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Jesus Christ, Jim Jones, and Joseph Smith all had one thing in common – they all believed they were God… at least for a moment.Randy and Raymond have discovered a “new” God in The Supreme Master – the singular and irrefutable leader of STABCO.Without knowing it, He has chosen them ― Without trying, They have served himA cult and a corporation Hell bent on making BIG profitJesus Christ, Jim Jones, and Joseph Smith all had one thing in common – they all believed they were God… at least for a moment.Randy and Raymond have discovered a “new” God in The Supreme Master – the singular and irrefutable leader of STABCO.Without knowing it, He has chosen them ― Without trying, They have served himA cult and a corporation Hell bent on making BIG profits, STABCO has found its new cash cow in Randy and Raymond. But like Momma always says, nothing good comes easy and likely nothing worth having is ever free.This is their story.Randy and Raymond.Two loser brothers hoping to find salvation and redemption through the sale of knives door-to-door.It will be a miracle if they survive....

Title : STABCO
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ISBN : 9781537100593
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 244 Pages
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STABCO Reviews

  • Angela Crawford
    2019-03-04 08:13

    I received a copy of this book for review purposes. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this anthology. I did not receive any form of compensation for my review.Stabco is a glimpse at the lives of Randy and Raymond, brothers who couldn't catch a break if it fell into their lap. This book is full of dark humor and has a gritty feel that I loved. Randy and Raymond are the perfect anti-heroes, uneducated, broke and definitely not PC, but still very likeable in spite of themselves. Stabco is a cult-like company that sells knives, headed by The Supreme Master. When they went to their first Stabco meeting I was thinking "No! Don't Drink The Kool-Aid!!". The other characters you meet along the way are just as idiosyncratic as the brothers. Bizarre situations and hilariously convoluted dialogue make this a great read for fans of The Big Lebowski or Fight club. Haven't read anything by Joe Schwartz yet, what are you waiting for? This guy is fantastic! A highly recommended 4.5 star read.

  • iamnotabookworm
    2019-02-28 12:08

    I got this ARC from the author, Joe Schwartz, through Library Thing. I found Library Thing by accident. An author I have been following on Goodreads posted about giving his books on Library Thing. All I need to do was just sign up and request for them. And I did. The rest is history. Each month they have loads of books to be given away. For non-US and Canada residents, they send out e-books. I have almost 50 books from them since I signed up last August 2016. Now, I'm trying to figure out which books I need to read first. Of course, reviews are not required but if you are a true bookworm, you know that reviews are like oxygen to authors and keep them going. Make sure to write a review, even if they are a one liner or two. Library Thing also have Pirate Day treasure hunt which was a lot of fun and other activities with prizes. What are you waiting for? Go over to their site and sign up for free books.STABCO is a story about two brothers who had to work for each penny to survive. They do odd jobs like cleaning the toilets and throwing trash. Then, one day, guys in neckties approached them and gave them a calling card. They were promised that their lives will change for the better. So, the brothers, having nothing to lose, checked it out . It turned out, they were to become door-to-door salesmen for a knife company. Yes, stab me! As the name obviously suggests, STABCO - stab as in sharp, stainless steel, high-end kitchen knives company. Unknown to our two poor brothers, these knives hold the ticket to the unbelievable change that they so long dreamed.Yes, I like the plot. I root for the underdogs because most of the time I feel like one. And I can relate to brothers as I did not come from a well-off family. I had to be a working student to finish college. My sister also had to work for a fast-food chain in order to pay for her college tuition. My brother sought a scholarship for a technical course. His best and fastest way to earn a degree and start working. And the three of us are proud that we have successfully done that. Even our relatives and the people who knew of our financial situation could not believe how we have done it. We have become great examples of making it out alive. Of finishing school even if our parents can't afford it, by being resourceful and by pure will and perseverance. Truly, if there's a will, there's a way. I admit, it was not easy. There were always people who treat you like you were below them but I survived in spite of all the crying and not wanting to go back to work but I had no choice. Now, it hasn't changed much, there are still those type of people, but I guess now I have the choice to not suffer by staying away from these people. I have no tolerance for bull shit and I don't kiss ass just to be liked or noticed. I try to do my best and always be honest with myself. And truth be told, people only hear what they want to hear. Honesty is overrated. No one appreciates real, hard core honesty. I had enough of being bullied. I am so done dealing with these kind of people. I have no patience left. I'd rather be somewhere else.Okay, back to the book. Sorry, I got carried away. As I said, I liked the plot. The two brothers did something extraordinary and was rewarded for it big time. We all want that kind of fate, right? To do a random act or spur of the moment decision to help and the heavens open because you have been a good Samaritan. It was a nice premise and after reading how this story came to be and what it had gone through to get published, I respect it. But, I wished there was a better ending. I wished they had taken the other offer. I think the brothers deserve better than just selling sharp objects. And I wished the love angle was not part of the story. I just thought there was no need for it. I also wished that the history of the boys were pursued. How they were not in the system and I thought the police would have worked on that. That part was very tantalizing. It promised a lot. It made me curious. Though, their origin was later on explained and their often-mentioned Momma was finally revealed, I still wished there was more. I give the book 2/5 sharp kitchen knives. I love how the brothers were forced to become great men. The story was getting interesting starting from there. I just wished the beginning hinted of what was about to happen. My interest was not fanned in the first few chapters and I actually wondered if this story was going anywhere. I almost wanted to put it down. I just wished the tone was more suspenseful to bait my full attention. Thank you again Joe Schwartz and Library Thing for the ARC.

