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Het is een jaar geleden dat de achttienjarige Eden Munro haar stiefbroer, en geheime liefde, Tyler Bruce, zag. Vanwege hun familie hebben ze een time-out in hun geheime relatie genomen, maar Eden kan haar opwinding moeilijk verbergen als Tyler haar voor de zomer in New York uitnodigt. Eden is gelukkig met haar vriend Dean, maar tijdens een lange, hete zomer wordt het duideHet is een jaar geleden dat de achttienjarige Eden Munro haar stiefbroer, en geheime liefde, Tyler Bruce, zag. Vanwege hun familie hebben ze een time-out in hun geheime relatie genomen, maar Eden kan haar opwinding moeilijk verbergen als Tyler haar voor de zomer in New York uitnodigt. Eden is gelukkig met haar vriend Dean, maar tijdens een lange, hete zomer wordt het duidelijk dat de twee nog niet over elkaar heen zijn. Kunnen Tyler en Eden de verleiding weerstaan?...

Title : Did I Mention I Need You?
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Did I Mention I Need You? Reviews

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    2019-05-27 15:27

    ***4,25 "No Te Rindas" stars***Damn and hell, what i've gone through for once again???Estelle Maskame, are you trying to kill me??? How can you do this to me???God, i fuckin' love this series, but each book is fuckin' hurting me so damn much!!!I don't know why, but Estelle has the gift to making me feel the exact feelings as our heroes are feeling at the exact moment that i'm reading....Is this a good thing??? Yep, because it's showing that she is able to pass her message with a unique and intense way to you, but this is one very painful experience...I just wanted to crawl out of my skin, to stop feeling like that...I wanted to hit everyone that was getting in our heroes way...I wanted to hurt all the people who were hurting Eden and Tyler... Especially Tyler...Yep, it's a common secret that i would do anything for him!!! I love this guy and i will always be devoted to him!!!Yeah, i know! My common sense has flew out of the window for good but i can't do anything about it... I 'm just accepting the fact that i'm a little bit... "loco"!!!God, how am i suppose to live without the next book??? I'm dying here!!!I need salvation for those two... I need to stop feeling heartache and to start feeling relief and happiness!!! Phew, i honestly don't know what can i say about this book...Everything got twisted in a good and a bad way, several times... and it was so fuckin' hard to be a witness in all those things!!!And the ending??? OMG!!! It terrified me!!!But i understand the reasons behind Tyler's acts...He needed to do that, but I'm afraid that Eden didn't understand his reasons why he did what he had to do...And yep, Tyler hurt her, but she was more cruel to him in the first book...And don't we forget that she gave up on him and then she got involved with Tyler's best friend..."I begin to type.***Looks like next summer is here. See you soon.***And then I send it to the person I've been waiting three hundred and fifty-nine days to see.I send it to Tyler."Well, in the second book of the series, after a year apart the time for Eden and Tyler to meet each other again had come.Stucked to her promise, Eden flew to New York to spend six weeks with him...So, she abandoned everything behind... Her mother, her father and his new family, her boyfriend and her friends for spending most of the summer with her stepbrother!!!Honestly, if it hadn't crossed their minds the reason why she did that, they were stupids...Who abandon almost everything behind for a stepbrother who knows only for two years, ugh???"I'm spending the summer three thousand miles away from my boyfriend with the person I'm in love with. Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? Because I think that's what seperates Tyler and Dean.I love Dean, but I'm in love with Tyler."So, Tyler and Eden are meeting each other again and even though the distance that they had put intentionally between them, their feelings keep existing under the surface...So, what will happen with those two???Will they bend to their will and will they take the risk to be together???Will they dare to hurt the people they love???And if they will decide to follow their hearts, how the people around them react??? Will they accept them together or will they turn their backs on them???"Tyler and I are wrong for so many reasons.We're wrong for not being over each other.We're wrong for flirting behind Dean's back.We're wrong because we're stepsiblings.We'll always be wrong."Well, Eden never stopped loving Tyler. And how could she???But all those feelings didn't stop her for moving with her life...She was having a relationship with Dean and yep, I'm judging her for that!!! I didn't like it at all!!! It seemed like a treason to me!!!She was deeply in love with Tyler and yet, she gave up on him, on them and she continued with her life... Hmmm....And then, she went to New York and she was acting like a jealous girlfriend on Tyler???With what right, my lovely girl???Yep, as you can already tell, i was irritated with Eden.And my irritation continued when she started to wonder who to choose!!! For god's sake, girl!!!But okay, i have to admit that near to the end, she earned my appreciation... Yep, finally she became a fighter and she proved how much Tyler meant for her!!!"I try to convince myself that I'm ready to tackle it all, to deal with with everything straight on, but there's still that panic and apprehension inside of me somewhere. I still feel guilty for loving Tyler. I still feel ashamed. It doesn't feel fair.I think we'll forever be each other's biggest secret."As for Tyler??? Tyler was a different person than he was in the first book!!!He was less tormented, more confident, less angry, more relaxed...In the first book, he was dark as the night and in this one was like the dawn... Not too unshadowed, but more easygoing...I liked this changing. It felt as Tyler had matured... a lot!!!The only thing that hadn't changed in Tyler was his love for Eden and honestly, guys, he was making my heart pounding loudly in my chest with all this devotion and worshipping toward her face...I love him for the way he stood beside her and i was feeling his pain like it was my own...When he was hurting, i wanted to kill whoever hurted him and i wanted so badly to soothe his pain away...At the end, i understand that all of the things that he and Eden faced were too overwhelming and he just snapped...."You know what? Fuck it. I don't want you. I need you.""Need?" I echo."Need," he confirms, nodding once. "I need you because you're one of the few people I trust. I need you because you saw me the way I used to be and you still stuck around. I need you because I'm in love with you, Eden, and I have no idea how I'll get over you."Now, i would like to say that i was feeling very angry with Tyler's family... With all of them!!!As for Eden's father??? He was an asshole before, and he was a bigger now... Nothing had changed with him...I'm just wondering why Ella is continuing to live with him...For once again, i hated Tiffany. She made such a mess this stupid bitch!!!I didn't particularly liked Rachel and Jamie pissed the hell out of me...Yep, Dean was the victim here and i felt sorry for him, but you came very late, honey!!!I also have to say that i liked Snake and Emily...And Eden's mom is the coolest mum in the world... I love her!!And now, i have to live with this agony to burn my insides because i fuckin' need the next book!!!Estelle, I'm begging you... make things right!!!And stop torment me!!! I can't bare more pain especially for Tyler's behalf...(Sorry, i can't help it!!! I already warned you that i have a thing for him!)***ARC generously provided via NetGalley from "Sourcebooks Fire " publications for the exchange of an honest review***

