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When a reckless young computer programmer resurrects the damaged AI on a long dormant freighter, she and her accidental crew expose explosive secrets from a war they were taught ended decades ago.Welcome to the universe of Halcyone Space.Charged with protecting Ithaka and its covert rebellion from discovery, Ro and the members of Halcyone's crew learn to lead double livesWhen a reckless young computer programmer resurrects the damaged AI on a long dormant freighter, she and her accidental crew expose explosive secrets from a war they were taught ended decades ago.Welcome to the universe of Halcyone Space.Charged with protecting Ithaka and its covert rebellion from discovery, Ro and the members of Halcyone's crew learn to lead double lives within the Commonwealth. Their plans to hide in plain sight disintegrate when Alain Maldonado — Ro's father — returns seeking revenge and takes a hostage to ensure their cooperation. As the former shipmates track Maldonado down, each course they plot endangers the life of his hostage, threatens to reveal Ithaka, and uncovers conspiracies that could brand them all traitors....

Title : Dreadnought and Shuttle
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Dreadnought and Shuttle Reviews

  • Roland Boykin
    2019-01-11 11:24

    If you enjoyed the first books in this series, you will love Dreadnought And Shuttle. Not only do your favorite characters return, but a new heroine is introduced who steals the show. The tension escalates to a fevered pitch as the crew desperately searches for a way to rescue their new friend without betraying a secret that could cost them all their lives. Tightly written space adventure with believable characters and a solid plot. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

  • Ilyanna kreske
    2019-01-07 10:42

    Best Halcyone space story yet! Once again Cohen takes us on an interstellar ride involving smuggling, politics, and family, and the stakes are even higher than in book two. Cohen is definitely up to the challenge, though, with tight writing, good plotting, the addition of another outstanding character and deeper development of an old . . . friend? enemy? Finding out that answer is part of the fun of this adventure.Everything should be "five by five" for the crew of Halcyone and their friends. Ro has her ship and a growing relationship with Nomi. Barre is helping to slowly fix up Halcyone. Jem is gradually healing. Micah has moved on to a new life. Sure, they have secrets to keep and the consequences of the last adventure are still rippling. Then an old enemy shows up and everything goes haywire.There is less character development this time around, but that's only because our heroes have already grown so much. They're settling in to their friendships and new responsibilities. The plot is action-packed and the story moves quickly. Cohen handles multiple points of view masterfully, giving each character a distinct voice and switching at just the right edge-of-the-seat moment. Once again her people feel real (including a few instances of blue language which seemed perfectly appropriate to me but seem to have upset other readers), with flaws and strengths, and as a reader I became deeply invested in their well-being.I did feel like the ending was a little hasty -- I had to re-read the "wrap up" chapter a couple times to understand what exactly happened -- but overall this is a ripping good tale and I'm already hankering to go back to Halcyone space.

  • Ryan Toxopeus
    2018-12-27 13:40

    Little time has passed between the end of Ithaka Rising and this new book, throwing us into Micah's life after he shuttled out of book 2, pretty early on. He's still suffering from the injuries inflicted in Derelict and hoping to make a new life for himself. However, the despicable Alain Maldonado has other ideas. When Micah's university room mate is kidnapped, it's up to him and Halcyone's crew to fly to the rescue.Halcyone's almost running smoothly - perhaps as smoothly as a forty year old ship that crash landed can be expected to run. That's good, because almost everything else in the characters' lives is falling apart. There are gigantic conspiracies, and it feels like every character in the book has a secret agenda.Ro and Barre both pull off some pretty impressive stunts along the way, proving they have the brains and guts to take on the vast number of problems that can arise in space.The story has a great combination of action and intrigue, with excellent pacing, as I've come to expect from the previous books in the series. The characters and their relationships with each other are well written, and I find myself caring about them. That's a nice change from my usual fare on TV, where I find myself watching shows where I don't like many of the characters (The 100, Fear the Walking Dead).This book has a satisfying ending while leaving a lot of open questions for future books. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Jon Stone
    2019-01-03 17:27

