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"This is one of the most unique and valuable books you will read all year, and I highly recommend it."--Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the bestselling and award-winning The Leadership Challenge and Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University Even the best leaders--in fact, most of the best leaders--start out as decidedly bad ones. And"This is one of the most unique and valuable books you will read all year, and I highly recommend it."--Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the bestselling and award-winning The Leadership Challenge and Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University Even the best leaders--in fact, most of the best leaders--start out as decidedly bad ones. And sooner or later they reach a moment of reckoning that leadership expert Bill Treasurer calls the leadership kick in the ass. When it happens, it feels like it's all over. But Treasurer says that with the right attitude, that kick can be a new beginning. Based on his work with thousands of leaders, this book reveals how to turn those ego-bruising events into the kind of transformative experiences that mark the paths of great leaders. As Steve Jobs famously said, "Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me." This book is a survival guide, coach, and morale booster to help you use that kick to move forward instead of fall down. If you succeed, the next place you get kicked might be upstairs....

Title : A Leadership Kick in the Ass: How to Learn from Rough Landings, Blunders, and Missteps
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ISBN : 9781626568020
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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A Leadership Kick in the Ass: How to Learn from Rough Landings, Blunders, and Missteps Reviews

  • Louis Prosperi
    2019-04-28 20:13

    Never underestimate the value of a well-timed kick in the pants!At the heart of this book is the idea that confident humility is among the most important traits for a leader to develop, and how an occasional (and often deserved) kick in the butt can help us become both more humble and confident, and in turn improve our leadership skills.This book is based on the premise that at some point in their career, every leader experiences a kick in the butt of some sort. These can take the form of being fired, passed up for a promotion, being moved into a different organization, or any number of other metaphorical butt-kicks. Starting with this premise, the book explores how we can learn from those experiences to become better and more effective leaders.The book starts with a section called "Transformative Humiliation" that explores the importance of embarrassment in the development of leaders, how as leaders we very often cause our own butts to be kicked, and how our reaction to having our butts kicked plays a key factor in whether we'll learn from it. The next section, "Career Kicks", explores different types of butt kicks that we might experience in different phases of a career, and the lessons we can learn from each. The next section, "Leading, for Worse or for Better", starts with a discussion of two common types of poor leaders (what he calls Pigheads and Weaklings) and how arrogance and weakness can get in the way of effective leadership, and then describes confident humility as an ideal balance between those two extremes. The section ends with a look at three types of confidently humble leaders: the Loyal Rebel, the Velvet Hammer, and the Genuine Faker. The last section of the book, "Be Humble, Be Good", discusses the value of kicking your own butt and what the author calls the "point of leadership goodness" - where a leader's self-respect and his or her respect for others overlap and strengthen each other.The book is an engaging read and offers lots of examples of leaders (both good and not-so-good) who have learned - or are still learning - the lesson of shifting from arrogance and weakness to confidence and humility, and how doing so can help them improve their leadership effectiveness.I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning practical tools to improve their own leadership.

  • Glen
    2019-05-09 21:04

    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.A book about leadership, and how to learn from one's mistakes to become a better leader. Nothing I haven't read before, but still pretty entertaining.

  • Lukasz Nalepa
    2019-04-25 01:04

    Short inspirational book about being a leader. There is a general overaching meaning to it (kick in the ass are good to you!) there are some good tips, there is a lot of rather good and honest inspirational content and... there is nothing more to it :) I assume it was author's intent, especially since the book is short and easy to read, but that't to little for me to give it more than three stars. Although I think i would absolutely recommend this book to those who didn't read much on a leadership yet, or are not so fimiliar with the servant leadership model.

  • Eric
    2019-05-18 01:04

    a great book for new and mid-level leaders wanting to move to a higher level. The simple message is that your attitude regarding the experiences and those you are working with will make or break you, and often positively responding to kicks in the butt will help you grow.

  • Dan Cotter
    2019-05-20 23:12

    Some good advice and tales of ass kickings in this leadership book.

