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Angus Macgregor has endured a lot in life. Mother passing when he was a small child, he also nursed an ill father to his last breath. But when he loses his one remaining relative, an uncle he’s never met, his existence is turned on its head forever. Bequeathed Clan Gregor Castle in the Scottish Highlands, Angus leaves Australia behind to take on the family business. It’s tAngus Macgregor has endured a lot in life. Mother passing when he was a small child, he also nursed an ill father to his last breath. But when he loses his one remaining relative, an uncle he’s never met, his existence is turned on its head forever. Bequeathed Clan Gregor Castle in the Scottish Highlands, Angus leaves Australia behind to take on the family business. It’s there he finds more waiting for him than he ever dreamed possible. Daniel Ramsey is a man with secrets, none more dangerous than the fact that he can see what others can't. When he meets one particularly handsome Australian, the attraction is immediate. Hesitant to let down his guard, his hand is forced when a former guest of the castle comes calling and attempts to stake a claim on the very man Daniel wants....

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The Haunting of Angus Macgregor Reviews

  • Shannon
    2019-03-21 13:14

    I really enjoyed this sweet, short story of Angus Macgregor. He's suffered a lot of loss in his relatively young life and seemed to be floundering until he was given the opportunity to start anew. A long lost relative, who he only recently found out about, leaves him an inheritance that opens up a world of opportunity for him, not only in business but in love as well. A big part of this storyline focuses on the paranormal, and it was unique and intriguing. Angus and Daniel have a deep, strong connection that brings about a confrontation with an unsettled ghost, who has been stuck waiting on his true love. There's a sadness to this part of the story- it's funny to want a ghost to have get his happily ever after, but you really do! I honestly would have loved to read more about Angus, Daniel, and Maggie, but I was happy with how things concluded...and can always hope we'll see more of them in the future!*Read through KU.

  • booklover
    2019-02-24 13:22

    WOW !!This is the first book by this author which i've read and certainly won't be the last !Angus and Daniel are such fantastically written characters, and i loved how with Daniel, as well as the other Scottish native characters dialogue wasn't changed, by that i mean, the author wrote it to sound exactly as it would were you talking to an actual Scotsman/woman. I know some people may think this a bad idea but i personally think it gives the book a more authentic feel.Now, to the story itself. Well, the premise for it is what got me intrigued enough to buy it, and i'm so glad i did ! The way it was written was brilliant, and the idea of a ghost haunting the castle and what could happen really interested me. I love anything concerning ghosts, and think with this book, the author definitely did justice to the whole belief that unsettled spirits can't move on.IF i had to name anything bad about it, it would be that i wanted more of Angus and Daniel, as well as other characters (not naming as i don't want to spoil it) and definitely think there's room for another book to follow this one up xAbsolutely AMAZING !

  • Beacullen
    2019-03-16 10:18

    This is the first book I've read by LJ Harris, and I hope she has more planned because it really was a fun read. Angus inherits a Scottish castle from his uncle, but he soon realizes that there is more that meets the eye there. He is attracted to Daniel from the start, but he's not sure that the feeling is mutual. Which is pretty much how Daniel feels. Daniel also has some things that he would rather keep to himself, mostly that he can see spirits, and interact with them. Soon the choice to tell Angus is taken out of his hands. My only complaint is I wish it was longer, I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more from this author.

  • ѦѺ™
    2019-03-06 10:27

    I could have devoured this book in one sitting except that it was way past the witching hour and I needed to turn in. Though short, The Haunting of Angus Macgregor was that good and I enjoyed the whole nine yards - from the gothic setting, interesting plot to the flesh-and-blood and spectral characters. The dialogs with its mix of Scottish and Australian English and Gaelic were fun to read. The extra-spicy scenes were also well-written. Plus there was this nice little eye-catching (no pun intended for those in the know) twist at the end that I did not expect.

