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I've always followed my dreams with ruthless determination.My life was going well. Success was at my fingertips.Until it wasn't.All it took was three seconds to send my world crashing down around me, ripping my dreams to shreds.Then I meet her, with her large hazel eyes that slay me at first glance.And everything starts to make sense again.I try to keep my distance.To remiI've always followed my dreams with ruthless determination.My life was going well. Success was at my fingertips.Until it wasn't.All it took was three seconds to send my world crashing down around me, ripping my dreams to shreds.Then I meet her, with her large hazel eyes that slay me at first glance.And everything starts to make sense again.I try to keep my distance.To remind myself I am her mentor.That we can't be more, but every time I push away, I'm pulled deeper into her.The line between student and teacher is blurring. One kiss. One taste. They’re all it would take to cross the line....

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Breaking Gravity Reviews

  • Ramona
    2019-03-22 13:38

    For those who know me, my guilty pleasure is reading professor student affair books. I LOVE THEM! I've read every combination, every mix of possible characters and I just can't get enough. Even though I loved them, I am extremely picky. The story has to have something different, because I already read kind of everything and the book has to surprise me with a catch.Well, what do you know? Braking Gravity by Autumn Grey managed to make me very curious even when reading the blurb and the book was fantastic. It hit my Top 3 student professor books ( I won't reveal the order or the other 2 titles, if you need recommendation, just PM me:) ).Nate Rowe has been living the most dramatic 3 years of his life. After losing his fiancée, he is terribly lost and misguided. He found refugee in drugs and medication and things aren't looking ok for him. He was a famous cellist, but after the night he lost the love of his life, that gift was taken away from him as well. He receives a second chance by Rushmore School of Music when he is requested to take on a class. Wanting a distraction, he agrees and that is when his life changes.Elon Blake is smart, fearless and feisty. She has a goal in life, to become one of the biggest cellist out there. When Nate introduces himself as her teacher, everything she knew comes falling apart, because she had no idea how electric this pull to him could be. This relationship has FORBIDDEN written all over and I loved every minute of it.As I said, Nate is trying to find something to live for again. When meeting Elon, he was totally disorientated and couldn't understand what is going on with him. He tried to kept his distance, tried to hold on to the past that was tormenting him, but Elon managed to get under his skin and give him the peace he was been craving for. Soon he will love again and will do anything in this power to put Elon first.I don't feel it when I'm with you.Feel what?The darkness. The pain. I feel...A sense of calm.Elon was a sweet and strong heroine. Having lived an abusive childhood and relationship, her trust in men is almost zero. She doesn't believe in happy endings and thinks they are not made for her. Wrong! Nate entered the picture and managed to make her not be scared anymore. He protected her, induced as well a calm and happiness in her life that changed Elon completely. He was so aware of the consequences of her actions, but she didn't care, something told her this leap will mean everything to her in the end.When I'm with you, nothing else matters. Nothing can touch me or pull me down. Not even gravity. They healed each other in the most sweet and breathtaking way possible and I enjoyed so much their interactions, because you could feel the pain, the vulnerability but also the progress, the way the characters develop so nicely. I loved the way they accepted their feelings and fought for each other. It was intense, it was heartbreaking but in the end I had a huge smile upon my face just thinking about this wonderful couple and their journey.I recommend this book with all my heart. It was a valuable life lesson about second chances, about being able to trust someone deeply, let go of the past and just live. I also enjoyed the secondary characters that made this wonderful family portrait and will surely delight you as well.5 stars!For more reviews please check

  • KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    2019-04-13 11:26

    The line between student and teacher is blurring.One kiss..One taste..They’re all it would take to cross that line. Will these two succumb to temptation?She wants it...I want it...Two adults...One goal...A goal that could get her expelled and me fired...BREAKING GRAVITY: In the ’Prologue’ we’re witness to a devastating event which left Nathaniel Rowe traumatised and crippled by guilt that he couldn’t do more. It took less than three seconds in total for his world to come crumbling down around him. A promise he couldn’t keep. Now he’s a shell of a man he used to be, unable to play the cello again, months of therapy and in constant pain.Months and days filled with pain, struggle and eventually acceptance. I’d spent years chasing my dream and finally, when I was living it, one single event destroyed everything, changing the entire course of my life. SIX MONTHS LATER: He’s left Chicago and is trying to make a new start in life in Florida teaching at Rushmore School of Music. Elon Blake has had a secret crush on Nathaniel Rowe (9 years her senior) for as far back as she can remember, from following his career with the Chicago Symphony up to his retirement three years ago from an injury, has had her striving to be as good as him. Until he just up and vanished off the face of the earth. To finding out he was going to be her Associate Professor teaching music theory at Rushmore school of music in the class she attends has her struggling to keep her feelings under wraps. The man in front of me looks like an avenging angel, sent to earth to punish sinners. Whenever these two are in proximity of each other there is a magnetic pull that claws at their very existence. Both struggle to fight their ever growing attraction. Gods what to say about Nate, his character just oozes sex appeal off the pages, he's a sizzling hot alpha male, if I had a teacher that looked like him, spoke like him, damn the consequences I'd be gunning for his ass!! Just so we're clear, if we cross this line...Every part of you will belong to me from this point forward until we fuck each other out of our systems.~ NateThank you for finally giving me epic!! I haven't read epic for months! I was slowly thinking epic didn't exist until you proved me wrong with this book!! Epically unputdownable!! I could sit here ranting and raving how much I loved this book, but the fact that it's sitting on my favourites shelf of 2017 speaks for itself. I highly recommend this series, you won't be disappointed!! It's been some time since I've read a book that took so little effort by the author to captivate me, but Breaking Gravity did just that. This author had me eating out of the palm of her hand, I've only read a few teacher/student novels and this surpassed all my expectations, I lived it, breathed it, inhaled it, loved it. If you think you're going to encounter a fan girl in Elon crushing on her all time crush think again, she's sassy, sexy, saucy and has such a wicked sense of humour many a time I was gigging away as though I'd had a breath of laughing gas.This author fast became one of my all time favorites after I read and fell in love with her characters in 'Fall Back Skyward' all her characters come alive, and each and everyone of them steals a little piece of your heart once you close that last page. Even though this is part of a series it can be read as a complete standalone but I highly recommend that you read ‘Fall Back Skyward’ * Teasers used in my review are off the authors Facebook page *

