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Relive the legendary first journey into the dystopian future of 2013 where Sentinels stalk the Earth and the X-Men are humanity's only hope... until they die! Also featuring the first apperance of Alpha Flight, the return of the Wendigo, the history of Cyclops... and a demon for Christmas!?...

Title : X-Men: Days of Future Past
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X-Men: Days of Future Past Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2019-03-08 10:08

    One of the strongest X-Men stories everThis edition not only include the main story "Days of Future Past" but also several issues before and after of the story. This particular collected TPB contains "Uncanny X-Men" #138 - 143 and also the "X-Men" Annual #4. So, my rating is an overall average based on the sum of all individual ratings per story.Creative Team:Chris Claremont (Writer) & John Byrne (Illustrator), both co-plottersAlso: John Romita, Jr. (Illustrator) (in the Annual)ELEGYUncanny X-Men #138Rating: ***** ( 5 stars )...Here I sit...alone! Now, for the first time, I realize how it must have been for the Professor all these long months...always apart, always alone...This is an astonishing account of the major events of the X-Men history since its beginning to date (1981) narrated by not other than Scott Summers aka Cyclops!, the leader of the team. Told from his personal point of view, he takes the audience in an uncanny journey through the happiest and saddest moments. All done in one single issue! Definitely a marvelous reading.NIGHTCRAWLER'S INFERNO X-Men Annual #4Rating: **** ( 4 stars )Good evening. My name is Stephen Strange. I am a... physician. I believe I am expected.Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner is celebrating his 21st birthday but an unexpected gift takes his soul to a hellish place that only the guest starring of Doctor Strange can help to the X-Men to go there and to help to save Nightcrawler's soul! ...SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES! & RAGE! Uncanny X-Men #139 & #140Rating: *** ( 3 stars )I fought that monster durin' my first mission, as Wolverine, for Department "H". My first mission-- My only failure. I'd been sent to deal with the Hulk.While, Professor X and Storm are doing their best efforts to make feel at home to the newest member in the X-Men, Kitty Pryde; Wolverine travels to Canada, to make peaces with his old friends, James MacDonald Hudson (Vindicator) and his wife, Heather Hudson. Nightcrawler signs up to go along with Wolverine.When Wolverine and Nightcrawler are able to reach James MacDonald Hudson aka Vindicator, he is on an official mission of Alpha Flight, the Canadian government's sanctioned super-hero team. Alpha Flight is tracking a mysterious monster and the team is decimated due some members are away in another mission over USA, so Vindicator is having only Shaman and Snowbird. Soon enough, Wolverine knows that the monster has to be the Wendigo, which he has some reckoning to do, so he offered his help to find the monster.DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Uncanny X-Men #141 & #142Rating: ***** ( 5 stars )Our actions may not make things better--for humanity or mutantkind--but they cannot make them worse.One of the most famous and celebrated stories of the X-Men titles, if not the best, or the only one able to compete against The Dark Phoenix saga, but taking in account that Days of Future Past was developed in only two comic book issues, that's something astonishing impressive!Those "good ol' days" where creative teams aren't mandated by the publishing house to extend any storyline to 6 issues at least thinking already in the marketing of the trade-paperback. (Notice that here, Marvel needed to "fill up" the TPB edition with other issues to be to able to charge what they want for the TPB)1980: Kitty Pryde is 13 and a half years old, making her the youngest student ever included into the X-Men team so far. She is the newest addition to the team. She is shy and sweet.2013: Kate Pryde is 43 and a half years old, making her one of the very few mutant survivors after the Sentinels took over the country. She is the only hope to save humanity and mutantkind. She is outspoken and driven.The Fantastic Four are dead. The Avengers are dead. The X-Men are mostly dead. And only like 5 mutants are still alive but living in concentration camps. The Sentinels are ruling USA.A crucial moment, in 1980, was the trigger to this dark future, so the solution is clear... the past must be changed! So a bold plan is forged to send the "conscience" of the old Kate Pryde to reach the body of the young Kitty Pryde, back in the past, to prevent that that future may ocurr.Literally there was a "before" and an "after" in the X-Men's comic book history with the publication of this story.DEMON Uncanny X-Men #143Rating: ***** ( 5 stars )Finally, they're all gone. Omigosh! What am I saying?! They are all gone! I'm all alone!Shy and sweet Kitty Pryde is all alone in the X-Mansion, but soon enough she will have a lethal visit and she will have to deal with it all by herself!A lonely remmant of the N'Garai monsters reaches the X-Mansion and it's up to Kitty to defend home against this nightmarish creature!

