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Revenge is best served baby!When travel nurse Lilliana is coerced by some mysterious entity into "interviewing" for the role of Norio Nakamara's next mistress, she's pretty sure there's no way she'll get the job.She's awkward, unrefined, and so not cut out to be anyone's spy--or a smoking hot Japanese billionaire's lover.But then--WTH--she does get the job! And soon her arRevenge is best served baby!When travel nurse Lilliana is coerced by some mysterious entity into "interviewing" for the role of Norio Nakamara's next mistress, she's pretty sure there's no way she'll get the job.She's awkward, unrefined, and so not cut out to be anyone's spy--or a smoking hot Japanese billionaire's lover.But then--WTH--she does get the job! And soon her arrangement with Norio goes from a job she must do, to a passionate affair, barely contained.She knows there's no way her clandestine relationship with the Japanese billionaire will end in unicorns and rainbows, but there are two things she just doesn't see coming:1. Falling for the man she's been hired to betray, and2. What he does when he discovers who she really is...East and West passionately collide in this upcoming steamy standalone AMBW romance from Theodora Taylor's wildly popular 50 Loving States series....

Title : His Revenge Baby: 50 Loving States, Washington
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His Revenge Baby: 50 Loving States, Washington Reviews

  • Bibi
    2018-09-08 22:08

    TT has become my go-to author for IR/MR books.Simply put, I was enthralled by this book, No (the H) is as delish as they make them. I mean, simply finger licking delish *OMG* *Fans self* and the sex scenes will make you sweat. I kid you not.Also, the plot was ingenious, a sensual meet of east and west; add clever dialogue, throw in suspense, betrayal and Samurais and you have a book that is simply un-put-downable. And did I mention the sex scenes? Yeah, that good. *Sigh* *Fans self, again*

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2018-08-26 23:32

    I will be blatantly honest. If I was rating this book by part I, it would be getting three stars and nothing more. However, the book in whole gets four. The beginning of this book is probably one of the most unromantic starts to a romance I've ever read. A hero who has a serial history of paying for mistresses for six months for the better part of ten years but is so tied up and proper, they can't even call him by his first name? The heroine interviewing for him naked? No thanks! She's not allowed to touch him or be seen with him and has to call him, Mr. Nakamura. She does all the work in bed? No is really unsympathetic and actually rather robotic at the beginning. I don't even understand why he would hire mistresses. He seems like he shouldn't even have a sex drive. He is so tied up and controlled, it's hard to believe that he could fall in love with a woman. Much less have sex with so many women. Perhaps that's his only outlet, but I would have found this more believable if he had actually been more reactive in bed. I get where the author was going with this. She wanted us to see how being with Ana changes No, and how she was different from other women. She wanted Ana to stand out from the crowd, but it was too gradual for my tastes.Lili/Ana I liked from the beginning. I have to say she really loves her brother and niece. I don't know if I could interview naked to be some rich guy's mistress for my family. Thank God I haven't had to do that! She does have a sense of innocence, but at the same time, she is remarkably blase' about the paid sex thing. I think without her internal monologue, I would have been very confused.Japan seems very real in this book. I felt as though the author is very well acquainted with it and rather in love with the country. I've read books set in Tokyo, but not in Osaka. It was lovely to get introduced to that city. It's always good when you read a book and it makes you feel like you're visiting the place.Now, I am the biggest Harlequin Presents fan on the planet, and the mistress scenario is a big plot in that line. I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of mistress stories, but I'm not averse to a preposterous plotline that works well. It was certainly something different. Overall, despite it's start and some parts that I didn't gel with, I walked away from this book satisfied. I wasn't sure I wanted to read it, but I was intrigued, so I read a sample on my Kindle. I ended up borrowing it from Amazon and finishing it in less than 24 hours. That says a lot right there. As to the sex. I think that the initial sex scenes are way clinical to me, and I didn't like the thing that No would do to make Lili climax. All I can say is 'ouch!' I didn't care much for the blunt sexual language. I'm not a big fan of that. It's not that romantic to me. I'm fine with descriptive sexual scenes, but not with some of the descriptors. Lust is easy to find, but where's the love and romance?I really love Asian guys. It's a huge surprise to me how much No didn't appeal to me for the first part of the book. He did start to appeal to me when he gets mad and decides he wants revenge. He actually starts acting like a human being and not a robot at that point. I like pissed off No much more than Billionaire, Proper Japanese Businessman with an Erection But No Other Emotions No. I liked how he changes and thaws and starts reacting normally. I know that his family is seriously screwed up. I realize that Japanese culture is very rigid in expressing emotions and requires strict public etiquette. I liked him much better after he comes to the US to start a company with his friend and to get revenge on Lili/Ana and his father. Angry No is Hot No. At the beginning, I didn't find him attractive because he seemed so emotionless. I did kind of like how proper and buttoned up he was, but I would have preferred if he turned into a wild man in bed instead the way he has sex with Ana for their six months together. I also liked how he nursed her when she was sick and how he seemed to want to spend more time with Ana, despite his intentions. While I normally like a coldly ruthless hero, I think No didn't work for me at the beginning because he wasn't cold in the still waters run deep, but too robotic acting.One thing that made this book stand out, but in some ways had a problematic execution was the thread of suspense/thriller that ran through it. I had no idea how cutthroat the Japanese businessworld is, at least based on this book. I don't know how much of that's true, but the fact that No's family is samurai on both sides gives their behavior an authentic feel. When you find out how truly heinous the behavior of a certain person is, it's chilling. This makes for a much darker than book that one would expect. I think it was problematic in that some of the action aspects weren't well described. I'm picky about action scenes, because it's a huge love of mine. And when you throw in katana-wielding ninja and samurai, my expectations go up very high. But, despite that, I found it charming.I like over the top when it's done well. The OTP in this book was done charmingly. I could have been a little better executed, if I'm honest. But despite that, I did have a smile on my face when I finished the book.I have been hard on this book, and i realize that. I do think Ms. Taylor is a gifted author. I have such a deep love for interracial romance, I am hard on the genre. I hate that the romance part seems to be taken for granted. I think Ms. Taylor seems believe in romance, but with a bit of a more jaundiced eye than I would like. I'm excited to read His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon

