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The sixth book in the Matt Saga. The characters find themselves all moving forward towards their own personal goals of revenge and survival. For Matt, Julian, and Devia, their lives forever entwined, things will never be the same. Marie continues to dance to her own tune.Age 18+. Some chapters contain adult scenes of violence and graphic sexual content....

Title : With Murder in Mind
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ISBN : 30747622
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 250 Pages
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With Murder in Mind Reviews

  • Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)
    2019-02-25 09:34

    "Matt had unfinished business, and he couldn't do it from where he was now. He had to get out. Matt was back."After the shocking conclusion of the previous book where will their paths next take them? Matt is in police custody as his reason for living is now six foot under...Julian is reeling from the truth as he realises his life has been manipulated by a master. Marie, poor poor Marie is still dancing in the rain. Whilst Devia is stuck between a rock and a hard place that is of her own making. With all her plotting and planning her world is crumbling down around her as the extent of her madness is exposed. With a common goal Julian and Matt begin to take action to bring their nemesis to justice by any means. Matt strikes a deal to ensure he can have the freedom required to hunt her down whilst Julian battles his own demons before he can begin his quest. Marie is lost in her own bubble yet rolls with the punches and strives to connect with her twin at all costs. She for me was the shining star in this story and yet she is almost the most tragic with the cycle perpetuating itself...With Murder in Mind pulls all the threads together and creates a story that weaves all the plot lines into a whole. The sadness, tragedy, loss and pain they have all suffered has a spotlight in this story which is far more poignant than the others. Happiness is subjective and I'm not sure if anyone really gets the closure they need...I enjoyed reading what happens next but I hope it's not over as there are still a couple lose threads that need exploring. Wickedness is sometimes nature sometimes nurture but there is certainly no stopping this crazy train and why would you want to get off? The Matt Saga is perfect to immerse yourself in on a cold winters day with twists and turns it keeps you guessing. A four star oh my I didn't see it coming read. ~*~ Reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by Books ~*~

  • Tolly Be
    2019-03-20 11:28

    I like this writer, but I think that To Murder Matt was her best work to date. Despite the other books being good too, I found that she now writes using simpler vocabulary, grammar, structure and writing style. It’s as though she has simplified it for a larger audience instead of writing in her own way rather than trusting us to understand her. I’d also like to see some other books (not Matt related) as I think she has a lot of writing ability that she has yet to showcase. As an avid reader, I have enjoyed all of her plot development and characterisation, although there is always room to improve, and faithfully buy them every time. With Murder in Mind won’t disappoint. Without spoiling anything, I love her character Marie the most due to Viveca’s ability to craft Marie's struggles that tugged at my emotions. She has continued to develop Matt further and I see a real progression between him and Julian. As usual in Viveca’s books, it’s interesting to watch from a castle spire counting the bodies as they tower up until her words resemble the fallen voices; blood abound, with gory and sometimes graphic, but well written details. There is humour, love, tenderness then disbelief and horror. All in all, Viveca gets into your mind in an unforgettable way, and then she pushes you from the spire where you once stood.

  • Vamp Girl Book Reviews
    2019-02-18 09:34

    5 StarsThis latest instalment from Viveca is as fast paced and just as thrilling as all its predecessors! Matt is Back! He is as evil as ever and determined to seek revenge after losing the love of his life Venia. There are lots to catch up on and the other characters and their stories entwine with this story perfectly, I loved to read what they were doing and how they were all moving forward in their own lives to all resolve the same issues surrounding each other! Devia is still up to no good and is using and manipulating anyone she can to get where she needs to be, after going on the run following Venias’ death a few new innocents get caught up in her bid to evade Matt, Julian and the police and they will wish they hadn’t! They just happen to be a convenience for Devia and she uses them regardless of the impact it leaves them in. I don’t ever want this series to end! It is menacingly brilliant in places and somewhat gut churning in others, but I felt compelled to read on and find out what happened next and explore the true depravity these characters hold within them! It was actually quite shocking to hold some form of empathy for Matt and in some ways, gain an understanding of who he is now.I truly think I would be missing out if I had not found these books, there is such a gritty excellence about them! I am hooked for more! Tick Tock!

  • Karen Hrdlicka
    2019-03-15 10:34

    In typical Viveca Benoir style, Matt is back to his old tricks and they give the reader a rollercoaster experience within the pages of the book. Marie has a stronger storyline in this book, showing another side to the sweet, crazy woman, and the devious Devia is up to her usual havoc wreaking. Devia is a cyclone of deceit and drama in this book, on the run and still causing destruction in her path. Most of the characters that the readers have learned to love (hate?) return in this book. There are even a few new ones added since the tragic end to the last book. The plot flows well and is paced well as the reader is drawn into the story. Most of the action takes place in the US but the book is still written in British English and reads well. Ms. Benoir has a knack for twists and turns in a book and this one is no exception. I guarantee that there is a plot twist or two that the reader will not see coming. As always her books are sexy and sensual as well as dark and twisted. Enjoy the next part of Matt's story

  • Jf Vallee
    2019-03-20 10:25

    Viveca Benoir does it again. Writing in such a way that you are drawn into the characters lives. Characters that you don’t necessarily like or want to like. As the story unfolds we are enticed into this dark world of murder, lies and deceit. We become as crazy as they are. We find ourselves trying to second guess the author, what will happen next? Thoughts of ‘this will,’ and then something occurs out of the blue, a twist that turns it all upside down, grabs us and spits us out as shell shocked as those inside the pages. Viveca Benoir is a storyteller of unending talent. She ranks right up there with Harold Robbins and Virginia Andrews, writers of greatness. She sits alongside them spinning her own verbal webs for us to fall into. I can't wait for her next books. If you haven’t already read her works, do! She writes for those of above average intelligence meaning you need to stay on your toes, so as not to miss the ever twisting plot.

  • Caryn Denny
    2019-02-20 07:16

    READ AT YOUR OWN PERIL!After a marathon read of this current offering, I am of the opinion that both Devia and Matt need to die! Viveca Benoir has a very clear and vivid idea on the journey she is putting us on and she is doing a wickedly great job.This series captured me in the first book and still has me in its clutches. I can tell you that it has very evil characters but, somehow, they make you feel for them. Insanity and murder are prevalent but the mystery of where it is going is food for thought....LOTS of thought!Buy and read this'll never regret it.

  • Viveca Benoir
    2019-03-03 09:33