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Bax is desperate. Recently widowed, he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him—but not his babies. At Mercy Hills, he finds the help he’d hoped for, but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him. He doesn’t want another alpha mate, or even any mate, though he knows that an omega has to have one. But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever mBax is desperate. Recently widowed, he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him—but not his babies. At Mercy Hills, he finds the help he’d hoped for, but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him. He doesn’t want another alpha mate, or even any mate, though he knows that an omega has to have one. But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever met, and the hope that had been crushed out of him begins to grow again in the warmth of Abel’s kindness and strength. Bax is a dream come true for Abel—smart, loyal, strong, and loving. Everything Abel’s ever looked for in a mate. Except the independent omega has no reason to trust an alpha and Abel’s going to have to work his way through layers of hurt if he wants to convince Bax he’s safe opening his heart. But to keep him, he’ll have to fight for him. Approximately 130,000 words in length, with a happy ending, some questions answered, and some hints about what's coming in the next couple of books....

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Abel's Omega Reviews

  • Tanu Gill
    2019-04-27 17:11

    This book was amazing! I loved Abel and Baxter, and I especially loved the four cuties - Fan, Teca, Beatrice, and Noah. The plot was well thought-out, and the story arc progressed perfectly.I loved how strong Abel was in almost all capacities, except for the dreader paperwork, which was actually something Bax was good at! It was sweet to read how they both felt relieved and useful when they settled into their routines. I enjoyed reading about how their relationship developed. The kids were not delegated to the background. They were right on the forefront, and I had such fun reading about their antics.It was extremely fun and heartening to read about Bax. He was such a strong character, who only ever got cowed when he felt his family was in danger. There wasn't much in terms of angst, except for emotional ones, but there weren't too dangerous events happening to make me feel like I was on the edge of a cliff and anything could happen then. And the characters weren't too multi-layered. Abel was pretty one-dimensional actually, though Bax had a spirit under the camouflage of putting up with a brute of an alpha before Abel.I truly appreciate that the author took time to make it a good length novel, because the hurried descriptions in the previous book left me dissatisfied. So it was doubly appreciated to read about so many details about what had happened around that accident in this book. Even though it was just a detailed description of a limited number of not-too-exciting events, the way it all was described made me hang on to each and every word. Sometimes, one feels in the mood for a light-hearted read, with not too much happening to boggle one's mind, and it fits the definition of that type of book perfectly!I had only a couple of issues:1. Even though Bax knew that when he got to a problem, it got resolved quickly and easily, even though he had no prior knowledge/experience of it, he didn't mention his ruminations with Abel. I kept waiting to read about it, because then they both could discuss and guess at Bax's powers.2. There were a LOT of typographical mistakes that should have been weeded out during the editing phase, but I enjoyed the story so much that I'm perfectly fine overlooking them. But I hope that this issue can be rectified in the future books.On a concluding note, the author has an amazing quality of binding the readers to every emotion of her characters, and I am simply holding on for the ride. This is one of the best shifter MPREG series that I've read. Keep up the good work! :-)

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-05-13 23:19

    Honestly, I've read a 1000 pages faster than I read this book. OMG.So much nothing.I didn't quit but there was so much time I didn't read either. Shame.Now I am stuck with a show I started gosh darn-it.

  • melek
    2019-05-07 16:10

    There is alot going on in this one Its longs then the first book And it has abit of everthing in this one.First i get to the story Bax is pregnant with 3 kids already he was in an loveless mating marriage.When his partner die leaves him with nothing and WHen they no one want the kids So in a deprate time His headed to mercy hills to ask for help. He gets thats and more. These alot going on but at least you have an idea how the world works in their world. And the rest of characters are great cant wait to read more about all. Just saw now these part 3 hope there will be more. So all in all a great story of bax and abel they are just perfect together. I relaised these story are not sort of same as the other shapeshifter books i read it is but also it isnt to me anyway which is good.

