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Lady Mechanika's investigation into the murders of -undesirable- children in Mechanika City triggers an unexpected reaction from her subconscious self. But are they truly lost memories finally surfacing after so many years, or just simple nightmares? And what connection does the killer have to Lady Mechanika's past? Collects the complete third Lady Mechanika mini-series, TLady Mechanika's investigation into the murders of -undesirable- children in Mechanika City triggers an unexpected reaction from her subconscious self. But are they truly lost memories finally surfacing after so many years, or just simple nightmares? And what connection does the killer have to Lady Mechanika's past? Collects the complete third Lady Mechanika mini-series, The Lost Boys of West Abbey, including extra pages which were not published in the original comic books....

Title : Lady Mechanika, Vol. 3
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780996603041
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 63 Pages
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Lady Mechanika, Vol. 3 Reviews

  • Aneela
    2018-11-12 12:34

    Rating: Synopsis:Black magic, cults, dark secrets and a lot of action!Lady Mechanika found a place where secret mechanical experiments took place and some kids were brutally murdered. She investigated the crime scene only to find out a couple of child-size dolls. The blood, tools and dissection table triggered memories of her past.Desperate to find out what lies in her past and who is behind all these horrendous experiments to turn humans into mechanical beings, she embarked on a dangerous journey full of darkness, magic and secret cults.Review:Wow!This graphic novel took me on a roller coaster ride of thrilling joy. I did not want this novel to end. The story line was superb. I really loved how beautifully the story was executed.Lady Mechanika has a dark past of which she remembers nothing. She read an article in newspaper about horrible mechanical experiments. She reached the crime scene and discovered child-size dolls. The dolls were perfectly crafted in the figures of young boys and teddy bears.She brought some of them home to investigate what purpose would they serve. To her surprise, she discovered the dolls were not only used for mechanical experiments but also to transfer souls into them.But why and how would someone do that?The story behind this why and how is just totally unexpected.Conclusion:This novel has a strong plot. The characters are amazing. The detective Singh’s character is great. He is sharp, tall, dark and handsome.And of course Lady Mechanika is superb throughout the novel. She kicked butts and punched villains. The action was too good. It was like watching an animated movie with all the amazing artwork.I am already a fan of Lady Mechanika comics. So yes, its definitely a 5 star!An eARC of this graphic novel was provided by Diamond Book Distributors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Alina
    2018-11-18 06:58

    The graphics continues to amaze me, it must be the best I’ve met in any comics, or it just suits perfectly my tastes in this matter: the attention to details, the beautiful curves, just the right mix of époque and steampunk, even the gear contours. I also was well impressed by the story, quite on par with the previous Lady Mechanika volumes.***Note: I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors in exchange for an honest review.

  • Gabrielle
    2018-11-08 06:46

    Oh, book, why are you so short!!!I was really looking forward to more Lady Mechanika, and when I got my hands on the third story, I couldn’t help but notice how thin it was. The artwork is as gorgeous (and as focused on her boobs) as usual, but it is almost half the length of the previous installments!Regardless of how short the story is, its still a rather good one, this time exploring the Jewish myth of golems and how they fit into this steampunk universe. There’s more of Mr. Lewis in this volume, which made me very happy: I like Lady Mechanika’s drunken tinkerer sidekick!I hope the next one is a bit more fleshed out!

  • Marjolein
    2018-10-30 10:45

    Read all my reviews on It's a shame that this volume is only 60 pages where the others were more than twice as long. It is no miracle that the story can not be very complicated in such a short time span, so the case was resolved rather quickly. I still really liked the art and the characters though, and I'm already looking forward for the next volume!Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

  • Florin Pitea
    2018-11-06 07:01

    Impeccable graphics, but disappointing because it was way too short. I'm already in line to buy the next volume, however.

  • Ari
    2018-11-17 12:02

    Still very enjoyable, and I loved to see Fred again, as well as meet the new Inspector Singh. But I definitely would have wanted it to be longer and have the story further developed.

  • Steve
    2018-11-14 09:36

    I received this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Not a bad story, but extremely short, over a hundred pages shorter than the previous two volumes. As always, though, the artwork was fantastic.

