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Халк: Выжженная земля

Время безумия для Красного Халка закончилось. Теперь он должен доказать, что тоже может стать героем. Его первое задание - остановить программу "Выжженная земля", которую М.О.Д.О.К. и Лидер запустили, чтобы уничтожить планету. Ему помогают Халк и А-Бомба, но сможет ли новый гамма-силач Marvel остановить надвигающуюся катастрофу?...

Title : Халк: Выжженная земля
Author :
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ISBN : 30644469
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 184 Pages
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Халк: Выжженная земля Reviews

  • Martin
    2019-04-03 08:16

    Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman take over from Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, and Red Hulk doesn't miss a beat. From the first issue by the new creative team, we're back waist-deep in action, with Red Hulk being sent on missions by Steve Rogers to "make up for his time working with the Intelligencia". First up: dealing with the "Scorched Earth" protocols, put in place by MODOK and Leader in the event of their Master Plan failing (which, we all know, DID fail [see World War Hulks]). Team-ups with Iron Man, Thor, Namor, and A-Bomb, dealing with a virus-infected alloy and beating up creatures on a Monster Island. We also get the rebirth of MODOK and a fun stand-alone story that is best left unspoiled...This series is consistently delivering the goods, and this latest entry promises us many more good times to come... Fans of Hulk, don't pass it up!

  • Joe Young
    2019-04-12 13:12

    Jeff Parker - writerGabriel Hardman - IllustratorRed Hulk (AKA General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross) is in a secret prison after the Hulk and co. narrowly defeated The Intelligensia's plan for world domination, and reduced the formerly brilliant villains to men of pedestrian intellect. Now, seeking to redeem himself for the carnage he wrought at the behest of his former villainous masters, Red Hulk is employed by Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner to help combat the Intelligentsia's failsafe plan of unleashing disaster after disaster on the world in an effort to destroy what they could not rule.I enjoyed this graphic novel collection more than I thought I would. The storytelling was quite good and the art was consistently strong. I had dismissed the Red Hulk and multiple Hulk(s) storylines in the past, mostly because I strongly dislike Jeph Loeb's (writer of much of the Red Hulk/Incredible Hulk(s) stories) writing style. It felt like Mr. Loeb was simultaneously trying to do too much with The Hulk(s) and also dumbing things way down. However, it is not unheard of for one writer to create a character that seems one-note only to have future writers expand that character into one that is fleshed-out, interesting, believable and enjoyable (*cough* Deadpool *cough*). Thanks to the strength of this collection, I look forward to reading Mr. Parker's work in the future! Recommended for fans of the Incredble Hulk, super hero action or marvel comics. Worth a checkout at your local public library.

  • Gustavo
    2019-03-28 07:00

    Esta fue una elección medio rara para una colección de "Novelas Gráficas Esenciales" o lo que sea. Por un lado, la historia está bastante bien y es entretenida de leer (incluso las partes ridículas con Rick Jones a.k.a. Bomba-A). Es básicamente alguna variante del hulk pegandole a cosas y otras cosas pegándole a Hulk. Por el otro, este es creo que el tercer arco del personaje (el tomo comienza a partir del #25), y muchas de las cosas que pasan tienen un contexto que no está en los límites de este libro, y parece ser el comienzo de algo más, por lo que se siente como un libro de transición entre dos arcos más que un arco cerrado en sí mismo.

  • Kurahuma Yukama
    2019-04-15 07:58

    Deberia llamarse Plata Quemada !! Bastante malo, un caleidoscopio de Hulks (sale principalmente el Rojo, un poco del azul y muy poco del verde y el gris), y ensima al final cuando pensas que la historia da un giro copado te toman el pelo con una especie de reportero intergalactico que...vamos.... Tampoco estan buenos los dibujos, muchas ecenas de accion no se entiende que carajo pasa, lo unico bueno es que salen bastantes personajes (thot Iron Man Namor Capitan America, ademas de todos los hulks posibles).