  • Daniel Mitton
    2019-03-24 15:30

    (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher / author for an honest review.)I read this story the day it came out on Kindle Unlimited, and enjoyed it, so when it showed up on the “available to review” list at Love Bytes, I grabbed it. The Haunting of Angus Macgregor is a fast read novella about family ghosts and a centuries old tragedy. Angus Macgregor is an Australian whose parents emigrated from Scotland. His mother has passed, and just before his father passed, he told Angus about his Uncle William who still lived in Scotland at the Clan Gregor Castle. Angus got to know his Uncle, but the Uncle passed away before they could meet, leaving the castle and money to Angus.When Angus arrives in Scotland, he is charmed by the castle, and is quite interested in Daniel, the castle manager’s nephew. Daniel has a secret. He can see and communicate with the dead.Angus settles in, and learns the story of his and Daniel’s ancestors. Centuries ago, a member of Angus’ family, James Macgregor, and a member of Daniel’s family, Alexander Ramsey, were secretly in love. When the lord of the castle, James’ father, discovered them together he killed James and dumped his body in a Loch. Alexander he attempted to starve to death and then burned at the stake.Now Alexander is back. And he wants ‘his’ James. Or more accurately, Angus. What will happen when Daniel and Angus discover there is even more to the story than they know? You’ll have to read it to find out.I enjoyed this short ghost story. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes ghosts and ghostly tales with a distinctly m/m storyline…

  • Kaye Hallows
    2019-03-23 10:16

    As the title suggests, there's more to this wonderful romance than kilted men scurrying about an ornate Scottish castle and riding horses through the lush scenery. (Did I mention kilts?) Yes, L J Harris hits all those spots in this gorgeous tale of a man meeting his destiny, but there's more to it than all that. With a skilled hand, the author brings together the main character's legacy, a tragic history of star-crossed lovers, with his future, the soft-spoken Highlander who quickly captures Angus' attention. The attraction between Angus and Daniel is a pot kept simmering on the back burner until the time is right. Meanwhile, their friendship grows as Angus relies on Daniel to decode the mysteries of his new home. I loved both the main characters, but my favorite character just might be Maggie, the manager of Castle MacGregor. She's spunky and warm, and there are no flies on her.As for the "haunting," the author weaves the ghost story into the present, using erotic sequences that transcend time and physical space. *SPOILER ALERT* The result is one of the most intimate, quasi-poly scenes I've ever read. (Trust me, you'll see what I mean!) I love how LJ climbs way out on a limb to deliver an original, complicated tale with depth, humor, and so much feeling. The buildup is wonderful, but the climax is nothing short of amazing.SO, if you like a man in a kilt and a romantic setting and a great haunting and (spoiler alert again) supernatural polyamory (hey, it's a thing!), you might want to get this book as fast as you can.

  • Diverse
    2019-03-05 13:27

    The Haunting of Angus Macgregor is a novella by LJ Harris. The blurb totally caught my attention and I love the dark sexiness of the cover so going in I was very excited.We have men in kilts, gorgeous castles, and a wonderful story weaved together. The Romeo and Juliet feel is brief but their tragic unattainable whirlwind has happiness in the end.Angus and Daniel, the MC's, are no doubt attracted to each other. It's a slow burn, a perfect burn. Outstanding characters.It's a love story and a ghost story. You might think because it's a novella that it seemed rushed but it doesn't. Of course I would have loved to read Angus, Daniel, and firecracker Maggie more, but LJ Harris did a great job balancing.Her pacing worked extremely well and I think there's no question I will be checking out her other books.

  • C.J. Baty
    2019-03-04 11:33

    There is so much to this short story that I have had trouble getting my thoughts onto paper. The main characters are well developed and the additional characters as well. Loved Maddie!Angus Macgregor steals your heart from the very first page with his longing for a family, the loss of an uncle he didn't get to know and his longing to express his true feelings and desires. Daniel Ramsey has been hurt before, but he wants Angus as soon as he sees him and is willing to fight a violent ghost for him.There are actually two stories here. A modern day story of Angus and Daniel and the awful story of James Macgregor and Alexander Ramsey and the love that was stolen from them. This left Alexander an angry and violent ghost searching for the love he had been denied.When all four characters intersect in the climax of the story, I found it a little difficult to follow which character was which. It didn't take anything away from the intensity of the moment and it was probably me. Also, it was a very erotic scene and I could have been more focused on that more than the characters. (Yes, I'm blushing.) Ms. Harris does have a way with those types of scenes.All in all, I found the Haunting of Angus Macgregor to be a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys star crossed lovers, sexy men in kilts, ghosts who enjoy giving pleasure to unsuspecting mortals and anything L.J. Harris writes.

  • Sierra
    2019-03-05 08:17

    This was a simple little story of spirits and sexiness. There was some pretty good steaminess and a nice helping of hot-Scottish-guy-in-kilt. The story itself wasn't incredibly original (a similar setup can be found in Ally Blue's Love Like Ghosts) but still fun. I would definitely check out other items written by this author.

