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I love Cal Blaire. He taught me about wicca. He helped me find out who I am.But now we share a secret. A terrible, dark secret that binds us together, even as it tears us apart.I don't know Cal anymore. I don't even know myself. And I don't know who or what to trust - except my magick....

Title : Dark Magick
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ISBN : 9780142409893
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Number of Pages : 186 Pages
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Dark Magick Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-03-25 03:48

    This was an okay story although the pace made it drag a bit, even though it wasn’t very long. We got some real revelations about Cal in this book, and this pair ended this book in a very different place to where they started it. I always thought that (view spoiler)[ Cal’s mother was dodgy, but I didn’t realise quite how involved Cal was too. (hide spoiler)] 6 out of 10["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Julie Zantopoulos
    2019-04-20 23:39

    Finally, this series is picking up in plot and character development I've been a bit annoyed with Morgan in past books but this one she finally comes into her power/strength and is more confident. I appreciate that she's seeing through what was clear to me for the last few books...that people weren't what they seemed. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next and these audiobooks are so quick and easy to consume. Yup...I'm hooked.

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    2019-04-06 00:28

    The end of book three was intense and bewildering. Obviously, Cal controls Morgan, it's not a real love, I think that's why Hunter and Sky sigils her house so maybe she can see. I can't believe that Cal and Morgan might have killed Hunter, I suspect that he might be Morgan's soulmate!So Hunter thankfully isn't dead, Morgan is so happy and relived she didn't kill him, unlike Cal who wishes they did. Morgan start seeing things in Cal she didn't like, when he tries to sleep with her, she can't do it, she keeps feeling something is wrong especially after her 17th birthday and she almost killed Hunter. Her friends in Practical Magick, David and Alyce warn her to be careful and to ask for help. Morgan and Hunter share a mind connection and they both discover many things about each other, than she does it with Sky, the scry on Cal and Selen as well and Morgan discovers many horrible things.

  • Loren
    2019-03-21 04:18

    Cal, how could you? How could you! *spoilers*I don't think Morgan was wrong about not forgiving Cal for his betrayals. I would have forgiven him though, were it me.Okay, i'm a guy so i'm biased but to Cal's credit:He really loved her, he was willing to do anything to protect Morgan from his mother; kill her (a litttle extreme), sacrifice himself (which does happen) etc.We were completely on Cal's side, the reader feels safe when they're around Cal. Things are less complicated; Hunter/Sky-bad people, Cal/Selene-good people. Cal is powerful enough to protect us from anyone.Morgan can no longer run to Cal's house for safety. There is no safe refuge now. Even though Morgan's damage is more psychological than physical we are reeling from these betrayals as if he died.Fantastic book which sets up the devasting end of book 6.Book 5 is very slow in comparison.

  • quinnster
    2019-04-01 02:44

    This girl's idiocy knows no bounds it seems.When she goes to Practical Magick and David asks her who she can trust and she replies that she can trust herself. Her own instincts told her to run when Cal mentioned people who wanted to meet her. Her own instincts told her to get out of his secret room because the vibrations were bad, yet she thinks Hunter is 'misguided'. Any information anyone gives her she takes as they just don't know even though they've been witches their whole lives and she's been one for a couple of months. She's an idiot. During the chapter where she meets with David and Hunter I thought, finally, she's going to get her shit together....but no.But truly, the line that made me laugh out loud was when she said, 'I'd always thought of Jenna as being kind of needy and dependent on Matt.' That is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.Awful things happen and the entire time I couldn't help but think that if she'd just listened to her instincts she would have avoided this whole mess and still have found out all about her birth mother & father. I just can't feel sorry for her, or think she's brave or smart because she's none of those things.But now, because of all of this revelation business I'll have to keep reading so I know what happens.....*sigh*

  • Chibineko
    2019-04-09 02:43

    I do have to give the reader a potential warning: if you thought that you were addicted to the series before, you most certainly will be after reading this book!! The story once again picks up on the very tail end of the previous book. In order to save her boyfriend, Morgan had to attack someone. Understandably traumatized, Morgan starts to distance herself from her boyfriend Cal after the event. When she begins to grow suspect of Selene & Cal's intentions, Morgan finds that almost everything she thought she knew is far from he truth. This book was a little sad to read & since I don't want to give the plot away, I can't really post as to why. (If you've read the book you'll understand.) Still, we are left off with several interesting new plot developments for us to focus on & keep us incredibly riveted!

