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Tim Euston finds a dead body and, while he and his friend Dan suspect each other of murder and treason, they stumble upon two renegade redcoats who draw them into a dangerous plot to steal highly valuable munitions off of a British army base. It was May 1777, the beginning of the third year of the American War for Independence. Yonkers, New York was in a territory controllTim Euston finds a dead body and, while he and his friend Dan suspect each other of murder and treason, they stumble upon two renegade redcoats who draw them into a dangerous plot to steal highly valuable munitions off of a British army base. It was May 1777, the beginning of the third year of the American War for Independence. Yonkers, New York was in a territory controlled by the tory allies of the British. In the back of a general store Tim (age seventeen) expected to find his little sister Sadie at work. Instead he found a dead man. Then the proprietor burst in, accusing Tim of murder. Tim escaped, went to a loyalist Justice of the Peace and told him that the dead man was a rebel spy. He had actually never seen the dead man before but claimed that a man had pointed him out in the city. As well, Tim claimed the dying man had said "Sam Baker," and pointed. Tim said he then turned and saw a man poke his face through the door. The Justice was now eager, hoping that Tim might see this man's face again and help capture him. Tim's lies to the Justice had got him off but now he served a prominent loyalist, an odd position for someone who had recently been spying for the real Sam Baker, an officer in America's Continental Army. Tim and a friend named Dan had assisted Sam Baker, and both were eager to escape their masters, cross over to New Jersey, and join the Continental Army. Sam was going to vouch for their loyalty but it had been a while since they had seen him and they were getting impatient. Tim was on his wagon when he met Dan on the road. Dan was drunk and showed off a pair of pocket pistols he said he had won at cards. They spoke of the murder in Yonkers and both said things that made the other wonder whether he had a hand in it and that maybe he was involved with the British as well. But these suspicions were forgotten when they found themselves in front of two redcoat soldiers. Dan impulsively pulled out his pistols and ordered their hands up. Dan said that he and Tim could take them across the river as prisoners to demonstrate their potential for soldiers. But while Tim was stealing a boat, the prisoners convinced Dan that they had been planning on deserting and joining the rebel army, themselves. The renegades said there was a better way for the four of them to impress their future commanders. They could seize three crates of cartridge boxes from the British storehouse where they worked. The Continental Army was in dire need of these articles (historical fact.) To get them they only needed forged papers, a wagon and a boat. Tim's sister Sadie could write like a British officer and an official-looking seal could be bought. All went well until Tim and Sadie rode up to the warehouse to collect the crates. Their friends had been called away and their replacement looked too smart to fool. Tim lost his nerve and told the man that the letter looked suspicious, and said he had been hired in the city by a stranger. They went to an officer, who decided to lay a trap with three false crates. After they left with Tim, the renegades told another officer they had taken the wrong crates. He ordered the cartridge boxes loaded and set off after them. At a corner the wagon rolled and the officer broke his leg. The renegades had the crates, a high-value hostage, and Sadie who had hopped on and hidden under a blanket. They could wait by the river while one went for Tim, Dan and a boat....

Title : Tim and the Highway Robbery: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston, #2)
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Tim and the Highway Robbery: A Murder Mystery set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston, #2) Reviews

  • Lois Tessier
    2019-02-20 09:57

    I was hooked on the first page. Poor Tim was facing danger in every turn, with plot twists that could only have happened that long ago. I loved Sadie, his bossy little sister. So many historical novels are modern people with modern ideas imposed on past situations. These were people with 18th century values and beliefs, but they were still real people with real emotions. I enjoyed the imagery, made even more vivid by the highly realistic illustrations. It was so interesting to learn about everyday village life and about the attitudes and beliefs of the revolutionary era, and so great to have suspense enough to keep me going without having to push myself.

  • Sunny
    2019-03-10 07:00

    Book 2 of the Tim Euston series continues with Tim very involved in the War of Independence working on both sides of the conflict. The series provides historically accurate events and involves Tim in many of the dangers of the struggle. There is lots of talk of spies and rebels that is sure to capture the imagination of young historians.

  • Al Thorleifson
    2019-03-21 10:18

    This second book in the series is as intriguing as the first. The characters are well drawn and the descriptions of life in those times are vivid and help the reader to see their way of life.A great book to read!

  • Robert Butler
    2019-02-23 09:20

    I was carried along by the action and adventure and enjoyed learning about life in the 17th century. I appreciated the concern the characters felt about whether their actions were honest and fair, given the fact that they were involved in a revolution and the legalities were unclear.

