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In award-winning author Anne Frasier’s riveting thriller Truly Dead, homicide detective Elise Sandburg returns to Savannah with her partner, profiler David Gould, to track a killer who seems eerily familiar.When a demolition crew uncovers several bodies inside the walls of a house where serial killer Frank J. Remy once lived, the discovery sends shock waves through the SavIn award-winning author Anne Frasier’s riveting thriller Truly Dead, homicide detective Elise Sandburg returns to Savannah with her partner, profiler David Gould, to track a killer who seems eerily familiar.When a demolition crew uncovers several bodies inside the walls of a house where serial killer Frank J. Remy once lived, the discovery sends shock waves through the Savannah Police Department. All of the bodies were hidden before Remy’s imprisonment and subsequent death thirty-six years earlier—except for one belonging to a missing child.Homicide partners Elise Sandburg and David Gould were the Savannah PD’s dream team, solving uncrackable crimes and catching killers. But their last case resulted in their termination from the squad, until the coroner calls them back to consult, unofficially, on a body found in the wall of a house once occupied by Remy, a killer Elise’s own father sent to jail—a killer who died in prison. The MO seems uncomfortably similar to that of a serial killer wreaking havoc in Florida.Does Elise have a copycat on her hands? Is Remy’s influence reaching from beyond the grave? Or is Elise making connections where there are none? When her father warns her to back off the case, Elise’s shadowy family history threatens to swallow her once again. But whatever force is at work, she won’t rest until the killing stops.Now at odds with everyone she cares about and forced to acknowledge her worsening emotional state, Elise struggles to protect the people she loves as the body count rises....

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Truly Dead Reviews

  • Maureen Carden
    2018-09-04 22:59

    I wonder sometimes what is wrong with me. I'm not nineteen reading romantic suspense anymore, yet I still get caught up in stupid will they/won't they scenarios. I truly believe the Elise Sandburg books are supposed to be police procedurals first. Frasier’s books do have exciting stories. But then I get caught up in this other crap. Which at my advanced age, I still love. So this is on me.When we last left them, Elise Sandburg and David Gould had been fired from the Savannah, GA police dept. However after a very successful solve in a Chicago case as private detectives, they are called back to Savannah by ME and good friend John Curry to consult on a tragic case of murdered children. After a satisfying shooting at a cemetery-which I should be ashamed of myself for characterizing as such-Elise and David are back on the job, for at least awhile. Cemetery shooting, murdered children, then the story really goes dark. I had a pit in my stomach through most of the book. Thank goodness it was rainy so I convinced myself I didn't really need to go out and I read it in one sitting. Yep, it’s that good.Elise is still messed up from her kidnapping, severely so. Sometimes she doesn't seem to know what is real or not. David hasn’t quite given up on her, but is considering other options in getting on with his life. He is still a bit of a man-ho. Elise still has severe daddy issues, but there is light at the end of that tunnel. And we have the comfort of the 'usual suspects' from Savannah returning.This could be read as a standalone, but heck, why deprive yourself of the other three Elise Sandburg stories? Quibble time. Murdered children almost disappeared from the story. The aforementioned will they/won't they. A bit more detail here and there. Exciting story, characters to care about, and great setting; check, check, and check.Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange of a fair and honest review. And a big thank you to the masked hero who first posted this was available for review on NetGalley. I was on it, babee.

  • Linda Strong
    2018-09-19 21:04

    Although 4th in this series, this one does well as a stand alone. However, I do recommend starting at the beginning. There are numerous little gems in these books that guarantee you will understand the adventures and the growth of these characters.Homicide Detectives Elise Sandburg and David Gould no longer work for the Savannah police department. In the middle of setting up a Private Investigator business, they are called back to consult unofficially. Children's bodies were found stuffed into walls when a demolition team was tearing down a house. The house is where Frank Remy once lived .... and the bodies were placed there 36 years ago.. before Remy was jailed and subsequently died. It also happens that Elise's father was the man who made sure Remy went to prison. BOOK BLURB: Does Elise have a copycat on her hands? Is Remy’s influence reaching from beyond the grave? Or is Elise making connections where there are none? When her father warns her to back off the case, Elise’s shadowy family history threatens to swallow her once again. But whatever force is at work, she won’t rest until the killing stops.This is a terrific series. Plenty of action, lots of bodies falling, and solid characters who seem to grow and mature with each book. Elise and David are both damaged in different ways. They each would like to be in a relationship, other than professional, but their scars, the ones inside and outside, seem to prevent that from happening.This is a well-written crime novel and my hope is that there will be many more.

