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Twenty years after the Outlaw MC series, their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when Mars starts to reject humanity. Roark is Mayhem’s son, and he's earned his place in the club. He’s a Dominant that has a constant eye on the new prospect, Henry. Roark is horny, so he's looking forward to dominating the prospect. It all goes to hell when theTwenty years after the Outlaw MC series, their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when Mars starts to reject humanity. Roark is Mayhem’s son, and he's earned his place in the club. He’s a Dominant that has a constant eye on the new prospect, Henry. Roark is horny, so he's looking forward to dominating the prospect. It all goes to hell when the quake rocks Mars and they’re trapped underground—and overhear a plot to kill an MC member. Get the lube, bring the blindfold, and don’t forget the restraints. Roark doesn’t play, he takes control. And when Roark finally gets Henry under him, not even a dying planet will stop him from finding his sticky, happy ending....

Title : The Dom of Peculiar Places
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The Dom of Peculiar Places Reviews

  • Ann
    2018-12-13 05:24

    The Dom of Peculiar Places is the second in the Sons of Outlaws series and the second series set on Mars with the Outlaw MC. The Sons of Outlaws picks up with the second generation of badass bikers and I’m digging on this series as much as I did the original. So far, it’s not as intensely hardcore as the Outlaw MC’s, but that makes sense since we were dropped in with the original Outlaws in the middle of a revolution. But the tension is building in this series as Mars itself seems to be rebelling against its inhabitants. I like how the pacing is different in the second set so the series feels familiar and unique at the same time. In the Dom, we get to know Roark, Mayhem’s son and the prospect, Henry. Roark has become enamored of Henry but has kept him at arm’s length because Roark is really not a relationship kind of guy. Or so he tells himself at the beginning. That doesn’t mean he can’t ogle those sweet prospect buns though. And, oh Roark. He’s exactly the kind of alpha character I love to read about. Like the rest of the Outlaw MC, both first generation and second, Roark is a total badass. Imagine if Mayhem and Whip could mix up their DNA, they would get a Roark. Mayhem is still Mayhem and thankfully there’s Torrin, who’s all reasonable and parental giving Mayhem the balance he needs to be a big softy underneath all the badassery.That’s what I love, the big softy underneath. Roark definitely seems to be the one in control here, but in reality it’s his feels for Henry that end up being the driving force in Roark’s life. It was really cute actually how Roark kept trying to talk himself out of his feelings for Henry, like, as if that could be a thing. Roark is still all tough guy and Dom-ish, but his actions are sweet as pie when it comes to Henry’s care and comfort. I swooned repeatedly over the little moments and Henry is a pretty smart cookie and he could see through Roark pretty easily too.Henry was a great character. He’s had a tough life and his health is suffering with the environment on Mars. An earthquake puts the two together alone initially and while I wouldn’t necessarily call a natural disaster a meet-cute, that’s basically what it is in the world of a James Cox book and it works for these characters perfectly. Roark and Henry would have gotten together eventually, I’m sure, but there’s nothing like a catastrophe to put your shit into perspective. I don’t think Roark could manage a relationship with just anyone, he definitely needed someone like Henry, tough yet tender with a snarky, smart-ass wit that kept Roark on his toes. I loved their banter and Henry loved getting ‘punished’ for that smart mouth of his. James knows how to keep a reader on their toes by taking a scene and turning it 180 and giving the reader an unexpected (and highly enjoyable) moment. For instance, the scene in the cave, near the beginning; it wasn’t what I was expecting and I loved it all the more for not following a formula. I was a really big fan of the chemistry between these two. While Roark is the dominant one during playtime and Henry eats up every minute of it, the care and concern outside of those moments showed how much Henry had Roark wrapped around his little finger without even trying. The balance gave their relationship a lot of depth for a 108 page book that also has the planet falling apart at the same time. I’m all set for the next in the series, “Suck the Savage Beast”. Have you read the blurb for that one??? The Sons of Outlaws series is a deliciously entertaining escape and I can’t recommend the trip enough. **a copy of this book was provided for an honest review**

