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Book 7 of the Shandra Higheagle mystery seriesFamily, Revenge, MurderWhen Shandra Higheagle’s dog brings her a dead body in a sleigh full of presents, her world is turned upside down. The man is a John Doe and within twenty-four hours another body is found.Detective Ryan Greer receives a call that has them both looking over their shoulders. A vengeful brother of a gang memBook 7 of the Shandra Higheagle mystery seriesFamily, Revenge, MurderWhen Shandra Higheagle’s dog brings her a dead body in a sleigh full of presents, her world is turned upside down. The man is a John Doe and within twenty-four hours another body is found.Detective Ryan Greer receives a call that has them both looking over their shoulders. A vengeful brother of a gang member who died in a gang war is out for Ryan’s blood. Shandra’s dreams and Ryan’s fellow officers may not be enough to keep them alive to share Christmas....

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Yuletide Slaying Reviews

  • Jana Denardo
    2018-10-29 02:33

    The one thing I like about mystery series is usually you can pick them up just about anywhere in the series and not worry about feeling like you're missing something. This is the 7th in the series but the first for me. I enjoyed it. Shandra Higheagle is a Native American artist (pottery) and her boyfriend a cop (and for me if you're going to do cozies, this is the way it works for me, the amateur detective having an in with the police as opposed to the ones where the detective is fighting hostile cops). In this case it's Ryan's past as an undercover cop that has come back to haunt him, putting Shandra and his family at risk.Other than too many people hassling them to get married, this was an enjoyable cozy.

  • Cheryl
    2018-10-22 02:23

    This is the best book in this series so far. Again Shandra Higheagle gets involved in a murder. Her boyfriend, Ryan Greer, has a past that catches up with him. Everyone near and dear to him, himself included may be the next target.This is a tightly plotted mystery with several twists and turn. I was on the edge of my seat turning the pages as quickly as I could read. I adore how Shandra's grandmother comes to her in her dreams to give her clues. I also enjoyed learning about the native American culture presented through the story. I was given this book by the author and I am voluntarily reviewing this book.

  • Diane
    2018-10-27 01:21

    Finished this book in two days, had to put it down to go house hunting. This is a great series and I would recommend it to everyone who loves murder mysteries with a bit of humour thrown in. Love the characters and the story line. A murder mystery, robbery with a twist. Paty Jager knows how to catch your attention and keep it. Her descriptive words will keep you entertained until the end. I want you to know that I am enjoying this series and hope you will too.

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-07 00:43

    This was the first book I had read by Paty Jager and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were well-rounded and grew in the story and the mystery was well-thought out. I will definitely look for more books by this author.I received a copy of the book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.

  • Resa
    2018-11-09 02:28

    Nice pace. Good characters with depth. An enjoyable read. Don't usually read Christmas books but this one maychange that.

  • Jeannie
    2018-11-09 04:29

    I really love the Shandra Higheagle series. I like the location and the characters. I don't know why but this series reminds me of the old television series "Nakia" I loved it and watched it, and now I am hooked on this series. The main character makes pottery from clay on her property it makes the series stand out from the other mysteries that I read normally that always seem to have shop owners, it is just a bit different and I really like that. I like the slight paranormal thread that runs through the mysteries with her Grandmother appearing in dreams. Lil adds an interesting twist to this series as well. Shandra and Ryan find their relationship being threatened by Ryan's past catching up to him. Two murders in town, Sheba is injured and Shandra and Ryan's family and friends are brought into the danger. I thought I knew who the killer was but the author throws twists and turns in and makes you second guess yourself. The story line is well plotted and I couldn't put it down. I think this is my favorite one in the series so far, I wanted to get to the end but was sad when I was finished. Looking forward to the next one! I voluntarily reviewed an arc I received from the author.

  • Bev
    2018-11-01 23:27

    While waiting for the Christmas parade to start, Shandra and Sheba, her larger than life dog, stood at the end of the line with the sleigh and gifts for the children. All at once a car had a loud backfire and Sheba runs off with the sleigh and gifts. Shandra finally finds her, but there is a problem. There is a body in the sleigh, and Sheba has a cut on her. Detective Stu Whorter from the state police arrives to investigate the dead body. On a robbery case, Ryan finds a body stabbed and frozen. The stabbing is like the body in the sleigh. Are they related? Who would do such a terrible thing in this small close knit town? Ryan gets news that the gang from Chicago knows he is alive and is out to get revenge on him. Can Ryan stay ahead of them and keep his family and Shandra safe and unharmed? What about the murders? Are they connected to the gang or someone else? Read the book to find the answers. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Read Copy of this book.

