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When she returns home to start a new medical practice, Lara finds she can't escape her troubled past. to open up her medical practice after all these years. Soon she finds herself in the sights of a powerful oil executive who wants nothing more than to be rid of Lara. Lara decides to find the truth behind the corruption and secrets in town- even if it could cost her everytWhen she returns home to start a new medical practice, Lara finds she can't escape her troubled past. to open up her medical practice after all these years. Soon she finds herself in the sights of a powerful oil executive who wants nothing more than to be rid of Lara. Lara decides to find the truth behind the corruption and secrets in town- even if it could cost her everything....

Title : Where There's Smoke
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ISBN : 9780446600347
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 512 Pages
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Where There's Smoke Reviews

  • Michelle
    2018-12-20 09:24

    4 Didn't See It Coming Stars!It's been a long time since I've read a Sandra Brown book. I used to love her style of how she kept me guessing all the way to the end. She's done it again. I didn't see it coming. There was a lot going on in this book but you could tell that it all tied together some how but I didn't figure it out till the end. Lara has moved to Eden Pass to take over the retired Docs place. Nobody wants her in town after the scandal that broke out years before that branded her a cheating whore. She was caught cheating on her husband with the senator Clark Tackett. The Tacketts are powerful and they blame Lara for their youngest sons downfall and later death. Lara has only one thing on her mind and she's willing to do anything to make it happen! The Tacketts will not be shoving her out of town until she gets it. She wants Key Tacketts help to bring home her daughter. Key Tackett the hell raising, sexy cowboy manwhore who is just in town until the next adventure calls him away wants nothing to do with Lara or does he? The tension was thick between these two!We got many POVs in this book. I had no problem figuring out who's head I was in. Was I in Jody Tackett's head? The mother of Clark, Key and JaneEllen? The powerful Jody stopped at nothing to get the cheating Lara out of town. Bowie the ex-con who has his sights set on the shy and plain JaneEllen? The town slut Darcey? I loved them all! SB had me thinking hard while reading this one. I was also on the edge of my seat several times. I was completely surprised at the end when everything came out and a bit sad.Will I be reading more from Sandra Brown? Hell yes! She used to be a favorite of mine and it looks like she still is:))

  • Mo
    2018-12-25 14:36

    Enjoyed this one. Love it when the main characters start out not liking each other. Well, he definitely did not like for… and for a good reason. No one knows why Dr. Lara Mallory came back home to Eden Pass, Texas to open up her medical practice after all these years. But everyone remembers her role in the well-publicized scandal that caused the downfall of White House hopeful Senator Clark Tackett....To be honest, I had figured out some of the “WOW” factors that came along but that did not deter me from enjoying the book. Some parts were a bit unbelievable but with fiction, you have to suspend the disbelief the odd time.Love was a word that poets and songwriters used … Key had never seen any evidence of its magic, unless it was black magic....There were a few twists and turns. Key’s mother was some piece of work, the manipulative bitch. The townspeople were stuck in their ways. I liked Key’s sister and her story.[image error]I have read a mixture of Sandra Brown’s old and new books and her style has definitely developed in a good way.Her will was voluntarily surrendered, and her mind went on a sensuous ride where nothing mattered except the connection mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, man to woman. It fulfilled a primal need she wasn’t even aware she possessed ...... His name drifted across her lips - a question, a profession, a prayer ......Had to wait a long time for a steamy sex scene…but sometimes the anticipation is worth it. I love how her heroes are “real” men!! Not much sweet-talking and plenty of action.

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2018-12-20 15:35

    This is me at the end of just about every SB book. No joke. Thought I had this one figured out. Well I had a bit figured out. But then at 95% or so SB throws in yet another twists. Damn it....Full review to come.

  • -y.a
    2018-12-23 17:49

    2.5-starsThis long book was filled with hypocrites and the word ‘whore’.There was nothing about Key I found swoony.I was pretty lenient toward Lara up to 60% of the book, but as the author set the subplot for a war zone in Central America, Lara character turned into a completely delusional TSTL person that I almost wanted to *dnf*.The romance seemed awkward, and the suspense was almost non-existent.Bummer:/