  • The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    2018-11-28 06:03

    Henry's sarcasm is freaking hilarious. I caught myself smirking nearly every page. Together they made a great couple. Sure, the sex was hot, oh my God, so damn hot. But the story is also intense. When Henry collapses, I was on the edge of my seat! The BDSM is light but oh so satisfying. To sum this up, action plus hot and dirty sex equals The Dom of Peculiar Places. A must read!Full Review:

  • Zan
    2018-11-20 06:11

    The Dom of Peculiar Places is the second book in Sons of Outlaws book series. Is it just me? or does this series just keep getting hotter and hotter!!! Gay mm BDSM genre. Badass Roark has had his eye on Henry and his oh so sweet ass for awhile now... and Henry has just the right amount of sarcasm and sex appeal to pull Roark right in... these two are HOT! Henry's smart mouth had my chuckling throughout the book and I certainly enjoyed his punishments as much as he did! James Cox knows how to write a blowjob scene even a short one... is intense... Roark is horny as hell... looking to delay his orgasm he goes after Henry's mouth... (view spoiler)[“Suck my dick, Henry.” He opened wide, his tongue lapping along the sensitive flesh. Tension melted away, worry was replaced with excitement. He licked the cloudy sperm at my slit and dripped his tongue into the shiny folds of my foreskin. “Oh fuck. You’re going to make me come.” (hide spoiler)]This book is about balance between the two main characters. Opposites attract... they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It would've worked otherwise. Well done! A must read series!.

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    2018-11-24 03:02

    Full reviewage on Prism Book AllianceRoark is Mayhem and Torrin’s son and he inherited their attitudes, distaste for what stood for law in their world, and their strong sense of right and wrong. Ya know, except for their use of violence sometimes. He’s a member of the MC just like them. It didn’t take long for me to like him and his sarcastic self as the narrator of this story.”I swear you’re Whip’s kid, and he didn’t want you so they sent you to Mayhem.”I gave Valentine the finger. Old man or not he deserved it. Whip was the club’s sexual dominant. He had all sorts of fetishes that most of us tried hard not to discover.Valentine snorted and hopped back on his bike.I snorted, too. :)And then Roark got distracted by who he admits is a possible obsession: a prospect of the MC, Henry. As things progress and we learn more and more about each of them, they prove to be a good match, good for each other, and their very different personalities balancing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They’re each other’s complement and antidote.When I begin reading a James Cox story, I know I’m going to have fun, laugh, experience some cool action scenes, and feel the emotional layers he builds into his characters. This is no different I’m happy to say. Imagination and creativity shine through in his always excellent sense of place, and the way those action sequences are choreographed. It’s easy for me to picture everything, like a film concurrently playing while I read. He also does well in keeping track of and properly inserting his characters into each scene, including our faves that now represent the parental generation in this universe, like Mayhem, Torrin, Outlaw, Reilly, and all of the rest. Their collective presences make for entertaining contrasts to Roark and Henry.Mayhem gave me a rough slap on the back and Torrin gave me a hug. “I left your bike outside. He’s in the medic building, it’s still standing,” he whispered in my ear.I smiled at him. “Thanks, Dad.”“Always, my son, always.” Torrin let go and left to do the club business.Even out of context, this scene is relatable. I was sporting my own knowing smile at a dad looking out for his son. ;) And don’t worry, Mayhem loves Roark just as much as Torrin does, he just has a difficult time showing it as easily as Torrin does.This is a fun mix of plot and erotica, with actual character development amidst the two or three graphic sex scenes. And it takes place in spaaaaaaaaaace. What is also consistent are the editing mistakes that Evernight should be catching and fixing before the book hits the shelves. Misspelled words and missing words, incorrect tense usage, and punctuation mishaps in some of the dialogue. End of the world? Nope. Not with Cox’s high levels of everything I’ve described here already. Distracting as the number of errors rises? Yup.This isn’t overly angsty and doesn’t use false tension to move the story along. Roark is a “dom” in a basic sense, enjoying being in control and having someone submit to him. Henry likes calling him “Sir”. That’s about the extent of any D/s part of their growing relationship. It’s more like a cover for Roark’s attitude, or the attitude he thinks he should project – particularly regarding women – rather than a true D/s partnership and the great care that is involved. But, ya know, this is fantasy, no doubt, and there isn’t anything harmful about the depiction.Roark and Henry are a good match and watching them learn about each other was like watching a long dance: the push and pull as they adjust to their personalities, the give and take within the relationship regarding who does what and how, and the personal details and family history fill in the nooks and crannies.This is an entertaining story, set on Mars, with endearing characters of many types, and I’m looking forward to book three. :)

