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VAMPIRE ANNA STRONG...Anna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity. Now she must deal with her legacy. The sinister vampire who transformed her is dead, and Anna is entitled to his vast fortune. But a predatory werewolf comes forward, claiming the inheritance as her own?and she?ll kill to get what she wants most: bloVAMPIRE ANNA STRONG...Anna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity. Now she must deal with her legacy. The sinister vampire who transformed her is dead, and Anna is entitled to his vast fortune. But a predatory werewolf comes forward, claiming the inheritance as her own?and she?ll kill to get what she wants most: blood and money....

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Legacy Reviews

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-03-03 09:08

    Why do I like Anna so much? "Legacy" is Jeanne C. Stein's fourth book in her Anna Strong series and I'm still asking myself that question. Anna's not overly nice, she denies what she is, and trouble follows her like white on a skunk. But every time I open the next book, by the end of the first chapter I'm sucked into Anna's life. She's not stupid. She's trying to do what she believes is best for herself and those she loves...yet some of her decisions make me want to shake her into next week! This is urban fantasy and fine urban fantasy at that. Anna's world isn't much different from our own. Those closest to her don't know that she's a vampire, and she's doing her best to keep it that way. Vamps and witches and anything else supernatural are firmly 'in the closet' in Anna's world and that's where they're happy to stay. Now, if OTHER people would just let Anna be, her life would be so much happier.This time the trouble Anna faces involves her best friend and business partner Dave. Well, Dave's ex..and thank god for that! But somehow in trying to help Dave, Anna's become involved in a murder investigation. And she's just found out there's werewolves! And their leader, Sandra, has some type of glamour Anna can't seem to resist...but what does Sandra really want?There's so much going on in Anna's world, I can't begin to explain it all. Suffice to say it's addicting. If you like urban fantasy but in a world where the fantasy is secret...pick up one of Stein's novels about Anna. I bet you can't read just one.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-25 10:13

    I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with this series. This one keeps all the annoying parts of previous books and adds a heaping dose of boring to the mix. Anna is increasingly self-righteous and intolerant (especially of other women), David's an idiot, if Gloria has any redeeming qualities I can't see them, the tertiary characters are at their most interesting when they (repeatedly) tell Anna to grow up. Not that she listens, of course, because she's on a mission... to deny reality, as far as I can tell.The only character I really have any interest in at this point is Culebre, but most his interactions with Anna make me wonder why he doesn't drop-kick her off a cliff.Made it halfway through. Did not finish, with a high level of annoyance.

  • Hobart
    2019-03-18 07:22

    I was almost disappointed by this one, on second thought, maybe I was disappointed by this installment in the Anna Strong series. Stein introduces us to her version of werewolves (different, a la Meyer, than the shapechangers we've already met). Her take on the species isn't my favorite, but I dig what she's doing with them and the backstory for vamps/werewolves/demons she worked up.I wasn't crazy about how Anna "solved" the real world job (which she really didn't do), but I thought she handled the supernatural "case" okay. On the whole, though, this book showed Anna at her most clueless, which may be what Stein intended--as long as she's denying one side of her nature, she can't be what she needs to be, etc.--but I doubt it.For a page or so I thought we were done with the Max subplot after book #3, but no. I thought we were done with the Gloria thing, but no. I thought the David stuff had turned a page and onto something new there, but no. And so on. Basically, this book served to shuffle the characters around a bit to (potentially, hopefully) do something with next time around. Don't get me wrong, I'm back for (at least) #5 and #6. Just hoping I don't regret it.

