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Title : 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Fast Track Classics)
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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Fast Track Classics) Reviews

  • Michael Fager-Thompson
    2018-10-26 00:56

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea follows a naturalist named Arronax, as he investigates a series of mysterious ship dissapearences credited to a giant sea creature. While chasing this "beast," he and his cohorts are knocked overboard, and soon find that this sea creature is not a creature at all, but a massive submarine. From here Arronax etc. are invited aboard, and offered the oportunity to travel the seas with the enigmatic Captain Nemo in exchange for their freedom. Throughout the rest of the book, our heroes discover the mysteries of the deep, as well as dicovering more about Nemo's strange hate for the surface, and those who dwell on it.This book has the ability to be incredibly engaging, but sadly can also be equally tedious at times. Thanks to Verne's tendency to describe almost every single animal Arronax sees in painstaking detail, reading often gets a bit slow. However, this aside, Verne offers a very enjoyable story, as well as a window into the scientific mind of the past. It's actually quite interesting to contemplate the predictions that books like these have made, and see how many of them have come true. Overall, I would reccomend this book to anyone interested in a seafaring adventure, and a love fore dicovery. However, those who are not, or those with shorter attention spans should probably avoid it, because the Taxonomic description sections are quite a slog.

  • Jaeyoung Chun
    2018-11-11 19:56

    I read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I think this book is fiction book. This book is about the sailors who got caught by other sailors. They sail all around the world by the submarine. They saw many kinds of fish under the water that they haven't seen before.It was really interesting because there are picture of the fish. Then they saw their ship at the ocean. But there were other battleships around them. So,the submarine attacked them. After that they went across the Atlantic and they arrived over to spain.Then the sailors escaped from the at night. After they escaped from submarine, they have never seen that submarine again. My favorite part of this book is when the sailors go to Atlantis with their own suit on. The reason why I liked this part is because it is interesting that they found Atlantis under the ocean. I think authors purpose is to tell people that there is many interesting things that we haven't seen yet.I connected with this book because I was really interested about Atlantis under the ocean. So I find and read this book. I learned that when you really want do something so badly and you always try to do that, it will be successful. I learned this in the book. That part was the sailors wanted to escape of that submarine and they finally escaped that submarine. I don't really want to recommend this because I like science fiction book but this book is fiction book. I will suggest this book if you like fantasy.

  • Suby
    2018-10-19 17:59

    This is one book in which an imaginary submarine built for cross oceanic voyages that could bring a reader face to face with the unfathomable depths that the 19th century people could only imagine. While the book is so full of details of what the author imagines to be the ultimate in under sea voyages, it often makes us, the modern people tired of the details.Still there are scenes like the one where the captain shows the giant peel that is still growing somewhere deep under sea close to Ceylon. Then there is the site where a Spanish ship was sunk where gold ingots were there for anyone to pick.It is only in the sequel to this book that we become aware that the captain of the submarine is an Indian Prince who chose to live under the oceans for his own reasons.This novel may not hold up to scientific scrutiny in our modern times. But we must remember it was written 2 centuries ago!

  • Patrick
    2018-11-03 01:59

    The concept and story were nothing short of amazing. However, Verne's prose leaves a lot to be desired. Much like my problem with JRR Tolkien, Verne has this annoying tendency to go into inane details with long lists of the scientific names of sea creatures that the Nautilus discovers on its voyage. The overall effect of all this random detail in long list form is that the book moves really slowly. Painfully slowly to be honest. I do love the book for its historical significance as one of the founding pieces of the genre of science fiction, but it was a burden to actually read from cover to cover. I'm glad I can say I read it, but I will not be reading this one ever again I think.

  • Felix Dance
    2018-11-06 02:12

    Being one of the earliest ever science fiction books, there was no way I could avoid reading this classic, undertaken in Thailand’s Chiangmai and Pai. Unfortunately, the dodgy publishers made so many typos it was rendered almost unintelligible, with whole sections missing including the voyage to Atlantis (I had to fill them in using the internet). Other than that, it was certainly an exciting read following Captian Nemo and his submarine crew around the world on a journey reminiscent of Ahab’s from Moby Dick. I have to forgive Verne for his fantastical license of impossibility due to his ignorant era and his audience’s only nascent hunger for hard science. They must have been tumultuous times of discovery. I swapped this book for a grass tea in Pai when I’d finished it.

  • Brennan Wieland
    2018-11-09 19:13

    It's amazing what Jules Verne thought up in this book, submarines, propellers, diving tanks, and so much of it has become reality. He sets up the plot in this book great and you know what to expect very early on. Their travels underwater can get a little long, there are lots of descriptions of different animals and sealife, which can get monotonous. Captain Nemo, the captain of the Nautilus, takes in three men, and basically imprisons them, forcing them to stay on the Nautilus and not return to land. They travel the world and have many adventures and discoveries. I look forward to reading more of Verne's books after reading this one.

  • Stephanie
    2018-10-25 17:58

    I had to read this book for school and I don't really know how I feel about it. It was an entertaining story, but this book is for people who are interested in science (and I'm not one of those people). It was extremely scientific, and over-descriptive and all I can remember is sitting there reading it and wondering when he would stop describing the characteristics of fish and get on to the actual storytelling. But, if you put aside all the scientific (boring) aspects of it; you get a great, entertaining story and there are a few philosophical things to think about that resonate within some people.