  • Diana
    2019-05-03 18:35

    While poking around in Kindle Unlimited, I happened on a number – more like an entire subgenre – of paranormal shapeshifter romance titles described as ABO or Alpha, Beta, Omega. The characters are primarily werewolves (with some exceptions), and structure their lives according to the ABO hierarchy: Alphas are the leaders, strong and aggressive, Betas are the ordinary men and women who make up the bulk of any social group, and then there are the Omegas. Omegas are non-aggressive, even submissive; they may be fought over as prizes or treated as chattel, but they don’t hold positions of influence or power. Oh, and Omega males can get pregnant.Some of these stories are straight-up erotica, with or without a plot. Ann-Katrin Byrde’s Mercy Hills Pack series are more. She uses the peculiarities of ABO psychology and physiology to turn over our society’s isms – racism, sexism – and hidden assumptions, and poke around underneath. In this particular corner of the Omegaverse (every author sets their own parameters, so there is much variety), shifters are a minority and ordinary humans hate and fear them. They are restricted to enclaves behind tall walls topped with toxic silver rods; they are forbidden to leave the enclaves without traveling papers, and must wear identifying badges on their clothing; even on brief ventures outside the enclaves they live under strict curfew, being locked into hotel rooms and hospital rooms every night. Within the enclaves, however, pack law holds sway and members are subject to the authority of the Alpha – the most dominant wolf. The series continues with Abel's Omega, in which Bax, a widowed Omega with four pups under the age of four, seeks shelter with the Mercy Hills Pack and comes under the wing of its Alpha, Abel. The story follows the slow unfolding of love between the pair, punctuated by inter-Pack negotiation at its politically most-annoying. The characters shine here; Baxter, in particular, is marvelously drawn. He does what is needed to hold his family together; he endures anti-omega prejudice as well as a kind of invisibility from his family; he forgives, and he grows. I admit, Bax is the one male omega in this series who I consistently have trouble picturing as a male; he fuses serenity, dignity and desperation like a Southern woman in twinset and pearls crossed with the Migrant Mother.[image error]" href="" title="MigrantMother">">Continued in Duke's Baby Deal

  • Lilia Ford
    2019-05-14 20:22

    4.5 I read this months ago but I was shocked by how much I loved it. It was a real advance on the first book of the series. It's ridiculously long, especially for a shifter romance, but it did not drag at all for me: the author uses the time for some ambitious and refreshingly original world-building, basically harnessing the Alpha/omega trope to depict an isolated, marginalized community that is trying to transition socially and economically to something more modern without losing its distinctive culture-I'd never seen the trope used like this but it was really effective. No question, this was the first published novel I've read (as opposed to fanfic) that managed to do something cool and thought-provoking with the omegaverse trope. Definitely recommend for fans for omegaverse and shifter stories.

  • Christy
    2019-05-07 18:23

    Seeing as I just finished book one in this series (seriously, like five minutes ago), it's no wonder I was eager to jump into 'Abel's Omega'. What I had seen of Abel in 'Mating the Omega' made me want to read more about him. He's a strong, competent alpha of a large pack that he takes very good care of, plus he's a software coding geek. What could be more fun?In the first book I had a glimpse of how most omegas get treated in a pack, but Baxter showed me the full extent of the hell he's dealt with being mated to the Alpha. Patrick continually reminds him that he could send him back to his birth pack minus the three pups (and one on the way), and Baxter's life revolves around tiptoeing around the whims and moods of his alpha mate, having spent plenty of time these past years bruised from beatings. Bax hates him and I don't blame him, but he loves his babies. When Patrick is killed, Bax's world - his babies - are threatened and he has to do what he must in order to keep his children."And somewhere, in the far distance, was a shifter who liked me for me, not for my omega womb and my omega heats and the fact that I was prettier than most of the female shifters in the pack. A shifter who would love my children and take them as his own, and who wouldn’t care if I never wanted to have sex again as long as I lived."Abel is run ragged. The youngest alpha ever for Mercy Hills, he now has to figure out a way to come up with the quarter of a million dollars the judge decreed had to be paid to Jason's old pack in six months or Jason had to be returned to them. As it is, Abel works long, hard days trying to take good care of his pack, follow all the human rules, regulations, and paperwork, plus keep his computer software company going to provide income for the pack. But when Bax and his four pups show up, Abel can't deny his protective instincts to help this young omega who was mated at sixteen (not legal among shifters) and has had four pups in four years.Abel begins courting Bax and wooing Bax which is incredibly romantic and sweet. It was fascinating to watch the shifter politics that had to occur in order for Abel to adopt the pups and mate Bax. Abel had to make an agreement with the pups’ father's pack for the adoption because only the alpha is considered the parent, not the omega, but Abel had to go to Bax's birth pack for the mating contract. It was like medieval times!When I started this novel I was concerned at its length, worrying that it might drag in parts, etc. Well, I can guarantee that didn't happen. Between Jason's old pack still causing problems, and a huge discovery about Bax's heritage, there was more than enough to hold my attention. Now the Council has gotten involved and Jason's fate is still hanging in the balance. I won't tell the resolution, you'll have to read for yourself.I loved this novel! It had everything I adore and opened doors for future books that I really hope the author is currently working on. Thank you for another book that kept me riveted to every page!