  • Yzabel Ginsberg
    2018-10-25 06:40

    [I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]Beautiful artwork like in the first two collected volumes. I didn’t notice the same ‘eye-candy’ level during action scenes as in the first volumes, which is good since it makes those scenes more believable. Exception made for the illustrations at the end, these are all fine since they’re meant to depict the character posing anyway. Also, they’re beautiful. The art and colours remain as enjoyable as ever.While there’s no resolution as to Mechanika’s past here either, we do get a few glimpses into what she has been through, thanks to her nightmares and memories. I can only hope that at some point she’ll get to find out the information she’s seeking.This volume dealt with body transfer into what appear like a mix of golems and automata, which means that of course I got sold on that idea pretty quick. There’s a mix of dark experiments with magic and technology, action, and conundrums about what defines life, that I tend to enjoy. There’s a tall, dark and somewhat mysterious detective (Singh) that for once I felt more connection with than I usually do with that character archetype. Oh, and creepy toys, in a sense, considering the golems are doll-like and can easily be mistaken for toys. This third instalment felt darker to me than the second one, and more interesting even though there was no trip to mysterious temples or adventures in the jungle; I guess that’s my natural preference for urban settings speaking, along with the themes explored in this ‘Lost Boys of West Abbey’ story.The one thing I really regret is how short this volume was compared to the others. The plot deserved more.

  • Chad
    2018-10-27 09:02

    Lady Mechanika takes on a steampunk version of golems. They've played with the legend some combining the legends with consciousness transfer.As usual a fantastic visualized steampunk world. This volume continues the trend of this series feeling very static in that it's mostly people standing around having conversations. The last 15-20 pages of this one though is action-packed for a change.Received an advance copy from Edelweiss and Diamond in exchange for an honest review.

  • Karissa
    2018-10-30 11:53

    I got a copy of this graphic novel to review through Edelweiss. This was another amazing installment in the Lady Mechanika series. I absolutely love this graphic novel series. The characters and stories are highly entertaining and the illustration is amazingly detailed and well done.In this volume some missing children are brought to Lady Mechanika; this coupled with some mysteries around a mechanical toy maker’s shop lead Lady Mechanika to believe that this mystery might be right in her area of speciality.Lady Mechanika teams up with a delightful inspector to check things out. What follows is a number of excellent action scenes full of witty banter and steampunky goodness. We also get some scenes where Lady Mechanika has flashbacks to her forgotten past, which only deepens the mystery surrounding her origins further.The illustration is amazing. There is so much wonderful detail in all the Victorian clothing and mechanical contraptions; I absolutely love it. The colors are rich and muted and fit the tone of the story perfectly.Overall I absolutely loved this highly entertaining installment of the Lady Mechanika series. The story, the characters, the illustration...all of it is highly entertaining and just perfect! I would definitely recommend to fantasy and steampunk fans alike!

  • Jessica Strider
    2018-11-02 14:47

    Pros: beautiful artwork, interesting story, great charactersCons: shortLady Mechanika hears of a strange murder case where kidnapped urchin boys were found murdered next to mechanical parts. She starts investigating, wondering if this case could lead to information about her own origins.As with the previous volumes, this one stands alone, though there is a quick, non spoilery callback for the events of volume 2. It’s only two issues, so the story is much shorter than those of the earlier graphic novels (and the price reflects that).Once more the artwork is gorgeous. The characters have a fun mix of Victorian and steampunk fashions.The cast is widened with the addition of a detective inspector, who I suspect will show up in later volumes.The cover gallery at the end has some nice pieces. I’m loving this series.

  • Sacha Valero
    2018-10-22 11:54

    Another great installment. The artwork is again beautiful and the writing a bit more solid than the previous volumes. Our mechanical heroine finds herself investigation the disappearance of some young boys in a bad part of town. Naturally, the local thugs demand a protection fee and naturally she convinces them against collecting it. She's teamed up again with the inventor Archie Lewis along with a local detective who's been told to work on other, more important cases. Needless to say they track down those responsible which leads to a big fight. Great, quick read, and wonderful to look at.

  • Bob Meracle
    2018-11-13 12:58

    Great steampunk mystery complete with missing children and a creepy toy maker. Excellent story and art. Highly recommended.

  • Rianna (RiannaBlok)
    2018-10-21 09:01

    42/45 books read in 2017.Beautiful art, lots of action, and an interesting premise all packed into a short story. It definitely added some extra information to the universe and I hope we will see more of that policeman in the future!

  • Devyn
    2018-11-19 13:50

    I received this book from Goodreads.It is simply incredible to be able to draw like that. With such detailed imagination and seemingly effortless skill, Lady Mechanika is a wonder to read.The art in this book left me speechless. I could barely concentrate on the story by how distracted I was by the pictures. My eyes kept straying away from the words. I just wanted to sit and stare at each page, one by one, all day.Good plot, too, though I would have preferred it being longer. I'm invested now. I need to read volume 1, 2, and all the rest that comes after.