  • Sandy
    2018-09-19 22:19

    3.5 starsIf you’re keeping score, you know the last book ended with Det. Elisa Sandburg & partner David Gould leaving the Savannah PD under a cloud. They decided to say goodbye to all the bureaucratic/political crap & open their own agency. But before they can hang out their shingle, Elise gets a call from Savannah ME Dr. John Casper. A body has been found stuffed in the wall of an old house undergoing demolition. The address is well known to Savannah residents. It was once owned by Frank Remy, a prolific serial killer who was eventually caught by Elise’s father Jackson Sweet. He died in prison years ago but this body is eerily similar to some recent homicides in Florida. Casper is unhappy with Elise’s replacement & asks her to come back & have an “unofficial” look-see. Elise & David are a sight for sore eyes for old colleagues who are suffering under Victor Lamont, the man who took her job. They need to determine if Remy had a partner or if this is the work of a copycat. First up is the exhumation of Remy’s grave. And oooh lawdy, no one could have predicted just how many ways THAT would go wrong. This is a fast paced thriller with a plot that zigs then zags as some ugly secrets from the past provide clues for the present investigation. Elise’s relationship with her long estranged father is shaky at the best of times & she believes he knows more than he’s telling, especially as the body count continues to rise. Elise still struggles with PTSD as a result of her run-ins with psycho Atticus Tremain (previous books). She’s been able to keep it under wraps but the combination of being back in Savannah plus changes to her personal life bring it roaring back to life. Weird stuff is happening around her & her sometimes erratic behaviour has colleagues questioning her stability. Meanwhile, David begins to wonder if it’s time for him to move on alone. He’s always loved Elise but with no sign she’s ready for a relationship, just how long is a guy supposed to wait?There’s a huge back story to this series so I really wouldn’t recommend this as a stand alone. The large cast have intricate ties & many references would go over the head of a first time reader. Among the returning characters is Elise’s friend (and Jackson’s lover) Strata Luna who adds her spooky mysticism to the atmospheric old south setting. Some of the scenes are fairly graphic but entirely in keeping with what fans expect from several of the characters. A little suspension of disbelief is required & that’s what prevented me from giving this a higher rating. Elise’s fragile state, personal tragedies & what she endures made it hard for me to believe she could function as a person, let alone a detective. But hey, this is fiction & if you’re a fan of romantic suspense/drama there is plenty here to keep you reading into the wee hours.

  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    2018-09-16 23:01

    I received a copy of Truly Dead from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Truly Dead is the fourth book in Anne Frasier’s Elise Sandburg series. A few months back, I read the first book, Play Dead, and mostly enjoyed it but didn’t return to the series. I came across Truly Dead on Netgalley and decided to give the series another try. I know a little bit about the characters and setting from reading the series opener but I was quite lost about events and character relationships so I would not recommend reading this one as a standalone. In the first few pages, we learn that Elise Sandburg and her partner, David Gould, were recently fired from the Savannah Police Department. For the last month, they have been working as private detectives, just having solved a serial killer case in Chicago, giving them a sort of celebrity status. As they finish up that case, they get a call from the Savannah medical examiner (and also their good friend), John Casper, about a body found in the walls of a house that belonged to a serial killer named Frank Remy - a case with ties to Elise’s father. They agree to return to Savannah in an unofficial capacity. The one body quickly becomes several - all but one body was placed in the house before Remy was arrested. Remy died in prison so how can this last body be explained? As the Savannah PD’s investigation begins, one of the first steps is to exhume Remy’s body. What happens at the cemetery during the exhumation leads to Elise and David getting their old jobs back, even if only temporarily. They are now officially investigating the case which will lead them into some dark and heartbreaking territory. Elise’s father, a man she doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with, asks her to step away from the case and get out of town, something Elise has no intention of doing. Once the investigation kicks off, the pace quickens and continues that way until the end. At times, I feel that Elise’s issues and her relationship (or lack of a relationship) with David take center stage over the actual murders they are investigating. I’m not big on my detectives having an excessive amount of baggage and Elise has a truck load. I found it a distraction when trying to follow the mystery. Events in previous books have made her a victim and it clings to Elise like a black cloud. I’m not big on the need to have female leads victimized so this is a mark against the series for me. I’ve read a few other books by Frasier and they’ve all been solid reads, entertaining and fast-paced. In this case, it feels like it’s more about Elise’s personal drama than detective work. David has some issues of his own, mainly waiting to be in a real relationship with Elise, but even he is overshadowed by Elise. I like Frasier’s writing and would read more works by her but I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this series. There’s just a little too much “drama” for me.

