kr mama dan bibi2nya jg anggota Kappa) dan menghindari Hunter aka The Hunt atlet kampus sekaligus tetangga dan ude kenal dari kecil, masalahnya mereka tu gak akur blas. Dari awal masuk playground (view spoiler)[ Tass yg pemalu ini Cuma bisa temenan sama Hunter, eh sampai sana Hunter malah maen sama yg laen, Tass nya kesel trs mencoba ndeketin Hunter yg malah dapet ejekan gak enak khas anak2 sih. Tapi mereka masih harus berangkat pp tiap hari sampe sd bareng, karena tetangga dan hemat energy ortu mereka (sekali angkut dan gentian), sampai sekolah Hunter akan maen sama yg laen, dan Tass jg akhirnya nemu temen2 yg sama cupunya sama die. Sampai SMA tu Hunter sll meyakinkan semua orang kalau die kaga akur dan gak mau temenan sama Tass, dan Tass nya lama2 menanggapi dgn dingin kek “huh, Like I care!” dan Hunter nya makin ngejek deh. Ditambah ortunya Tass jg lama2 tau kan kl Hunter suka ngejek2 gitu, bilang ke ortunya Hunter tp malah jadinya ribut, dan sejak itu ortunya jg pada musuh2an. Sampai SMA mereka tu masih ejek2an, sampai one day setelah summer Hunter nya berubah jd pendiem, dan menghindari Tass sebisa mungkin.. gak pernah ejek2an lagi. Nah, sekarang tiba2 Hunter ngusel2 ke die gitu.. gak tau si maunya apa, Cuma hunter bilang “please Tassieee just say yes” dgn muka yg imut sekali, karena Hunter emang ganteng abis kan. Masalahnya Hunter ngusel2 Tass pas lagi di perpus, dan Tass nya dapet tatapan iri, benci, mayoritas si nyinyir dan iri. Tass nya kesel trs mereka barter omongan judes biasa dan Hunter bilang “I need Virgin Tassieee… pleas just say yes to have sex with me” kan ngeselin banget.. Tass nya luber2 judesnya keluar. Masalahnya abis itu pas di Kappa2 house, (gw lupa namanya) si kakak angkatan Tass bilang kl Tass gak akan bisa masuk Kappa karena pacaran sama Hunter, anggota Alpha apalah pokoknya kumpulan atlet2 berotot tapi berotak udang. Tass nya kesel dong.. trs bilang gw bisa membuat Hunter bertekuk lutut di kaki gw, gw yg cupu ini dan akan gw campakkan begitu saja.. jadinya deal, Tass akan masuk Kappa kalau die berhasil. Tass punya temen sekamar, lebih jenius dari Tass, milih masuk kampus situ bkn Harvard karena suatu hal.. ntar di buku 2, heroine buku 2 soalnya. Namanya Elle, nah si Elle ini bilang kalau si alpha2 itu lagi bikin score, boleh tinggal di rumah (keluar dr dorm) kalau punya score tinggi, hunter kalah score ude.. die butuh score tinggi yaitu bobo sama virgin. Bisa ditebak, abis itu Hunter ngusel2 lagi.. akhirnya Tass bilang, ok gw bantuin lo masuk alpha dan lo bantuin gw masuk Kappa? Deal? Dan deal deh.. Tass gak akan bobo sama Hunter, Cuma pura2 aja biar temennya Hunter percaya. Ya bisa ditebak sih.. dr kissu merembet ke yg laen, tp ttp masih blm bobo bareng kok.. Masalahnya tu Tassnya keras kepala banget, dan kesel banget sama Hunter. Padahal selama sekolah tu gak ada yg pernah gangguin Tass selaen Hunter, kl ada cowo laen yg ngeledekin akan di gebukin sama Hunter, dan Hunter akan jerit2 “she is my nerd!”