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2nd EditionBeauty is only skin deep, but some marks—and what they represent—are impossible to escape.Eric resents his comfortable college life and the restrictions his family’s expectations put on him. Dwayne, his best friend Angel’s cousin, is a pierced and tattooed ex-con trying to rebuild his life. Eric sees only the tattoos and the way Dwayne’s upbringing have dictated2nd EditionBeauty is only skin deep, but some marks—and what they represent—are impossible to escape.Eric resents his comfortable college life and the restrictions his family’s expectations put on him. Dwayne, his best friend Angel’s cousin, is a pierced and tattooed ex-con trying to rebuild his life. Eric sees only the tattoos and the way Dwayne’s upbringing have dictated his future. It takes a surprising revelation from Angel to force Eric to see past Dwayne’s defenses to the generous heart beneath and to realize it’s time for him to break free of his own instilled beliefs. The men can’t keep apart, and they gradually learn that everything they thought they knew about each other might be wrong. Opposites attract as two men from very different backgrounds move from enemies to lovers in a story of understanding, compassion, and redemption.First Edition published by Pink Petal Books, 2011....

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Permanent Ink Reviews

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-03-27 12:24

    A Hearts On Fire Review TWO HEARTS--The re-release of Permanent Ink by Jaime Samms is a short story that features a very quick pairing between white college basketball player Eric and black tatted/pierced ex-con Dwayne. Eric's best friend is Dwayne's cousin, Angel, meaning they knew of each other but never formally hung out. Eric judges Dwayne based on his outward appearance, assuming the worst. Though Dwayne doesn't help Eric's preconception in the beginning of the short when he brags about his ass pain from a hookup the night before. The two start on the wrong foot and it quickly turns around into a HEA.Race is an important factor in this short. And unfortunately, so are a few stereotypes.This is a re-release, I haven't read the original version but I'm going to take a stab that not much changed. Though the time period could be implied as modern day, it read more like any reference to the time period was vaguely mentioned. An example, Dwayne is supposed to look like a "thug" with cornrows and beads because he came from the hood and had to wear the "thug" exterior to protect himself on the "inside".*sigh*I just can't buy the characterization as justification for writing Dwayne this way. I'm unsure if the story is supposed to be based in the UK or America, so it could help me reference the characters. Maybe that's how the "thugs" dress and act in a different part of the world? *shrug*I think I see what the author was going for, opposites attract insta-love romance but the beginning was rough. I didn't like Eric. He was privileged and didn't really come away as a better person in the end. Dwayne read more like 2-D character who had past rape added to his life to give depth?Past rape was given as the reason for the "armor" of tattoos and 'tough persona....why have him brag about sleeping around if he has a sexual hang up (about bottoming). There were contradicting factors - hooking up with random men to never having sex since jail.Didn't make the impact it tried to go for.My second biggest gripe (after poor characterization) is if this was reedited, why not make it read more current? Angel tried to give something about race relations when he tried to give a teaching moment with Eric. But it kinda fell off to the wayside. Story is too short to try and encompass crime, rape PTSD. Not a fan of the way it was written or presented.The one sex scene was a bust because the main characters read awkward and acted awkward to me. Example, it'd be a kiss then stall then kiss then pause...not smooth writing. Along with the vagueness in the writing.I've read this author in the past. Samms's books have a tendency to be full of angst. I don't think the topics added to make the story...interesting (for lack of a better word) was needed.How could the story have been better? More length, show how the two connected rather than insta-love over time. There were very tiny bits of that that just didn't go anywhere.Didn't like Eric by the end - he still read like a privileged rich kid. I doubt he grew or will grow from his relationship with Dwayne. Dwayne could do so much better.Not recommended.