  • Brandy *Ahviel*
    2019-02-23 06:36

    I wanted so bad to really like this book but in the end I was disapointed. I was hoping that we would finally see Anna maybe settle down or at least choose someone or maybe Max would come back to her. I was really rooting for that, but in the end nothing happened there.We hear nothing if Avery is really gone, there is no end. So does that mean the author is going to write another book letting us know what happens.I am not sure about the rest of you but I would like to know what happens and if Anna finally excepts who she is and gives in to the blood and the sex.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-03-20 08:35

    Anna has now been a vampire for about six months and the riff between her and chief Williams at the end of the last book, has lead her to believe that she will finally be able to live her human life. Gloria, her partner David's girlfriend, seems to exited his life, thrilling Anna. Trish, the young girl that her parents believe to be their grandchild, who we met in Blood Drive,has settled into their family. Only Anna knows that Trish is not a blood relation, but she keeps the secret because she recognizes that her inability to age, means that her parents will need a child to dote on when she is forced to exit their lives. Well, when things are that perfect, they certainly cannot remain that way for long. On yet another trip to Mexico to feed, because Anna still refuses to get a human partner, she runs into a largely female werewolf pack. Culebra recognizes the danger immediately and attempts to get Anna to leave, but before he can get her out the door, she runs into Max, her ex boyfriend with a female vampire. Anna is immediately pissed, and he tells her that it's not that he can't get passed what she is, but that she lied about it for so long. On her way to the door, Anna comes to the attention of Tamara, who instantly challenges her and has to be called off by Sandra, the alpha of the pack. Anna is immediately filled with lust for Sandra and is confused because Sandra is a woman. She begins to wonder if Sandra is using some sort of magic over her.Gloria makes a reappearance in her life when she shows up claiming that she is being blackmailed by her business partner. It turns out that Gloria hasn't exactly been faithful to David. When Gloria is accused of murder, Anna jumps into the investigation -- not because she likes Gloria -- but because she does not believe her capable of murder. As part of her fee, Anna demands that Gloria cease all contact with David immediately. For his part, David is hurt by the betrayal and lashes out at Anna repeatedly. Matters are only made worse when Tamara meets David and he ends up scheduling a date with her. David still has no idea what Anna is, and worse yet, one bite from Tamara and he will become a werewolf. Anna must find a way to break this date, without David learning why, and without jeopardizing her relationship with her. The reasons for her issues with Tamara are justifiable, but her continual negative commentary on Tamara's performance of femininity are not.Despite having Trish in their lives, Anna's parents are still not happy with her choice of career. When Williams arranges for them to inherit Avery's vineyard in France, they start making plans to move, with the expectation that Anna will give up her life and move with them. Anna has to figure out how to tell them that her life is in San Diego.Avery, the vampire is back and having inhabited the body of Sandra, he is determined to seek revenge on Anna. When Anna turns to Frey, the werepanther for help, she finally meets his new girlfriend and of course resolves to investigate her background because they do not take a liking to each other. The only female that Anna actually has a good relationship with is Trish. This makes Anna yet another in a long line of female protagonists in this genre, who has terrible relationships with women. The only time she seems to have a conversation with women, with the exception of her mother and Trish, almost always revolves around men. If we were to apply the Bechdel Test to this series, it would most certainly get an F.Read More

    2019-03-14 08:12

    Anna Strong, a bounty hunter and newly formed vampire with attitude, is back. The more she comes into her own as a vampire, the more she resists the expectations being placed upon her to fully embrace her vampiric side. For Anna is not like any other vampire. In the meantime, Gloria Estrella, a successful model/actress/co-owner of a high class restaurant in San Diego (who is also the girlfriend of her colleague) is implicated in a murder and enliste Anna's help to find the real killer. Anna (who despises Gloria) reluctantly takes on the case. In the process, she will find herself facing an enemy who could destory her and all that she holds dear. This a thrilling story with lots of twists and turns that will hold the reader's attention til the last page.

  • Cameron
    2019-03-02 05:36

    Another solid entry into the Anna Strong mythos. With less than eighty pages left in the book, I wondered how the wrap up could possibly happen in this book, and the fact that, though things are not perfectly tied off, the conclusion I thought to expect in a cliff-hanging successor actually gets resolved more or less leaves me feeling like it all happened too fast. I can't believe I am actually wishing for a book that left me hanging! Despite this ending however, I continue to relish spending time with Anna, seeing how this crazy vampire transition is starting to unravel portions of her life as surprises wait for her at each bend.

