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When her brief, disastrous marriage to a fortune hunter ends in scandal, Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler's vengeful adoptive father imprisons her in a cloister. Nine years later, however, following the teachings of the reformer Martin Luther, she arranges a daring escape. She is free at last—for the moment—a noblewoman of conscience, and has learned a lesson about trusting meWhen her brief, disastrous marriage to a fortune hunter ends in scandal, Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler's vengeful adoptive father imprisons her in a cloister. Nine years later, however, following the teachings of the reformer Martin Luther, she arranges a daring escape. She is free at last—for the moment—a noblewoman of conscience, and has learned a lesson about trusting men she will never forget.Wolfgang Behaim, a widowed commoner, is a tradition-bound printer from the rising middle class with a secret that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Burdened by the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father's death, he has no heart for love. Yet he finds himself suddenly betrothed to Sabina, the Baron von Ziegler's adopted daughter.It is a marriage neither wants. Sabina again finds herself imprisoned by the Baron, in a dungeon this time, being slowly starved to death. Her only key to freedom is marriage to Wolf. And Wolf must marry Sabina, or the murderous Baron will reveal the secret from his past.Though neither comprehends the dark purpose behind the Baron's machinations, they are forced into a union they never plan to consummate. But as they fight to discover the truth of the mysteries surrounding them, they find themselves challenged by a fiery passion they cannot resist. Can they overcome their past and find love even as lies, war, and an unexpected enemy conspire against them?...

Title : The Legacy
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ISBN : 9781933836362
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The Legacy Reviews

  • Beatriz
    2019-04-21 05:51

    Una de las mejores lecturas de romántica del año. Cuando leí la sinopsis pensé que iba a ser una novela triste y llena de drama, pero no fue así. Obviamente hay un conflicto importante, pero la deliciosa personalidad de los personajes hace que sea una lectura entrañable, sensual y muy tierna, con diálogos chispeantes y situaciones de lo más emotivas, que potencian un argumento que, siendo honesta, es bastante simple.Se lleva un punto adicional por sacarnos del contexto histórico de la Inglaterra victoriana (tan usado para estas novelas) y situarnos en Sajonia, con la nobleza alemana de telón de fondo, poco después que Martín Lutero clavara sus 95 tesis en las puertas de la iglesia católica. Esta autora fue un gran descubrimiento, me encantó su forma de escribir. Lamentablemente, por lo que estuve averiguando, su bibliografía no es muy prolífica y además, este es su único libro traducido al español.

  • Kristin
    2019-04-09 03:01

    Good, basic romance. Quick read. Very basic 1500s European history worked a little into the story. Nothing complicated, typical romance story (attractive man and woman, both resisting the relationship but can't help falling for each other, everything works out in the end). Not a bad story, not a great story.

  • tess75
    2019-04-02 23:57

    L'époque était très originale et correspond exactement à ce que je suis en train d'étudier (c'est une manière de me justifier de lire alors que j'ai une tonne de boulot qui m'attends ^^').C'est une bonne romance historique que je les aime, avec quelques clichés mais pas trop !

  • Alejandra San
    2019-03-29 04:06

    Agradable historia de amor. Aunque a ratos no se sentía tan real el nivel de atracción que sentían sus protagonistas, la historia me mantuvo atenta y entretenida hasta el final.

  • Martha
    2019-04-12 04:57

    Sabina después de un escándalo y ya arruinada para casarse se ve obligada por su padrastro a estar en un convento luego logra escapar de el para recuperar el legado de su madre pero su padrastro tiene otros planes para ella la mantiene encerrada y la obliga a casarse con Wolf un hombre viudo que coaccionado por el padrastro de Sabina acepta el arreglo. La verdad es que al prncipio me sentí sumamente intrigada por la historia pues me cautivo pero al pasar las paginas fue decayendo en mucho mi interes pues el romance no me lo creí la verdad me dio a entender que Wolf nunca olvido por completo a su esposa difunta y ya se quedo con Sabina por no dejar lo que se me hizo triste por ambas partes tambien el misterioso secreto por el que fue coaccionado Wolf por el padrastro de Sabina se me hizo demasiado tonto. Pero bueno lectura amena sin embargo me costo un poco llegar hasta el final por lo antes mencionado.