  • Abbie
    2019-04-08 05:39

    There were a few times in this where I felt quite bored, and I had to have a bit of a break from it as it was starting to drag. It was an okay read overall though.

  • JonSnow
    2019-03-22 04:22

    Read in 2017Read in 2015Read in 2009Read in 2003Where to begin!!! Its words leave one jarring among the expansive range of emotive paradoxes brewing in its wake. -------------------------But first, a brief preface about repetition: It is often the publisher who requires the author to repeat things book after book,. Try to ignore any repetition with that in mind. Animorphs are another stark example of this requirement. Additionally, author J.F Lewis once apologized to me when I critiqued him on his repetition, saying it was required of him by the publisher to make each book accessible independently. -----------------------THE RANT... er... REVIEW: This book truly marks a turning point for the series, for Morgan, and for that matter, for every character. Each time I read these I appreciate the scope of this grandiose and truly remarkably spellbinding series all the more, especially for its ability to remain a gripping page turner.Despite my fourth reading, it is still able to cast a spell upon me, its characters life like, its story so relatable and in so many different ways a reflection of all of us, of all people. There is a little something of everyone within these pages. It is as though Cate Tiernan has captured the images of all those we know and projected them upon each person. One may be tempted to accuse her of merely selecting stereotypical templates, but is it not true that in reality we are all bound by at least some broad generalizable traits? I've seen these characters, each one, in the faces of so many I know, that this accusation would be a distasteful shrugging off of the reality as it truly is. Most of us know of the type casts in those among us, the "stoner", "the shy girl", "the popular guy", "the attractive girl who gets any guy she wants", "the plain contemplative girl". call them what you will. They exist all around us.SPOILERS BELOW:With that rant, I move onto the meat. It still comes as a surprise how intense the shift is between the kind loving Cal and the violence which come out of him. In many ways it is heart breaking, to see such purity so secretly corrupt and impure in reality, and to see such a beautiful flowering love collapse in a fire of desperate dissent. It is with loves intent that such horror is unleashed upon Morgan. A twisted love.We see this reflected in Bakker Blackburn, as a warning. He hurts Mary K. again. Does he love her? Is there something which makes him lose control and hurt her? It can't be excused, what he has done.When Cal hurts Morgan. When he tries to save her by hurting her, as a mercy, we see he loves her in his own way. The way it is conveyed there's almost a sympathy for the devil situation that occurs. I felt myself torn. I knew he loved her. I knew he hurt her. But I also knew he did the latter because of the former and because of his dreaded terror over what would be done to her by Selene. With Bree and Robbie comes a rescue which will reunite them all again. Bree cannot take back what she has done to Morgan, but in saving her, there lies grace which will heal, as we shall see, the wounds of the past.Mary K. learned her lesson the hard way.Morgan learned the hard was as well. Trust yourself, your body, your instincts and intuition.Bree has also learned the truth of her wrongs. Even Cal has, in a twisted way, realized the wrong, but in protecting Morgan from one, he mistakenly commits another. Hunter and Sky have gone from foe to friend and we discover yet more hidden depths of Morgans powers illustrated in the Tath Meanma. With an electric blue spark, we see something budding between Hunter and Morgan. With each ending, a new beginning is born. Alas, with this book Morgans reality is shattered. She is strong though, she will recover, and what she does with that strength will stand to remain one of the of greatest epics of young adult fiction, for generations to come, so keep reading, as the series get more breathtaking with each page, each chapter, and each book!

