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Who - or what - is the Cosmic Jailer? What being could be powerful enough to chain Eternity itself? That is the mystery that Galactus must solve - before it's too late. Ultimate problems require ultimate solutions, and the former World-Eater will call on those who helped cure his insatiable hunger: Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Spectrum and Ms. America! TogetWho - or what - is the Cosmic Jailer? What being could be powerful enough to chain Eternity itself? That is the mystery that Galactus must solve - before it's too late. Ultimate problems require ultimate solutions, and the former World-Eater will call on those who helped cure his insatiable hunger: Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Spectrum and Ms. America! Together they are the Ultimates, protectors of the Omniverse. But now they are something more - the newest heralds of Galactus the Lifebringer! Plus: When the calendar reaches deep, dark December, it's time for long nights, jingle bells...and spooky stories. Now imagine the Ultimate Ghost, haunting the largest house of all. A specter that haunts a whole reality. The Shaper's Ghost is at the door of Taa II - and the Ultimates must catch it!Collecting: The Ultimates 2 1-6...

Title : The Ultimates 2, Volume 1: Troubleshooters
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ISBN : 9781302906757
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 136 Pages
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The Ultimates 2, Volume 1: Troubleshooters Reviews

  • Chad
    2018-09-18 22:05

    The Ultimates have disbanded in the wake of Civil War II, only to immediately get back together. There's a new big bad that is trying to destroy the multiverse and the hierarchy of cosmic beings gets shaken to its core. Plus we get the Marvel U analogues of a bunch of characters from the New Universe in the Troubleshooters.The Good: The book had a Warren Ellis penned The Authority vibe to it. This was surprisingly really good (and coherent) which is hard to do when dealing with cosmic characters. The Troubleshooters were really cool and I like how Spectrum's powers are evolving.The Bad: It's still a little hard for me to care about any of Marvel's cosmic characters. I've always thought they were kind of pointless.The Ugly: Some of the coloring had a 90's CGI vibe to it that looked really fake and kind of airbrushy. I hated it. The cover of the book is a good example.

  • Blindzider
    2018-09-05 23:25

    Very interesting. This series (it seems there was a book before this one) put together a team that deals with cosmic level threats. In this volume, what happened to the cosmic entities after the events of Secret Wars, the collapsing of the multiverse? Beings such as The Living Tribunal, Chaos and Order, the In-Betweener etc. reorient themselves to the new universe, but sometimes their actions threaten all of existence. The story contains very high level cosmic ideas, so if you like those "characters" and grand, epic ramifications, then this is for you. My main gripe is that they constantly reference multiple universes when I thought all of that disappeared after Secret Wars.The art is...not the best. It fluctuates between scratchy traditional art and amateur computer graphics from the 80's. Better visuals may have helped to bring this to the next level, but I was mainly fascinated by the ideas here, even though the human brain (at least mine) can't quite comprehend what all of it means and just end up "going with it."

  • Sesana
    2018-08-26 19:01

    Sadly, I think I'm going to be dropping this book. I really like most of these characters, but I don't care for the art and I'm not big on super cosmic level threat comics, and the very nature of reality is apparently going to be an ongoing concern in this book. Call me shallow, but I'd prefer slightly lower stakes in a regularly published book.

  • Alex Sarll
    2018-08-25 23:01

    Continuing the ludicrously high stakes cosmic epic, this explains nothing less than the origins of the multiverse - and why someone objects to that. If Iron Maiden made a rock opera derived from Ghost Light, it could be something like this, and that's high praise indeed. The plot where a bunch of New Universe riffs are messing with our heroes enthused me less, but I guess selling Marvel on a series that's just cosmic entities being bonkers might have been tougher.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2018-09-19 00:05

    [Read as single issues]Moving swiftly on from the events of Civil War II, the Ultimates have been disbanded...but that ain't gunna stop 'em. Called back to arms by America Chavez and Galactus, the Ultimates face their biggest threat yet - someone has chained Eternity itself, and threatens the balance of the entire universe. Al Ewing goes hard on the cosmic concepts here, from the appearances of Lord Order and Master Chaos, the emergence of a Troubleshooters team that's very familiar to newUniverse readers, and the ultimate identity of the threat itself, but manages to keep the personal crises of the characters in focus too, from Carol and T'Challa's change in viewpoints to Black Marvel and Spectrum's potential romance and even Galactus' feelings on his new role in the universe.Inheriting the book from Kenneth Rocafort comes Travel Foreman, who is more than capable of keeping up with all the cosmic crazy and depicting some absolutely nutso things with relative ease. All those gross Animal Man things gave Foreman a solid background for this stuff.A+ for Ewing and friends once again.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2018-09-20 19:01

    It is amazing how good this book is.Ewing takes the cosmic personifications seriously, introduces new personifications, gives us an exciting story about them, and offers the possibility of real change. He supplements all of that with a history of the Marvel omniverse.He continues his reintroduction of New Universe characters, or rather of their analogues in the Marvel Universe after the White Event. He manages to make them feel like a totally organic extension of their New Universe origins, but totally new too.He tells a great story about the Ultimates, with great characterization for all of them.He manages to balance the cosmic with the personal.And he also makes it all feel like on extension of the excellent storylines by Hickman that made the Avengers so great before Secret Wars brought the whole Marvel Universe to a grinding halt.And somehow Ewing does that in six amazing, coherent issues.