  • Jodi
    2019-03-10 05:12

    I really like this series. This is the 4th book. Anna is still struggling, not with being a vampire, she's accepted that. But she hasn't accepted that she has to give up her family. She loves them. Which is why she's very suspicious when her family receives a windfall that will take them far away from her. Little did she realize how suspicious she should be. This wasn't as good as the previous novels but I couldn't have started the new year with a more enjoyable book. They are light (but not fluffy or humorous) and I look forward to the next one.

  • Jim
    2019-02-20 07:10

    This is the 4th book in the series & I have the 5th whenever I get to it. This isn't my favorite paranormal series, but it's a good enough read; entertaining & quick. I liked this book a bit better than the previous two. Werewolves are introduced & the mystery is pretty well done.

  • Stinkerjo
    2019-02-26 12:26

    Anna Strong is a strong, hard-core character. The is no bullshit about this chick. She has flaws but that doesn't hold her back. I am already reading Retribution and I lovvvve it. Can't wait for more.

  • Tashie
    2019-02-23 10:11

    I finished this morning after a night of drinking. So I guess that means something, huh? This had a couple of unexpected twists that didn't have any closure. So I am assuming we will learn more about that in the next one. God, I love a series.

  • Daisa
    2019-03-17 10:29

    *sighs* I honestly don't what the hell. I don't even know what to write. Legacy wasn't bad, not by a long just lacked...soul?I didn't read the synopsis for this book, so I had no idea what it was going to be about going into it. I wanted to be surprised...It wasn't til I was 61% done with the book that I realized it was about absolutely nothing.In Legacy, we find Anna Strong, newly turned vampire, in the midst of a murder scandal, a set up, werewolf issues, and the same problems with trying to pass as a human around her human family and friends.Now...a mysterious murder that's being pinned on someone who had nothing to do with it! That should be fun right?! WRONG! A man is murdered and all fingers are pointing to Anna's friend and partner, David's girlfriend Gloria. Two reasons why this is the weakest plot point in all history of weak plot points.1. The person who was murdered is of no significance whatsoever. I could not care less about who murdered him and why. So Anna vowing to find out who killed him is boring to me because, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHO KILLED HIM! I don't know him and have only just heard anything about him in this very book...and the things I've heard about him and the type of person he is, isn't helping with the whole 'giving a crap about who killed him' thing.2. Gloria, (David's girlfriend) is being blamed for killing this man. Now I REALLY don't care about that, or about Gloria going to jail for the rest of her life for something she didn't do. Now I admit, that's a harsh thing to say so i'll explain why. The last three novels have been spent with Anna making sure that I HATE Gloria just as much as she does. Guess what? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ANNA!So! the two biggest plot points in the book are based on things I care nothing about. BOOORRRRIIINNGGGGGG! Oh...and then there was the whole ordeal with the random werewolves popping up, one of which Anna was very uncomfortably (for me) sexually attracted to. Now this uncomfortable-ness has nothing to do with the fact that said werewolf was also a female. Trust me, I read slash fanfiction, I have NO problems with same sex pairings. The discomfort came from the complete and utter randomness of it. Like for the longest I didn't understand what was going on or why, and neither did Anna! However when the reason for this attraction is finally revealed...*sighs* smfh *sideeye*so I guess that just leaves.Favorite thing about 'Legacy': The writing. I started this book Friday night. It's Monday night and I've been working all weekend. Jeanne C. Stein writes in a way that makes it easy to just keep going and going and quickly at that. I will not take that from her. The entire book is so fluid, it was nothing for me to read the last 50% of this book in the 5 hours that I was awake and lucid enough to read today. It just FLOWS...if only there was some heart and soul and an attractive story arc to go along with that flow....??? Least favorite thing about 'Legacy': See above? lol I don't know. I like this character. She has so much potential. But so much of this book was spent on insignificant BS that no one gives a rats ass about. What a waste of a great character and my time...Am I going to read the next book? Yes...When? I have no clue. *shrugs*