  • Jeannine Allison
    2019-04-10 15:38

    4.5 stars..."What are we doing?""Breaking gravity... We're breaking rules. When I'm with you, nothing else matters. Nothing can touch me or pull me down. Not even gravity."This might be one of my favorite quotes/tie-in to a title/general concept EVER! I FLOVED this scene <3 I loved how much meaning it brought to the title (which I already loved) and how romantic it was. And it's just perfect for Nate and Elon! PERFECT I tell you!!I received an ARC almost two weeks ago, after bugging Autumn about it FOR MONTHS, and then it took me ten days to finish it *le sigh* I suck, but it's not the book's fault. This is 100% me and my stupid chemically imbalanced brain, but I'm trying really hard to keep everything normal because that typically helps. Anywho... so this book *le sigh* again, I really enjoyed it. I had a few baby problems with the plot, but the characters and the writing were SPOT ON, which isn't surprising. I loved FBS and I'm beyond excited for the rest of this series and more AG books in general! Damn, the woman can write.I'm one of those people who love to crush on the heroine as much as I do the heroes. But I find that I'm extra critical of the female characters. Getting me to love a hero is easy. Even when I don't necessarily like the things he does (*ahem* Vicious) and I couldn't personally see *myself* falling for him, if the author can show me how much he loves the heroine, and throws in some swoony lines, I'm sold. Book boyfriend for life. But the heroine is trickier, because I think, as a woman, I'm constantly imagining how I'd do things differently or if I'd even be friends with the girl. Now I'm not saying I dislike most of the heroines I read, not at all, but for me to truly love them it takes a lot of work and talent by the author. All that being said, I crushed on Elon. Hard. She's my favorite type of girl...A little shy,"You're nervous.""Very," she admits in a breathless whisper."Don't be. I'm a generous lover."But still bold, "I'm going to kiss you now, Professor."Awkward,"You are incredible.""Um... okay."Oh, Jesus, Elon. Is that all you could come up with? Um... okay? Really?Inwardly, I roll my eyes and say, "Thank you?" like it's a question, making me cringe.He laughs, shaking his head.But confident, Something about Nate makes me brave. He makes me want to explore that adventurous part of me I've hidden for so long.Sweet,I'm smiling wide because dude, he touched me. He's losing control, and he has no fucking clue how to stop feeling this way. I did that to him. Cute, unusually stunning, quirky, me.But unafraid to be sassy, "Are you going to punish me for disobeying?" she asks playfully.And a little flawed,His eyes were full of darkness, the kind where monsters live, greedily waiting to devour you when you let your guard down. I'd know it anywhere. It has been my constant companion for as long as I can remember.But somehow still perfect in who she is and what she's about,"As much as the past shapes us, we can choose to let it define us or we can carve a different path and define it ourselves."Perfect, right? And then there's this gem which just sealed the deal..."Reading sets me free and music makes me soar. There's no me without those two things."Now Nate... *fans myself* He was exactly the kind of alpha I like!! To be honest, it's pretty rare for me to like an alpha male, because he's always written in a way that makes him seem arrogant and like he doesn't really care about the heroines feelings/wants. But Nate was dominant without doing any of the shit that pisses me off. And the things he said... dear God, it was hot. I don't always talk about the sex when reviewing, but there is no talking about Nate without talking about sex. He was perfect and delicious.Visions of me standing between those legs instead of the instrument fill my head. Her legs wrapped tightly around my hips as I rock into her. Her fingers, like a bow, strumming my body with reckless bliss as we compose a symphony: moaning, screaming, harsh breathing. Reaching a crescendo as she comes around my cock and I come inside her. A masterpiece. Our masterpiece."What is it about you that makes me want to destroy everything in my path just to have you?""Run, Little Wolf. Run before I ruin you. God, how I want to ruin you."And Little Wolf? I loved it, it was sweet, sexy, and sensual all at once. And honestly that was how Nate was, because despite his dirty mouth, he was so flipping swoon-worthy!"We don't have to do this," I say gently, trailing a finger on her top full lip. "I really enjoy kissing you. We could just hang out. And kiss. And cuddle."This may sound cheesy, but I really don't give a fuck. Elon is my ray of sunshine, punching holes through my armor with gentle blows I hardly saw coming until now.Nothing about Elon is a mistake, and my lungs aren't playing tricks on me. It's simple. She takes my breath away without even trying."You are worth everything. I don't regret meeting you. You pulled me back into the light." He breathes in deeply, kissing the shell of my ear. "I want you to know that no matter how this goes, I'm here to stay. I love you, Elon Blake."He wasn't afraid of his feelings. There is some push-pull, which is expected in a forbidden romance, but I never got the feeling that he struggled with how he felt for Elon. And when it came time to tell his family, he didn't keep them a secret... I LOVED that, it's such a break from the typical student-teacher trope.I'm not ashamed of my feelings for her. Plus this is my family. They know me.And oh man, there were a lot of funny parts. I honestly wasn't expecting to be laughing so much...Obviously, the thought of being found experiencing a human emotion annoys him, given that look on his face.Shifting slightly on my seat, I follow his gaze and find Professor Rowe, Sir Scowl-A-Lot, openly glaring at Sir Wink-A-Lot across the counter.Okay, I went a little quote crazy... but I couldn't help, there were so many good ones!!Bleggg... now to my niggles because I'm obnoxious... these are not huge and in no way would deter me from recommending this book...-One-I was surprised by how quickly they developed feelings for each other. It was most definitely lust in the beginning, but given the taboo nature of their relationship I think I would have liked to see more resistance. I've had attractive teachers and I didn't automatically imagine sleeping with or being in a relationship with them. There was push-and-pull, so maybe I'm not making sense to those who've read the book, but their immediate attraction just felt a little unrealistic (to me).-Two-(view spoiler)[The Rick situation. Don't get me wrong, I like stalkers in my books. I like my heroes to get all growly and defensive of the heroine, and Nate was awesome when it came to that... but the situation was almost a mirror of what happened with Camille. And I find it unrealistic that something like that happens to a person twice. Again, it's not out of the realm of possibility, I just which one of the scenarios had been different. (hide spoiler)]But again, they were easy to overlook, and they're *me* issues anyway ;) If you like student-teacher romances, you'll definitely want to check this out!Also... is book three done yet?!?!Safety: (view spoiler)[There's no OW/OM drama in the sense that there's cheating and/or anyone else the hero or heroine want to be with while they're together. But there is still some OW/OM occurrences:- The hero watched his almost fiancee die in front of him (and he does feel guilt for it) *He does admit to still loving her, BUT, and this is a big but, I never felt like he was comparing the two women or like Elon was second best. I know some feel that way with this trope, and I get it, but the author did such a good job with Nate that I kind of felt like he was lucky enough to have two soulmates.- The heroine has a best (male) friend who is in love with her--nothing happens, but my poor heart broke for Nick a lot :(- The heroine's crazy ex-boyfriend is around for a bit and stirs up trouble at the endSome random info:- Nate is nine years older than Elon (she's 21)- They both pursue, but sometimes Elon pursues just a little bit harder- He is a jerk in the beginning and pushes her away a baby bit (I normally don't love when the hero or heroine senselessly pushes the other away, but he's her teacher, so I got it)- The tragedy with his deceased girlfriend happened almost three years ago, and he hadn't been with anyone since. And she was his first partner, so he's only been with two women. (hide spoiler)]Closure: (view spoiler)[They get engaged in the epilogue, which takes place three years later <3 (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-02 16:36