  • Brandon
    2019-03-15 05:19

    This collection is labeled as “Days of Future Past” but seeing as the feature presentation is only a two issue story, there’s a great deal of padding on either side of it and while DOFP is tremendous, everything else in here kind of sucks.Before the stories even begin, we’re given a massive amount of history bringing us up to date on what has been going down in the X-Men universe. We’re treated to lots of epic storytelling involving the birth of Phoenix, the death of many mutant brethren, and Cyclops’ departure from the group, leaving Storm as team captain.From there, we’re thrust into a story involving Doctor Strange and the team's venture into a version of Hell inspired by Dante’s Inferno. Nightcrawler is accused of murder and his punishment is brought about by a demon. Sounds cool, right? Well, I was bored to tears and this is mostly due to the horrifically bad dialogue. Tip to Chris Claremont - when you’re using a visual medium like comic books, there’s no need for your characters to tell the reader every single thing they’re doing using the very limited space you have for dialogue. Let the images carry you.The Days of Future Past story line itself was fantastic and I’m beyond excited for the big screen adaptation in just a few short weeks. From the trailers I've seen, it looks like the screenwriters are playing around with a few of the roles each character has in the original story - which is fine by me. I already have a deep rooted appreciation for anything post-apocalyptic and Claremont and company really nail it. Again, aside from a few complaints about dialogue, DOFP is one of the great stand-out X-Men tales I've read.The final story involves Christmas and while that’s all well and good in playing to my inner Christmas fanatic, it was in a tough spot having to follow the book’s title track.If you’re interested in brushing up on the original source material for Marvel’s upcoming X-Men big screen presentation, pick this book up and skip everything else inside. DOFP is the only thing worth checking out here.Also posted @ Every Read Thing.

  • Sr3yas
    2019-02-24 08:09

    Welcome to "Days of future past" arc from 1981 (which inspired 2013 epic movie version which surpassed all expectations) aaaaand four other totally unrelated stories!We pick up the story right after "Dark phoenix saga" and find ourselves reading over 25 years of X-men history in 20 pages.And we call him Giant Potato!Right after that painful chapter, Cyclopes takes an extended leave of absence and X-men adds a new member to their team: Kitty Pryde!In second story, X-men along with Benedic...uh.. I mean Doctor Strange goes to Dante's hell to save Nightcrawler on his birthday! *My birthdays are never this exciting, damnit.* Nothing exceptional here.. Move along! In third story, Wolverine and Nightcrawler travels to Canada to handle some unfinished business and ends up fighting Wendigo! This is the second best arc in this book after DOFP!Uh.... Sure it is, Logan.And then comes the fourth and the most exciting story of this book, Days of future past! Kitty pryde projects her mind from 2013 to 1981 to avoid a horrible attack which results in extermination of mutant kind! The stakes are high, time is running out. Will they make it? Pfft, of course they do!And as always, they saved the worst arc for the end. Kitty Pryde is alone in X-Men mansion on Christmas eve and guess who decides to show up? Not Santa, but alien from 'Alien' movie!*Marvel: It's not an alien, they are the elder gods , the accursed N'garai!*Whatever, man.. They totally look like Alien (chasing young Ripley?)Overall, the writing sometimes lacks to deliver and the dialogs are dated. But the story is still full of heart and tries to deliver a good read.And Wolverine never gets boring. That helped too!

  • Brad
    2019-03-03 04:19

    Man oh Man! My memories of Days of Future Past were about as inaccurate as I've ever seen my memories be. To be fair to myself, I was eleven when it came out 32 years ago, and I only read it one time, and I've never owned a copy of the original. I read it at a friends house, so I suppose I shouldn't have an expectation of clear memories, but still ... it was a surprise to read it again and see just how far removed my brain was from the reality. First, I remembered the story being big. HUGE, in fact. But it spanned only two issues: X-Men #141-142. Second, I remembered Kitty Pryde, Colossus' Katya being more epically impressive; instead, she was heroic and cool, but in an understated, almost maternal way. Third, much of what I thought was part of the arc -- the rise of the Sentinels, the Trasks, Rachel Summers, Nimrod -- either happened before or after these two issues. Finally, I was sure Professor X was an important part of the tale, but Storm, Mystique, Kitty, Colossus, Wolverine and Franklin Richards were all much more important than the bald professor. Yet reading it again wasn't in anyway a disappointment. It is a cool tale, and it is easy to see why so many writers have gone back to those issues for inspiration, and some have even added to the "Days of ..." mythology, which is, I suspect, precisely what Brian Singer is hoping to do with his monster-sized Days of Future Past X-Man movie -- add to the mythology. I just hope he doesn't fuck it up because this is a wonderful, compact and thrilling tale. Kitty Pryde is a heroine with brains (she's a genius, after all), and the dystopian 2013 (yep. it's set in our current year) is creepy with very little effort. Muties in concentration camps, and Sentinels (drones) policing the movements -- and dampening the powers -- of the few mutants still wandering the Earth, and Wolverine leading the resistance from Canada, and two fights happening in two times to make the most horrible of futures impossible combine to make Days of Future Past one of the most unforgettable entries in Claremont/Byrne's phenomenal collaboration (topped, for me, only by Dark Phoenix Saga).Yep, we named our youngest Katya because of my love for Kitty Pryde, and this arc is a huge part of the reason why.

