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“I like it when you tell me what to do.” “Do you know how many artists would kill for reviews like yours?” Once, becoming a model child was how Jared Logan learned to cope with his father’s perfectionism. Painting was his one escape; the only time he felt free from always having to do what everyone else thought he should. Now, at thirty-one, he still keeps his art stric “I like it when you tell me what to do.”“Do you know how many artists would kill for reviews like yours?” Once, becoming a model child was how Jared Logan learned to cope with his father’s perfectionism. Painting was his one escape; the only time he felt free from always having to do what everyone else thought he should. Now, at thirty-one, he still keeps his art strictly compartmentalized from “real life”—partnership track at an investment firm, a sterile showcase of a home, and a series of relationships with women he keeps at arm’s length. The studio is his escape, but art isn’t a career. And love? Just not possible for a man like him—one who doesn’t let anyone into the one place where he feels free. “You have more in you than you’ve ever let anyone see.” Between a full class load and his part-time job as a waiter, college student Tristan Evans doesn’t have time for sleep, much less dating. Not that lack of time is his only obstacle; he may have finally gotten tired of being the dorky fat kid and managed to get himself in shape, but changing how he looked on the outside didn’t change who he is on the inside. And who he is—a mess of insecurities and hope and incurable awkwardness—just doesn’t seem to be what anyone is looking for. “Nothing you like is wrong… not here, not between us.” Tristan is too young, too needy, and very, very male—not at all someone Jared should be attracted to—but when Jared hires him as a ‘life model’ for a series of nudes he’s painting, Jared starts to realize that he doesn’t want to live life always doing what he should anymore… and that giving Tristan what he needs might just set them both free. Promise is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers....

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Promise Reviews

  • Tanu Gill
    2019-03-08 05:24

    Hmm, more like 3.5 stars.I liked Tristan, and I liked Jared. But Tristan's narratives were sooo long with so less conversation. It seemed like never-ending. Maybe because it was the New Year today or whatever, but I just didn't have the patience to read through it all. Because when I did read through it all in the beginning, I had started to get irritated. One reason for it is, yes, the length. Another reason is that Tristan's narrative felt a lot similar to Jeremy's. Those so many words hyphenated to form one compound word, those italics, etc etc. I ended up feeling cheated, like Tristan stole some of Jeremy's personality.Then the story took an upward curve after, say, 60%. I got a smile after that, and I was much more invested emotionally, and I was no longer skipping multiple paras of narrative looking for conversation quotation marks. And then near the end, again I lost my patience for a while. Also, their relationship didn't much do it for me. It was alternately sweet and corny. I ended up rolling my eyes at them and skipping tons of paragraphs.But that last bit was very intriguing and fun to read. I had already guessed that this would be the last story as there were no new characters introduced, and that last bit confirmed that. It's sad to see that this series came to its end. It seems so many series I have continued lately have all ended, and it gives me a very depressing feeling. I will miss these sweet worlds of sweet characters.I think I will leave this review up for another chance when maybe I feel I won't get impatient. It's just that I couldn't get past that Jeremy-personality issue.

  • Denise H.
    2019-02-27 12:16

    *** This is a wonderful story of love and tenderness ! Jared, 31, is lunching with his friend about expanding his art,his paintings, because Micah sees the potential in his talent. But, Jared also works a day job to please his father. Jared agrees to an art show at summers end. Meanwhile, Jared has been watching Tristan, 21, a waiter/journalism student, and realizes he's being followed. Jared will catch up and protect him if necessary. They get to meet, talk, and find interest in one another. Jared has only been with women, but Tristan, only Tristan has brought out new feelings for Jared. ( GFY ) They continue to learn about each other when Tristan agrees to model for Jared's new show.Their time together is fun, eye-opening, and lovely. Jared wants Tristan and vice versa. We get marvelous, lovable characters, a low angst tale of destined loves, and hot sexy times, which have first time M/M moments for Jared. ( light bondage) This is unique in it's openness and honesty, no games, or secrets; just the love and care each man feels. Also, we see the mystery of the man following Tristan. Excellent epilogue ! ENJOY ! =========================After the happy ending, we read a conversation that takes place with the author's other characters from previous stories, and they are discussing the author herself. It's a unusual, unique wrap up and we discover Sierra Riley's alternate author name, plus what may be in store for us readers. I received a free copy for an honest review. ===============