  • Borderstar
    2019-04-24 22:28

    Ok I finished it! Phew, this one was a long one! When I finished Book #1 (which was a LOT shorter by the way), I was a bit disappointed that some things were left not explained. So I was pleased to find that although Book #2 is about a different couple, we still see and hear about Jason & Mac. We find out what happened at just before the ending of Book #1 that was missing from Book #1 itself, we find out a little bit more about True Omegas (although really after wading through this one, I had hoped to find out a lot more), and we see a few other couples in the making. Some new chartacters are introduced and events are moved along with some set up for the rest of the series.I have to say that I did skim quite a bit of the last third, as either I was feeling really impatient, or everything was being dragged out too much. Sorry Abel and Bax, I liked you both and wanted you to have your HEA (well HFN) but it got a bit long-winded!Anyway, despite all that, this series is strangely addictive. I think this could have done with another edit to cut it down a little, but I will still pick up Book #3 when I get a chance.

  • Leaundra
    2019-05-11 19:13

    Loved it and you get so much more of their world in this book than the first story. Don't get me wrong the first book was great but there's so much how their world works in this one. I love that. There's too much that goes on for me to be able to explain it. We get to see Jason and Mac from the first book. I loved Bax and Abel, the pups were adorable. I'm already looking forward to more books in the series.

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-05-03 18:08


  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-05-12 22:22

    4.3 StarsEven better than the previous book with the world-building/expansion and deliciously subversive messages on how certain individuals in society are frequently treated as lesser, given little autonomy or respect...but how it only takes a small handful of original thinkers - leaders unwilling to stick with a status quo that weakens the whole to enrich a few at the expense of a entire subset of people - to make inroads into a desperately needed social change.Sneaky smart as well as hot. I wish a bigger spotlight on those who do this IRL, right now.(Can't wait for the next book!)

  • Shan(Littleirishbookcat)
    2019-04-21 00:25

    Recently I reviewed the first book in this series, Mating The omega. It wasn't my favorite read and I felt the romance too rushed to be believable and the storyline lacking. Let me just say that I have never done a completely 180 on a series ever but this author really brought her A game with Abel's omega. How she made me go from bearly liking a series to falling in love with it I will never know. I can honestly say it was a struggle to put down.The story line and world building I so desperately wanted in book one was ten timers better in this book. Everything is explained and I couldn't help but fall more in love with Mac and Jason. All the different packs came to life and we get to see how different some are to Mercy Hills. Abel and Bax, my Bax I loved him and his pups so much. Bax was a strong likable character. His life with a previous mate was hard but he would do anything for his pups so he persevered with all the pain and hate. From chapter one I was rooting for Bax and I so desperately wanted him to have a happily ever after. The relationship between Abel and Bax was beautiful and real. It's Insta attraction but not Insta love. Time was taken for it to develop and that's what I loved the most. The slow burn made everything worth it.New characters and old ones are present in this book and I find myself being completely sucked in to the world Ann-Katrin created. I already have two couples I ship together and I'm hoping with the titles of books four and five they go ahead. I attached and now I can't help it. Even though I can tell it won't be my favorite - nothing can beat this book- I'm looking forward to reading Dukes story. I don't like Bram but I'm guessing he will grow on me.Overall, I'm going to admit completely that I jugded this series way too fast with book one. I never thought or expected to love it as much as I do now and I can't wait to continue it. This story had my emotions on overdrive- in a good way- and I'm actually heartbroken that I'm finished it. I want more Bax and Abel. I'm going to stop talking now because I'm close to giving away spoilers. I really think people who read m/m romance will really enjoy this series and especially if your interested in reading either shifters or Mpreg for the first time. Both were new to me and now I'm hooked.