  • Ezinwanyi
    2019-04-05 14:08

    This book pushed some buttons for me. The blurb made it sound like an intriguing interracial romance, but it ended up being a story with cliché characters overcoming their prejudice to find love.It starts off with Eric, judgmental basketball player who assumes his best friend Angel’s tattooed roommate and cousin is a thug. Eric is a white college student from a middle-class family whereas Angel and his cousin Dwayne are from the projects and come with all the baggage that often come with hood life. They have criminal pasts and in Eric’s mind, Dwayne is a criminal not to be trusted. Dwayne was described as a cornrow and baggy pants wearing tattooed guy who seem to enjoy uninhibited sex encounters as Dwayne was constantly coming onto Eric. Eric assumed Dwayne was a man-ho and told his best friend Angel of his analysis of Dwayne’s character. Of course, the black predatory thug would want the stable college white boy, right?Aside from this galling racial set up, the plot and story wasn’t smooth nor did it flow well. It was uneven and didn’t draw me in emotionally at all. I see the author was trying to set up an opposite attract, enemies to lover trope, but this story smacks of lazy plot set up and character development and research. It is a novella, so there isn’t a lot time to construct but I do not believe extra pages would save this one. I found it is unrealistic that Eric doesn’t know more about his best friends’ cousin and roommate considering Eric spends the night on Angel’s couch sometimes. Second, it was so contrived that once Eric was told of Dwayne’s sacrifice, Dwayne is all of a suddenly so attractive. I didn’t connect with their chemistry and I didn’t enjoy their sex scenes at all. It was short, but I disliked this story and I am unsure if I will read something else by this author.

  • Karen
    2019-04-09 11:25

    Short story = short reviewOk this book clocked in at 69 pages on my e-reader (kid you not) to say that I was disappointed when I discovered that less than 50 (47) of them were dedicated to the story and the rest were promos for other books is a gross understatement. I was really getting into the story and starting to like these two men, wanting to know more and wham that's it we're in for the fast wrap up and they all lived happily ever after...story time is over.So I would have honestly liked more and probably this would have been more than a 3 star read for me had there been more. So the key word here is 'more'.More story = more reading = more enjoyment = more stars = more reviewThe end

  • Kassa
    2019-04-16 15:11

    This short story plays off a minor character from “Goodbye Scrooge.” You don’t need to read the previous book at all as there is little to no cross over. Instead this new story focuses on giving a happy ending to an odd couple. The writing is decent and the story has all the right elements: complex characters, minor tension, a graphic sex scene, supporting friends, and so on but it never came together for me. Instead I finished the story glad it was over and not particularly caring for the main couple. I actually liked the m/f couple better. The narrator is Eric, the minor character from the previous story. Eric supposedly gets bored easily with lovers and has had a crush on his best friend’s cousin, Dwayne. Dwayne has a sketchy past including time in prison which has left scars on his body and heart. Outwardly arrogant, Dwayne puts up a good front to hide his brittle emotions. As Eric peals away the layers he realizes his crush is actually quite a bit more. The story is character driven as Eric and Dwayne dance around each other than finally get together. The development of their personalities is decent as Dwayne comes across as a complicated man. His past in jail and the affects are well done, but they almost needed more room to grow. He comes across as likable and interesting yet not entirely three dimensional. In the beginning Dwayne is very cocky and self assured, confident in his appeal to Eric. Then this seems to change suddenly once Eric knows of Dwayne’s past and then Dwayne’s confidence comes back. The back and forth is understandable yet feels too rushed and superficial to let the reader appreciate all the subtly involved. Likewise Eric is decent but I couldn’t quite connect with him. He makes some offhand comments about Dwayne that aren’t flattering but provoke really strong reactions in both Dwayne and secondary characters that didn’t seem warranted. It’s an easy way to create tension and force the two main characters together but never is quite genuine. In fact I like Eric’s best friend and his girlfriend the most as they have the most chemistry and interest on the page. Eric and Dwayne are nice in theory but their chemistry never came across. One other thing to note is that the cover is just random. While Dwayne is a black man and Eric is white, their descriptions don’t match the cover models at all. This probably won’t matter to readers but I have to say I actually stopped reading to compare the cover to the descriptions and was pretty surprised by how off they were. Overall I didn’t particularly like this offering from Samms but I still like the idea of it.

  • Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮
    2019-04-12 10:08

    3.25 stars Permanent Ink by Jaime Samms, released by Dreamspinner Press, is a second edition, I haven’t read the first one so I’m not sure how much or if it was revisited. I usually like what the author writes so I was really curious about this new to me novella. Plus “opposite attracts” is a trope I truly love in my books.I found Permanent Ink to be a good story. The characters were well developed considering the length of the novella, just sixty pages. I particularly liked the secondary characters, Angel and Jack, the little scenes with Angel’s mum. All of them were what friends and family are supposed to be, the love they shared is pure and strong.There were a couple of things that kept me from rating the story more than 3.25 stars. First of all I would have preferred to have Dwayne POV too. Eric’s one wasn’t enough. I struggled understanding what was going on in Dwayne mind and his POV would have helped me a lot. For example to actually see the desire they seemed to have for each other. In fact apart from the sexual parts, did they like each other? Did they want to be together? I had no idea what they were feeling. A couple of”I love you” spoken in the epilogue didn’t satisfy me at all. I wanted more from the MCs and sadly I didn’t get it.That said, Permanent Ink is a good story, well written from one of my favorite authors. It just misses the fire that make me really love a book.The cover art by AngstyG is awesome, it caught my attention and together to the author name, brought me to be interested in the story, I wasn’t even interested in the blurb.

  • Erica Chilson
    2019-04-02 11:19

    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 Stars. Jaime Samms is a new-to-me author, and I felt reading a short story was the best way to see if the author and I were a good fit. I like well-written short stories and novellas, because sometimes I don't feel like wading through 400+ pages for an entire story, and Permanent Ink was a solid choice. Eric is a basketball player from an affluent family. He feels trapped within his parents' ideals, as does his brother the reader meets briefly. His best friend, Angel, has expanded Eric's horizons. After a night of partying, Eric is camped out on Angel's sofa, when Dwayne- Angel's cousin -comes home and hits on Eric. Eric is bi, but it's the outside package of Dwayne that puts Eric off. It's not the color of his skin, or the intriguing tattoos and piercings, it's the ex-con vibe Dwayne gives out. Permanent Ink is an exploration of learning 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Dwayne has an intense story to tell, and it's written on his skin. Eric allows himself to open up and see his new friend as the incredible man that he is. I rated the short story by others in its genre, finding it a quick, steamy romp. While Permanent Ink is a full story, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it, I felt if it had been expanded just a bit more, the emotional impact would have been exponentially higher. Dwayne had a big story to tell, but it was told via Eric's narration. Written from Dwayne's POV, with a bit more length, the story would've been taken in a different direction. I didn't rate the story on what I wanted or wished it had been, but what it was. Permanent Ink was a solid story, wrapped up in a few pages, giving the reader an entertaining read. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-04-12 10:18

    Prejudice is a terrible thing because, among other problems, it prevents people from seeing the person beneath the stereotype. Eric faces a particularly nasty form of it in this story: he is not even aware that his distrust of his best friend’s cousin, Dwayne, is based in a racial perception Eric doesn’t believe to be part of his world view. This is the story of Eric waking up to the truth of his mistaken perceptions, and his journey toward a more honest, accurate view of Dwayne.Eric may resent the restrictions his family put on him regarding what college courses he has to take and what kind of woman he is supposed to date, but deep down, he is a product of his white privileged environment. His “rebellion” is mostly internal, limited to him playing basketball with his black best friend, Angel, and chasing men rather than building real relationships. When Angel’s cousin, Dwayne, comes to live with Angel, Eric is attracted to him but won’t let anything come of it because he doesn’t trust him. Dwayne is black, tattooed, pierced, and an ex-con. Eric thinks that is all he needs to know about the man.Rather than trying to understand who Dwayne is and seeing that he is trying to rebuild his life by working very hard, Eric only perceives the badass exterior and the fact that Dwayne never seems to sleep with the same guy more than once. He rebuffs all of Dwayne’s advances, thinking he is a thug who is taking advantage of Angel, and generally makes an a* of himself. Until, that is, Angel confronts him with the truth, and makes Eric begin to use his brain and start to ask questions to find out who Dwayne is underneath the rough exterior. The process of Eric’s change is written really well, and as Eric and Dwayne finally open up to each other, Eric discovers a few very surprising details about Dwayne, his life and what he had to do to survive, and how he and Angel see the world as black men versus what Eric has experienced and always assumed to be the case for everyone. It’s a truly eye-opening experience for him. If you like stories about characters who challenge the status quo of their beliefs, if you want to know more about two men who come from opposite ends of the social spectrum and have to learn how to create their own reality, and if you’re looking for a thought-provoking read about friendship, love, and redemption, then you will probably like this novella. NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Feliz
    2019-04-12 09:11

