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You can Parent Like a Pro with Kendra and John Smiley! Readers will be familiar with Kendra’s strong-willed child, Aaron, from Aaron’s Way. Updated and refreshed, this book brings to life and light the challenges of rearing a child who wants to do things his or her own way. Resident Dad John Smiley lends his insights on the father’s role in a willful child’s discipline, anYou can Parent Like a Pro with Kendra and John Smiley! Readers will be familiar with Kendra’s strong-willed child, Aaron, from Aaron’s Way. Updated and refreshed, this book brings to life and light the challenges of rearing a child who wants to do things his or her own way. Resident Dad John Smiley lends his insights on the father’s role in a willful child’s discipline, and Aaron--now grown--adds his unique perspective....

Title : Journey of a Strong-Willed Child
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ISBN : 9780802443533
Format Type : Paperback
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Journey of a Strong-Willed Child Reviews

  • Claude
    2019-03-26 14:21

    Not much here that you can't get from other parenting books that are much stronger overall. I say skip this one. Wasn't expecting too much but it didn't meet my low expectations.

  • Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    2019-03-27 07:47

    This is one of those terrific books that I see myself going back to again and again. Kendra and John Smiley were blessed with a strong-willed son named Aaron. In this book, Kendra shares the experiences of parenting Aaron. What is so terrific is that Aaron, now a successful veterinarian, also writes in this book. He shares his perspective or "closer look" and we get a great glimpse into the mind of a strong-willed child.I particularly enjoyed the chapters on discipline and the importance of following-through and of setting boundaries. Aaron's experiences in school with difficult teachers was good too, and gave me some insight into situations with one of my own children. Each chapter is liberally sprinkled with appropriate scriptures and references to faith in God. The book isn't long and is easy and entertaining to read. It follows Aaron from birth through college and along the way, you will glean some great advice and examples for parenting your own children. This is a terrific addition to any parent's library.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-27 09:35

    This book was just what I needed as a strong-willed mother of a strong-willed daughter. It has helped me understand her better and opened my eyes to the reason behind some of my own behavior. I only I'd read it earlier in my parenting journey. it would be great to have a book like this written specifically for her to read at her age (12) so she could understand herself better. Highly recommended and easy to read.

  • Britni
    2019-03-22 11:24

    Journey of a Strong-Willed Child was one of those books that I started reading with one mindset and ended reading with a completely different one. The first mindset was that this is a lot of kids out there. The second mindset was that oh wow, this is actually talking about me. The book goes through the life of a child and methods to helping a strong-willed child become a responsible adult through discipline, teaching, and a lot of love.When I first started reading A Journey of a Strong-Willed Child all I could think about was, wow this reminds me of my brother. Everything in the book reminated with me as things that made complete sense. A child that would rather deal with the punishment than do what they are supposed to. Or a child that manipulates and takes control of authority figures around them if they allow it. The book goes through the best ways to deal with these strong-willed children and all of the methods made perfect sense. For instance, rather than threatening your child with some outrageous punishment like I'll ground you for life, threaten with a punishment that you can actually made good on (you can't go out this weekend).And then came the epiphany. I called my mom and was telling her about this book I was reading, and she told me, "You were the first kid I had to buy the strong-willed child books for." Oops. Apparently the reason all of these things and ideas made sense to me were because they were me. Reading the remainder of the book the case studies and quotes were no longer about my brother or any other kids out there, they were about remembering how my parents got me from a strong-willed child to a responsible adult.And a lot of the ways my parents did it were listed in the book. Two of the main things I got out of Smiley's book were first that no matter what you do, you always need to make sure your child knows that you love them. And second, teach them to God's way and be an example of obedience and living your life with right choices. If you set a good example, they are more likely to follow. They may not always, but if not you've done the best you can do.I loved the format the book was written in. It was kind of like an informal classroom discussion. Kendra Smiley wrote about her experiences with her strong-willed child Aaron and her advice for dealing with certain circumstances. After Kendra, Aaron and John (the resident dad) give their own take on the scenarios, and it's interesting to see from the different points of view. Also intermingled with Kendra's explanations, there are quotes from parents that have strong-willed children themselves. They made me laugh and cringe at the ways these children sometimes get the best of their parents.Overall this was a good read, and I learned a lot about a subject I thought I knew little. I would recommend this book to anyone that is dealing with what you believe to be a strong-willed child or even a child that is maybe a little difficult to manage. Kendra Smiley gives some great advice and tactics that I may take to heart when I raise children of my own.

  • Tracy Scott
    2019-03-16 06:33

    So, I have a bunch of Strong Willed Child books on my book shelves. I read them when my oldest children were 2/3 and pushed it at every turn. They were not strong willed, but they went through strong-willed phases of development. But now, I TRULY have a strong willed child. And I've been trying to find a book that doesn't suggest I turn my home into a concentration camp in order to help him be his best self. In that regard I LOVED this book. It's the first book I would recommend to someone who thinks their child might be strong-willed. What I love about it is the parents tell their story, and their son (the strong-willed one) weighs in and gives his feedback on his parent's strategies with him. It's extremely insightful and gets at the heart issue behind a strong willed child: control. How do you manage this and channel into something to be used for good? How do you honor this child's unique wiring (strong opinions, strong emotions, with an overpowering desire to be heard) but also make sure they they can grow up to respect authority and listen to others? It's awesome. And it goes from birth through young adulthood, which I also found helpful. I'll be referencing this book for a long time!!!!!

  • Kristina Seleshanko
    2019-03-08 07:23

    If you have a truly strong willed child, this book is the encouragement you NEED. The authors explain the growth of their now grown-up, former strong willed child, discussing his ups and downs and how they disciplined him and helped him reach a point where he could handle himself as a mature adult. Even better, their son offers words of wisdom, too. Truly, he gave me insight into my strong willed children's minds that I never could have come up with on my own. (I was stubborn, but not a strong willed child.)

  • Brenda Wharton
    2019-03-06 13:33

    great book on parenting a strong willed child. it's written by the parents of a strong willed child - Adam (who is now an adult). Adam also co-writes the book and helps explain how and what strong willed kids think in different situations. he nailed it on the head in a few spots and really helps understand that they are often very smart, want control of themselves and will willingly take punishment to get that control. great book for parents raising strong willed kids!

  • Dara Young
    2019-03-03 09:22

    One of the best parenting books I've read. The different perspectives (of Mom, Dad and child) really make it practical and helpful. I felt incredibly encouraged as a parent after reading just one chapter.

  • Alora
    2019-02-24 06:31

    I was encouraged by the fact that their 'strong-willed child' turned out well. I especially enjoyed the anecdotes and explanations by Aaron himself. But Aaron was an angel compared to my strong-willed child!!

  • Angie
    2019-03-09 10:34

    Excellent!! If you know you have a strong willed child, or just suspect it, read this book!!! It will help you understand how these children think, encourage you, and mostly let you know you are not alone!