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Amalya Rivers longs to die and end her lonely existence—but it doesn’t work out that way…A former runaway turned criminal, Amalya is murdered and thrust into a treacherous world full of red-skinned, horned beasts under the control of the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, instead of enjoying peace and serenity like she hoped. But saving a young child from a certain brutal death in theAmalya Rivers longs to die and end her lonely existence—but it doesn’t work out that way…A former runaway turned criminal, Amalya is murdered and thrust into a treacherous world full of red-skinned, horned beasts under the control of the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, instead of enjoying peace and serenity like she hoped. But saving a young child from a certain brutal death in the last moments of her life has earned her a chance at salvation. Elliott the Redeemer wants no part in saving another soul…After one too many failures at redeeming lost souls, the nail-biting, self-pitying Elliott has had enough of his work and would prefer to live out his eternity on Earth drowning in bourbon. It doesn’t matter that Amalya has grown black feathered wings signifying the good that still dwells within her. He can’t risk failure again.Amalya must save someone from her past in order to escape Abaddon’s rule…She has to prevent the now grown child she saved from committing murder or risk returning to Netherworld with Abaddon for good. She can’t do it alone, though. Amalya needs the help of the angel sent to guide her, but their emerging love might not be enough to convince Elliott she’s worth the risk. Amalya loves her black wings. She knows she’s meant to be an angel—and she will stop at nothing to prove it…...

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Her Black Wings Reviews

  • Megan (bookslayerReads)
    2019-01-17 15:22

    I am highly disappointed in this book. What I had expected to be an interesting story, was mostly confusion and boredom....The world-building was too much. It was so confusing that it was almost distracting. My brain was so jumbled, I couldn't focus on the story. And had trouble getting into it. The sex scenes were written horribly; they were rushed, unrealistic, and fake. I was embarrassed by how idiotic the sex scenes were. I mean, seriously. And all the grammatical and spelling errors didn't help at all. Only added to the confusion and difficulty in reading the book.Our main character, Amalya, was childish and I felt I couldn't relate to her at all. I don't have to relate to every protagonist in the books I read, but I'd like for them to at least have some sort of depth to their character... And Amalya didn't. She was like a grown adult child.I hate having to write bad reviews, but this book was overall just plain sloppy to me. Sloppy development and sloppy writing. Really was hoping to like this one, too. 2 stars from me.

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-01-12 16:37

    There was deep depth of emotional despair within Amalya. She led a life that allowed her to survive, but always right and when time came to do it right. She did, but the consequences she did not foresee. Life for Amalya has changed for eternity. Now the big questions was where would see complete eternity? Elliott has spent forever doing a job most do not want to take on. With his track record at being successful not so good. He begins to doubt and despair for him sets in. He was no longer wanting to do the job tasked to him. That was until Amalya. Or at least he showed some hesitance to completely give up on the how job aspect. Abaddon has had his eyes on Amalya for a very long time now. Now that she is within reach he wants very much to keep her. But there was a small hitch to his desire to have her. Free will. Desire to do right. Desire to dream/hope for more. This was a read that captured by imagination, engaged my senses, and titillated my emotions. There were multiple POVs to investigate and more than one view to absorb. There was more her than just a romance of two souls at a crossroad. There were mistakes made, paths chosen, directions changed, understandings made. The deeper I traveled the more invested I became in wanting to know will she, wont she, will he, wont he, why, how. Just so much going on and more was desired. Looking for more than a paranormal romance. Looking for more than just starting and ending. Looking for satisfying, soul stirring, mind engaging, page turning reading enjoyment. Then yes, I must recommend this read. I got what I was looking for and more. The more made it so worth it. **This ARC was provided via Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Cassandra Fear
    2018-12-25 12:16

    This book was great! Norris did a fantastic job pulling me in to this complicated world and I loved her descriptions!Amalya was a very complex character. So many bad things had happened to her in her life and then she meets Elliott, who is in a bad place himself. Even through everything Amalya had endured she still had enough good in her to change things around her. Even though she hadn't had the courage to do that in life, she does in death.I just think that Elliott and Amalya are my new favorite book couple. I loved when they were together, how they communicated with each other. Sure, there were some issues but what relationship doesn't have those? I think Norris did a great job making things believable.I can't wait for the next installment and would definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves angel and demon books!

  • Felicia A
    2019-01-01 12:35

    YAYYYYY! Another editing project is now a published book!

