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A witch. An apple. A mirror. That’s all most people think of when they recall the story of Snow White. But the truth is rarely so simple. What if the Queen wasn’t born evil and the princess wasn’t always so pure of heart? Is it possible that these two women could have ended up in one another’s place? The Girl in the Glass Box tells the story of Agrippine and Genevieve, twoA witch. An apple. A mirror. That’s all most people think of when they recall the story of Snow White. But the truth is rarely so simple. What if the Queen wasn’t born evil and the princess wasn’t always so pure of heart? Is it possible that these two women could have ended up in one another’s place? The Girl in the Glass Box tells the story of Agrippine and Genevieve, two women who are not all that different, but who quickly learn through a series of choices, encounters, and devastating losses that the course of their fates can change in an instant. Through the influences of the people they love and lose, both are redefined as their stories head for a different sort of happily-ever-after....

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The Girl in the Glass Box Reviews

  • Giselle
    2019-01-12 10:14

    Review copies can be requested here: [closed - other review opportunities found here]

  • Becky McMannis
    2019-01-17 16:45

    The Girl in the Glass Box by Andi Adams Star rating: ★★★★ ☆ 4/5 starsFormat: ebook galleySummary: A Snow White retelling told from the perspective of Snow and her stepmother. Review: I received a free galley copy of this book for review from NetGalley. I just happened to come upon this book while browsing NetGalley and requested a copy for the heck of it. I'm so happy that I did because this was an amazing retelling. Snow white, known as Genevieve, and her stepmother, Queen Agrippine, are the two perspectives the novel is told in. I really liked how it was done. The Queen has a hard childhood and her perspective leads to making her character have more depth. And Genevieve isn't always super sweet, in fact she was kind of a bratty child. I have always love the Queen from Snow White, she's one of my all time favorite villains and I really like how she was portrayed in this. I like the changes to the original story, it was definitely a different take than I had said before but I still could read this and recognize it as Snow White. I really liked the ending, at first I just stared at the page in surprise but then as I kept reading I really, really liked the way it ended. I read this pretty quick, I got sucked into the story and raced through reading it. I did not want to put it down and wanted to see what happened next. I liked how Genevieve wasn't made to be a servant so when she gets to the dwarves cottage she's pretty useless at any essential task. She can't cook, she can't do laundry, she is unable to do any tasks around the house. All she knows is things useful to be a princess, like embroidery. I liked that and thought it was cool and realistic. I liked hat she had to learn how to take care of herself. This was a great retelling and I would definitely recommend it to anybody that likes fairy tale retellings would enjoy this novel. Recommendation: Well worth a read, it's a quick read but such a good retelling. Challenge prompt: A book about a villain or antihero

  • Tammy Lee Bradley
    2018-12-27 12:01

    Now this is how a fairy tale adaptation should be done! *No spoilers* The Girl in the Glass Box by Andi Adams is a fun read beginning to end. Having the story told from Genevieve/Snow White's and Agrippine/her Stepmother's alternating points of view is brilliant. I found Agrippine to be deliciously evil, although I would not want to eat anything she makes. Here's a tease... STEW. Now you have to read it to find out what I mean. I also love that Andi adapted the story without feeling the need to go so far as adding in cell phones, foul language, etc. And the ending? Wonderful and refreshingly different. As always -- a favorite quote..."Even though one may desire a certain outcome in life, certain dreams, certain ambitions, a certain destiny, you must understand you may have already achieved it without your knowing. Perception, my boy, holds infinite wisdom, victories and defeats, joys and despairs. Seek what you are looking for and you may find that you already have it." Words from the story that make me giggle... whoreson and wreakful. You just know that I'll be adding these to my daily life. My whoreson husband was wished a wreakful day this morning. He is less than thrilled. I leave you with a quote from the author's acknowledgements. "Books are good for the soul. Keep Reading. Always." Amen, Andi. Can we be friends? Want to share a bowl of groovy homemade dwarf soup?