  • Karissa
    2019-02-19 05:07

    This is the fourth book in the Anna Strong Chronicles by Stein. I think the best thing this book has going for it is that it is a quick read.Anna finds herself in the middle of a soap opera in this book. David's girlfriend Gloria has contacted Anna for help. Gloria's business relationship with the co-owner of her restaurant has gone south and Gloria wants Anna to help we sort it out. Shortly after this things really get out of hand for Gloria. Other than that there is a pack of werewolves in town that has an interest in Anna. Anna is still struggling with maintaining her human ties.I mean seriously, Anna is caught in the crossfire of Gloria and David's relationship, Daniel Frey's new relationship with his girlfriend, troubles with a werewolf pack, and trouble with continuing the facade that she is human with her family. Events are mish-mashed together and so many things are thrown at you so rapidly that at times it makes you sigh and think "Okay one more personal issue for Anna to deal with." I felt like I was watching a bad paranormal soap opera. There doesn't seem to be an overlying story here. Anna, to be quite honest, is a bitch through this whole book. Anna has a lot of excuses to explain her bad interactions with people; it comes down to the fact that as a character she is not changing, she stays stubbornly the same.We really don't find out a whole lot more about the supernatural community either. Maybe a little about werewolves but that's it. There is no more about the Watchers; Max is gone again from the plot. He makes a brief appearance in the beginning to add to Anna's angst (as if she doens't have enough emotional crap to deal with) and then is visibly absent for the rest of the book. What is with Max anyway? Out of all the significant others I've read about, he has got to be the one with the least ever amount of page space ever. I thought that the whole deal with the witch introduced in the last book could have served for some very interesting material in this book, guess I was wrong there was almost no mention of it in this book.I am beginning to wonder if Stein plans out her series at all or just free-flow writes whatever pops into her mind. The positive for this series is that it is fast-moving, engaging, and a super quick read. I think it took me, at tops, three hours to read this book. Stein continues to keep her sex scenes tasteful and brief, which is a relief.I also was also disappointed that there weren't many fight scenes, I mean where's the action and adventure here? I don't know if I will keep reading this series. I have been borrowing the books from a if I can keep reading them for free I might. I would never invest money in them though...

  • Yulia
    2019-02-19 09:12

    Legacy/Anna Strong, #4/ by Jeanne C.Stein***..--------------------------------------Genre: Urban FantasyHeroes: Vampires, Shapeshifters, werewolfFor whom: How we met: the next in series--------------------------------------What I expected:1. Want to know who is this wolf at cover!2. Does she find herself someone? sure hope so, because she looks lonely. so many problems and no reliable shoulder.What I got:1. well. all so confusing and difficult.2. answer to this question is more complicated. there is still more difficult. yes she has some, but rather only for the bed and not feeling.Opening line: "When i was human, I hated the holidays. Hated the inescapable dirge of the mindless Christmas songs.Hated being force-fed hope and joy. hated the contrived joviality. to me, Christmas was a stark reminder that in few days, my brother would de dead yet another year, killed in a senseless accident a few days after "the hap-happiest time of the year".Yet here i am this mid-December afternoon fourteen years lare, a big dumn grin on my face, enduring a crush of smell humanity for the chance to help my niece pick out a gift for my mother."Gloria in trouble. Big trouble.and how do you think to whom she turned to for help? yeah. to Anna.the man who hates her for many reasons. and do you think she would help her?all split into pairs and left Anna alone. Frey even got a girlfriend and what) tigress.MAX!!!!! What are you doing?????this is so cruel to Anna. no. no.!!!====================================Quotes: none-------------------------------------Characters:Anna Strong - vampire, bounty hunterTrish - nieceCulebra - shape-shifterDaniel Frey- werecatTammySandraAveryLance - vampireWarren Williams - Sad Diego's chief of police, vampire, sensesDavid Ryan - her a business partner, ex-football player.Gloria Estrella - modelrory o'sullivanjason-Laura-detective HarrisMax - human boyfriend, work for DEA-----------------------