    3.5 STARS

  • Snow
    2019-03-22 11:40

    4.5 "forbidden/complex/passionate love" starsThe first book i have, now, read by Autumn Grey is a story of forbidden relationship interwoven with a passionate connection between two people, haunted by their pasts who gained a second chance at love when they least wanted it."A heart wants what it wants."Nathaniel Rowe is a man shattered by guilt of the events in his past, those events haunt him, rule him and shatter him with each and every day and he can't move on, adding the physical pain to the list as a constant remainder of both, his failure to protect the only woman he ever loved and the failure to continue his career as a professional cellist in the Chicago Symphony , he's also addicted to the pain meds and a shadow of the vibrant man he used to be.Until he walks into a classroom as a new teacher in Rushmore College. The first sight of her face, her vivid red hair and mysterious hazel eyes that spoke volumes of the story he wasn't ready to reveal yet but still could NOT look away from. She caprivates him. With her features. With her musical talent. With her spirit.Elon Blake was the last thing he expected to enter his life in the way she did.I know she's not mine to teaase and touch. She's my student. I'm her mentor.BUT the resistance is futile and their connection is palpable and they try to fight it..."Lie to me, Nathaniel...One sweet lie.""I really don't want to kiss you right now."and knowing the burden of his past, he can't let her in...and he warns her...until the pulsating need and desire takes them both into the path of no return......I'm a man who is about to stake claim on a young woman who drives him insane with need both in and out of class.what they enter is a forbidden passionate, consuming, palpable and sensual relationship.She's already in my blood like a drug that won't be drained.and without much effort Elon slowly replaced the broken strings in him."I don't feel it when I'm with you.""Feel what?""The darkness. The pain. I feel...A sense of calm."but as much as Elon seems strong on the outside, she's a person that went through hell with an abusive father and an ex-boyfriend, still carrying the scars, both physical and emotional ones and she's scared to open up again and let Nathaniel in. "My past was and who I am. What I am. You can't just forget the very thing that molded you and gave you strength to beat the odds. As much as the past shapes us, we can choose to let it define us or we carve a different path and define it ourselves.though out, they slowly mend and heal each other but being aware of the danger lingering above thier heads that slowly takes a tool on them, they will both have to face the repercussions and the aftermath of their actions and the haunting past, as well BUT first and outmost, they'll have to acknowledge that what they feel for each other is worth keeping and fighting for.I grew up believing there was no such thing as happily ever after, but I met a man who blew that theory out of the water. He made me believe that anyrhing is possible.The writing of Autumn Grey is effortless and the story fluently flows while you explore the depths of each character presented. The emotional depth and span are also present even though its impact was of moderate power. I enjoyed the story, inspite the fact of all familiar subject and I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work in the future.***ARC kindely given by the author in exchange for an honest review***Sirens BR-ed this little gem and defied the gravity...

  • Shanny
    2019-03-21 12:25

    You know what if I had a teacher like Nate I would have been the best student or perhaps not so he would call me in his private office. Breaking Gravity is book 2 in the series and can be read as a standalone BUT you will be missing out on reading about Cole so I recommend you also read Fall Back Skyward. Breaking Gravity was such a great story, it was so much more than a simple student- teacher romance. This was the story of two broken people finding love, acceptance, and healing. "When I'm with you, nothing else matters. Nothing can touch me or pull me down. Not even gravity" I loved Elon, I thought she was going to be the shy type but I was wrong. She was cute, quirky, sassy and she had spunk!More female characters should be like her.I love broken characters and Nate was exactly that, he was broken and suffering. I just wanted to hug him.But he was also very possessive and very sexy!!! " I don't want perfect right now. I want you. All of you, whatever way I can get you. Do. Not. Hold. Back." The relationship between Nate and Elon was incredible. They were there for each other, they healed each other.If you are a fan of student- teacher romance, then you don't want to miss this one.

  • Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    2019-03-29 11:26

    First I want to make one thing clear. I'm claiming Nathaniel Rowe. Yes, I'm going to fight Elon for him but I don't care. He's mine and became that from his first appearance in the prologue and in his classroom towering over a sleeping Elon. Nate's presence oozes male and assertiveness. In his class he's in his element and doing what he knows best. Dedicated to his craft. Teaching about music. Out of the classroom he's so much more. He's a loving uncle to his niece and nephew, a rock of an older brother to Izzy whom he loves with all his heart. Supportive of his best friend Bennett who's married to Izzy.Elon is so much more than a quiet mouse. She's an observer and only speaks when she's has something to say and believe me she has plenty to say when it matters. Her relationship with her two sisters Nor, Elise and her nieces are her everything. She loves playing her cello and reading her books.Nate and Elon are two flawed people who have a lot in common but the most obvious is that they're fighters. They fight for the people they love and as the story progresses they start to fight for themselves too and what they want and need in life.They've both experienced loss and trauma which has caused them both to feel guilt, loose faith in love, themselves and also what they think they deserve or are worthy of from life. When they cross paths as teacher and student in Nate's classroom suddenly everything changes and yet everything becomes totally clear to both of them. Their attraction is undeniable and instantly. I felt it!! Their chemistry and want for each other jumped off the pages. I literally got chills and goosebumps at times. I loved how they both flirted and couldn't help themselves when they were around one another. I especially loved Elon's brazenness. She showed another side. A sexier one. She took charge. Nate was in another league. He's a beast when it comes to his woman. He cares, wants and loves his little but strong wolf. I love how their relationship slowly evolves into more. It's a slow burn but a sizzling hot one.Breaking Gravity is so much more than a teacher/student story. It's about two people who's not looking for love but finds it in the most unexpected and inconvenient place. They're both haunted by theirs pasts and their choices which has led them to believe that they're no such thing as a happy ever after or a second chance. It's about growth and redemption. But most of all it's about love and how far you will go for it. No matter the consequences.Autumn Grey has created an intoxicating story about forbidden love with so many layers. The story is well developed and every character have their place and importance to the story. I love Nate's sister Izzy and her husband Bennett. They're so much fun.Autumn Grey delivers in spades when it comes to romance and angst. Her prose has never been better. Flawless and filled with so much depth and love for this story. Breaking Gravity is definitely a must read.5 BadAssDirtyLittleWolfStarsArc generously provided by the author for an honest review

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2019-03-26 17:29

    4.5 starsIn the prologue, we learn that Nate lost the love of his life and sustained injuries that ended his music career. The story then starts with him taking a temporary professor position at Elon's school.Now I tend to avoid dead ex-stories when it comes to romance because I don't want to waste my time with a hero grieving and wishing for his ex. Thankfully this wasn't one of those books. Nate never compares Elon with his past love, he loves her independently from that but with a love that is just as all consuming and strong. That's something I really felt from both of them. You got his sense of guilt from what happened in the past but you didn't get the pushing away or blame put on Elon in the present.The angst level was a lot lower than I accepted too, with this being a student teacher story. It focused more on their chemistry, them falling in love and overcoming their pasts together. And while the pacing was a little slow in a couple of places it wasn't to the extent where I wanted to skip. There also wasn't any real resistance from either of them because of his position to her with his job, so if you're after the push/pull we shouldn't but still do aspect here, you may be disappointed because they were pretty strong from the start together.But, if you're after a heartwarming story about love and finding that someone that helps you breathe easier then this is one to pick up.