  • Myra
    2019-03-27 07:43

    This review is originally posted on my blog:'ve been trying to keep interested in this story, but somehow I've been putting this book down a lot. I don't know why, maybe it's because the story-line is a little dragging without something really happening. So far, the spells aren't that interesting. I hope the rest of the book is more action packed with a better plot development.ReviewSo I will try to describe my feelings about this book. I tried reading it many times and each time I decided there was a more interesting book to read first. Each time I read about 30 % of the book before quitting. The strange thing is I did enjoy reading about Morgan and her journey. Obviously I got a little bored reading the first part of the book multiple times.So this summer I decided, no matter what, I will read this book! It's not like it's a long book!So after reading the first 30% (again) it got interesting. The story builds and builds and we get to see Morgan grow into a more powerful witch and she also becomes more confident. I really like Morgan, she's a great protagonist of this series. The relationship with Call is very nice until it gets complicated..The last 20 pages were so suspenseful, with plot-twists and intrigue. While reading this I couldn't understand why I didn't read this earlier! It is very entertaining to read! After reading Dark Magick I am so motivated and excited to read the other books in this series! RatingI'm so glad I finally finished this book! When I finished, I immediately started the next book, Awakening.

  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    2019-03-28 07:21

    Today’s review is on Dark Magick by Cate TiernanDark Magick is the 4th book in Tiernan’s Sweep series and I have to say that with each book I read in the series the more I enjoy them.In Dark Magick Morgan finds out that Cal and his mother are also Woodbane witches and that they practice “traditional” magick. Traditional meaning that they practice dark magick. She also learns that Cal has been helping his mother find other Woodbane witches to join her coven. His job was to find the female witches, get close to them, make them fall in love with him, and bring them to his mother. His job didn’t include him falling in love with one, but he did fall in love with her.When Morgan refuses to go with Cal to see his mother and the other witches, he locks her in his Seomar, his sanctuary in the pool house. The next thing Morgan knows is that the pool house is on fire. Sending out a witch message to anyone that could help her, she is rescued by Bree and Robbie.Book 4 is packed full of adventure, suspense, and heart ache for Morgan. I could not put it down, anxious to find out how things would turn out. Thank the Goddess I have books 5 and 6 with me this week!4.5 of 5 stars!!

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    2019-04-13 07:46

    Ah so I see that Cal's true colors have been revealed. I swear that I saw this coming since the introduction of Selene in book 1. I knew something wasn't right with that woman. She was to fake and syrupy. I feel really bad for Morgan, but at the same time I don't at all, for falling for Cal. For some reason I'm so reminded of Patch from Hush, Hush. There really isn't something right with the fiction for young adults. Do girls really find these situations romantic or attractive?

  • Cinthia
    2019-03-20 23:38

    How good gas this? So far this is one of the best ones. I liked Hunters introduction. I liked that I keep guessing who the other POV was. I liked how Hunter was introduced in this one and how Morgan found her mothers instruments. That ending was good too I kinda guessed that Cal and his mom were up to no good and I can't believe cal lied about sleeping with Bree. I hope Hunter is Morgan's soulmate.

  • Katrina
    2019-04-21 01:32

    Finally things are starting to happen. This was so much better than the last two books. I kind of had a feeling that Cal was a bad guy, and this book finally proved it. Hunter's character really interests me, and I can't wait to see what his role becomes in the next books, as he was portrayed as the villian for a little while. I'm exicted to see him as one of the good guys.

  • ஐ฿υκєτஐ
    2019-04-13 02:38

    Hiç şaşırmadım.Tam beklediğim şeyler oldu.