  • Nerea
    2019-02-26 11:13

    2.75* This book starts really good but sadly goes down in the second half :(Tristan and Jared are totally adorable, like all the main characters of this series! Their first approach is cute and they have chemistry but suddenly they start this sub/dom relationship with the almost always present "kitten" nickname... Sorry I really feel a bit cringe everytime Jared call that Tristan ~ I know is not a bad name but not sure, I dont feel right in the context.Only add that I miss in these last books the characters from the first ones. I loved the environment in Tulsa~ and Delicious is one of my favorites EVER! Really I think I reread it 5 times already! Goodluck with the new projects!

  • Susan
    2019-03-04 13:08

    4.25 starsThe last one in the series.. I feel so sad that there aren't more books!! I really liked this last one. I think this book and Falling are my favorites of the series. I loved this world. Such fluffy goodness.Jared is Robin's older brother. His straight brother. That is until he sees the cutest waiter ever in a restaurant one night. Jared tells himself his interest in the man is only because he wants to paint him, not because he is attracted to him..When Tristan gets asked by a super hot man to model for him, he thinks the man is kidding. He can't possibly want to paint Tristan. Tristan isn't pretty, Tristan has always been the fat kid no one wanted. And despite the fact that Tristan is no longer overweight, he still thinks of himself as unattractive. But since Tristant really needs the money, he agrees. He hesitates when he finds out Jared wants to paint him naked, but Jared has a way to make him feel comfortable, so Tristan agrees.Jared and Tristan grow pretty close in the following weeks with Tristan modeling for Jared several times a week. Jared treats Tristan like a close friend, or even like a lover sometimes. And Tristan could have sworn he saw desire in Jared's eyes several times. But since the man is straight Tristan doesn't believe anything will ever come of his crush...I loved how the men in this series have no big gay drama meltdown. I don't care how (un)realistic that is, I really like my men like this. Jared feels connected to Tristan from the start and he acknowledges to himself pretty early on that his feeling for Tristan are definitely not platonic. There is no relationship angst here. These guys start out as friends, talk things through when feelings surface, have hot smoking sex, and eventually fall in love. And have some more hot smoking sex.I recommend this series for everyone who loves super fluffy romances.They can be read as stand-alones, but I would recommend reading them all so you can get to know all the guys.------------------------This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-03-12 06:10

    Without a doubt, this series is my favorite thing I have read from Sierra Riley. Although this is the final book of this amazing series, you don't have to have read the previous books in order to understand this one. But do yourself a favor and read the previous books because the first three books in this series are my absolute favorites! I'm still kinda on my fence with my feelings of "Sierra Riley" as an author (since it's who knows how many actual people writing and releasing under this name) Anyway, I digress...Jared and Tristan were just adorable together! Sweet, steamy, and had great chemistry. Lots of lovely UST before they finally kissed, which I am always down for. I also loved that there wasn't a major crisis over Jared being attracted to Tristan...once he knew he wanted him, he jumped in 100% committed to them making it work. And they balanced each other so perfectly, Jared was just what Tristan needed and vice versa! They each brought out the best in the other and made them realize what they want in life. I don't want to give anything away, but I also enjoyed the plotline about Tristan's family, and I loved how Jared supported him right from the beginning. I have really enjoyed reading this series and am glad all these guys for their HEA! Looking forward to hopefully another connected series like this one from this author. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-02-22 12:09

    I didn't know this was going to be the last book!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. I love how the author set out to write a book about a bakery and it turned into a series about all these lovely boys.This was off the charts hot. Seriously. Burning.Sorry to see it go but totally enjoyed the ride.

  • Jenn C
    2019-03-21 05:15

    So nice to see Jared open up and come out of his 'do the right, expected thing' shell. Very enjoyable story - I'm sad to see this series end.