  • Jessica
    2019-01-19 13:54

    Very awesome retelling of Snow White!💕 I couldn't put it down and enjoyed it tremendously....if you love retellings- check this book out

  • Shawn
    2019-01-18 14:51

    I wasn’t sure what I expected when I went into this book, but I didn’t expect that! This was a wonderful retelling of Snow White and the Evil Queen! I’m not a fan of the original story as it’s so overdone nowadays. I also wasn’t a fan of the Disney version of Snow White. This was a wonderful reprieve from that! Genevieve is not the glowing perfect princess Snow White is always portrayed as. She has flaws, but is still a semi-lovely person. Agrippine has such a bad background that you can’t help but feel sorry for her while still hating her tremendously. This was such a well written twist on Snow White. Let me just say I’ll never be eating stew again (read the book to find out why!). And I didn’t expect that ending. I’m so happy I got the chance to read this book!Thanks to Netgalley and Firefly Hill Press for sending me an eArc of this in exchange for my honest review!More reviews at The Bookish Librarian

  • Nicole
    2019-01-02 08:59

    So this is a new version on Snow white.. We learn more about the evil Queen, where she came from and who she was before becoming the infamous evil queen we all love to hate. She wasn't born evil, rather a simple girl just trying to make her father happy. Her father though saw her as nothing more than a servant and value that he could sell off to expand his kingdom and increase his riches. He sold her off when she was just 18 to marry a king in a neighboring kingdom, he was hoping once she married and produced a son that their kingdom's would unite and expand. The book fast forward 10 years after her marriage so you dont get much back story from the wedding day to the present. 10 years Later: The queen is now evil, she hates Snow, and her husband. The village people and her servants are terrified of her, since she will kill anyone for any reason. She is treating Snow the same way her father treated her. Her magic mirror, contains her mother who was killed by her father and his men for being a witch. So her mother is telling her Snow will be her downfall, and the book continues similar to the original Snow white fairy tale. Except Snow and her love interest Oliver, disappear after Oliver over hears the Queen saying she is going to kill snow white, for her beauty. Once they disappear they begin to race through the woods trying to escape the men now hunting them. Oliver sadly though is taken by the Queen's magical powers and is left unconscious but right before that he tells Snow to keep running no matter what. She tries to hide his body as best as possible but the men find him and drag him back to the Queen. She turns Oliver into a bird that she can control because he will lead her to Snow. Eventually Snow is rescued by five dwarfs, who find her near death after she drank some bad water, and nearly killed her. They help her to get healthy again, and they offer her refuge in their home, since they do not know she is the Queens' Step daughter. Over time Snow learns the basic household cleaning, cooking etc. But the Queen is still hunting her...

  • The Pursuit Of Bookiness
    2018-12-22 15:47

    A dark adaptation of the classical fairy tale Snow White. The plot differs from the traditional tale as do the characters. There is the evil Queen, beautiful Princess and handsome Prince but non are as you expect them to be. The characters are very unpredictable; which make the read more exciting.The book invited me to develop a connection with both of the main characters Agrippine (the Queen) and Genevieve (Snow white). To my surprise they are very different yet very similar.The tale begins with Agrippines own story allowing us to understand the reasons behind her dark choices and the fate that led her to become the evil Queen and step mother to Genevieve. The rest of the story quickly unravels into a spiral of love and devastation.There are small similarities throughout the book to the original tale but this version continuously shocked me with the twists and changes of events throughout.This is not your typical happily ever after fairy tale as there are elements of romance but more heartache and hatred.This book made a good read from start to finish. I found the final chapter provided the shock of element and surprise but was slightly disappointed how the chapter closed. I feel the writer should have ended the story sooner at the moment when Agrinnine realized she was still not the most beautiful of all.Reviewed By: Jessica The Pursuit Of Bookiness received a copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

  • ☘Tara Sheehan☘
    2019-01-02 15:04

    Fairytale adaptations are nothing new and are in fact insanely popular, even more so since Once Upon a Time became a hit for ABC. It’s not surprising then to find one being done, again, what is surprising is to find one done in such a fresh way that makes it more enjoyable than eye rolling. In some ways it reminds me of what Disney did with Maleficent by giving her a backstory that made her actions more understandable and gives credence to the Nurture over Nature argument – we make our enemies, they aren’t born that way.Adams writes so that you enjoy reading from the first chapter to the last on her take of Snow White AKA Genevieve and the ‘Evil’ Step-Mother AKA Agrippine.That first chapter?! Wow it grips you right away and you can feel your heart break alongside Agrippine’s. I promise you the ending is just as good, Adams knows how to deliver!She does change a few other things from the original we all know but the changes worked with her story and didn’t take away from being able to follow along and enjoy what she did.I think you should give this a shot but be forewarned it is NOT a Disney story so there are moments that will be hard to get through.