  • Deetimes
    2018-09-17 22:37

    HOLD THE PRESSES READERS... ANOTHER EPIC STORY BY Theodora Taylor!"His Revenge Baby" was another winner for me!I enjoyed everything about this engrossing tale from the characters (present and past) and the settings. This story was about a hero, the hawkish and brooding billionaire, Norio Nakamura aka No if he trusted you and the duality of our heroine, submissive Osaka girl, No's six month mistress Ana and Lilliana, the Cinderella-like sister and aunt to the sometimes abrasive and spoiled Ruby, daughter of Doug Tucker.This story was set in Japan, "the Land of the Rising Sun" and you can instantly tell Taylor did a lot of research on culture, and etiquette of the Japanese customs for reader to get a vivid picture of how the West differs from the East. When the story takes us to Seattle, No and Lilli's relationship takes on a whole nother ballgame( yes, there is baseball all through this story, ha!) of revenge, skeletons falling from closets to more death that you never even expected!So if you have a checklist of things you look for in a great tale well check out my list:Romancedramamystery and suspensehumorsexsarcastic witmore sex and well the feeling of WTH or "no they didn't" ringing in the back of your head, well look no further---- "His Revenge Baby" was an enjoyable and memorable read that you will want to read again and again until the next 50 Loving States book is released! Or go back and reread the story with Go in "His Pretend Baby" and his half brother, Suro in "His Perfect Gift" because both characters came back with a vengeance in this dramatic story!5 so worthy revenge hungry stars *****Note: This ARC was gifted to me for an honest review!

  • Theodora Taylor
    2018-09-06 19:19

    One of my favorite couples of all time! Hope you love them, too.

  • Deloris
    2018-09-06 02:25

    APB Perspective Review: Lilliana and Norio such an unlikely couple and when the story begins you wonder what magic the author will make for you believe they actually could possibility have a love connection, well leave it to Theodora Taylor to make it so. No starts off so stiff I couldn't imagine him being someone a Anna could love , but No shows himself like a tall building , floor by floor. On each level you understand No more ,and realize he is worthy of you caring for him and even worthy of love. I love children in stories and Liliana's niece Ruby is a scene stealer , the growth she made in this book was rewarding to read . The relationship with Ruby and No and the things he taught her about her culture, and about her growing up to be a honorable young lady, was something I like to see , she wasn't a prop for this story, she was major addition. I was happy to see Go, Nyla, Anitra, Suro, Tasha from other books , made this story that much more exciting . This is really a good book one you must read .

