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Sometimes the monsters aren't so easy to see...In the drought-stricken Wastelands that arose out of an apocalypse, Adam McClain never thought himself the hero. Kicked out of the town he created, and shunned by his friends and former allies when they discovered what he was, he's managed to find work as a bounty hunter. After all, who better to hunt the wargs and reivers thaSometimes the monsters aren't so easy to see...In the drought-stricken Wastelands that arose out of an apocalypse, Adam McClain never thought himself the hero. Kicked out of the town he created, and shunned by his friends and former allies when they discovered what he was, he's managed to find work as a bounty hunter. After all, who better to hunt the wargs and reivers that haunt the Badlands, than one of the monsters themselves?She's the woman he can't have...Mia Gray learned the hard way that men can't be trusted, and when McClain strides into her bar she knows that trouble just walked in. The rugged bounty hunter is her greatest weakness–but he's hiding something, and the last time a man kept secrets from her, she got her fingers burned. Tempting as he is, Mia's staying far away.But when a horde of reivers strikes her town and captures her sister, the only one Mia can turn to is McClain. Together they might just be able to rescue her sister, but what will happen when Mia learns of the secret McClain is hiding? Can she ever trust him again? And when the man who broke Mia's heart in the first place discovers the same secret, will McClain survive?...

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The Last True Hero Reviews

  • Denisa
    2019-03-20 14:02

    2.5 MehI remember I absolutely loved the previous book and was really looking forward to this one.Dunny why I found it so boring frankly, maybe I just wasn't in a great state of mind or something, but I got tired of it fast.