  • John Wiswell
    2019-04-02 10:19

    I'm told Jeff Parker wouldn't write that sort of thing, but this reads like fan vengeance. Jeph Loeb introduced the Red Hulk as obnoxiously as possible, having him throttle established characters while spouting atrocious one-liners and outright violating continuity. In this trade, Red Hulk gets enslaved by Bruce Banner, has his butt kicked three times, by Iron Man, Thor and finally Namor, and is dissed by the Watcher. By the time of the Namor fight, it sure feels more like the comics readers are getting revenge rather than the characters.But Parker's Red Hulk is actually worth reading. At it's core, this is a neat idea: Thadeus Ross, who spent decades reviling and hunting the original Hulk, has now become one himself. His defenses and denials are stripped away. He revels in the empowerment even as he knows he's become what he hated. Parker adds to Ross's dilemma by keeping up the phantom of his daughter. If he plays nice, the government may let him see her again - if she even wants to. At this point she could be even more unstable than he is, and we are left to guess, and left with his hopes for a cathartic reunion.Scorched Earth is all setup, though. There is no payoff to his desire for reunion. We do not get to the bottom of all the terrorist plots he's dispatched to foil. This is a solid two hundred pages of Red Hulk punching things, heroes punching Red Hulk, and grand schemes merely getting hinted at. Gabriel Hardman's art, relying on fewer hard contour lines and Bettie Breitweiser's crackling coloring, makes it all quite pleasant to follow. The combination of these colors and bodies summons nostalgia, even though no oldschool period in comics looked this way. It's a trick that makes this look different from most Marvel titles. The dinosaurs, sea monsters and plague of cyborgs help, too.

  • Jon Arnold
    2019-04-11 07:12

    Or Red Hulk: What Happened Next.Scorched Earth is essentially an exercise in tying up all the loose ends from Jeff Loeb’s initial Red Hulk storyline and setting the new Hulk off in a different direction. Loeb’s story is essentially played out with the revelation of the Red Hulk’s secret identity, the rest is just plot. Jeff Parker finds the character a purpose; the old soldier Thunderbolt Ross, now freed of the plans of MODOK and The Leader, is true to himself by turning his powers in service of his country. His first mission is to defeat the Scorched Earth project, the backup plan left from their Red Hulk plot – apparently if AIM cannot have the world it will destroy it.What follows is a series of entertaining fights between the Red Hulk and some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters who all want a piece of Red Hulk for their own reasons. The test, of course, is whether Ross’s sense of patriotism keeps him on the straight and narrow. Whilst the outcome’s never really in doubt this is at least an interesting new wrinkle on how the Hulk powers might affect a person and outlines a few possibilities for the character’s future. As a bonus it provides a delicious final twist which puts a new perspective on previous events.The volume’s padded out with a one part scrap with Xemnu which involves both Hulks merging. It’s inconsequential, but decent character material. This may be standard Hulk fare of big fights with melancholy character interludes, but it’s a superior, entertaining version of it.

  • Ian Williamson
    2019-04-04 09:04

    Brilliant. It's weird, I've never been a massive Hulk fan, yet each story arc chosen by the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection has surprised me, and have all been thoroughly enjoyable. And this is no exception, building upon the foundations of the great Jeph Loeb, this charts the Red Hulks attempt at redemption, and it's not going to be easy. To the point where he's even fighting his partners, Thor admitting to hearing the whole message from Steve Rogers an early highlight. On top of this we get a highly fun back up story with Rick Jones that becomes part of the main narrative. It's an interesting dynamic seeing Ross and Banner dealing with each other in this new situation. And all comes to a head with issue #30, who ever said Red and Green should never be seems has never thought of a Red/Green hybrid Hulk. The artwork is amazing thorough out whether in the main storyline or the A-Bomb adventure. Thoroughly enjoyable!!!

  • Phillip Berrie
    2019-04-22 15:00

    For the sake of a few rare moments of interesting characterisation and the reveal of the real villain towards the end of the book I will give this 2.5 stars.Apart from those moments, this was just a huge slugfest between the Red Hulk and various other super-powered opponents strung together with a thin storyline about a doomsday plan set up by a pair of vanquished villains with little if anything changing for the world or the characters involved.As well as this, there was a cameo series with Rick Jones in his A-Bomb personae, which really did nothing for me. And I thought the last issue should have been forgotten about completely, it was an absurd story to get Ross and Banner seeing eye to eye about something they both care for the supposed sake of the planet. Your mileage may differ.In my opinion, this could (and should) have been done in a much better way.