  • Nikki Brown
    2018-11-11 23:38

    This is the 7th book in the series, I've read them all in order as that's just the way I prefer to read these series of books. Ryan's history comes back to seriously endanger him, Shandra and his family. Someone is out to get him and make him pay, and they don't care who they hurt in order to get to him. It's coming up to Christmas and at the parade in Huckleberry, in which Sheba is pulling the sleigh with presents, something happens which spooks Sheba, she takes off running and when she returns, she returns with a body in the sleigh she's still pulling. Ryan is dealing with a house invasion in such outdoor survival goods have been taken. Whilst on the hunt for the burglar he comes across a body with the exact same cause of death as the one Sheba found. Could these be linked? Once again a really great book and a good read.

  • Beth Garner
    2018-10-28 23:23

    I really liked this book. It was the first one in the series I had read and wasn't lost. There was good character growth for the main characters. I could see myself in the setting. I most definitely be reading the other books.I highly recommend this book whether you have read the previous books or not.

  • Lynda
    2018-10-26 04:35

    A Christmas murderShandra and Ryan are getting reAdy to have a traditional Christmas with his family when a man's body is found in the sled of presents that Shandra's dog is pulling for the Christmas parade . It turns out that Ryan had some gang problems prior to their meeting. It turns into a cops and robbers story that keeps you interested up til the very end of the story.

  • Cornerofmadness
    2018-11-11 05:21

    I won this in an author giveaway which in no way influenced my review. This is my first book in the series (though it's the 7th in the series) but I didn't feel lost in any way. I will say if you're coming to this because of the Christmasy title in hopes of a lot of holiday goodness, you might be disappointed. It opens and closes with holiday themed material but the bulk of the story the setting is more winter than holiday (which was fine by me but some people get irritated if they think it's one thing and it's something else).It opens with Shandra (a Native American artist) helping out with a charity that Ryan's (her cop boyfriend) mother is involved in. Her Newfoundlander/Border collie mix, Sheba (and boy don't I want to see this dog in person) is pulling a sleigh of kid's toys for the charity. Only Sheba and the sleigh get away from her and when she finally finds them, Sheba has been superficially stabbed and there's a dead marshal in her sleigh.All too soon there's another death and they realize this relates back to Ryan's time as an undercover cop in Chicago. The gang he had infiltrated is after him and those he loves. Naturally this means Shandra and his family are in the cross hairs and Shandra can't help getting involved trying to find the assassin after him. Though I figured out the who (I read far too many mysteries I think), I still very much enjoyed this. I liked Shandra as a character (and her deceased grandmother who appears to her in dreams with information/visions because I like that sort of thing). In cozies, the way to make them work for me is this exact set up, the amateur detective is on good terms with/involved with an actual cop (as opposed to the type where the cop is either against the detective or too dumb to figure out anything). So I enjoyed the dynamics between Shandra and Ryan, though I thought the aren't you married yet stuff coming from literally everyone was a touch heavy handed.A few things didn't work for me like Ryan not knowing what Shandra meant by the guy acted like a rapper doing the thug life stuff and had to have it explained by another cop. But that was minor. I want to go back and find more in this series.

  • Kathy
    2018-11-13 03:44

    Yuletide Slaying by Paty Jager is the seventh book in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series. Shandra Higheagle , a pottery crafter, lives a secluded life on a ranch on the mountain near the town of Huckleberry. She lives with her boyfriend, Ryan Greer, a detective with the County Sheriff's Department and Lil, an older eccentric woman who helps Shandra on the ranch. Shandra has volunteered to have her dog ,Sheba, pull the sleigh full of presents for the foster children attending the Christmas parade. When a car backfires, Sheba takes off running down a side street. When Shandra finally finds Sheba, the sleigh is filled not only with the presents but an unidentified dead man. When Ryan finds a second body , they know there is a killer in their small town. The dead man found in Shandra's sleigh is identified as a Deputy U.S. Marshall.He had been sent to warn Ryan that the leader of a gang from Chicago was looking for him. Ryan had infiltrated the Chicago gangs ten years ago. The gang leader's younger brother was killed in a police raid. He blames Ryan for his brother's death. Now he wants revenge ,not only on Ryan, but on Shandra and Ryan's family as well. Will Ryan be able to find the killer or killers before they can harm him, Shandra, or his family? This is the first book I've read by Paty Jager and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Yuletide Slaying.The book is fast paced with twists and turns that keep you reading to find out what's going to happen to Shandra and Ryan next. I like the supernatural touch of having Ella, Shandra's Grandmother, come to her in her dreams . I also loved the character of Lil who added comic relief and kept me laughing. I can't wait to read the other books in the series!! KMc.

