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Two spies. Five nights. A weapon that will change their world. Cal has been squandering his time on cards and drink since his old partner Aaron Lorne vanished. A midnight summons changes all that. Aaron is back in the city, enemies on his heels. Dragons have returned to the world. And Aaron holds the secret to unlocking their loyalties and claiming the skies. Greedy goverTwo spies. Five nights. A weapon that will change their world.Cal has been squandering his time on cards and drink since his old partner Aaron Lorne vanished. A midnight summons changes all that. Aaron is back in the city, enemies on his heels. Dragons have returned to the world. And Aaron holds the secret to unlocking their loyalties and claiming the skies. Greedy government agents, entitled nobility, and ruthless street gangs all hunger for a piece of this new power. On top of that, the stunted, shadow-loving Chalk have been sighted in the city. Together, the spies must scheme and fight for their prize. And keep themselves out of a shallow grave. Night of the Chalk, first in the Spies of Dragon and Chalk series, combines elements of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and crime noir into a thrilling world of epic fantasy....

Title : Night of the Chalk
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Night of the Chalk Reviews

  • Daniel Kaplan
    2019-03-01 11:37

    Excellent fantasy novel.Night of the chalk is a satisfying mix of adventure, battles, and the right sprinkling of magic. The well developed characters provide instant engagement, while the plot line twists to keep you on your toes, and the big picture fantasy world development plays in background. And DRAGONS.

  • Mihir
    2019-02-23 13:09

    OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Night Of The Chalk is another intriguing title that comes with an eye-catching cover. Samuel Gately’s debut introduces us to a world wherein spycraft, dragons, and magic come together in a dangerous pattern. Set in the city of Delhonne and over the period of five nights, the author presents a story that is very much a thriller with strong shades of spy stories mixed in with some good ol’ fantasy leanings.The story begins with one of our protagonists Cal finds himself on the run from a card game as he finds himself betrayed by his debtors. Things however don’t quite work out the way as planned for his pursuers and Cal is left bloodied but intact. He soon runs into his old friend Aaron Lone who informs him of the upcoming war that will be breaking out soon. Reunited with his friend Aaron after quite a many years, Cal finds himself thrown into a struggle that will need his contacts and Aaron’s skills to master and survive.This story is a nice action packed story that is set within the city of Delhonne and spaced over the entirety of five nights. What I enjoyed most was that the author really strived to inject some street level smarts and back alley spy battles into the story. While this story also has dragons, they aren’t necessarily the fire breathing monstrosities made famous in Game Of Thrones. Sure they are on the larger side and can potentially exhale fire but they are demonstrated more from a military and policing perspective. The main story is how Aaron & Cal combine their smarts, knowledge and skills to face down an enemy who clearly is stronger and more devious than anyone thinks. The action sometimes takes a backseat to shadowing and schemes that are crucial to the plot. The author also cleverly uses the city and this environmental factor adds to the claustrophobic conditions of the plot and things are brought to the fore by the various factions fighting on the sly. The blurb mentions an aspect of James Bond’s spy stories and while this isn’t entirely untrue, there’s enough nods and throwbacks to that genre. The plot pace also slowly builds up and then ends on a strong note as the climax unspooled.Overall this was a story that I enjoyed very much and even brought the sequels when they were released. I want to read more of the intriguing world that Samuel Gately has created and he has marked himself out as a writer to watch out for. Night Of The Chalk is definitely a debut that I would recommend for those looking for something different than the usual cup of action fantasy tales.

  • Lee Dunning
    2019-02-22 09:14

    Impressed with several things in this book. The amount of thought that went into developing the character's cultures is admirable. The meaning and purpose of the tattoos worked well. How the dragons were worked into the story and how they lent meaning to the people involved made them far more than a cool gimmick. The villains were well-thought out, nicely developed, mysterious and creepy.Aaron and Cal are both likable, though I think I enjoyed reading Cal's sections more. Aaron is a bit too driven to be 'fun'. There are also several supporting characters that add to the flavor of the story.Excellent foreshadowing. I liked how elements of the city itself ended up playing a part in the grand finale without being obvious or overly obtuse. It was nice to be able to say to myself, 'that was clever' instead of 'where the devil did that come from?'.

  • Lee Fritz
    2019-02-27 12:23

    This one has it all: charm, guile, engineering, and adventure big and small. One measure of a good story, particularly in the fantasy genre is the amount of "story beyond the story," the lore of the particular history and setting up stakes which leaves more doors open than explored and closed. Night of the Chalk drops us right in the thick of an ongoing adventure and uses the characters love of storytelling to fill in the past. Characters-as-narrator are fun when that device allows us to question the reliability of the source, which is often the case here.I got almost a buddy cop vibe from the main pair of Aaron and Cal who used their respective strengths (ultimate outsider / socially connected) along with their shared history of adventures together to drive the plot. The sprinkling of fantasy elements including dragons and Minotaur is balanced by grounded self awareness (the dragons don't breathe fire but still present a distinct military advantage and have a history all to themselves.) All in all, a very impressive novel and I look forward to get into the next.

  • Maryann Hawkins
    2019-02-25 13:14

    Amazing Full of action and fighting suspense not normally my usual reading style but got me hooked ! Will keep my eye out for more from this author