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"Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?" When a respected Christian communicator read the question posed by the New York Times, he chose to travel to Jordan and Iraq in search of answers. What he discovered left him amazed and inspired.While the news coverage of ISIS focuses on the horrors wrought by this group, there is another side to the story that rarely g"Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?" When a respected Christian communicator read the question posed by the New York Times, he chose to travel to Jordan and Iraq in search of answers. What he discovered left him amazed and inspired.While the news coverage of ISIS focuses on the horrors wrought by this group, there is another side to the story that rarely gets told. While terror is on the rise, Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus like never before.Charles Morris regularly reminds the 500,000 listeners of his Haven Today radio show that "it's all about Jesus," and through his new book--Fleeing Isis, Finding Jesus--he offers a unique, compelling account of the miraculous ways in which Jesus is transforming lives in the Middle East today.As Charles narrates his travels around the region, he shares with readers not just the good news of how Jesus is at work, but he also invites us to wonder how our own lives might be transformed as a result....

Title : Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus: The Real Story of God at Work
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ISBN : 9781434710710
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Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus: The Real Story of God at Work Reviews

  • Muthuvel
    2019-03-20 23:26

    The book is about a Christian evangelist journey to the Middle East mostly in Syria, Jordan and Iraq surrounded by the wake of ISIS, meeting some people from various geographical areas in which significant numbers of Muslims are coming to faith on Jesus and some firm innate believers persisting, experiencing the atrocities of the local radical groups.I was curious to experience the mindset regarding the happenings in Middle East through a Christian perceptive. Despite my expectations, the work has only a few parts boasting Christianity and resenting Islam where he claims Christianity to be 'the' true face of seeking the God's blessings at various points vicariously through his interviews and by critiquing the negative impacts of Qur'an. It is hard to read this particular part realising the reality that the Judeo-Christian holy books were reinterpreted periodically for its survival. Author from his justified façade thought he could criticize Qur'an. I won't consider this as a rigorously researched, detailed account but still relevant in some places and reading about the experiences of the victims and those circumstances in which they're intended to believe, is worth reading. Bringing back the faith in Christianity across the people in Middle East has a lot to do with its base elements as Friedrich Nietzsche said in his book, The Birth of Tragedy.Overall, the accounts of several people recorded on their surviving the chaos amidst the radical ISIS with Near Death Experiences and other similar circumstances are worth knowing about the life in Middle East in case you haven't read any yet.Author Charles Morris had been using his journalism background and communication skills for evangelism since early 2000 through an 80-year-old Christian radio program based in Los Angeles called Haven Today. The book's available from January 1, 2017.I thank Netgalley, Author and David C Cook for the opportunity in reviewing this advanced copy.

  • Yibbie
    2019-04-15 23:27

    “My husband has lost his family and we have moved three times; we have one son and there are people who want to kill me. I have lost my family, I have lost my culture, and I am not allowed to work her in Jordan. But life is great because I believe in Jesus. He is great… Sometimes I pray for ISIS. I pray that Jesus would let them know who He is.” – Sabreen Is Christianity dead in the Middle East? That is the question that Morris set out to answer. The answer isn’t really surprising, but it’s still stunning. He meets Christians who know with every fiber of their being the answer. They know God is living within them, still calling sinners to repentance, still delivering his people, still comforting the broken, still caring for the fatherless and the widow. He shares their testimonies as he heard them after setting the stage for each with a description of the way they are living now.The many individual stories in this book are placed chronologically with the author’s travels in the area not with when they happened. So, the timeline bounces back and forth quite a bit. It wasn’t hard to follow, but sometimes it has the feel of a travelogue.Christianity is very broadly defined to include Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical. I believe many of these people have truly found Everlasting Life through Jesus, but other than loving Jesus and people there isn’t a whole lot of doctrine in this book. For example, Jesus death for sin is never mentioned. There is a lot about Jesus being our all, but not how to reach Him. I guess what I’m trying to say is the Gospel isn’t presented in this book. In fact, there wasn’t any scripture mentioned either. Several of the conversations he relates sound like they had sound theology behind them. It just wasn’t included in the book.It ends with a call to reach out the lost everywhere but especially the lost of the Muslim faith.It is worth reading, but it has some very mature content. It was handled delicately. It’s just really hard material.I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley and David C. Cook. No review was required, but it was my pleasure to write it.

  • James (JD) Dittes
    2019-04-04 06:18

    "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness," Jesus once said, "for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."Charles Morris finds the embodiment of this text in his travels among the refugee camps of Jordan and Syria, collecting the stories of some of the most persecuted Christians in the world. In a region where converts to Christianity face death from their own family members, where ISIS wages genocide, one would expect to find despair (indeed, Christians make up about 30% of the refugees from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq). Instead, the reader will find in Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus a remarkable amount of hope.In fact, Morris reports, "In the last twenty-five years there have been more Muslims coming to Jesus Christ than in the whole fourteen centuries preceding," according to one of his hosts, a Christian pastor named, Naser, "Since the birth of Islam, there has never been a time like this."While this assertion--along with the ideal of a "golden age" of Christian conversion--is repeated several times in the book, it isn't Morris's primary focus. The evidence is anecdotal--stories of Muslims seeing Jesus in a dream, encouraging them into his kingdom--and Christian readers will find inspiration in every chapter.Readers find first-hand accounts of ISIS brutality--rape survivors and those who lost entire families share their stories with Morris. The Christian town of Qaraqosh, just outside of Mosul, is featured heavily in the book, as several survivors recall ISIS's onslaught on the village.Morris ties his reporting together at the end in a very inspiring way. He doesn't lower his vision to counter or demean Islam. "We don't belong to the land; we belong to Jesus," another Christian priest tells Morris near the end of the book. "Wherever we have Jesus, we have the Promised Land."In an epilogue, Morris calls on American Christians to use the suffering and the soul-winning of Iraqi & Syrian Christians as a tonic to complacency and luxury here at home. Out of one of the darkest conflicts of the present day, Morris's book has brought a great light to shine.Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Eustacia Tan
    2019-04-03 03:27

