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Nigel Shirazi was first in line for the chairmanship of Asbaran Solutions, one of the prominent “Four Horsemen” mercenary companies. First in line…until his drinking and temper caused him to fail out of college and get disinherited by the family. Now he leads the life of a playboy, enjoying a stipend from the family to stay out of the way. But someone is out to get his famNigel Shirazi was first in line for the chairmanship of Asbaran Solutions, one of the prominent “Four Horsemen” mercenary companies. First in line…until his drinking and temper caused him to fail out of college and get disinherited by the family. Now he leads the life of a playboy, enjoying a stipend from the family to stay out of the way. But someone is out to get his family, and Nigel is all that stands between the hidden enemy and the destruction of Asbaran Solutions and the Shirazi family. Nigel will have to learn to control himself if he’s going to take the reins of the company, figure out who’s behind the vendetta against Asbaran, and work out a way to stop them. But they’ve taken his sister hostage, and that makes him a very, very angry man!...

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Asbaran Solutions Reviews

  • J.R. Handley
    2019-05-19 00:07

    Summary: First, let me say that none of what I’ll say in this section couldn’t be found on the back copy of the novel. I wanted to provide a spoiler free review, so here goes nothing! Ultimately, this is a family saga, a tale of redemption and one mans journey to familial acceptance. One of the main characters, Nigel Shirazi was first in line for the chairmanship of Asbaran Solutions. It was to be his birth right, commanding one of the prominent “Four Horsemen” mercenary companies. That is until his maladaptive behavior cost him everything, ending in hedonist downward spiral. And finally, a rock bottom where he is disinherited. After being discarded by his birthright, he enjoys the life of a rich playboy until something happens to rock his world. An enemy gets to his family, and Nigel is all that stands between this hidden foe and the destruction of Asbaran Solutions and the Shirazi family line. In the end, the adventure is partially Nigel’s war within himself. If he can gain some self-control and self-discipline, he just might restore all that was lost. All he has to do is rescue his sister from an unbeatable foe, easy peasy.Characters: There are three main characters in this story; The Asbaran Solutions mercenary company, Nigel Shirazi and Thomas Mason. Nigel Shirazi: He is the principle main character in this story, on a quest of personal redemption. By saving his sister, he seeks to save himself and prove his worth to the family who’d dismissed him so many years ago. At first, I really didn’t like the spoiled man-child that we met in the beginning of the story. However, as time went on he sort of grew on me as Nigel grew into himself. He had a definitive character arc, was flushed out and thoroughly described. You never felt like he was a blank shell, he was a character all on his own. If we met in real life, I’d either drink a beer with him and swap war stories or shoot him on sight. Would really depend on whether I met the Nigel from the beginning of this book or the one from the end. I deeply respected his love of family, and his sense of familial obligation. Blood really IS thicker than water, and it was nice to see that this was a sentiment Nigel understood.Thomas Mason: He was your stereotypical soldiers soldier and helped guide and shape the path of the troubled Asbaran Solutions. He also has some personal reasons for going with Nigel on what appears to be a suicide mission, though I can’t go into that without giving some spoilers. He offers the military background, and serves as a foil to Nigel’s playboy ignorance. Overall, I really liked this character and would love to read more about him. I wouldn’t mind if he got his own book as well, giving him room to develop into an even more flushed out character.Asbaran Solutions: This is the company that is at the heart of the adventures of Nigel and Mason. For Mason, it’s a job and a personal journey you’ll have to read about but for Nigel it’s so much more. For Nigel, it’s about saving his sister and his families honor. It’s a connection with his heritage and his forefathers. The special time he spent on his grandfather’s knee learning about the galaxy and the mercenary life that Earth provided to the sentient species whom inhabited it. With its mere existence, this company drives the plot and serves as the invisible puppet master pulling all the strings. Plot: Like most of the military science fiction I love to read, this was an action-packed novel. The beginning was a bit of a slow start, but once it took off it never really lagged. I wasn’t able to read this book from start to finish in one setting because of its length but I wanted too. I believed that the tactics worked for the novel, especially the aerial ones, but what do you expect from a naval aviator? The action on the ground was believable, though lacking in tactical sophistication and depth. However, when you had a bad assed mech like their CASPer’s you can get away with a run and gun strategy. The story flowed seamlessly from one plot point to another, which made it easy to read and follow. There were a few times where I was confused by what was going on, but this was likely because of my TBI. After I backtracked and re-read the part that got me it became very clear. Worldbuilding: This is the first book I’ve read by Chris Kennedy, but I’d heard good things and his reviews were solid. I wasn’t disappointed! This world was very flushed out, and left you curious about the world. Heck, I bought his book AND the other book in the universe after I read this one. While this is science fiction, and you definitely need to have some suspension of disbelief for the aliens [Chris Kennedy] invents, within the universe he builds they’re totally believable. I also found myself sympathetic to Nigel, as he struggles on his quest for redemption. [Asbaran Solutions] definitely had shades of the Prodigal Son, though with a metric butt ton more death and explosions. The one part I wasn’t thrilled about was the concept of Earth evolving into a system of the mercenary corporate planet, without any nation states, but it is a common trope in science fiction. Overall, this didn’t dissuade me from enjoying this story and I’m aware that many people LOVE those kinds of universe set ups. In a nut shell, the world building gets an A- from me, but only because of the lack of explanations on HOW we became a planet without nations.Description: This book was chalk full of visualization, and you could definitely imagine yourself in this world. It felt very flushed out, and there were times where you could even smell the aliens. I love it when a book is this immersive, where it takes you deeply into the world. For me, if a book isn’t described enough that I can imagine myself into the story. If a story is truly good, I often find myself imagining what happens when the book ends. That doesn’t work in books where the world wasn’t flushed out. In this category, Chris gets an A+++!Overall: I think that the easiest way for me to explain my thoughts, is to tell you how I received the novel. Like with the [Wraithkin] novel, I was given a free ARC (advanced reader copy) eBook a little over a week before the novel went live. In return, I was to post an honest review on Amazon for the author on the day it launched. I loved this book, it was definitely 5 out of 5 Grenades. Chris Kennedy had me hooked from the beginning, and kept it going throughout the whole novel. I went on to buy a copy, because I liked it enough that I wanted to support the author. I also went on to purchase the [Cartwright Cavaliers], another novel in the [Four Horsemen Universe]. It’s an amazing adventure, a look into [Chris Kennedy]’s twisted imagination, and leaves you wishing that his therapist has a therapist. This is a book I would happily recommend, and an author I will definitely read again. Heck, I would even recommend that you buy the novel! But hey, it’s easy to spend someone else’s money! This is definitely a novel worth buying, versus merely reading for free at the library.