  • Miscellaneous Reader
    2018-09-11 00:24

    OMG how I loved this book!!! I'm a massive fan of Theodora Taylor but sometimes I find it hard to finish some of the Fifty Loving States series but this book was just amazing. I loved No with all his awkwardness and hardness, and Lilli with her over loving personality but most of all Ruby stole my heart in this book. I thought it would be hard for me to love any other FLS book more than I love His Forbidden Bride, but this was pretty close! 5 massive stars!

  • Gisele Walko
    2018-08-24 01:33

    Whoa! So many plot twists. I initially did not like Lilli's niece Ruby, there is no need for that much sass! I warmed up to her, and the concept of a revenge baby, and loved catching up with some of the characters from the other books. 4 stars.

  • Mspraise50
    2018-09-19 02:12

    I have read a few books by this author which I have enjoyed. I read this book on Kindle Unlimited.This was Liliana and No's story. I loved all the Japanese traditions/customers that was in the book, it made the story a very interesting read. I enjoyed the story definitely worth a read.

  • Sarah G.
    2018-09-06 20:37

    A Solid 3.8 Stars Okay so per the usual when I came across this book with the whole "pregnancy romance" theme...I had to pause and really contemplate if I wanted to delve into this. But since the book was ambw and I'm a fan of a lot of Theodora Taylor's other books, I figured what the heck and decided to give it a go. Overall I generally liked this story. I'm still a fan of the whole girl meets guy under false pretenses trope...and I won't apologize for it. haha In general I liked Lilli (aka Ana) and No's relationship, especially so in the beginning when Lilli was an escort. Not to give too much away, but it was interesting to see how despite No's stand-offish demeanor, how much he wanted to be with Lilli. It was also cute to see the gradual change that their relationship created in both of them as well. I even didn't mind the whole "running away" and break up portion of the book. And while the whole "I want to have a baby with you for revenge against my father..." plot initially had me raising an eyebrow in a say what now kind of fashion in the beginning...I think Ms. Taylor did a fine job of making it a little less far fetched as the story progressed. In my opinion Norio's real reasoning and feelings played a lot more into his decision than revenge did. All of the side characters and character relationships were interesting and it was cool to see how the three books intertwined and came together. There was also a fair amount of twists and intrigue in the story as well to keep me guessing and interested in what was going to happen next.The only grievances I had with the story lay in Norio's nickname and the Heroine's niece. Norio was referred to as "No" throughout the book, which proved to be confusing more than once when they were talking and especially when the H/h were doing the do. lol Most of the time the author had a indicator of whether Lilli was saying the word No or calling out No's name...but a few times she didn't and I had to re-read the sentence to try and figure it out. It proved to be a minor aggravation sometimes that I felt like she could have avoided if she just used his full name or a different nickname in the book (Ri or Rio is cute right?) And then there was her niece. OH.MY.GOD.I'd like to preface this section of my review by telling you that I don't condone violence toward kids. And while I understand that this girl had been through a lot...if that little girl called her stupid or the B-word one more time...whew. So many times I just wanted to reach into my tablet and slap the taste...ahem. I think you get the drift. lol The disrespect was so real with that girl...and I just couldn't handle the fact that the heroine took that kind of verbal abuse from a 13 year old. That being said...luckily the girl gets some discipline in the form of training from Norio about half-way through the story and her attitude takes a turn for the better. But trust me when I say it was more than a little touch and go there for a minute.But overall this was an enjoyable read and a good book to get lost in over the weekend.

  • Erica
    2018-08-21 00:37

    3 1/2 stars This one followed up on Lilliana and Norio who we met in 'His Forbidden Bride.' Lilliana would do anything to please her brother. Even going as far as becoming a 'spy' and doing a naked interview. As always I really enjoy reading Ms. Taylor books and this one is no exception. The plot? Good. The chemistry? Excellent. The Sex? Scorching hot.The story back drop? Great. So why the rating? Well... Norio's nickname of "No" confused the heck out me. I get what the author was doing (His Pretend Baby). But it seriously was hurting my head especially doing the sex scenes (Yes the author made it clear during those scenes but still to me it threw the flow off). How many times in the the 50 States series are we gonna get the fake name, and run away scenario heroine? Ruby, Lord have Mercy I just wanted reach through my kindle and give that girl a spanking out this world. Well, through half this book anyway, thank goodness her attitude gotten better. Other than that this book was really good and as always it's great to see returning characters.Nitra (His Forbiten Bride) Go and Nyla (His Pretend Baby) Suro and Tasha (Her Perfect Gift)*(3rd person)**** I received this ARC for an honest review.