  • Keely
    2019-02-23 09:17

    This was a rather misleading collection. First of all, what you need to understand is that this volume only officially contains the two issues concerning the time-traveling storyline that has been known now as a classic Claremont must-have. The rest were supplemental ones. Comprised of issues #138-143 of The Uncanny X-Men line plus the Annual #4 with Dr. Strange, this volume of Days of Future Past is actually less about the famed story arc mentioned. It mostly offers us great character material concerning Kitty Pryde, the newest and youngest member of the X-Men. This also picks up events after Jean Grey's The Dark Phoenix saga which was why issue #138 features a tribute to the life and times of the said fallen heroine as told in the perspective of her lover Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, as well as the history of the sixties X-Men.It's worth mentioning that Cyclops also takes a sabbatical leave to grieve Jean properly so the leadership role goes to Ororo Munroe (Storm) in his abrupt absence. With the loss of Jean Grey comes the advent of one Kitty Pryde, a thirteen-year-old mutant and aspiring superheroine who can go through any solid surfaces as her power. The next issues (#139-140, Annual #4, #143) were devoted to her character development where she slowly finds her way into the schematics of her second family, trying to fit in and learn combat skills to enhance her mutant abilities. I suppose I understand why this volume had to include these issues since they are vital in understanding and sympathizing with this new character. After all, she will eventually play a key role for issues #141-#142 which are the Days of Future Past installments. Yes, only two issues.If you have seen the movie adaptation first last year, know by now that the content of comics counterpart was very much different than what we have seen on screen. In this Claremont tale, it was Kitty Pryde who takes the center stage and travels back in time through the help of Rachel Summers so she can warn her comrades about the Brotherhood of Evil Mutant (led by Mystique) and their nefarious plans to assassinate Senator Kelly which prompted the deadly re-launch of the Sentinels project. Once that project comes into fruition, the mutant-hunting killer robots become unstoppable which cost so many lives of the X-Men which was why a thirty-something Kitty travels back to 1980. Funny enough, the distant future she comes from was 2013.When Kitty-from-the-future takes over, she possesses the newbie version of herself who now has to convince her comrades of the threat in the future if they didn't stop the Brotherhood. The two issues that feature this storyline were compact and action-driven, with enough fight scenes to sustain the excitement and drama of the scenes. At this point, I've been invested on Kitty as a character and I'm glad she was so dynamic and relatable, as oppose to an obvious Jean-replacement which she is clearly not. Claremont did a fine job establishing how important her role is in the present by showing us how she's growing as an X-Men recruit (notably in issue #143 where she single-handedly defeats an alien enemy during Christmas; it pretty much served as her rite of passage), and this therefore gave some weight to her role in the future where she is one of mutantkind's last chance for survival. I would assert, however, that this volume would be disappointing if you're hoping to collect all of the DoFP-related material because the story arc honestly run only for two issues!Still, the truth for the matter is that if you have plans to read everything about Days of Future Past, then you're going to have to check out certain flashbacks and tie-ins from The Uncanny X-Men (#188-189, #192, #199, #202), Excalibur (#35, #52), and Wolverine Days of Future Past which has three issues. You may also want to check out Days of Future Present and Days of Futures Yet to Come for the posterity of it all if you like. As for this volume, I think I can recommend this to Kitty Pryde fans because I think the supplement issues are really more about her, but if you're more inclined to read something plot-heavy then just check out #141-142 issues by themselves.RECOMMENDED: 7/10DO READ MY REVIEWS AT:

  • J
    2019-03-19 08:24

    I was almost convinced that I would never finish this! It was thicker than the average volume and they just cram so much onto each page.But anyway, this was a good comic. However, I have to admit that it's a little misleading. Only two of the issues presented here are actually about the Days of Future Past storyline. There are like three or four issues that take place at the beginning of this volume that summarize the history of the X-Men and explain what happened in the Dark Phoenix Saga, which precedes this. There are a couple of issues that have random adventures, then the Days of Future Past story, then an issue at the end focused on Kitty Pride (who might be my new favorite after finishing this one).The artwork was good (It's vintage/old school/classic. It's almost good by default). The dialogue was pretty good for an older work. The plot was strong for something published decades ago. I'm glad I have read this so I have something to compare the movies too, and because it just expands my X-Men knowledge in general. I would consider this a must-read for X-Men fans.