. Kenapa hunter pgn keluar dr asrama sekolah? Padahal hunter sama tass sama2 masuk univ itu dgn beasiswa kan, tp beasiswanya hanya mencakup pendidikan saja, kalau biaya hidup harus ditanggung sendiri, sementara Hunter mo masuk Pro lulus kuli, dan gak akan punya waktu buat kerja sambilan, kalau die ninggalin olah raga jg gak mungkin kr beasiswanya dr situ. Tass awalnya mikir, kok ortunya gak mau bantu.. trs dong Tass tiba2 inget, one day pas sma Tass pulang male mgt, dan digeret2 orang mabok, di tolongin sama Hunter dan tu yg mabok digebukin sama Hunter sampai mau mati, masalahnya Hunter masuk penjara dong.. ditebus dgn duit banyak lah, makanya ortunya hampir bangkrut, yup itu insiden pas summer mereka SMA, dan setelah itu Hunter jadi pendiem dan gak pernah ejek2 die lagi. Tass ngerasa bersalah dong? Pasti.. dan die gak inget blas, kek ada blank gt di kepalanya yang dikiranya Hunter Tass tll arogan bahkan untuk sekedar say thanks, keluarganya hampir bangkrut buat nebus die dr polisi dan keluarganya Tass ada yg nongol jg enggak dirumahnya. Akur deh.. bobo bareng akhirnya, sampai gak sengaja Tass denger obrolan temen2nya Hunter yg bilang soal Hunter yakin banget bisa boboin Tass dan akan membawa barang bukti. Marah lagi Tass nya.. gw rada kesel ni sama si mbak disini, kan dari awal ude tau kl Hunter emang butuh boboin “virgin” kan.. kok die marah, padahal pas sebelum bobo bareng jg Hunter bilang “apa lo yakin blab la” ngeselin.. ah ya, mereka dan Henry-Elle (buku 2) dan temen2 se team nya Hunter pd liburan di condonya Henry. Tass nya kesel dan marah lagi, milih pulang sama Elle. Hunter mati2an ngajakin Tass ngobrol dan ngomongin masalahnya dimana, tp Tass nya gak mau, sampai liburan thanksgiving, Hunter masih maksa2 Tass buat ngomong dan Tass nya ttp gak mau, sampai bertengkar di depan rumah mereka b2, ortunya sampai pada keluar dan papanya Hunter denger kan kl ternyata Hunter hampir masuk penjara karena Tass dan papanya Tass jg bilang “gak mau ikut campur lagi masalah Hunter –Tass, ude pada gede! Dan karena mereka berdua die harus musuan jg sama tetangganya!” Tass nya bengong.. trs ngobrol, trs HEA deh…(hide spoiler)]Lagian Tass nya tu sll mikir yg buruk dulu si ke Hunternya, kesel banget pengen gw tabok pake batako, blm lagi temen2nya yg ber IQ tinggi itu.. untungnya Tass jg akhirnya sadar sih, kalau temennya itu gak jauh beda sama NAZI soale memandang rendah orang laen banget.. dan milih gak gabung ke Kappa, yg dapet kata2 negatif sama mamanya tp gak mau denger.. Tass milih temenan sama Cheerleader yg kata Kappa2 berotak kosong, padahal pada double degree dan having fun.. Hunter nya jg kesel ke Tass pas remaja tu kr Tass nya tll kaku dan seolah2 memandang orang laen lebih rendah dr die.. makanya di usilin mulu, tp hanya Hunter yg boleh ngusilin… kl orang laen yg bakalan digebukin sama Hunter. Tass nya kek gitu jg kr sll disama2kan sama kakaknya, dan harus punya grade tinggi.. bikin wall deh setinggi2nya biar gak sakit hati.. huh siape lo! Kind of ahahahahahaha…………. Kocak si yg pasti berdua.. kl eyel2an XD