  • Kathleen Townsend
    2018-10-24 12:54

    It wasn’t too long ago that I discovered the Lady Mechanika graphic novel series, and its one I’ve come to look forward to reading each time I find a new volume. When I had the opportunity to read an early copy of Lady Mechanika Vol. 3: The Lost Boys of West Abbey by M.M. Chen and Joe Benitez, I jumped on it.Lady Mechanika is an engrossing steampunk adventure told in graphic novel format, and is a series I would recommend to all fans of both steampunk and graphic novels. This volume continues to follow the adventures of Lady Mechanika and her friends and companions. Lady Mechanika takes an interest in a new case after Winifred finds the headline in the newspaper. Children have been found murdered in Mechanika City, and, if that weren’t enough, they all have connections to mechanical experiments.The artwork is, once again, absolutely stunning. This alone will keep me coming back for more each time. The design and color pallet choices hold a certain mastery that isn’t quite attained by ever graphic novel or comic I stumble across. The characters are quite chatty, however. Some of the pages feel a bit too cluttered with dialogue. There are almost paragraphs instead of sentences in some places, which can make getting through a single page take longer than usual. A bit ironic, really considering the overall length of the volume.The characters are both memorable and endearing. Mr. Lewis has returned for this adventure, being notably absent in the second volume. His niece, Winifred, first introduced in volume 2, has also returned. Volume 3 seeing the introduction of a new character as well, this time not a relative of Mr. Lewis. Singh is a detective who is also investigating the murders. Despite not having very many pages to get to know him, I quite liked Singh’s character. Mechanika and Singh make a good pair, and, I hope he’s included in future installments.The story feels less fleshed out than previous books in the series, and for good reason. At only 63 pages long its almost one hundred pages shorter than both the first and second volume in the series. Everything is over before the story has really begun. While I really liked the introduction of the new character, we don’t have time to really get to know him. And there is only one real fight scene as opposed to numerous ones in previous volumes.Even so, the story is much stronger and held my attention much more fully than volume 2. We go back to more plot relevant happenings as opposed to the more generic globetrotting and friend saving of the previous volume. Mechanika’s background is once again touched upon if not fully explored. The current case she is working on have brought nightmares with it, only Lady Mechanika can’t fully tell if they are normal nightmares or if she is finally beginning to remember the parts of her past which have been long forgotten. I can only hope we will see this developed further in future volumes.I greatly enjoyed Lady Mechanika, Vol. 3: The Lost Boys of West Abbey. It was a fun tale that was more in tune with the first volume in the series than the second one. If you like graphic novels, steampunk, and strong female main characters check this series out. If you don’t like steampunk or don’t like very chatty characters in your graphic novels you may want to skip this one.This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This review and more can be found on Looking Glass Reads.

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2018-11-13 07:34

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog am going to have to concede that this is a guilty pleasure read. The art is lovely - from the panel designs to the color schemes - it's 1990s digital at its finest. There is a lot of talent here and it is quite apparent when devouring the lush visuals that we have true artistry at work. But the stories are, once again, very derivative and I find this series missing the alluring fantastical aspects of steampunk - the wonder and the innocence of turn of the century London. With this volume 3, the story takes an even darker turn as we get a sub arc and then more information on the main arc of our heroine's background.Lady Mekanika still seeks the mystery of how she became mechanically augmented. When exploring a case dealing with murdered street urchins with missing body parts, she makes a connection with a detective who has a mysterious past of his own. Together, they will work to bring justice to the 'lost boys' - orphans society will never miss and therefore have become easy targets for a madman.The story is quite short this time - nearly half the length of the previous volumes. But I found the art and even the story to be a bit more interesting in this volume 3. The series is picking up its stride as it builds characters - from Fred to the new detective (who sports a fascinating half Indian/half British history). Frustratingly, I find the side characters so much richer and more interesting than the main; I understand she needs to be a cypher but she is also fairly one dimensional as well.The story this time delves into Jewish mythology of golems - a subject that has spawned several interesting books recently including the best seller The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. Because it is so topical, it feels disingenuous here. I want something new and interesting for a pivot plot point, not what's in the vogue. Steampunk has such a fascinating breadth that there is so much more to be explored and created rather than regurgitated.Most will probably buy Lady Mechanika for the visuals and not the story. But I hope in the next volume the new side characters will breathe some life to the story, if not our main character Lady Mechanika. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