  • Sharon
    2019-03-28 10:39

    **I was provided a pre-publication copy of this book by the publisher for review purposes.**Slavery. Rescue mission. Morally ambiguous characters.PlotThis book contains a lot more sadness and desperation compared to Bec McMaster’s other books. It’s just so heart-wrenching to see people lose their loved ones by monstrous creatures (called “wargs”) killing them and monstrous humans kidnapping them and bringing them into slavery. Can you imagine living in that kind of world where there's a constant thought about survival and constant worry on losing your loved ones? There are definitely some emotional scenes and some What the fuck???? moments in this book.I also like how this book/series touches on the grey areas. A lot of people in this world have the misconception of thinking the beastly wargs are always, actually irredeemable monsters. However, it’s shown here with Adam, our main guy who’s also a warg, that things aren’t so black and white. This book holds the lesson and truth that these “monsters” can be good and humans can be evil. For example, Adam does his best to help random humans and free the slaves from one fucked-up town. On the other hand, there’s Vex, a female who’s not beastly in appearance, but is actually the worst kind of monster there is - someone who not only condones slavery, but who also profits off it - facilitates it., relishes in it. Bottom line: Anyone is capable of good and bad deeds. Props to this book for showing this. Also, a lot of the characters have fucked up – committed some sort of a crime or sin – like cheating, lying, doing bad deeds based on what someone else orders them to do, etc. For example, there is (view spoiler)[Zarina who's the daughter of an evil warlord and has passively been there while many innocent people were brought into slavery - However, she actually helps our main characters escape and help to free the slaves. (hide spoiler)] I appreciate this book for emphasizing that people are a mixture of good and bad.With that being said, the plot has been interesting, but it can be a bit slooooow though at times.Characters--Adam: I like Adam. We learned about his betrayal in the 1st book, but here – he finally gets acceptance (from other people and from himself). I love how he always strives to do the right thing. He’s a noble person. He just has done some bad things in the past when he had to make a choice between family or friend. He’s undoubtedly redeemable in this book because he initiates and leads a helpless town in rescuing some of their kidnapped loved ones. He didn’t have to do any of this – but he did. --Mia: She can be rather frustrating and annoying at times (read the spoiler section: “Anything that irked you?” to learn more), but I do appreciate her loyalty to her family and to her townspeople. She knows that physically she is not that strong or capable, especially when it comes to the rescue mission and fighting, but she does her best – even when she’s shaking and scared out of her mind. I have to give her props for that.I like these characters. I don’t love them, but I appreciate seeing their growth and seeing them battle with the good and the bad parts of themselves.RomanceI like the romance. It takes them a while to get there, but when it does finally work out, it’s rather sweet. I’m content with it. They have a lot in common: Mia and Adam are rather closed-off people and they are both haunted by what sins they’ve committed in the past. And also, they’re both incredibly, incredibly loyal people (especially when it concerns their family), and I love that they can connect in this way. It’s good to see that these sad, lonely people can finally learn to forgive themselves and move forward.Final ThoughtsI’m giving The Last True Hero 3 solid stars because I like it – it can be rather thoughtful and emotional at times. However, I’m not quite to the point where I adore this series (at least not yet). I do definitely feel more invested in this world and these characters after reading this second book, especially with THAT EPILOGUE. I’m actually really looking forward to reading Colton’s book. It did not occur to me that he would have his own book – but after seeing this initial villain protect a little girl in the 1st book, and help Adam with escaping and freeing the slaves in this book – I’m suuuuper excited for the next book now.Also, props to the inclusion of LGBTQ in this book. Ellie, was a side character, and she kicked ass. I loved her determination and she was just so brave during the rescuing mission.Things that you might want to know (WARNING: Spoilers below)Is there a happy/satisfying ending? (view spoiler)[Technically happy, but a bit of a cliffhanger for the other characters. For example (ranting alert in the spoiler): (view spoiler)[Do Sage and Jake get back together???? I mean I understand the ambiguity because Sage needs time to reflect on Jake’s cheating in the past and his lying about that since then – but like, UGH I want to know if they do. My opinion is that she’s too good for him. He seems nice, but come on, he fucked up on day 1 literally, and then in their years of marriage – he was a pretty shitty husband. He felt remorse, sure, and knew he wanted to change things for her. However, too little too late – and he didn’t even genuinely realized he loved her UNTIL she got kidnapped and turned into a slave. *eyeroll* (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]Love triangle? Cheating? Angst level? (view spoiler)[Not really a love triangle, although Mia’s ex-lover seemed to be an issue at first (they don’t love each anymore though). Yes, to cheating – but not between Adam and Mia. It relates to the ex and the past. Medium angst. (hide spoiler)]Tears-worthy? (view spoiler)[A little bit. Some sad shit happen to pretty much most of the characters. (hide spoiler)]Anything that irked you? (view spoiler)[The whole situation is sticky about Mia, Jake, and Sage. It’s sooooo sticky and makes me uncomfortable. They’re all good people, but both Mia and Jake fucked up so bad – I CAN’T DEAL. Basically, this is what happened (not really a spoiler because we are told about what happened in the past right at the beginning of the book): In the past, Jake loved Mia, Mia rejected him, Jake was angry and bitter and made promises to Sage, Mia’s sister instead. Mia who didn’t know about Jake going to Sage went back to Jake because she changed her mind. Jake didn’t tell her about Sage, and they had sex. Mia found out about Sage – Jake and Sage got married, while Jake didn’t really love Sage (at least not until the events of this book). Sage was oblivious throughout this whole thing, and Mia didn’t even tell her sister that she made a mistake, and her husband was a cheater. UGH. I understand that people make mistakes, but ughhh it’s still frustrating to know that Mia was so weak, scared, and inconsiderate to not tell her sister about the cheating. She might think she’s doing it to “protect” Sage’s feelings – but it’s bullshit and actually selfish of her to not put herself in Sage’s shoes. Yes, it’s Jake’s fault that it happened in the first place because Mia didn’t even know about Sage, but it’s all on Mia for not telling her sister in all of these years. I couldn’t help but be irked by Mia for not telling the truth to Sage when she deserved it. Her silence was fucked up, no matter how scared and remorseful Mia felt.I appreciate the reiteration of the theme that people are a mixture of good and bad - because Jake and Mia are good people who have made a mistake (and made that one mistake worse by never revealing the truth to Sage for years), but ugh this situation was too sticky for my taste. (hide spoiler)]Favorite scene? (view spoiler)[I think the end when they freed the slaves and Mia was talking to one of the women. The moment was just so bittersweet because on one hand, they suffered through so much injustice and on the other hand, THEY ARE FINALLY FREE. Also, I liked the part where Mia and Adam finally accepted one another and themselves, and decided to move forward together. (hide spoiler)]What age level would be appropriate? (view spoiler)[Mature audience. Explicit details on sex. Mentions of rape (not in relation to the protagonist though), slavery, sex slaves, kidnapping, and other royally fucked up things. (hide spoiler)]------------I've been waiting to get this ARC for a while. I have no idea what to expect from this book, but I'm excited. <3 Please give me a kickass heroine.

  • Celestine
    2019-03-26 13:58

    For every weird "Mad Max" moment that turned me off in this post-apocalyptic jumble, there was a counterpoint of charm, humor or poignancy that drew me back. Bec McMaster has juxtaposed interesting main characters, and especially fascinating secondary characters, next to world-building that, in this sophomore book of the Burned Lands series, seems to be having some fits and starts. The story-telling, though, is excellent as always. The characters, tone, dialogue and description are so well done that I simply see a movie reel in my head.The setting is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the landscape and society are decimated. This book takes place mainly in what was the American Southwest. It is inhabited by reivers (the amoral, violent, pierced and ragged population that seems to inhabit most post-apocalyptic movies), and they are not any more original in this introduction. There are also wargs (werewolves), revenant (zombies), Confederates (the rich people with tech) and moles (which we aren't really sure about). Needless to say, there are a lot of "creature" threads that are introduced and barely explored here, and this is one of the reasons I regarded this book as a "bridge." More on that below.Adam McClain, a baddie of sorts in book one, Nobody's Hero (which I loved), is the star of this episode. His leading lady is bar-owner Mia. Unfortunately, while these two did have their moments (including the sweetest pillow talk), I just wasn't as in to them as I have been for some of McMaster's other romantic couples. I think my problem was mainly with Mia. At first I had this vision in my head of Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty, albeit played by an African American woman wearing a sports bra, who fends off all the crass overtures with class and spunk while serving the best whisky in the territory. Mia had all the promise of being a pillar of strength for the tragedy that befalls her community, plus full of determination and sass. In the end, I think all she had was determination. Meanwhile, McClain was a scrumptious but slightly depressing figure who never really seemed to direct the action. For a master strategist who protected the town of Absolution, he flew by the seat of his pants a lot of the time. For me, Mia and Adam, and their story, is really just a bridge to the captivating secondary characters and their future sequels. McMaster outdid herself in building these human props behind Mia and Adam. Aunt Jenny deserves her own story; I would love to see the 40-year-old former biker chick who left her love and the open road to raise her nieces get a second chance romance. Johnny Colton stole every scene he was in, and I thought his character was both honorable and heart-breaking, with a little bit of brat thrown in on the side. There was almost a buddy-cop vibe going on with him and McClain that I thought had some amusing moments. Zarina, the trapped daughter of the megalomaniac, is scary and ready for redemption. Even Ellie and Thea and Jake and Sage really filled out as characters as the narrative rolled along. Loved 'em all. So what The Last True Hero really did for me was whet my appetite for the next Burned Lands story.Book source: Purchased from Amazon.