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2018-12-24 14:45

    Another SB thriller with enough twists and turns to leave you winded. I was smug enough to think I had caught onto the suspense, but the author had a trick or two up her sleeve to leave me floored. So the suspense part is good even if the length of the book could have been shorter.Key is a typical SB H –an unapologetic aphahole. He’s an indiscriminate manhoe, the town badboy rebel who never really grew up; sexy, charming yes, but with a mean streak a mile wide especially where the h is concerned. I’ve never heard an H use the W word on an h/woman so many times before! In fact anyone and everyone thinks nothing of calling her that throughout the book. I don’t feel her alleged indiscretion was any more than what he or the others in the town were up to. But still she was built up as this scandalous jezebel with unpardonable sins.Hypocrites, the lot!Lara, the h is quiet and dignified but also strong willed, tenacious, a fighter but contrarily also lets people walk all over her, label her and abuse her. She never pushes back. Her strength seems too goody-goody to me. It’s okay to be nasty back at the baddies sometimes!The secondary romance is one of the best parts of the book. Never seen a sweeter, nicer couple like the H’s sister and her guy. Otherwise the book had too many characters walking in and out with their stories and episodes leaving one impatient for more h/H interaction. The ow is quite vampy and determined - and he isn't completely successful in shaking her off!The mcs barely have any tender moment for 90% of the book. He keeps feeding on his own prejudices and doesn’t allow himself to feel any soft emotion for her. Even when she shares her heartbreaking memories, he reverts back to his insulting jeering self pretty quickly. But it has to be said that despite the disregard and cruelty, the reader can sense the invisible but inevitable connect between these expected enemies. And that’s what explains the frustratingly quick ending with nary an ily. But one gets it and one smiles!!

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳
    2019-01-14 12:31

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2018-12-23 12:51

    Better buckle yourself in for this one! Author Sandra Brown never fails to deliver the suspense while molding a story riddled with twists and turns on the way to a shocking reveal near the end. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to authors for suspense. Another Must Read by a Master of the genre!

  • Galina Shishkova
    2018-12-31 16:27

    По скоро 4,5 *

  • Laura
    2019-01-08 17:34

    I must agree with my friends. Best Sandra Brown book I've read. She is an amazing author with unexpected twists and turns and I was most definitely NOT disappointed in this book. Shocking revelations in the last 40 pages or so. Wow. Might be one that I actually read again, in digital format of course, will be passing this on to my sister insisting she read it first!!

  • ElaineY
    2019-01-17 09:50

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; 20 MARCH 2014Narrator: Natalie RossNot even Natalie Ross' narration could save this. I like most of SB's books, both her oldies and newer ones. If I've read Where There's Smoke, I must have blocked it from my memory because I did not like this at all.At first, it felt like the same old SB southern romance of rich vs white trash (which I enjoy so that's not a complaint) but I never warmed to Lara Mallory.The first half, before they left for Montesangre, was okay. Good, in fact, but once they landed, it was as if another author took over. Lara descended into TSTL territory when they landed and Key Tackett wasn't any smarter. Both MCs were bent on goading the rebel leader to kill them, or worse. Key, at least, showed some common sense later and stopped his insults. Lara, unfortunately, would do dumb, childish things like throw the water given to her to drink. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, at first, thinking maybe she was just being cautious, suspecting her Americanized gut would not take kindly to the third world water. But no, she threw it because the rebel leader was a US-hating piece of scum. Key was more practical, the book said, and drank his. But even that piece of stupidity from Dr Mallory pales in comparison to her screeching at the top of her voice (that's what Natalie Ross did, anyway) when Key was waiting for whoever to come through the door. He was going to shoot if they turned out to be the rebel soldiers who were already roaming the town looking for them. Why did she scream? Because she thought it might be Emilio, her late husband's aide, and she didn't want Key to shoot him. So of course Key is forced to shoot, anyway, and the gunfire brings the soldiers to where they are, making it even more difficult to escape. (it wasn't rebel soldiers or Emilio who was entering the room but a goat. Yup, a goat. Roaming around in the abandoned US embassy.)And, there was just way too much wailing by Lara over her dead daughter. Of course, that could have been Natalie Ross' fault. She really gave Lara's caterwauling all she had.I abandoned the duo in Central America and hoped Emilio shot them both.Rating: 2 stars for the story; 3 stars for the narration.