  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
    2019-05-26 18:17

    Vale, vale... Declaro oficialmente esta trilogía uno de mis guilty pleasures, nada que hacer. Al final de Love You todo se fue un poco al garete entre Tyler y Eden porque, además de ser hermanastros, cada uno debía tomar su camino para seguir con su vida. Tyler debía irse un año a Nueva York para un programa de charlas de chicos abusados física y psicológicamente y Eden debía quedarse en California para acabar el instituto. A pesar de todo, la atracción y los sentimientos de los dos seguían allí. Need You empieza con Eden preparando su viaje de verano de seis semanas a Nueva York, porque Tyler la ha invitado, y peleando con su actual novio Dean, el mejor amigo de Tyler, que está un poco ofendido porque ella quiera pasar el verano con su hermanastro y no con él sabiendo que dentro de poco cada uno se irá a una universidad diferente. Lo que claramente Dean no sabe, es que este viaje significa mucho más que un paseo para Eden. En este viaje se dará cuenta si ha superado sus sentimientos por Tyler, si él ha seguido con su vida y ya no quiere nada con ella o si definitivamente los dos siguen colados el uno por el otro y van a tener que luchar contra todos los prejuicios para salvar su relación. Este libro es muy intenso en cuestión de sentimientos, de situaciones tensionantes y de querer gritarle a las páginas mil y un cosas. Need You me gustó muchísimo más que Love You porque tiene un ritmo muchísimo más rápido y ya no hay tanta construcción ni explicación previa para que sucedan las cosas porque, vamos, ¿quién no está esperando en Need You que Tyler y Eden se enrollen eternamente y sean felices? Jajaja. Con cada página que pasaba y en cada momento en que Tyler y Eden jugaban un poco a hacer el tonto, a fingir demencia y a lanzarse comentarios aparentemente inocentes pero que guardaban un montón de significado, yo moría. Me derretía. Me frustraba. ¡Y no es que eso sea malo! Por el contrario, que jugaran con mis sentimientos, que me hicieran esperar y que tontearan mucho tiempo hizo que al final todo valiera muchísimo la pena. Es decir... sólo hay un número específico de metáforas de béisbol con doble sentido que puedes aguantar hasta que ya quieras que pase algo entre este par de hermanastros. No sé, sólo digo... llámenme loca. Creo que la curva dramática que va manejando Need You nos toma a todos por sorpresa porque hay momentos álgidos que llegan sin haberlos esperado y te dejan totalmente fuera de base. Porque, claramente, no todo va a ser miel sobre hojuelas, que hay un libro más, chicos, y la autora tiene que destrozarnos y dejarnos colgando para que queramos leer el tercero YA. PD: Lo logra. PD2: Todavía no logro entender todo el drama de que sean hermanastros y esté prohibido y blablablá. Es decir, no crecieron juntos, no se consideran hermanos, no comparten sangre... y ya. Lo único que los conecta es la relación de sus padres, un papel. Pero bueno, convenciones sociales everywhere.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-05 17:21

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and NetGalley.)“I don’t want you. I need you.”This was an enjoyable sequel to ‘Did I mention I love you’, and I once again enjoyed the forbidden romance.It seemed pretty obvious in this book that Eden and Tyler were still in love with each other, and that spending the summer together was only going to make things more intense and more complicated. I liked Tyler more in this book though as his behaviour wasn’t as aggravating.“Because I’m not over you.”The storyline in this was about the forbidden romance, but we also got some blackmail, and some confessions too! I was certainly interested to see how people would react to Eden and Tyler’s relationship, and I was really excited to find out what people would say once they knew! Be prepared for some fireworks in this one!“We are officially going to hell,”The ending to this was a bit of a cliff-hanger, so it will be good to see what happens in Eden and Tyler in book 3!7 out of 10

  • Cody
    2019-05-20 14:32

    Did I Mention I Need You was everything that I could of asked for in a sequel. The angst and tension was at an all time high and the plot only thickened with guilt and betrayal the longer it went on. The relationship between Eden and Tyler was a dream come true one minute and a heartbreaking nightmare the next. Lovers of this series will not want to miss this explosive follow up. DIMINY takes place a year after Did I Mention I Miss You. Eden has been in a happy relationship with Dean but now she's heading to New York to spend her summer with Tyler – Will all those pesky feelings stay in the past or will Eden find out the difference between loving someone and being in love with them.Now it would be a pretty short book if Eden and Tyler didn’t have any lingering feelings for each other so I don’t feel like it’s a spoiler to talk about them and their relationship. Eden battles with her feelings for Dean and Tyler but the more time she spends with Tyler, the more difficult it is to deny her heart what it really wants. Tyler grew up a lot in DIMINY, I was so happy to see him put his troubled ways behind him and be better person, not for Eden but for himself! The romance is like another presence in a room within this book, I was constantly waiting for it to makes its move but Maskame’s slow burn romance is what I love most about this series; the smoldering looks, the heated tension and chemistry between the characters was off the charts. Some characters we'd rather not see make an appearance, friendship's are tested and secrets are revealed, overall this sequel has a lot to offer readers and it's been perfectly set up for book 3 to make sure you stick with it.So DIMINY sounds pretty great right? Wrong. It’s cruel, that ending? What even?! I knew it was coming; it’s not in your face predictable, it was more ‘I think I know what’s going to happen, but I had better be wrong!’ but after all the agony it made sense. Fans of this lovely series will laugh, love and cry; I really don’t want this series to come to an end. I am so nervous/excited for Did I Mention I Miss You but I have no doubt Maskame will make it go out with a bang.Literary-ly Obsessed (Blog) | Twitter | Instagram