  • Ronyell
    2019-03-15 10:07

    Brief Introduction: As I read through these older X-Men stories originally written by Chris Claremont, I wondered to myself about how the X-Men stories were like back then versus how they are now. The stories back then seemed to flow together nicely and the character interactions were fantastic and reading some of the newer X-Men stories currently being made, they seem to lose that magic that made them great in the first place. But enough about my little rant on the state of the “X-Men” comics nowadays, this is about the most popular story in “X-Men” history since “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” “Days of Future Past.” This graphic novel does contain the popular story “Days of Future Past” written by Chris Claremont with artwork by John Byrne, but it also contains issues 138 – 143, so there are multiple stories in this collection that were quite enjoyable!What is the story? This collection of stories takes place after the events of “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and the X-Men get into more adventures which includes the inclusion of a young Kitty Pryde into the X-Men! There are a total of six issues in this collection and therefore there are six stories that include:Elegy – After the events of “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” Cyclops decides to leave the X-Men in order to cope with Jean Grey’s unfortunate death.Nightcrawler’s Inferno – When Nightcrawler’s soul is stolen by an evil force in the Inferno, the X-Men along with Doctor Strange journey to the Inferno to save Nightcrawler’s soul from the evil forces of the Inferno.Something Wicked This Way Comes and Rage! – Wolverine and Nightcrawler journey to Canada and not only meet up with the mutant team Alpha Flight, but they also discovered that a monstrous beast named Wendigo is on the loose in the Canadian wilderness!Days of Future Past and Mind out of Time! – In this classic tale, Kate Pryde (who is Kitty Pryde in the future) goes into the past and takes over Kitty Pryde’s mind in order to warn the X-Men about the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants’ attempt at assassinating Senator Robert Kelly that will unfortunately cause a terrible chain of events that will cause the Sentinels to kill all the mutants in the future. The X-Men then try to stop the Brotherhood of Mutants from killing Senator Robert Kelly in order to prevent this terrible future from happening!Demon – On Christmas Eve, all the X-Men left the Institute to spend the holidays with their families, leaving Kitty Pryde by herself. Unfortunately, Kitty Pryde will soon realize that she is not alone in the Institute when a frightening demon comes to the Institute and tries to attack Kitty!What I loved about this comic:Chris Claremont’s writing: As usual with most of the older “X-Men” comics written by Chris Claremont, Chris Claremont’s writing was truly excellent and exciting! I loved the way that Chris Claremont makes sure that the readers understand what was happening over the years that the characters spent their time as the X-Men, especially in the first story of Cyclops telling readers about the events that happened while he was with the X-Men from the day he first became an X-Men to the death of Jean Grey when she turned into the Dark Phoenix. I also loved the way that Chris Claremont portrayed the relationships between the X-Men, especially between Storm, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler as all of these members have an extremely close relationship with each other and it was hilarious seeing the witty banter that takes place between Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler. I especially loved the way that Chris Claremont wrote the story “Days of Future Past” as it was the first X-Men story where the X-Men deals with an apocalyptic future that would soon inspire many other apocalyptic themed stories in the future and the dark and dreary mood of the dystopian world that that X-Men would face in the future was done extremely well and I often felt so much remorse for the X-Men as they had to survive in a world where mutants were becoming extinct. I also loved the story “Nightcrawler’s Inferno” as Chris Claremont clearly showed the close relationship between the X-Men and Colossus was just so awesome in that story!John Byrne’s artwork: John Byrne’s artwork was so fantastic and beautiful and I especially loved the appearances of most of the characters, especially of Kitty Pryde herself having a cute face and long and wavy brown hair (even though I often wonder why she is drawn with having a long face). I also loved the way that John Byrne illustrated the dystopian future in “Days of Future Past” as the world looks dark and dreary with images of buildings being worn down and Sentinels occupying everything in its mist.What made me feel uncomfortable about this book:The only problem with this collection of stories is that each story is a bit too long to read through as the pages are littered with information about what happened in past events and the characters are constantly talking about the limits of their powers and how they plan on defeating their enemies. Now, I love stories where there is so much information about the characters, but in a graphic novel or comic format, it might be a bit too much for new readers to handle and you might get a “brain burn” after you try to read all the information about the characters and the story itself.Final Thoughts: Overall, “Days of Future Past” is easily one of the most memorable “X-Men” stories next to “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “God Loves Man Kills” and I am definitely sure that “X-Men” fans will take delight in reading this story!Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-03-07 10:09

    Actually a short story collection with Days of Future Past being a two-issue story, Chris Claremont ensures you will hate the X-Men with his ultra-crappy writing and storytelling. Full review here!

  • Donovan
    2019-03-18 12:13

    This was funny! I just can't take these X-Men or their dialog seriously. I almost threw up from laughing so hard. There was like thirty pages of recap in the beginning involving all sorts of random shit, like a T-Rex and caveman villain, the whole Wendigo story (Sasquatch + Solomon Grundy + eating your frozen meat popsicle friends turns you into a tundra werewolf monster), and an evil pterodactyl man villain thing. Good laughs.Nightcrawler has a birthday where he gets a little crystal figurine of himself as a gift (no joke), probably from the Hallmark store. Guess what happens? He blows up (again, in a Harry Potter voice) and dies. He actually dies from this. Then Dr. Strange says "By the hoary hosts of hoggoth!"When the story actually begins (still not Days of Future Past) the X-Men go to "hell" (view spoiler)[(nope) (hide spoiler)] to try and find Nightcrawler. Dante's Inferno, etc. etc., circles of hell. Definitely borrowing here. But it made for interesting reading. We finally get to DOFP like a third of the way in, or at least it felt that way. This story is nothing like the movie but I really enjoyed it, just don't expect anything from the dialog. I feel like the greatest stories involve time travel. Back to the Future. Terminator (Arnold only). Other stories. So to summarize, sentinels basically run a police state America and it sucks to be a mutie (bumper sticker idea, Sucks to be a Mutie in 2013). Kate Pryde switches minds with herself from 2013 to 1980 to stop the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly and his anti-mutant legislation. The X-Men fight the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (with Mystique, cool to see her) and also try to defend the Senator before shit goes awry (doesn't it always) and the army sweeps in. Yeah, it works great...(view spoiler)[(nope. they fail hard. making this plot pointless?) (hide spoiler)]At the end of the DOFP storyline the time travel reverse and Kate/Kitty's whole thing was odd to say the least. "In the split-second, an abyss opens within Kate Pryde. Reality twists inside-out and, suddenly, she comes face-to-face with herself as a child.--so innocent, so vulnerable, so young. Impulsively she gives herself a kiss... [image not shown] ...and lets the winds of eternity sweep her home." I was like...Random thoughts: Why must everything be a proverbial something? The X-Men are always like "good thing I arrived in the proverbial nick of time," "well that was a proverbial good stroke of luck," "I saved you from the proverbial death stroke." This phrasing was a proverbial pain in the ass. Okay seriously, more disco?Thirteen year old Kitty Pryde says "Merry Christmas, sexy" to a thirtysomething? Peter Rasputin. That grossed the hell out of me. In poor taste, Claremont. So overall, the Days of Future Past storyline is pretty cool, I really like time travel stories, but there's a lot of buffer in this book. Like the Christmas story where the happy couple gets eviscerated by a demon but at least Kitty learns how to destroy everything the X-Men own. Yep. But hey, lots of unintentional laughs, too. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Petergiaquinta
    2019-03-12 09:36

