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Detective Lloyd Vance moves to the lower forty-eight to escape a troubled past. And, after a single, sizzling night of passion with young widow Courtney Hudson, he knows he has made the right move. But then tragedy strikes, and Lloyd and Courtney get caught up in a twist of fate that threatens to destroy their burgeoning affair....

Title : Destined To Meet
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ISBN : 9780373860715
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Destined To Meet Reviews

  • Samira
    2019-03-18 06:00

    Samira lopes March 4,2009 Book Review! I just finished reading “Destined To Meet” by Devon Vaughn Archer. it’s a fiction book about two lovers that meet at a club and it becomes way more then that. By reading this book I learned that sometimes when you depressed its always good to let go and have fun but just remember that theirs consequences to everything you do. This book is about a girl name Courtney and a guy named Lloyd. Courtney’s husband died two years ago and she’s always been scared of dating again. One night her cousin Pilar decides to stay home and Courtney went out to a club. While she was at the club she met Lloyd that was also alone. They hang out and enjoy a one night stand. Lloyd is a detective and in the middle of the one night stand he had to leave. When Courtney gets home she comes to find out that her cousin Pilar was hit by a car and died. She also found out that Pilar and Lloyd used to talk and Lloyd was investigating Pilar’s case. That’s when Courtney starts questioning Lloyd but her something was telling her to continue talking to him. She did feel guilty an hurt due to Pilars death but she knew there was more then just a sexual attraction between her and Lloyd and had to find more about it. She didn’t want to let go but she didn’t want to be wrong about something that felt so right. I would best describe this book as a romantic struggled love story. Whenever Courtney talked about how her feelings towards Lloyd was getting stronger it felt so real and lovely. It also reminded me that a lot of people that are in love or in the way of falling in love go through the same stages she did. I always wanted to continue reading. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next and if Courtney’s feelings we’re going to change. It was also interesting reading Courtney’s feelings and comparing it to the person I love and seeing if it was the same. I would recommend this book to mature teens and adults. In some parts of the book it talks about inappropriate things but if your immature I don’t think you can handle reading the book. I’m not saying not everyone can read this book but there’s certain limits mentally and age wise. “Destined To Meet” is similar to “Thugs And The Women That Loves Them” by Wahida Clark. Both books deal with love and in some parts sexual intercourses. In conclusion I enjoyed reading this book and I hope my friends that don’t like reading end up reading it too. It always kept me interesting and wanting to read more. I’m pretty sure that teens my age and my friends will be interested in this book and enjoy it as much as I did. Its one of my favorite books so far and I hope others agree.

  • OOSA
    2019-03-14 03:44

    When Harry Met Sally...Courtney Hudson is a young widow and successful author living in Lake Barri, Colorado. Finally agreeing to venture out at the behest of her cousin, Courtney meets a nice detective, Lloyd Vance. The sexual chemistry is explosive and one thing leads to another. However, when tragedy strikes, Courtney begins to have second thoughts about her relationship with Lloyd. In an attempt to help bring closure to some issues so that they can move on with their lives, Lloyd relies on his skills as a detective. As the pieces of the puzzle fit together, will Courtney be able to deal with the past and consider a future with Lloyd? Or will it be too unbearable to consider? "Destined to Meet" by Devon Vaughn Archer is a good, short romance novel with little conflict and contains some intense sexcapades. While I enjoyed "Destined to Meet," I would have preferred just a little more drama. Enjoyable read and I would read other books from this author in the future. Reviewed by: Tekisha 3.5 stars

  • Kendra Griffin
    2019-03-21 02:54