  • Clary Morgenstern
    2019-05-15 14:12

    4.5 Sterne :))

  • Tami ReadingTeabag
    2019-05-23 18:28

    Mochte es leider gar nicht :( Rezension kommt bald

  • Allison
    2019-05-10 17:31

    Minor spoilers ahead... I guess. To be honest, there's not really much of a plot here at all so I'm not sure how much can be spoiled, but anyway, you've been warned. So the book opens a year later and we (the readers) have missed all of the good stuff. Eden has been dating Dean for the duration of her and Tyler's separation and Tyler has been on his tour/living in New York. We are never given any insight into how these events transpired- which sucks. Eden is just all of a sudden in love with Dean, though still trying to get over Tyler. Tyler is revealed to have all of a sudden snapped out of his teenage angst and developed a sunny disposition over the course of the year, but we're never let in on how this happens. Eden spends the entire book alternating between being a total asshole by cheating on Dean and overreacting to every little thing that is or could threaten her burgeoning relationship with Tyler. Tyler spends the entire book either being an asshole by sleeping with his best friend's girl or obsessing over Eden to the point where he films himself talking about her and how great she is for 4 hours. Literally. As in that is the number of hours of tape he uses according to the book. It's not a number I made up to exaggerate how obsessed with Eden he is. FOUR HOURS.There's not a lot going on here. Eden meets Tyler's roommate, Snake, who we are never really given any backstory on except that he's from Boston. Then, Tyler's friend, Emily, from the tour shows up and needs a place to stay. Eden is, of course, very threatened by Emily despite Tyler and Emily both swearing up and that they're just friends with a super strong bond. This bond is created by some event that occurred on tour that is never revealed in the book. The book does a lot of alluding and implying, but never really gets around to actually giving the reader any idea what brought the events that are transpiring to fruition. It makes everything seem thin. I never fully fell into the world because I felt excluded. There was so much I wasn't in on- so much withheld information. The end of this book is utterly infuriating, but not unexpected. Obviously since it's a trilogy it was going to have a cliffhanger. And obviously since this author seems to consistently pull conflict out of thin air, the cliffhanger was going to be a fight and decision completely out of nowhere and inconsistent with the actions of the characters for the entirety of the novel. This book sucks, but I gave it 2 stars because something about it makes me want to see it through. I guess I would say this book is like toast. It's fine, and everyone kind of likes it. You eat a couple bites of it when it's included with your omelet or bacon and hash browns at breakfast just because it's on your plate, but it's nothing to get excited about. No one gets out of bed for toast.