    In my memory, this was so much better. I remembered it as an epic tale of X-men lore. Instead, 34 years later, it's an undeveloped and rather dull disappointment. It turns out the original story is only two issues long and nowhere as good as I recalled it. The cover art is great. The rest of it is just plain meh...and the other issues packaged with "Days of Future Past" in the graphic novel? They're awful: Cyclops gives a dull rehash of his career with the X-men before he takes some time off after Jean's death; Wolverine and Nightcrawler team up with Alpha Flight to fight the Wendigo (sounds promising, but nope); and demons, demons, demons...holy cow, enough with the stupid demons, Chris Claremont. It's the X-men, not Son of Satan or Ghostrider.

  • Ana
    2019-03-14 12:14

    Acabo de leérmelo para tener una referencia cuando estrenen la película en mayo, y solamente puedo decir... WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Es una pasada! La trama se me hace muy corta en solo 2 números, pero es muy intensa y te engancha desde el principio. La realidad alternativa en Days of the Future Past es un escenario que tengo muchas ganas de ver recreado en pantalla. Hay un pasaje al inicio del cómic en el que la Kitty Pryde adulta entra en el campo de mutantes donde los tienen presos y tiene que pasar por delante de un cementerio donde yacen todos sus amigos mutantes asesinados por los Centinelas, es muy heavy.. Merece mucho la pena!

  • Nicole
    2019-02-23 09:24

    I’ve seen all of the X-Men movies made up to this point except for one and enjoyed them for the most part. I haven’t read many of the books. I prefer the way the stories have been changed for the films, although some of the characters’ personalities are better developed on the page. I’m not a big fan of the storytelling style of this collection.Things I did like: Quite a bit of diversity among the characters in terms of gender, country of origin and religion. Lots of girl power. A Canadian superhero squad (Wolverine’s former teammates), including a guy whose spandex suit fabulously features a maple leaf! Lots of quippy Wolverine dialogue.Hey!/Aw, man... They put a super-villain prison in New Mexico (I like to see my home state mentioned)--but misspelled the city. It’s Deming, not Demming.

  • Jenna Scherer
    2019-03-08 12:18

    Obvs the movie version needed WAY more Kitty Pryde.

  • Ben
    2019-03-21 05:08

    X-Men: Days of Future Past is a collection of classic X-Men comics that make up the famous Days of Future Past storyline. Hot on the heels of the the captivating Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past cemented the reputation of The Uncanny X-Men as one of Marvel Comic's flagship enterprises.Without spoiling the majority of the plot, Days of Future Past involves an apocalyptic future in which Charles Xavier's dream of harmony between mutants and humans has failed to materialize. Evil robotic sentinels, created by mankind to control the "mutant menace," roam North America enslaving the mutan population and despotically ruling the human one. Kitty Pryde, one of the X-Men, sends her consciousness back in time so that she can work with the present-day X-Men to prevent a series of events that, if not prevented, will lead to the terrifying future she comes inhabits. This is the classic X-Men time travel story and deals with all of the themes that made X-Men a great comic book series. Bigotry, racism, and the inability to understand the "other" lead to an apocalyptic future for the X-Men. The point could not be more clear. If we in our own society let the dark forces of prejudice rule, our own future will be as tragic as that of the X-Men. This particular collection, however, has some flaws. The original Days of Future Past is technically composed of Uncanny X-Men numbers 141 and 142. Perhaps to make the paperback feel more "hefty," Marvel chose to include several other issues involving the departure of Cyclops, the adventures of Wolverine and Nighcrawler in Canada, and the X-Men's Dante-esque descent to hell. All of these stories are interesting in and of themselves, but combined they detract from the uniqueness that is Days of Future Past. They are unconnected to it and unnecessary for this paperback.Still, for anyone interested in classic X-Men with prescient story-telling, Days of Future Past is well worth reading and enjoying.

  • Rob
    2019-03-15 07:36

    StoryThis book is a little hard to review. The title says Days of Future Past, but that's only 2 out of like 6 or so comics in this collection. Really just under 50 pages of the 184.The title story was enjoyable and I'm glad I read it. I wish they wouldn't have bothered with all the filler issues before and after though.Obviously I picked this up with the movie that was just released. I wanted to see how it compared to the original story. I forgot it was adapted for the 90's cartoon as well. I'd like to go back and watch that at some point.The basic plot is the same, even if a lot of the details are quite different. I does make for a good story.My recommendation is borrow this from the library and skip to just reading #141 and 142. I'd give the title story 4 stars and the rest 2 stars, hence my 3 star rating for this collection.ArtworkThe artwork is nothing special for me. It's not bad though. I grew up reading comics in the 90s and have only just started again with the likes of Saga, Volume 1 and Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft. It's really not fair to compare the art to either of those.