  • Marta Cox
    2019-04-01 14:47

    Well I thought the last book Nobody's Hero was good but this story just beat it hands down! The author paints such a vivid picture of a harsh landscape populated by individuals literally fighting to survive. There's a huge division between those struggling in the Wastelands and those behind fortresses known as the Confederacy . The world building is just beginning to expand as the author lets her readers know that there is still technology in this bleak landscape but it's jealously guarded by men who are starting to feel more monstrous than the creatures that stalk the night.Adam McClain almost had it all. Forcibly turned into a Warg, he found a way to make a kind of peace with himself and helped build a settlement but when his secret came out he quickly found himself outside the very walls he helped build. Mia Gray has closed her heart to all except her sister but when Reivers kidnap Sage there's nothing Mia won't do to get her back even work with the enigmatic Adam McClain. Following the trail though brings danger and uncomfortable truths as Mia starts to trust Adam only to fear he is hiding a secret from her. This story had everything I look for in a book. Fast paced , interesting characters and a plot that kept pounding along. Plus the writing at times had an eerie feeling of impending doom as the author took time to describe the unthinkable . Her description of Wargs kept me imagining giant wolf like creatures but when the journey stopped off in a devastated Vegas it sent shivers down my spine as I could picture the broken buildings described so easily. Yet it's perhaps not those physically altered by nuclear fallout or extraterrestrial life that chills the most. That dubious honour goes to the Reivers! As human as you or me but violent, bloodthirsty and totally uncivilised. Think of the thunderdome from Mad Max and times it by one hundred. A societal collapse full of brutality but even more chilling is the power that is behind this unholy throne .Yet there is romance here and it might take the central couple a while but yes the build up in light of Adams past felt right. Mia has her own baggage to deal with so seeing them find a way to each other really made me smile. Although there are notable supporting characters that hopefully we will see again , these include Colton the longtime nemesis of Adam, Zarina who has a lot to make up for and a surprisingly brave young woman Ellie who courageously goes hunting for her missing girlfriend. It's definitely a dark and gritty story but there is love and tenderness here and I can't wait to find out what happens nextA copy of this was provided for me which I have voluntarily read and these comments are my own honest opinion

  • Sunny
    2019-03-20 12:58

    When we last met Adam McClain in Nobody's Hero, he was the "friend" who was banished from Absolution, the community he helped to establish. He was a betrayer and backstabber. I was curious to see how Bec McMaster was going to rehabilitate this anti-hero. Ye of little faith...I should always have confidence in the writer, and Bec McMaster does a fine job redeeming Adam in book two of the Burning Lands series. She reminds me that there is always two sides to every story. After leaving Absolution, Adam goes back to his earlier career as a bounty hunter. He lands in the small town of Salvation Creek and meets the local bar owner, Mia Gray. Mia is no fool for a pretty face and keeps Adam at arms length until her sister is kidnapped by a marauding band of criminals. The trail leads them to another criminal stronghold where their survival is dependent on winning a gladiator type contest a la Mad Max and the Thunderdrome. In this dystopian world, life is brutal. People's humanity is locked down in the face of the instinctual drive to survive. The author also introduces and entices us with a new set of potential storylines including fertility problems for people who live on the other side of the Confederacy Wall resulting in a robust kidnapping network for fertile females. I need to know more about this!Whereas the first book does not necessarily excite me about this series, this one does! I am excitedly looking forward to the next installment.

  • Heather
    2019-04-14 17:43

    Book two in Bec McMaster's post-apocalyptic series was entertaining and a fun adventure. Book 2 follows Adam as he wonders the Wastelands after being run-out of the town he founded once his secret was revealed that he is a warg. He finds himself in Mia's bar and there is something about Mia that keeps him coming back around to verbally spar and flirt with her. He steps up to help her town rescue a group of women who are kidnapped to be sold in the slave markets. While on their adventure, sparks fly between Adam and Mia, and battles ensue between them and revenants (zombies), reivers (criminal-minded humans hell bent on destruction), and of course wargs (men who turn into werewolves). I enjoyed their story. I did like book one, Nobody's Hero, more than book two, but I did enjoy their love story and adventure.