  • N O V I
    2019-04-27 18:24

    Did I Mention I Need You? - Estelle Maskame | January 2016 | 4/5 STARS I started this right after I finished the first bookDid I Mention I Love You ? and thank god this was already out because I might have died of feels if it wasn't ( not that I'm not dying of feels now ).This book didn't directly continue after where the last one ended, there was a bit of a time jump which I actually didn't mind. I liked that the characters were a bit older now and all kinda went their own ways. I also think that it made me realise more how much Eden and Tyler actually love each other, since they haven't seen each other for a long time, nor been in a relationship or anything. I liked that Eden was with Dean, because Dean came across as such a nice guy. But I knew this was't end game so I could live with it haha. Also I found like both Eden and Tyler, especially Tyler made such big character improvements, which was really good. Tyler and Eden being in New York felt like some sort of dream I was living in, just as it kind of was their dream ( being away from home, their old friends and of course Dean).What Eden and Tyler did to Dean was obviously wrong, though I couldn't help myself from wanting Eden and Tyler to happen anyway. I liked how the story went on and the little trips they made, and things they did. I also really enjoyed reading about Snake and Emily, they were such fun and nice characters to read about. BUT WHEN DEAN, TIFFANI AND RACHEL CAME I JUST KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO GO WRONG. My disgust for Tiffani went to 200 % in this book, and when Eden followed through with what Tiffani had treated her with I was literally screaming. Thank god that ended up turning out okay. But the very end just killed me since everything was going quite well actually and it just suddenly went downhill ?!?!?!!?!?!?Honestly, most frustrating cliffhanger ever !!!!!!!!!! But as I said in my last review, I have most definitely not given my hopes up. ANYWAY, this book was once again amazing, I might have loved it a tiny bit more than the first one. And I really NEED the third and last book like right now.

  • Sandy Ⓢ
    2019-05-15 14:25

    "No te rindas"Me duele el corazón, me duele a causa de Dean. :'( Él era tan buen chico para que lo traicionarán de esa forma (quisiera uno que existieran más como él en la vida real. ¡La vida es tan injusta! *llora*).Éste segundo libro se me hizo un poco más pesado, acá sí logré dormir más de 3 horas , ya que no fue tan adictivo como el primero pero igual lo leí y lo disfruté. No sé que le pasa a la autora, siempre dejándonos así con esos finales tan dramáticos, ¡nos quiere mantener en el borde de la desesperación! Por otro lado, Tyler me enamoró más, y a Eden, por supuesto la odie, ¡deos! realmente necesita tener un poco más de sentido común o no sé, sinceridad con ella misma y los demás, pobre de Dean *vuelve a llorar*.En fin, a la expectativa de que publiquen el último de la trilogía y, a la espera de un final feliz.

  • Sophie
    2019-05-14 14:02

    I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.I had some issues with book 1, which you'll see if you take a look at my review, but I found myself still wanting to read this book, and am glad I did, because I really enjoyed it.Did I Mention I Need You? takes place a year after the events of DIMILY, Eden hasn't seen her stepbrother, Tyler, since last summer, and is glad for it. Her relationship with her boyfriend Dean is good, but she can't forget about her love for Tyler, so when he invites her to New York, she knows that it'll be extremely hard to resist him. When they're together, all the feelings they've been trying to repress just come flying forward, and nothing can stop them this time around.Like I said, I really didn't like book 1. Tyler and Eden had annoyed me then, but now that I know more about them, I can see why so many people like them, and I found myself really enjoying reading their story. I read this book in a day, and couldn't put it down once I'd started. Eden and Tyler, both a year older, have come to terms with the consequences of their romance, and though it'll mean lying to their loved ones, they're willing to do that. Being in New York, without all their old friends and family around them, made it more viable, and they could see what a proper relationship would be like, without the stigma of being step-siblings.The ending of the book left me desperate for book 3, and luckily I was able to start it asap, otherwise I don't know how I'd have coped. I would definitely recommend this series now, even if you struggled with the first book, because DIMINY? made up for it completely.