  • Johnny Andrews
    2019-04-11 14:00

    Some really nice art work that brings each page vividly standing out. Story wise it's a fun ride for anyone who knows who the Red Hulk is as most of the people hate him. Along the arc is basically a team up in each issue presented here and again it works to have the likes of Iron Man or Namor beat up on Red Hulk to show that yes they are working as a team to stop this Scorched Earth crisis put into play by M.O.R.D.O.K and the Leader before they were reverted back to human status.But there is a huge difference between Red and Green and they have played on that quite well. However almost like a bonus issue, the Impossible Man turns up to film a rematch fight of the ages and Red and Green Hulk LITERALLY have to work together.

  • Travis Duke
    2019-04-16 10:21

    Red hulk is back and and a little more sensible thanks to Jeff Parker. Ross is still under lock and key but Banner has made a deal with him. Now Red Hulk is working with banner to help locate some Doomsday devices left over from their pals Leader and M.O.D.O.K. The story is pretty straightforward, locate devices and smash them to avoid earth's destruction. the collection of comics is a bit off base and the x-men part was way left field for this book. The A-bomb stories are O.K. they are more for a younger audience same with the art. I did like the M.O.D.O.K update and the watcher side story was somewhat interesting.I dint care for the literal mash up the end either, Nothing special but worth a once over.

  • Jacob
    2019-04-20 15:24

    Library copy. Nice that this series got a shot of adrenaline from the last couple books from a different writer. There are 3 stories going on: the over arcing one deals with the Red Hulk doing missions for Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers. It's got great, wonderful art by Gabriel Hardman. Next, there's a co-feature or backup story that's split in a couple parts that deals with Rick Jones AKA A-Bomb. I really liked the zany-ness of the art, it reminded me of Image's Chew. Finally, there was another co-feature that dealt with The Watchers. I liked that considerably less than all the rest because it's about boring Watcher characters. The last story brought back the original artist Ed McGinnis (issue #30) and while I liked it all right, it's too bad it wasn't a more serious or important tale.

  • Marco
    2019-03-25 09:58

    So much better than Loeb's run. It's a joy to see everybody taking a turn at returning some of the punishment they've taken from Rulk during the books early days, even if the Watcher's is uncharacteristically devious and evil.It is also very satisfing to see the Red Hulk being (re)turned into an actual character instead of just a gimmick for bad storytelling...

  • Paul-Jon
    2019-04-20 07:08

    Completely readable story that makes good use of the Marvel universe, while being vaguely fun and engaging. Tellingly, I can't remember much about it, and still have no real interest in the Red Hulk and his wooly power set. Speaking of 'wooly', he's just a non-evil General Eiling, right?I do not regret taking this out of the library, so there's always that.

  • Holden Attradies
    2019-03-27 15:18

    I really dug this volume. Red Hulk seems to be best as a supporting character, and this is a book where it's much more of an ensemble cast than any one hulk character taking main spotlight which worked out good. You get Banner and A-Bomb as great characters most of the time, side stories that fold into the main story, and everywhere you see Red Hulks actions coming back to bite him in the ass.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-03-23 15:18

    An amazingly mediocre offering from Jeff Parker. Almost every issue follows the same formula: Red Hulk gets into a fight with a hero, then they fight an earth-destroying problem together. Sometimes the order reverses. What is this, 1965??

  • Kaloyan K.
    2019-04-18 11:00

    Jeff Parker kicks ass!

  • Ondra Král
    2019-04-08 12:58

    Tuctová spotřební týmovka

  • Trey
    2019-04-18 13:26

    Other than finding out who the Red Hulk is, I didn't really get a lot out of this volume. It really seems like the whole character has jumped the shark at this point.

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    2019-04-15 13:18

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