  • Suze
    2019-02-20 11:17

    This is my first review ever, so I hope it's ok!Promise is the final book the Delicious series, and was my favourite of the lot - no doubt about it. On the whole, the series is sugary-sweet romance. Sometimes, I'm happy to read a series in which every character has a traumatic backstory and scars and blah blah blah, and sometimes I just want to read a light and simple series, where every character gets their happily ever after. The Delicious series has been 6 books of low-angst, low-drama, gooey-in-the-middle (and at the start, and at the end...) stories.The main characters, Tristan and Jared, were a bit more fleshed out and real than some of those in the previous books. I loved their dynamic, and I think the time-frame was enough for the chemistry to seem organic instead of instant. The lust was there from the get-go (even if Jared would have initially described it as "a compulsion to capture the buoyancy of [Tristan's] presence on canvas"), but it developed nicely into love. Speaking of Jared being in denial, I like that Jared didn't have a crisis, because it made sense to me that he is an artist and artists don't see gender, just beauty (or something, I don't know). This series has done gfy a few times, so it was nice that Jared just sort of... went with the flow?Basically, I enjoyed this story. But it wasn't prefect.I had no problem with the writing style, or the pacing, or the characterisations. While this is not the best book I've ever read, I did want to keep reading it and finding out more. I didn't get bored; almost the opposite, really - my main problem was that there was so much I wanted to hear more about. Jared's co-workers were introduced in the first scene and then never re-appeared. We had one uncomfortable scene with Tristan's dad and then he was just mentioned in passing a few times (not to mention Tristan's mum, who had no dialogue at all). Tristan had this whole weight-loss backstory that was never really discussed outside of his head. Jared was uncomfortable with the age gap until he just...wasn't anymore. I wanted more of Tristan and Jared as a couple interacting with their friends, I wanted to see Jared make decisions (instead of just being told about him making them), I wanted to know why Tristan chose journalism (rather than it be a commonality with Brian, and that's it).All in all, this was a good book. I read it and I liked it, but ultimately I wanted more from it.Oh, and the series epilogue was great - the funniest part in the whole series, in my opinion. If the author wrote a whole book in that tone I would read it in a heartbeat!

  • ButtonsMom2003
    2019-03-08 10:23

    I'm sad, a wonderful series comes to an end.The Delicious series by Sierra Riley has come to an end with this wonderful romance called Promise. I am so sad that’s the series is over but what a way to go out.Promise is a gay-for-you story and while it’s book 6 of the series you don’t need to have read the others to enjoy this one (you really should, though, they are all great books). Once I started reading this I just couldn’t put it down.Jared is a wonderfully talented artist who holds down a “normal” job to satisfy his jerk of a father. He’s on the fast-track to make partner at Hodgins Drake, an investment firm but his art is his real passion. Jared has compartmentalized his life and keeps his art separate from his other life. When he sees Tristan working as a server, in a restaurant he frequents, he is inexplicably drawn to him; he must paint him!Tristan is working as a server while he works on his journalism degree. He and his twin sister share an old car they call “Granny” and they live together to share expenses while going to school. His relationship with his father was never great but it went downhill even more he came out. His sister has been his main source of emotional support.This is one of those books that is hard for me to write a review for. It always seems to happen when I love a book so much that I just don’t have the words to describe how it made me feel. Jared and Tristan are wonderful together and I could truly feel the love between them grow. There’s also a slight bit of kink factor to this story as Tristan enjoys it when Jared takes control; he also gets turned on by the thought of doing private things in public, although he’s not so certain about it when it seems like they might really get caught.There was a twist to this story that I didn’t see coming until pretty far into it – at which point I’m sure the author intended for readers to anticipate what happens.I love epilogues in books and this story has a fantastic one that lets us know how Jared and Tristan are doing two years down the road. There’s also a fun piece at the end of the book where the characters talk about the author and things that she did and didn’t write in the books; it really made me smile.An advanced copy of this book was provided to me but my review was voluntary and not influenced by the author.