  • Ginny
    2018-09-10 22:25

    I waited a year to read the fourth book in this series. I was lucky enough to be given a review copy from Anne Frasier and Netgalley and devoured this book in 2 days. The book is officially out now and available on kindle unlimited!I will admit, the beginning through me off. I felt like I forgot something, so I went back and read some reviews of the 3rd book. I had read the first three, one after the other, so it took me a second to reorient myself. I'm terrible at writing reviews, but I love the characters in this book. I love the touch of paranormal, the Savannah setting, the character descriptions, everything. I can picture myself inside the story, getting to know the characters. I love that Elise and David have flaws. Sometimes books have those to perfect characters that you can't relate to. This series is a must read. There is enough character development to get attached, thrill and suspense to keep you reading all in one sitting. I recommend starting with book 1 if you haven't read them yet. Totally worth the read!

  • Trish R.
    2018-09-15 23:14

    David LOVED Elise, he had for a long time, but he screwed someone else? I was so disappointed in that I can’t tell you. Then when Elise called in the beginning of the 3rd or 4 session with the girl he told her she wasn’t interrupting anything to come on over since it was so important that she talk to him about the case BUT she told him she was downstairs in his complexes parking lot so she’d be right up. David had to hurry and get dressed and hid the girl in his shower, with a large towel to wrap around her in case she got cold, to wait for him. What? And why the author thought it was necessary to tell the reader I have no idea but the girl with David was a black girl. And Strata Luna, who was Sweet’s girlfriend, and also Elise’s father, was also black. Why point that out? I don’t get it. Anyway, because of David and the OW and Elise being so unhappy all the time I won’t read any more of this series.And, I’m kinda glad I read this 4th book first because I have a feeling John and Mara were in other books and if they had been and I would have taken a liking to them and then what happened happened I would have been really pissed off over it. AND this was a little too depressing for me. I mean, Elise NEVER had a happy moment. She was either snarky or nasty or mean. I can certainly understand that when she had been held captive and tortured and raped for 3 days but I think the author could have had a little less happen to her and at least given her one happy moment. I felt sorry for David for caring about her the way he did because as far as I was concerned she was really worthless in the loving and happiness department. I couldn’t like her at all.I will say that the 2 killers in this book were really something but they weren't enough. There was no sex in this book, it was all just implied, and the F-bomb was used 5 times.As to the narration: Again Natalie Ross pretty much ruined the book with her men’s voices and her accents. Strata Luna and Sweet both sounded like they were from New Orleans and they were both voodoo doctors or priest and priestess. With Strata Luna I could see it because she did cast spells but Sweet was an international assassin and had just come back after being gone all of Elise’s life. Needless to say, the male voices were bad!

  • Pamela
    2018-09-18 23:57

    Book four finds David and Elise in Chicago finishing a case. They fly back to Savannah to be called in by the coroner. A house being dismantled, and the walls are filled with deceased children. The man who could have done this, with the same MO was killed in prison years ago. That soon becomes the next question. This is the fourth book in the series. The murder mystery soon becomes more about revenge, than anything. Threats made on Elise, then people who work with them are killed, and hurt. There is a creep factor not just in the killings, but by one of the killers. I knew who it was at once, but was not thrilled to find out I was right. I liked how selfless, and smart Elise is. I worry about her PTSD from her experience from another book, in the series. David loves her, but she is scared of her scars mentally, and physically. The book is fast paced, and Sweet, and all the usual characters are in it. There is another child kidnapped, but you never hear any details that are gory. I don't like a book that preys on children . This is really more about past reckoning. The ending with evil, versus Elise was scary, but brilliant on her part. The last chapter gives you hope for the future, even though so many lives are broken. I cannot wait to read the next one. David will always struggle with his past, and suffer the loss of a loved one, but I think if Elise could actually really invest herself in him, it would help them both. They could go slow, since he seems more than eager to do that, and is so caring. A great read, but the back, and forth do I love him/her is getting tiring. That is why the four stars. Plus I believe she is growing where her father, Sweet is concerned. He seems to be making better decisions as well. There is still so much to tie up, that I hope it continues. I would say this book is evil, and drama , in one.

