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The pain of deceit was fresh, but love and desire overruled everything else. Now, Aria and Aiden face their greatest challenge yet.Aria Cason’s life took an unexpected turn when she reconnected with Aiden Raine, the man who awakened a pure and undeniable love she’d thought was lost forever. Aria’s love for him burns deep, yet he still pushes for more—the total surrender ofThe pain of deceit was fresh, but love and desire overruled everything else. Now, Aria and Aiden face their greatest challenge yet.Aria Cason’s life took an unexpected turn when she reconnected with Aiden Raine, the man who awakened a pure and undeniable love she’d thought was lost forever. Aria’s love for him burns deep, yet he still pushes for more—the total surrender of her heart. When a painful memory becomes her guiding light, she questions if a happily ever after really exists for a girl who never wanted one.After stepping away from his birthright, Aiden’s need to protect his new family becomes his top priority. Fragile bonds are soon stretched to the breaking point as his need for vengeance threatens to destroy the very thing he’s come to value most. When his unyielding determination starts to push Aria away, he presents her with a challenge that will test them both.Will the searing passion that reunited this couple keep them together, or will it burn them to ash?Ties will be broken. Lies will become the truth. Aria and Aiden’s heart-wrenching story continues in the fourth book of The Untouched Series....

Title : Only His Touch: Part One
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ISBN : 34732218
Format Type : Paperback
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Only His Touch: Part One Reviews

  • Cally
    2018-09-19 09:08

    Wow! Wow! I have to start my review by saying that I have read other authors’ works where after book 2 or 3 the story goes flat and it struggles to keep my attention, but as I read each book in the Untouched Series, Lilly Wilde keeps me gripped —start to finish —just as much as the first book did.This book picks up where book three ended. Life couldn't be better for Aiden, Aria and baby Lyric. You can feel the love between the three of them. They are in their own little bubble. The love between Aiden and Aria is so strong —it's unbreakable.But it's not long before struggles and insecurities rear their ugly heads as neither Aiden nor Aria are dealing well with the time they spent apart. You can feel the pain and anguish they feel towards one another.There were parts of the book where I felt like giving Aiden's beautiful face a slap. He drives me crazy one minute, and then I love him the next and just want to hold him.Just as the three of them start to become a happy family unit…secrets, threats and blackmail become part of their lives. Will this finally separate the once unbreakable couple? Or will Aiden and Aria be able to survive more of what’s thrown at them????5 stars simply aren’t enough for this series. I can't wait to read what's going to happen next.

  • Robin Lenth
    2018-08-26 15:19

    Only His Touch Part One!! OMG Lilly Wilde are you kidding me!!!! This series just keeps getting better and better!!!I did not want to put it down and I didn't want to reach the end! You've made these characters my family!! You make me feel what they feel! I cried! I giggled! And the smile on my face while sneaking in a page or 2 at work gave me away!! I really can not thank you enough for sharing Aria, Aiden and their story!! I can't wait for more!!

  • Anna Pulla
    2018-08-31 12:16

    Only His Touch, another breathtaking installment to the Untouched Series!Lilly Wilde does it again! Only His Touch is a phenomenally written story which had my emotions in overdrive. I cried, I laughed and I yelled.Aiden and Aria's story continues. I love watching them grow as parents and partners but also continue to struggle with insecurities, trust and their past. My heart breaks as they share their innermost thoughts, their love is so undeniable but will it be enough. I just wanted to smack them both at times.I enjoyed seeing more of the Raine clan, how the siblings interact with each other and their bond. I also enjoyed seeing more of their father Connor Raine, a man determined to keep Aiden in his fold at any cost. I so wanted to bitch slap him and tell him to leave them the f*ck alone! I was so engrossed Only His Touch that I lost track of time and was left wanting more!

  • Lisa Upshaw
    2018-08-28 15:34

    YES!!! Lilly Wilde did it again and as usual she didn't disappoint me. I absolutely couldn't, no I wouldn't put it down. I was drawn in and completely enthralled from page one. I could feel the love Aiden and Aria share for each other, and how much they adore Lyric. I laughed and cried and as usual Aiden made me so mad I wanted to punch him in the face with one hand and then caress it afterward with the other. I LOVE the back story and finding out how both Aiden and Aria coped without each other. I cried with you Aria!!!! Connor you better watch out, cause my man is coming. I have read other series that begin to fizzle out but this series has kept me captivated from the first page of Untouched!!! Lilly, you are a goddess of words and I Thank You for making me fall in love all over again. You have truly ruined me for any other author, no one holds a candle to you and your writing abilities.