  • Betul
    2019-04-04 13:24

    **ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**"She takes my breath away without even trying."Ever since I finished reading Fall Back Skyward, I was looking forward to the side-characters getting their own book. One of them was Elon, Nor's younger sister. There were some hints to her rocky relationship with her new professor, who she named Mr. Scowl-A-Lot. I am going to be honest and say I was a bit hesitant when I read this was a student/teacher romance, because I always either end up loving it or hating it. However because I read and really loved Fall Back Skyward, and I trusted Autumn to deliver a real story with intriguing characters, I picked this book up. She did not disappoint! "Elon is my ray of sunshine, punching holes through my armor with gentle blows I hardly saw coming until now."Both Nate and Elon went through a traumatic past and have issues because of it. I loved how they healed and made each other believe in love again. They treated each other with respect and never hurt one another. I loved how mature they both were and that there wasn't any unnecessary drama like you see in a lot of student/teacher romances. The author really took her time telling Elon and Nate's story. She did not rush through the story and she gave me all the time I needed to fully connect to the characters. Also even though there was a 9 year age difference between them, Elon acted very mature. She acted more mature than her age and the attraction and connection between Elon and Nate felt real. The secondary characters such as Nate's best friend/Brother-in-law Bennett and sister Izzy, played an important role and elevated the story. I really loved the brother/sister dynamic between Izzy and Nate.I really love Autumn's writing style and it sometimes felt very poetic which made me love it even more. I really enjoyed this book and all the characters. It wasn't just ONE story but both Elon and Nate had other issues they were dealing with outside their relationship. I was especially sad about what happened with Elon's best friend Nick but it was handled perfectly at the end. The book world needs more authors like Autumn Grey because she creates such intriguing and beautiful characters and stories. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • R. Scarlett
    2019-03-25 16:27

    THIS BOOK! <3 Review to come!

  • Autumn Grey
    2019-04-13 13:43


  • BexLOVESBooks
    2019-04-09 13:33

    NATHANIEL ROWE & ELON BLAKE FOREVER Nate and Elon, where to even begin their love story is a symphony, a collection of melodies, emotions, movement and serenity. It brings feelings of peace and comfort along with turmoil and chaos. But the rhythm, the fluid beat of the story, it never let up, never wavered, it was as constant as the pulse in my wrist. This book had a pulse all its own. Lines Blurred, Bounaries Crossed, it was chemistry, passion, souls colliding at 100 miles an hour. God, I'm so thankful I was invited to come along to experience it all. You guys do not want to miss out on this beautiful story. Autumn claimed my heart with Fall Back Skyward, the world and characters she has created. Breaking Gravity is a standalone but you don't want to miss out on Cole & Nor's book (book 1 in the Fall Back series.) Cole and Nor are LOVE in its purest form, so sweet, so beautiful and eternal. Nate and Elon, their love is of the intense, necessary for survival variety, (my survival. ;) its unapologetic and fierce and spectacular and also, SO. VERY. BEAUTIFUL. Autumn has a reader for LIFE right here. I can not wait to see what she writes next, because its already at the tippy top of my TBR.

  • Sophie
    2019-04-02 11:28

    "When I'm with you, nothing else matters. Nothing can touch me or pull me down. Not even gravity." Elon is a student in the Rushmore School of Music and she's been playing cello since she was a kid. Suddenly one day comes in her class her inspiration and someone she was looking up to, Nathaniel Rowe, one of the best cellist. Nate gets hired temporary as a replacement professor in Rushmore and there he meets Elon. One of his students that although she seemed shy and quiet at first, she surprised him when she showed him another side of her. Apart from being her professor, they have to work together, since Elon had been an assistant to the previous professor and they are challenging one another, threading in a dangerous territory. I truly enjoyed this story. I really didn't expect Elon to grow up into this character that we met now. When I met her on Fall Back Skyward, she truly seemed like the shy type so I was definitely surprised, just like Nate. I have to admit that I had shipped her with Nick, just because I fell sorry for him. I truly hope he'll get his story, because I can't accept the destiny that these brothers have. First Colr, then Josh and now Nick. I just want them to be happy! I really enjoyed Nate's character and the scenes with Elon were scorching!! Especially the one with the cello.. Daaaaaaaamn!! The only thing that didn't excite me was "Little Wolf". I honestly didn't get the nickname and I wasn't a big fan, but that's just me. I hope people will get to meet Professor Rowe and discover the little minx that Elon is! Looking forward to reading more from Autumn! :)

  • Sophie
    2019-04-18 13:50

    EMOTIONALLY ENTHRALLING. Two words to describe the experience I've had while reading Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey.  This book, took my breath away, took my heart captive and stole a part of my soul without even trying. All of it, from beginning to end was just FLAWLESS. This student/teacher romance was EVERYTHING it needed to be and yet so much more.. Breaking Gravity started off slow, building intensity with passion fuelled dislike and two broken, battered souls. Gradually as things became more between our two beautifully broken characters so did the power and rawness in words that captivated and consumed. Conquering my whole being. I was hypnotized. Completely and utterly addicted to the way Autumn made me feel. I LOST MY MIND over the way everything came together. The butterflies in my stomach couldn't control their wings and my heart wouldn't slow down. Everything drew me in, everything worked. The mesh of emotions that plagued me while reading we're so freaking intense. I felt the scorching heat and love between our characters, I felt the guilt and damaged parts of them, I felt their happiness and sadness, their joy and pain. I felt it ALL. Autumn Grey has penned an absolute masterpiece with Breaking Gravity. Breaking Gravity left me spellbound. Lost in a sea of breathtaking feels. This epic journey of two lost, broken souls finding love, closure and happiness has stolen a part of me that I'll happily never give back!