  • Joshua Chausse
    2019-06-16 21:46

    Another good book by KennedyEnjoyed this series and will now be reading the other 4 Horseman novels. Particularly liked the character development. Well done

  • Kevin
    2019-05-23 23:06

    Corny compared to the restNot too much to say. I felt this spent a lot of time in dead conversation foe the sake of a few smirks. The different writing style was a detraction.

  • Joey Calvey
    2019-06-16 23:45

    Great bookI thought this book was pretty good overall, but I liked Cartwright better. Don't let that put you off though, it is still an action packed space adventure in a well developed universe. Grab it!

  • Pat Patterson
    2019-06-07 22:41

    Papa Pat Rambles has expanded and extended commentary on the book.Mad props to the people who did the cover, Brenda Mihalko and Ricky Ryan. Great spooky mecha art, and a design that fits in with the rest of the series.Nigel Shirazi has spent his recent life hating his name. He hates his first name because it has become a personal acronym for repeated failure: "Never Is Good Enough: Loser." When taunted, he lashes out, and lands in trouble, sometimes in jail, and the cycle is then repeated elsewhere.He hates his last name because it means that he is an unwanted member of the family that owns Asbaran, one of the Four Horsemen, the mercenary companies who survived the initial rounds of contract warfare when the Earth was admitted to the Galactic Union, with nothing to offer in exchange for economy-wrecking technology except fighters.And Nigel doesn't want to be a mercenary. Nobody else wants Nigel to be a mercenary, either. He gets paid off to be a dilettante, a remittance man, someone who will stay away and not bother the important people who are carrying on the important business.And then a bad thing happens.Several bad things, in fact. All of the male senior members of the Shirazi are killed, the single surviving female is captured, and some strange events in the trading of securities and equipment have resulted in the company going bankrupt.There is no alternative but to bring Nigel the Loser out of the junkyard, and put him in charge. He immediately dashes to the Border of Insanity, a place he has lived most of his life, and resolves to use the limited resources remaining to Asbaran to complete the same mission that has crushed everyone else.There's something bizarre going on, though. It doesn't make sense that Asbaran would have been offered the mission in the first place. It's a garrison mission; go here, take up positions, and defend it, until a specified time. That's NOT what Asbaran does; they are an assault company. Drop in, kill things, then go away to the next mission. There's something funny about this, and it isn't Monty Python.Excellent book. Lots of exploding spaceships. Lots of room for character growth. Lots of Red Shirts. Lots of Bad Guys getting their just desserts. Buy it!