  • Filipa
    2019-05-23 21:09

    2.5 Someone please shoot me.When I started reading this book I thought "Hey, I like this one better than the first! This is great!" and it all went downhill from there. Soon after, I was ready to throw this book out of the window and/or burn it.The one thing that kept me going was the fact that I have to return this book to my best friend (who happens to love this trilogy) asap. Also, Estelle's writing did make it a little more bearable and captivating. Other than that, I was rolling my eyes every 2 seconds and wishing someone would blind me so I could stop reading.Drama, drama, drama. Why so much unnecessary drama? Plus, Eden was her usual obnoxious self, except this time she was 10x more annoying and selfish. Sure, go ahead and cheat on your boyfriend and pretend to feel bad and like you couldn't help yourself. Except you could. If you were a decent person, you would've put a stop to it before it got out of control and put the poor guy out of his misery. I could go on forever but I think by now you probably got that I despise her character.Tyler, on the other hand, I did like- for the most part. I like that he grew up, even though he still has a lot of problems to deal with and took matters into his own hands. And yes, I support his choice at the end of the book 100%, he needs to figure out who he is first before getting into a relationship.Plus, that relationship is so toxic that it gives me headaches so yeah, I won't dwell on it.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-06 19:04

    Dit boek vond ik ook echt geweldig en het was zoveel anders dan het eerste boek! In deel 2 komt het overmatig alcohol gebruik en de vele feestjes nauwelijks terug. Het verhaal was meer gericht op het feit dat Tyler en Eden elkaar leuk vinden en stiefbroer en -zus zijn. Het einde van dit boek kwam voor mij erg onverwachts en ik ben zo benieuwd naar deel 3, dat ik nauwelijks kan wachten totdat het maart is.

  • naz
    2019-05-09 19:05

    OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED. WHAT WAS THAT ENDING.btw for those who care, full review:

  • Vivian
    2019-05-06 16:06

    Neeeeee, wat een gemeen einde! Gelukkig is deel drie er ook al bijna... ik vond deze minder sterk dan het eerste boek, maar het is me wel duidelijk dat Estelle Maskame een ster is in het neerzetten van heftige verhaallijnen. Hoewel ik in het begin moeite had met Eden, werd haar relatie met Tyler hoe langer hoe betekenisvoller en dat is wat deze boeken zo goed maakt: 3,5 sterren dus! Uitgebreidere recensie:

  • Jesslivraddict
    2019-05-19 19:21

    Non mais c quoi cette fin ??????

  • Kibbenza
    2019-04-28 13:29

    The tagline on this book is: "Love has no rules."Except, yes, it does. And one of those rules is: you don't cheat on your boyfriend with his best friend. Or, for said best friend, you don't cheat with your best friend's girl, who happens to be your stepsister. Whichever one makes it sound more fucked up, because it is. So! Round Two of Eden and Tyler's Super Taboo Romance! Which is less taboo and more just them being selfish assholes. Because, really, I am not getting anything about this that says, "we are in unstoppable love and we have to be together forever". I'm just getting "who cares who we hurt as long as we get what we want (in our pants)!" Eden visits Tyler in New York. It's been two years since they parted, and they are still, somehow, inexplicably drawn to each other. Even though Eden has been dating Dean, and is "in love" with him. She's still just super in love with Tyler, too. K. That's cool. But instead of doing the adult thing, and breaking it off with Dean, even though she's pretty much decided she's going for it with Tyler, she just cheats. Over and over. Because who cares who you hurt WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE, RIGHT?! Wrong.I hate these characters so much.

  • Alja Katuin
    2019-05-11 20:28

    UGh! Dit is dus een van die series waarvan ik haat dat ik er in begonnen ben, ze net te leuk vind om er mee te stoppen en me dood erger aan alles en iedereen. Sorry hoor.De keuzes die Eden maakt.. ik word er niet goed van. Maar ik ben wel constant benieuwd hoe het afloopt

  • Lina Lovegood
    2019-05-07 21:05

    Eine sehr gute Fortsetzung, auch wenn es wieder an einigen Stellen sehr vorhersehbar war, alles in allem aber 4,5 Sterne

  • Kelsey
    2019-05-19 21:03

    Loved it at first, but when i got closer to the end, i felt like the book lost its fun. It was so serious. But still a very good book!

