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Set on the eve of the British evacuation of Palestine-will Passover hold another miracle for the Jewish nation? Zion Chronicles book 4....

Title : A Light in Zion
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A Light in Zion Reviews

  • Shirley Conley
    2018-11-08 00:39

    I think that the book is wonderful. It had a lot of action. It was very sad but very happy story also. The story kept you on the edge of your seat. Could not put it down with all the action. Some of it was heartbreaking.

  • Terri
    2018-11-12 21:32

    I had a hard time getting into this one. I think it was because so much of it was about the fighting. The second half was faster for me. I love the characters. When Howard died, I cried.

  • Ed
    2018-11-17 23:54

    This is book 4 of the Zion Chronicles and it continues where the others have ended. Very exciting and well written. Each volume leads into the next volume. Very hard to put down, I felt that I had to continue reading to find out what happens next. Each volume starts out with a chapter detailing what happen in Jerusalem in 70 AD, then it advances to current time, approximately 1948 AD.

  • Kirstin
    2018-11-12 19:38

    The Light of Zion is yet another installment in the Zion series. I picked this series up as part of the goodreads group challenge and wasn't overly excited about it, but I am so glad I did. This series gives a wonderful perspective and the characters are very memorable.I think each book covers a shorter period of time than the last one. This book covers only a month. I didn't realize that is only a month until the end and it makes your head spin a little bit. So much happened so quickly. I cannot imagine living through anything like what is described. These characters have been through so much and their will is unrelenting. I find their courage and strength to honesty be something almost mythical. I cannot fathom acting as bravely as they do. Though you do hear stories of such braver all the time in the military. I am glad that courage hasn't left us completely. There are still people who are willing and able to stand up for what they believe is good and just. There is only one more book in this series and I am eager to read it. My only complaint about these books is there is almost zero review of characters and situations from one book to another so you really need to read the close together. In reality, it could read as one really long book if need be.

  • Christy
    2018-10-30 00:36

    The Zion Chronicles series covers the events surrounding Israel's statehood in 1948. Each book vividly portrays the intense struggle of the Jewish people in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the forces, within and without, which engulf the Middle East in conflict and controversy even today. "Will there ever be peace in Zion?" The Jewish people wonder as they stream into t...more The Zion Chronicles series covers the events surrounding Israel's statehood in 1948. Each book vividly portrays the intense struggle of the Jewish people in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the forces, within and without, which engulf the Middle East in conflict and controversy even today. "Will there ever be peace in Zion?" The Jewish people wonder as they stream into the British Mandate of Palestine after the devastation of World War II. What has happened to God's promises to their nation? These updated classics feature a new look and added study questions suitable for individual use or group discussion.

  • Hannah
    2018-11-11 23:28

    A Light in Zion is a super exciting, tragic, and terribly sad book. This time in history for the Jews was absolutely horrific. ); I did enjoy this book a lot even so and can not wait to read the final book in this series! I do have to warn you though that there is a lot of death and killing so it would be best if you are a "younger" reader (16 or younger, but no younger than 12) that someone read it to you (my mom read this book to me and my brother) who could take out the really horrific parts. Overall though this is a captivating story that made us not want to stop reading. :D I have so enjoyed learning about this time in history and it has made me realize more than ever how much the Jews have suffered unjustly and how much hate and killing there is in this to some this up: This is a very sad book, but one that I have enjoyed a lot and learned so much from as well as the other books in this series!

  • Derek
    2018-11-14 21:33

    The reason I chose 5 stars was because this series usually I walk past, but on a friends recommendation I picked up the first book. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved this book. So much that I bought the entire series in a nice collection. I loved the History and the fact that the characters and the events are actual events and real people that lived in these most trying times of faith and perseverance. I loved the fact that this book brought this History to life for me about the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. I liked the characters and the fictional conversations. I think sometimes the folks that give this book a dismal review are probably not Christians and every book they read has to be epic of sorts. I cat wait to get into the other continuing series from Thoene.