  • Grace
    2019-04-08 06:48

    I didn't like this one as much as the last one, but we finally get some answers!!! And lots of character and plot development!! Also, Hunter!!!!!!! I love that boy and he's my new favorite character now. Can't wait for the next one 😄

  • Whitney
    2019-03-30 05:25

    PlotWe’re actually getting some plot! Yay! And it only took three whole books! (sarcasm) The plot is interesting, but not terribly unique. Morgan is powerful and evil people want her strength. Read it a million times. It’ll be interesting to see what Tiernan actually does with this plotline. I’m sad that it took forever and a day for the actual story to begin. WritingI’ve noticed that Tiernan has a bad thing with repetition. How many times is Mary K. surrounded by friends after leaving Das Boot? How many times are we told that Morgan drinks Diet Coke for breakfast? Things are repeated over and over again and it has become so tedious to read. The editor should have caught that and taken it out because it adds nothing to the book and is straight up irritating. I should also mention that it’s been easy to see certain plot twists from miles away. This is bad writing as well. Give your readers an inkling on what’s going on, but make it hard for them to absolutely know what’s actually happening. CharactersMorgan has downright become a moronic character that I’m having problems trying to sympathize with. We have literally four books of her telling herself to trust her magickical instincts, but all of a sudden, in Dark Magick she ignores it all. Truth be told, Morgan should have suffered dire consequences for ignoring her instincts. The entire book I would try to tell Morgan “the answers are right in front of you!” Even without the little hints we get at the beginning of each chapter, something wrong is obviously going on and it takes her until she is literally about to be locked in a room sealed with dark magick for her to realize it. She is just so aggravating.The rest of the characters were as they have been for the past books, in the background and barely making ripples. I hope that the characters will be brought more into the spotlight because things are becoming dull with just Morgan. Things I LikedI actually enjoyed the last half of the book as the action picked up. It was pretty easy to see where the story was heading, but I liked it. I don’t know if my excitement is from reading nothing but dribble for three books, but I have some hope. Things I Didn't LikeMorgan being made obtuse is something I didn’t like. She’s trusted her instincts very closely up until this book and then, as the plot calls for it, she doesn’t all of a sudden. This completely goes against the character that has been established already. Authors think they can do this to a character and the readers won’t mind being two steps ahead of the protagonist. Don’t do this! Let your character figure things out. And then develop the story from there. Changing key elements of the character does no good, only harm. DiversitySky Eventide is either a lesbian or bisexual, this is confirmed. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ethan is a PoC, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. OverallI’m glad that I liked Dark Magick (at least somewhat). I don’t like giving books bad ratings and not liking them. I want to be entertained. I want to like books, but if I don’t, what is there to do? Therefore, I am actually looking forward to the rest of the book in the series. I’m cautious, but still eager. A quick note: I’ve seen a lot of people who have bought or obtained the first three of the Sweep series in one binding, forcing them to read all three. Because of the poor quality of the first three books they don’t go on the fourth book. If you are a person who fits this profile, I recommend giving Dark Magick a shot. If you don’t like it then the series probably isn’t for you. But there’s a chance you may come to enjoy the series. Here is a link to my notes.