  • Layeshia
    2018-08-23 18:17

    Weakness equals strength!!!OMG ....where do I start?! I guess at the beginning. So in the beginning of this book I was not feeling it at all but I persevered. Mainly because I've read the reviews and others loved it. But I have to say I almost put it down twice I'm sooo glad I didn't. The story was so epic first you have to understand the culture in Japan where it's OK to have a mistress there is a whole industry may just for that and it's excepted Way of life. So we have Lilli an African-American living in Japan with her older brother and his daughter. Lilli gets duped into being a very well paid sexual escort for six months. She's the escort of a very well known billionaire in Japan. The problem is and it's a big problem she falls in love with this dude. Lilli has some very deep emotional wounds and as it turns out Norio also has some very deep emotional wounds himself. Totally love the story I totally recommend it to you!!! PS Thanks Giselle. <3

  • Pearline
    2018-09-07 00:19

    I really like this author but I feel like her female lead characters are not strong anymore. I've seen a pattern of abuse in each book that makes you want to scream at the main characters. The women in the first 50 loving states series were strong but now the women have low self esteem and the men are emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. I hope there is a shift in how she develops her main characters in her next books.

  • Jan130
    2018-08-29 19:36

    3.5 stars. Not my usual fare, but I saw this on someone else's GR feed and thought I'd try it - I like trying new authors. This one was kinda ridiculous and trashy but I still enjoyed it. LOL. A dour (but young and hot) Japanese businessman. An African-American woman being blackmailed to spy on him. As his mistress. Yup. He hires her for 6 months as his paid mistress. Uh huh. That's right. The interview scene..... LOL. There's a lot more to it too. The plot wasn't bad actually, if a tad melodramatic. Industrial espionage. Poisoning and other murders. The headstrong and defiant niece (who finally turns herself around). The US baseball star brother. The toxic Japanese family, descended from samurai (!) Old friendships are tested. Family secrets are revealed. And true love will prevail. Oh, and don't forget the REVENGE BABY!Overall a surprisingly enjoyable read. The author seems to be quite prolific, and I might try some of her others. Looks like some (maybe all??) have an interracial couple theme but I'm fine with that. Also it appears that some of the books are pnr with a mainly wolf shifter theme. I'm also fine with that. So although I expect they'll be on the trashy side, when you're in the mood for some light and sexy entertainment, why not?

  • Jamilla_
    2018-09-14 22:22

    Loved it!Sigh, such a tumultuous yet perfect love story! Lilliana and Norio weren't a couple that anyone would ever put together, but they found their way to each other, and through trials (including sword fighting!!!) managed to find love.Theodora Taylor's books are all so lovely, sigh, it's hard to pick a favorite, but this is definitely in the top five!Also, it has a bonus of His Forbidden Bride, which is also very much worth a read!Would I recommend this? Absolutely!Would I read this again? Very much so!

  • Camille
    2018-08-20 21:30

    Crazy good!!!Theodora put her whole foot in this one. I loved it :-DSo good. 4.78(A few typos and the author's note should be further placed from the end of the story...let the reader marinate).

  • EbonyMonae
    2018-09-14 20:30

    This book was not my favorite by the author but I did enjoy it. Lilliana was annoying she was just weak to me. I didn't find her very strong like the other woman she wrote about. She was giving in to many time to everyone Ruby, No, and her brother. Even though she said she had codependency problems. I wish she would of handled it better all I kept reading was how she knew about them but still fell back on old habits. The book was also confusing sometimes. I had to reread several times to make sure I was understanding who she was referring to. I will say I like the how she talked about Japanese culture. AMBW has never been my genre but I enjoyed the book.

  • Sonya
    2018-08-30 20:08

    I loved the reunion with all the characters that I knew and loved from other Theodora books and the focus on Japanese culture. The book starts off very strangely as only Theodora Taylor can do but it works and the niece that I initially can not stand becomes one of the the characters that I love the most and the glue that bonds these complex characters and how they work the details out in their relationship. I would read and bear with it as it is a bit weird and jumbly in the beginning but becomes so gripping and a worthy romance by the middle. The end is great and makes you want more!