  • Andrea
    2018-11-03 20:12

    This was worthy, I love the sea and there was one phenomenal cephalapod incident...the attack of the poulps...I knew some of the creatures, and of course everyone knows Captain Nemo. So I wanted to discover the man behind the myth...heh. So it's a classic, but I must confess I have been reading this for ages, in periods of great stress, before I go to bed. It was engaging enough to take my mind off of the day, and most certainly slow enough to put me to sleep quite quickly. I mean, the lists, my god, the lists. Of everything. And I thought I was bad...

  • Sulaiman
    2018-11-17 20:55

    This book is utterly boring. I don't mean it wasn't interesting at times. If you're an aquatic lover then perhaps this is a book you'd like to check out. Aside from that, it eventually becomes a chore to get through. I, myself, had to breeze through the last half, slowing only to read the chunks of story that actually propelled the plot. The rest is just a lot of information about the different category of fish and what-not. The prose is fine and the book can be intellectually stimulating at times. Other than that, not much of a fan.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-17 01:03

    Glad that I read this classic novel, but WAY too much information for a novice oceanographer. I took the foreward author's suggestion and skimmed the fish and fauna portions, but wished I would have also had a map of the world accessible while reading the book... would have made me feel as if I was on board for the journey. Classic Verne, but I found myself more excited to finish it than to pick it up and read a chapter.

  • Dana
    2018-11-06 19:11

    I really loved the book. To tell the truth, the reason I loved this book has more to do with the magical underwater beauty that Jules Verne created than the actual adventure. I could actually visualize every damn thing that happened in the submarine and the I cannot explain the satisfaction ma eyes received, cuz if I try to do, you would think I have really gone mad. The adventure is not bad too but I just got lost in beautiful mysterious underwater.

  • Jenni
    2018-11-01 21:46

    This book is for sailors ONLY. I am reading it because it became available to me, but it is BORING as all get out. The only reason I even attempted to finish reading it is to say that I have read it. The plot itself is good, but it is bogged down with scientific sailor junk and extreme details of the aquadic scenery. Im glad I read it, but will never read it again. :D

  • Kati
    2018-11-13 18:08

    A classic, this book made me think a lot about Man vs. Nature themes. Why do the protagonists all want to kill the ocean cephalopod? Why can't they exist in a state of wonder without wanting to hunt it down? It was fun to read, and over 100 years old! It's pretty cool to imagine being in an underwater vessel able to view sea life through glass.

  • Scott
    2018-10-25 17:52

    Despite the significant verbage devoted to aquatic classification, this is a true adventure tale at heart. I actually prefered this to Around the World in 80 Days, which I completed on the heels of 20,000 Leagues. I especially enjoyed the suspense and versimilitude of the Antartic chapters as a complement to the more fantastical portions of the novel. Overall, this novels deserves 3.5 stars.

  • Samuel
    2018-11-08 01:07

    A rare book that sports adventure, conspiracy, agendas, and any other twists and turns imaginable. The story being about life under the sea with a manhunt helps to create the suspense that is needed for this book. it is for all sense and purposes it is an instant classic.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-15 21:47

    This was a very interesting story, however it was really long and teh descriptions of the sea creatures were very long and detailed. I got a little bored with the descriptions and ended up skipping pages at a time. The story itself was good, but I had to push myself to finish this book.

  • Larry
    2018-11-12 17:57

    This one me a while but that's more down to me than the book. It certainly was a slow read and nothing like any movie version I've seen. One might say that not much happens and its not really very 'SF' but on the whole I quite enjoyed the ride!Part of the 100 Classic Novels for the Nintendo DS

  • Roy
    2018-10-23 17:46

    So far so good. I'm about a third done and whenever I do have the chance to read I really find it hard to put it done. Sometimes the author could get a little bogged down in describing the classifications of animals, but I have really enjoyed the look into life of the period.

  • Jeanette
    2018-11-09 23:53

    Ok, so I"m a nerd. I absolutely loved this book...everything about it was amazing. I didn't rush through it...took my time...and it was sooo worth it. One of those terrific books that needs to be reread every few years. I wish my boys liked to read...they would have enjoyed this one.

  • Nader Salah
    2018-11-03 18:03

    this book i already found on the internet as a PDF, i hope to find it as a hard copy (the hard copy has its mysterious magic), though it's full of complicated scientific info, but still so interesting

  • Kimberly
    2018-10-27 01:56

    This is one of my all time favorite books. It is imaginative and suspenseful and should be read by all.

  • Jenny Burridge
    2018-11-02 00:55


  • Travisjguy
    2018-11-03 00:48

    Is captain Nemo still down there scouring the bottom of the ocean?

  • Jami
    2018-10-26 18:12

    Tough read but worth it in the end!

  • Ginny Lamon
    2018-11-14 22:10

    The most boring book I ever tried to read. Rarely do I not finish a book but I just couldnt do it.

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-10 20:14

    Sometimes a classic is just a classic. What else can I say? Fantastic voyage.

  • John Stevens
    2018-11-14 22:01

    Read this years ago, in my teens. A must read for everyone.

  • Auden Harwood
    2018-10-24 20:50

    An amazing work of science fiction and marine biology.

  • AnneMarie
    2018-11-13 18:14

    this was a great read for my boys and myself. We enjoyed it and was just long enough to hold their attention and not too scary!

  • Jordan, The Picture Magician (aka Probie)
    2018-11-10 23:08

    This book is definetly a great book. However, the events were far and few, and the whole book was jam-packed with descriptions of all sorts of fish, which I had a hard time following.