  • Christy O'Dell
    2019-01-14 13:17

    Stick with it, it gets betterThe beginning of the story is intriguing, well-paced and put together well. The middle of the book starts to feel jumbled and a bit confusing, but the end of the book ties it all together and clears up a few things.Amalya is a troubled young woman from the start and the turmoil for her starts right away. She makes one bad selfish decision after another until it is too late and she attempts one good deed during a life or death situation. She is then taken into Hell and this is where the story gets a bit confusing. The characters and descriptions were fine and well thought out. The relationship between Aba and Amalya progressed seemingly overnight and with no indication on how or why they are the way they are with each other. I felt as if I missed a couple pages and kept flipping back to see what I missed. Elliot was full of self-loathing and was supposed to be there to save Amalya. He ends up pretty broken and worse off than before.Several more characters are thrown in the mix and added more complex to the story. I found this to be a bit cumbersome in getting to the meat of the story. It took a while for the other characters to show their purpose and in between all this Elliot is hot and cold to the point of exhaustion. Amalya comes across as a bratty teenager with most of her remarks. These two were hard to love.Once Amalya figures out her purpose and tries to make right everything came together rather nicely. The last several chapters of the book really pulled me in and became really interesting, which is what I had been waiting for the whole book. The author did a wonderful job of bringing each person together and intersecting all the stories. Amalya and Elliot became less juvenile and more likable with each passing page. The other characters had a purpose and I was drawn in and interested to find out how it all comes to a head.All in all I would say that the book is a good read and I am glad I stuck with it. I am starting on the second book in this series. Despite the convoluted parts this is a good read and I would recommend it.

  • Slb
    2018-12-30 11:25

    I enjoyed most of this book It was a mix of giving supernaturals human characteristics and supernatural some supernatural characteristics and I found it humorous and I chuckled. This book is well written mostly smooth and humorous, again.. It contains good, not so good, bad and evil. It also contains salvation, how hard it is for characters to accept forgiveness and unconditional love. They whine to understand everything or rely on their own comprehension rather than trust and faith. Actions matter maybe not as much as they think and whether human, angel, demons or the devil, most go about business without to much thinking. God makes appearances and no one seems to understand what he is doing until later and as 1 angel says " I think He makes it up as he goes along".

  • Amanda
    2018-12-19 18:40

    I love fantasy and romance so when I started this, I couldn’t put it down. I was addicted from beginning to end. At first I thought it would take me forever to read since there are so many chapters. But they’re really short! Which was a relief lol. For real though, this story line is addicting. Heaven and Hell are completely two separate worlds but this taught me there’s much more to it than that. I learned actual life lessons throughout Amalya’s journey. Incredible story and now I’m off to read the second book!

  • Kimber
    2019-01-06 18:27

    5 Stars☆☆☆☆☆WOW!! I loved this book!! The story was so well written, it drew me in from the first chapter!! The love between Amalya & Elliot was unexpected but worked out so well!! I can't wait to read more about their journey together!! Another great read from another great author!!

  • Victoria
    2019-01-08 11:23

    It is a good book to read

  • Parker
    2019-01-13 18:22

    Amalya has not lead a life to be proud of but when the end is near she saves the life of a little boy. When it comes to judgment time she is taken by Abaddon to the Netherworld. Abaddon has been watching and waiting for Amalya but to keep her he has to convince her to stay otherwise she can take a chance at redemption.Elliott the Redeemer doesn’t want to save another soul, the lost souls over the years have taken a toll. When he is ordered to the Netherworld to bring Amalya back he grudgingly agrees but when he meets her he starts to feel again.To save herself from returning to the Netherworld she has to stop the now grown child she saved from committing murder. Amalya just has to convince Elliott to help her.Will Amalya be successful or will she fail and return to Abaddon?I was hesitant when I started this book as I'm not a fan of Angel stories but after the first couple of chapters I was hooked. Amalya is a fantastic character her despair is almost difficult to read. With no one and nothing to live for she has always thought death was the easy way out until it happened. She has to come to terms with her mistakes in order to help save others. It was fantastic to see her journey and the difference in her. Elliott is lost he no longer believes in his work and when he returns from Netherworld he is broken. He becomes so wrapped up in his own grief and sadness he struggles with his feelings for Amalya. He runs away when things become too much and leaves Amalya to deal with her task. The development and the in depth characters made it difficult to put down. The plot keeps you wanting to know what happens next and who will win.For me this book is two tales in one, there is a romance between two lost souls and then there is a story of redemption. There is hope and a chance no matter how many mistakes you make. By working together, accepting the mistakes you make and choosing to change you can alter your path. A fantastic read with an engaging and interesting plot. I will happily recommend this book and wait for future books by this authorIndependent Reviewer for Romance Authore that Rock On