    Continuing off the previous two books, things start off and it looks like the crew of Halcyone might finally get to spend a little time relaxing--but how fun would that be to read? Before you know it, everything is upside down yet again and we're headlong into another adventure. The new addition to the cast is spunky and fun. Different enough to work with the crew of misfits thing going on yet a perfect compliment to the cast so far.I think the stakes in this one ratchet up the tension like no other entry in the series. Couldn't put the book down once things started rolling. Great pacing, some real heart-string moments and a bit more of the history of some of the more mysterious characters in the line up. Can't wait to see what else is in store for Halcyone and crew!

  • Anita
    2019-01-17 14:18

    Totally wonderful story. The different characters contributed to the story constantly moving and pulling me in. I am in awe at how well this story is woven together with so many interesting scenes and such depth of character. It was so enjoyable to read. It would be good to read the other two books before this, but don't miss this one.

  • Katherine
    2019-01-15 13:17

    Thrilling!Halcyone space never disappoints. I plowed through the trilogy in just 3 nights. Thrilling and full of intrigue. Also lesbians. Did I mention lesbians?

  • Nightwing
    2018-12-19 18:20

    Ithaka survived and is still hidden, major catastrophe was averted and scores of readers sighed sadly that the story was done. Not to worry! Even though everything *seemed* calm after Ithaka Rising, LJ Cohen's second book in her Halcyon series, nothing really was. The next book in the series, Dreadnought and Shuttle, has even more death-defying actions by the plucky crew we first met in Derelict. Micah is off at University, getting used to not being in the shadow of his father, Jem is getting used to the upgrade to his brain, and Ro is getting used to not having to worry about her father. Well, not quite. Micah runs into a few snags at school, not the least of which is his new roommate. Jem's brain is still fighting him. Oh, and Ro's father is still around and still causing trouble (of course he is!). When he tries to wreak absolute havoc, the crew has to solve things once again, while still trying to stay out of trouble with the authorities. They are helped, in strange ways,by a new potential member of the crew and strong candidate for a love interest, one that looks to be able to give everyone else a run for their money and capable of dealing out what-for on several levels. The only thing I did not like about this book was turning the last page. When's the next one, Ms. Cohen?!

  • Dava Stewart
    2019-01-15 18:40

    I think the series is moving from YA to more grown up, and that is a nice thing. The characters are experiencing life and getting older, thus their conflicts are getting more serious. Well, it's hard to be "more serious" than the conflicts in Ithaka Rising, but still, somehow, this story felt more mature. With each entry in the series, the characters grow and mature -- as they should. It's good. I don't really have any cons to report, other than it leaves you wanting MORE. I could see returning to this series for years, if Ms. Cohen continues to write it. There are enough interesting problems and characters for it to be a really long series, and I hope that it is. Space opera is not my most favorite genre, but a good story is a good story regardless of setting, and like the two previous books in the Halcyone Space series, this is a good story. One of the things that has been mentioned about this book is the fact that a "normalized" gay relationship is part of it. It is, in fact, so normal I didn't really think about it. And that is a good thing, because, you know, love is normal. I really love that there are so many ways the series could go, and so many really interesting supporting characters.

  • Brin
    2019-01-08 17:19

    I enjoyed the first two books, and this, the third, doesn't disappoint. L.J. Cohen added a new character and put her through her paces. With great characters and story-lines, these books please on many levels. Highly recommend!

  • Rochelle
    2018-12-29 17:35

    Buy this bookJust as good as the first two books! Always happy when it goes that way. Can't wait for the next LJ Cohen book.

  • Carol J. Gabel
    2019-01-10 13:35

    Great seriesI have stopped working, and devoted all my time to just kick back and enjoy this series. Can't wait for the continuation of the Halcyon Space