  • Reen
    2018-08-28 23:15

    Elise and David return to Savannah after being fired and working a freelance PI case in Chicago. The body of a child has been found in the walls of a house once owned by prolific serial killer Frank Remy, mimicking his m.o. There is a connection between Remy and Elise's father, Jackson Sweet. Remy died in prison years ago. Elise and David must determine if Remy had a partner or is this a copy cat. Exhuming Remy's body leads to more questions, and Elise believes Jackson knows more than he is telling her. Audrey's father attempts to gain custody and to Elise's dismay, David strikes a friendship with Jackson Sweet, which along with her PTSD as a result of her trauma at the hands of Atticus Tremain and David's ex-wife's situation push her and David to the brink. Once again, Frasier produces a gripping story that can be graphic at times as well heart-wrenchingly emotional. Nice ending for David as well! I am hoping this series continues on for quite a while.

  • Delitealex
    2018-09-11 01:05

    Elise and David return to Savannah to consult on a case. Many bodies were found in the walls of a house that used to belong to a serial killer. This discovery caused many secrets to be uncovered especially involving Elise's father.I haven't read books 1-3 but I didn't feel lost. I really enjoyed this book it was pretty fast paced with lots of action that kept my interest. The characters were complex and I liked learning more about them. I definitely plan to read the previous books. I recommend this book to lovers of crime fiction.I received this book from netgalley for an honest review.

  • Daphney
    2018-08-25 00:19

    Anne Frasier is one of my favorite authors, and this is one of my favorite series. Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read it early. Praying that this isn't the end of Elise and David, but if it is it did not disappoint. I love the Savannah setting of these books. An emotional roller coaster of a book. I could not put it down.

  • LindaBranham Greenwell
    2018-09-13 01:27

    Elise and David were fired from the Savannah police department in the last book. This book begins with them solving a case in Chicago - and then getting a message from Savannah that they need to return.Almost all of the characters carry some type of emotional baggage - especially Elise. Elise carries the scars of a traumatic torture inflicted on her by a psychotic killer named Tremain(past book). She refuses intimacy with anyone because her body is so disfigured from the trauma. David wants a relationship with Elise but keeps his distance because Elise's past traumaThey are also dealing with a past murderer in this book - one that is linked to Elise's dad - Sweet. The characters are fascinating and well developed - with human flaws. The story is fast paced and exciting

  • Book Him Danno
    2018-09-18 23:06

    If you have never read any of the Anne Frazier Dead series do not start with number 4! You will be lost many times throughout the book.The relationship between the two leads Elise and David take center spot in the story and the murder investigation or the mystery takes second place if not third. Elise has so much baggage the store gets weighed down to the point of losing the enjoyment of the mystery. The story has a huge cast of characters that at times feels almost impossible to follow as well as the backstory many readers have been looking forward too.Readers will need to suspend their belief of what they know about Police work, human nature as well as the romance between the main leads.Thank you Netgalley for the Advance Copy

  • Susan
    2018-09-11 01:02

    Elise & David are back in Savannah and back in the thick of things again. This series gets better and better with each book. I didn't want to put it down. Fans of Karin Slaughter and TR Ragan will enjoy this series!

  • Tara (box5angel)
    2018-08-30 01:13

    My favorite book from the series so far. With one of the scariest villians I've ever read. Very fast-paced and there was a twist but the ending felt rushed. I wanted more explanation for what was happening but it was all over too quickly. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

  • Kira
    2018-09-08 21:15

    3.5 stars

  • Glinda Harrison
    2018-08-30 23:14

    Best one yet!

  • Heather Fineisen
    2018-09-16 20:26

    Not as good as previous Books but still a satisfactory read. All of the main players are here and the character development continues. The murder mystery is a little clunky and is used mainly to tie up some loose ends.

  • Lindsey Ruppe
    2018-08-24 20:15

    Thank you, Anne and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this! Such a wonderful series!! Non-stop suspense with thrills and chills.