  • Schuron
    2018-09-08 20:21

    Not for me....AmBw can be hit or miss for me and this was a miss although I loved No as a character I couldn't tolerate Lilli stupidity. There was no way that she ever graduated for high school let alone college with a nursing degree. She made the whole story ridiculous. And don't get me started or Ruby

  • Emma
    2018-09-04 01:16

    I came away smiling = 3*So this book is entirely ridiculous. Insane things happen. We open with the FMC going to an interview to be the 6 month on call exclusive sex partner for a Japanese billionaire. Her and all the other applicants are naked. I nearly put it down right then. But it got great reviews so i persevered. I must have been in the mood for silly. And for most of the book it was pretty solidly 2 stars and then it ramped up the OTT shenanigans. The bonding moment between the MMC and his protoge (view spoiler)[ letting an young teen behead your father is amazing badass parenting. How can I not laugh(hide spoiler)]was so insane I just kept smiling after I finished.

  • Skylar
    2018-08-24 21:23

    I hate the term sorrynotsorry. I am going to have to throw it out there though. I knew I had to read this book, because, well, hot Asian H... His Revenge Baby had several things that normally wouldn't work for me, but they did. Its hard to put into words how great Theodora Taylor interwove this story. I found myself happily surprised at the twists in the storyline. Even though a revenge baby was part of the plot, it wasn't the focus of the book AT ALL. It was refreshing to read about the cultural differences of two broken people as they bloomed into a diverse family.

  • Taz Will
    2018-08-22 23:14

    As always, a really good book to enjoy and follow along with especially when you get a look at past characters. I have to say though; I still hate how what happened with Suro was bypassed because I would've loved to see the battle that left him all beat up dragging his way back to Tasha. Not a big fan of Lili being an escort, in the beginning, I hate when interracial books that involve black women have to be with the women being out there like that. I can say this author has had all types of characters with all types of occupations but still the whole escort thing I could've done without. Other than that, I really liked the ending and how they all came together not just their small family but all of them. A good read for sure.

  • M.J. Friday
    2018-09-01 19:33

    Norio”No”Nakamura is a Japanese billionaire, whose busy life only allows for relationships with a 6 month time frame, among other things, and he uses his family’s service known as Osaka Charms for these woman, but in his most recent search for a temporary mistress, he comes across a woman who is very different for any other he had before, and his interest among other things is peaked. Lilliana Tucker moved to Japan to help raise her niece after her ungrateful baseball player brother loses his wife. Soon Lilli finds herself sitting naked, waiting to be interviewed for the position as mistress to Mr. Nakamura, after receiving a mysterious call telling her to get this position or her brother will lose his baseball career. Lillian , a pediatric nurse by trade, is super co-dependent,and will do anything for the people she loves even prostitute herself to Japanese billionaire. When Lilli get the job, a very tangled web is revealed and everyone’s life is turned upside down.This series is so good and so intriguing, I have read them all and I must say, I am always left feening for the next one! With each new couple and their complex romance, this series truly just grabs you and holds all of your attention, and No and Ana where no exception. Their story was wonderful! The drama, the betrayal, and the cameos! I loved it! This author gives you flawed, emotional, characters with so many layers you can’t help but root for them. If you have not read this series, you are so missing out, it is very good. Don’t sleep on Mz. Taylor’s skillz!!

  • Davina
    2018-08-29 19:25

    A love story set in Japan and Washington state, "His Revenge Baby" tells the love story of Lilliana and Norio. A tale of opposites attract, Lilli's warmth attracts No from jump. Something about her calls to him and I totally buy it in that she radiates an inherently kind & loyal spirit that he would find irresistible. For a man starved of true generosity, it would be very appealing. Lilli, though, is a work in progress. She's a young woman still dealing with demons that have crippled her self-worth. Although she's trying to heal from an ugly upbringing, it's not without hiccups and moments of deep insecurity. One of the things that drew me quickly in to their story is that No sees in Lilli all the things that are apparent in that she's a delightful woman deserving of love. A core issue is that she doesn't really see it and it's his lust & need for her that slowly breaks through the years of self-doubt regarding her own worth. There are other conflicts in the story - I don't want to spoil them, though - that are imperative in the two protagonists growths as individuals as well as cementing their love for each other, even if in that love they cause the other pain."His Revenge Baby" is a very entertaining read with a solid heroine & hero. I recommend it. Also, I look forward to hopefully reading Hayato's story.

