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Some secrets bind you... Tessa Obum and her best friend, Anuli, are linked by a dark secret that could destroy them if it ever comes to light. Men are just the means to an end and society shuns women like her. But she's determined to live on her terms and own her future. Until an encounter with the intense Peter has her questioning her choices. Some challenges can break yoSome secrets bind you... Tessa Obum and her best friend, Anuli, are linked by a dark secret that could destroy them if it ever comes to light. Men are just the means to an end and society shuns women like her. But she's determined to live on her terms and own her future. Until an encounter with the intense Peter has her questioning her choices. Some challenges can break you... Peter Oranye has never had a challenge he couldn't conquer. Except the death that claimed the only woman he loved. He's been unable to get close to another woman since and his life is focused on growing his business empire. Until Tessa, a sexy bombshell of a woman tumbles into him one night and he's ready to break his abstinence streak. Getting involved with a woman who won’t let go of her BFF is wrought with dangers, especially when someone else wants to destroy them. When their secrets come to light, will any of them be worthy of the love they crave? ...

Title : Worthy
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ISBN : 31944341
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Worthy Reviews

  • Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance
    2018-11-01 07:48

    This story is a great story for vanilla readers. Lots of twists and turns and decent bed play. Plot is very romantic. A great read for lovers of this genre.I prefer the darker side of romance. Kudos to Kiru and much success to her!

  • Al *the serial series skipper*
    2018-11-12 13:44

    ***I received this book courtesy of Netgallery and KT Press in exchange for an honest review***I decided to read this book after i stumbled across it on Netgallery, i could tell from the name that it was written by a Nigerian author so i decided to read it. I would admit this story draws you in immediately and i could already see that it would be a great read from the first couple of pages, just a few things made me reel for a second. I like to think i can understand how Nigerian girls think to a certain degree and that's why i feel as though this book was "Americanized" in a sense. I don't think i have ever recognized the scent of someone's cologne before to describe the individual elements in it. It seems like a small thing to find an issue with but it just threw me off. Some of the grammar used just seem off too but i'll admit it's been a while since i have been there so maybe things have changed since then.Peter was a likable character for a while until he was not. His reason for wanting to hold on to Tessa after her and Anuli's sexcapade was just too much. Seriously, he didn't want to send her away after having sex with Anuli because his fiancee would not have liked him giving up on anyone. That's just stupid. I doubt his fiancee would like him buying the services of two girls for a year either. A discrepancy i found was Peter mentioning seeing the living conditions of the girls. I don't remember reading him ever visiting them, i went back to see in case i missed something but nope, he never went to see them. I could honestly say that despite all the things i had issues with i was enjoying this book until it got to the 69% mark. I have no idea why the author decided to go that route. I enjoy reading BDSM but the use of it in this book was unnecessary. Why ruin a good thing. Tessa was not the kind of heroine i like. She was too naive, too pliant and malleable by almost anyone. The first time she saw Peter i was excited that she was going to be portrayed as an alpha heroine but i was so wrong. I just did not like her. She couldn't make decisions for herself without looking to her friend or Peter for guidance, she let herself be debased because that was how she thought she would be forgiven. She fell in love with someone who literally sold her as a sex slave. It did not matter to me that he was the one with her that night, it was wrong on all levels to let her go through all of that because he wanted to "punish" her. He started off as being jealous of anyone that touched her to putting her on display in a sex ranch for all to see . That seemed like a completely different person.I wish this had turned out differently but it is impossible for me to overlook the things that happened. The unstable stance i had with this book came tumbling down at that 65% mark. This would have been a 3-4 star book if things had just happened differently. Everything just seemed implausible in a Nigerian setting and that leeched out any enjoyment i might have gained from reading it.

  • Red
    2018-11-13 07:42

    Got an ARC of this book. Here is my review.Ugh ! I really wanted to like this book. Not just because it's set in Nigeria and feature African protagonists, or because the writing is solid, but because a couple paragraph into the story it actually surprised me and picked my interest more than I had expected. At first I wasn't too sure about Tessa but then she stoop up to Peter and wouldn't let him shame her and control her and I actually started to cheer and root for her. I liked how respectfully her relationship to Anuli was portrayed, how they had each other back. I liked how although she was attracted to Peter (yeah, another boring and eye-rolling lust-at-first-sight hook-up...) she kept, at list for a little while, her sight on what her job was and what she had to do. I really respected her for that. And then, the interesting woman we were getting to know just ....disappeared, vanished. At her place, we got a clingy mess who let herself get manipulated by a controlling man who pushed her friend away. I just...don't understand what happened. Peter, who also started like an interesting good guy with broken heart, turned into this possessive, controlling, manipulating moralizing ass hole, who decided to mold Tessa into what he though she should aspire to be. The whole Ranch/mme Vivian situation was just plain horrible and infuriating ! Adding to that the sordid backstory that only served to explain why Tessa became such a doormat and why the way Peter "handled" all that was just plain wrong. UGH! Such a waste of a potentially good read. UGH !