  • Ami
    2019-03-29 16:46

    Plot for me to remember: (view spoiler)[Adam McClain has a ward inside of him, only a medallion keep the beast from coming out, so he can hide among humans. In the previous book, Nobody's Hero, Adam's identity is blown open after the arrival of his former best friend, Luc Wade. Now Adam is cast away from Absolution, the town he helps built and becomes bounty hunter. Mia Grey is the woman that Adam sets his eyes on -- even if he knows he cannot have her, not with the secret he keeps. But when Mia's sister is kidnapped by raivers alongside several other people, Adam joins the rescue team ... even if it means that he may be killed or Mia will find out who he is before the mission is over. (hide spoiler)]---I may repeat this every time I read a new Bec McMaster book -- I LOVE her stories!! The way she delivers her plot and characters (including her villains!) is rocking my socks off. The Last True Hero is her latest, second installment in Burned Lands series, which is set around 140 years in the future. And again, it's another AWESOME read for me.I really loved Adam ... sure, he might betrayed Luc in the previous book. But it was a "between a rock and a hard place" situation. I couldn't completely hate Adam for what he did. For me, he is a hero... despite the mistakes he did in the past. Mia, on the other hand ... I needed a lot of time to warm up to her. I guess I wasn't impressed with that 'sordid' situation she had when she was young (view spoiler)[pretty much making out with her younger sister's fiancé, keep it a secret (hide spoiler)] ... or how she keeps Adam on arm's length. But Mia keeps it cool when needed ... and well, that ROCKET LAUNCHER that she uses raises my admiration *lol*. I mean, a girl who uses a rocket launcher to blast down a helicopter deserves my standing ovation!!The villains are another winner here. I loved that McMaster put a twist, making the vicious warlord (view spoiler)[a woman (hide spoiler)]. McMaster's villains are always worthy adversaries in my eyes.In conclusion: raivers, wargs, warlords ... and of course, a rocket launcher! So f*cking COOL!

  • Glory
    2019-04-08 10:44

    Серия в целом интересна отсутствием четких границ между добром и злом. Здесь негодяй может спасти ребенка, а герой нехило оступиться. Никто не безгрешен, никто не безнадежен. И в таких обстоятельствах даже звери пытаются остаться людьми, а люди порой ведут себя хуже зверей. Не знаю, как описать атмосферу. Сожженные земли, сожженные души, но живые сердца, жаждущие... тепла, а не пламени. И конкретно эта книга, наверное, самая мрачная у Макмастер. Собственно, постап не располагает к веселью, но в первой части все равно было больше света. Здесь же... тени и полумрак. Мир становится объемнее, глубже. Добавляются детали. И от некоторых хочется выть. Много насилия. Маклейн неплохо показан уже в первой части - там он был лютым врагом героя. Теперь же, вынужденный покинуть насиженное место и отправиться на поиски себя, он не сильно меняется. Герой интересный, яркий, живой, многослойный. Неидеальный, но цепляющий. А вот Миа... Впервые мне совершенно не понравилась Макмастеровская героиня. Вот ни капельки. Она не то что отвращает, но и симпатии не вызывает. В ошибках прошлого я ее винить не могу, там она сама была жертвой, но молчание порой самый страшный грех. А в настоящем Миа такая себе посредственность, прикрывающаяся шипами якобы боевого характера. Я не увидела в ней совершенно ничего интересного, а узнав ту давнюю историю, вообще взгрустнула. На фоне чудесных героинь стимпанковской и магической серий и Райли из первой книги, Миа не выдерживает никакой критики. И она знатно подпортила мне впечатления от истории. В целом, вышло неплохо. Возможно, не совсем под настроение, но пишет автор все так же хорошо. Эротика, как всегда, в наличии, но тут я на нее особо внимания не обращала (все из-за Мии, ага). А еще есть несколько очень интересных второстепенных персов, за ними порой было интереснее наблюдать, чем за главными. Ну и затравка на следующую часть что надо.

  • ♑Namita
    2019-04-09 16:01

    A great read. That being said, I'm more excited for Eden and Johnny's book!!