  • Kelly
    2018-10-28 11:03

    Lovely Artwork, Okay Story(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review through Goodreads Giveaways.)-- 3.5 stars --So, full disclosure: I'm new to the Lady Mechanika series and wasn't sure how it would go, diving in in the middle like I did. But the cover caught my eye, so I entered (and won!) a copy through Goodreads, and here we are.The copy on the back promises that Volume 3 is "a perfect entry point for readers," and so it is! Aside from a passing reference to "Pappy's discovery in Africa," the plot is pretty self-contained, and Lady Mechanika's backstory, easy enough to infer. In this steampunk version of Victorian England called Mechanika City, a gruesome discovery has been made: in the basement of an abandoned building, the bodies of five young orphans. Bound to operating tables, runes drawn on their skin in blood (not theirs), surrounded by curious clockwork toys. While the brass isn't terribly interested in a bunch of dead street urchins, Inspector Singh - himself a former orphan and petty thief from Kolkata - has taken a special shining to the case. As has investigator/cyborg Lady Mechanika, who hopes it might shed some light on her own stolen past. The art's generally pretty great: the clockwork toys are rad, Lady Mechanika is fierce (though I'd love to see more of her mechanical limbs), and the colors are perfectly dark and gloomy. The plot's pretty basic, but engaging; if anything, it made me want to pick up the first two volumes in the series, if only to learn more about the titular hero. (And with a series runner called The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, can you really blame me?) I guess my only complaint is that the dialogue sometimes felt a little stilted and unbelievable? Though this could just be the convention of the genre; idk, sadly I don't read a whole lot of steampunk. (So many books, so little time.) And Winifred! How cute is she, with those oversized glasses? She's like a cooler (read: 1880s, not 1980s) version of myself at that age.

  • Barry
    2018-10-26 09:40

    I received an ARC of this via Netgalley.I quite enjoyed this graphic novel. It is my introduction to Lady Mechanika. Lady Mechanika is some kind of steampunk nanny that solves crimes and mysteries and is the third volume of the series set in a Steampunk Victorian England.First of all, the artwork and colouring is excellent - I just love the ways the purples and browns are used. The book is beautiful and great to look at. Mechanika is excellent, there are some beautiful lines and curves to her -she's a very stylised, large chested, thin waisted character that may not be appealing to all. The book is drawn wonderfully.The speech is mostly in 'cockernee', there are a couple of instances where phrases are used which wouldn't have been used in Victorian England but they are easily brushed aside to enjoy the rest of the book.The story isn't as strong sadly, revolving around Jewish mysticism (golems and stuff). Sadly, there is a nod to 'Oliver' tropes which were anti-Semitic then and I was a little wary of similar tropes here copying Fagan. It was okay, but not entirely memorable. Thankfully the look of the book more than makes up for it.

  • Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland
    2018-11-05 09:43

    I received an eGalley from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review, this in no way affects my review.I really enjoyed this one! It's my first time reading a Lady Mechanika comic/graphic novel, and I would love to read the rest! I picked up this title because of the cover and title, but also because the blurb sounded interesting. While I wish it was longer, and that the story took a little longer to wrap up, I still enjoyed it. I loved the art, and the creepy setting was perfect! The characters were fun and unique, and the plot although short and simple, was still entertaining. Were it longer and a little more complex I would have easily given this 5 stars! As it is my first reading of Lady Mechanika, I almost did anyway, but seeing review for other Lady Mechanika works, I decided to wait until I have read more before awarding it a 5 star review. Still I loved reading this, and hope to read more soon!This review and others can also be found on my blog: Adventures Thru Wonderland

  • Wayne McCoy
    2018-11-08 14:39

    'Lady Mechanika Vol. 3: The Lost Boys of West Abbey' by M.M. Chen with art by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel is the third volume in the series and I think the series is getting better all the time.This time around, someone is kidnapping orphans. Lady Mechanika is joined by Inspector Singh. They find a mysterious toymaker, a dying man, and a strange religious ritual that all may be behind the disappearances.The story is fun, the art is great, and the steampunk elements work really well together. We still don't get much in the mystery behind Lady Mechanika, but there are more hints in the form of nightmares. That's fine because the main stories are adventure filled romps that are fun to read.I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Benitez Productions, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

  • rhianwenbooks
    2018-10-24 06:55

    I liked this one, it was short and quick to the point, although if it was longer that would be better!Interesting premise: boys are disappearing off the streets and a murderer with a dark plan is behind it all. Some things are a bit predictable about this story, especially as to the motivation behind the crimes, but the take was interesting, as well as intelligent; it incorporated the idea of magic and steampunk mechanics nicely. An intriguing, broody character is introduced in this volume, one who am I curious to see what role he will play in Lady Mechanika's story. I seriously love the relationship between Lady Mechanika and Lewis. Lewis is an eccentric, interesting character and he really brings a nice shade of humour to this series, especially when he bickers with Lady Mechanika. Overall, nice action, great artwork--I'm seriously loving all of the depictions of Lady Mechanika. The world of Mechanika City is only evolving and enriching the mysteries of the story; I look forward to the next volume!