  • Chasing The WordsBook Blog
    2018-09-16 11:24

    An amazing read! Lilly Wilde has outdone herself again! Have you ever read a book where you aren't sure if you want to love or hate a character and you feel torn. Well that is what happened in Only His Touch. I was so torn between loving and hating Aiden from one chapter to the next. Lilly Wilde does an amazing job of showcasing the emotions of each character and you feel emotionally attached to them throughout the book.Only His Touch - Part One is book four in the Untouched Series and starts off where Aiden and Aria left off at the end of Touched By Him. Just when you think life couldn't be better for Aiden, Aria and Lyric more secrets, threats and blackmail threaten to tear them apart. Will they be able to survive the new struggles that they are faced with? I'm infatuated with Lilly Wilde's story about Aiden and Aria. After each book I fall more and more in love with them. In Only His Touch I loved how their relationship grew and changed even with the drama that was all around them. You can feel the love they have for each other even though they are struggling with the choices they have made.Lilly's writing style is so unique and one of a kind. I couldn't put Only His Touch down and can't wait for the next book in the series to see what happens in Aiden and Aria's journey! A definite must read!

  • Anja Schuster
    2018-09-01 15:10

    OMG! I love this book! Thank you Lilly for another pageturner! After the first three books, I expected the story to continue in another direction, but Lilly didn't disappoint!It was very interesting to learn about Aria's and Aiden's feelings and thoughts when they were apart. Also the up's and down's are there as always and I love it.I highly recommend to read this book/the series! I can't wait the story to continue...

  • C.E.
    2018-09-09 11:29

    Another amazing work from Lilly Wilde!This book continues to focus on the complex, passionate relationship of Aiden Raine and Aria Cason.Lush...provocative...tear inducing....and yes, frustration inducing as well. I so wanted to yell...scream at BOTH of these characters, as if they were in the room with me as I read the book. It is like being sucked into a virtual world where you swear you FEEL these characters...empathize with their pain...feel their joy and swoon in the passionate moments as you turn the pages. At least I think I do. ;)This couple has some major obstacles in their journey to a stable relationship. They each bring their own set of issues to this very fragile unit, and with a young child uniting them, the stakes are higher than ever to have this family unit be cohesive and functional. Their complicated familial backgrounds and current dynamics do NOT make this easy for either of them.I want to root for them to have a HEA...but will that actually occur? That remains to be seen...Wow...what a rush this book left behind. I am SO looking forward to the next installment of the 'Untouched" Series. Readers can walk away knowing a GREAT read is in their hands.Lilly Wilde does NOT disappoint with her books!

  • Sharing
    2018-08-31 08:22

    Another impossible to put down book by Lilly Wilde! Only His Touch continues where Touched by Him left off. I loved this next installment of the Untouched series! I loved how we got to understand both Aria and Aiden's feelings of their time apart. I am hooked on this series!Aiden loves Aria but struggles to forgive her past choices. Aria knows she belongs with Aiden, and loves him very much, but there is a part of her that still has trouble giving Aiden her complete trust.As Aria and Aiden try to reconnect, Aiden’s fatherConnor, steps in and attempts to manipulate Aiden and lead him back to what he's walked away from, leaving readers wondering what Connor has up his sleeve.Will Aiden go along with Connor's plans? And if he does, will it pose a risk to his relationship with Aria? Can Aria trust Aiden? Or will secrets threaten their reconciliation? Will Aria and Aiden ever get their happily ever after?

  • Angeliki
    2018-09-19 08:06

    What a page turner!!! Yet again, and with no exception from her previous books, Lilly has encaptured the essence of a love story with no end! Cover through cover I was literally rendered speechless from a plot with twists and turns that make you forget time and space! Love, insecurity,anger, amazement are just a few of the emotions that have taken a wheel drive around my mind page after page! I felt for each and every one of them as the story unfolded bedore my eyes! I feel that 5 stars are not enough for this book, the author and the series altogether!!

  • Julie
    2018-08-30 08:18

    Julie WOW!! This is by far my favorite of the series and I did not think is was possible. This story still keeps you drawn in and attached to all of them. Anytime they are feeling something I feel it too. I can't believe how quickly I finished. I was hardly able to put it down. This is a definite must read. My suggestion to you is if you haven't started the series please do so. It's the greatest. You fall in love with them all and hate them all and get mad at them all. I couldn't have it any other way.

  • Stephanie Smith
    2018-09-05 09:27

    well done Lilly!!!! you have once again taken me on an emotional Rollercoaster and kept me on the edge of my seat. once I started reading I couldn't put it down. Only His Touch part one answered some questions but left me with new ones. Passion, devotion, deceit, love, lies, hot steamy sex, all that and MORE are in this book. No spoilers from this reader but you WON'T regret reading this book. Lilly Wilde has ruined me for other authors!!!can't wait to read more!!!