  • Crystal Franklin
    2018-08-27 02:08

    I loved this story, I didn’t want to put it down. No and “Ana” was what I was missing since reading Go’s story! All either of them wanted was a family. One did all they could to keep her family together even if it meant that she had to sacrifice her body. The other didn’t know that all he needed was the right family. But when they get together boy is it a story worth reading. This was an amazing story that has angst, violence, indifference, disrespect, but so much love that you would think it was a true to life story. No was a true Japanese son and did what he was told to do. He didn’t question (at least not out loud) what his father wanted him to do. Lilliana always felt unwanted and wanted to always belong. When they met I believe it was at a time that they both needed each other even though their first time together was under other than honorable conditions, but in the end it all worked out. Ms. Taylor did an awesome job in the telling of this story, she pulled you in so that you are able to feel the angst and the love of this amazing couple. Thank you so much Ms. Taylor for writing a story that did not include an unrealistic story-line.

  • Stacy Anita Edwards
    2018-09-17 22:29

    MehI like Theodora Taylor's books. I liked this one. But, sometimes her books come off as predictable. The heroine is usually college educated which is cool, but they are always bleeding hearts...they usually have jobs that are noble in nature...a social worker, a doctor, a pediatric nurse, some kinda care taker, ( it's just me but it feels kinda sexist). In addition to that, the heroine is always running from something and they are quirky and naive...I'm not saying that it's not endearing it's just repetitive. The hero is always brooding and most often than not a Billionaire. At some point they will meet up. It's lust at first sight. The hero always will think that she's not classically good looking but there is "something"about her that makes him want her. Then they go through this thing where she will run, he will find her and blackmail with sex. She claims she hates the blackmail but as a reader you can't tell. Look...Ms.Taylor's books are pretty predictable . And i will continue to purchase them, I'm just wondering if anyone else notices a pattern in her books.

  • Karen's Bookshelf
    2018-09-15 02:25

    Lilli would do anything for those she loved. So when her brother asked her to become the mistress to billionaire No Nakamara, she immediately finds a way to make that happen. No doesn't believe in committed relationships, so he has a string of mistress's and makes sure they know that their services will only be for a limited time. That all changes when he meets Lilli. She makes him feels things he's never felt before. Maybe it's time for a change, and he's willing to try as long as it's with his Lilli. That is, until her true identity is revealed and her secrets are uncovered. When no realizes who Lilli really is, he can then think of nothing more than making her pay and exacting his revenge .No and Lilli story is a roller coaster ride of twist and turns. This book had everything, action, drama, betrayal, and undeniable chemistry and passion. If that's what you're looking for, then look no further. It's all here in His Revenge Baby. I give it 4 stars!

  • Ida Louise
    2018-09-14 21:11

    Theodora Taylor’s latest 50 States book begins in Japan, then takes us to Washington state. Lilli has forsaken herself for others all of her life. Now, in order to help her brother and niece, she must become the mistress of Norio “No’, a Japanese businessman. No, educated in America, struggles to head the family business the way his father wants, while denying his friendship with an American. Thrown together, No and Lilli, circle each other with their secrets intact, as feelings emerge. His Revenge Baby has twist and some surprises that make for an entertaining read. Ultimately the question throughout was: What would you do for your family? GREAT READ! LOVED IT!!!

  • Latrice
    2018-09-11 21:34

    Worth the wait I remember always running into this book in my recommendations only for it to not be available yet, only for pre-order . And by chance I ran into again and I couldn't me happier. This book was good, a few grammatical mistakes but didn't take away from the story at all. I like this book love it even, every part it just....worked. Great job by the author. This is was so worth the wait.

  • Quiana
    2018-09-20 20:33

    The wait was killing me!!!I have to say I love, love Theodora Taylor's books. I especially loved this book. Lilli and No made such a great couple and the blending of the families really tied all the stories together. I have to tell you the wait for this book was killing me. And as usual Ms. Taylor did not disappoint. I would recommend to book to those look for something sweet and spicy with a touching family feel.

  • Patti Ashley
    2018-08-28 02:22

    Very poorly writtenThe stereotypes aside this book was awkward and trying to read it gave me a headache. The characters are wooden and the situation stretches common sense.