  • Lisa Kosak
    2019-05-01 18:03

    “The best leaders are centered, grounded, and nontoxic. They lead not so their power can grow, but so ours can” – Bill TreasurerDo you ever wonder how some leaders thrive and keep climbing the ladder despite their arrogance and need to always be in the limelight? I admit that there have been a few times when I have dreamt that someone would kick them in the behind or even pushed them down a few rungs on the ladder. I bet you have felt the same way but alas, we may not be around to witness it. As painful as it is, most leaders need to be “kicked” once in a while to learn from mistakes, challenges, loss of team faith, or they need to get their feet back on the ground. We all need to learn from our mistakes and be uncomfortable. A battered ego is one of the best ways to move forward and grow as a leader. The sting is a wake up call to change direction even if it hurts even more to do so.A Leadership Kick in the Ass by Bill Treasurer is the guide that we all need during our careers. If your ass doesn’t need to be kicked from time to time, you can bet a leader in your circle needs it. Just what is a “kick in the ass”? It’s those lessons that can only be learned from “Rough landings, Blunders, and Missteps”. The key is taking action to learn from a kick in the backside and change how you behave and lead others. Sadly, some leaders allow their strengths to become toxic and their overbearing confidence becomes arrogance.Bill’s book will really resonates with leaders in all stages. He even devotes chapters to newbie leaders, the “Cheeky Middle” leaders, and the “Shrinking Big Shots”. I guarantee that you fit into one of these categories. A Leadership Kick in the Ass is an engaging, humorous, down in the trenches book. It’s not full of leadership elitism and instead focuses on the dips where so many of us have been in our careers. Bill shares engaging stories about leaders who have fallen from a kick and how they reacted – or didn’t. He challenges us with questions in each chapter. Better yet, he shares “kickass comebacks” that we need to hear. I enjoyed the glimpses into the realities that leaders have faced after a kick. I admit that I’ve been thinking (OK, dreaming) of several leaders that I worked with that still need a big kick in the ass.Here are some highlights that A Leadership Kick in the Ass schools us on:Once you have been kicked, how you handle it determines your path. Are you going to take action or remain arrogant? “Leaders need followers more than followers need leaders” is a key take awayPay attention to “career kicks” at the various stages of your life and that of your peoplePoor leaders come in the form of a “Pig Head” or a “Weakling”. Are you either type? What are you going to do to change?Sound leaders are confident and humble. The two are complementary and it’s a delicate balance. Bill offers effective advice and mirroring these traits may just result in fewer kicks in your backside!There are 3 leadership roles people may take on: The Loyal Rebel, Velvet Hammer, and Genuine Faker. Which style are you and what are the advantages? Ultimately leaders need to be “good”. We need to lead inward before we can project humility and confidence outwardly. Being a good leader draws trust and respect for you and your team Leaders need to be willing to step up and invite feedback, conduct their own “kick ass” review of themselves, hangout with the right crowd, always lead from the high road, and be honest about mistakes.A Leadership Kick in the Ass is the book that many of us have been waiting for. Too often leaders are portrayed as mini gods that can’t fail when in fact a fall is what so many need. Welcome an occasional kick in the ass. If you acknowledge it and act on it, you will be a stronger humble person confident enough to impact others and grow them as leaders. For leadership teams, this gem would be a great book to read and have some frank discussions around. It seems that our grandparents may have been right about us young lings needing a kick in the butt!

  • Bonnie Davis
    2019-05-12 16:45

    This leadership book by author Bill Treasurer should be required reading for anyone in a leadership role including newcomers and the experienced or anyone who has been terminated from a leadership position. The Table of Contents includes:Foreword by Clint Hurdle, Manager of the Pittsburgh PiratesPrefaceSection 1: Transformative HumiliationIntroduction: Kicking Leadership’s Gluteus MaximusChapter 1. Ain’t That A Kick In The Pants? Chapter 2. The Anatomy Of A Butt-Kick Section 2. Career KicksChapter 3. Kick Me I’m New!Chapter 4. The Cheeky MiddleChapter 5. Shrinking Bigshots: Seasoned Leaders Getting Their KicksSection 3. Leading, For Worse Or For BetterChapter 6. Kick-Worthy Leaders: Pigheads And WeaklingsChapter 7. A More Perfect Derrière: Confident HumilityChapter 8. Three Expressions Of Confident HumilitySection 4. Be Humble, Be Good Chapter 9. How To Kick Your Own AssChapter 10. Leading At The Point Of GoodnessIn the preface the author reflects on his first experience as a leader when he was the captain of the U.S. High Diving Team. He received a very painful kick in the ass that led him down the path to be a best selling author and leadership expert. He is the perfect example of how you should react to a kick in the ass.This fun, easy-to-read book has lots of stories and examples from clients who have worked with the author over the years. The overriding lesson is that it is your mistakes and failures that should result in your personal growth. Ignore the opportunity to grow at your own peril. Read this book and learn the importance of the balance between confidence and humility, why an unexpected and unforeseen kick hurts more, how being a good leader starts with being a good person and why you must choose to adapt instead of being stuck in your own way.Not only do I highly recommend this book but I wish it was available when I was in my first leadership role and received my first kick in the ass!

  • Jane
    2019-05-21 18:03

    The best motivation for making progress is a swift kick in the derriere. We’ve been told that since we were old enough to irritate our parents, right? This book is full of aha moments when we can all relate to that swift kick that propelled us into some action that we had been oblivious to before. In fact, at one place the author asks if we realize that the word obvious is only one letter away from oblivious. How often is it only from a sudden jolt that we move swiftly from oblivious to realizing the obvious? Life is hard, leadership is tough. There is no easy road for the novice leader and it’s all uphill from there. This book points out and teaches some of the most basic tenets of relationships and influence that have an impact on being a leader.The reading style is lively, personable, and direct. The short sections are perfect for bite-sized learning with the best anecdotal mix of stories, facts, and practices. Just for a moment, think about the qualities in leaders you most admire then contrast those with sub-standard behavior of leaders whose memories still make you cringe. Unless you are fresh out of school and dabbling in your first real job, there is very little in this book that you will not identify with.

  • John
    2019-04-27 17:09

    I am life long learner of leadership and seek everything I can to learn and read about every chance I get. "A Leadership Kick in the Ass" is well down in many ways and it's a quick and easy read. Every single one of the 5 Star review are spot on! I won this great book on GoodReads and like I do with most my wins I will be paying it forward by giving my win to a friend to enjoy before I add this to my leadership library.

  • Johnny
    2019-05-03 20:52

    This book is really a compilation of practices to help any leader learn from their biggest failures and/or any events in their career that caused a level of humiliation.For example, a moment of transformational humiliation for me happened when my boss call me to his office and told me "he couldn't deal with me anymore and that I had 3 months to find something else." This was as surprise to me because I was delivering on my deadlines and I was a subject matter expert.This event gave me an opportunity to either accept the feedback or reject it. It took a bit but I accepted the feedback turned my career around.This book is one that can help you learn how to accept those moments and also to prevent them.Another thing I liked about the structure of the book is how Bill breaks it into Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced leaders (in respect to their careers). As in (new leader, mid-level experienced leader, and CEO).It's a book for any level of leader. Enjoy learning from your tough moments.