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Title : The Heart and Soul of Sex: Making the ISIS Connection
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ISBN : 9781590302941
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Heart and Soul of Sex: Making the ISIS Connection Reviews

  • Art
    2018-09-21 22:01

    GINA BRINGS IT HOME! There are many books for women “to get in touch with themselves.” There are more books for women on how to love themselves, and scads of books on relationships. All of them have some merit, but Dr. Gina Ogden brings it home! First, she broadens our definition of “sex” to where it is far more than “grunt-and-go, baby-making.” It becomes a part of our essence as human beings: a longing for intense emotional contact not only with our partner but also for life itself! Next, as a mechanism for self-discovery, she uses “The Isis Wheel:” a circle divided into four parts of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional leading to a center of transformation. Isis and Osiris were “legendary” rulers of pre-dynastic Egypt. I personally think they were real people, later deified because of the miraculous power of their great love for one another, which transformed them. My biggest problem with the book is it does not teach or show the oblivious man to recognize, respect and reclaim this wondrous power in women, even when it lies dormant. Even The Sacred Female shows only a smidgen of this power available to men. Perhaps we need an “Osiris Wheel?” But, this is a book for women.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-09-17 16:02

    requested from library Jul 1from the library computer:Table of Contents Introduction: Listening to Women ix PART ONE: THE ISIS CONNECTION1. Broadening Our Vision of Sex3 (10)2. The ISIS Survey Is Born13 (10)3. Opening the Circle, Starting Your Journey23 (7)4. The ISIS Wheel: Finding Your Path30 (10)5. Skin Hunger and Other Sensual Appetites: Your Physical Journey40 (14)6. Passionate and Compassionate Hearts: Your Emotional Journey54 (15)7. Beliefs and Messages: Your Mental Journey69 (11)8. Doors to the Universe: Your Spiritual Journey80 (13)9. Ecstasy, Mystery, and Magic: Your Journey to the Center93 (17)10. Is It Dysfunction or Is It Cosmic Sex? Mapping Yourself from Performance to ISIS110 (11)11. Hardwired for ISIS: The Multidimensional Brain121 (8) PART TWO: PATHS TO THE HEART AND SOUL OF SEX12. Walking the ISIS Wheel: Making Your Way to More Meaningful Sex129 (5)13. Walking the ISIS Wheel with Your Partner: Creating Paths to Intimacy134 (6)14. Your Chakras, Your Self140 (8)15. Tantra: Weaving New Sexual Possibilities148 (7)16. Creating Sexual Ceremony155 (7)17. Elf and Waif: Updating Your Sexual History—With Love162 (5)18. Desiderata: Your Rights to Intimacy and Pleasure167 (4)19. Invoking Your Keeper of the Flame171 (8) Epilogue: Making Peace with Our Bodies 179 (4) Acknowledgments 183 (4) Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality: A Survey 187 (9) Extragenital Matrix 196 (3) Resources 199 (8) Suggested Readings 207 (6) Credits 213 (2) Index 215 (10) About the Author 225

  • Kimberly
    2018-09-16 19:28

    I must say, I enjoyed reading this book. Maybe it's Ogden's style and grace as a writer. Maybe it was the way she approached subject matter that I was already familiar with. But, reading this book helped me connected to my essence of feeling and being in the feminine even more. And that, cover to the final page, was worth every turn.

  • Siobhan
    2018-09-22 22:27

    This book was compassionate and supportive but better for a very repressed woman which I am not. I am very spiritual but found some of the language rather flaky and hokey so I skimmed through the book. But this book would be worth a read for as I said a very repressed woman. It's good that it talks about how sex spans different areas of our lives, mental, spiritual, physical etc.

  • Cindy
    2018-09-02 15:30