  • Susan Stanton
    2019-02-22 10:08

    In Tim and the Highway Robbery, the hero, Tim Euston, finds a murder victim and is immediately accused of being the killer. Though he has been spying for the forces lead by George Washington, he is on the occupied “Neutral Ground” and he is forced to go to a pro-British official for help. His goal is to bravely serve his country but one predicament after another holds him back. This is the second in the series, but you could read them in any order without spoiling the story. Roddy Thorleifson created a memorable set of characters for the first two novels in his Tim Euston Series. Especially his bossy little sister Sadie. Once you read one of the books in this series you will want to read more. Both books are rich in everyday detail. Learning the history of the American Revolution has never been made easier.

  • Elizabeth Goossen
    2019-02-21 07:18

    This is the second book about 16 year old Tim Euston, his younger sister, Sadie, and their friend Dan. The boys are eager to fight for liberty, but they’re stuck in territory held by Tory allies of the British. Tim is wrongfully accused of a murder, but saves himself by offering to help the British to catch a spy. Only the spy their after is the same one that Tim and Dan are feeding information to. In this novel, they pair up with renegade Redcoats who share their goal. There’s plenty of intrigue and the reader learns a lot about how you advanced in a 18th century army, and in the stratified society of the era. Like the first book in the series, titled Tim Curious, there are intriguing characters and plenty of action. The historical setting is vivid, and even if the boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred, it certainly does not detract from the story. I loved these novels. I’ve only one problem. How long do I have to wait for the next one?

  • Kevin Harper
    2019-03-04 11:00

    If you liked Tim Curious, the first in the Tim Euston series, then you will not be disappointed Tim and the Highway Robbery. The intrepid Tim is still obsessed with dreams of making a name for himself in America’s struggle for independence, but he is still a carpenter’s apprentice in territory occupied by the British. A spy has told him to wait until spring and he’ll come for him and his friend Dan, and get them both into a good unit. In the meantime, Tim and Dan get themselves mixed up in a plot to help renegade Redcoat soldiers to “seize” military equipment off of a British base. But their trust of each other is challenged by suspicions regarding the murder. Tim found the body, and Dan was in town where he somehow got hold of a pair of expensive pistols. These suspicions along with the ever present threat of getting caught and hanged, keep the suspense at a fever pitch throughout the novel. Thorleifson’s descriptions of life in the 18th century are vivid and accurate, and all in all it’s an excellent read.

  • Andrew Fallak
    2019-02-24 06:59

    This is the second book about Tim Euston, a carpenter’s apprentice who wants to be a hero of the American Revolution, and who also wants to rise in the ranks as first step in his rise in society. In the first episode Tim got mixed up with spies and this provides the kick off for a deeper involvement. It’s another superb read, with all of the usual ingredients, but without taking any liberties with the historical record in general. As with the first book, the menace faced by the characters is the situation they find themselves in. Tim and his friend Dan meet up with two British soldiers who want to desert their army and live free in the new world. There is a highway robbery but I won’t tell more and risk spoiling the story. There are no historical characters and the whole story takes place in only about a week. The history you learn is about the setting, and not the great events of the war, but the description is quite superb and you learn a lot. You also get an interesting and thought provoking telling of the fluctuating allegiances of colonial folk, and especially interesting are the ones who side with the British. At times I found myself sympathizing with their wish for a return to peace and stability under the old order. This is achieved by showing the “tories” as human beings, with real longings. The author has managed to weave all this together into a superb book that you will not be able to let go of it once you start reading. I recommend this without without the slightest hesitation. This book is a homerun for me and I only regret that before I catch up with him again I have to wait another year for the next in the series.

  • Tracey
    2019-02-24 13:05

    Tim and the Highway Robbery has everything- a murder, family interactions with a jilted mother and two restless teenagers, a robbery plot with deserters from the enemy army, a hair raising effort to escape from enemy occupied territory. What more can a person ask for?

  • Carol De
    2019-02-22 12:16

    This book does not follow the formulaic approach of most murder mysteries. There is a murder and people want to know who did it, but the events that follow are about the efforts of teenage boys to demonstrate their courage before they join the American Army so that they will get into an elite force, and not spend the war digging latrines. Tim, his friend Dan that we met in the first book of the series, and two British soldiers who want to desert and immigrate, find themselves in dire predicaments. What makes this a good book are the really strong characters. You can really feel a connection with them. I know a person who has read a fair bit of history of the War for Independence and she says everything seems historically accurate. It’s a fun, fast read and I enjoyed it. I will pass it onto my teenage grandson.