  • Titis Wardhana
    2019-03-04 09:23

    getting better, man...As usual, ada dua cerita lagi di Legacy. Pertama Gloria, pacar David, dituduh membunuh rekan bisnisnya. Gloria dan Rory, bankir, membuka usaha restoran bersama. Namun, suatu hari Rory tewas ditembak. Gloria dituduh oleh Laura, istri Rory, sebagai pembunuhnya karena mereka sempat punya affair walau hanya sekali. Ternyata Rory jadi ketagihan setelah sekali itu dan dia terus meneror Gloria supaya mereka berhubungan lagi, kalau tidak Rory akan mengungkap semuanya. David yang cinta setengah mati hancur hatinya (oooo...) mengetahui Gloria selingkuh, dia kabur ke kabinnya di gunung. Gloria meminta bantuan Anna buat menyelidiki siapa pembunuh sebenarnya supaya dia terbebas dari tuduhan karena polisi mencurigainya. Anna yang benci berat pada Gloria setuju tapi ada syaratnya, yaitu setelah kasusnya selesai, Gloria tidak boleh mengganggu David lagi. Gloria setuju. Cerita kedua, ada sekelompok werewolf dengan alfa bernama Sandra yang mengaku sebagai istri Avery muncul untuk mengklaim harta peninggalan Avery. Ternyata Sandra ini dirasuki oleh Avery yang ternyata selamat dari kematian keduanya dan merasuki tubuh Sandra. Werewolf di sini hanya bisa berubah kalau punya talisman, kalau talisman ini hilang, werewolf tidak bisa berubah dan kalau tidak berubah minimal sebulan sekali, dia akan mati. Talisman ini disembunyikan oleh Avery, dan Avery merasuki tubuh Sandra. Anna lagi-lagi harus melawan Avery lagi.Ada lagi cerita sisipan, yaitu keluarga Anna mendapat warisan vineyard di Prancis (how cool is that?). Langsung semua pada heboh, makan-makan besar, sudah kebayang bakal pindah ke Prancis, jadi orang kaya gak perlu kerja lagi. Padahal sih gw masih pengen baca mengenai Trish.Semakin penasaran dengan kekuatan Anna yang jarang muncul, I mean yeah she's vampire, she sure is strong, quick, lethal, etc, but what else gitu. Eh, ada lagi yang nyebelin, di buku sebelumnya Max yang ngambek maen kabur gitu aja tiba-tiba nongol lagi sambil ngegandeng vampir lain trus marah2 ke Anna karena sok secret. Overall, lumayan bagus... langsung lanjut!

  • Shelley
    2019-03-04 04:35

    **Synopsis** Anna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity. Now she must deal with her legacy. Avery, is dead, and Anna is entitled to his vast fortune under vampire laws. But a predatory werewolf comes forward, claiming the inheritance is hers, and that she’ll kill Anna to get what she wants. **Review** Anna has been a vampire for six months now and she believed that Avery was dead and gone by her own hands. She wants nothing to do with his property or money, preferring to remain under the radar and living as a human, even though clearly she isn't one.The main plot this time around surrounds Gloria, David's girlfriend, who is accused of murdering her business partner. Anna, who really doesnt like Gloria, agrees to help with the understanding that once she is done, Gloria will leave David alone for good.Then there are the two women werewolves that she meets in Mexico and one of them turns out to be Avery's, ex-wife, Sandra. Avery, who those of you who follow this series know, was Anna's vampire lover in book one that she killed after he kidnapped and nearly drained David to death. Now Sandra is possessed by Avery who wants redemption on Anna by killing her.This book is written in a soap opera form, which I didn't much care for. Anna and Max end their relationship after Max learns what happened to her. Anna and Chief Williams are on the point of no return since Anna doesn't trust him. Williams still believes that Anna has a destiny that she has to come to grips with. David and Anna are near a breaking point as well, since he still doesn't know about what happened to her 6 months ago when he nearly died, and she was turned into a vampire. Overall, a so so book number 3 in this series. I would say the only place where it caught my interest was between Anna and the werewolves.