    I took some time to read this book and it is so powerful! Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus follows Charles as he travels around the Middle East to meet with the persecuted Christians. Most of the book consists of their testimonies and reading them reminded me of how terrible things are there, and how God is working in them and through them.Some of the believers were from a long line of Christians and lost everything when ISIS took over. It was painful to read of how many of them trusted their Muslim neighbours to take care of their houses and possessions, only to find out that their neighbours had taken their things as theirs. But it was uplifting to see that despite all this, they still forgive and love them.Some of the believers were Muslims who came to Christ and experienced terrible persecution. But for them, no price is too high for the peace they receive and their words and actions reflect the love of Christ as well.These people truly are heroes and there is a lot that I have to learn from them.And this is a little bit of a sidetrack, but a bit of what someone said reminded me of the hidden Christians in Silence:"I look at the West and wonder if Satan uses our affluence to limit the growth of the Church. [...] So we give God a Sunday morning but love the other six days of the week for ourselves. Where real persecution happens, you're not afforded that. You have to call on God multiple times a day."From the testimonies of these brothers and sisters in Christ, we see that God is always present, even in the toughest circumstances. So God wasn't silent like Rodriguez assumed. He was always with the Christians of Japan like He is with the Christians in the Middle East.This book isn't a comfortable read - my heart kept breaking when I read about the suffering that those in the Middle East are going through. But it is a book that we have to read, because we need to open our eyes, and we need to keep working for the persecuted and those that are suffering right now.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

  • Michelle Kidwell
    2019-04-13 00:16

    Fleeing ISIS, Finding JesusThe Real Story of God at Workby Charles Morris, Craig BorlaseDavid C Cook You Are Auto-ApprovedDavid C. CookNonfiction (Adult), ChristianPub Date 01 Jan 2017 I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Fleeing Isis, Finding Jesus through the publisher and Netgalley:Despite what is happening in the Middle East, with extremists like Isis,there are some Christians who are standing up against the terror.In many parts of the Middle East, Christians risk the chance of being murdered by extremist groups like Al-Quaeda and Isis, as well as those who sympathize with Christians.This book reminds us that even in the darkest places seeds can grow.I give Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus five out of five stars.Happy Reading.

  • Stephen Watkinson
    2019-04-11 05:14

    This is an inspiring book about how God is working in the areas where ISIS have been attacking Christians. For all the horror, and that is included, in the book, we see hope and we can ultimately see that our God is in charge.

  • Jeanie
    2019-03-28 03:21

    Seeds grow in dark places. In this point of history, ISIS is a dark spiritual movement. It is in this darkness that people are fleeing the darkness and finding Jesus. Where faith is tried and true because of ISIS people are left with nothing and finding hope in redemption. This is why Christianity is alive in the middle east.You will read stories of miracles and the mission of ISIS. Muslims are being crushed with the reality of their faith because ISIS is living what the Koran teaches. The Koran teaches world dominance by conversion and families. The rape of women, the beheading of Christians, and the terror that they bring is a fear to bring the world to its knees. The stories of those fleeing is heartbreaking and encouraging. It brings to light that we need to be in prayer and aware of the destruction that ISIS is capable of. A Special Thank you to David C Cook and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-07 06:24

    Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus by Charles Morris, Craig Borlase is amazing and it definitely gives me a new perspective of Christianity in the Middle East. This book is a very eye opening to what is going on around Middle East. I strongly recommend this book! A must read for all Christians.I received a copy of this book from

  • Monica Willyard
    2019-03-23 02:37

    Beautiful, moving, and well worth reading. If your church has a lending library, this would be a wonderful addition.

  • Russell Threet
    2019-04-18 05:41

    This book is one in a line of many like it over the last few years. As the American church has become more aware of the struggles of those suffering for Christ there has been a desire to connect to them through their stories. Some of the books in this line are great and some are not so great. This book was very good.Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus does not sensationalize the stories of believers in persecution, but it does not color over the horrors either. After reading this book you will have a better understanding of what life can be like for someone who loves Jesus in a country overrun by those who would see the Gospel message silenced. This book will show you pain, heartache, but also joy through the eyes of brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-18 04:38

    This is a book that gives us exceptional insight into the dangerous flight many refugees make to preserve their lives and their families. With wrenching stories, we learn of the intense emotional struggle they endure. But above all, we learn how God is at work in their lives in amazing and miraculous ways. I have read numerous books about refugees but this one offers something the others do not. The author takes us right into the setting and into a world so foreign to Americans who live in safety and comfort. I will be using this book in teaching and training and commend it to others wholeheartedly.

  • Larry Key
    2019-04-20 04:29

    A striking story that opened my eyes to that realities of being a Christian in the middle east. This book was wonderfully written from story to story. Reality to reality. The author did a great job in educating, yet engaging through story.