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-03-29 17:40

    I honestly was blown away by this book here! I'm not even sure I have the adequate words to describe how unbelievably amazing this book was.It was a second chance at redeeming yourself, a second chance at forgiving yourself and a second chance at love. Nathaniel (Nate) Rowe has been through hell and feels that he doesn't deserve a second chance. The moment he lays his eyes on Elon Blake his world shifts and he never thought it would ever shift again. But reality douses him like a bucket of cold water when he realizes that Ms. Blake is off limits.Elon Blake's childhood has left her scarred and she thought she had learned but her ex made her not trust a guy again. For unexplained reasons Nathaniel Rowe seems to be the exception for her. She knows she shouldn't but one look at him and she knows she's a goner. These two lost souls have many reasons why not to let love in nor believe in HEA but what they didn't count on was each other. As they dance around each other for a bit the sexual tension had me on my toes and I kept hoping they would give in and let the fireworks go because when they do it has me exploding with them as well!! Not only was the cover breathtaking but their story will leave you with wanting more from Nate & Elon!! Thank you for such a beautiful, breathtaking, second chance love story Ms. Grey. -Kara, 6 Stars

  • Morelia (Strandedinbooks)
    2019-04-06 17:34

    **4.25 STARS**Student/teacher romance is my fav and this did not fail me! It was hot as all hell, and Nate just had me on my toes the entire time!'Breaking Gravity' was my first book by Autumn and I am so glad it was my type of trope! Immediately from the chilling prologue, I was hooked! I could not put my kindle down, for the life of me, because Nate already proved to be such a broken and intriguing character and I needed to know what actually occurred.This story follows Nathaniel Rowe, who is haunted by his failure to protect his one true love and now his inability to continue playing the cello. Enter Elon Blake. Elon captivates, and is captivated by, Nathaniel and though they try to avoid one another due to their student/teacher relationship, the chemistry is undoubtedly there. Nathaniel becomes attracted to not only her, but to her musical abilities and her spunk.However, Nathaniel constantly feels like he isn't worth much to Elon if he can't keep her safe, and with an addiction to pain meds, life for him doesn't seem to be looking up.Elon also deals with her fair share of troubles, but the two can't give each other up, willing to risk their careers and relationships.But just as they begin to open up to each other, a sudden threat looms over them.I loved how passionate these two characters were. I didn't expect to be able to feel this strong love they started feeling for each other, but when I did, I ate it up! Also, some scenes together were just HOT! I had to turn up my fan because WOW. Nate and Elon sure do know how to get it on!For as much as I loved the characters together, I loved them even more separately. We were able to see how Nate was with his family and how Elon was with hers and I absolutely love that. We really got to see who they were as a person, what they were dealing with, how they were dealing with it, and what they finally did to resolve their problems.I got a complete story here and I am so glad to have been given the chance to read 'Breaking Gravity'. Without a doubt, I will continue reading more from Autumn!If you're looking for a student/teacher romance with a whole lot of hot, a few broken characters, and heart-warming ending, then this is your book!

  • ♚Julia ~ The Romance Rebels ♚
    2019-04-14 14:43

    Breaking Gravity..Can I just say wow....My heart has shattered in tiny pieces. Nathan and Elon are two people who have seen it all. Love, loss, and tragedy. This is a forbidden relationship, but it felt like so much more. The chemistry between these two were damn combustible! Sharing the love of music, they find an unmistaken attraction and cross the lines between teacher/ student. Autumn Grey will pull your heartstrings with this raw, heart-wrenching, love story. Elon and Nathan, will forever have a piece of my heart.

  • Dilek VT
    2019-04-08 15:44

    Nope, this is not doing it for me, sorry!There was a potential here with two wounded characters trying to heal with the love they feel for each other and the forbidden touch to it sounded appealing to me but the execution of it all didn't live up to my expectations, unfortunately.***********************************************First of all, it is dragging and mostly boring for me. However, I would still continue reading it if I felt the connection and chemistry between the hero and the heroine but I DID NOT FEEL it at all. Nope, nada, nothing!There are some awesome sentences about feelings here and there but with this book, I have learnt that even some deep sentences describing feelings isn't enough to make me feel it. Such a shame, really!How can I explain it? Well, it feels as if there are missing dialogues/chapters because I couldn't get how or when their feelings got that intense. Whoops, they are lovers! I was like, "WTF? Have I been sleeping? What did I miss? Why is he showing his boner to her? Why is she giving her address to him? When did she become so daring? When did she become his light in the dark and how? and maybe why???" FYI, I haven't been sleeping :) It just happens haphazardly!***********************************************I believe there is something wrong with its writing. On the one hand, it is a dragging long book with boring details about this and that...And on the other hand, what's been said and happened between them isn't enough to make me believe in their connection so it feels lacking despite being long and dragging. Weird, huh? So, for all these reasons, I have lost all my interest in the book and I am DNF'ing it at %50.***********************************************Possible triggers: (view spoiler)[- Dead ex - Domestic violence(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Briana Pacheco
    2019-03-31 16:42

    4.5 'breaking gravity' starsOh this book was everything. Autumn Grey surpassed all my expectations. I loved it. The writing was breathtaking.Holy hell this right here cemented my love/lust for Nate:"My gaze flicks back to where the cello rests between her thighs, roving over her creamy skin where the plum dress ends. Visions of me standing between those legs instead of the instrument fill my head. Her legs wrapped tightly around my hips as I rock into her. Her fingers, like a bow, strumming my body with reckless bliss as we compose a symphony: moaning, screaming, harsh breathing. Reaching a crescendo as she comes around my cock and I come inside her. A masterpiece.Our masterpiece."And these quotes...PERFECTION! "One kiss. One taste. They're all it would take to cross the line. She's temptation and calm, wrapped in one hot package that could send me to Hell, but I don't really give a fuck right now.""Imagine I'm the judge and you just have one chance to impress me. Play for me. Entrap me. Seduce me. Win me.""I'm a star burning through the sky. I'm falling, plummeting to Earth faster than gravity. I'm smiling now because this feels like being adored, appreciated. Wanted. Something I've never experienced before. My eyes fall shut as his lips brush my brow, cheek, jaw, whispering words that mean nothing and everything, and I'm no longer dropping. I'm flying, breaking gravity.""This kiss makes sense, the dissonant notes from before turning into a harmonious tone, a prelude to a deeper kiss. Darker, sweeter notes and even darker, addictive depths.""Whenever she walks into a room, every part of me gravitates toward her. She's like my personal satellite, signaling me and drawing every part of me into her radius."Elon and Nate are both haunted by things from their past. Elon's home life wasn't pretty. She was raised by her sister because her mom checked out and her father was abusive. She vowed to never end up like her mother. Then she met Rick and he turned out to be just like her father. And she never told her sisters about what he did to her.Nate is plagued with guilt because of the loss of his girlfriend, Camille. One moment everything was fine and the next, there's a man with a gun and Nate's world implodes. Because he was shot, he had to stop playing the cello. Two years later and he's back at Rushmore, taking a teaching job. And this is where he meets the lovely yet quirky Elon. I wish I could see Elon play. The way their story was written made me feel like I was actually watching them, hearing this beautiful symphony.Here is one the main reasons why I loved Breaking Gravity. Elon initiates things. She is the one to tell Nate to kiss her, and she gives him her phone number and address. She is in charge! Their attraction is instant. Elon had a crush on Nate for years so having this delicious man teaching her class is just a small bump in the road. They know they shouldn't pursue a relationship but what else can they do? They are perfect for each other.My only concern involves Elon's ex-boyfriend, Rick. Do not read this part if you want to avoid spoilers!!! This is resolved in the final, published version! (view spoiler)[ Rick was abusive when they were dating so Elon got a restraining order placed on him and he kept his distance. Well, now he's back and he thinks Elon still belongs to him. He is the reason why Elon and Nate's relationship is found out. Now this is where my problem comes in. When Elon is leaving the building after being expelled, she finds Nate and Rick having a heated argument by his car, and then fists are flying. She runs over and Rick pulls out a gun. Nate doesn't want to lose a woman he loves for the second time this way so he protects Elon by throwing himself on her until they reach the ground. And then nothing. Rick disappears. He's never mentioned. Did he run away? Did someone tackle him to the ground and hold him there until the police came? I'm so confused because Nate was looking down at Elon wondering why she wasn't moving but he never looked back to see if he might get shot by the lunatic with a gun. Okay, rant over. That was my only problem and I needed to let it out. (hide spoiler)]I feel like I'm giving the whole story away so I'm stopping here. If you read Fall Back Skyward then you already know who everyone is and you'll love seeing them again. If you haven't read Eleanor's book yet, I highly recommend it. I love these Blake girls and I can't wait for the next book! <3