  • A. Drew
    2019-03-03 12:32

    a beautiful story that made me want to live in a castle in Scotland :)Beautiful plot with unforgettable characters.

  • Susan Reeves
    2019-03-24 13:23

    This is my first book by the author and I really loved it! Well written, a unique and creative story, and although short I didn't feel it lacked anything. I loved the blend of old and new in one particular scene, it brought humour to the story that had me laughing out loud. A great read :)

  • Kaila
    2019-03-18 11:23

    This was short, sweet and yummy. The characters made me laugh.. I felt so happy for the ending.. Only thing I didn't like as much was I felt like there needs to be a little bit more. I'm hoping maybe there will be another ;) But overall I really enjoyed it and am so glad i got to review it

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-03-13 14:26

    This is the first thing I have ever read from this author, but I'm hoping it won't be the last because I really, really enjoyed this!This was a sweet, well written short story, with ghosts and romance all taking place in one of the most beautiful and romantic settings I have been to, Scotland. I enjoyed the characters, and I thought that Angus and Daniel had great chemistry together right from the start. And you gotta love a man in a kilt!I also enjoyed the history of James and Alexander and how they were able to get their happy ending as well. Very nicely done weaving in the past with the present and how they're all connected. My only minor complaint is that I just wish there had been a bit more story towards the end, as the ending felt kinda summarized. HEA for everyone, and a story that I definitely enjoyed! I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

  • Debbie
    2019-03-08 14:06

    2.5 starsNot sure how I want to review this. I enjoyed the beginning of the story with the tales of the MacGregor Clan. Angus and Daniel were cute together, but apart from flirting a few times, I didn't feel any heat between them (was told, but didn't feel it), then the "big climax" seemed to happen out of nowhere. (view spoiler)[ I don't know how to feel about the "big climax" of the story, on one hand I was ok with Alexander's spirit having sex with Angus, but when Daniel burst in and offered to be a 'body' , then they could both have sex with Angus, it left an odd impression. (hide spoiler)] If the story had been a little longer, with more experiences of the hauntings from both Daniel and Angus' POV and a little more of Daniel and Angus together, I'm pretty sure I'd feel differently.

  • Bradley Mathis-Krone
    2019-03-11 08:09

    True Love that last the test of TimeI was a bit spectacle about this book, but as I had just finished the latest book in one series, and before I started in on a different series I thoght I would change up a bit. This book had been sitting on my to read list for a bit, so I went ahead and gave it a try. Wow!!!What I found was a beautiful story of lost loves and forever soul mates. A tender and gentel story of two souls finding each other after 700 years. Plus it had some steamy romances to boot. It was everything I was looking for with one exception...More story, it maybe a short read, but what it delivers is a tome worth of words, still I felt I would have liked more of the story of the following days.I'll definitely be looking for more works by this author, so should you.

  • P Leslie
    2019-02-26 13:34

    This was a short read and I really enjoyed it. Angus and Daniel have only just met yet their attraction is undeniable. James and Alex never got the chance to truly love each other but when their souls reunite - the longing and love they shared blossoms yet again. This was an emotional story and captured James and Alex’s love and longing beautifully.

  • Suze
    2019-03-09 13:19

    This was fine. well paced writing. I didn't mind the brogue.But I feel this would be a story better served by a longer treatment. The short story format means the ghosts, Angus and Daniel and the resolution all happen very quickly.And (view spoiler)[ it seemed to me it was more a haunting of Daniel Ramsey (hide spoiler)]

  • AussieMum
    2019-03-11 15:06

    DNF 69%I read a lot of weird stuff, but the(view spoiler)[out of the blue almost non-con ghost possession sex (hide spoiler)]had me rolling my eyes. It was just too short a story to get me on board with the sex and romance stuff. But I did like the start.

  • Denise GremoryKohta
    2019-03-10 16:27

    I love this author. I have enjoyed all his other books. Unfortunately, while the story concept was good, the writing itself wasn't his usual style. In fact, it didn't even seem like the same writer. Don't let one bad apple spoil it for you. His other works are great.