  • Tetty Marlinda
    2019-01-02 10:42

    #26 for 2017 RCGenre : Suspense

  • Toni
    2019-01-18 16:54

    I picked up "Where there's Smoke" without knowing what to think. My first foray into Sandra Brown was her recent publication, "Low Pressure," which was gifted to me by a friend for Christmas. I enjoyed the story but found it highly forgettable. In fact, when rereading the book a year or so later, I couldn't even recall the major events in the plot.Next, I selected "Chill Factor," which I enjoyed even more than "Low Pressure," although I don't believe it will be much more memorable.Going into "Where There's Smoke," I knew it had been published approximately two decades prior to the first SB novel I'd sunk my teeth into. That usually lends itself to three possible outcomes. First, the author will have evolved and improved over time, leaving the reader disappointed with earlier works. Second, the author proved herself with her earliest works and, at some point, simply began publishing trunk novels to appease readers and keep income flowing. The final possibility is perhaps the most dreaded of all: the author had no discernable improvement or decline over time, putting out consistently mediocre novels.Again, with those possibilities in mind, I was unsure where I'd find myself with "Where There's Smoke." I found it to be typical of SB's other works but in a comfortable, familiar way, not one of complacency. Overall, this book provided me with a much more urgent need to keep reading, a factor that's most welcome for this bibliophile. I was kept guessing and intrigued from beginning to end and can safely say this is my favorite SB novel to date.I love that her heroes can be counted on to be real men with real flaws, believable even if extraordinary in many ways. She doesn't pull punches with language or graphic details, although she doesn't go overboard and create crudeness in undue places just to up the intensity. She manages to draw out the major climaxes, keeping the reader furiously turning pages to find out what happens next. Overall, I found this to be a lovely work of fiction, earning itself a spot on my "favorites" shelf.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-01-19 11:42

    3.5 stars rounded down for Amazon. I was hoping for a romance novel, but this was more of a mystery. I was annoyed with parts of the story.CAUTION SPOILERS:I was mad at Lara toward the end. Key deserved to be told all truths, but Lara chose to keep secrets from him. She didn't tell him that Clark was gay because she didn't want him to be hurt. Her logic was wrong because Key thought she didn't want him when she really did. Another problem: on the night of explosion, Jody left home to stop Janellan from being with her boyfriend Bowie. Yet Jody went to Dr. Lara's home, found someone there and shot him. I don't know why Jody went there. By the way, Janellan had eloped that night and went out of town to a hotel in Louisville, which Jody probably didn't know about. Other reveiwers complained that Key drank too much when he was upset, and Lara was a doormat.DATA:Sexual content: not evaluated. I read this book before I began counting sex scenes and describing the language. As I recall there was not much sex. Setting: current day U.S. and Central America. Copyright: 1992. Genre: mystery.OTHER BOOKS:I’ve read one other book by Sandra Brown. My 4 star review of “Envy” copyright 2001 was posted 12-20-09.

  • Kristen
    2018-12-20 16:33

    In Sandra Brown's Where There's Smoke, this was another one of her early favorite and classic romantic suspense novels ever. For Dr. Lara Mallory, when she returned to Eden Pass to open up her medical practice, no one knew why she returned back home after the scandal of the downfall of Clark Tackett she caused many years ago. So when the matriarch of Tackett oil tried to use every weapon in her arsenal to drive her out of town, she doesn't go quietly. That's when she was thrown together with Key Tackett, the youngest son of the Tackett clan, her unlikely ally, they would stop to nothing to expose their explosive secret and to everyone who stood in their way.

  • Lois
    2019-01-14 14:41

    Very promising start. Oh, good! I thought, one of her readable ones.OOOPs. The more I read, the worse it got--the language, plot, preachiness, characters full of psychobabble about themselves and others. Ugh. I had to stop.

  • Dina
    2018-12-28 16:48

    Just how she kept me guessing till the end, amazing. This is an loving, exciting, emotionally book, I could't stop turning the pages

  • Bube
    2019-01-08 15:50

    WOW!From start to finish - amazing story!

  • Cindee Bowen
    2018-12-22 11:53

    OK, a fun trashy summer read. My 93 year old grandma passed it on to me!

  • Lelyana
    2018-12-30 14:26

    “It was difficult to sympathize with a protagonist whose dilemma was mild when compared to her own.”

  • Linda Munro
    2018-12-22 11:52

    Secrets, everybody has them; some are just bigger than others. When Sr. Lara Mallory moved to East Texas, no one knew her secret, until Tacket Oil Queen, Jody Tacket made sure that everyone knew she was responsible for ruining her son Clark’s political career. Jody could not believe that her son Clark has changed his will, purchasing the rural clinic from the retiring doctor and leaving it to Lara before he committed suicide; but she guaranteed that Lara Mallory would never practice in her town. In an unlikely scenario, Lara meets Key Tacket, Clark’s younger brother, daredevil pilot and black sheep of the Tacket family. Lara tucks yet another secret into her closet of secrets, while Key holds the same secret over her head.When Lara approaches Key with a request and a promise, they head off to the war ravished country of Montenegre in search of the only reason Lara had accepted Clark’s last bequest. When they arrive, will the final secrets be released or will the couple end up dead like over half of the country’s residents already are? Or, will the final secret come to light?