  • April
    2019-02-25 11:29

    This Anna Strong novel is basically a continuation of the previous three novels, even more than usual… if that makes any sense. The side story in this book, Gloria being arrested for the murder of her partner and David finding out about her true personality, was really not that interesting to me. I’m not intrigued at all by Gloria’s character and David just annoys me because he blames Anna for Gloria being a ‘witch’. So that’s really all there is to the side story this time.The main storyline, however, was a little better. If you’ve read any of the previous novels (and you really should to understand the plotline in this one) you remember Avery’s death in the last novel. Apparently, he has become something of a bodysnatcher in this book. Which, honestly, I was a little disappointed to read. It seemed like Stein was stretched a little thin on this one, making a story out of very little and adding a lot of filler. Which is probably why the book is so slow in the beginning and, although it does pick up there was still not as much action as in previous novels. That is the draw for this series… The romance scenes are PG-13 at best so I kind of feel like that’s all Stein has with this character (even though she usually writes action very well). That being said, I really have enjoyed the series and I feel like even though Stein’s writing is a little simplistic, so far the series has turned out really entertaining. I will continue to read Anna Strong novels because the character is so great and past novels were all night reads. Maybe I’m being too hard on this book, but I was expecting a little more. In a nutshell, it was ‘ok’ and worth reading this book to keep up with the series. I guess.

  • Wendy Hines
    2019-02-18 12:29

    Anna Strong is still coming to terms with being a vampire. Turned against her will, she wishes to live among humans, despite her new restrictions. Granted, she takes care of her blood-lust inconspicuously, but she still hasn't let her family know about her nightlife.Anna is also a bounty hunter, but in this installation, she isn't hunting. Instead, her partner David's ex-girlfriend Gloria needs her help. Gloria is being framed for murder and she wants Anna to figure out who actually did the crime so she can be released. Meanwhile, Anna's family suddenly inherits a wine chateau in France and wants to move their immediately. Anna isn't sure how to break the news to them that she won't be going with them. Anna is also meeting with a werewolf who wants the property that Anna's sire Avery left her. Even though she has no desire to keep the property, she can't stay away from the beautiful Sandra when she requests to meet. Something isn't right with the situation, and Anna will need all of her wits if she wants to remain in her current lifestyle.After reading the first three books in this series, I was really looking forward to Legacy. Even though Anna is slowly evolving into a strong character, the plot was thin and weak in this installation. But that won't deter me from reading the next in the series! I love watching how Anna acts and reacts in her world.

  • Vickie
    2019-03-12 06:30

    Each Anna Strong books gets even better. I started to read this one last month, found that it takes place over Christmas, so held off until December for my Holiday reading. Granted, not exactly 'Peace Love Dove' Christmas, but I rarely read the PLD Christmas books during December. No, I meander off and read mysteries of all nature..paranormals prevail...set in December.Anna is still dealing with her vampire-ness and that includes keeping it from her family and friends. It gets difficult how to come up with the excuses to not have meals (what with her liquid diet) and not shaking hands (perpetually cold skin). Now there's the werewolf bitch who is marking territory she thinks Anna has intruded on. Anna's not sure how to deal with her. She doesn't want anything to do with Avery's property, but can't get the WB to understand this concept. And Anna has been hired to help prove Gloria innocent of murder...Gloria, evil bitch fashion model who is Anna's PI partner, David's, girlfriend...Gloria who doesn't like having Anna in David's life and has done a lot of things in the past to make her go away. Now she needs Anna's help. This should be sweet revenge to Anna and say no, but she feels compelled to help...for a price..... Five kick ass beans.....

  • Paris
    2019-02-23 10:22

    The Anna Strong series is a lot like the Mercy Thompson series, fun, light reading with characters that I just hadn’t found myself fully invested in until late in the series. It wasn’t until book six, Chosen, that I finally found myself carrying about Anna and the people around her (a lot like with the Mercy series where I didn’t feel like I cared much until book five, Silver Borne). It seems like the first 5 books were filled with world building and situations that finally got Anna to where the series really should have jumped off. The author could have easily squeezed the first five books into two or three, but then maybe she hoped that drawing it out would allow the reader to become invested in the characters and what happened to them. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work for me. I was able to breeze through each book in a day and it wasn’t necessarily because I was dying to see what happened next, the only exception to that was book six, where I really needed to know what happened to Anna.The books are easy reads and definitely interesting and fun, so I would recommend anybody who likes Urban Fantasy read this series. And I hope that now that we’ve reached an interesting point in Anna’s life, that the rest of the books in the series follow suit.