  • Tara Peterson
    2018-08-24 19:23

    Returning to Savannah on the case of another killer, we join Elise & David for another round of epic mystery, suspense and secrets. Frasier has done it again with her writing talent that never ceases to leave me wanting more. Elise and David return to Savannah with the idea of starting their own business, taking it slower and approaching detective work a bit on the safer side. However, someone else has other plans and after a series of strange and unfortunate events, Sandburg and her partner find themselves with no choice but to dive back into the crime solving business of working for the SPD all over again. Children's bodies have been found in the walls of a home under construction, resembling a crime that was committed by a killer who SHOULD have been dead and gone.....or was he? And how is this case related to Jackson Sweet? Is Elise and everyone she cares about in danger and will they be able to catch the killer in time before more murders occur? This book kept me on the edge of my seat, as most Frasier books will tend to do. I felt like this fourth series allows the reader to dive a little further into the emotional baggage our main characters happen to struggle with. Truly Dead also gives a more in depth look to Elise and her relationship with David-one we have been following for awhile now and wondering about how or will it progress into something more? Prepare for the feels in this one as our favorite supporting characters such as John the coroner, Strata Luna (the BEST!) and Audrey, Elise's daughter return to play important roles throughout the book. I don't like to give spoilers in my reviews, but I do want to be honest in saying that I personally feel the ending lacked a little luster. I feel as though it kind of just ended instead of the bigger climax that I had expected. Either way, I always enjoy reading every book Frasier writes and I'm even more excited when I hear that there is another book in a series. I do think that there was plenty of room to keep the series going-even if for one more book. I know I wouldn't be disappointed and I'm positive other Frasier fans would feel the same. Thank you to Anne Frasier and NetGalley for allowing me to read this copy for my review.

  • Jill
    2018-09-09 17:08

    Anne Frasier is the pen name of Theresa Weir, widely known for her excellent memoir, The Orchard. Her fiction stands out, in my opinion, for her deep and compassionate understanding of physic pain. This is the fourth book in a detective series featuring homicide detectives Elise Sandburg and David Gould. It is set in Savannah, and is richly atmospheric.As the story begins, Elise and David are called back to Savannah from Chicago; they had both been fired after their last case. The Savannah medical examiner, John Casper, asked them to come back unofficially and help him with a new case. They agree because John is also a personal friend: “John was the good kind of family. The kind that wasn’t blood.”Bodies of children have been found in a house slated for demolition. The house was once occupied by a murderer, Frank Remy, who was put in prison by Elise’s father Jackson Sweet. Remy reputedly died there 36 years before. Making the case more disturbing, the m.o. is similar to that of a serial killer terrorizing Florida.Returning to Savannah, especially for a case involving dead children, brings up all sorts of ghosts for Elise and David.David lost his own child to murder, and Elise had been captured and tortured in Savannah by a psychopath named Atticus Tremain who was never caught. The case pushes emotional buttons for both of them.Meanwhile, the police decide to exhume Remy’s body to see if the DNA matches any of the DNA on the bodies inside the wall, and then all hell breaks loose. Not only Elise and David but everyone they love is in danger. Discussion: As in previous books, the author closely captures the feelings of people who are dealing with loss and/or agonizing memories. She shows how hurt, loneliness, and shame can translate into a pain that is physical. Evaluation: The colorful setting of Savannah; the appealing but troubled protagonists and the chemistry between them; and the suspense that builds to a fever pitch make a winning combination. I definitely look forward to more volumes in this series.Rating: 3.5/5

  • Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book
    2018-08-23 20:59

    This book had not only an edge of your seat plot but it had a lot of feels. This is a series that I really enjoy.This series has some seriously damaged and kick ass characters. This is book 4. I am left with some lingering thoughts. First thought...there needs to be more, second thought and third thought MORE. PLEASE!There were times when I wanted to smack both David & Elise, both for good reasons tend to drown in their own pasts. Both carrying more baggage than any character should. Both devoted and tried & true cops...actually they are so much more. They are brilliant detectives that in every aspect are flawed but together they get the job done. They are trouble magnets. And this book left me with a glimmer of hope for them but also so much heartache. John & Mara broke my heart. And the relationship with Elise's daughter needs to be addressed. This book was fast paced, dark and had so much heart. This authors writing is so very good. I'm looking forward to reading more from her.The characters as I have said before are seriously damaged and kick ass. There is always some woo woo surrounding Elise, she is a woman with so much baggage. And she is one hell of a cop and mom. And David...well he needs his own butler for all his baggage. But together they work. I not only love the main characters but the surrounding cast. And this story was dark, it was fragile...Elise walks a fine line. Both of these characters are brilliant in getting to the bottom of the crimes. But the toll it takes sometimes to their very core is heartbreaking. Anne Frazier is a brilliant writer, she writes dark, damaged characters that are strong and kick ass. I'm a HUGE fan and can't wait for more.