  • Tomjerry1
    2019-04-05 01:23

    ZUM INHALT:Liebe, Gefahr und Magie – die mitreißende Hexensaga geht weiter!Morgan ist geschockt: Mit einer klaffenden Wunde in der Kehle ist Hunter die Klippe hinuntergefallen. Hat er den Sturz in den eiskalten Fluss überlebt? Der Gedanke, womöglich für den Tod eines Menschen verantwortlich zu sein, lastet sehr auf Morgan. Doch nicht nur das – Cal gesteht ihr, dass er genau wie sie von den Woodbanes abstammt und davon schon sein Leben lang gewusst hat. Warum hat er sie angelogen? Als sich Morgan in ihrem Hexenzirkel nicht mehr sicher fühlt, sucht sie entschlossen nach Antworten …MEINE MEINUNG:Ich habe mich sehr auf die Fortsetzung gefreut - "Flammende Gefahr" ist nun der 4. Band der "Das Buch der Schatten" Reihe und ich war gespannt, wie es weitergehen wird. Ich kann an sich auf den Inhalt nicht wirklich eingehen, denn wie gesagt es handelt sich um Band 4 und die Entwicklungen die hier passieren, sind ein wichtiger Teil und ich würde jedem die Spannung nehmen.Ich muss sagen, die erste Hälfte des Buches fand ich sehr schleppend und dachte mir nur wann es endlich mal richtig losgeht. Es passiert fast gar nicht, man hat immer nur die Gedanken von Morgan, wie schlimm das alles mit Hunter ist und welche Probleme sie sonst noch so hat. Das störte schon irgendwie. Aber nach mehr der Hälfte des Buches legt die Autorin richtig zu, denn von da an legt man das Buch nicht mehr aus der Hand und es entwickelt sich in eine Richtung, die man vielleicht erahnen konnte, aber dennoch irgendwie erschütternd wirkte.Und man liest die letzten 100 Seiten in einem Rutsch so durch und hält nur den Atem an, weil es richtig spannend wird.Ich werde nicht zuviel verraten, wenn ich sage, dass natürlich Hunter lebt und auch eine wichtige Rolle in diesem Buch übernimmt und ich mochte ihn immer mehr.Bei Morgan muss ich sagen, dass mir ihre Entwicklung fehlt - sie wirkt immer noch wie im ersten Band und ich finde so immer noch ziemlich naiv in einigen Bereichen. Sie will so oft die Wahrheit nicht sehen, obwohl sie direkt vor ihrer Nase liegt und sie denkt und denkt und denkt.Und obwohl ich die erste Hälfte langatmig ist und ich skeptisch wurde, hat das Ende alles wieder rausgerissen.Und natürlich war der Schreibstil der Autorin einfach wieder genial umgesetzt und einfach zu lesen.FAZIT:Leider schwächer als die Vorgängerbände, dafür mit einigen Überraschungen und einen phänomenalen Ende!!!4 von 5 Sterne

  • Daniela
    2019-04-04 06:39

    I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!! Ohhhh, Cal, you're an evil evil little witch! I knew he was bad news from the beginning, and this story just nailed it for all of us. I have to say, as much as I had a bad feeling about him, I was still hoping & secretly rooting for him, that he was not a bad guy. But, with a mother like Selene, who could blame him?Book #4 and I'm so engrossed with this series, that I've read three books just today alone. I didn't think I'd enjoy them, as much am I am. This book was mostly about Morgan figuring out that Cal is up to something and that his mother does want to use her at her expense for the Woodbane coven. They do practice dark magic and they need Morgan to make the coven stronger. Cal, from the beginning, was to make her fall in love with him, so it'd be easier to get her on his side. But, his plan blows up in his face.Hunter is alive and Morgan & he have a moment that is just beautiful & astonishing. We also find out that Sky is not evil either, and she's been teaching Bree & Raven how to fight black magic and look for it, so they can protect themselves from Cal & Selene.Alyce & David from the Practical Magik store are awesome characters too and I'm hoping that they form a bigger and more influential bond with Morgan. (Hopefully they're NOT dark magic followers too--which I doubt, since they help Morgan all the time, and David kept Hunter hidden). On to book #5 with these questions:Where did Cal & Selene run off to at the end of the book?Will Morgan ever come face to face with them again?Will Hunter stick around and help Morgan now?Will we get more information on the covens?Do more witches get brought into the story?

  • Alana
    2019-04-09 04:23

    Level 1:what coven does morgan belong to? morgans mother was from a long line of woodbanes so naturally that was morgans heritage. however, morgans mother was from belwicket, the clan that renounced evil.What is the name of morgans car? Das bootsWho puts spells on morgans house? Sky and Hunter walk around Morgans house and puts spells and runes, but morgan doesnt' know why.Level 2:Why did Morgans parents not tell her she was adopted all these years?Her parents adopted her when she was 8 months old after her birth parents were murdered. Knowing the story of how her birth parents died and what had caused it, they both agreed that it would be in Morgan and their families best interest to protect her and to never bring up the wiccan ways that killed her birth parents.Why was Cal so reluctant to tell Morgan he was also Woodbane?unlike Morgans birth parents, Cals family hadn't renounced evil. he was worried that Morgan might not accept him because of his families heritage, even though they believe they are each other's soul mates and. He eventually believes morgan would be a good confidant and admits to being woodbane.Level 3:Is there really such a thing as "soul mates"?I believe that every person in the world has one person they are meant to be with. The one person who when your with them your entire world slows down and you are the happiest you've ever been. Cal and Morgan believe that they are soul mates, who knows they could be.