  • Katy
    2019-02-23 08:34

    It has been awhile since I read this Anna Strong Vampire Bounty Hunter series so I can't go into detail. I read the first 5 books while on summer vacation traveling in the car. They were quick easy reads and interesting enough to keep me wanting to keep going. However, I was repeatedly irritated with the main character Anna Strong. I felt she was repeatedly making stupid mistakes due to her pride. She was always out to prove how she could do it on her own, never accepting help, and of course always getting herself in deeper because of it. She spent too much time denying what she was instead of learning how to be better at it. So many times I wanted her to just let down her guard and be a better team-player. She does team up with characters throughout the series to solve various mysteries, but it is never an easy relationship. She’s the kind of character you feel like you know why her relationship don't work out. This series centers more on the cases she has to solve than her personal life. There are glimpses of sex and heat but it is not a focus. Mostly I start feeling sorry for her by the end. Since then however, more books have come out so I will need to read them and see if things start turning around for her or not.

  • Leslie
    2019-02-24 05:23

    This is the 4th book in the Anna Strong series. I have enjoyed these books. I must, I keep on reading them.I have to agree with some other reviews, in so much as Anna doesn't seem to learn from her mistakes. And since the story is written from Anna's point-of-view, we get to listen to her debate all the diffrent reasons she shouldn't do something. And then see her turn around and choose to act on the very worst decision,over, and over, and over.I think one of the reasons that I keep reading these books, is because of Anna's many diffrent relations with various men. She gets regected all the time, yet it doesn't seem to faze her. I on the other hand, as a reader, feel really sad for her. Example: Her Ex-Boyfriend Max, breaks up with her because she is a vampire, but then we find him in Mexico, letting another vampire feed from him, while having "relations". That being said, I am going to start the 5th book. I wonder who Anna will "date", be turned down by, become best friends with, or have sex with.

  • sabisteb
    2019-02-22 08:08

    Es ist Weihnachten (14. Dezember , also 6 Monate nach Band 1), Anna versucht ein so normales, menschliches Leben wie möglich zu führen, was ihr auch halbwegs gelingt, mit Ausnahme der Einladungen zum Essen ,die sie immer irgendwie umgehen muss. Insgesamt ist sie mir in diesem Teil zu menschlich, sogar der Fall ist menschlich: Gloria hat Mist gebaut und gerade Anna soll ihr aus der Patsche helfen.Die Übernatürliche Welt kommt zu kurz, kaum Chief Williams, fast kein Max aber dafür ein paar Werwölfe und ein guter, alter, totgeglaubter Bekannter.Man erfährt etwas über die Geschichte und den Mythos der Erschaffung der Vampire und Werwölfe, aber dafür bleibt der Witz, der die Vorgänger ausgemacht hat, auf der Strecke.Die Aussicht auf die nächsten beiden Bände sind jedoch besser, es gibt Hinweise, dass Anna ihre Verbindungen zu Menschlichkeit nach und nach kappt, die Geschichte gewinnt dadurch hoffentlich wieder ein wenig an Fahrt.Deutlich schwächer als Band 2 und 3 aber fast so gut wie Band 1.

  • Martina the Book Fairy
    2019-02-19 10:11

    This is an urban fantasy series featuring Anna Strong, a bounty-hunter, recently turned vampire. In this book, Anna is stretched pretty thin. She's hired to help one of her worst enemies in a murder investigation, a werewolf is in town claiming to be Avery's wife, she discovers that her so-called "friends" in the paranormal world are keeping secrets from her, and she's under pressure from her family to be around more for the holiday season. This one has been sitting on my shelf for awhile and after reading it, I remember why. I really find it pretty mediocre. It's still a fun, easy, read, but there's too many little sub-plots in the story and none of them are explored in enough depth AND they're wrapped up at the end too prettily. The book just feels . . . shallow. Of course, it doesn't help that I simply don't like much about Anna or her relationships, either. Still, I find myself wanting to keep with the series until the end. Whether I will buy the next one or not hasn't yet been determined.