  • Aly
    2019-04-05 12:43

    Bec McMaster never disappoint. I loved book 1 and this one was just as good, with amazing characters and their personal quest and dilemmas and a fast paced story full of action. Welcome to the Wastelands. It's a world where monsters crawl at night and you always got to watch your back. It's year 2148, after a meteor caused the Darkening, where the skies blackened with dust and ash. Food is running scarce and different plagues transformed some humans. It's a world full of darkness and despair, but you hope for the best and hang on tight. Trouble walked into her bar and he's name is Adam McClain.McClain is the kind of man that at first sight you don't know if he's the hero or the villain. But spend a few hours with him and you'll soon realize he's the best kind of hero. A natural born leader with a protective nature, a badass with an air of authority and charisma who take charge of his people's safety and even the ones he just met. But there's an other secret side to him that made his clan forced him into exile and leave his sister. There's a beast inside him that he can only keep at bay if he wear a special medallion. Adam is a bounty hunter and used to kill Warg. Now he's one of them. His goal is to find the one that turned him into a monster and end his life. But when Mia's village, where he's currently living, get attacked by reivers (a band of dangerous and sadistic loathers) and they kidnap lots of their women and child, including Mia's sister, Adam join Mia and a couple of townsfolk to search for them and save them from imprisonment and slavery. They'll discover that reivers are not the only responsible for the slave town. Mia is a tough girl. You gotta be smart and strong if you want to survive in this world. She's got a sharp tongue and a courageous heart. The chemistry between her and McClain is undeniable, even before when he was coming to her bar to take a drink. But to protect her heart, already broken by a man before, she never accepted his proposition for a good time. But after seeing what a valorous man he is and after her aunt recommended her to enjoy the time she have because you never know if you are coming back, she's ready to explore the attraction between them. But Adam got to know her and developed new feelings for her and he's trying to be a gentleman, not wanting to take advantage of her grief and he knows she would not accept him is she knew his secret.Once again, there's an other complex but so interesting dynamic with secondary characters and it made me eager to read what's next."Sometimes, Susan admitted, she wondered whether they called it the Darkening, because the skies turned black from the dust cloud, or because that's what happened in people's heart.""He was one hell of a handsome bastard, but she thought his slow manner of moving, almost a kind of careful gentleness, and his brutal sense of honesty were more appealing than his looks."

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-04-08 16:58

    The Last True Hero is the second installment in the Burned Lands series. This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world of drought-stricken wastelands in the year 2147. A meteor had previously crashed in this world and it had caused several catastrophic events that affected the environment, inhabitants, and the terrain. Once a complete continent before the meteor struck and caused the Great Divide. Now there the Wall had been erected and cut the Confederacy of the Eastern States off from the Western States. The badlanders in the West have never seen the East as the Confederacy soldiers where ruthless in their defense of the Wall. It is rumored that there are still cities in the East while the wastelands are without even the most basic of amenities.The Wall had been constructed not only to keep the badlanders out but also to keep out the creatures that had been loosed or created during the aftermath of the meteor strike. Now in addition to humans there are wargs, reivers, and revenants. Wargs are the result of a virus created by the government hoping for the perfect soldier but things got out of hand. Once infected with the virus wargs lose their humanity and become cruel and barbaric, driven only by their primal instincts. Reivers are human beings with very little morality who enjoy raping, pillaging, and being despicable. Lastly are the revenants, they are humans infected by something not of that world and turn into flesh eating walking dead.In the previous book, Nobody’s Hero, Adam McClain had been outed as a warg. He had been hiding his secret for years through the use of a magical medallion that helped him from turning into a warg against his will. Adam was forced to leave the settlement he had founded and had been roaming the wastelands, working as a bounty hunter, ever since. Lately he had been drowning himself in whiskey and trying to forget his sorrows. He has also been trying to catch the eye of the local bar owner, Mia Grey.Mia was attracted to McClain but she knew he was bad news. She had little interest in any relationship with him because she had made a grave error in her youth and it destroyed her faith in men. Despite this when a group of reivers attacked their settlement and took her sister, Mia is quick to place her faith in Adam’s hunting skills. He quickly shows that he has the knowledge and skills that she needs in order to retrieve her sister.What she knew was going to be a difficult snatch and grab turned into a nearly impossible rescue mission where the group had to travel to a reiver only territory in order to rescue Mia’s sister and others. Along the way, Mia learned that there was more to Adam than she ever anticipated. They must both struggle with what they considered to be real and trust in the direction of their hearts.I adored the first book in this series but this one was not as captivating to me. It lacked the type of “grab” that would have me on the edge of my seat. I would have liked some more world development. When am I going to get to see the Confederacy? What about the Eastern States? The plot with the reivers was plenty interesting, especially the reiver town that they ended up in. I liked the idea of the main antagonist but I think there could have been a lot more cruelty written into this story. I wanted to really hate the leader but I just couldn’t because I was actually more entertained. Yes, the ideas of what was taking place was despicable but there was little in the way of show, so I did not really feel their terror or worry.The romance had heat but the getting there was a lot of the “should I, shouldn’t I” type of situation and although I can generally appreciate that type of angst it was just not intense enough for me to really get behind. By the end the romance had redeemed itself and I definitely was happy for the ending. I am looking forward to the next book in this series as the character it follows has done a lot of wrong and I think the story is going to be a romance full of naughty angstyness. Overall, I am glad that I read this book and it kept my interest but it was not what I had come to expect from one of my favorite authors.Find this review and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews

  • Cece
    2019-04-17 12:59

    2.5 starsI really wanted to like this book as McMasters romances have always been a favorite of mine. While I didn't love the first book it was a solid, apocalyptic romance and delivered for the most part. And I was very excited about this sequel because if you read my last review on this series then you know that Adam was a favorite of mine and I was very much so anticipating his story.The romance between him and Mia wasn't bad by any means. Adam was just as perfect and lovable as he was in the previous book and Mia was a total badass that I quickly fell in love with as well. But the romance would have been amazing...if it had been an actual part of the story! Don't get me wrong, it was there. Every five chapters or so.I understand that this is an action packed book and I can appreciate that as I did with McMasters London Steampunk series. But that series had enough romance between the action and politics to make it even more exciting and worth reading and I had loved every bit of action and worldly drama in that series. This one however sort of fell flat for me and I found myself skimming A LOT. This felt more like a YA dystopia with one sex scene rather than a full on romance novel. Which I wouldn't mind if that's what I had been expecting when opening it up. There were just a lot of unnecessary scenes that I felt were stretched out and dragged on the story way more then needed. There's some rushed romance in the very last chapter, probably to make up for the lack of it throughout the entire novel but it felt like just that. Very rushed and not all genuine with how fast and late it happened. (Okay, two sex scenes but the last one wasn't a full one and I like my smut dammit.) And I was even more disappointed with the epilogue that wasn't even about the damn couple! I was at least hoping to see their HEA like we got with Riley and Luc but we didn't even get that much out of these two. Overall I'm just disappointed in this series in general and I'm not very excited for Coltons book as he didn't appeal to me in the way Adam had. But who knows? Maybe McMaster will make up for this one in the next story and I truly do hope so because I love when her romances do deliver.

  • A
    2019-04-06 13:50

    ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review :)I'm not gonna say too much today, cause I will have for you guys a full review tomorrow, but damn... :) what a phenomenal sequel :) full of action, surprises, new and very interesting characters... and some we already knew and loved... ;) *sighs* read it... read it NOW :)edited to add my full review :)I got the ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... I thought I knew what I should prepare for, after reading and loving the first book in this series, but boy was I wrong... :) in the best possible way of course :) that first story was full of action and surprising turns of events that I did not see coming... like, at all... ;) so I thought that maybe this time I would be better at predicting some stuff... nope, not even close :) but oh how entertaining it was :) even though it's a sequel, this story works as a standalone as well, but I do feel the need to warn you, that you will be spoiled about certain things that we discovered in book #1, particularly when it comes to the main character in this one... but when it comes to the world and rules, everything is explained :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple and the world they live in :)First of all, this whole series gives me the biggest "Mad Max Fury Road" vibes :) and I am mentioning only this one movie, instead of the whole franchise, because it's the only movie I saw so far ;) save the gasps, I will see the rest at some point ;) but back to the topic of this review, which is this amazing book :) it's set in this postapocalyptic world where a lot of people live in Wastelands... or Badlands... or other appropriately named places ;) there are of course other areas, but so far we haven't really explored them :) and the way Bec McMaster describes this world... oh how truly talented she is... :) you feel like you're in the middle of an action movie, packed with surprising turns of events and visually stunning images... don't get me wrong, this world is bleak and harsh, but the way Bec describes it... I honestly felt like I was watching a movie this whole time :) this story takes place about a year after the end of the previous one, when Adam, who we met before, is staying for a bit longer in one place... mainly because Mia is there... ;) he is a bounty hunter with a very dark secret... and yes, that secret is one of the major and surprising spoilers from that first book you will encounter if you skip the previous story... and she is a bar owner in one of the little settlements... both of them had some events in their pasts, some darker and harder than others... but I love how strong each of them are... you have to be, to survive in that world... they flirt a little bit, but nothing more comes out of it... until, that is, when her sister, among some other people, is kidnapped... and he joins Mia and others to help them rescue those people... I know I'm being vague, but I cannot possibly spoil you anything... I want you to be as shcoked as I was at certain things when I read this book :) theirs is definitely a fast paced relationship, that evolves a bit in the background of all the action that they are involved with... but I loved it just the same :) it really worked with the world and stories that Bec creates for this series :) I already can't wait to read another one... and speaking of it... ;)When it comes to secondary characters, I really loved that we met a whole bunch of new ones... :) as much as I adored people from that first story, I was very excited to expand my knowledge of both this world and people in it :) especially since all of them were complex and not easy to put into just one category... none of them were perfect, each and everyone of them flawed and with mistakes in their lives... but that's what made them human... I appreciate how Bec always writes complicated characters that you can't help but sympathise with or to root for them, even though they are not always considered to be *the good guys* :) now I am dying to get my hands on book #3... and no, I won't tell you guys who will be the main couple, although we get to know those informations at the end of this story, but it's definitely too spoilerific to put in my review ;) #SorryNotSorry :) what I definitely hope for, is actually that this series won't end as a trilogy... mainly because there is one person in particular that we met in this book... I'm not gonna even say if it's a man or a woman, that I absolutely NEED TO read about :) fingers crossed I will get my way... and trust me, you'll know who I'm talking about when you read the book and then we can hope for that story together :) not to mention the fact that it's such a vast and complex world, that there could be many... many stories ahead for us :)I adored every part of this book... I could not put it down... I kept reading it whenever I had free time... which was not a lot... stupid adulting ;) but I read it whenever I could... and like one time when I really shouldn't... ;) but it was sooo good... #NoRegrets ;) I inhaled it surprisingly quickly... ;) mainly because there were tons of surprises along the way that kept me glued to my kindle, reading chapter after chapter, because I simply had to know what's gonna happen next :) but like I mentioned before, I was completely unprepared for those surprises along the way ;) yet again I was gasping like a lunatic in the middle of the bus on my way to work... but I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't really care about anything else besides reading the next chapter ;) this story was full of action... we are thrown right into the middle of it from the very start, and the tempo does not slow down... but worry not, there's plenty of character development as well :) so even if the book itself does not take place over a very long amount of time, you get to see our characters grow and change :) this book and this series in general, is definitely one of those drop-everything-and-read-it-NOW types of stories :) I would love to tell you more about the characters and events in it, but it's gonna be sooooo much better if you guys just trust me how amazing it is and see for yourselves... and then we can fangirl about it together ;) you can thank me later... now when that third book is coming out...? ;)XOXOAfor more book-ish stuff visit:my blog -> facebook page ->