  • Bianca
    2019-03-29 14:50

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.As a fan of student teacher romance, I was super excited to read this book. I’m a huge fan of this author so I have been looking forward to this story for awhile. But honestly? To paint it as just a student teacher romance is simply scratching the surface. This book goes deeper. Beyond the idea of forbidden love. This book is simply about the greatest love."She takes my breath away without even trying."Nathaniel (Nate) Rowe and Elon Blake know devastation and loss more than anyone in this life should. Haunted by their pasts, burdened by their flaws, both carry a guilt that no one should ever bear. Although the connection is felt on so many levels, their feelings are forbidden. Not to be acted upon, given their compromising positions. Without going into the plot, you will fall deeply in love with these two. Whether you love student teacher romance, or have your reservations about them, this book surpasses anything you could ever imagine. The author and her gifted words will astound you with this enthralling and powerful story. Nate and Elon are a force to be reckoned with. You have not read a story so as deeply moving at this one."Elon is my ray of sunshine, punching holes through my armor with gentle blows I hardly saw coming until now."Electrifying. Poignant. Magnetic. The emotions in this are palpable. It’s a testament to finding the truth in love. That love knows no circumstance or burden. It only knows to whom it belongs. They love with a fierceness that I found to be consuming. Their love healed. Their love saved. The depth of their love surpassed the darkness, the pain, the guilt. Just when they thought their love wasn’t enough, it was. Their love slayed monsters. Their love challenged everything you ever felt about forbidden love. The author’s precision of the storyline truly testifies to her talent in writing. Breaking Gravity simply left me breathless. The poetic prose and brilliant execution of this emotional and complex story can only be described as magic within the pages of a book. The push and pull of these two characters was intoxicating. Resistant to give in until neither can deny the passion and yearning between them. Broken. Flawed. They found that their shattered pieces didn’t hurt so much when together. Nothing is perfect and neither is their love. But its perfect for them. This book was beautiful and sexy at the same time. It reminds us that no matter what we endure in life, we are worthy of love and all it encompasses.

  • Trish Kitty Taylor***UNBOUND BOOK REVIEWS***
    2019-04-06 09:47

    Well I'm going to start by saying I'm kinda mad at myself right now for not reading this fabulous author before now & without question, I will be reading Fall Back Skyward as soon as physically possible. Breaking Gravity has literally swept me off my feet, bringing with it a whole host of emotions I wasn't expecting.From the devastation of the Prologue to the pure unadulterated happiness of the Epilogue Autumn has brought together a story of hurt, anger & pain & spun it so masterfully into one of love, hope & forgiveness. With great depth, superb character development & the oozing sexual tension & chemistry only a forbidden raw desire can evoke, it was no surprise that once I started I wasn't putting it down.Elon & Nathaniel are our stars of this show & wooooah was their connection powerful. From the very first moment their eyes locked their fate was sealed & their destiny - well it all went a bit crazy from then on in.Nate is an utter heart breaker. His tragedy touched my soul & I wanted nothing more than to fix this man myself. Guilt can be ugly & this man has mastered wearing that cloak like a pro. The battle he fights daily was really overwhelming, yet I couldn't do anything but admire this broken man, for against the odds, he was still loving, caring & super protective of those he loved the most. Elon..seeesh I adored her. I was drawn to her unassuming ways & smiled at just how much she didn't care about false people & fitting in with people's expectations. I loved that even though she had a tough time growing up, it shaped her to be the best version of herself, refusing to allow it to dictate any part of her future. She is feisty, sassy & so bloody determined, that watching her take what she wants with such grace & confidence was a beautiful thing.Their journey was explosive. It may have started as lust, dripping in desire, but when their hearts collide with a passion & connection neither are prepared for, it sent my pulse racing & heart aching at what this beautiful couple had to battle & overcome. It was tense, emotional but stunning all in the same breath. Two broken imperfect people simply falling in love. I loved how Autumn developed these characters & dual POV is my fav as it truly lets me get lost deep inside their hearts & minds. It showed me sides to them that made me love them even harder too - Vulnerability, fear & unwavering love. Beautiful. Perfect. A 5 star stunner of a read from me.

  • Zuray yaruz7
    2019-04-14 16:46

    5 "Hell yeah I want to be Nathaniel's little Wolf" Stars I was so exited to receive in ARC of Breaking Gravity I was dying to read Nate & Elon story and let me tell you it was everything and more. Nate & Elon both had issues because of their traumatic past but once their eyes met it ignited a fire in them so strong that it was impossible to ignore even if it was against the rules. And boy was their chemistry explosive and so hot but also it was vulnerable and beautiful. This book doesn't start where Fall Back Skyward ended it start a little back so if you haven't read FBS (which you should really believe me is so good) you get a little summary of it. We get to see again Elon's sisters Nor and Elise and I adore them. But in this book for me the sister prize was for Izzy I loved her and her husband Bennett. I love Autumn Grey writing she has this ability that when you read one of her stories you feel what you reading, their love, their pain, their happiness... Everything word for word and that's one of the reason I love diving into her books and Breaking Gravity wasn't the exception once I started reading I was right there with them. I have to give a HUGE thank you to Autumn Grey there was this contest in her group page for a chance to have the winner sentence written in the book and OMG I won my sentence FREAKING won and I can begin to tell you how exited I was, I know, I know it was just a sentence but I mean the chances of little ol me writing a book are slim to none so to know that a sentence that came from my inspiration was going to be in a book was freaking huge for me so again thank you so much Autumn it was an honor and privilege to see my words among yours.Before I go I have to say that my heart is hurting for Nick so please, please Autumn I hope you mend it soon.