  • Claudia
    2019-03-12 12:04

    A nice ending of this series

  • Dee
    2019-02-23 13:23

    Jared finally gets his shot at a HEA. -YAAAAY!Jared is Robin's brother from book 5. Affectionately called J.Lo by his brother-in -Law, Cash; Jared has lived his life by never making waves, always doing what he "should" do and rarely what he wants/enjoys. In art, he finds his passion, his release and his refuge. Until recently he has kept his painting secret from his family and in fact, keeps art totally separated from his "real life" and work.He encounters Tristan who is waiting tables to put himself through school. Jared is immediately smitten and feels drawn to Tristan in ways unfamiliar to himself especially since he has never been remotely interested in men. Jared in fact has never been gay. All his friends will confirm that he is the straight one... Until Tristan.This began as a delightfully scripted GFY/ connection at first sight novel that developed into strong relationship building. There was tons of back story and side drama with Tristan. While enjoyable, I thought the addition of the faux D/s theme was so-so. There were some books in this series that really made me feel the emotional connection between the MCs. ( Danny & Mace in Delicious, Cash & Robin in Always) this was not one of them. The love didn't grab me and so the book didn't either. Overall, decent closure to a really fine series. I truly hoped for more for Jared but this was good too. 3 good enough stars.

  • Lee Rey
    2019-02-20 12:16

    *I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book*The final book of the series, and I could not be happier with how it came out. I was surprised at the Dom side of Jared when it came to sex, his controlling and bossy tone with Tristan was HOT! Tristan was an interesting character and at 1st I was worried about his character but was happy to get the reveal of his mystery that made me smile I am glad we got to see most of the other characters from the other books and that extra chapter at the end was fun and a sweet gift to fans of this series. It was interesting seeing my name twice brought up in the conversation, I must be a very nosy reader lol. *I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book*

  • Charlene Harris
    2019-02-24 06:14

    I absolutely loved every single word and I am going to miss all of these great guys so much! Jared stood out to me when he was first introduced in this series and I had hoped his story would be a special one. It is! I just hadn't really expected it to be the last. Jared and Tristan have raw chemistry from the beginning and it's a pleasure to see it grow as their story plays out. Lots of heat, unbridled passion, mutual needs fulfilled, and a love to last a lifetime is what you will find when you open and read this book. This whole series! It's a lesson in true love that is very much worth your time. I want to thank the authors that Sierra Riley is made up of for telling such wonderful, romantic stories, and, for making me believe again that love is out there. It has been a pleasure! The last part of this book was just so cute, it made me smile even more. I loved it. I have voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy for my honest opinion and review.

  • Anne
    2019-02-28 13:24

    It started out nicely but it didn't remain so.I think Sierra Riley can write a good book but often times she doesn't maintain the theme of the book long enough to make it great.For this book, it started out as a Jared being straight, never ever having had any interest in men but one look at Tristan and he was following him around and within no time he was leading the relationship and declaring love.There was potential for angst and sexual tension here but it didn't happen, the feelings were rushed.It felt as if the author didn't take time to develop the characters, Tristan is going to be a journalist but he was nonchalant about his terrible vocabulary and his lack of respectfulness to someone's name by the continuous mispronunciation of it without a care about it.I find myself always hopeful to be pleasantly surprised by Sierra Riley, it doesn't happen often but it's not completely bad either.

  • Jamesteague
    2019-02-19 06:16

    Very fitting end to this great delicious series This story of the love of Jared and Tristan isin many ways the perfect summation of these rise each bringing not just the love the other needs to their lives but somuch more Jared didn't realize what he needed was a man but specifically this man Tristan knew what heeded but never felt worthy of anything good in his life stemming from thr feeling of never fitting anywhere feeling he didn't belong Jared help him see none of that was tru Tristan may not be the fatdorky kid on the outside any longer now with Jared maybe how he sees himself will sync up to how he looks outside completely by accident Tristan finds more answers to the mysteries of his life a love he never felt he deserved the freedom to let himself go and enjoy sex in ways he'd only believed were possible in his fantasies neither jared nor Tristan in their wildest dreams knew finding love would help them find themselves