  • The Cats Mother
    2018-09-02 23:17

    Book 4 in this excellent crime series featuring homicide detectives Elise Sandburg and David Gould, set in Savannah, Georgia. Following the events of the last book, the duo have been working privately in Chicago, following their sacking by the mayor and replacement with Gould’s nemesis.Returning home, they are asked to consult on a case where children’s bodies have been discovered hidden in the walls of the former home of a serial killer who died 36 years earlier, having been arrested by Elise’s father, Jackson Sweet. When police and the mayor are attacked at a press conference by masked gunmen, and the lead detective killed, the team are pressed back into service.Then their friends start being attacked...This was dark, very sad in parts, and gripping. Elise is still completely messed up and therefore refusing to have a relationship with David, falls out with her father at the slightest excuse, and struggles with the conflict of safely mothering her daughter, who has been taken to Seattle by her father to remove her from Elise’s dangerous lifestyle.There was a lot going on here and you would get a lot more out of it by reading the series in order, although the central mystery does stand alone.There wasn’t as much supernatural/rootwork involved here, which was fine with me as i’m Not as keen on that side of this series.I assume this is not the end of the series, although it could stop here fairly satisfactorily.Highly recommended if you like American detective fiction with interesting characters and not too much romance.

  • Missy~
    2018-09-12 18:15

    ~~~This is my review copy and pasted from and is for the audio version of this book~~~"Great addition! Hope its not the last!! "What made the experience of listening to Truly Dead the most enjoyable?I have listened to all the books in this series and have enjoyed them all. Each book in the series has been a good mystery with interesting plot lines. Weaved in and out of all the stories has been a touch of the paranormal voodoo style. The author does a great job of conveying a slow southern atmospheric feeling to the Savannah Ga based series. I liked both of the main characters, Elise and David. I also appreciated the supporting characters, especially Strataluna and Sweet. The ending has me greatly hoping that there will be more books in this series as I felt there were a couple of loose threads left.Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?Maybe not edge of my seat, but definitely interested in what was going to happen next.What about Natalie Ross’s performance did you like?I thought she did a really good job. Some of her male characters sound similar, but different enough to distinguish between. Her pronounciation and pace are excellent, and the infusion of southern ambiance carried throught out the performance.Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?Yes, If work didn't interfer I would have .Any additional comments?Recommend this series to any one who likes mystery with a touch of romance.

  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    2018-08-27 17:17

    Elise and David thought they were done with the Savannah police department, but like the classic Godfather quote, it's not true. Murdered children, grave robbers, grotesque disfigurements...there's lots to unpack in this book. As a reader I'm happy they're back in the police force, Elise without Savannah is just wrong somehow.There's a lot of personal baggage (for almost everyone) in this book, none with more than Elise. Her Moonlighting-esque relationship with David, the tension with her daughter, and most of all her complicated relationship with her father. Jackson Sweet's connection with Strata Luna is fascinating to me (she is such a great character), and I hope that gets more fleshed out in forthcoming books.There are definitely some teary moments in this book, particularly where John was concerned. I'm eager to see how his character deals with the aftermath of all that's happened.Thankfully, there's also some humor. Maybe it's wrong, but I cackled at the reaction the psychiatrist had to Elise's outpouring of emotions. I also loved Elise's reaction.The door is definitely open for more books in this series, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I also want a sequel to The Body Reader, if it's not too much to ask!