  • Paul Franco
    2018-11-07 12:53

    This story is all about Jewish mysticism and immortality, so it helps to have an Anglo-Indian detective helping out, I guess.Mechanika has grown quite a bit; in earlier issues she would have bitten off the head of the cabbie who intimated she needed a man to take care of her, but here she just laughs it off. Lewis’s grin at that is golden as well. And at the end I fully expected Singh to try to kiss her, with a possibility that she might let him rather than break his face. That’s how different she’s become, and I like the change.The cover gallery is always fun, imagining Mechanika actually deigning to pose for the artist. Her saloon girl costume is my fave.This one seemed a little darker, both in tone and actual colors. Innocents always die in these stories, but when kids are being sacrificed. . .3.5 pushed up to 4/5

  • Devann
    2018-11-03 08:53

    I received a free ARC copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really wish this volume had been longer because I think it could have definitely been the best volume of this series so far, but with only 3 issues there wasn't really sufficient time to set up and conclude the story. I definitely liked this though, it was great to see Winifred come back and I like Detective Singh as well. Also Lady Mechanika's clothing and poses in this volume were much more realistic so that was nice. I don't mind the cheesecake poses on the covers and stuff but when I'm trying to read the story it's really annoying, especially if she's supposed to be in the middle of a fight. I was kind of on the fence about this series before but this volume made me cautiously hopeful. I just hope the next volume is full length.

  • Kelly Knapp
    2018-10-24 10:03

    A bit of the wolverine mixed with the bionic women, place her in a steam punk in Britain and you find yourself reading a graphic novel about Lady Mechanika. In this third installment, we find the Lady tracking missing boys from the wrong side of town. They have been used in a magical ritual. But who is behind this monstrous act? Lady Mechanika, Mr. Lewis, and Fred all contribute to the story which introduces a new character, Detective Singh.This story was easy to follow and to decipher. I find a lot of comic book and graphic novel style stories to need careful studying to get the who picture; but not so with Lady Mechanika. I would expect any middle schooler to be able to follow and enjoy this series. I will be finding the rest and sitting down to enjoy them as well.

  • R.K. Cowles
    2018-10-30 14:51

    A Goodreads giveaway book that I had won. I never could get into graphic novel/comics than I could get into a regular novel. I had always wanted to start reading graphic novels. Instead of wasting money I thought I'll start first free giveaways. Although some are at the library they didn't seem like anything I would enjoy. Although this one was also had tag of steampunk which I was also was interested in. Although I would rate it at 3 3/4 stars (which was rounded off because I only rate by halves), yet this giveaway starts at volume 3 I may enjoyed it more if I knew more if read the first 2 volumes. It was good enough to have me curious about the other volumes in the series.

  • Earl
    2018-11-03 13:55

    This volume of the Lady Mechanika series was, for my taste, better than the first two (which I did also enjoy). I just felt the story was better and the artwork was subtly better, or at least less cheesy and more natural (whatever natural would be for someone like Lady).If you kinda liked the first two but was on the fence about reading more in the series I think you will be pleasantly surprised with this volume. I highly recommend it.Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.

  • Jen
    2018-11-18 14:50

    ** I received a copy of this book for free through a Goodreads giveaway. **I really enjoyed this graphic novel! I loved the world, loved the magic/science combination, and enjoyed the mystery (although that was less interesting than the world and the characters, there was enough mystery to keep the story moving). The illustrations were amazing also and really helped tell the story. I will definitely be continuing with this series and have already ordered the first two installments. Definitely recommended for steampunk/victorian mystery/magic fans!!

  • FrumpBurger
    2018-11-05 14:42

    Lady Mechanika lives in a fantastic imagined steampunk Victorian England. The result of dark experiments she is only beginning to recall, this issue sees her working with a handsome policeman to solve the murders of young orphans, who, it appears, have fallen victim to a madman seeking to create a golem. Searching the city, she potentially uncovers a conspiracy of grand proportions--though further reading will be required to find out for sure. while this book certainly would have been more enjoyable if I had read the previous issues, both the art and story are top-notch. A pleasure to read.

  • Josh
    2018-10-30 14:02

    Despite being a shorter volume, the third story of Lady Mechanika's adventures maintains all of the adventure and steampunk aesthetic that has made this series such a delight to read. Balancing darkness and humor, this episode looks into the darker parts of the city and the terrible activities taking place there. My only complaint (though a notable one) is that a character central to the storyline just disappears halfway through and I really want to know what happened.Otherwise, though, great art and exciting story. It's a consistently well-told series.