  • Teeny
    2019-04-26 23:12

    3.5 stars rounding it down to 3.Though the size of the book is daunting don't let it get to you, not a word is wasted and despite some errors that escaped the editors they didn't detract from the story flowing seamlessly. So the reason why I rounded down to 3? Okay let me start by saying that I'm half-way through the end of my semester exams and I'm already on edge and anxious so the first 20% of the book ~till Bax left Jackson-Jellystone~ didn't help at all easing some of my anxiety but on the contrary stirred all kinds of not so good feelings, reading what Bax went through, but that is just me, others might enjoy reading everything that Bax had to overcome. I would have been happy with reading a narration from Bax while he was in Mercy Hills and not live it (seriously I was white-knuckling it and thinking of skipping to the good part). But that's how good the writing is!So after the 20% the story was everything you want a story to be, sweet, sexy, angsty, tagging at your heart strings every step of the way. Loved that the narration went from Bax to Abel 'cos we got to see and hear both MCs and not guess what the other protagonist was thinking. The reason also for the book's daunting size is that we got some more world building, interactions between Alphas, omegas, humans what have you, which made the whole thing more real and really that could have happened in Abel's book since he was the Alpha! There should be a warning for the suicide part of a secondary character.Next book is Duke's and Bram's and let me tell you I'm worried!!! (view spoiler)[what with Bram getting his first heat, shady Justin sniffing around, no one knowing at the end of the book if Bram is in his house waiting it out, especially since we were left with Duke being close to Bax at Harvest Moon festivities but no mention of him after Bax was moved to his house to give birth (hide spoiler)].

  • Sakina Carter
    2019-05-15 20:28

    I jumped into this book because I wanted to see if the story would pick up with some answers from book 1 and it very much did..I found myself totally engrossed in the main h and H story and how the storyline from book 1 is so nicely entwined. I find this world that the author has created fascinating. The way she describes the way their omega males gives birth is so intriguing.I am really looking forward to the next book.

  • Sierra
    2019-05-14 16:08

    This was super long and so packed with storytelling, world building, character development and more that I was thoroughly engrossed. This could easily have been a three part serial or series but I so appreciate the author gifting us with the story all at once. I went into this expecting a simple romance for Abel and his formerly downtrodden, single parent omega. Wow, was it so much more! There is a great romance, first and foremost. It's not a fated mate story but one that has to grow, especially given Bax's experiences as an omega and an abused mate. Able is not your typical growling, hyper-masculine, dominating alpha. He's gentle and caring towards all his pack, a leader with kindness, and that extends to his tender courting and love for not just Bax but Bax's children as well. Able's slow coaxing of Bax toward a relationship and his subsequent devotion to Bax and the kids is very sweet. Bax himself is a great parent/bearer to his kids, fiercely protective and driven to Mercy Hills out of desperation. His journey to trust, acceptance, and love for Able is really well written. I like that it doesn't just happen overnight and that Bax's fears and former conditioning keep popping up over the course of the story in a totally realist way, giving Able a chance to reassure him and the readers again and again. Bax is not your typical omega. He can't cook or sew and isn't naturally meek or subservient. He plays his part but is intelligent and rebellious underneath. But the core couple's romance and their parenting isn't all this book is about. We learn TONS about the shifter culture, lore, and place within the wider world. The wedding was the best one I've read, with rich details and beautiful imagery. The birth process was fascinating! The place and treatment of omegas within shifter society is also a big part of the book. I see more of the fight against the injustices of their treatment in future books. Politics comes up with the rules and conventions of relations between the alphas of the various packs and even the shifter council. Relations with the human world comes into play too. As I said, the book is just jammed with content, all flowing naturally. There are sweet parts, a few really sad parts, things that made me angry, and some cute parts that made me smile. The stage was set for future installments with the addition of several characters and the development of some existing characters. I see the next book will involve Duke and I hope Bram as well. I love this author's writing and this book so much that, after reading it free on KU I bought it to have it handy for a reread and to support the author's work. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Lisa
    2019-05-10 18:29