  • [Լ૯νі] ~ slow rp replies, please be patient!
    2019-03-11 13:10

    I always get really nervous when I have a low rating for a book by an author who is on Goodreads. What if they see it and hate me? But as an inspiring writer myself, should I ever actually publish something, I'm going to be in that boat eventually. There will be people out there, potentially lots of them, who say my book is shit. And I'm just going to have to deal with it. So, while I do apologize and don't want this to reflect on the author himself whatsoever, I have no idea what the fuck I have just read. I don't remember how I came across this book, but I remember thinking door to door salesmen trying to get people to buy knife sets sounded kind of interesting. While there was a brief scene near the beginning that had them out trying to sell knives, the book wasn't really about that. At all. I don't understand what the point of this book actually was. It was cute and a bit silly, and I was able to stand it for a while, but eventually Raymond's inconsistent personality, the lack of any real plot direction, and the very confusing ending, left me feeling a bit irked that I had spent so much time reading it. Every time I put the book down I was struggling with wanting to pick it up again, but I wanted it to get better, so I kept forcing myself to read on.I suppose this book is just about the importance of family and sticking by people that matter, even when it means giving up something you've wanted your entire life. But it's definitely not what I thought it would be about. While I don't mind being surprised by books (why read them if they turn out exactly how you expected?), this surprise was not an enjoyable one. I felt confused and jipped, like this book could have, and should have, been something else and would have been better for it.But the two things that bothered me the most and likely made it the hardest to get through was that every description used needed a metaphor or simile. It provided humor in some places but for the most part it just bogged down the narrative. Things could have gone by a lot quicker and a lot more simply if every thing mentioned wasn't compared to something else for effect. The other was that this read like a first draft. There were tons of copyediting errors, punctuation errors, typos, duplicate words, missed quotation marks, etc. Especially after reading an author's note he included in the back saying this story had been worked on multiple times over the years, and the fact that it got published the way it was, I was severely questioning how so many of these things had been missed.

  • Dona Fox
    2019-03-08 15:13

    This is a great book. I love everything Joe Schwartz writes, I would sit by his printer if I could and read each page as it flew out. Joe Schwartz is one of the best writers out there, I hate that he isn’t as famous as he should be and I know he’d agree. This book isn’t just about two brothers who go out to sell knives for a bizarrely cultish company. It’s about two guys whose luck is so bad their car gets stolen right after they put their last two bucks in the gas tank. Off and on, I found one brother or the other, sometimes both, downright irritating, like the obnoxious friend that’s always the first one you call. I was on their side and I wasn’t going to put that book down until I saw how it ended for them. I guess Joe made me care about these brothers, not like characters in a book, but like real people, because they got under my skin. Besides the two brothers, there were other characters to love and hate in STABCO. The scenes also left an echo, for me some scenes seemed to be in Technicolor while other scenes were gritty, noir. STABCO’s so much more than you think it’s going to be. It’s a great book, a pleasure to read.

  • Jenna Smith
    2019-03-10 08:30

    STABCO is a dark, twisty adventure of two brothers who get caught up in a dangerous cult. Joseph Schwartz's writing kept me on the edge of my seat through this scary but funny story of Randy and Raymond. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Schwartz!!