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Following the disastrous defeat of the clans at Culloden, Scottish Chief’s son Diarmad Ramsay makes his dying father a promise. Diarmad will play the part of Bonny Prince Charlie in an effort to help the true Prince escape the Highlands. With only the fiery Mara MacIvor for guide and with danger on his heels, he must risk all for a Cause in which he no longer believes. MarFollowing the disastrous defeat of the clans at Culloden, Scottish Chief’s son Diarmad Ramsay makes his dying father a promise. Diarmad will play the part of Bonny Prince Charlie in an effort to help the true Prince escape the Highlands. With only the fiery Mara MacIvor for guide and with danger on his heels, he must risk all for a Cause in which he no longer believes. Mara MacIvor considers Ramsay a poor substitute for her beloved Prince. Ramsay may be one of the bonniest men she’s ever met and a braw sight with a sword in his hand, but his disillusionment makes a wide gulf between them. Pursued through the Highlands by Sassenachs and ruthless Highland renegades bent on claiming the price on Prince Charlie’s head, their physical attraction soon becomes a conflagration. But will they ever be bound by more than Diarmad’s vow of honor?...

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Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure Reviews

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-01 11:01

    Story Rating ~ 4 Stars!Hero Rating ~ 4.5 StarsHeroine Rating ~ 4.5 StarsAction Rating ~ 4 StarsHeat Level ~ 3 StarsEnding ~ 3.5 StarsOverall Rating ~ 4, Love Will Conker All Stars!After the horrific defeat at Culloden, Diarmad Ramsay watches as his father laid dying. His father’s last words to Diarmad were for him to promise that he will take on a mission to help Prince Charlie escape. He is to pretend to be the Prince and travel Scotland with a guide in hopes of confusing the English so that the Prince will have a better chance to escape. Diarmad wanted nothing to do with this mission. He is mad that Prince Charlie left the battle field that rendered so many Scottish warriors dead. But his dad would not take no for an answer and before his dying breath, he had Diarmad’s promise to do this deed and now he is honor bound to take on this mission. He then is taken to the place where he will learn about the mission and to meet the guide.When he gets there, he meets his guide Mara MacIvor. He is then told that he must act and look like the Prince at all costs. He is given a change of clothes that make him look more like the prince and then Diarmad and Mara are off on this treacherous adventure.As they weave a path to confuse the English of where the Prince is, they find themselves in one dire predicament after another. Time and time again they had to use their whits to get away. As time goes on, Diarmad and Mara form a bond. After some time passes they end up in each other’s arms and their desire for each other takes hold of them. These scenes are VERY sensuous and I really felt the need they had for each other grow stronger as the story unfolds.One of the things I loved about this read is the way Diarmad and Mara would do everything they could to keep the other safe not giving a care what happens to them as long as the other lives. My favorite character was Mara. She was one heroic heroine never stepping back when danger was upon her. She also gave her whole heart to Diarmad knowing that she would never fully have his in return.Diarmad was a great character too. He leaped into many of sword fights and had taken on many men to keep Mara safe. The thing that bothered me was the misunderstanding these two had of the others feelings. I just could not understand how they could be so open about so many things and not mention how they felt to each other. I felt that their actions towards each other should have been enough for them to know their true feelings. Near the end the action picks up again, this part had me practically biting my nails. The pages flew by and before I knew it, the book was done. It ended on a good note but I felt the ending was rushed and NO EPILOGUE!! That is one thing I’m always looking forwards too and wish authors would take the time to add one.This was my first read by Laura Strickland and I really enjoyed it. Her writing style and descriptions were quite lovely and helped me to envision a lot while I read. The fast pace and action keep me turning glued to the pages wanting to know what would happen next. The characters were wonderfully written and the overall story line was a good one.*I received an ARC from Wild Rose Press via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.*

  • April
    2019-04-03 16:03

    Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure by Laura Strictland set against a Scottish background, after the diastet of Culloden, Scotland in April 1746. Diarmad Ramsay, a Scottish Chief's son, makes his dying father a promise, after the battle of Culloden.Mara MacIvor, also made a promise to her father, after losing her mother and sister to the English, to guide Diarmad across the Highlands to throw the English off Bonny Prince Charlie's trail. Together, Diarmad and Mara, face danger, betrayal, passion, bravery, sacrifice and find so much more than either believed possible, but will they survive the most powerful danger of all, honor and their hearts. Follow, these two fiery companions as they battle to stay one step ahead of the English and the possibility of treason, and their constant passion.Fast paced, emotional, compelling with many twists and turns, will have the reader turning pages in complete and breathtaking awe. With so many emotions, and so many vivid details, the reader will feel the emotions, the angst, and feel the cold upon their cheeks. A must read Scottish Historical Romance, of epic proportions! A true Scottish treasure! Be prepared for many tastefully written love scenes, were passions run high and wild. Will the heart win over honor? Or will honor rule the heart? I was totally engrossed in this tale, I read it in one setting. I couldn't put it down. Continues to linger long after the last page. I look forward to the next grand adventure from Ms Strictland. Fans, of Scottish Romance, Historical Romance, Highland Adventures, fiery, courageous, lasses and brawny, honorable Highlanders, will love this action filled Romance. Received for an honest review from Net Galley. Rating: 5Heat rating: Hot Reviewed by: AprilR