  • Becky Claxon
    2018-11-13 02:31

    Shandra Higheagle was in town helping her boyfriend Ryan Greer's mother Colleen. Sheba, Shandra's, 120 pound mutt is going to pull the presents to be given to the foster children attending the fundraiser parade. A car backfired scaring Sheba who took off running into town. Shandra ran after her and finally found her with a dead man in the sleigh and Sheba with a knife wound. They were near the clinic so Shandra rang the bell where the emergency nurse Chandler Treat opened the door. Chandler told Shandra that the man was dead and they called the police. The dead man was a Deputy Marshall. Ryan who is policeman, was shocked. Ryan was working on a case of stolen items and then cases started to be overlapping. You need to read the book to see what happens.There is murder going on, pay back trying to be applied to some under cover work in the past, lying, and lots of police around. Shandra wanted to help Ryan all she could to catch who was murdering people. She had her dreams from her grandmother trying to understand what she was telling Shandra. Of course, Shandra got involved in some of the incidents that happened around town. If you like mysteries, you will love this book. I didn't want to put it down! I encourage you to read the book. I voluntarily read a Advance Reader's Copy of the book.

  • Barbara
    2018-10-18 03:29

    First, I’m sorry I didn’t know about author Paty Jager before this. I’ve been missing out on some good books. I love mystery books and when you add Christmas to it what’s not to love? Even though this is a Shandra Higheagle Mystery you don’t need to read others before this to keep up with everything. The author does a great job of describing each character and the mystery keep you very interested.The main character, Shandra Higheagle, manages to have her dog find a sleigh of presents ready for children but unfortunately, there also is a dead body in it. So, Detective Ryan Greer, has to find out who, what and why. Then another body is found and possible threat on Shandra and Detective Greer. Turns out Detective Greer worked in Chicago and a gang hasn’t forgotten about him and is set for revenge. Using Shandra as bait they will try to kill Ryan. I’ll say no more in order not to ruin this great mystery.This was first by the author but not my last. I look forward to reading more of her works.

  • Teresa Whitehead
    2018-11-13 23:43

    I really enjoyed reading “Yuletide Slaying” so much I finished in two days. This is the first book that I have read by Paty Jager and I have been missing out. Although this is book seven of the Shandra Higheagle series, I felt that how Ms. Jager wrote about Shandra and Ryan, I was not lost, which is great for first-time readers. Shandra’s pup, Sheba finds a dead Santa and all heck has broken lose. Ryan, Shandra’s boyfriend and local police officer, has a past that has come back to haunt him. Unfortunately, the person out to get Ryan will do whatever it takes to get to him. Shandra has a tendency to play detective when she should not which gets her in a pickle. The book has murder, suspense, a little sweet romance, and some Native American paranormal influence which makes the book come together nicely. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review but this in no way reflects my review. Great read!

  • Robin
    2018-11-15 03:26

    I enjoyed this fast-paced, well-written mystery. It can be read as a standalone, though it is Book 7 of the Shandra Higheagle mystery series Family, Revenge, Murder. Shandra Higheagle discovers a dead body, and within 24 hours another body is found outside of town. Her significant other Detective Ryan Greer thinks it may be related to events in his past, and now Ryan's family, Ryan and Shandra may be at risk. The action doesn't stop while they work to solve the mystery and find the bad guys. I look forward to reading more books in this series.

  • Kristen Lewendon
    2018-10-21 01:32

    This is the first I've read of the Shandra Higheagle series and I've definitely been missing out. It's a fast-paced mystery with lots of twists and turns and an interesting cast of characters to keep you engaged. I can't wait to see what Shandra and Ryan get into next. While I'm waiting I can work my way through the books before this one.I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.

  • Kate
    2018-10-19 01:31

    This is a great book, full of mystery and suspense. I really love the American Indian influence that the main character exhibits. This is a real page turner. I also liked the way the characters interacted with each other. This is a great book to read while sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine or cup of coffee.