  • Melissa Jehnings
    2019-03-20 06:35

    I would have given this collection five stars, but didn't understand why the first two stories were included. "Elegy" was just a backstory about Jean Gray and "Inferno", while a very intriguing story (this is the first time I've read it), isn't part of the storyline. I actually got confused, thinking I had gotten the wrong collection, expecting it to be just the two issues for Days of Future Past. As a Kitty fan, I also enjoyed "Demon!" This was one of the first X-Men stories I had ever read after starting to read Marvel's Excalibur. My then-boyfriend was introducing me to Kitty Pryde as a character he thought I'd like. I LOVE Kitty and was thrilled to see her have such a large role in a pivotal storyline. When I re-read it, I hadn't realized that the storyline 30 years in the future was 2013. It was nice to refresh the story and I was thrilled to find Amazon had it as a Kindle book!I now wonder what the movie will be like. I haven't seen Rachel cast, but Ellen Page is retuning as Kitty. I also heard a rumor that it would be Mystique, not Kitty, that would be coming back to present day. I hope that's not the case. I'd recommend this as a good starter for current day X-Men story lines. I feel it has held up very well over time.

  • Wendy
    2019-03-21 05:33

    There are a few major storylines from the ‘80s X-Men that I missed out on. With the movie now in theatres, it was time to catch up on one of the more iconic ones. I was disappointed to discover that this collection is not entirely focused on the Days of Future Past storyline. Instead, it opens with Jean Grey’s funeral (the very first one!), with Scott basically going through flashbacks of the X-Men and his love for Jean. The Days of Future Past story does not take place until the second or third issue in the collection, and is surprisingly not very long. But the important thing is that it establishes where human hate of mutants can and will lead if the X-Men don’t do their job well. It’s an interesting storyline, but I think the impact is lost for me because of the brevity. While I knew all the characters, there wasn’t enough time to appreciate them within this timeline and therefore mourn their losses when I knew the events would be remedied a few panels later. That said, sentinels and the anti-mutant sentiment certainly did become a major issue for the X-Men after this, so the impact of the theme made it worth the read.

  • Mung Tombing
    2019-03-13 09:27

    The Uncanny X Men: Days Of Future(Panini books edition)Contents-.Elegy.Something Wicked This Way Comes.Rage.Days Of Future Past.Mind Out Of Time.Demon.Nightcrawler's InfernoAbove mention are the contents of the book. Well, Panani edition is a pocketbook size which is same as novel books size and to be honest i don't like graphic novels to be this small.Days of future past, i remember dying to read this book so bad and now that i finally read it i felt like i have been robbed. Not exactly what i expected it to be when you actually read it it's not complex as they meant it to be everything is so simple and boring but it does gave me knowledge on some of the important event in X-men history and that is the only plus point. So, it's a 2.5* for me.

  • Anthony
    2019-03-14 08:11

    Why did nobody tell Claremont he was writing comics and not prose? This is too wordy, which makes it a real chore to read. There's also the fact that only two issues of this collection are the Days of Future Past story, the rest is just put in because Marvel cant release collections with only two comics in them.

  • Mark
    2019-03-10 04:35

    Forgot home interesting the X-Men are. Well rounded characters. Tight plot. Hope they don't stretch the movie into three hours of dull

  • Adriana Scarpin
    2019-03-05 11:32

    Acho que não tenho mais paciência para ler coisas da Marvel...

  • Pinkerton
    2019-03-14 10:25

    English (but not so good) / ItalianoA brief but substantial summary of X-Men history, the exciting Canadian adventure (someone said Wendigo?) and the very known 'Days of Future Past'. Result = a great volume!ItalianoUn breve ma sostanzioso riassunto della storia degli X-Men, l’eccitante avventura canadese (qualcuno ha detto Wendigo?) e l’arcinota ‘Giorni di un futuro passato’. Risultato = un gran bel volume!

  • Lola
    2019-03-18 08:26

    i'm going to dnf this now, it was not what i expected, didn't follow any aparent storyline/arc, at least to me; maybe i'll pick it up again when i'm bored and actually finish it