    Short and so sweet. A white middle-class college basketball player gets a healthy dose of reality from his best friend's working poor irresistible black cousin. The way those two find each other despite all odds is heartbreaking to watch, and the growth they both go through over the few short pages of this novella is remarkable. A beautiful read.

  • Walford
    2019-04-09 13:30

    This shouldn't have interested me at all, but it is So Well Written I was completely engaged. Just have to check out her other stuff...

  • MyzanM
    2019-04-01 14:07

    Sort and a bit confusing. Eric was really hard to connect to and even like. Dwayne was equally hard to connect to, but slightly more likeable.

  • Nin
    2019-03-30 12:31

    Felt like an excerpt from a longer book rather than a complete story. Had trouble connecting to the characters until the last chapter.

  • Tina
    2019-03-30 09:19

    Permanent Ink by Jaime Samms is a very good start to a story. I did not feel this one really was a full story, but more of a snippet of these character's lives. I would have loved this one more if it had slowed down and really let me into the minds of the characters.Eric as he is written in this story he is very shallow. He sees the surface of things and that includes people. His light bulb moment about Dwayne really to me was a disrespect to Dwayne himself. I do not believe this character really deserved Dwayne. Far too shallow and self absorbed.Dwayne has been through a lot. He retains his goodness through it all. I would have liked to really get into his mind a bit more. Would have helped me understand what he saw in Eric, cause me as the reader just could not get it at all.Over all I liked the writing, I just wished the book didn't hit the surface of the characters only. With out the more in-depth and insight to the story I found it just okay. Not one I would want to read again.Three Red Stars

  • Les Joseph
    2019-04-01 08:17

    Jaime Samms is one of my auto-buy authors. She writes her stories in such a way that I am ALWAYS captivated and thoroughly invested in her characters. From rock stars to ballet dancers to troubled boys, Jaime hasn't let me down yet. I read Permanent Ink ages ago, and loved it, but when I saw it was being re-released--with a GORGEOUS new cover--I knew I wanted to read it again. And boy am I glad I did. I forgot how utterly fantastic Eric and Dwayne are and how much I enjoyed their story. As a novella--only 68 pages--you might think that there isn't much depth to this story. You'd be wrong though. Way wrong. How Jaime Samms manages to pack so much into so few pages just goes to show how talented she is. Eric is a very privileged guy ...comes from a wealthy family, is expected to follow in his father's footsteps into being a doctor (never mind that he's a basketball player), and really doesn't want for much in the way of material things. He's a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy who is bisexual, though his parents like to ignore this fact, and his best friend is fellow teammate, Angel, who he happened to grow up with. Angel is black, but he's smart, athletic, and driven (more so than Eric actually) and has his head on straight. Angel is also where he is today thanks to his cousin, Dwayne. You see, Angel was involved in a fatality and when the police showed up it was Dwayne who took the blame, and the one who spent six years in prison. When he emerges, he's tatted up, pierced, has cornrows and an attitude that is all bark. But beneath lays a good man with a big heart and is endearingly vulnerable. The shortness of the book dictates that things move fast, and they do, but there is enough so that you get a true sense of who these two guys are. Eric is quick to judge everyone and everything. Being an upper class privileged white boy will do that to a person I guess but between Angel and Dwayne, Eric learns that everything is not what it appears. There isn't just black or white, right or wrong, but variations in between. And in the case of Dwayne, who was the quiet, good boy to Angel's rebelliousness and compunction to find trouble, Eric sees first hand that first impressions are not always correct. Like most people, I would have loved this book to have been longer, but I can certainly appreciate what Samms was trying ... and succeeded in doing which is to show a world that we don't see enough of, especially in M/M. A racially diverse cast of characters and a glimpse, albeit a brief one, of people and circumstances that aren't so cookie-cutter. This is a book about race and family and sacrifice and love. It's about expectations, both real and imagined, and how sometimes there is more to what you can see. I really enjoyed Permanent Ink and can't wait to see what Jaime writes next!

