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I might be the newly made Vice President of Viper’s Bite MC, but I’m getting out. The sooner the better. Just me, my bike, and the target on my back, riding off into the sunset. Because even a death sentence is preferable to the mess the new club President will get us into. Then she walks into the strip joint I run, looking for a job. Tara. A girl with a stripper’s name, bI might be the newly made Vice President of Viper’s Bite MC, but I’m getting out. The sooner the better. Just me, my bike, and the target on my back, riding off into the sunset. Because even a death sentence is preferable to the mess the new club President will get us into. Then she walks into the strip joint I run, looking for a job. Tara. A girl with a stripper’s name, but the face of an angel. I want her. In the lying-under-me-and-moaning-my-name kind of way. That part I understand. It’s the part about wanting to protect her from whatever she’s running from and make sure no one ever hurts her again, that’s new to me. She’s looking at me like she wants the same thing. But she keeps pushing me away. Smart girl. I should leave her be. I have no room for passengers on the back of my bike. Though for her curvy body, I could make an exception. Outlaw’s Hope is a serialized MC Romance novel, which contains steamy sex scenes, and deals with disturbing themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers. Intended for 18+ audiences. ...

Title : Outlaw's Hope, Part One (An MC Biker Romance)
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ISBN : 32919502
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 261 Pages
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Outlaw's Hope, Part One (An MC Biker Romance) Reviews

  • N.N. Light
    2018-09-15 00:00

    A fantastic bad boy biker romance! I loved how Tara and Tommy are attracted to each other yet she keeps her distance. They both have troubled pasts but can't deny their feelings. Tommy is a sexy bad boy and I loved reading from his point of view. It's refreshing, because it's how a guy talks and thinks. I couldn't put it down and have to read more! My Rating: 5 stars

  • Maria Lazarou--Obsessed by Books Blog
    2018-08-22 01:17

    Great startA great start to a new series, you are brought into the worlds of Tara & Tommy. I look forward to reading more

  • Vivi Chatzikiriakou
    2018-09-02 22:22

    "I was provided by the author with an ARC copy of this book so I could give an honest review."What is always inspired me with the outlaws stories is the beautiful, tangled mess couples, who found love into this dangerous world and risk to live together no matter what the circumstances might be.Outlaw's Hope is one of these stories, which makes you tingling with excitement when you read its synopsis and doesn't disappoint you when you start reading it. Being the first short story of the serie, one that keeps you hanging for the next book, with fast paced narration, illustrating both heroes as good as possible to be known and welcome by the reader and a strong topic to use, Outlaw's Hope it might be an other good series worth to read.There is a small surprise inside too. When the synopsis is the words of an outlaw, Tommy's, the story starts with the words of a broken soul, Tara's. She's not what she says she is and, sure doesn't belong with the outlaws, but she has an agenda and a difficult task to accomplish. Her sister is missing and it's her only clue where to start, even if she might lose her soul or her life out there. Tommy's born to be an outlaw. Everything he knows, is what outlaws know and do, but all these are not for him. He has the spirit of a free man and the heart of a caring soul. As a Vice President of the Viper's Bite, what he wants for his MC has nothing in common with what the other members of his club want and, learning that the President of the club is going to change things to worse, he's now determined to leave them, once and for all. Until, Tara starts to work at his strip club.I have no much to say about the characters because is too soon and, the story is short but there is a second part coming over very soon. What I can say, tho, is that, both Tara and Tommy, have each a long background to share with us, which is tough and unpleasant, and it's going to keep us on our toes for as long as the story continues. Enjoy reading the first book of the Outlaw's Hope (An MC biker Romance)BestVivi

  • Jaime Fertal
    2018-08-24 22:22

    Tara is a woman who has lived through so much, that is made her want to grow up to help others that have also been hurt especially by men. But her newest thing in life is to find her sister who went missing months ago, and to do that she is going to have to put herself in a situation that will make her uncomfortable but if she can find her sister it will be all worth it. What I enjoyed most about Outlaws Hope is seeing a Man Tommy seeing and knowing that his brother is going to change the MC for the worst and wanting to protect the woman and the others who need it, before he wants out for good, seeing Tara making him feel feelings like he never has before and seeing that she is broken and wanting to protect her.This is a great short fast read, I really enjoyed it and cant wait for part 2.

  • Diane
    2018-08-25 21:28

    This book is an awesome start to what looks like an amazing series. It snagged my attention from the beginning and held it til the end. Tara has had some traumatic occurrences in her past and wants nothing to do with men so the spark of desire she feels for Tommy takes her by surprise and she isn't sure how o handle these feelings. Tommy is VP of a motorcycle club and isn't sure why he feels an attraction to Tara. This is a quick read and ends on a cliffhanger that definitely leaves you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next installment in this series!I am voluntarily leaving an honest review for an advanced copy of this book.

  • Crystal Wilke
    2018-09-08 19:27

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Outlaw's Hope part 1 will set the background for this series. Tara has had a hard past and is still trying to over come it. But her sister has been missing for almost 9 months and she hasnt given up hope that she can find her. Unfortunately she gets a lead that might put her in danger. Tommy is now VP of the Viper's and is wanting change. The question is can he save those around him and find out what is wrong with Tara. Sophie Mann is a new author to me and I can't wait to see how this series will unfold. If you enjoy/love a MC book than this series is worth a chance.

  • H
    2018-09-01 01:15

     Tommy gets Tara's motor running!, December 18, 2016This review is from: Outlaw's Hope (A Viper's Bite MC Novel Book 1): An Outlaw MC Biker Bad Boy Romance (Kindle Edition)I love bad boy bikers! Tommy is one and he has a good heart too. He wants out of the club that his brother is running into the ground and Tara wants to find her missing sister. Tara believes she was taken into forced prostitution which is what the bikers are doing. This sounds like it's going to be a great series. This book is part one, a cliffhanger. I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving an advanced copy.