  • Melissa
    2019-04-18 13:59

    The Last True Hero is the second book in Bec McMaster's Burned Lands series and I have to say I liked it more that the first. The first book is very isolated. You never leave the walled communities of the badlands. In Last True Hero, the world opens up. I absolutely loved the Vegas scene. Looking at the ruins of Las Vegas through the eyes of someone who never saw it before was so much fun. It was the little comments like when Mia wonders why there was a ship there since she was pretty sure there was never any bodies of water. Some really great world building. I also was fascinated by the tidbits about the Confederacy. I really hope we get more of them in the next book. And last but certainly not least, I connected with Adam and Mia so much more than I did to Luc and Riley. Mia was still a kick ass woman but her connection to her sister made her feel more rounded. Their relationship was almost sweet. (Don't get me wrong it had hot and sexy and both of them tried to tell themselves at least at one point that it was about the sex but..) Adam didn't believe he deserved her and the realization that she felt he was a good "man" was very tender. A great read! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

  • Natasha
    2019-04-08 18:59

    Great second book in the "Burned Lands" series. After meeting Adam McClain in "Nobody's Hero," I truly enjoyed seeing him in action in "The Last True Hero." Newcomer, Mia, takes no crap and walks the walk of loyalty to her family and town. The events of the first book have definitely hit Adam hard, and we can see his need to keep pushing forward is taking its toll. He really is the stand-up guy he appears to be, but he doesn't think it about himself. He may be wandering in search of revenge, but can't leave Mia's town before he's made a true effort at a night with her.Mia is believable as a heroine and as Adam's love interest. I see how being burned romantically has impacted her life and how she holds herself back. Mia has enough attitude to support herself as a bar owner, but is slowly letting those walls down to test her feelings about Adam.There was so much action in the first book, but "The Last True Hero" is no action slouch! We got to see a different side of this future world and how it all fits together. The plot is a scary look at what could happen when the world falls apart and the strong literally take what they want. There was enough detail to feel how scary this world could be to those without power, but not so graphic you couldn't keep reading.There were also some surprises! Enough that I didn't see them coming, but still fit with the story and how this dystopia functions. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Kira Simion
    2019-03-20 18:48

    There are more reviews & ratings on the first book and the rating is higher so I'm a little hesitant to read this, but at the same time, I've read books that had lower ratings and loved em', so somewhat worried, somewhat excited.

  • Chrissi
    2019-03-22 15:51

    Leider viel weniger emotional als Band 1 und insgesamt relativ vorhersehbar

  • jammastere
    2019-03-31 16:41

    *I was provided a pre-publication book for my honest review*Great gritty post-apocalypse series!This series is much gritter and more raw then other books by Ms. McMaster. The world changed when a meteor hit earth and physically split the land. The resulting dust cloud killed most life on the planet. The people who remained in what was North America found themselves in either the Confederacy in the East or the Wastelands of the West. The Confederacy offers safety and technology in exchange for individual freedoms. The people there live in fear of the government that totally controls every part of their lives. The people living in the Wastelands try to eek out a life for themselves in a very harsh environment. They battle the elements, reivers, wargs, zombies, and somehow manage to survive. Life in the West is very reminiscent of Mad Max with creatures.This story centers around Adam McClain and Mia. He has been spending the last few months in her bar trying to drown his sorrows over all that he has lost and the nothing he has to look forward to. He is a bounty hunter with a big secret. She is trapped in town and haunted by choices she made and a betrayal 10 years old. Everything changes for both of them when reivers roll into town. Mia goes off to rescue her friends and family while McClain finds he can't let her do it on her own.This is really a great story. The characters are well written and not flat. I would have liked a bit more depth to the world building, but at the same time it really didn't fit with the fast paced story line. There are some raw and intense scenes that bring home the fact that this world is not an easy place to live. It doesn't ever cross the line into horror and is always appropriate to the situation. I enjoyed the relationship that grew between Adam and Mia, but it did feel a tensy bit rushed. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next!