  • Russell Waring
    2019-02-23 12:20

    Great dance (x2) & ghost story. A fun story.Enjoyable m/m romance/ghost story. Good character descriptions & descriptions of Scotland. Very knowledgeable about history also. This comes highly recommended

  • Louisa Mae
    2019-02-25 15:07

    Take some seriously hot men and put them in kilts and mix in the beautiful Scottish scenery, a dash of unrequited love and a ghost story and you have me one clicking straight away.Angus MacGregor moves across the world to a Scottish castle to keep a promise to a distant relative. What he didn’t expect was he was inheriting more that just a castle and business, he was also taking on the resident ghost who roamed the grounds searching for his lost love. The story is written in colloquial Scottish when they Scots are talking and for me being Brit this wasn’t a problem, and adding a really unique feel to the story and more depth to these characters and making sure you knew it was set in Scotland. Angus is charmed by the Scottish way of life and the new challenge he was facing as he tried to come to terms with such a massive change in his life, plus there is an attraction to one of the staff, Daniel, who works for him.We are introduced to the ghost story which forms the backbone of the story, one which is tragic and poignant, while also showing just how greatly attitudes have changed towards gay relationships over the years. The love that the two men felt for each other was strong and even though they both knew it was viewed as being ‘wrong’ they went with their hearts. The story of love and loss is as valid now as it was then.There is much more for me to say, but that would include spoilers and so they are below. To say this was a first self published novella, without the support of a publisher, I was very impressed and will definitely be looking forward to reading more from this author. It was a unique and captivating story and I just wish there was more from these two, or should that be four?*** Spoiler Alert*********The ghosts of Alexander and James had been quiet for a long time, and then Angus appears. To Alexander he is the embodiment and reincarnation of one James, the lover he was so cruelly separated from. This reignites the unrequited love and passion they shared so many years ago. Proof of the fact that the love you feel never dies, it grows stronger and stronger as they yearn to be with each other. This leads to one of the most unique scenes I’ve ever read, where two bodies are present, Angus and Daniel but we are seeing through the eyes of four souls. I applaud the way that this was handled, and written as we were actually dealing with four people tangled in the sheets, exploring each others bodies and quenching a thirst that had been denied for so long.Finally, as their souls are allowed those precious moments of complete unity they were denied in life, they find a way to move on together and find the eternal peace they have waited so long for.My heart ached for them, knowing their story, and I was delighted when through this connection Daniel and Angus were able to reunite the lovers and lay their bodies to rest, together.

  • Jayme
    2019-02-27 10:08

    This is the first book I've read by L.J. Harris and it certainly won't be the last. Angus and Daniel had chemistry that was through the roof, and Maggie is a hoot (I wish I knew how to say that in Scottish). This is a love story and a ghost story all in one fabulous novella, full of lush descriptions of Clan Gregor Castle and the surrounding land. Highly recommended!

  • Jenn
    2019-03-15 13:34

    What a great novel from LJ Harris!!Angus and Daniel are two characters who you can't help but love. They are both unique in their own way, however, at certain times, they are so similar. Their relationship is strong, however, the bond they share, makes it that much stronger.This is the first book I have read by this author, however, after reading The Haunting of Angus Macgregor, it definitely won't be the last.I urge everyone to go pick up this novel if they are in the mood for some M/M, paranormal romance! You won't be disappointed.4/5 Stars!

  • Rai
    2019-03-16 13:07

    A wonderful, sexy, lovely story involving main characters with a powerful chemistry between them. It's a novella but don't let the relatively shortness of the story fool you: It's a beautifully written romance and it will hook you till the very end. If you are looking for a lovely romance between men, destiny, love beyond death, ghosts, Scotish castles, paranormal atmosphere, and credible characters, this is your book. Angus and Daniel will make you want their story never end. Brilliant!

  • Heather
    2019-03-05 13:34

    This may be a short novella but it's long on story and yumminess. Add in kilts, a Scottish castle, and ghosts with history, and what you have with The Haunting of Angus MacGregor is a wonderfully written sexy tale of love, both past and present full of passion that will leave you hooked. A great addition to my paranormal library.

  • Candice Clark
    2019-03-22 14:26

    This was a very cute novella with plenty of emotions packed into a short read! This story ropes you into a sweet story about soul mates that meet before and after death. I would definitely recommend this read!I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • LaGina
    2019-03-06 09:23

    What a great love story this was. It shows how love really never dies. Angus and Daniel bring their ancestors full circle and in the end its a happily ever after for 2 couples.