  • Stephanie Shipley
    2018-08-28 00:28

    The author did a wonderful job of capturing and holding my attention through the entire book. I really enjoyed reading the book through both Tara and Tommy's points-of-view. The mystery of what happened to Tara's damaged younger sister, Samantha, is the basis of the story and greatly appealed to me. I almost feel like she is someone I know and I really want to find out what happened to her! The "ending" definitely left me wanting to know what happens next. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

  • Becky Baldridge
    2018-09-17 18:22

    This is a short, fast read packed full of emotion. It's dark but underneath the darkness lies hope. I'm not usually a fan of cliffhangers, but this one is a bit different. I can't wait for Part Two to see if Tommy can pull Tara from the darkness while also saving himself. Warning: This book does contain triggers.

  • E.A.
    2018-08-31 23:26

    This is the first time I've read anything by this author, but it definitely won't be the last! I thought this book was very well written with strong characters and a good storyline. I can't wait to read more! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Christina Bowling
    2018-09-05 22:21

    This was an interesting book. There were a few things that bothered me, but overall I did like the book. I'm looking forward to the next part, and hope that they get their HEA eventually. I was gifted a copy.

  • Shontaye Harkness
    2018-09-03 00:13

    "I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book." This was such an amazing book. Warning it may bring you to tears. More than just trials and tribulations. This is a test of wills, forgiveness. healing, love and so much more. This will have you crying and moaning all in one.

  • Tracy
    2018-08-23 20:07

    I love a good MC read and this one has me intrigued from the very beginning..I wasn't ready for it to be over...I need to see what happens next...I love these characters already

  • Sue
    2018-09-18 20:14

    This was a pretty exciting new MC romance...lots of action, sexy-tough women and Tommy, one hottie of a VP who becomes the knight-in-shining-armor for Tara...a woman who is desperately searching for her missing sister.There was a lot of violence, disturbing scenes of abuse of women and a different storyline from what I've read before.Only 99 cents and worth the low price for some biker romance with a cool ending.**** 4 **** "promise to come back to me" stars

  • KelticKat
    2018-09-08 17:03

    This one hit me in the gut.Wow! That's what I felt and thought as this episode ended. Two broken people meeting, and attraction. One wants out of his life the other wants to find her sister - who pretty much is her life. The sparks are just starting and the feelings are rushing forward.I'm pretty much left hanging in the middle till I get to read the next bit.

  • Heather
    2018-09-03 18:27

    This is a serial novella that starts at a women’s shelter Tara is a social worker there helping the women rebuilding their lives. The twist is that Tara is searching for her missing sister Samantha. She believes Samantha is at risk because although they lived different lifestyles they had always been close. Tara has gotten a potential lead that her sister maybe with the Viper’s MC. Now she’s just got to figure out how to get inside to find out if Samantha is really.Tara finds her way to a strip club run by the Viper’s, she manages to get a job bartending. She hopes to make friends with some of the strippers to see if they have seen her sister. What happens instead is a wild attraction to Tommy.Tommy is a VP in the club, his brother is the Prez. But club life is no longer something he wants, the plans his brother has for the club make him sick and he just wants to find a way to get out alive. Tommy have pretty much any women he wants but he doesn’t want anything permanent. Not just because he wants out of the club but because he has seen what love can do. It destroyed his mom and he’s convinced that it will destroy him too. Then in walks a women trying not to be noticed but he notices anyway. He knows she’s hiding something and he suspects it also includes a great body under those unflattering clothes.I enjoyed the first part of the story and I look forward to part two, as I feel like if I judged it now it would be like reading half a story and judging the whole. At this point, I’ll withhold total judgement until I get more of the story but with where it’s going now, I look forward to the adventure. The writing is clean and easy to follow. You can feel Tara’s fear and pain just as much as you seethe with Tommy’s anger.

  • Lauren
    2018-08-27 01:08

    I didn’t love this book, but… I didn’t hate it either. I felt like I was thrown into the middle of a story without knowing fully what was going on (I hope that makes sense). I felt like the beginning was missing OR that I had missed a previous book of this story, but it says its book one so I guess that’s not the case. Although I wasn’t gripped by the story, I kept on reading and I soon became sympathetic towards Tara. All she wanted was to find her sister and keep her safe, even if it meant putting herself at the risk of danger to find out information and leads on her sisters location. Will I be reading part two to this story? Yes I guess I will give part two a chance. When Tara’s sister goes missing, Tara tries her hardest to find her but has no luck. When she gets a lead that a local biker MC has her sister, she throws herself into the possibility of a dangerous situation so that she can get her sibling back. But whilst working undercover at a run down strip club that has ties to the MC that she thinks has her sister, she catches the eye of biker Tommy.

  • books4me
    2018-08-30 21:05

    What a great start to a serial MC read. The ending isn't a shocking cliffhanger but it's obviously going to be continued. This book mainly introduces us to the characters and gives us what the serial will be about: Tara has been searching for her sister for almost a year and finally has a potential clue as to where to find her. She gets a job at a bar and meets Tommy, VP to the Viper's MC. We learn about Tara's and Tommy's background a look into the changes of the Vipers. Can't wait for the next book to get into more "meat" of the story!My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

  • Di
    2018-08-24 19:20

    This is the beginning of a series and this book is the introduction of the characters. Tommy is the VP of the Vipers Bite MC & wants out of the life. Tara is searching for her sister who has disappeared and that's how she meets Tommy. They both have demons that they are trying to hide and run away from but there is an instant attraction between the two when they first meet.Will just have to read where it all goes from here and how & if they overcome their demons.*received an ARC & I voluntarily chose to review it*