  • Anne
    2018-12-08 03:23

    W.O.W.!!! I really liked Roarks and Henrys story, it just has it all. It's sweet, humorous, sarcastic (I really love Henrys sarcasm!!) and gets along with a lot of sexy playtimes, oh yesssss!I love Mayhems book of the Outlaw MC series, it's one of my faves, and now to see his and Torrins son, dang, that was a great ride. And even better, Mayhem and Torrin got their little times in the show, too. *happy dance*Besides all this awesome sweet and hot as hell kinky times, which let you think that Whip maybe did the babysitting Job a little bit too often, well, we have some new twists and turns within the whole storyline of the series about the Sons of Outlaws, and their is something intriguing coming our way. Now I can't wait to get the next installment in my greedy hands. Just how did Henry say it? Oh yes: I.NEED.MORE.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2018-12-10 05:14

    Roark is the next generation of the Outlaw MC. He knows what he wants and it is a submissive bottom with his butt up in the air, ready for a reaming. Unlike some of his generation of kids, he is focused and works for what he wants. He may be Mayhem's son but he is different in the aspect that he likes things as kinky as possible. He's a sadist bastard and he doesn't care who knows it, especially a bratty prospect, Henry.This is the second book in the spin-off series. It can be read as a standalone. This tale can also be read independent of the original series. Still, it is recommended to read them in the order published to understand how all the different characters relate. Mr. Cox does provide a quick recap which makes it easy for new-to-this series reader to follow along.This story takes place during the same time frame as the first book in the series. Instead of Earth, the focus is on Mars and how something is dreadfully going wrong. There is something wrong with the planet and no one knows what is happening. Worse, it has only been roughly two decades of relative peace and quiet. One would think that people enjoy the equality and safety. Unfortunately, there will always be anarchists and those who want to lord over others.Roark and Henry uncover and foil an assassination plan and dire consequences result from it. This story seems to be meatier in plot that the first book. In addition, there is more kinky BD tone which cranks my kink into higher gear. The sparks between Roark and Henry are smoking hawt. The sex is explosive. This story moves at a fast clip and ends when it just gets good. It hooks a reader into the series and entices them to look for the next book. This m/m romance is recommended for kinky readers who like alpha males and bratty bottoms.

  • ~SexyBookWorm~
    2018-11-19 09:22

    Roark is what he calls "obsessed" with the prospect Henry, but I would say he's completely infatuated! They get together bc of a cave in after the Mars quake and things get hotter from there! I liked that even tho Roark is a Dom it doesn't take over the book and become the main focus. I've never read a book that was able to keep the couple as the focus and not the BDSM. It was done really really well. And The sex was still extremely HOT!

  • Shirley Williamson
    2018-12-12 10:14

    James Cox has done it again! Love this series!Roark has found his obsession. It is with the prospect Henry. When a quake hits and they get trapped in an underground tunnel, the mutual feelings can't be denied. What's a prospect to do when a bossy Dom brings out his subby side?Things get worse for our guys on Mars but it's just the beginning, with a move in sight, can Roark admit what he actually feels for Henry?Saucy sex scenes and lines that make you giggle....everything you would expect from a James Cox masterpiece!

  • LeeAnn
    2018-11-21 04:10

    What a ride!Dare I say that Henry and Roark are adorable in this story.? Yeah I know, Roark is a badass MC but the way he is around Henry not only surprises me , but him too. The obsession he has with Henry starts out purely sexual but soon turns into something important. I won't give away all the details, what fun would that leave for those about to buy this and find out for themselves? Loved seeing some of the previous MC's from the previous books both older and contemporary.Enjoy the ride.

  • Pianisuparse
    2018-12-02 05:04

    5 'Where the fuck do I start. Again another two awesome characters, Roark and Henry were perfect for one another. There's sweetness, there's humour, there's sarcasm, there's action plus, and in a way that Cox does so fucking well there is filth fucking galore' stars.