  • Drown Hollum
    2018-08-30 18:02

    I am extremely impressed with The Ultimates. By the final pages of this volume, it was clear that I was reading something special and spectacular. Ewing nails the characters, managing to elevate C-listers alongside fan favorites, a rub which has turned me into a huge Blue Marvel fan. All this though, feels almost secondary to the massive cosmic stakes as Ewing expands on the wholly unique Marvel creation mythos. Foreman was a great talent to tap for this project, and his art helps to make the cosmic elements feel grounded, something you can get your head around. This book is awfully heady, and likely a little too high in the clouds for some, but for me, this is exactly what I come to comic books for. This is impeccable comics storytelling, at least as far as big-two books go. It's a home run for Marvel, and an absolute risk considering the subject matter, and the cast. It's gold, and I want more. Also, Logos is like something straight out of Final Fantasy, WHAT A VILLAIN.

  • k
    2018-08-21 00:15

    'didn't you once tell me that violence isn't the answer?''oh, this isn't violence, America. this is a little more ambitious than that.'YAS

  • Tyler Hayes
    2018-09-13 01:25

    Some of the best high-powered superhero comics I have ever read, that never loses sight of the humanity of the characters involved. In his Ultimates series, Ewing took superheroics to a height I rarely see -- heroes who want to solve problems, not simply punch them into submission -- and welded on four-color actionized catharsis while also broadcasting a range of fascinating and real emotions. Ultimates 2 takes that launching pad and goes into the stratosphere with it, embracing high weirdness and characters who are more or less living abstracts while also making all of it feel real and believable. He also brings in characters from the New Universe, and helps make me feel better about constant crossover events at the same time. If you love superheroes, read this series.

  • Arturo
    2018-09-01 17:18

    This reminds me of The Authority, the first series by Ellis and later by Millar, but with cosmic beings. Well if that's not enough reason to read it, I leave with America's last words"Someone started a war today -- a war on every level of reality--"

  • Adam Fisher
    2018-08-21 20:58

    Picking up from where the previous Ultimates volume left off, we take a deep dive into the depths of Cosmic Marvel. Eternity (later revealed to be the 8th incarnation of the multiverse) is being held in chains. Desiring to rescue Eternity, Galactus the Lifebringer reunites the Ultimates, making them his Heralds. But... the NSA doesn't want the Ultimates to reform, so they send a team after them: the Troubleshooters.Meanwhile, on the cosmic side of things, Chaos and Order place Galactus on trial. When it is discovered that the cosmic hierarchy need not be kept the same, they merge to become a new entity, Logos, and change Galactus back into the form of Destroyer. The decision to become Logos was very ill advised and was primarily influenced by the First Firmament (revealed as the 1st form of the Universe), who wants to be back in command of the multiverse and is responsible for chaining Eternity.Back and forth, all through a myriad of bad art.... the story was mediocre... not sure I will continue this one. Recommend, with reservations.

  • Joe Young
    2018-09-14 23:24

    Al Ewing - writerTravel Foreman - illustratorA solid continuation of the story Ewing started in Ultimates: Omniversal. Despite the dissolution of the Ultimates in the previous series, they keep finding themselves drawn back together. There is a mysterious threat to all of reality that only the Ultimates can detect, so it's up to them to save the Universe while the mysterious "Troubleshooters" are hot on their trail. Al Ewing is one of the better writers at Marvel currently, and this is a very well written story. The characters are believable (Ewing far and away writes the best Captain Marvel) and the cosmic action is appropriately epic and mysterious. The weak point in this volume is the art by Foreman. Throughout the volume I found myself vacillating between enjoying and hating his style. In the end I find his line work to be too sloppy and his figures ill-defined.3.5/5