  • Jeri
    2018-11-13 00:55

    In book 4 of this saga, things are really bad in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem as the Arabs are starving them into submission. Moshe, one of our heroes, MUST with his men capture the only pass through which they can get supplies from Tel Aviv. His wife, Rachel, is suffering her own kind of hell as their baby is deathly ill and must be taken out of the Jewish Quarter to get to a hospital. David and Ellie, in the meantime, are trying to get weapons to the Israeli's before it's too late.It's full of suspense and even though you know that Israel became a nation, it's a page turner for sure.Stay tune, another book after this .....

  • Margaret
    2018-10-24 00:43

    Really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. I have it a lower rating than I might of because it didn't really finish anything. When I read a series I prefer to have a central plot that is core to the one book, while other strands continue on through the series. But this book had no central story within itself. When this happens I always feel a bit ripped off at the end of the book as you get no closure at all.

  • Carolyn Tye
    2018-11-05 21:49

    After reading four books now in the series, I am emotionally involved with the characters. I also found this book more interesting than the others. The authors do an excellent job relaying the historical information. So far I like this book the best as compared to the other books in the series.

  • Angelyn
    2018-11-09 02:26

    I loved both The Zion Chronicle series and the Zion Covenant series. Back then I probably would have rated them 5 stars but I am a little more conservative with my ratings now. Both were well written and well researched books. I learned a lot. They are clean and action packed. Some of my favorite books ever.

  • Sue Fischer
    2018-10-30 19:55

    I always get so mad when I read the books in this series! I know the Bible, still can't keep myself from getting so emotional about how the world has turned it's back on the nation of Israel over and over again. I suppose that's a sign of good writer, who can bring that kind of emotion to the surface.

  • Heather Painter
    2018-11-11 19:42

    Exciting and riveting story, with great characterizationI am continuing to enjoy the books in this series! There were many times, throughout this book, where I felt like I was watching a movie! Moreover, the authors have done a great job with characterization. I have found myself growing really attached to some of the characters in this series. I can't wait for book 5!

  • Coral
    2018-11-04 23:49

    My favorite of the series so far. It has more action than the earlier books. The characters are well developed in the first books and carry out their personalities well here. I own this series and would be happy to lend them.

  • Cinda
    2018-11-08 00:48

    I can only read this book in short doses. It's violent and depressing. Not much else is changed from the previous books in the series, but I feel a renewed desire to study the actual facts of the Partition and Israel's statehood.

  • G
    2018-11-06 01:43

    #4 in the series. This one was harder to follow. The horrendous events in Jerusalem after WWII between the Jews, Arabs and other groups are so new to me, that it gets confusing. But I love learning about it.

  • Suzanne
    2018-11-16 20:30

    "A Light in Zion" is well written, as are the books before it in the "Zion Chronicles", however I found it to be at a much slower pace than the previous books before it, and too predictable to thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Melissa Yael Winston
    2018-10-27 21:32

    A sad ending, but it left me itching to read the last in the series.

  • Lady
    2018-11-01 00:38

    This book is tough because this is where the really horrible things happen. And mistakes are made. But there's good things too, even in the midst of the darkness.

  • Jim Moffett
    2018-11-12 21:38


  • Deb
    2018-10-26 21:27

    This book started out kind of slow, but it got better half way through. The entire book only covers a few days.

  • Sherri
    2018-10-22 01:45

    I have read the zion covenenant and chronicles series several times! I started in highschool and I still re-read them and I am in my 30's now. great books and a great author! :)

  • Pam
    2018-11-04 19:31

    #4 Zion Chroniclesskimmed in 2012

  • Kori
    2018-11-10 00:47

    The saga continues. Another well researched chronical of modern Isreal. I didn't know how hard-won the independence of the Isreali homeland was. A little darker than the other books in the series.

  • Alissa
    2018-11-14 01:42

    This was action packed with lots of different subplots and trying to get everyone in the right place during the last days of Partition.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-21 01:50

    good continuation of familiar story--keep reading

  • Abby
    2018-10-21 22:35

    wow i loved it!!

  • Megan
    2018-10-24 00:29

    With (above)

  • Alice
    2018-11-09 21:49

    Wonderful book!!!!

  • Gail
    2018-10-27 21:53

    I couldn't get into this book, so I really didn't finish it. Maybe it's too hard to understand what's going on without reading the earlier books in the series.