  • Jim
    2019-05-17 21:46

    No spoilers review. This book wasn't terrible, but it felt like a first novel for a new author. The dialog was hokey and predictable. The author relied heavily on sterotypes for the characters rather than putting the effort of developing them. I really felt no connection for the main characters and frankly didn't like any of them.It really felt like the author hadn't read the first novel, but had a fact sheet and a list of buzz words to use. The continuity of the universe was shakey. For example, no mention of nanites when they CLEARLY were needed and, in this universe, standard issue for all mercs.All that being said, I didn't HATE the book, I just thought it missed the easy things that could have made it a great book. I liked the story. It built an the over-arcing story line and has me wondering. If your a big fan of the first book, read this one, but don't expect the same style and quality.

  • Angie
    2019-05-27 05:51

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is the 2nd in The Revelations Cycle, but it also works as a stand-alone novel. The author does an excellent job of showing the actions of various characters in different situations that are all taking place at the same time. This freeze-frame story style is easy for the reader to follow and gives a view that not many authors can successfully achieve.Chris Kennedy’s military experience is evident in his attention to detail, both with the equipment used and the actual battles themselves. “Asbaran Solutions” has lots of action and movement that keeps the reader engrossed. As a side note, you can “join the Red Shirts” on the author’s website and be killed off in one of his books. There were lots of characters in this story--it would be interesting to know how many of these characters were Red Shirts.

  • Ryan Ohashi
    2019-05-25 02:39

    Started off....and ended...Unlike the first book this one was plain sad, as in sorrow. And made you feel like "what is the point and why even try" because three just was no high point, only lows, and personally I just don't enjoy books that only spiral down then end somewhat unfinished. The only thing that it did was that brothers and sisters in arms will give their lives for each other and I do understand that...I just don't understand why this author would make it completely un-winnable, even a battle, one battle, but he did and it makes me leary about reading any other books he authored as it is too depressing, and ppl don't read science fiction only to be depressed...imho

  • Terence Thirteen
    2019-06-02 01:55

    The first book in the Revelations Cycle, Cartwright's Cavaliers, was written by Mark Wandrey and was a solid five stars, for anyone into Mech Sci-Fi. Asbaran Solutions, the second book, was written by Chris Kennedy and just doesn't measure up to the first book. Luckily, the third book, which should be released on Audible soon, is written by the original/first author and I have high hopes that it will be as good as Cartwright's Cavaliers.My advice: read the first book in the series, skip this one and go straight to the third.

  • Leslie Baptiste
    2019-05-19 03:48

    This book may be a series killer for me, too depressingThis book was very depressing, everybody dies or almost everybody. We want our heroes to win not to die we read books for entertainment and we want our heroes to succeed, there is enough tribulation and trials in the world that we don’t want to have it in some of our books. This may be a showstopper for me but read it at your own risk.

  • Vernon Burt
    2019-06-03 22:01

    A pretty good book, if not as good as the first in the series. This is a darker story in which the heroes are much less successful. Action is pretty good and the characters were likeable, even if some of the sidekicks were a little stereotypical. The universe, as before, is very well constructed and draws you in. The ending is confusing - it's not even clear if Asbaran Solutions still exists.

  • Ian
    2019-06-10 00:42

    This was a much better book. The action is more believable, the characters better written, and the flow of the story was significantly improved.The thing I found annoying was that the author would spend the time to include the names/ranks of the squad .. just as they were blown apart. Incorporate that earlier in the book so it seems significant or not at all.

  • Donald McManus
    2019-06-09 05:01

    War is death. This book shows this truth A previous review stated this book was dark, it was. However, the subject of combat action is death. One truth throughout this book is that death is always there even for the characters you come to love. I do enjoy this series. This story was a slap in the face saying the reality of war in the future is the same as now.

  • sean luehmann
    2019-05-20 02:47

    Great follow up book. This is a great universe to play in. As the second book in the serries iEnjoyed the entire book, but the ending had me wanting more. That being said it definitely worth the read

  • Kevin
    2019-05-19 02:39

    More bleak and not quite as enjoyable as the predecessor book Cartwright's Cavaliers, but still a really good military sci-fi read. It's got me hooked to the point that I am definitely planning on finishing the series.