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    2018-09-12 23:23

    The Ultimates 2 (and Ultimates, for that matter) is a fantastic read for any fan that wants to read more about the cosmic universe in Marvel. Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, and Ms. America make up the Ultimates. Reading the Ultimates volume one and two isn’t required, but the backstory would be useful to help understand what is happening.(view spoiler)[ Galactus has changed from being the World-Eater to Lifebringer, and he has assigned the Ultimates to be his heralds. The amount of changes here is outstanding, but one has to wonder what the ramifications of these changes will be. It’s a question I had in my head since volume two of the Ultimates came out, so I’m relieved it’s a subject being touched upon now. America Chavez (Ms. America) takes the lead on the Ultimates, bridging the gap between them and Galactus (many of whom still have doubts about him). She’s determined to protect the universe once again, and believes that using Galactus is the best way to do so. While I have reservations about throwing oneself so wholeheartedly into a cause dependent on a being like Galactus, I can also sympathize and understand where she is coming from. As I mentioned briefly above; one cannot change something so integral to the universe without having consequences. In this case, the cosmic beings Order and Chaos unite into Logos to rewrite the rules of the universe (because as they see it, this is already being done, and if that is allowed then there is no reason for them not to do as they wish). The end result is a cliffhanger while the team takes a break to study and learn more about the cosmic world (with Ms. America stating her intention to take up classes on this very subject – the basis of her standalone comic coming out shortly). Travel Foreman had quite a challenge dropped on his lap; figuring out a way to represent the cosmic universe - one that theoretically could not be comprehended by normal human senses – and translate that into artwork on a page. His use of color was absolutely stunning, and truly lent to the sense of power and scale necessary to represent creatures such as these. (hide spoiler)]For more reviews, check out Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks

  • Matt
    2018-09-17 01:13

    Collects Ultimates 2 (2016) issues #1-6This volume made me realize how much I'm getting into the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe. I love seeing characters like Order, Chaos, Eternity, the Living Tribunal, and the In-Betweener. Since the beginning of Ewing's "Ultimates," the series has had an epic feel that I really appreciate in my stories. This new chapter continues that trend, and ramps it up. Post "Secret Wars," this feels like a must-read to understand the new Marvel Universe.

  • Michael Griffin
    2018-09-06 19:18

    PHENOMENAL! Some of the most engaging plots and artwork that I've seen in the last few years. Ewing's ULTIMATES really step up their game in this return post-Civil War II. I'll be mulling over these plotlines for some time, thinking about the Marvel cosmic and IRL cosmic concepts -- logos, eternity, chaos, infinity. If ever you were wondering what the untapped potential of narrative might be, I think this book would be a good place to start.

  • Lukas Holmes
    2018-09-10 23:13

    I am SUCH a sucker for this type of comic. Cosmic beings, beautifully illustrated with a terrific story. I hope as they go they give as much attention to the great cast of characters as they have the beings.

  • Ma'Belle
    2018-08-30 19:27

    I am sooo thrilled that this series is continuing under a modified title, and it continues to deliver all the things I liked so much about the first version (also penned by Al Ewing). This volume does a LOT of character exposition, which in the hands of most comic writers would be drab as a mildewy blanket. But the way we get to learn more about the power sets and evolution of so many characters in one book is done superbly here. Sometimes, even with a comic whose characters I know and love well, it can feel like a chore to get through; with The Ultimates, I'd rather keep reading it than do things like sleeping or eating.I've been aware of entities in the Marvel universe such as Eternity, The Tribunal, Order & Chaos, and the Celestials since I was a kid in the early '90s, but almost never get to learn anything about them or see them in action. Galactus and Watcher have appeared in multiple stories that I've enjoyed, but these beings that are personified concepts, sometimes akin to Neil Gaiman's Endless from Sandman, have always been mysteries to me. This title is revealing and fleshing out these characters in such an interesting way, and now I want to find like a Greatest Hits of the Living Tribunal somewhere. Anybody know where I can read more good stories with some of these creations?Since I read The Ultimates: Omniversal, Volume 1: Start with the Impossible,I've been pretty confident that the Big Bad Mysterious Force being alluded to is Us, the human comic creators and editors on this side of the 4th Wall. With all the references to multiple iterations of the multiverse, and it being reborn with different hierarchies and continuities 8 times at this point, it's hard to rid myself of that theory. But in this volume, we're introduced to a fully illustrated cosmic character called the First Firmament, who was the original, singular Universe before creation of anything else. So far, this First Firmament enemy is less interesting than dealing more with fictional multiverse characters introspecting about their existence when faced with the possibility that they're all made up and directed by outside forces (us). On the other hand, this more tangible villain allows for a longer story arc, and it could get better. (See The Animal Man Omnibus from 1988-90 for the most direct comparison I can think of.).

  • Axael
    2018-09-01 21:21

    The art and the storytelling is fantastic

  • David
    2018-09-17 18:06

    A tad too cosmic in story-telling. Still a great read.

  • Louie
    2018-08-26 19:21

    Not a fan of the art, especially after the art from the last run. And, too cosmic for my tastes.

  • Heatherblakely
    2018-09-02 22:18

    Strong start, though it kind of just feels like Ultimates all over again. LOVE Monica's braids and LOVE America's entrance.

  • Vincent Stoessel
    2018-08-22 19:58

    Better than expected. Not as good as the original Ultimates but pretty good.