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When disgraced future sports star Michael Carter discovered a time-travel device, he came to our time intent on becoming superhero Booster Gold - and making a fast buck! They were the duo who once bought an island and turned it into a casino - until it uprooted itself and swam away. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Justice League members and longtime friends, have opened pandWhen disgraced future sports star Michael Carter discovered a time-travel device, he came to our time intent on becoming superhero Booster Gold - and making a fast buck! They were the duo who once bought an island and turned it into a casino - until it uprooted itself and swam away. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Justice League members and longtime friends, have opened pandora's box. OMAC soldiers are on the rampage, many of the old JLA are dead or missing, and all because Booster saved his friend's life. They may be back in the saddle now...but for how long? Written by comics superstar Geoff Johns ("52"), with art by Dan Jurgens ("The Death of Superman"), this brand-new series spans the whole of comics' history - and future!Collecting issues #0, 7-10 and 1 Million...

Title : Booster Gold, Vol. 2: Blue and Gold
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ISBN : 9781401219567
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Booster Gold, Vol. 2: Blue and Gold Reviews

  • Jake
    2018-08-31 18:03

    I just love Booster Gold. His story is so sad: he's probably the most important superhero in history, but he has to pretend to be a loser so that his time-traveling enemies don't kill him before he was born. His friendship with Ted Kord is one of my favorite DC friendships, and anything showcasing it (like this book heavily does) is something I'm going to love.The idea of bringing all three Blue Beetles together is cool, but Dan Garrett didn't really do much. If they gave him a more pivotal role, it would have worked way better.The book was resolved pretty well, I think. The big reveal about Rip was shocking (well, it was the first time I read it), and the stuff with Batman was as touching as it was relieving. And the last page before the epilogue was so nice and so, so sad.Dan Jurgens is one of my favorite comic artists, especially on Booster Gold. No one, in my opinion, draws him better.

  • Riley Barnitz
    2018-09-24 20:10

    Ow. I never thought I would want to cry over Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, but you know what I'm doing? Exactly that! All Booster wants is to save his best friend and instead the world is thrown into chaos because of it. Why can't these two be happy! And Alive!Also fuck you New 52! Booster and Ted have never interacted at all yet, and probably don't even know about each other's existence!

  • Anne
    2018-09-08 14:13

    Not as stupid as I thought it would be.It's nothing I would recommend to anyone (unless I run into a rabid Booster Gold fan), but it was way better than I expected.

  • Wing Kee
    2018-08-26 19:07

    That last panel was all the feels. World: The art is great, it's Dan Jurgens and he draws great Superheroes. The world building is fantastic this arc with the DCU messed up and called from all over history it'd a great DC fanboy geek out series. The entire lore of Booster is tied wonderfully in the world and it's character moments. Fantastic. Story: Wonderfully paced and so very fun to read. This series is just well constructed and having Blue and Gold back together is all the feels, the tying her JLI and then current DC events. Fantastic. It's well wortj your time if you are a DC fan. Oh man u can't gush enough about how this run ends. The stuff in the last 10 pages is perfect. Characters: Wonderfully realized characters. Booster and Ted are great and have wonderful chemistry. The banter and the interactions is great. Then there's the greater story of Booster and Johns has made him one of the greatest heroes in DC comics history, brilliant. The cast of characters is fun and they serve their purpose. Full points. Such a wonderful funny and heart felt series. Sooo good. Onward to the next book!

  • Gary Lee
    2018-09-14 17:17

    Books like this one are the reason I've been apprehensive about jumping into the DC Universe. I've been reading Marvel books for years, so I know a lot of the weird, obscure plot points and odd continuity of that world; not so much when it comes to DC books. So, now that Booster Gold has become a Time Master -- keeping nefarious ones from screwing up the established DC continuity -- I can tell there's a lot I'm missing out on.I really don't know anything about Maxwell Lord or Ted Kord or Supernova or the Flash's origins or any of that shit. So, when someone decides to screw with it, I don't really care, because I don't have much invested in the characters.Oh well...I'm madly in Love with Booster Gold, and with Dan Jurgen's wonderful 'superhero' style. So, I'll probably keep reading this one.

  • James Bowman
    2018-09-20 16:13

    While anyone who's read a time-travel story about saving someone who's meant to die knows how this story is going to end, it's still an interesting ride, and you still feel for Booster trying to delay the inevitable. The OMAC-dominated alternate timeline has some interesting twists, even if a few of the bad things get noticeably repeated for different people. Fortunately, the ending softens some of the downer blows from the rest of the story. (B+)

  • Drew Perron
    2018-09-23 20:32

    The late-00s Booster Gold series was interesting. A fannish dive into DC continuity, yes, but one that used fictional history to tell a story of is own."Blue and Gold" focuses on the then-recent death of Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, and Booster's attempt to save him from it. As usual, changing history ends badly, but good intentions do count for something. The flaws of this story are mostly the flaws of the DCU at the time, and its successes are its own.

  • Mike
    2018-09-23 19:26

    A solid follow up to 52 Pick-up. It contains a recap at the beginning of the book of the previous volume, which i'm always calling for collected editions to do. Nice story, a little cliche what with the "man goes back in time to stop death of friend, world changes for the worse, friend sacrifices himself to change world back." Nice ideas with the Zero Hour and DC One Million tie in issues. A few extras at the back aswell. Excellent value for money, highly recommended.

  • Paolo
    2018-09-20 17:04

    Borrowed from local libs... decent read. Only time I ever read about Booster Gold or Blue Beetle was JLInternational Vol 1 when Booster joined. I think it would of been more enjoyable if I read a little bit more about either character so the ending would have been more touching. The Batman convo was pretty cool don't see that very often.

  • Zinz Vandermeer
    2018-08-27 18:27

    In this trade, Johns dabbles in the what ifs of saving Ted Kord, something all Blue and Gold fans hold dear to their heart. He thoroughly picks through all the pros and cons, and gives us a heartwarming, though bittersweet, adventure. But even though things don't turn out quite the way we would like, he leaves the ending open-ended, though we all know that no one took him up on that offer. Jerks.

  • Alan
    2018-09-04 18:07

    While it was nice seeing Blue and Gold back together again the end of this tale is the correct one for the time traveling Booster. Plus, we get another hint as to who Rip Hunter might really be. If you like Booster Gold then pick up the trade. I would say this is not for the casual reader of DC Comics, but for someone who like the character of Booster Gold.

  • M
    2018-09-18 19:23

    Booster attempts to rescue his friend Ted (blue Beetle) Kord from his death at the hands of Max Lord, only to shunt the world into an OMAC-filled nightmare. Booster must now assemble the former JLI in order to set things back to normal.

  • Scott
    2018-09-15 22:29

    Geoff Johns continues to write a really good Booster story. Not your typical DCU story, and its fun to see Booster continue to grow and realize there is more to being a Superhero than making a quick buck. Also has some nice twists along the way.

  • Hillingdon Libraries
    2018-09-10 19:21

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  • Angela
    2018-09-19 17:17

    Another great volume. Booster gets his friend back, but at the cost of everybody else. He also finally gets some acknowledgement for what he has gone through. An emotionally charged storyline.

  • Raul Sanchez
    2018-09-23 17:23

    OH MY GOD!!!!

  • Brian
    2018-09-10 14:27

    As a fan of Booster's from back in the JLI days, it's good to see him come into his own.

  • Daniel Butcher
    2018-09-16 14:17

    Paradoxes and a JLI reunion. Who can hate it?

  • John Yelverton
    2018-09-24 22:21

    This book series is better and better with each new addition, and I can't wait until the next one comes out.