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Three couples.Love, deceit, pain and repercussions.The intertwining thread of destiny.The raging war on Fate.Sharp wit, manipulation and the desperate race against time.One belief...Love never fails...**Each book in the Blake series could be read as a stand-alone.**...

Title : The Blake Legacy II: Till Death Do Us Part
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ISBN : 31568040
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 266 Pages
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The Blake Legacy II: Till Death Do Us Part Reviews

  • Brigitte
    2019-03-09 13:26

    Till death do us part is about Luca who was the main feature in the last book of The Blake Legacy. This can be read as a standalone. It's not essential to read the previous books in the series but it would be beneficial. Luca is an agent for the British Intelligence. He has a photographic memory and quite often has visions of the future. This is the "Blake Legacy". It can be a gift or sometimes a curse. Becca is a computer whiz. She can hack into any system even the very complex ones but she is very naive in other areas of her life. She was adopted by a Maltese family at a very young age and was educated in Malta. She has been a target of dubious organisations because of her exceptional ability. Luca was badly injured when trying to protect Becca during an attack and has managed to cheat death. This book starts off with Luca's and Becca's wedding. It's a very small affair with only family and a selected few being invited. They have a baby boy and there is no doubt that they are in love. The wedding starts off on a very positive note but jealousy rears its ugly head in the form of Jessica, Becca's half sister. Then there is Mark, the son of a Mafia boss who has always considered himself to be Becca's protector. He doesn't trust his wife, Sophia because of something which happened before they got married. Max is Becca's cousin and good friend. He has an on and off relationship with Jessica who doesn't have a very good reputation with men. All their lives are intertwined and as the story develops, it brings about all sorts of drama. Luca is very devoted to Becca considering that he was a ladies' man before he met her. Becca is insecure and when Ben, Luca's uncle and head of the Intelligence tries to recruit her, she jumps at the chance if only to prove herself. Luca is not very happy, expecially as they have to keep a low profile due to past events. Driven by her insecurities, Becca uses Luca's soft spots to get him to agree with her. This is where the complications start piling in and one mistake leads to potential disaster. Innocent lives are put at risk. Those who are corrupted stop at nothing to keep their empire.Becca's change of attitude is quite surprising as is Luca's reaction. He would do anything to keep his wife happy. The lies and misunderstandings bring heartache and distrust. What appears to be misplaced loyalty turns out to be justified. Becca is put under pressure and when she makes a decision to save her loved ones, it backfires and one of them is badly hurt. This makes her more determined to put herself at risk. She thinks it's for the best but she doesn't realise what she is really getting involved in. Luca is frantic but holds on to hope because of one of his recurring visions. Becca and Luca are the main characters but Max and Jessica as well as Mark and Sofia have their own trials tribulations. I like Luca's wit and the way he analyses before he acts. His vulnerable side makes him more human. Becca's attitude is hard to digest at times but she really believes in what she is doing. This is a complex but well written novel where everything falls nicely into place. It's an intriguing and a distinctive storyline. A fantastic end to the story. I was kindly issued with the first few chapters from the author but have purchased the ebook in order to be able to write this review which I hope does justice to this page turner .

  • Rose Maureen
    2019-03-13 14:17

    This is a great follow up to The Blake Legacy, you don't have to read the past books in their order, of The Blake Legacy series, but I would advise you to, so you will get to know all the characters, and the special gift some have, this is a great story, couldn't put it down once l started to read it, if you like a thriller and Love and mysterious, this is definitely the books for you, I would recommend to anyone, well done Isabella, I hope to see more from you,

  • Louana
    2019-03-25 14:31

    Another great book by I.C Camilleri :) I just love her books and her reference to our sunny Malta (of course) xxx thumbs up once again :)