  • Anna
    2019-01-07 18:16

    ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author.***This book was just alright for me. I loved the concept of redemption, that flowed through the whole plot. I like the descriptions of Hell and Abaddon and the flow of the book, worked nicely. However, I wasn't a fan of the description of Arcadia....AND more importantly, there was a HUGE disconnect with the characters. Characters are extremely important in getting the story across. Amalya, while annoying for most of the book, would have connected better with me had she had a genuine feeling relationship with Elliott. But I did not feel any passion at all from them, even when they were together. It kind of killed the romance for me. I wanted to feel their love and passion, but all I got with a casual sex feeling. Maybe I just missed something or Abaddon overshadowed what they could have had, I'm not sure, this is just my opinion. I will say though, I did like the incorporation of Brandon....and annoyingly enough connected with him more than either of the two main characters, so he was a great addition. Angels are a hard concept to conquer, I will say though, so I always appreciate the effort when an author chooses this topic :)

  • Judi Easley
    2019-01-02 14:24

    This was good! Full review coming very soon!My Review:This is a really good book. The bad guys are really bad and the consequences are pretty bad when you screw up. What Demons do the Angels is awful, too. It's enough to turn your stomach. It makes Angels walk around almost in tears. It certainly has Amalya in tears a time or two. She just can't believe that these guys do this sort of thing to each other. Once she starts to understand that they are all serious about it, that it's not a game, she really scared. She understands that she has to do what she's been told to do or she will spend eternity in Hell with the ultimate bad guy. And he's excited about the idea. But now that she's ready to get it done, no one is willing to cooperate!The characters are pretty awesome in here. Sometimes it's hard to tell an Angel from a Demon, depending on how they decide to make their point. But I love their Angel hangout in between worlds. And I really like the way Amalya leaves her feathers for the guy she's trying to save to remind him to be good.Pick this up and give it a read. It's hot off the press, July 12, 2016. I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series, just published August 23, 2016, Her Black Heart.

  • R.C. Matthews
    2019-01-02 13:18

    The concept behind Her Black Wings is interesting. It isn't often that I read a story about a female protagonist with questionable morals / history. Amalya was not a good person in many, many ways. So I loved the idea that even though she had done one selfless act, that didn't immediately make her redeemable so Abaddon was given the opportunity to take her to Hell and convince her to stay there. Abaddon was set on making her his 'queen'.I enjoyed the author's descriptions of the underworld and acadia. I also loved the fact that Adaddon was a selfish asshole most of the time. At first I was worried he was going to try to 'change' for Amalya, but he didn't. Even she suffered during her stay in Hell. Once Amalya escapes Hell, the story around what she needs to do in order to fully earn her redemption is really good. But what was missing for me was a deep emotional connection between Amalya and Elliott. There was a lot of physical lust, no doubt. But I didn't feel the love with these two characters. I'm not sure Elliott quite fit my idea of an angel, either. I wanted so much more from him.

  • L.M. Glenn
    2019-01-03 14:31

    I loved it! As soon as I began reading I couldn't stop. Every page was filled with wanting more. There was never a dull moment. I highly recommend reading this if you enjoy books with imagination, light and dark clashing, and wing, lots of wings.

  • Ramona Plant
    2019-01-19 13:46

    The author develops a unique plot about angels and demons, which I find very intriguing. Her writing style is pleasant to read. The plot is well developed with a good pace, not too fast nor too slow.I have to admit, I am not a fan of Amalya, I just didn't warm up to her at all. Especially at the beginning she makes some very odd choices. Her relationship with Elliott is also on the more odd side. Thankfully both characters develop in this story, making especially Amalya more likable, still not a fan of hers though. I do like though that she does seem to have her heart in the right spot. Aba and Deus are unique characters which actually fit the story well.With all that being said, I am looking forward to read the next book when it comes out.I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)

  • Shannon
    2019-01-11 17:18

    How far would you go to save someone that was already dead?This story was great. I can't wait to read the next one! Amalya is at a crossroads in her life. It's so easy to give into the devil, but is it the right choice? Az believe it or not, is actually my favorite character in this story! I hope there is more of him!