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-03-23 11:17

    You know a man is irresistible when just looking at him makes your ass twitch. Such is Eric’s dilemma. He has a lust crush on Dwayne, his best friend’s cousin but isn’t sure that Dwayne’s flirting really means anything. When the two are finally thrown together and take advantage of the obvious chemistry Eric is forced to deal with some real issues. Dwayne may just the one man Eric can’t run away from. Permanent Ink offers two complex men that shouldn’t be together but fit anyway. Eric is a minor character from another Samms’ novel and it’s nice to see him get a happy ending. He’s never had a long term relationship and tends to get restless and bored easily. He’s contrasted with Dwayne, a man with a prison past and brittle emotions. The physical and emotional scars are present and not easy to get beyond as the two men find a way to connect. While the characters are developed, their issues are simply too big to put into such a short story. Both of these men needed more room to grow, come together, and get over their respective problems. This is perhaps the biggest problem with the story. It’s too short. Everything happens way too fast, way too soon and loses some of its impact. The scene with Eric’s brother should be more important but instead it feels like a heavy manipulation to allow Eric to go in a certain direction. Also there isn’t really much tension to the story either. Due to Eric’s past most of the secondary characters are worried Eric’s going to hurt Dwayne but he says early on he won’t and that’s the end of it. The writing gives as much credibility as it can but ultimately the short space just takes away most of the enjoyment and satisfaction with the speed of the relationship and resolution. It’s still worth reading, however. The short story has a really good idea with an opposite attract theme and interracial couple, which there aren’t enough of in gay erotic romance. Originally posted at

  • JoAnna G
    2019-04-09 09:30

    This is the first book I have read by this author. I had no idea the writing style or anything of that nature. I went in completely blind and didn’t even read the summary. That being said this was an ok book. I say that because is was over before it really started. Thought i was getting roughly 70 pages. I think maybe more like 50.This is really hard to review because I felt like it was rushed and not a complete story. I was starting to get into it and it was over. I want to say Eric is likeable from what I read, he was just underdeveloped. He is middle to upperclass and he is best friends with Angel. Dwayne is Angel’s cousin with tattoos and piercings and a stint in prison. The ultimate bad boy or is he. He has a funny attitude and pretty happy go lucky sort of dude. Looks and such can be deceiving. Then you have Eric that prejudges without even knowing that he is. Eric and Dwayne were just laying the groundwork for more and it was done It was just really fast. There wasn’t a bunch said about Eric’s family. YOu get to meet Dwayne’s because he is Angels cousin and you get to meet Angels mom. She is protective over Dwayne. Overall it wasn’t bad. I was just disappointed with the length and character development. It wasn’t there much in Eric past. If this book was expanded or made a fuller length I would give it another go.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-30 13:30

    An enjoyable romance marred by editing errors - I read the sample from Amazon before buying this but assumed that the strange spacing on the page was just a glitch in the sample. It isn't and it does get a little distracting.I really liked Dwayne as a character and the whole scene where Eric wakes up on his friend's sofa/couch, badly hungover and wincing at the sunlight - that took me right back to my student days :) The romance is well written and I liked the characters - if it wasn't for the editting I'd have given this 4 or more stars.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2019-04-10 08:10

    Enjoyable short story with an unfortunately rather bad cover! During the whole story I had the feeling that everything is happening a bit too fast to actually feel real. I would have liked to get a deeper insight into the main characters life.

  • Tailtiu
    2019-03-24 07:17