    2019-03-20 11:49

    I loved it! This is the first Scottish romance I've read and it has me hooked liked the look of the book cover and the plot. All around great story highly recommend it!

  • Barbee
    2019-03-20 14:05

    Culloden Battlefield, Drummossie Moor, Inverness, Scotland April 1746This delightful story is about the aftermath of the devastation from the defeat from the Battle of Culloden, plus a deathbed promise that our hero Diarmad Ramsey, makes to his father and Ramsey Chieftain. To help Bonny Prince Charlie's escape The Highlands several men with similar looks are to act as decoys to help the Prince escape the country. As he is now wanted to by the English as a traitor, no one doubts if captured he will be executed shortly afterward. They want to confuse the English, having different and various sightings of the Bonny Prince all over Scotland at the same time. Of course there is a lot of mixed emotion with so much devastation and death. Some feel the great pretender was a coward and running away as the Scottish men were butchered on the fields for his cause, to put his exiled father King James back on the throne. As Diarmad had mixed emotions himself and his eldest brother was still missing who would now be the next Laird of Ramsey. Of course being the dutiful and honorable on he accepts this mission though is not happy about it as he must go on the mission immediately not even allowed to being father's body home for burial. His father was a big supporter of Prince Charlie Stuart and will do anything to support and honor him to his last dying breath. Mara MacIvor is Diarmad’s guide and can sense he has no loyalty to the Bonny Prince, nor does Diarmad knows how to act or dress the part of the Prince. Mara shows him he must wear the fancy Stuart’s plaid and garments and act Lordly as a monarch would. Mara is a big believer in the cause and holds the Bonny Prince in high regard. So they have a conflict in beliefs right from the beginning. Then when confronted in a dangerous near death situation Mira is impressed see's that Diarmad can act and play the part perfectly. Soon an attraction develops between the two and as feelings grow they both have lots of insecurities too. He wonders if he’s just a poor substitute for the Bonny Prince? The one Mara truly desires. Mara questions if he wishes she was his brother's betrothed, the one woman he has always dreamed about but could never have? The one Diarmad truly desires. On top of their growing affections for each other and insecurities plus personal heartaches from lost loved ones at Culloden many are hunting them down. Of course there are those honorable Scots willing to help them being big supporters of the Stuart Jacobite cause. The English are hunting them as even some Scottish outlaws who are hunting them too! As their is huge reward for the capture of Prince Charles Edward Stewart! This would lead to his execution and of anyone helping and abetting him in any way. So if captured both Diarmad Ramsey and Mara MacIvor would both in dire straits and be executed if captured!This is a marvelous read that warmed my Jacobite heart from start to finish! Bravo Laura Strickland, for penning such an action packed riveting adventure full of drama, factual historical facts mixed into a fictional romance, mystery, suspense, betrayal, heartbreak, miscommunication, passion and love. Plus any fans of Scottish history and myself who feel so much empathy and heartbreak about the forty-five rebellion,”’ also called Battle of Drummossie. As we all know this end the Clans way of life, not to mention the clearances and new English laws forbidding them to wear kilts. I love the factual history in this author's fictional romance story about the young pretenders escape from Scotland as many Scottish were either dead or dying on the battlefield as he ran. As even today their are many rumors about the Bonny Prince's escape. I have even heard he dressed as a woman as was aided by one of his mistresses to escape to France. I suppose we'll never really know how he escaped, so I applaud this author's wonderful insight and imagination. This book is totally a brilliant tale with s with wonderful plots and magnificent dialogue.I highly recommend this spectacular read! It is one you definitely don't want to miss especially if you love history weaved into a delightful fictional romance! One of my favorite reads for 2016! It made my Jacobite heart sing as I could not put this book down! Absolutely and unequivocally loved Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure by Laura Strickland!***I was given this ARC from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press for an honest review through***