  • Jill Jemmett
    2019-01-05 08:50

    This is a great adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale.I really enjoyed the beginning of the story. It introduces Snow White’s stepmother, Agrippine, and tells how she became the Queen. It made me feel sympathetic towards her for a short time, though she eventually becomes the villain we all know. I also liked the background of the dwarves. I could tell who they were right from the beginning of the story, but it was a nice twist that I haven’t heard before.The story was fast paced and easy to read. I enjoyed the narrator’s voice.I wish this story had something unique that happened. It followed the Snow White tale faithfully, but I was waiting for something new to happen in the story. There were some surprising twists close to the end of the book, but it was pretty ordinary at the beginning. A unique twist would have made it original, instead of just another fairy tale.

  • M.C. Chronister
    2019-01-07 08:50

    If you love fairytale retelling this book is definitely for you. I love all things fairytale and have been very disappointed in the past with various retelling, but The Girl in the Glass Box was everything I hoped it would be. The alternating POV is something I love more than anything; it allows for you to see the story form more than one side and I feel that it opens up the book so much better. I believe the thing I loved most about this is that Genevieve is not the typically done Snow White...she has flaws and Agrippine is not the overdone Evil Queen...she is portrayed as a woman that you don't want to hate because of her background you feel sorry for her. Andi Adams has made me one happy book lover with this wonderfully done story.

  • Rachel McKitterick
    2019-01-01 14:10

    *I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*Omg this was AMAZING! Its such a good version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and that ending! I wont give any of it away but this was really good. Its easily going to be one of my favourite fairytale retellings. I like how it started off with giving me background on Agrippine. I think that was important for the story. Im looking forward to more from this author and this will definitely be marked to re-read.

  • Genevieve Eldredge
    2018-12-19 16:45

    Wow! What a fantastic retelling of the Snow White tale! There's enough here for fans of the original story to get engrossed in, and Adams adds new twists and turns along the way. The writing is engaging, and it's the characters that really grab hold of you and take you on a ride into their world. The ending was amazing!!!If you're looking for an awesome retelling of Snow White, look no further. Adams delivers!

  • Kyra
    2019-01-12 12:53

    I received this book through NetGallery though my review is my own. I loved this book. Like the summary says I loved seeing how two similar people could become so different. I love fairy tale rewrites and this is one of the better ones.This book was fun to escape into whenever I had a bit of time on my hands. Thank you

  • USOM
    2018-12-19 14:12

    For the most part this follows the traditional story, and that's where it lost me. It does drastically change it up and offer many twists around 60-70% but it's hard to get there, especially with the high competition of Snow White re-tellings out there. If the original story appealed to you, but you want to find out what happens after 'happily ever after' than this is for you. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.full review:

  • LauraHernandez
    2018-12-26 13:12

    I was so excited when I came across this book that I immediately requested a review copy. It took me quite some time to get through this read and no matter how much I tried to like it, it just didn't happen for me. In a nutshell I found myself completely bored with it.{I requested a copy for reviewing purposes via Xpresso Book Tours. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinion contained herein is unbiased and my own.}

  • Beth Lee
    2018-12-24 10:12

    Review -

  • Joshualyn Prater
    2018-12-31 14:55

    I received this ARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. So thank you netgalley and publishers.This is a story about snowwhite, and this is how retelling should be done ♡ The story did follow the same tale as the children’s story, but we were able to learn more about the evil queen and her past. The dwarfs snow white comes across are friendly and take her in when she escapes, but there is only 5 not seven of them.This was my first book from this author and I can tell you it won't be my last! Well done! 5 stars ♡

  • Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon
    2019-01-04 14:11

    5 Cranky StarsA Magical Fairy Tale RideWhat happens when you find out there is more than one side to a well known story?This is a fresh new take on the Snow White story we all know and love. The unpredictability of the story made it a fun read that kept my attention throughout. The twists and turns kept the story engaging while the overall story had me wanting more. The story starts more like the traditional tale of Snow White and morphs into something completely new and different adding a lot more magic and mystery. By the end of the story you'll be asking yourself just what side you're on...The characters are the best part of the story. They're perfectly developed and well written. The original personalities of the characters are there, but with much more depth and spark. The story flowed perfectly from beginning to end and the grammar is well done. The story itself is more geared towards an adult audience without ruining the memories of the original of your childhood. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves the original Snow White tale.

  • Amy
    2019-01-17 09:06