  • MaryAnne
    2019-02-19 11:25

    I remember reaching about 80% and wondering why the book wasn't over yet. I had a few problems with this book:1) even in my thoughts I have punctuation. There was an excess of ohsweetbabyJ and yesyesyesyes. It served no purpose IMO.2) it was cutesy at times, and the jump between the two characters in between scenes when they'd get all horned up made the book longer than it needed to be. They felt very long winded.3) even though Tristan is 21, which is a functioning adult with independent thoughts, honestly most times he comes out like someone who has no mind of his own. Like all his thoughts aren't in the realm of possibility until they are affirmed by Jared or somethingI liked the series in the beginning with the guys who owned the bakery, then somewhere down the road it got weird, which I feel happens a lot with series that try to give everyone who knows each other a love story.

  • Nikki
    2019-02-18 07:24

    Damn! It's the end to a wonderful series :(I thoroughly enjoyed each one of them and the last one doesn't disappoint either.GFY is one of my fav tropes so this one gets extra star for that.Each couple gets their Happily Ever After! What more could you ask for.

  • Sharon Hatt
    2019-02-27 05:18

    Is a life lived for someone else really a life at all? That is a question Jared starts asking himself when he finds a young man he is borderline obsessed with painting. Tristan is surprised by Jared’s attention but finds himself basking in it, agreeing to model for him, naked. It does not take long for Jared and Tristian to realize they feel like their true selves when together, complementing desires neither would have openly admitted to having. I absolutely love the characters in this series and am very sad to see it end, but hopeful it may not. These are super sweet, sexy, and fun reads that offer unforgettable characters with interesting circumstances and stories!**I voluntarily chose to review a copy of this book and I have not been compensated in any way**

  • Cadiva
    2019-03-15 09:25

    Lovely finale to the bakery seriesI've thoroughly enjoyed all the Sierra Riley Delicious series of romances and this one nicely ties them all up as Robin's brother Jared gets his happy ending.I think Gavin and Ben are still my favourite pairing but Jared and Tristan run them a close second.I loved how once Jared was willing to break through the internal walls he'd put up and embrace his real self, that Tristan became his muse and his catalyst for change.Tristan, while he was only 21, never came across as young or immature and seeing him flourish under Jared's love was truly sweet.The final round up, almost breaking the fourth wall but not quite, was also amusing and worked well, even if it did make me wish for books seven and eight.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-24 11:03

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.I loved this book. To end the series on such a high note is brilliant.I really enjoyed Tristan and Jared who knew Jared had that in him. Tristan had it bad in life never feeling like he fit in fully but that all changed throughout this book.You could almost feel him coming alive and the epilogue was him practically jumping off the page with his happiness. It was blinding how he changed.I loved the whole epilogue and then the continuation of the epilogue. The extra writing scene was brilliant. Was so funny and enlightening. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in these men's lives and joining them on their journeys to happiness.

  • Kaila
    2019-03-18 12:18

    oh man.. the last book in this series.. this series was so amazing and wonderful and book 6 took the cake.. jared was truly awesome. He finally found himself in this book.. he comes into who he truly is and who he needs to be in life.. and tristan omg.. he is adorable.. and he of course also has his own transformation and comes into who he needs to be as well. i loved this so much and im so glad i got to review it

  • Tj
    2019-03-13 06:12

    Overall I liked this one.... butThe mystery surrounding Tristan's family is never fully explained. Jared finding himself being attracted to a man for the first time is never explored, and the book could have used more dialogue between the characters. However, my biggest complaint with this one was Tristan's sister. She COULD NOT have a conversation without using the word Dude. Hated that part!!

  • Deborah
    2019-03-18 08:00

    Sometimes It's Just RightAn ARC was given to me and I agreed to voluntarily review it. My opinions are my own. This is a sweet sexy story about two men who meet and each finally gets the one person that makes them whole and makes their world right. I am going to miss the people in this series. I enjoyed all the the guys coming together at the end. Enjoy I did.

  • Christina Bowling
    2019-03-03 12:29

    This was a good book that I overall enjoyed. Jared and Tristan were both great characters, and they made an adorable couple together. They both had their troubles, but they were perfect for each other, and I enjoyed seeing them fall in love and was happy to see them get their HEA. I was gifted a copy.