  • Lovebites Andsilk
    2018-10-23 07:44

    One of the things I love about this author's books is her ability to hook me with a story and keep me in suspense so that I have to keep turning the pages until the very last one.In Worthy she manages to deliver on the theme of the series, in a sweet and spicy read underpinned by twists and turns I didn't see coming.I really can't tell you much about the story without giving away spoilers and I don't want to do that. Tessa has had a difficult life and is making the best of the lemons life has thrown her along with her best friend Anuli when she meets Peter. Peter is so different from all the men she's met previously and he gets under her skin very quickly. She can't trust anyone especially a man but soon she learns that not all men are the same.Peter is steadfast and sweet, the kind of hero that Tessa needed. I love how he dispatches the a-hole that was harassing Tessa.All in all, this is beautifully romantic and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romantic read.

  • Nana Prah
    2018-11-17 10:46

    It’s been a while since I read book 2 in the challenge series, Engaged. It was well worth the wait to get my hands on Worthy. Ms. Taye took this story in a direction I hadn’t expected (and I liked it). I have no idea why I was surprised, Ms. Taye is known for placing her characters in rather risqué situations.I was initially concerned about Tessa and Peter’s gaping social status. Peter was a self-made man from a highly respectable family while Tessa, let’s just say she’s had a very difficult life where she had to, and continues to, struggle to reach the level she’s achieved. I could really empathize with Tessa doing what she had to do to survive. She was such a sweet woman despite the harshness of her life. Peter shocked the heck out of me, and that’s all I’ll say about that.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and already have the 4th in the series, Captive, waiting for me on my Kindle.

  • Amaka Azie
    2018-10-29 07:08

    I must admit I didn't think I would like this book. I felt it would be another "pretty woman" story which I find very unrealistic especially in a Nigerian setting, but there were twists and turns that made the story more believable. It was a thought provoking novel. Sometimes we need to ask why people are the way they are... Tessa had a reason to be what she was and Peter did not judge her... I still find the whole call girl finds love with a respectable businessman storyline cheesy...But there was more depth to this story! I would definitely recommend

  • Thai Holman
    2018-11-07 14:07

    I enjoy the concept of this book. First thought of course was pretty woman. So I thought oh here we go. But no it's different and keeps you in the story and lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed this this. Would recommend it.

  • chandra
    2018-10-27 12:49

    Awesome bookAwesome book! It shows that if people want to change they must be willing to accept the challenge. Great job!

  • Nicole Normand
    2018-11-18 11:48

    I received a free copy from NetGalley; this is my honest review.This is a dark steamy contemporary romance.I loved the two first books better but this is still a good book to read.I took a few stars out for the following reasons:- The editing needs another pass. For example, at one point she's wearing platforms but she stumbles on her stilettos - you cannot miss the great difference between the two.- A few things were kind of unbelievable: For example, he kissed her, yet he is bringing them to the doctor the day after. Everyone know you can catch STI while kissing... Also what heterosexual man wears scent that smells like cranberry, lemon and sage? It could come from his soap or shampoo, I don't care, but all the men around me don't wear those smells unless they're gay.- We should have been told right off the bat that there would be FF sexual scenes. I do not like them at all and would not have offered to review this book if I would have been told in advance.What I liked about the book:- Funny thing is that many people didn't like the ranch episode. I loved it! And there is no BDSM in that chapter. I loved both punishments. Peter wanted to bring Tessa face-to-face with how she saw herself and it worked; she did change her attitude after that, unlike Anuli - who I did not care for at all, even after what she went through in her life before Peter.- I loved how progressively Tessa became aware of her worth and Peter help with that too. At some point, he realized Anuli was the bad apple in all this and I agree that they had to be separated.- I loved how Peter was clinging to his late fiancee but realized he wasn't really living his life only being barely alive.