  • Nora
    2018-09-05 20:27

    Anne Frasier's books are always an exciting ride, from the lush Savannah backdrop to the gripping stories, and this one is no exception. I never tell the plot in a review, as that takes away the intrigue from the reader, especially one that always awaits a new installment in the Elise Sandburg series. What I can say, is that the story gets better with every book, and only leaves the reader hanging on every word... Anne Frasier is one of the most talented thriller writers out there today, and I loved every moment of this book. Every time I start one, I don't want to leave my house until I have finished the entire story, and I find myself pacing my reading speed so the joy is not over too soon...All of your favorite characters are back in this amazing book, letting you in on their secrets, and their desires, and their motivations. Every time I read a new Anne Frasier book I feel like my best friends are back to tell me more about themselves, and they always leave me breathlessly wanting more. Just when you think it can't get any darker or more exciting, Frasier thrills you again.

  • Portia
    2018-09-09 20:20

    To say that I've waited for this title is a gross understatement. I pre-ordered the book and the audiobook. Not exactly sure how I feel about it. On one hand, several ongoing subplots were resolved. And I felt like Elise really grew in the story. On the other hand, there was a gap in the timeline that I found kinda irritating. I was expecting this story to begin where book three ended. Nope. It's like she skipped a whole book and jumped to this story.I also spent a great deal of this book wanting to slap Elise for trying to regulate David to the friend zone. Like that was going to work.The end is also a bit rushed. Not that I wanted the end to be dragged out, but an explanation of where the key baddies have been spending their downtime would have been nice.I really like the narrator for the Audible edition. I am always amazed at the wide range of voices she brings to the narration. Overall, I was satisfied with this addition to the series. And yeah, I'll probably pre-order book 5.Recommend strongly.

  • Cathy Thompson
    2018-09-12 21:08

    One of my favorite authors . This is book number 4 in the Elise Sandburg thrillers set in Savannah .Homicide detective Elise Sandburg and partner David Gould returned to Savannah after getting a call from the M.E . . When a demolition crew finds several children's bodies inside the walls of a home that belonged to serial killer Frank Remy thirty six years earlier and he had died in prison . Elise's father Jackson Sweet had been the cop to put him in prison . The bodies of the children were decades old except one , a child that was recently reported missing. This book has nonstop suspense as well as romance . I've read this entire series and this one does not disappoint. If this is your first time to read the series I would recommend reading all the others . Tells the stories of how it all began.. awesome book !!This book will be out May 30th . I was given this ARC from Netgalley and publisher Thomas and Mercer in exchange for my honest review!!! Thank you so much !!

  • Kathy O'Mara
    2018-09-02 22:24

    I just finished the Elise Sandburg "Dead" series and am honestly a bit disappointed. Not because of what I read, oh no, not at all! I'm disappointed because the series has come to an end. Anne Frasier has done a remarkable job of creating a cast of characters that I truly care about. I want to know what's happening in their lives now, but there are no more books for me to read to discover how they handle their personal baggage and relationships. The series had everything I love in a good book. Atmosphere, crime, good guys, bad guys and even the possibility of some voodoo type of mojo. Thank you Ms. Frasier! I will miss Elise, David, Strata Luna, Sweet, etc. But, I think my husband will be pleased to have me back!

  • Tina Marking
    2018-09-01 21:16

    Graphic, but great, horror/psychological thriller. A lot of twists and turns, some hoodoo and voodoo involved (of course, it's set in Savannah, the most beautiful dark and light city there is). Elise is fighting demons from every side of her life, and I get the PTSD. She didn't get any help from the so called psychologist, although Strata Luna was able to see the root cause (no pun intended), and did the right thing. I am not at all happy with the Audrey storyline, and hope this is resolved in the next book. Elise is strong, reliable, and trustworthy, and deserves to be treated as such. David fights his own demons, and could use a good strong dose of therapy, but together these two characters meld into a partnership (in all ways) that is worth fighting for. I like Elise and David, but would like to see the author spend more time on building a true, permanent foundation to their relationship and allows them to seek out the light in each other to rid their souls of lingering darkness. Maybe in book 5.

  • Julie Mink
    2018-09-14 21:11

    Wow, this book was so full of twists and turns. My heart is still pounding even though I finished it 5 minutes ago. I broke one of my usual rules and read this book the 4th in the series before the first three. I will be reading those very soon as I want to know how we reached this 4th book. The main characters in the book have deep emotional baggage but they never lose sight of their job and each other. I have several stand alone books by Anne Frasier that moved up in my to read pile.I read this book first because I received it free from a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honestreview. I would recommend this book to thriller lovers. It may have a little too much gore for traditional mystery fans. I love it.