  • Tracey
    2019-01-01 15:23

    ***I received this book in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author.***Well what can I say, I was gripped from the start.This is the story of Amayla Rivers and how she got her black wings. After being kidnapped and then killed she is pulled down to Hell by Abbadon, who rules all the demons. Deus sends AngelRedeemer Elliott down to get her out as she had made a sacrifice at the time of her death and didn’t belong there. I would say that A J Norris really brought the characters out with Amayla trying to be tough a sarcie and Elliot who is there to save her is a bit self-pitying at times, but Amayla brings out more in him. Can’t wait for the next instalment of A J Norris The Dark Amulet Series “Her Black Heart”

  • Nykki
    2018-12-23 15:25

    I really enjoyed this book. I’m a HUGE fan of dark themes and there was plenty in this book.I really loved Amalya’s story and how she wound up where she did. She was truly a complex character. She was dark, surly and utterly lovable. The way she died had me on the edge of my seat. And everything after…Wow!I didn’t really connect with Elliots character like I’d hoped. I keep trying to think of ways to articulate my thoughts on this book, but spoilers are the things that keep coming to me.So, I’ll just say this, A.J Norris truly has a writing voice that is unique and dark. It tantalizes your senses and grips you until the end! I’m looking forward to the sequel, the one that highlights some characters from this books journey!

  • Cricket
    2018-12-28 15:29

    Her Black Wings, by author AJ Norris, is a sprawling tale about a young girl named Amalya. Her life has been anything but easy, although she has tried to change it. Events eventually spiral out of control, and Amalya, who has died, now has to figure out how to save herself from Hell. The story moves very quickly, and the characters were engaging and intriguing. This is a edge of your seat novel, in that so many things happen to Amalya that I actually began to wonder if she could escape. I will certainly be on the lookout for the next book by AJ Norris! I did receive a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lauren
    2019-01-15 15:20

    So i got this for an honest review. I love paranormal books and as soon I started This book I was hooked. Everything was intriguing I was thinking Oh dark fell for evil but man was it so much more. I have to admit part way through I lost interest not because it was bad but the main character seemed weaker than I thought her to be. I kept reading and within about a chapter or so I was very happy and kept reading on eagerly and I was very glad with the outcome of this book. Great writing and loved the dual point of views. definitely worth a read!

  • Angela
    2018-12-24 17:18

    I loved this spin on the traditional good vs. evil argument. It kind of reminded me of the old TV show Touched by an Angel. I can’t wait to see where she goes with this series. I’m not sure if in the future this will mainly be Amalya’s story, or if it will be her story with Elliott. Then again, she may surprise me and decide to deal with another angel altogether in the next one. This book is really amazing and I can’t say enough good about it. This will be a series I follow all the way to the end.

  • Tracy D.
    2018-12-30 10:16

    Whooooah ooh. Under Her Black Wings.I just had to read a book with the title of a Danzig song. Turns out it's pretty cool, too. Good pace, likeable characters, an interesting ending for secondary characters. I got lost a little in the banter. Sometimes the cheese was pretty thick. There were also a few editing issues. Other than that, with KU, this series is totally worth checking out.

  • Mia Whittemore
    2019-01-13 14:39

    I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. I struggled with it. It felt like the plot line was familiar, but not in a new way. There was one line in the book " Female angels didn't normally reproduce, as they were warrior class" I feel In the modern world this is sending the wrong message to readers and whilst I continued on and finished the book I don't think I ll pick up any others in the series, or recommend it to anyone.

  • S.K. Gregory
    2018-12-24 16:42

    Amalya hasn't lived a good life and when she is killed by a kidnapper, she is taken to hell. But before she died she managed to save the life of a young boy and because of that an angel called Elliot, is sent in to rescue her. Faced with an eternity in hell, Amalya is given the task of redeeming someone on earth for her freedom from hell. I liked the story, the imagery was very good and Amalya is a sympathetic character. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Lady Mockingbird
    2018-12-22 15:39

    Pleasant readThe plot is decent and the execution is also better than much of the supernatural romance on the market, but the character's motivations are sometimes unclear. And there are times when the drama feels forced.