  • Victoria
    2019-03-28 14:36

    *3.5 stars*I liked the story and surprisingly, the characters! Adam has a bit of a hero complex, he condemns himself for his past deeds and has a hard times accepting himself for who he is. Mia, the heroine, also has some internal issues she continues to struggle with through most of the book; there is a "past" cheating storyline involving her that leaves a bit of a bad taste, but this just adds to the theme of showing not everything in this world is black and white. Overall, this is good series if you enjoy post-apocalyptic adventure/romance, (which I clearly do). This book is quite dark at times, but has its lighter moments too - sweet and tender, as well as funny ones. As I mentioned before, it also does a good job navigating the often not-so-black-and-white world that these characters live in. I'm really surprised and excited to see what the next installment brings, especially in light of the revelation who the main characters will be.

  • Margaret
    2019-04-11 15:00

    When I read Nobody's Hero, the first book in the series, last year I was impressed with the post-apocalyptic world, but I felt like there were times when the story dragged. That's not unusual for a first book in a series - they just have too many things to set up. I think book two is much tighter and I really liked the additions McMaster made to the world building.We get to see much more of the continent, and actually figure out which continent it is - I wasn't sure before, when McClain and Mia lead a group through the ruins of Las Vegas to rescue the townsfolk. It reminded me of those moments watching The 100 when you know more about the location than the characters do. I also thought of the show when they mentioned mole people living in underground bunkers.Unlike that show, the book also has a western feel at times. The things we learn about the eastern states, called The Confederacy, made me think of the early 19th century era of Manifest Destiny, though they also have futuristic technology. I would love to see one of the books in the series explore that part of the continent.But enough about the world and its influences, even though I have yet to mention the Mad Max moments with the reivers, because this is a romance series. And it's one obsessed with the heroes' redemption. We met Adam McClain in the previous book where he was not exactly a villain, but definitely a rival. He was turned into a warg (werewolf) by the same man who turned Lucas, the hero of book one. That led to Adam and Lucas, one time partners and best friends, having a falling out. Though they reconcile, nearly everyone else in Adam's life turned against him when they discovered what he was. It was easier than I expected to see him as a hero though. And Mia, despite being competent from the beginning, really discovers her badass side.McMaster also sets up the main character for book three, who's even more in need of redemption than McClain. I'm hoping to get to explore even more of this fascinating world, maybe see some of the places, like the bunkers, that were mentioned in this book.McMaster recaps the events of Nobody's Hero pretty thoroughly so you wouldn't need to read book one in order to follow the story. However, you might want to read it first to avoid spoilers.Originally published at Goldilox and the Three Weres and based on a copy provided by the author.

  • Destiny Bridwell
    2019-03-30 11:38

          I loved the first one and this one was just as good and it was rich in wonderful descriptions of the Wastelands. I had a got some back ground of the world when I read Nobody's Hero. So I kind of knew what to expect when I read this one.       Adam McClain is forced out of the town that he founded when the town's people discovered his secret. So he changed his life and became a bounty hunter. That is how he ended up in Mia Gray's bar. There was just something about her that kept bringing him back there to her. When Mia's sister Sage is taken she has no one to turn to but McClain. They team up to bring back those that were taken. Don't want to spoil it for you. Going to have to get your own copy to find out what happens.

  • Jennie Kew
    2019-04-11 17:53

    Romance fan? Action fan? Post Apocalyptic fan? This book has you covered! Prepare to be held on the edge of your seat as McClain and Mia draw you into their dark and dangerous world where they work together to hunt monsters, rescue family, free slaves and kick butt while they're doing it, all while coming to grips with the depth of their feelings for each other and facing their secretive pasts. Bec McMaster has written another fantastic tale of love and adventure in this new book from her Burned Lands series.

  • Shymsal
    2019-04-02 12:00

    3.5. Everything that was good in the last one was good in this. If you like this type of story (werewolves - called wargs, zombies - called revenants, Mad Max style dystopias, and romance between well-rounded strong women and protective alpha men who love equals not toys) you're not going to go wrong with this series.

  • RHONDA Huss
    2019-04-08 17:38

    Least favorite characters The story line was great however the main characters seemed rather flat. Felt as though they were together because no one else was around, single or of the proper age. Was not any fireworks between the two. Enjoyed Burned Lands book 1 much more.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-07 11:55

    A winner Another winner by BEC McMaster. Blends heart-warming that is really character-driven, just enough angst, heroism, action, and continues in the fascinating apocalyptic world set up by the first book in this series. Can't wait to read the next one.

  • Cynthia
    2019-04-15 16:53

    Immersive romance and actionExcellent story telling with steamy romance in the midst of a fascinating post apocalyptic world. Lots of adventure and strong heroine. Hard to put down.

  • Shay
    2019-03-26 12:49

    I liked both books. They are different and I happen to like her writing.

  • Ariel
    2019-03-23 18:36

    I just love this series. It's everything I love about Fallout combined with great sex and FEELINGS. It's awesome. Book 3 please.

  • Barbara
    2019-03-28 16:34

    Loved it! Review to follow shortly.

  • Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)
    2019-04-07 17:40

    Eh I had a hard time getting into this book. It took me almost three months to get through. It’s too bad because I love Bec McMaster but her usual magic was just missing from this one.