    3.5* stars This is the second book in the Mercy Hills Series.The book is about Abel, the Alpha of Mercy Hills and Bax, an Omega from Jackson-Jellystone and on the run from his old pack when his mate and Alpha dies and leaves him with 4-pups and no home or status.This book was around 450 pages, a hefty companion to the first one and I felt in some of it's content, it overshadowed the relationship between Abel and Bax. A good portion of the book is dedicated to the background story that was touched on in the first book - how shifter communities are regarded in the human world, quarantined on their own lands, check points, papers to pass between human and shifter areas, curfews, public ID and how the community operates - self sufficiency. Some packs were prosperous and others still being run like a dictatorship. It was sometimes stark and quite graphic with the class/status of an omega and at times the tone became very political. On a couple of occasions I got a little lost with the whole issue of the *true omega* and what importance this had to cause the pack trial - I needed questions answered and struggled with the little bits of information offered.The dual POV in this book was not an improvement on the issues in the first story - here, there was a strange switching between first and third person - it took some getting used to and made some of the early chapter scenes not flow as easily as they should. There was also far too much time given to the task of pup(child)rearing - bedtimes, playtimes, nappy changes, being put into and taken out of car seats.....snack times - apples and peanut butter is now stuck in my head for some reason..... However, putting aside my gripes - this was an entertaining read and I did become absorbed with all the characters and the dynamics between them, the culture and traditions. I am intrigued by the introduction of Abel's brother Quinn and Holland, the omega rescued from Bax's old pack. It was nice to catch up with Jason and Mac and I am still waiting for more on Laine and Garrack! Bram is still a huge worry, but Duke's book is next, so hopefully there will be answers?? Still not liking Montana Border pack......and WTF is Justin all about??It finishes on a fade to black strong HFN, which surprisingly, left me with the warm and fuzzies.

  • Brooklyn
    2019-04-20 19:27

    I'm on the fence on this one. I absolutely love shifter stories. They are my favorite and while I enjoyed this one, there was so much that bugged me. I felt like I was reading a story between a female and a male, not two males. It was really hard to remember that Bax is male. It really bothered me. If I'm gonna read a story about a male shifter pregnancy, I expect it to be different than that of a human female. But most of the time, I could have substituted a female in Bax's place and the story would have worked just as well. The only thing different here was that the birth was delivered by an "omega line", which seemed like a natural cesarean incision. That part was fine. It made sense given that we are dealing with a male. But the rest of the pregnancy. Nope. I want different. They are shifters, not human, so don't give them a human pregnancy otherwise, especially a male.I get that in this world, omegas are treated differently and inferior, but still, they are male. That's the whole point. Male omegas. So why was I reading about them being treated like women of 1800s. Only good for being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Ugh! The characters themselves I liked. But the whole tone of the book bothered me. I had hopes for this book, but the male shifter pregnancy was a disappointment.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-04-29 16:11

    OMG This book was EXCELLENT!I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one totally stepped it up a notch and totally delivered! Expansion on the world building (which was awesome), more intrigue with the True Omega thing happening, great romance and mpreg, and a whole slew of new characters begging to have their own book! It's a monster of a book, over 100,000 words I believe, but it's so refreshing to get a serious mpreg book you can dive right into and get lost in, rather than so many that are short novellas and pretty much PWP.I just LOVED Bax. I wanted to hug him, protect him, save him, and also put him in my pocket haha. He was a very strong character, having suffered so much (books like this always make me feel so bad for the omegas who are treated like dirt). He was great with his kids, and I loved how he didn't give up. And Abel was the perfect match for him, seeing Bax for who he truly is, and not just a baby machine. This book made me smile, laugh, cry, swoon, and more. The secondary characters are well written and I can't wait for the next books in the series! Highly recommended, you'll be in for a treat with this one!I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. I can't wait for more from this author!

  • Katherine Cherry
    2019-05-18 17:16

    This was a very strong sequel in the series. I really liked Abel and Bax's relationship and those pups were adorable. I would have given it another star but there were editing issues, including switching between first and third person without warning in some areas. Length was a little bit of an issue, I felt like some scences could have been cut down to make the story flow a little better. However, I look forward to reading the other entries in this series. I am enjoying this author.

  • Jaime
    2019-05-01 23:22

    I really enjoy this authors creativity, world building, and character detail. I found her on accident when looking for a shifter story and I have been hooked since then. You won't go wrong with any of her stories, if you like shifters and great storylines try any of her books.This story was especially sweet as I adored Abel and Bax.. great characters who deserved a HEA!

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-05-19 20:20

    Review to come...

  • Eran O'Donnal
    2019-05-17 23:34

    Simply one of the best stories I've read in the MPreg Trope!