  • Chelsea Barva-kertesz
    2019-04-09 06:29

    This was definately the best book so far of this series.Hunter isn't dead, and Morgan is relieved and surprisingly more happy than she feels she should be. After all, he did try to kill Cal, right? Morgan finds out that not everyone is who they say they are. Cal admits to his mother and himself being the kind of Woodbane that practices the darker side of magic, and although some of Morgan's trust wavers, her love for Cal clouds her judgement. In the end, Morgan realizes that her love for Cal and the spell on the pendant he gave her has been clouding her vision of magic. Cal and Selene are evil Woodbanes who kill anyone who gets in the way of their growing power, and Morgan is next. The building around her is burning. Will she escape in time, or will this be the end of the Belwicket clan?This book had me on the edge of my seat (or bed in my case) because it was so suspenseful, and the twists and turns had me captivated through all 186 pages. I can't wait to pick up the 5th book.

  • Jodie
    2019-04-18 01:37

    i love this series! It is seriously all i can think about. I mean while going to sleep, in my dreams, even in the shower i think of Cal, Morgan, Hunter, Robbie, Bree, Sky, Raven & the rest of the crew. I am just upset i can't find these books in stock at any local bookstores. I've been borrowinf from the library but someone lost Spellbound so i'm upset i can't find it anywhere. I am about to order it off the internet NOW!! Seriouly if you are an avid reader like me (for instance other than my son, my books are my most prized possesion) i'd be lost without them. Go to the library or order them online. This series is a must read. Also, i actually love the smaller books that end with a cliff hanger every time (i wouldnt if i had to wait a year or so for the next one to be published) but for this series it is PERFECT!

  • Kirsti
    2019-03-23 01:31

    HA! (view spoiler)[. Knew I didn't like Cal! Grrrrr can't wait to read more about this fascinating world.(hide spoiler)] This series only gets better and better.The characters are really developing, especially Morgan. She needs to learn more, and I hope she gets some better teachers (David and Alyce for example)Here we have twists and turns and a great deal of mystery. We have history too, and a deeper knowledge of what's going on.It's still not enough though, this book ends with a cliffhanger and I haven't got access to the rest! How depressing! It makes me use too many exclamation marks!But seriously, if you have access to these books, read them. Read them now!

  • Stefanie
    2019-04-19 04:42

    Oh Cal... how could you??? :`-(It was gripping and thrilling. Very entertaining and interesting. The whole situation has changed now. And in the end, Bree came to save Morgan. At least something good! I am still not sure what to think about Hunter, I know everyone who read the whole series loves Hunter, so I am VERY curious how it goes on now... But now I gotta go, I have to read Book #5!Bye!;)

  • Christy
    2019-04-15 23:35

    With each new book in the series, I become more invested with the characters. I just can't put these books down and now that I know the Gaelic names for some of them I feel even more caught up in the story. The story has me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. On my way to grab book 5!

  • Sanne
    2019-04-08 07:18

    loved this one!! the best so far

  • Sabra
    2019-04-20 07:33

    Stupid, stupid girl. I hope she grows a brain, otherwise I'm not going to make it through the rest of this series. My eyes are going to fall out from rolling them so hard

  • Toni Garcia
    2019-03-26 00:29

    Morgan is amazing in this book. I must say this book was my favorite so far. I havent read the fifth yet but this was actioned pack. I finished this book in one day.

  • Say-Boo!!!!!
    2019-04-16 04:22

    I did not see that twist coming. All of the books in this series are super short and quick to read but they carry a big bang. I am enjoying reading them very much.

  • Suzie
    2019-04-03 04:34

    This book is by far the best of the series so far. The plot has taken a turn to the dark side and I do so love the dark

  • Anna
    2019-03-24 02:19

    Grandiose Fortsetzung !