  • Lidia
    2019-03-11 13:27

    Jared and Tristan are very sweet and hot together, and it are example how love can turn upside down your life, when he is " the one". So while I liked the story I didn't liked like it is been tell , some things have not convinced me. However this is been a wonderful series.

  • Angie
    2019-02-23 12:22

    DrySo so dry there was not wit or banter in this one it just seemed to be trying to hard. I loved all the others but this one sucked, I hope the next is better!!!!!!!

  • Isabella ~Mikku-chan~
    2019-03-04 07:26

    *~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*Ahh, the final book in the Delicious series…. and what a great closure of this. <3This book is about Jared, Robin’s brother, the hero from AgainTristan is very different than the confident older man Jared is, a bit insecure because of his former appearance and the ugly behaviour others around him. There is an age gap of ten years but both guys fit well together.It is charming to see how Jared is changing Tristan in a way, he comes out of his shell but also Jared is gaining so much from his interaction with Tristan. Tristan as his model – to mentioned nude *smirk* – and both get to know each other…. and sparks are flying. <3Also did I love the way the other character were displayed and you feel like having a family reunion. :3 I can say you can also read it as a stand alone but the fun is a bit less. And if you like to see a “pre”-Jared it is nice to read the other books with him as a side appearance too. :)This book was in many ways a great read, I enjoyed how the character were displayed, they didn’t annoy me, I felt a connection immediately. Also did I love that they have insecurities I could comprehend and they had my sympathy.Also did I love the parts with the steamy hot erotic mixed with the funny and calm scenes. It was well balanced and not overaggerated. For me it had a natural flow, understandable actions and comprehensable character. All I need in a good book.So, again full worth 5 out of 5 stars. Sadly it’s the last book in the series, so I will re-read the series again but the chara are dearly missed…Review originally posted on my blog with added content Mikku-chan / A world full of words

  • Eloise Hodgson
    2019-03-12 11:24

    Holy damn talk about saving the best for last and here I thought Jared was the quite reserved brother!I've loved the series from the get go and although all the characters were hot together and their stories made my heart go haywire Jared and Tristan top the list at #1..having Jared be who he really wants to be and Tristan and his self esteem issues and a family secret however I can't decide which was hotter when they got together the scene with them in front of the mirror or the scene in the art gallery..phwoarrr..the way Jared dominates Tristan makes you go all tingly inside.Can't believe it's time to say goodbye to these characters and series it's kinda sad knowing we won't be getting anymore additions to the deliciously sexy hot men of Delicious :( Having the MC's come together at the end made for a special ending to this series and for those who have yet to read these I would definitely recommend that you do! #Danny #Mace - Someday #Gavin #Ben - Delicious#Jeremy #Nick - Falling#Cash #Robin - Again#Beck #Liam - Wrecked#Jared #Tristan - Promise *I have voluntarily agreed to read and review this ARC*

  • Michele
    2019-03-10 13:03

    Jared & TristanLast in the series. Weekday corporate drone/weekend artist unexpectedly discovers his muse in a young waiter/college student.Both men explore undiscovered kinks when Jared hires Tristan to model for a series of “Lust” themed paintings. Jared struggles to break the glass wall between his public and true selves (built as a defense mechanism against his controlling, abusive father). Tristan is a journalism student looking to make some extra tuition money after his financial aid package is rejected. The shy, innocent man is simultaneously aroused and embarrassed by the idea of posing nude for the attractive older man.A last hurrah for the Delicious series with a tongue in cheek bonus chapter that allows the characters to break the fourth wall.

  • Pontiki
    2019-03-14 12:12

    This is my least favourite book of the series, and I was disappointed with the story. I like Jared, but Tristan is too passive and sounds immature, with his 'likes' and repetitions. The sex is less tender and meaningful, although there is a nice connection in the relationship, but Jared being such a deep seeing artist doesn't go with his commanding style with Tristan. Personally, I enjoyed the stories that were lighter or more romantic, although there were moments in this book too, just not as many.