  • Jessica Dillema
    2019-05-02 20:03

    What the fuck... Wat doet dit boek met me? :p

  • Susan
    2019-05-08 14:23

    Did I Mention I Need You?Estelle MaskameHoly cow! I can't breathe......I just finished reading DID I MENTION I NEED YOU which is the second book in the Did I Mention I Love You series by Estelle Maskame and I'm just floored. This series has shredded my heart twice now and I'm telling you, this second book hurt way more than the first one did.DID I MENTION I NEED YOU had my heart beating much faster than normal from the very first page. Once again Tyler had me wanting to kick his butt and at the same time, I can feel his pain and I want to hug him so badly. Eden is still two timing her boyfriend Dean with her step brother Tyler. Tyler and Eden weren't raised together and they keep their relationship a secret because they are afraid of how their parents and friends will react when they find out the truth. Eden is on her way to New York City to spend six weeks with Tyler, who she hasn't seen in a year. Oh did I mention that Tyler and Eden's boyfriend Dean, are best friends? Oh yeah, DID I MENTION I NEED YOU is going to mutilate your heart and never let it go!How does an author from Scotland like Estelle Maskame get all the details of New York City spot on? I'm from New Jersey and a Yankees fan and she totally nailed all the emotions of a Yankees fan dealing with a Red Sox fan as well. Estelle blew my mind with this. DID I MENTION I NEED YOU had me right back in the Bronx cheering for my boys in pinstripes along with Tyler and Eden and glaring at Snake, the Red Sox fan! Estelle really knows exactly how to make the reader feel every single emotion and feelings that Eden and Tyler are going through. The tension she had my heart feeling was unstoppable and I was just waiting for Eden and Tyler's secret to come out and explode in their faces. Once I finished DID I MENTION I NEED YOU I just sat there, trying to catch my breath and cursing Estelle. How could you do this to me once again? You owe me a box of Kleenex for the ending alone! I'm excited for the third book, DID I MENTION I MISS YOU but I'm also scared. I do not want this series to end, but I'm nervous about the last book. Why? I know Estelle is going to pull at my heart, squeeze it like there's no tomorrow and never let it go! Don't you love when an author has that power over you? Please Estelle, release the third book before heart can't wait that long!

  • Wendy
    2019-05-12 19:17

    So, the other day I was searching on (Dutch webshop) and I found the Did I Mention I Love You? ebooks and they were hella cheap. The DIMILY trilogy had been on my TBR list for a while now, so I bought them. I’m glad I bought them both, because I couldn’t stand to wait any longer to read Did I Mention I Need You? after DIMILY (now I have to wait another month for Did I Mention I Miss You? but that aside). I’ve been enjoying this book so much and I wish this series would never stop.The story developed gradually, which I actually find very pleasing. Normally that would really get on my nerves, but I especially liked this story because of the way everything developed. It just made it realistic.And I have to say, this isn’t a light read. Tyler is the stepbrother of Eden, so you can expect a lot of drama in their relationship but also within their group of friends and ofcourse, their family. Not just that, but there is this theme that we saw in DIMILY that is also a theme in DIMINY: cheating. Normally I would be really mad and throw my book immediately across the room if there is any cheating involved, but somehow the situation is described other than normal. I get Eden and I know how she feels and that makes me have a bit of sympathy for her.Also the main characters have evolved a lot since DIMILY and especially Tyler. I found it so much more fun to read about him, because he is so much happier, and in the past two years he has learned a lot. It was nice to really see this development. It makes the story immediately a lot more realistic. In addition, Eden has also evolved but she still has her moments. And actually, they are kind of really stupid ones. Sometimes I really had a tendency to hit her on her head, because she was jealous and not just jealous, but like extremely jealous. Despite this, Eden saw her mistakes and after all she came to her senses.Did I Mention I Need You? is an emotional roller coaster. I was angry, I laughed, but I especially cried. A lot. The events were just so heartbreaking and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I seriously had to take an half hour to calm down until I was able to read again. A little dramatic maybe? Nope, nothing is too dramatic for DIMINY.Last but not least I really have to share my feelings. MY OTP GOT MESSED UP. Most people will ship Eden and Tyler and don’t get me wrong, they are super cute and all.. but there is just this other OTP which I really (like really) like and I couldn’t believe when they were torn apart. You recognize that feeling? *sigh*Somehome Estelle has managed to amaze me again with her horrific story about Eden and Tyler and I can’t wait until Did I Mention I Miss You? - Did I Mention I Need You? made all my expectations come true.. and more! I think it is my favorite book of 2016.. so far ;) I'm giving DIMINY five shiny stars!