  • Deirdre
    2019-05-16 19:11

    5++ Stars The Omega Life is a Hard Knocked LifeWOW! With 6149 locations this second book packs quite a PUNCH, especially after the wonderful introduction to the Mercy Hills pack in Book One: MATING THE OMEGA. I had been deliberately reading novellas, etc. without too many pages, I had no idea what I was getting myself in - luckily or I might have shied away. Despite the length of the book I never got bored or wished it was over. Actually I couldn't wait to see what happened next. If you love male Omegas, their pregnancies, and children then you ought to truly enjoy this book as much as I did.The book starts off with the story being told by an "abused" and neglected Omega named Baxter with three children or affectionally called pups. Bax is also pregnant again with pup number four. He's mated to the Alpha of the Jackson Jellystone pack, but grew up in the much poorer Buffalo Gap pack. He is miserable and can't imagine his life getting any worse, but it does. A lot happens prior to him and his pups ending up under the protection of of the Mercy Hills Alpha. But this is only a limited refuge from a life worse than his previous circumstances had been.Alpha Abel can't explain his attraction to the "visiting" Omega, but he immediately helps with the "little Alpha". Apparently it takes one to know (control) one. Others find Baxter very attractive also, though his brood acts as a deterrent. They may want the Omega but three pups with another on the way is several pups too many for the various Mercy Hills Alphas, Betas, and Deltas. Also every pack member is working to help pay off the exorbitant debt incurred at the end of Jason's trial against the Montana Border pack. There is so much that needs to be done at the Mercy Hills pack Enclave, except any extra money that would have been used on those projects, is being set aside to go toward the debt. Tertiary characters are reintroduced and their roles elevated in importance: Liam the Human attorney for Jason's trial and Garrick Mercy Hills who was trained to be a lawyer, but not allowed to sit for the Bar because he was a shifter, are instrumental in uncovering some very important information to use in a second trial. Mac returns to assist Abel often even accompanying him on important road trips. But he really misses his True Omega mate Jason and their newly born baby girl, Macy. The huge Duke also comes back as a lovesick annoyed Alpha. Mercy Hills only male Omega, Bram is driving Duke crazy with his youth and flirtatious ways, along with the "harem" of young Alphas who are very interested in him despite the fact that he was only sixteen.Helping those in need, especially Omegas seems to have become the mission of the Mercy Hills pack. It has its advantages and disadvantages that the author masterfully weaves into this tale. There is so much that goes on in the continuation of world building that began in the first book. The lives of the various packs within their Enclaves very greatly, but one thing that distinguishes the Mercy Hills Enclave is how the Omegas - male and female are treated. In the other packs their treatment is more traditional, meaning they are treated as commodities - possessions of their parents / pack Alpha(s) and then their mates. Ugly truths are revealed. Human contempt is fully displayed. Wolf / Alpha natural instincts rise to defend what's theirs.The "pups" are adorable and sometimes just bad. Omega expectations are demonstrated from pack to pack. Some appear content, while others are resigned. The Omega nature to nature is shown in their care of children at day care, at a library, in a park, wherever the pups are, at school or at home. How Alphas treat the pups depend on which Enclave they live in.This is a well thought out love story that shows the burgeoning attractions of others with the Mercy Hills pack. Relatives are visited or return home. Reporters are curious about what happens in the Enclaves. This is really a wonderful book. With great character drive and well drawn out scenarios. Seemingly probable paranormal situations. The conflicts and interactions between the Human and shifter communities are on full display. I can't praise this book any higher. If you are a lover of MM Wolf shifter series, then you need to read this one. I am happy there are at least two more books remaining in the series. I am eager to finish reading the third Mercy Hills pack book. There are so many storylines to pursue. I look forward to Duke's story. We've been teased enough about him and Bram. Be forewarned Ann-Katrin Byrde is excellent at misdirection. I can't wait to find out what she publishes next.

  • annob
    2019-05-19 00:22

    3,75 stars rounded up. I particularly loved the angsty beginning. Lovely to see the trust build between the MCs as they fall ever deeper in love.

  • ~nikki the recovering book addict
    2019-05-18 17:29

    My kind of story!This was just my kind of story. Heavy on the day to day life. Felt like I was there with them, living their lives and not just reading a book to unravel the plot. Although I have to say, there were loads of dramatic moments. But still, I never wanted it to end. This has been an awesome series so far!