  • Sativa
    2018-11-26 03:15

    SexyAlways sexy with a running plot. Each story is like layers of an onion so if your not in it for the series move on. But this series is worth it the author builds worlds and relationships you can't get enough of.

  • MaddieM1RiH
    2018-12-13 03:28

    Always a pleasure to go on a journey with the boys and this one was hot and full of wow nope not tell read to find out just keep drinks snacks and fans by :)

  • DTM
    2018-12-04 06:19

    Yeah! Ready for the next one please...

  • Colin Hardy
    2018-12-12 11:09

    Book 2, Series 2; this one overlaps the first in the series and there are some useful tie-ins that help in the contextualisation. What was not clear in the first book but is slowly being revealed here is that there is a larger backstory into which these novellas are being set. At this stage it is not clear how effective this mechanism will be as the stories remain snapshots and there remains much that is unexplained. The story itself is interesting but not challenging and there are no surprises. That is really the problem as the developing backstory is actually more interesting. The dom/sub motif is not played to its full potential, but then this is a love story and the characters are quite young. Characterisation remains lightweight, as is scenic development. Nevertheless it is an easy read.The relationship between the two lead characters is interesting as all it does is reveal what is already there. The dominant isn’t really a dominator and similarly with the sub, but that’s OK because it’s all a game, how sweet.The story moves at a reasonable pace given the novella structure and style of writing and holds the reader’s attention.Unfortunately the story comes to an abrupt end, which felt like a technique to hold the reader to the next installment. Certainly there is a comic book feel to these stories that it reminiscent of serialised cinema…stay tuned.This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

  • Natosha Wilson
    2018-12-11 03:30

    I am so loving this series thus far. Each time I read one of the books in this series I fall in love with the characters more and more. I love how each book may be mainly about two people in particular but it still involves previous characters also. That makes each book that much better.I also love that each book leads to an even bigger event that will play out amongst each book that follows. That leaves me excited to read the next book as quickly as possible so I can find out what is still left to come. This book has some mild BDSM in it but nothing over the top. I loved both characters, Roark and Henry. Ther is not two more perfect people for one another then these two seem to be. Roark may seem like a hard a$$ but he really has a soft spot for Henry. That is shown with the way that he cares for Henry and his feelings. Henry wants to please Roark but not at the point of doing or pushing himself to hard. I love that these two seem to know exactly what the other one needs and are willing to do that.I cannot wait to read book three because of the first two books is anything to go by then it is going to be another amazing ride.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

  • Brandy
    2018-11-23 09:13

    I actually really like these books...I don't mean that as in I thought I wouldn't, just that it's so different from anything that I normally read, but they are very interesting!

  • Serena Yates
    2018-12-06 03:13

    Mars in the year 3022 is not a friendly place, even though the tense political situation was resolved twenty years ago (see the ‘Outlaw MC series for details). Now that the original Outlaws’ sons are beginning to take over, a new danger appears on the horizon and it’s one that might be far more difficult to deal with than a power-hungry tyrant of a dictator.Roark is one of Mayhem’s kids, but takes after Whip, who is the club’s Dom. Yes, Roark is a bad*ss biker first and foremost, ready to intimidate the heck out of anyone who threatens an MC member. But, more importantly for this story and its heat levels, Roark is also pretty dominant in terms of his bedroom choices. He has no intention of falling for anyone, but fate has other ideas.Henry may only be a prospect, curious about joining the MC, but he is also more than interested in Roark. Not that he’d admit that… but when things get intense and they’re both stuck in a cave-in caused by yet another marsquake, Henry doesn’t hold back. Luckily he is quite willing to play a few games with Roark even once they’re out, but a secret he has kept almost kills him - literally.If you like the young men who make up the “next generation” of Mars’s Outlaws, if cave-ins and quakes don’t frighten you, and If you’re looking for a read in the best ‘Outlaw MC’ tradition with some of the old characters, a few political issues, and a bunch of ominous environmental signs, then you will probably like this novella. I already look forward to the next installment. NOTE: This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.