  • Judy Churchill
    2018-12-23 11:33

    This was a slow starter that had a very exciting ending. This story included a third world country take over by vicious bandits, a nasty political scandal and a motel fire with loss of life and many injuries. Truly an adventure book!

  • Fizzy
    2018-12-26 13:49

    Why on God's green earth would Lara Mallory decide to set up her medical practice in Eden Pass, Texas; home of her scandalous lovers family? Oh, yeah because before he mysteriously died he purchased it and deeded it too her. Awkward. Changing her name after her husband, who stood by her side, was murdered in a coup in the Central American country they were shushed to after the scandal didn't help her keep jobs anywhere else. She didn't have a lot to lose and she had a mission. With interwoven storylines, Sandra Brown crafts a gripping tale of Lara and her lover's brother Key that will keep you guessing until the end and have you wanting to be able to just read faster.I really liked this story but there's a few things I feel like need to be addressed that I didn't quite care for. Before I go into it too much I have to remind you that the use of language does not bother me. What bothers me is when it's used loosely and in a context that doesn't fit the character or the story. For an affair that happened almost five years prior there was a lot of name calling going on throughout that, in my opinion, was just the use of language for language sake and not to benefit the story or to flesh out a character. I found it a bit too much and over the top. It became cliche after a while and detracted from the bigger story instead of enhancing it. The storylines wove together perfectly and blended seamlessly and the characters were engaging. However, I have to throw the cliche word out there again because that's the only word I can think of to describe how some of the characters developed. They didn't really slide into their own personalities so much as became just another off the shelf version of what their role was. In character development this book had opportunity for improvement. So, let's move on to the good stuff.Any time I pick up a mystery, which I do fairly often, the big test of it's merit is how long it takes me to figure out the answers. Sandra Brown has thus far, always kept me gripped and guessing and thinking I've got it just to toss another curve ball at me. Even in the last chapter there were things revealed that I hadn't yet figured out on my own. Don't get me wrong, there were things that were glaringly obvious but the big stuff? Took me sideways. However the romance left me wanting. Janellen and Bowie were too cliche for me to be invested in their romance. Anything Darcy touched was cliche intensified. Even Lara and Key were just too much 'thin line between love and hate'. The only person who really surprised me at the end was Jody. Despite the off the rack characters though they were cohesive and they worked well together. Key and Lara's relationship was well built with a few sidebars thrown in for good measure, a lot of immaturity and a little bit of self awareness. All in all, Sandra Brown has yet to disappointment and there's still books out there I've yet to read.Originally published at https://fizzypopcollection.blogspot.c....

  • Gerd
    2019-01-10 10:31

    First off: I got this book as a goodreads giveaway.I always wanted to read something by Sandra Brown and I’m grateful for the signed copy of her book. But, sadly, after reading close to a hundred pages of the novel I have to say that it isn’t mine.There’s certain romance tropes that I can’t stand much, and one of them is to start out with a as irredeemable appearing male main character as possible, and Key, the books male hero, is a role model in that department. Lead character Key hates Lara, our female lead, for, in his mind, ruining his brothers political career by having an affair with him. The hinted on secret behind these events would still have been enough to keep me interested in reading on and swallow the questionable initial behaviour of our “hero”, if this had just been ill directed hatred against Lara, but Sandra takes this a step further and paints him as a troubled to the max, cynical, women despising alpha-male all the females swoon over… And this brings me to the next romance trope I have little patience for: instant lust.Naturally our female lead, Lara, a doctor out of all possibilities, instantly feels a strong sexual attraction to Key when, unrecognised by her at that time, he literally falls into her home at night, heavily wounded and sweat covered… but hey, what’s says sexy more than dripping blood and sweat on the rug, right? The book goes even as far as trying to sell us a short exchange between them which is nothing short of sexual harassment as flirting.If that’s her idea of a flirt, our Doctor should urgently pick up her pride from the floor and visit a Doctor, honestly. I understand that instant lust (same as love on first sight) spares the author to have to spend a lot of time on getting to know each other and relationship building, but in a novel of 500+ pages, who needs short-cuts?Still yet, in spite of my reluctance to put up with such tropes, I would have been tempted to read on, if only to learn more about the faith of secondary character Bowie, who would have a made a much better lead in my opinion. But Sandra spicks her story over these close to hundred pages with more vulgarities than Stephen King uses up in a whole book. I don’t usually comment (much) on language, but when all characters start to sound like they are suffering from a form of Tourette’s syndrome my reading pleasure goes out of the window.Now, obviously some people like this sort of writing more than I do and to them, I’m sure, it’s a good enough story to keep them entertained; for me unfortunately it isn’t.