  • Rohan Chaubal
    2019-02-26 11:29

    If you are reading this book post 1995, It will be hard to appreciate the impact it has had on Science Fiction, and Story telling in general. One wouldnt stray very far from a similar analogy of reading Edgar Rice Burroughs "A Princess of Mars" story today and exclaiming out loud, "so whats the big deal about this story? Its just a rehash of stories which we have allready read". So many other stories have used the plot point which was first used here, that now this story would seem old, stale, and dated, even though claremont and Byrne were the first to do it.Chris Claremont and John Byrne tell a story for the ages here. SOme of the story elements are corny, but hey, this is a 80s comic, what do you expect. Other than that, this book set the bar for telling time travel stories, and non linear story telling in particular. It was the first instance of a story in which a protagonist from the future travels back in time to avert a catastrophe in that future. (suddenly the terminator dosent look all that novel & innovative now, does it?)The way this story is told, is absolutely innovative for its time, incorporating non-linear story telling as a device. Now that I have explained the important position this story holds in Sci-fi, lets answer the main question "But yea it may be the first, but does that necessarily translate into a good read?" Well in this case, its absolutely true. This is one of the best X Men stories ever told, and that goes a long long way in a franchise filled with fantastic stories. The story begins with a Mature, aged Kitty Pryde in a dystopian future sending her consciousness back in time with a dying Jean Gray's help, to warn her past self about an impending disaster in the future. In the future Kitty Pryde's timeline, the world is ruled by the sentinals, mutants are hunted, most of them are dead, and now the sentinals have their eyes set on all of humanity, since humanity gave rise to mutants in the first place. Now that there are no mutants to eradicate, they are going after the next best thing: Humans.Future Kitty Pryde wants her past self to avert the killing of Senator Robert Kelly in the past, which is the catalyst for the Government passing a resolution banning all Mutant rights and interning them in Mutant Camps, and activating the sentinals to hunt all mutants who refuse to be interned in the concentration camps. This results in all kinds of mayhems, and the XMen and the brotherhood of mutants uniting in the fight against the sentinels.This comic book storyline has it all: OOdles of pathos, great action and fight scenes, and above all, It showcases the man behind the mask that is The Wolverine. It shows just how vulnerable he is, even though he is ultimately invincible. The story telling itself is quite novel and nuanced for a format like a comic book, and might surprise prudes who dont think of comic books as an art medium.Overall, If you like intelligent story telling, coupled with great humour, heart, and all the ideals which form the basis of comic book superheroes, this is one of the finest story you will read. Do yourself a favour, and pick this story up immediately.

  • Greta is Erikasbuddy
    2019-03-10 10:19

    I just heard this is what the next FIRST CLASS movie is gonna be based on.Will we have Wolverine?!!^^^^^I wrote that a while ago. Not sure when but a while ago ;)SOooooo..... THe movie has been made and YES!! Hugh Jackman was back to play Wolverine. But, it's not out yet so... IS BACK to play Wolverine.ANnnnnnd!!I asked for this book for Christmas, and made an Amazon Wishlist and everything just like my hubz asked me to do, and on Christmas Eve he says "You have an Amazon Wishlist?!!" LOL!! So, needless to say, because my library doesn't have this book I bought the Kindle edition on sale for $3.99. I thought it was worth the cash :) Plus, hey... it was a gift to myself and can keep on giving because my son can read it now.I really dug how this started off with everything that has happened to the X-men up until well... then. It recapped the whole Phoenix thing. And the new X-men team members, and the exit of Cyclops running off to mourn and find himself and stuff.So, then Kitty Pryde comes around and we start calling her Sprite. Sooooo.... when does she become Shadow Cat? Also, doesn't she have a dragon or something? Where can I read about that?Kitty is 13 and a million times we are told she is the youngest member of the X-Men. YUP YUP! We are also told a million times about Storm and Wolverine's claws. I did find it very interesting when Nightcrawler and Wolvie went off to Canada. WENDINGO!!!The Days of Future Past story was very neat. I'm not sure I grasp who Rachel is but I'm sure someone can explain it to me. And zomg... so it ends with just passing through a body? Ummm... okey doke. But how are they going to do this in the movie, I wonder when Shadow Cat isn't going to be the main focus? Or is she even in the movie? I'm not real sure. I think I heard both things.But the fact that in Cyclops' recap of what happened while he was at Jean Grey's funeral totes tells us that it is possible for Professor X to come back because they thought he was dead during one of those times and apparently a clone or something was killed. Sounds too easy but who cares!! I'm cool with it ;PIt did leave me wanting to know more about Nightcrawler and Mystique. Are they related, perhaps? Also, would love to hear the story of Kitty, Colossus, and their kids during "Days of Future Past". That would be totes dystopian. Someone should do that!!

  • Jaq Greenspon
    2019-02-26 10:23

    I have to say, I remember reading these initial books when they came out in 80-81 and I remember being absolutely blown away by them. This was the introduction of Kitty Pryde, who, if you are a comic reader and my age, you had developed a massive crush on at just the right time in your formative years (it didn’t hurt she was Jewish, as I was, so, ya know, there was a bond). So it was with this sense of nostalgia I picked up the compilation (I refuse to call this a graphic novel – a Graphic Novel is a coherant story told in a visual medium with the depth of a piece of literature. It is not a mere collection of monthly comics bound together in a paperback format in the hopes of turning more people on to the comic form by giving it a high falutin’ name). The other reason for my return interest is the thought they are basing the next X-Men film (going by title alone) on this particular sequence of the comic history. Boy, was I disappointed. I know, we have to look at the comics in the context of their time and how important they were then, and I am, but still, the artform has come a long way. Not to mention the collection is slightly padded out with stories which really have nothing to do with the “Days of Future Past” storyline, including an issue long catch-up which, if the editros had really wanted us to know what was happeneing, they could have accomplished with a three paragraph piece of prose rather than a 28 page piece of clunky exposition. And speaking of clunky exposition... wow. I understand the need to keep the casual reader up to date with what’s been happening in the story (and I will admit, if you’re reading these issue by issue, it might even help a bit), but reading it straight through, you come out of it feeling that everyone who ever compared comic books to soap operas was 100% spot on. That all said, the two issue arc which actually hits the “Days of Future Past” stuff offers up some interesting discussion starters on political gain at the cost of human rights, congress vs. The White House and of course, causality and time travel. So while it wasn’t a bad read, like other pieces of literature I’ve tried to recapture recently from my youth, it might have been better to keep it as a distant memory rather than try to relive it.