  • Bella'sBlog
    2019-03-26 13:58

    This was my first time reading anything by Laura Strickland and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this great story. Laura Strickland has given us such a story that it just sucks us in and keeps us there from start to finish and then leaves us wanting more form this author. This is Diarmad Ramsay journey to help the real Prince of the Highlands to escape. The battle of Culloden which took place in Scotland on April 1746, and at that time poor Diarmad Ramsay's father has just lost his life on the battlefield . But before he die he make Diarmad promise him that he would act as Prince Charles Stuart just in order that the English don't know what way that the real Prince has gone. But then there's Mira Maclvor is accompanying him on his journey , and they both must navigate very slow to their destination of Northern Scotland, but soon as they begin to know each other an attraction starts to develop for each of them. But they must decide if they can put their feels off until their journey is completed. Or will their attraction get in their way of their journey to protect the Prince ? Their journey was quite enjoyable to read about, and I found it interested the way they left clues along the way to the people know who they were has they journeyed through towns . I could go on and tell you more about this great story ,but that would spoil it for you.I highly recommend that you give this story a try ,you won't be disappointed.

  • Rebecca Austin
    2019-03-21 09:52

    The battle of Culloden has just taken place in Scotland in April 1746 and Diarmad Ramsay's father has just lost his life on the battlefield.Diarmad must now pretend to be Prince Charles Stuart in order to confuse the English on which way the true Prince Charles Stuart went. He is accompanied on his journey by Mara MacIvor and the two must navigate slowly to their destination in Northern Scotland without getting caught while safely leaving rumors of them travelling together. As the two begin to get to know each other they develop an attraction for each other and must decide if they can hold off their feelings for each other long enough to complete the journey or if their attraction for one another will get in the way of completing the journey.I enjoyed this book and found their journey enjoyable. It was definitely interesting as they left clues to who they were as they passed through towns but never gave any clear indication. I found it was definitely intriguing with Archibald and MacNeal to see who was willing to do what for a certain price. I found that I enjoyed the book but didn't get totally swept away by the characters. The book was good and I would definitely read the author again.

  • Laura Reading
    2019-03-24 13:01

    A fast paced, intense tale of lust, love, duplicity and betrayal.The battle of kingdoms over the right to rule leaves no true winner. When the Scottish Prince needs be secreted away, a complicated plan to confuse his pursuers goes awry.Success seems to be in the hands of a young peasant maiden. Mara proves intelligent and brave but is that enough? How far will Diarmad's sense of loyalty and honor direct his actions? Is he strong enough to stand up for what he feels as well as believes? I appreciated the inclusion of terms and language of the era. The plot kept me involved and intrigued as each escape soon met another challenge. Even after the ruse was completed, the emotional elements of the story required closure. Author Laura Strickland brought all to a satisfying conclusion.I did receive this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Katherine Yearwood
    2019-04-03 16:50

    Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure by Laura Strickland is set in Scotland 1419. Diarmad Ramsay sworn to do one last mission for his dying father. That of acting like a decoy, for Prince Charles Edwards. A mission that I thought was foolish, I am happy that Diarmad thought the same way. But a promise was a promise so with the help of Mara MacIvor they set off to help Prince Charles to escape. The story was slow in some places, but steady as you are sweep into the life of Diarmad and Mara glowing attraction for each other.What I like about Honor Bound: A Highland Adventure was Mara was ever bite the lady, but a fierce protector for Diarmad. who really didn’t need it, but I guess it would have looked funny for Prince Charles Edward running around Scotland without protection.

  • Tammy Bailey
    2019-04-12 14:56

    I really loved this book. The story line was interesting (which made me want to read the book). It moved right along and the characters had great chemistry and fit well together. I have to say, every time Mara and Diarmad found themselves captured, I couldn't imagine how they were going to break free. I won't spoil how they did. This book was faced-paced with vulnerable and courageous characters who take you on an adventurous and romantic ride. This is the type of book that makes you want to skip work to find out what happens next...all the way to the end. I don't read many Scottish romances, but this book makes me want to read more...and more from this author.

  • Amy
    2019-03-29 10:00

    The Bonny Prince needs to get away to safety. His only hope is look alikes to draw them away. Ramsay is on the run with Mara. she doesn't seem to like him, due to his lack of interest. He's doing a great service to the cause.As they travel Mara notices Ramsay for who he is. not who he is trying to be. but can there be a future for them? Especially after all this?This is a fast paced book that keeps you wondering what will happen. But I never felt like I was in the story with them.

  • poppy
    2019-03-22 13:05

    a good read i really enjoyed it a great historical read with a bit of everything