  • Kara Jorges
    2019-01-02 15:46

    Dr. Lara Mallory is a fallen woman since a tabloid incident involving her and Senator Clark Tackett. She had been married at the time, and found anything but a forgiving attitude following the scandal. Finally, after Clark Tackett dies and leaves her a medical practice in his home town of Eden Pass, Texas, she decides to start over there. Besides, she believes the Tackett family owes her, and she’s in town to collect a favor from Clark’s younger brother, notorious playboy Key. Things are even tougher in Eden Pass, however, because Clark’s powerful mother, Jody Tackett, has it out for her. Key seems to share his mother’s low opinion, as does his mouse of a sister, Janellen, and the rest of the town. Key despises himself for falling for his dead brother’s bimbo, but he can’t seem to resist her. At the same time, 33-year-old Janellen is finally breaking out of her shell. When an ex-con named Bowie Cato comes in to Tackett Oil looking for a job, there’s something compelling about him, and pretty soon Janellen starts restyling her hair and wearing make-up while she and Bowie sneak around to build their romance. Sandra Brown can write one heck of a gripping thriller, but sometimes her books seem to have somewhat of a hard edge to them, and this is one of those books. It’s as if the author was undergoing difficult personal turmoil at the time, and it came out in her writing. The judgmental attitude that pervades this novel seems appropriate for a small town like Eden Pass, but doesn’t fit quite so well with the rest of the country, considering that infidelity did not sink the political aspirations of Bill Clinton, and notoriety has become a form of fame. She tosses words like whore, tramp, and trash around quite liberally, which made it difficult to warm to several of the characters. Perhaps it was done on purpose to underscore the hypocrisy inherent in these characters, but it was still somewhat distasteful.The story was a good one, with a few twists and turns along the way, but I also was not horribly fond of the ending. She created and fleshed out a couple of characters simply to kill them off at the end, and another rather innocuous character meets a bad end that didn’t seem fitting to his actions throughout the book. Aside from those complaints, however, this is a pretty good novel with a compelling storyline. I just think I would have liked it better if everyone within its pages wasn’t quite so mean.

  • Canan^^
    2019-01-11 12:44

    Offf Offf Offff!Nasıl bir kitaptı bu...Bir bakmışsınız Teksas'ta bir bakmışsınız medeniyetten uzakta bir ülkedesiniz.Özellikle son 30-35 sayfası yok muydu? Olaylar adeta uçarcasına sürükleyici bir hızla oldu bitti.Kitabın konusuna değineyim az biraz...Kadın karakterimiz Lara Malory.Doktordur kendileri.Erkek karakterimiz Key Tackett.Serbest pilot.Olaylar Eden Geçidinde yaşanmakta.Lara Bu kasabaya doktor olarak çalışmaya gelmiş ve bir muayane açmıştır.Key ise kız kardeşi Janellen'in çağrısı üzerine dönmüştür evine.Ama eve gitmeden önce Fergus'un eşi Darcy ile bir kaçamak yapmaktanda geri kalmamıştır.Ama yapılan planda bir terslik olupta Fergus tarafından yakalanmak üzereyken Darcy tarafından vurulan Key neye uğradığını şaşırmıştır.Olsun canım..sonuçta balkondan atladığı gibi doktorumuzun evinin yolunu tutmayı başarmıştır.Tabi orda yaşlı, eski doktor yerine Lara'yı görünce buna itirazda etmemiştir.Çiftimiz bu olay sonucu tanışmıştır.Pardon birbirlerini ilk defa yüz yüze görmüşlerdir.Zira varlıklarından daha önce zaten haberdardırlar.Nasıl mı?Lara'nın eşi Randall ve Key'in abisi Clark siyaset alanında birbirini tanıyan iki yakın arkadaştır.Ama bir gün Randall; Lara'yı Clarkla birlikte yakalamış ve basında bunu tüm dünyaya yaymıştır.Yani Lara kötü kadın olarak nitelendirilmekle beraber Clark'ında siyaset hayatını bitirmiştir.Kısacası Eden Geçidinde sevilmemektedir.Kitapta o kadar çok olay var ki anlatamam...Key ve Lara ana karakter olsada Janellen - Bowie, Heather - Tanner, Darcy - Fergus, Jody(dehşet bişeydi) ve birkaçta X kişiye birinci ağızdan yer veriliyor.Lara Eden geçidine bir amaç için gelmiştir.Bu amacını uzun süren çabalarının ardından başarmıştırda.Kitabın oldukça etkileyici sahneleri vardı.Lara'nın başına gelenler cidden bir insan için çok zor şeylerdi.Kitap ve olaylar beni etkiledi.İnanın bana başlardaki olaylar sadece bir başlangıçtı.O kadar çok olaylar zinciri vardı ki yazar bu konuda beni şaşırttı =)Ben kitabı sevdim..öneririm =)