  • vickie Chaisson
    2018-08-24 12:12

    Oh my god Only His Touch the fourth book in the Untouched Series is an amazing feat. Lilly Wilde has created a book that will reach and test every emotion you have. I was blown away with the emotional connection I had with this book. I have read all four books in the series and I am shocked and amazed at how this story continues to stay fresh and new.Only His Touch continues the story of Aiden Raine and Aria Cason. This book shows a new facet of their relationship as they grow closer as a family unit. As they raise their son Lyric together and spend more personal time their love grows to amazing levels. Aiden and Aria continue to struggle with their feelings for each other and the insecurities they have from their time apart. The honesty and pain that they are feeling towards each other and other family members will rip at your heart strings.The evocative writing style of Lilly Wilde will grab you and you will not be able to put this book down. My emotions were fully tested with this book. I cried, I laughed, got very angry and became broken hearted as I turned each page. Even now as I sit writing this review phrases and scenes from the book keep going through my mind. Lilly paints pictures with her words and you will feel like you are watching it all unfold. I was prepared to like this book because I am a fan of the writers' other books and didn't trust how I felt after reading it so I reread the book to be sure it was as good as I thought. Only His Touch will make you believe in true love and happy endings if you work hard enough. As Aiden and Aria looked at themselves through the eyes of their partner they became better people. This book is a must read and be prepared to fall in love with a book series and the author Lilly Wilde.

  • Rochelle
    2018-09-16 12:11

    Only His Touch Part one is another incredible and beautifully written book by Lilly Wilde. I'm now more in love with Aiden if that's possible. Lilly has a way of drawing me into her story and not wanting to do anything else until I have finished reading. If I could give more than 5 stars I would, that's how wonderful this book is. I'm looking forward to part two and all future books.

  • AnnGoubert (Driven by Books)
    2018-09-09 11:14

    I really have come to love this series so very much and this book is no different. at times I just wanted to throw my kindle with all of the emotions I was yet again feeling! Love Aria and Aiden together and although sometimes I really dislike Aiden, you just can't help to be drawn at him, just like Aria does! Really cannot wait to read the next part. It's definitely a must read series!

  • Kim Whitehead
    2018-09-08 11:14

    So addicting!! On to the next installment!! So far this series is amazing!!

  • Denise
    2018-09-08 07:29

    Only His Touch was a beautifully written book and continuation of Aiden and Aria's story. Lilly Wilde continues the lovely words that take you through every emotion you can feel. In this book, Aria is definitely trying to trust Aiden to establish a good life with her and Lyric but when Aiden goes back to Raine Industries, will he go back to his old ways? I really like how Aria isn't afraid of anyone in the Raine household and stands up for herself, Aiden and Lyric.The ending of part one was beautiful with descriptive words that made you feel like you were there watching from afar. While Aiden is a true alpha male, dominant and controlling, he also has an amazing heart and his love for Aria and Lyric is a true testament of Dianna's role in his upbringing. Of course, I cant wait for part two of Only His Touch.

  • Andrea Wasik
    2018-09-10 14:15

    I can't say enough good things about Only His Touch Part 1. Lilly Wilde is an AMAZING writer and as soon as I started reading Only His Touch Part 1 I didn't want to put it down.It started exactly where Touched By Him left off. Just like the previous books in the Untouched series, (Untouched book 1 Touched book 2 and Touched by Him book 3) Only His Touch part 1 takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, You laugh, you cry, and you get really mad.Just when you think you know what's going to happen it goes in the opposite direction. Lilly Wilde keeps you wanting more. I'm ready for Only His Touch part 2

  • Jojo
    2018-09-18 09:27

    Lilly Wilde has a tendency to leave me speechless and Only His Touch Pt 1 was no exception. The emotions that I experienced thoughout this book was nothing short of amazing. I cried, laughed, felt angry and hot all throughout this book. It's a beautiful book with beautiful Aria and sexy Aiden, what more could you ask for?? Lilly Wilde has definitely set the bar for authors everywhere. Her stories are brought to life and it feels so real! This book is amazing and it will be a best seller series for years to come!

  • Deanna Wiley
    2018-08-22 09:32

    Lilly Wilde has done it again. I feel like 5 stars just isn't enough for this book. Its a real page turner there's so many emotions. I love Aiden and Aria so much I was torn between wanting to finish it and not wanting it to end.I wish I could put in to words how this book made me feel but I just can't I can honestly say I have a new favorite book in this series.........thank you Lilly Wilde for this amazing book

  • Keshia Prest
    2018-09-19 12:28

    Wow this book and author is just breath taking! You couldnt even imagine what happens next Lilly throws in twists after twists that just leaves you wanting more and more and more! I never want this series to end! warning to all reader once you start reading Lilly Wilde;s series you may not stop! and you definatly will never want it to stop!! Aiden is number 1!!!