  • Pauline
    2019-04-14 06:56

    Dans l'ensemble c'est un bon roman avec quelques éléments qui m'ont un peu dérangée Il y a une contexte historique très (trop?) dense et important dans le livre. Ce qui est intéressant ici c'est que l'histoire se déroule dans un lieu et dans un contexte assez inhabituel dans ce genre de roman. Les personnages sont très touchant j'aime beaucoup les trois frères. J'ai eu un peu de mal avec le passé du personnage masculin, le côté veuf éploré j'ai été à la fois touchée et en même temps triste pour l'héroïne qui doit se forger une place auprès d'un homme pour qui elle ne peux pas être "la seule femme au monde".Pour finir j'ai trouvé que par moment l'histoire des personnages était un peu trop expédiée. Certains passages auraient sans doute mérité qu'on s'y attarde un peu plus. J'ai quand même passé un très bon moment

  • Bob
    2019-04-05 00:03

    A frustrating book. Pretty well done, with excellent historical detail, set in a time and place not usually covered. The book went very well, up to the point Wolfgang reveals what happened to Sabina's inheritance. To that point we are told over and over how important this is to Sabina, and how her whole future is wrapped up in using this money. Then in like 5 minutes she does a 180 and it just doesn't matter to her, and is not event mentioned until the end when Wolfgang fixes it all up. I'm sorry, but the scene in her bedroom where this takes place just does not fit. She goes from heroic to wimp instantly, and it just changed the whole character of the book. I almost dropped it to 2 stars. would have, if the rest hadn't been so well done. You can tell it ticked me off. I was disappointed.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-04 04:01

    Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler has a scandal in her past. Because of this, her step-father sends her off to a convent. Her mother is dead and she is looking to marry to gain control over her inheritance. Her father arranges her marriage but creates a second marriage contract where he gains control her money. Her new husband is not of noble birth but a commoner. Will she settle for the life she has and the husband she didn't originally want?

  • Welzen
    2019-03-27 08:01

    Una novela que no ha estado nada mal. No tiene cuatro estrellas porque no ha sabido aprovechar la oportunidad que le daba ubicar la historia en Sajonia durante la formación del protestantismo. Al final es la típica historia de amor de un matrimonio entre personas que se conocen en día de la boda y se aman casi desde entonces.

  • Susan
    2019-04-10 02:50

    Free download so I really can't complain. Good chemistry between hero and heroine, but I'm really tired of "feisty" heroines who are in reality passive doormats to the hero's alpha behavior. Interesting setting - 15th century post-Reformation Germany. Would think twice about paying for future titles by this author, but for free it was not a bad guilty pleasure read.

  • Dee ReneeChesnut
    2019-04-22 00:57

    This ebook was free when I downloaded it from Barnes and Noble to my Nook library. I enjoyed the historical setting in Wittenberg and the history lessons contained in this novel. I downgraded it to three stars because it made this prude blush enough I give it an R (or TV-MA-S) rating.

  • Jenna
    2019-04-06 03:40

    I didn't know this was a romance novel in the sense that it is basically porn in book form. But, even with skipping over those parts, it was a decent read. Wouldn't recommend it if you don't like the whole romance genre.

  • Loraine
    2019-04-22 05:52

    This was a pretty good book, which I didn't expect since it was free! I like how the author fused so much history into the story without info-dumping and how this storyline was completely tied up, but still managed to leave enough questions for another story.

  • Emmly Jane
    2019-04-22 03:43

    A very enjoyable story with well developed characters. The perseverance of Sabina is amazing while Wolfgang fights letting go of the past in order to embrace his new life/wife. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a historical romance.

  • Marielle Authier
    2019-03-24 01:58


  • Cassie
    2019-03-31 23:57

    This bool has such a compelling plot line and is written to be an easy read.

  • Teri
    2019-04-05 00:52

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.