  • Dang Ole' Dan Can Dangle
    2019-02-21 12:29

    Days of Future Past isn't as long an arc as its reputation might suggest. It's really only a 2 issues story. And it's really good. Those two issues are awesome. Getting to see a future X-Men (and the future of the entire Marvel Universe for that matter) in a dystopian 2013 is wonderful. it's well written with some fine art. Unfortunately, likely in order to sell this story as a $20 TPB, there are some mostly irrelevant issues added to pad out this collection. One issue is just a recap through Cyclops's eyes of the X-Men's history (great for new readers). Another follows the X-Men through Dante Alighieri's Inferno. Another is an Alien rip-off with Kitty Pryde as Ellen Ripley. You get the point. None of these issues are bad, they're as good as any other random X-Men issues, they're just not on par with the Days of Future Past story and they don't really fit properly in this collection. Favorite issues: Days of Future Past (#141)Best Cover Art: Days of Future Past (#141)Rating: 3.20 out of 5My other X-Men reviews:The X-Men, Vol. 1The X-Men, Vol. 2The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1X-Men: ProteusThe Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 2X-Men: The Dark Phoenix SagaX-Men: Days of Future PastX-Men: From the Ashes

  • Asciigod
    2019-03-07 11:25

    Reading this graphic novel a couple decades after I originally read the comics (probably in Classic X-Men...) a few things stand out to me.1) I'm shocked the total "Days of Future Past" story arc only comprised two monthly issues of Uncanny X-Men. The tale always loomed so much vaster in my memory. It's a testament to Claremont's skill as a writer that he condensed this big of an idea, in which so much really does happen, into however many pages with nary a loose thread.2) For goodness sake! Chris Claremont was the total package in comics authoring. His work on Uncanny X-Men in the early 90s is what originally drew me into "deep comics fandom". He was always praised as a great talent in what I read and heard back then, but re-reading with added maturity and sophistication was a revelation. His prowess was absolute. Month to month exposition is carried out gracefully. Dialogue and narrative text is verbose, but also not extraneous. His plotting was varying and unique. All of this is on display in the various plot arcs and standalone stories in this collection.3) As a kid raised on the Image Vanguard of Rippling Physiques and Exaggerated Poses, I absolutely slept on John Byrne's artwork. What a master he was during this era. Throwing up creative panel after creative layout and topping it all off with the best opening splashes this side of Will Eisner.Honestly, this could be a 5 star collection. I leave this 4/5 with the knowledge that there exist other, even more epic Claremont and Byrne collections lurking out there. And I'm very excited to get to reading them!Excelsior!

  • Tays
    2019-02-22 09:33

    Okay so this here is a classic for a reason. It has a ground breaking story and Chris Claremont told it in a way where I, as a reader, finds it thrilling. Nevertheless, the artwork, well given that this was made in the past it would've been okay. But at these times, well the artwork is well stuck in the 80's. It could've been better if Marvel redrawn all the art while staying true to the story Claremont originally wanted to tell. I mean, just to gather a lot more audience and a lot more interested fans of today in knowing a classic Marvel Comics event. Above all that though, this is a sci-fi story written for the audience in the 80's so it's quite understandable if this wouldn't give the same appeal to the fans just finding his way around the X-Men universe nowadays. It won't give the same impact because it wasn't written today. But this is quite great during it's prime, and like I said, this wouldn't be a classic for no reason. I'd recommend this to readers who wants to know the roots about the X-Universe for this was a major event back then. But if you just read your comics occasionally then don't bother for this would bore you to hell. Just read how the story went in Wikipedia or something.

  • Callie Rose Tyler
    2019-02-27 06:31

    3.25The ‘Days of Future Past’ storyline is really only 2 issues long, the issues leading up to that storyline are dull to say the least. All of these issues take place after the death of Jean Grey while Cyclopes is taking a leave of absence to be super emo and what not. Much of issue 138 is just recapping and I have to say that fighting Magneto sounds a lot less exciting in recap mode. It was pretty much a cycle of ‘we fought Magneto then he got away, then later he faced off again but he managed to escape…’Then there is the introduction of Kitty Pryde which is pretty uneventful. You spend time in Canada with Alpha Flight (Even Canada’s superheroes are lame) and the Wendigo, but nothing truly exciting happens.STILL this is a must read if only for issues 141 and 142 (days of future past) which is a pinnacle storyline for the X-men. As an added bonus you get issue #143 which is the Christmas special in which Kitty Pryde really proves she has what it takes to be part of the X-men. In short this is a must read for any X-MEN fan even if you just skip the first few issues of the compilation and get to the good stuff.