  • BookNerdette
    2019-02-26 06:26

    Whoa, this book is full of repeat material and the new material is dull.I wrote this when I made it to CHapter 51. "Ready to finish this book. I read to travel and to escape this life, but this book has been humanly boring. Family drama, friend drama, co-worker drama, eatting drama, ex-boyfriend drama, and on top of all this she is ignoring she is a vampire, like it will go-a-way. So hence reason I give a three star to all this humanly boring drama. I was hoping by the fourth book she would have her issue resolved about being a vampire. UGggghhhh, she tires me running around in circles telling me the same storys over and over. I skimmed more this book than I did with book three. Yes I was torn if I didn't like book three because of the material or my life-changes. So I picked up book four... but quickly learned it is the material. So this is my last book in this series. Too many other books calling me.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-01 10:13

    This series is okay but it just doesn't do enough for me. The best one so far was Watcher, so I had hopes that the series was finally starting to take off and things were really going to start happening in Anna Strong's world. This book left me disappointed. The author just seems to have no direction for the series, or is trying to draw out revelations and relationships and storylines so long that I am just losing interest. I want to know the other characters better. I want more significant things to happen. Max finds out Anna is a vampire at the end of the last book and I think, "finally, something to force the relationship between Anna and Max to change!" But all we get is a whimpy 1-page accidental meeting with Max at the beginning of the book and then no mention or thought is directed towards his character at all. The author forgets we want to see something happen between them, or between Anna and SOMEONE, but all the characters remain stagnant and so does the storyline.

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2019-02-21 12:34

    This is the fourth Anna Strong book. Man, do I love this series! It's totally engrossing and kick ass. Anna's one tough vamp. I love her cocky attitude - with a little thread of fear and vulnerability beneath it all. A lot has changed for her in this book, and she gets herself caught up in an ordeal she never expected - helping Gloria. David's girlfriend and Anna have never seen eye-to-eye, but now she needs Anna's help to prove her innocence. And boy, what a ride!Loved it! Kept me guessing until the end. Enjoyed the werewolf stuff, too. Love the little twist. Both of the supernatural and human kind. Wonder how France is going to get worked into future books. Okay, that's it. I can't say anymore without adding spoilers. ;)Just check it out for yourself. Jeanne's an awesome author!

  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    2019-03-21 09:15

    I really enjoy this series and I was lucky to find the library had the ebook. I finished Book 3 and 5 minutes later had downloaded this one. Yes, I was a bit devourish of books yesterday.I like the series, the characters, especially the moral fiber of Anna the main heroine. I have some things I wish would happen but they are kind of spoilerish. Let's just say I wish she was honest with David and I kind of would like to see her have more of a relationship with Culebra. There's something about him. Also, I thought this book would answer some things that didn't happen at the end of book 3 and it totally didn't. I wonder if we will ever know those things. I'm already starting to feel the panic that there are only a few more books in this series that are written. That's a good sign meaning I like them.

  • Tabitha
    2019-03-10 10:36

    I so so wanted to give this book five stars! I just couldn't bring myself to do it though. It started off with lots of promise. The sexual tension between Sandra and Anna was great, David finally seeing Gloria for who she really is, and Trish becoming a part of Anna's family. I just hate how the author leaves me hanging! One minute you are wrapped up in the plot then the next everything is over! Wrapped up in nice neat little package and I'm left scratching my head. And what's up with David's back story??? In the first book he played for the Raiders then its the Broncos. Does the author even remember what she wrote about in the first three books or does she just sit down and write all Willy nilly???

  • Chantelle Larson
    2019-03-05 08:35

    Another exciting and action packed installment in a very addictive series.Each time I read her I get a little more entranced by Anna. She is intelligent, charming, brave and realistic. I love how the author portrays her, as something more than human but someone who is still struggling to retain her humanity. This book I found to be probably my least favorite so far in this series, though it was still a great book and worth a read I found it had more leg work than the action of the last ones. Also, the ending and confrontation with our antagonist was anti-climatic and over much too quickly.Overall; another great addition to a series that is sure to please any reader who loves a story full of mystery, action and intrigue with a respectable and strong female lead.