  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    2019-04-19 10:40

    AUTUMN GREY! Literally what have you done to me?! I've been waiting to fall off my chair and become overly obsessed with a story. It's been a minute. Breaking Gravity is my new obsession. Firstly, teacher -student romances are my fave. Autumn did not disappoint. This story was so over the top good, but not just fans self because it's a forbidden read. Every word written was explosive and addictive to the point of insanity. I devoured this one. DEVOURED. Nate is Elon's professor, they meet in a teacher has a stick up his ass way, but the moment they lock eyes the chemistry, the fire, the addictive explosion, is just the few words I can get my brain to concur up. These two set these pages on fire. Elon & Nate have heartbreaking pasts but together they can heal each other. But first they must concur these challenges, and these obstacles. If you've read book 1, you get to visit the Blake sisters again and fall for all the old characters as well fall for some of the new ones. No chaos in my head. No heaviness in my heart. "I don't feel it when I'm with you."Autumn Grey, you have continued to entertain me and wheel me in as a reader. I cannot wait to see what's next.

  • Michelle Claypot
    2019-04-11 14:49

    This was my first read from this author and it definitely won't be my last.Heartfelt, angst filled story of forbidden love. It's a beautiful read. Professor Rowe has jumped into my BBF Hall of Fame. The perfect off limits, dirty talking older Professor meets his match with Elon - the quirky, gorgeous, strong and slightly damaged student. Fantastic slowburn love story with the perfect amount of heat. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great teacher/student romance.

  • MyMy (PunchDrunkLibrary)
    2019-03-24 15:32

    PDL's Rating: 5 'Dream-like' Punches (Loved)My review will be a quick one on this and it has nothing to do with my love for it. In this case, less is more.I cannot even express how beautifully written Breaking Gravity is. If you have read Fall Back Skyward already, you will be in for a treat. The reason why I say this is because Fall Back Skyward introduced us to little Elon, but in Breaking Gravity… our little Elon is all grown-up and I have nothing but love for her character in Breaking Gravity.It’s a forbidden love story but trust me when I say that it’s a love like no other and you find yourself encouraging them to do things that you will find yourself squirming if this was reality – LOL!It’s a must read.My heart beats for this author’s beautiful words in Breaking Gravity. I already miss it.

  • Selma
    2019-04-06 15:32

    This book was an emotional rollercoaster with many ups and downs which started off with a huge bang as prologue that literally took my breath away. This is a captivating story about a young woman with a haunting past who is chasing her dreams and discovering her sexuality while getting involved with her professor and a man with shattered dreams, plagued by guilt and self-loathing who finds a new purpose in life after falling for his student. Breaking Gravity is more than just your usual student/teacher romance. It's a testimony that love has the power to heal, make us whole again, give us hope.Elon Blake is a 21 year old student at Rushmore School of Music whose passion is playing the cello. When a new substitute professor shows up at her Music Theory class she can't believe that it's her long time idol and crush Nathaniel Rowe. He is sexy, brooding and wearing a permanent scowl on his handsome face. As his assistant she is now forced to spend more time with him getting to know a vulnerable side of professor Rowe that nobody else gets to see. She will start to fall head over heals for Nate and be ready to risk it all just to be with him ...Nathaniel Rowe is a 30 year old former cello prodigy who leaves Chicago behind to teach at his former music school in Jacksonville. He is trying to get on his feet after a terrible accident that ended his career which is still haunting him. Never could he have imagined that one of his students - a witty red-head with a shy smile - would get under his skin so soon. Elon will make him feel alive again and shine light into the darkest recesses of his heart. After the first taste of her he will realise that one night with this stunning woman would never be enough for him. So he decides to go all in in order to be with Elon even if it may cost him his job ...The author has created two amazing lead characters who are lovable despite their flaws. Elon is remarkably mature for her age due to her childhood and everything else she went through. She didn't allow the bad experiences to drag her down. She has risen above the pain, shame and disappointment and became a resilient and confident woman. Nate is constanty wearing a scowl on his face that should make him inapproachable for others - it's like a shield that should protect his heart. But it was useless against Elon's charm. Nate has suffered great loss in his life. It takes a lot of courage and determination to pick yourself up after such a tragedy. I admire them both for their stength.I loved seeing those two broken hearts healing each other and becoming one. Their chemistry was off the charts hot. It was absolutely palpable every time they touched, kissed or shared an intimate moment. I also adored their funny banter.Autumn Grey did a great job with this book and delivered another amazing addition to the Fall Back series. She truly knows how to write strong family bonds and wonderful friendships in addition to beautiful and inspiring love stories. If you are a fan of angsty reads with a forbidden touch than this is the right book for you! Grab it, read it and recommend it to others. I can't wait to see what Autumn has in tow for Elise - the last Blake sister. I expect nothing but another enthralling must-read from this very talented author.

  • Tongan Book Lover (Ofa Tafa)
    2019-03-21 11:27

    5 STARS*** I VOLUNTARILY READ AN ARC OF THIS BOOK ***Get your pens and notebooks out ladies, because class is now in session & Professor Nathaniel Rowe is about to school you on all things sexy!Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey is book two of the Fall Back series and is focused on the love life & story of Elon Blake who we saw in Fall Back Skyward (Book One). And while this story may not be as emotionally challenging and angsty as the first book, that in no way diminishes the effect and emotional scarring this book will have on you. A forbidden relationship right from the beginning. Two lost souls healing from eternally lasting scars left by people they loved, two damaged souls just searching for a way to fly again. With a seven year age gap and the taboo of a student teacher relationship, the sexual tension between these two is palpable. Autumn Grey has a way of writing heroes that are way too damaged, yet these alpha males won't let it deter them from loving their women. From healing them and picking them up when they fall. Nathaniel Rowe fights his attraction for shy little Elon Blake as long as he can, but some things are just too powerful to ignore. He thinks she will submit to his dominance, that she's a shy little thing. But little does he know, his little Wolf has claws & a fire burning hot inside of her, she'll release it when she wants. There are so many factors that become obstacles in their relationship and how will they overcome this? When things get too much, will they burn brighter together or just fizz out and die? I do know that their relationship defies all the laws of gravity. They are fighting the impossible and coming out on top. And when they are truly at one with each other, only then are they breaking gravity.Be prepared. This book will definitely make you cry. It will pull on your heartstrings and play you like the strings of a cello. And while it is angsty, it is twice as hot. The chemistry between this two is explosive. Autumn unleashes Nate's inner beast and goes all #BeastMode on his little Wolf. And you won't hear any complaining from me. I had to take a second to fan myself. And the cameo's in this book! So much testosterone and alpha males in one book it drove me literally insane!Well done, Autumn. You have outdone yourself. You continue to write heroes that find their way into hearts despite their asshole ways and heroines that make me want to punch my fist in the air and scream "GIRL POWER". Breaking Gravity will ruin you. It'll destroy you and you'll love every second of it. You'll definitely wanna read this one. Get ready ladies. Class is now in session.

