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The only way they would survive, was if they stayed … TOGETHER Sala Schonwetter lived the perfect life. Married to the man of her dreams, mother to two beautiful children, and a member of one of the most respected families in town; she had it all. The year was 1939, and the world was about to change. In a heartbreaking instant, she had to trade her life of security, familyThe only way they would survive, was if they stayed … TOGETHER Sala Schonwetter lived the perfect life. Married to the man of her dreams, mother to two beautiful children, and a member of one of the most respected families in town; she had it all. The year was 1939, and the world was about to change. In a heartbreaking instant, she had to trade her life of security, family, and simple pleasures--for one of unspeakable loneliness, hardship, and danger. Nothing more than hunted prey, she relied on her inner strength and indomitable will to keep her children alive. But would it be enough? How far would she have to go, and did she have the resolve to get there? One thing she knew for sure ...she and her children would live or die one way …. TOGETHER. Manek was six years old when his world began to collapse. At first, his young eyes failed to see it, but reality came quickly into focus, when his loving gentle mother was forced to beat him in order to save his life. That is when he realized the Nazis wanted to kill him. Suddenly thrust into a new role as man of the house, would he be able to help keep his family safe? Was he strong enough to protect them? He knew only one thing ... they would survive if they could stay …TOGETHER. In Together: A Journey for Survival, Ann Arnold shares her family's journey through Poland's countryside as a war of nations thunders around them. The story displays the magnificent strength of a mother's love and the incredible courage of good people during the worst of times. "An important work. Ann Arnold's effort to both tell their tale of her family's survival during the Holocaust while being a part of encouraging the next generation to embrace tolerance is inspiring." -Michael Cohen, The Simon Wiesenthal Center "A fascinating story that takes a reader inside an already wounded family toiling through horrific difficulty in the pursuit of life itself. .. it forces readers to ask themselves if they could endure a struggle or whether they might support another person in a life or death battle. This angle makes the book valuable for teachers to use and beneficial for students to read at the high school level.” -Lawrence M. Glaser, N.J. Commission on Holocaust Education “Incredible Story” –Northern Valley Press "Arnold’s perspective is colored not only by those non-Jews who saved her father’s family but also by her experience visiting Brzostek as an adult." –New Jersey Jewish News...

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Together: A Journey for Survival Reviews

  • Robin
    2019-03-23 10:21

    It's hard so say you enjoyed a book that covered the holocaust which was a horrific event but, ANNE did an incredible job in writing this story and capturing the journey her grandmother, father and aunt had to endure. I found it was heartbreaking what her family went through and was truly happy to know of their survival. Sharing their Story was brave and courageous. For those who like read this genre, this book is a must. It will leave you with an appreciation for love, life and the desperate measures one takes to survive.

  • Artemis
    2019-03-20 09:35

    I know this story is about a family during the Holocaust. While reading it, honestly ... it felt like so much more than that. The relationship between the Mom and son was so ... real. It just humped off the page. You want to have that same bond with your own son. I loved it, and thought the author was really brave to get this down on the page now while her aunt and father could take part in it. Well done!

  • G.J.
    2019-04-20 14:23

    Together: a journey for survival shows how bright the human spirit can shine, even in the darkest times. Sala Schonwetter is the fiercest, bravest, most wily Mommy you've ever read about ... and her relationship with her son, Manek, makes your heart swell. You feel like you're talking to these people, or sitting at their table while you learn their story. A truly heart felt, warming, exciting tale of humanity, both how great and terrible people can be.

  • stephanie hancock
    2019-04-06 11:21

    Heart poundingReading this book made me see their story come aliveI am blessed by the Christian s that cared for the family

  • Amber Renee
    2019-04-06 17:40

    Very good bookKept me interested throughout. I couldn't wait to get back to it when I had to put it down. Such a brave family.

  • Maria G
    2019-04-10 14:40

    I read this in one sitting. You cannot put this book down.This was a remarkable read. You will be a better person for reading this. I feel like i personally knew this family. What a triumoh of lives.

  • Diane
    2019-04-19 16:24

    After reading this book, you will view your life with greater appreciation and less regret. The journey this family endures in their survival from annihilation by the Nazi Germans is a powerful testimony to the resilience of the human spirit when empowered by hope. This story will motivate you long after you have read the last page. Sala personifies the Jewish mother that will not take no for an answer, nor allow anything to destroy her family. Powerful story.

  • Adrienne Shapiro vogel
    2019-04-11 17:13

    The heart-wrenching tale of a mother and her two children's survival in Poland during WWII. A very compelling read that shows the strength of a mother's love. I know the author well, and had heard many of the tails through the years. Even so, I could not put the book down. As survivors of Nazi brutality are dying off due to age, its so important that these memories are captured and documented. Never forget.

  • Trudy Slater
    2019-03-21 15:23

    A Special WomanIt's a wonderful retelling of the story of a brave and very smart woman who led her children on a journey of survival.... I would recommend this to anyone curious about a personal story of survival during the holocaust. Anyone who could possibly be a non believer in the horrible events of the holocaust should have to read this. Students everywhere should have to read this story.

  • Nancy Jacobson
    2019-04-13 12:18

    I read this book because a good friend recommended it-it was written by a member of her family. It is a true story of the survival of a Polish Jewish family and it is an incredible to read actual events. All books about this period of history is really hard to digest. This one was no different and I would recommend it to all to read. It may not be the finest literature but you will quickly forgot that.

  • Alicia L. Johnson
    2019-04-16 17:13

    This is an amazing book about a woman with outstanding fortitude. Her courage and commitment to her children brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. I trembled each time I tried to put myself in her shoes. I simply can't image but, then again, I don't need to because the author did such a beautiful job of putting me in them.

  • Alethia Ellis
    2019-04-06 11:35

    SurvivingThis book serves as a reminder to us that evil will always remain in the hearts of some, but survival is possible through determination, the goodness of others and a loving God.

  • Barb Weber
    2019-04-02 13:40

    Excellent readBeautifully written account of this family's very difficult experiences during the war . A must read for better understanding of what the Jewish people had to endure .

  • Krystal
    2019-04-03 15:41

    Awesome story!Loved this book! Great, unbelievable read! It's a must! We must never forget! A mothers love is undeniable! Couldn't put it down!

  • Lindsey
    2019-04-14 16:39

    An amazing truth of a family's determined survival during the holocaust. Ann Arnold did a wonderful job of telling the horrors of her families lives during the war. I highly recommend!

  • Pat Ley
    2019-03-29 17:37

    Excellent story telling based upon true story.