  • Nadine
    2018-09-05 19:24

    1.5 StarsA jock falling for the nerdy girl? That's my kind of book. Unfortunately, 'Smart Tass' was a big fat disappointment. The h, Tass, was such a judgmental idiot that I couldn't like her. She treats Hunter, who is really a good guy, so bad that there was no way for me to understand why he falls for her. At one point Hunter calls her an 'emotional terrorist' and that's exactly what she is.

  • Shakyla
    2018-08-25 15:09

    It was good.It was too short I need more.... It was a really good read and I enjoy reading Mimi's books, it made me laugh it made me passes off but I was a good book.

  • Hannah
    2018-09-12 22:05

    Another great book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. This NA Rom-Com (new adult is something I rarely read but it's MJP I make the exception) was so fun to read. It was nice to read a book that wasn't Geek but Nerd. A first person POV from Tass' perspective. NA is a new genre for MJP, I think she did brilliantly, the characters are all in college, and it shows the progression of Tass growing up. Tass and Hunter have known each other since they were little it wasn't until they started school did they realize how different they were. Tass is genius level brilliant and Hunter is a jock. Tass thought she was finally rid of Hunter after high school and 13 years of Hunter picking on her but he ended up in the same college as she did. Still it's a big campus she could avoid him but one stupid fraternity prank brings Hunter into her life again only to confuse and upset her plans. Can they work together to get what they both want or will their real feelings get in the way of things.Overall, great read. Tass and Hunter are quite the pair. And also mild cliffhanger having to do with the side characters Elle and Henry who star in the next book.

  • Nadine Bookaholic
    2018-08-27 22:11

    Pre-Order Blitz can be found on my blog along with teasers: https://nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blo...

  • Jackie
    2018-08-31 18:06

    Love, love, LOVE this one! As someone who got their heart stomped on by not one, but two jock stars simply because I was "too smart" I really feel for Tassie. My story didn't end as nice, but I found my quirky prince. But seriously, I LOVE Tass's spirit and the super real journey of self discovery she takes, albeit not exactly willingly. I also love that we get to hear Hunter's point of view and how drastically different his version and Tass's are but also how they're similar. But the cliff hanger? No fair! But totally Mimi! Lol

  • Tina Lynn
    2018-09-16 17:27

    Wow! This book has ups, downs, laughs, and tears. A wonderful smooth read. At times I wanted to hug the characters then within a few pages I desperately wanted to shake them. A very funny book with a profound lesson. Thank you Mimi for another amazing read. Waiting for the next one.

  • Joan
    2018-09-10 17:20

    Completely shocked by how amazing this was!!Thank you Instagram friends for introducing me to this talented author. I cannot wait to read more of her books.At first glance this seems like your typical nerd and jock hate to love romance, but we get so much more!!!!Loved the banter between Hunter and Tass. They are freaking hilarious together! They grew up together and are neighbors. When they started kindergarten their "hate-games" began. I enjoyed this book immensely. At first you feel hurt on Tass's behalf on all the bullying Hunter did to her growing up. As you read though you see they both have this undeniable attraction to each other and Tass might not be so innocent in all their history. Whether they are squaring off against each other or supporting each other they are fierce. I had such an array of feelings reading this. You are laughing one minute, furious the next, and downright smitten after that...and repeat. There is more to their history that is revealed through the story. Tass is an adorable quirky nerd who is trying to find herself and her worth amongst an extremely intelligent family. I liked that she was so honest and wanted to do the right thing. Hunter is strangely protective of Tass even while he's teasing her. She's "his nerd". LOL! Pick this one up if your looking for a fun romance with depth. ;)Cannot wait for more in this series!!

  • Emilyogryzek
    2018-09-18 23:04

    I absolutely loved this book!! I haven't been able to finish any book lately and this amazing book broke me out of my dry spell.

  • Melanie
    2018-09-11 19:11

    Der Anfang hat mir noch ganz gut gefallen, aber je mehr Zeit ich mit der Heldin verbrachte desto weniger mochte ich sie. Sie konnte hochnäßig und arrogant sein und hat manche Sachen so offensichtlich nicht gesehen - der Held konnte einem wirklich Leid tun.

  • Alexandra Mccabery
    2018-09-14 15:08

    She does it again this book has all the hall marks funny sassy sniffle snuggle happy rage bits the characters are well written and its on my re re re read pile

  • Sheryl
    2018-09-19 20:28

    *4.5 stars*OOHHHHHH... I really, really, REALLY liked this! Can't wait for Henry's story next!!!