  • Neko
    2019-05-07 23:23

    **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**Once again I'm just left so sad at the awful circumstances these sweet Omega's find themselves trapped in. Here we have Bax, an Omega that was forced into an unloving mating simply to be a breeder. Though he hates his alpha, he loves his children. When an accident leaves him widowed, he finds out another alpha wants him... but not his children. So he does the only thing he can. He flees his pack to keep from being sold off again to be a breeder and more importantly to keep his children. He seeks sanctuary at the recently talked about, Mercy Hills.The moment Abel lays eyes on Bax, he's completely captivated. As he comes to know Bax, he sees everything he ever wanted in a mate. The children are more than welcome, they're a joy to be around and Bax himself, couldn't be happier at the ease to which Abel has fallen into with the pups. He thought he'd never want an Alpha again, but the absolute kindness he see's in Able not to mention his unwavering strength lets him believe a true happiness for him is possible. When trouble comes knocking on his door once again, Abel will have to use everything in his power to keep the Omega that has stolen his heart.This totally hit me in my feels. lol I loved every moment of it but was so frustrated again that everything seemed to be against these kind omega's that just want to live a true and happy life! I am so sad to see the effects of being treated like cattle is having on all omega's. I want so badly for a big change to come.. I hope one is indeed on the horizon... I totally didn't see that surprise at the end coming. I didn't think... well, that that would be the outcome of all of Abel's hard work. Still, It's a good surprise in a way... I'm just so happy that Able and Bax can finally start a life in blissful happiness. I cannot wait for the next in this series!

  • Antoinette
    2019-05-21 19:32

    This is the longest it's taking me to write a review. I finished this book 3 days ago and I've been thinking on how to rate it since then while I really enjoyed the story my main problem is Bax and Jason read as female not a male omegas. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't picture them as a male. I didn't have that problem with Jason in the first book but with this book all the omegas read like females to me. Also the whole issue at the end kinda pissed me off. Why would Montana Border have any say in Bax marrying Abel. They didn't even know Bax existed until the wedding. They probably never would have known Bax existed if it wasn't for the wedding, if Bax and Abel had had a small ceremony Montana Border would have never met Bax. It would just be said that Abel got mated, that's how little most of them acknowledged omegas. I'm hoping in the next book we see some change in the status of omegas outside of Mercy Hills. The story rates 4.5 stars but I'm taking 1 star because Bax and Jason seemed female. I will be reading the next book in this series.I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  • John-TorleifHarris
    2019-05-12 22:30

    Fantastic new chapter in this seriesReading these books makes me a little sad because the prejudice and bigotry of the humans in this world isn't farfetched. Added to that, you then also have the prejudices of the shifters towards omegas and you could get a very grim worldview. But I love that these books are hopeful instead.I can't wait to learn more about True Omegas and (hopefully) how wrong shifter tradition has been since The Enclosure. It would be cool to find out that True Omegas haven't been seen in a century because society has so denigrated omegas in general; and so the alphas who are most envious of the Mercy Hills Pack will also be the ones who will never be able to benefit from a True Omega since they won't respect them.

  • Robyn
    2019-05-02 23:35

    Forget about the fact that this is a shifter, omega, mpreg story. It was a spectacular book and I will happy and loudly recommend it to anyone.Bax's story was loving woven and I fell in love with him right away. We met Abel in the first book and he was great, but there was plenty more to discover about him and he's even greater than I'd hoped. I love stories that feature a man falling in love with the children, and Abel had no hesitation over doing just that. My favorite moment from him was at the very end when he proved just how much it doesn't matter to him whether someone was man, woman, alpha or omega. I <3 Abel!

  • Nic
    2019-05-07 00:25

    A bit longThis was an interesting story of how omegas are treated and viewed. Once again we see that omegas are treated or viewed as property. They are considered incompetent in all aspect of life except breeding. Bax came off as strong in certain places and then whiny and feeble in others. Abel was great, patient, considerate and trying to understand omegas while trying to be a great leader or alpha. The main problem I had with this book, was that the story was dragged out way too long. What occurred could have been told more succinctly. Some places felt repetitious and others felt liked the dead zone. But otherwise this was a fairly interesting story.

  • Sadaharuhi
    2019-05-22 00:34

    Great shifter book that could easily be M/F and I still wouldn't mind reading. I breezed through the first half of the book wanting more of the UST between the characters. I thought i will like this one better than the first book though what with the excitement i felt flipping through the pages but the last few chapters made me impatient. I wish the story ended once the MCs got together rather than the author throwing another hurdle on their path on the latter chapters..that was a drag for me.. but still a great read. Enjoyed the first book more.