  • Polly
    2019-03-26 14:46

    I have to say that I think Ms. Grey outdid herself with this one. It had me captivated from the very first page. Nate is so hot!! He's a perfect book boyfriend. He's alpha, yet sweet, and broody. He had a past he was trying outrun and he didn't count on his student making her way into his heart. Elon had a damaging past as well. She however was no delicate flower. She stood up for herself and knew just want she wanted. Together these two made the best kind of fireworks. Buy this book!!

  • Chiara Cilli
    2019-03-30 16:36

    Intenso e altamente erotico, proibito.*ARC gentilmente offerta dall'autrice. Thank you!*Ho conosciuto Autumn quando adocchiai il primo libro di questa serie, e nel momento in cui ho visto il suo post nel gruppo delle VBB Vixens non ho potuto fare a meno di partecipare al giveaway :D Mi aspettavo un tranquillissimo romance che probabilmente mi avrebbe fatto commuovere . . . invece sono andata incontro a un romanzo infuocatissimo! L'ultimo pensiero che mi riempie la testa, prima che il mio mondo diventi scuro, è che si suppone che gli eroi facciano di tutto per salvare vite. Io l'ho abbandonata. Sono bastati semplicemente tre secondi per radere al suolo ciò che mi circonda. Non sono l'eroe di nessuno.Ho amato tantissimo il personaggio di Nathaniel Rowe, ex violoncellista di fama mondiale che, a seguito di un orribile incidente, non è più in grado di usare il braccio destro (non con una funzionalità del 100%). È un uomo dal fascino oscuro e tormentato, che porta su di sé un senso di colpa terribile. Abbiamo tutti i nostri mostri, alcuni più feroci degli altri. Alcuni scelgono di giocare pulito, mentre altri semplicemente se ne fregano del tutto e giocano sporco, se glielo permetti.Elon è una studentessa della Rushmore School of Music e non si separa mai dal suo violoncello. Bellezza folgorante dai capelli rossi e giganteschi occhi verdi, strega Nate nel preciso istante in cui, entrando in classe per la sua prima lezione, la sorprende a russare e a sbavare sul banco. I miei occhi si chiudono di scatto quando le sue labbra mi sfregano il sopracciglio, la guancia, la mandibola, sussurrando parole che significano niente e tutto, e io non sto più cadendo. Sto volando, rompendo le leggi della gravità.L'attrazione tra Nate e Elon divampa come un incendio ed è incontenibile. Mi ha preso del tutto alla sprovvista, tanto era erotica! Ragazze, fidatevi, comprate un estintore o tenete vicino una bacinella d'acqua ghiacciata, perché andrete letteralmente a fuoco :3 Il Professor Rowe è veramente eccitante! «Giusto per essere chiari, se oltrepassiamo questo confine...» Le strizzo il gluteo come voglio fare da settimane – forte, al punto da farle male – accarezzandola con mano decisa sullo stomaco, le tette, il collo e fermandomi sulla sua bocca. «Ogni parte di te apparterrà a me da questo momento in poi, finché non ci fottiamo il cervello l'un l'altro. Queste...» Le tocco le labbra con il pollice. «E questa...» Sposto la mano in basso, insinuandogliela tra le gambe. «Mie. Ti sta bene?»La relazione proibita tra questi due personaggi li consumerà e legherà indissolubilmente, portandoli a non poter più fare a meno l'uno dell'altra. Ma il pericolo è sempre dietro l'angolo, sia esso appartenente al passato o al presente, e minaccia di distruggerli entrambi...Non vi dico più niente, se non GO GO GO GRAB IT! La scrittura di Autumn è scorrevole e incisiva, impossibile distogliere gli occhi dalla lettura :D vorrei un attimino spendere due parole per il protagonista del libro precedente, Josh: non vedo l'ora di conoscerti e di innamorarmi ancora di più di te – sì, non hai detto una parola, non so neanche come sei fatto, MA. Dobbiamo conoscerci, io e te, perché sento che hai qualcosa da dirmi che io devo ascoltare attentamente. «Non lo sento, quando sono con te». Mi fissa, confusa. «Non senti cosa?» «L'oscurità. Il dolore». ✤ Leggi la recensione sul blog ✤★ ACQUISTA ORA CON 1-CLICK ★|| Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest ||

  • Aaly
    2019-03-31 11:49

    *** ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. ***Breaking Gravity was more that I expected. So much more. I was overwhelmed.This book hit all the things I love in romance, tortured, cocky characters, tough but with a big heart, loving their woman with all their being. The banter was incredible, from the passionate ones to the saddest ones, I was sold. My heart was beating through the rythym of Elon and Nate’s beautiful symphony, two hearts melting as one offering this magnificent, full of emotion and engaging story.I could write pages about the characters, how amazing they were, with simplicity and natural. I read their story, utterly captivated and enthralled. I didn’t want to leave them. Elon is a woman after my own heart. She may looks like a shy person, but the fire and quietness emanating from her, trying to be always in the right way, doing the right things could be a lot of pressure. After all her family went through, she was sure that HEA wasn’t in the books in her future. Music was everything, a way to escape the brutality and scars she was hiding for so long. Ashamed of her past, with the shadow of her own family's history. Even with all those things that could break her, she was fierce, strong. I really fell in love with this character, sweet, kind, blunt and her ways to see the world, to fight for what she believed in, for her loved ones.Oh my Nate … after all the teasing about this book, and glimpse of this character, I knew for sure that I would love him immensely and immediately. I wasn’t disappointed. Demanding, broody, intense. Right up my alley! I went from one surprise to another one. He is tormented, tortured, trying to fight his addiction.  Living for the past three years in the darkness, one look, one moment, and suddenly his heart recognized another one tortured soul, a feisty red-haired, who could keep on his toes, but so forbidden at every levels.What about their connection?? Fireworks aren’t enough to explain how mind-blowing they were together, and I’m just not talking about the sex. Because holy hot damn, when it came to these parts … there’s a special moment that made my jaw dropped, and I think I was kinda blushing reading that one. The fire they make … combusting, a mix of sensuality and passion.I loved how their collided, the back and forth and ways to challenge each other was just marvelous. Somehow, they healed together. Their story was more than a student/teacher forbidden romance. It was a story that broke all the odds, giving you hope when you felt at your lowness, secretly desperate to find that one that could give you everything without reserve. That would fight for you and stand for you no matter what. Damn if the hopeless romantic in home wasn’t swept away.Once I finished reading it, it just wanted to go back to the start. This book was just spectacular. A mix of sweetness and hotness, quirky and sassy. The kind of story that holds my attention until the end.Two tortured souls who found each other. A music to my soul. A music of love. Unconditional love. They made my heart soar so freaking much.