  • Laurie
    2018-08-23 10:10

    Amazing! Lilly has a way to make you feel like you are right there with the storyline. Aria and Aiden are perfect! I laughed, I cried, I was mad and so on. I can't wait for part 2. And I hope there's more after.

  • Sahara
    2018-09-13 12:27

    Omg. This book had me the edge of my seat. Lilly kept these character growing. Love love it. Can't wait for the next one

  • Laura
    2018-08-29 13:20

    A must read, get the series!!Can't wait to read the next one. Love this series and characters. It's one of the best out there. Don't miss out on this story!

  • Jennifer - You Can't Resista Dirty Book
    2018-08-28 11:09

    Only His Touch: Part One is book 4 in the massively successful Untouched series from Lilly Wilde.Amazing, Unforgettable, Inspiring. I am completely head over heels for this series. This installment had my heart thumping from page one, I was on pins and needles waiting to read the continuation of Aiden and Aria’s tumultuous relationship.Lilly Wilde you are a huge talent. This is an unbelievable story. I am in awww of how you manage to come up with these story lines and plot twists. To be able to grip a reader's attention for one couple’s story and hold it for 4 whole books is a testament to just how deep you talent runs. I have never found myself struggling to read any of the 4 books in the series so far. Each event that occurs in Aiden and Aria’s lives is just so captivating and their tale sucks you in. It is like you are actually living the same lives they are.The depth of emotion and feelings that Lilly pours into every single word is staggering and mostly I am left reeling, and picking up my heart off the floor by the end of every book. Lilly you are a master manipulator, as soon as I am feeling settled and content with the direction of the story in book 4, WHAM! along comes huge slap to the face that leaves me completely stunned and having to start all over again.I love the relationship between Aiden and Aria. They complement each other so well. Aria has her own mind, she speaks it frequently and calls Aiden out on his BS, but the man she needs must be a dominant in nature otherwise she will walk all over him. Aiden is the ultimate fantasy for most women, he is successful and extremely driven. He needs a woman who will keep him grounded. One who will be his equal and not just arm candy. They both seem to realise this but are still butting heads when it comes to the fundamentals of being together. Both are stubborn and dig their heels into the sand. It doesn’t help that Aiden’s family is always a shadow in the background just waiting for any opportunity to throw a spanner in the works.This book will pull you into the world of the hopeful romantic. Enjoy I know I certainly did.

  • Sophie Koufes
    2018-08-30 07:31

    Book Four of The Untouched SeriesHot Damn! Some authors works in book two or three fall short & go flat & you will struggle to continue the series, however this is not the case with this author & series. Each book ends with a sweet epilogue.As Aiden, Aria, & baby Lyric begin their life together blackmail, secrets, & threats will interfere & may tear their newly built family unit apart. An elite mix of supporting character's that some you will love & others love to hate. This author throws in twists after twist's that leaves you wanting more. I don't want this series to end. A remarkable writing style that offers a illustrious piece of work that is refreshing & will have you at the edge of your seat. I love the meaning behind baby Lyrics name. A one-click must read series that will have you hooked on Aiden & Aria.

  • Erica
    2018-09-19 08:25

    Just when you thing things are headed in the right direction, that for once Aiden & Aria might just make it there's someone or something that blows up in their faces.This is my second book in the series today, binging leads to book hangover but I can't help myself, I am literally dying to get to the next book, I need to know what on earth they have to deal with next.I'm loving this series, like hard core loving it but I'm not sure how much more heartbreak I can stomach, Aiden is borderline driving me nuts with his secrets and I just know he's messed up really good this time.Book 5 coming up next!

  • Eve
    2018-08-21 08:25

    As each book in this incredible story of love, sex, romance and passion unfold you can't help but be drawn into the relationship with these two. They are written so well that you feel you know the characters. You can feel their love, pain, passion, fears. You can feel it all! Now to see if true love will find a way...on to the next book

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-29 15:06

    another great bookLoved how this book has many secrets that we are trying to uncover. I'm a little upset with both characters. Aiden knows that Aria has a hard time with trust but Aria needs to learn to trust if she wants the relationship to work. So good the balance of this novel.

  • Danielle
    2018-09-14 14:11

    *sighhhh* Most emotional read of this series thus far. We get to see them reconnect and try to become a family again. We also see Aiden and Aria unveil the truths about their time apart. Painful to read but amazingly written.

  • Joan Prescott Paton
    2018-09-07 14:18

    Wow this series is fantastic each book is better than the next, once you start reading it you cannot stop Lilly Wilde your books are great.