  • Femke
    2019-05-15 19:06

    Did I mention I need you? is een boek waarover ik gemengde gevoelens heb. Hoewel er niet altijd evenveel gebeurde en Eden soms irritant was, was het over het algemeen wel leuk om te lezen. Het einde viel me helaas tegen en geeft me niet het gevoel dat ik verder ben gekomen in deze serie. Dat zorgt er wel weer voor dat ik niet kan wachten op het derde deel! Maar ik ben ook een beetje bang dat dat me niet tevreden kan stellen… We zullen zien!Lees de volledige recensie op mijn blog:

  • Amy
    2019-05-27 18:21

    [SPOILERS] I don't get why this book has a better rating then first, because this one annoyed me a lot more. Eden her behaviour was super selfish, not to mention bitchy. She got upset about ever tiny little thing Tyler did while SHE'S the one cheating on her boyfriend. I just had a less connection with Eden in this book, but the story was still really entertaining and I CANT WAIT for book 3 and to see how it will all comes together.

  • Moody
    2019-05-15 15:23

    [CHRONIQUE] Une suite beaucoup plus frustrante que le premier tome ! ==>

  • Sylvia Hübsch
    2019-05-25 18:16

    die 2 nerven total :-p aber trotzdem liest man immer weiter.

  • Emily
    2019-05-22 19:09

    Een verslavende serie, waarin je maar blijft doorlezen is het zeker. Een literair hoogstandje kan ik het niet noemen. Ach, ik heb me in dit deel bijna niet geirriteert (behalve toen die domme doos van een Tiffany in beeld kwam) en heb me prima vermaakt. En daar is een boek uiteindelijk voor bedoeld.

  • Marine
    2019-05-09 15:09

    Bon bah voilà je savais que si je le commençais je ne pourrais pas le lâcher, une suite tellement bien menée, une fin haletante au possible et dire qu'il faudra attendre Novembre 2016 pour la suite mais je vais mourir moi... Autant vous prévenir si vous aviez craqué pour Tyler dans le premier tome, vous allez mourir d'amour dans le deuxième. Éden est toujours cool, je m'étonne moi même de l'aimer en tant que personnage Feminin. Même le triangle amoureux ne m'a pas saoulé (ce qui est rare chez moi) bref j'ai dévoré ses 360 pages et j'en redemande !

  • Alice
    2019-04-27 13:28

    Another amazingly addictive read from Estelle Maskame! I love this series to pieces but the will they won't they between Tyler and Eden gets to much. I really want them to be together, I need them to be together. For my sanity at least! Eden and Tyler have made it up there as one of my favourite couples and I desperately need them to end up together without one of them backing out and ruining it or Tiffani sticking her beak it doesn't belong. I want Did I Mention I Miss You? NOW!!!

  • nät
    2019-04-26 19:12

    I'm a little disappointed with this one 'cause I really liked the first book, but Eden was whiny, selfish and downright annoying and Tyler was no better although his reasoning for doing what he did at the end was valid, so I'll give him that. but other than that my heart sang every time they were miserable. I don't know if I'll read the 3rd book, depends on how much I hate myself that day! ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