  • Gerry Bartlett
    2019-01-18 13:45

    I'm on a Sandra Brown roll now. This one had another surprise that I didn't see coming. Not quite as great as Deadline, but still managed to make me say, hmm. This one is set in a small Texas town run by a matriarch of an oil family, the Tacketts. Now I've always appreciated my sweet mother, but this mama is cold and mean. Our hero turned out great anyway, though he's something of a bad boy. But we love those, don't we? Our heroine was caught in a scandal with the golden boy of the oil rich family and it ruined his political career. He later committed suicide. Mama Tackett is determined to run this floozy out of town when she dares show up to claim an inheritance, she's a doctor and the senator wannabe had bought her the local practice. I know this sounds complicated and it is. Especially when we go off to a fictional South American country to claim the body of our heroine's dead daughter. I could go on but the best part of the book is the characterization. Brown is queen of coming up with compelling characters and interesting story lines. And, like I said, surprise twists. You'll see. Pick it up.

  • Cyndi
    2019-01-17 12:28

    This novel, like the other ones I have read by Ms. Brown, was pretty good. She knows how to weave a tale.This was a romance with thriller elements. The female characters are represented as strong willed women, who know how to get what they want, just not always in an above board fashion.There were many incidences of "karmic retribution", and twisty redemptions. I have to admit here that I had already figured out one of the big reveals beforehand, but was more than satisfied with a number of surprises.The romance between the main characters did not offer anything heart catching until closer to the end; I thoroughly enjoyed the "secondary" romance though. Much more sweet and drawn through the whole story.I also have to admit that I needed this novel after a long bout of more "serious" reading. Ms. Brown is greatly skilled at her craft, and I would not hesitate to read her again and again.

  • Kara
    2019-01-17 09:27

    I have never been disappointed by a Sandra Brown novel. She writes with feeling and the detail is such that I can often see exactly what she's projecting with my mind's eye. This novel was no different. While all of the novels I have read so far have an element of romance in them, it isn't the driving force. They have many other elements as well, suspense, drama, mystery and she weaves the tapestry together so well. Some books are easily figured out long before the last page has been read but Sandra keeps you guessing. Don't get me wrong I have figured out where she's going on occasion with certain elements but this novel in particular ended with a bang (literally) and one that I never saw coming. I highly recommend reading anything by Sandra Brown if you haven't yet. I know she is one of the authors I keep going back to time and time again.

  • Ksenia
    2019-01-07 11:43

    Wow, this was one of the most action-pact Sandra Brown’s books I‘ve read. But I’m afraid not everyone will like this novel. The reason? Key Tackett. He is rude, even offensive. Key Tackett reminded me of Cash Boudreaux from Slow Heat in Heaven.I was listening to an audio version narrated by Natalie Ross. I really like her narration, but after her brilliant work with Mac from Fever series by Karen Marie Moning I was afraid that Natalie Ross’ voice would forever stay Mac’s voice for me. At first I kept hearing Mac, but after a little while she grew on me.You can find my reviews:

  • Louise
    2019-01-19 14:41

    Hmmm...I didn't seem to enjoy this particular Brown novel as much as I have some her other's. Ca la vie!"No one knows why Lara Mallory opens up her medical practice in the rowdy Texas town where Tackett Oil owns everything. But everyone remembers her role in the well-publicized scandal that caused the downfall of White House hopeful Senator Clark Tackett. Now the iron-fisted matriarch of Tackett Oil intends to use her money and power to drive Lara out of town...especially when Lara meets Key, the hell-raising, youngest Tackett son. Before long, this determined woman doctor and brash, daring flyer find themselves hurtling on a soul searing quest for the one secret that can destroy the Tackett empire, as rumors start flying that...Where There's Smoke."