  • John
    2019-05-24 06:07

    A great addition to the seriesI was wondering what was happening at the beginning but then this book took off the character development was great and the story line flowed along nicelyI look forward to the next one

  • Ray Carter
    2019-05-30 05:05

    The Four Horsemen Rock!!This book along with the other "Horsemen" volumes, comprise a great "Mecha" adventure series. While each is unique in its own right, they tie together onto a coherent whole. Read them all. Highly recommend

  • Billie
    2019-06-16 05:55

    Meh, it's okay, almost YA in how light it is

  • jimm jorgensen
    2019-05-31 23:50

    GreatWell written,while this is usually not my type of book I'll be reading this author for awhile because well I'm interested lol.

  • Bill
    2019-06-03 02:49

    A somewhat slow start but quickly moves to the fast lane. Space opera for the fun of it.

  • Taylor Horton
    2019-06-11 23:43

    Its like a battletech novelIt's like a reading an old school pre clan invasion, innersphere Battle tech novel. But with aliens, and more emotional.

  • Kevin Jones
    2019-06-09 23:55

    Series was fun to read and very hard to put down. Hope to see some more books for this series!

  • Melissa Bartholomew
    2019-06-13 03:40

    Again, easy reading, your usual soap opera style future military fiction. Enjoyed it.

  • Joe Jungers
    2019-06-14 04:43

    Man - a whole lotta folks die in this one.Life of the Merc, I suppose.

  • Steve
    2019-05-22 02:37

    Good book, not as good as the first, but still a good addition to the series.

  • richard a rishell
    2019-06-11 05:44

    InterestingThe humans won but at what cost. The book got a little over wordy at the end but was very readable.

  • David P. Duffy
    2019-06-06 21:43

    Limited SciFi Entertainment Value"Asbaran Solutions (The Revelations Cycle Book 2)," is the author's, Mr. Chris Kennedy, latest installment of a near future, mech/mercenary driven SciFi series. Bluntly, it has limited entertainment value due to both the unskilled writing, and a farcical narrative.The storyline continues a few centuries in the near future. One of the "Four Horseman," mercenary corporations, is on the brink of ruin, following the repeated, unsuccessful attempts at recapturing a captured garrison outpost. The main character (MC) Nigel, the sole remaining son of the family, a spoiled, lazy scion, who at best has rage issues, and at worse is psychotic, decides to rescue his kidnapped sibling, and save the corporation. The MC is partnered with another mentally deficient individual, his "top sergeant." Nigel overnight becomes a strategic savant, scrapes together an under-equipped, undermanned merc unit, and is off planet, wheeling-and-dealing.It is impossible to like a character, who is totally reprehensible as Mr. Kennedy's MC, Nigel. The poor, little rich kid is loathsome. Further, the author reprises the theme from his early book in the series, of "damaged" young men, rising to success. It is banal, hackneyed, and fully contrived. The aliens, fantastical though they be, are more realistic and entertaining, than any of the human characters. Mr. Kennedy is incapable of writing a storyline, where humans are not one dimensional cartoon cutouts. Further, the casualty rate of the merc forces, throughout the entire story, is so high, as to approach near certain suicidal levels. Many of the aliens do prove engaging, especially the non-villains. The first quarter of the book is a slog, without much to like. As the story continues, there are glimmers of what a skilled and talented writer might have done with the base, meritorious concepts. The book is narrowly recommended and was fully read via Kindle Unlimited.

  • Michael Wood
    2019-06-08 03:01

    RECOMMENDED: Great Mercenary Military Space Opera Chris, a former naval aviator, has the military aspects of writing great military space opera down pat: he is scary good at describing the total anarchy of a firefight. In this second book about a future Earth, where mercenary groups are the major Earth corporations, he does even better than the first novel. Kennedy has imagined a world in which four large mercenary groups are each larger than any Earth-side government. One hundred bands of mercenaries leave Earth in the first wave. Only four of those survive their first contract. These four grow, based on their success, and are popularly known as "the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ". Like the last novel, this one focuses on a series of trials and tribulations that one of the "Four Horsemen" face. This novel focuses on "Asbaran Solutions ". (The last volume, also a great book, BTW, was about the "Cavalry ")The disenfranchised former heir to the mercenary company is forced to take charge after a disastrous campaign the group was hired to fight. It appears that there may be a leak at HQ, resulting in the deaths of his father and brother, and the capture of his sister. The uninterested son with a serious anger management problem, the only possible open family "candidate" for chairman must take action...somehow...Excellent writing, great character development, good descriptions, and an understandable storyline combine to make this a SECOND GREAT BOOK IN THE SERIES!!

  • Phillip
    2019-06-12 21:50

    Great seriesI really enjoy the writing style of this author, the best books are not read, they are more like a movie in your imagination, can't wait for the next one