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WHEN HE FINDS OUT ABOUT OUR BABY...OH, GOD.SUMMERI didn't have an outlaw's baby. Honest.I didn't run, didn't hide our son, didn't suffer alone. There's not a bastard with a gun to my head, sending me running to the bad boy I left behind. Making me lie to everyone.Yeah, I'm full of it.Here's the truth – I'm frozen because I'm finally face-to-face with the wild, gorgeous manWHEN HE FINDS OUT ABOUT OUR BABY...OH, GOD.SUMMERI didn't have an outlaw's baby. Honest.I didn't run, didn't hide our son, didn't suffer alone. There's not a bastard with a gun to my head, sending me running to the bad boy I left behind. Making me lie to everyone.Yeah, I'm full of it.Here's the truth – I'm frozen because I'm finally face-to-face with the wild, gorgeous man with the icy stare who lit me on fire three summers ago. Joker rocked me to my core, left me with a kid, and it's just a matter of time until he discovers everything.Never have an outlaw's baby. They're cute, but they come with serious strings attached.Like Joker's kiss. I can already taste it, the growl rising in his throat. Coming for my lips, coming for the truth, coming for me.JOKERPure hell tore my heart out one night three years ago. There ain't room in that hole for Summer, a lyin' spitfire I swore I'd never see again.I screamed, I shoved, I told her to get out, and stay out. Made myself numb so I'd forget about those lips I used to own, or having her between the sheets.Worked like a charm 'til...the kid.I know he's mine. Know something evil isn't adding up. Know he's the first light I've had in the darkness for years, and Summer's the second.If she hates me, I don't give a damn. This baby changes everything.She ain't running anymore. Neither am I.I'll put my name on her sweet skin. Hear her beg the way she used to. Remind her that a woman never has an outlaw's kid without sharing his bed, his bike, his brand. Always.The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a secret baby surprise! This is Joker and Summer's story in the Deadly Pistols MC series....

Title : Never Have an Outlaw's Baby
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Never Have an Outlaw's Baby Reviews

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-04-11 05:45

    Okay, soooooo....I'm not really even sure what to say about this one. Well, actually I am. But LAZY. So the quick and dirty version?The writing was menehhhhhh.The story line was choppy. The relationship "development" was...well, it was lame.And that's coming from someone who will accept insta-love when it's done right. Now, this wasn't insta-love here....but let's just say I got whiplash from all the abrupt back and forth.Plus, the way Joker (view spoiler)["fucked streams of sluts and bitches" nonstop after meeting the h and then during their 3 something year separation? Yeah, ewwwwww.(hide spoiler)]Let's just say I wasn't feeling the lurve. And I had a hard time believing she would just fall right back into his pants after the way he treated her.Anyway. Not the worst thing I have ever read by any means. But, not sure I would read anything else by this author. Annnnnnd, that's all I got. Find me at:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • DW
    2019-04-06 06:03

    I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.Not going to lie. I was not a Joker/Jackson fan. He was rude and obnoxious like no other I have read in quiet a while. That being said. The story had a lot of twist and turns. There was constant action. Never boring. Jackson and Summer met six years earlier and shared a seriously hot kiss but Jackson didn't want to corrupt Summer so he walked away from her. She couldn't forget him. She was in love. Three years laters they meet up again. Everything is going great until tragedy strikes and Joker runs. Weeks later Summer finds out that she is pregnant. Two years later, after raising her son by herself, Summer is forced to track Joker down. He pushes her away until he sees his son. Now he is determined to do whatever it takes to protect his family. It gets crazy with so many twists and turns. Joker stops at nothing to protect his family. By the end of the book I was tolerating Joker a little better and cheering for him.

  • Jessica Smith
    2019-04-07 11:05

    well this review may not go over well with most since this book seems to have gotten ALOT of 5 star ratings and truthfully I do not see how. This is nothing more than a Sons of Anarchy fan fiction. Both main characters are named Jackson in a MC, the both have sons that get kidnapped that have names that start with an "A". Both are VPs, both have a new PREZ taking over that wants to take them from drugs to guns. So these things did turn me off a bit but was not the reason I gave it 2 stars.The writing was not the greatest. The crude language was over done, and do not get me wrong I cuss like a sailor so if I thought it was too much then that's saying something. Also I have read more than my fair share of erotica and the sex scenes were so so. sex scenes seem to many like something that is super easy to compose but that is far from the truth, to get the reader "excited" with just words is difficult to do and to me these showed that. I actually sped read through some of them since the words and the actions were first unbelievable and second a turn off. rough sex with hair grabbing is great, but when there is NOTHING more than that then there is no reason to read it. I will say that they did get better as the book progressed to the end. Okay another issue I have with this book, but this author is not the first to do this, but there is no many things going on that she should have taken her time and wrote a longer book to create a better story and more suspense. When I saw that how long it was I got excited especially when the real action started, but then I was smacked wit the fact that half of the book, yes HALF of the book is not the actual story but "sneak peaks" at her other stories. If you write a book good enough that it grabs my attention, then "sneak peaks" are not needed cause I will go out of my way to get your other works and read them. So to sum up, I try never to give any author a single star cause writing a book is not easy, but this one if not for free I wouldn't waste my money or time on it, just watch SOA its pretty much the same.

  • Ange
    2019-04-07 05:57

    I gotta admit, I did a huge double take reading some of these reviews. I felt like I had stumbled into an alternate dimension where good is bad and vice versa. In fact, some of the reviews were so glowing that they could easily lead an unsuspecting person to believe that this book would be well worth their time and expense. Let me assure you, it is NOT!!! Heres a brief summary. Girl, meets hot biker. Girl develops crush on said biker. Biker honestly (but crudely) tells girl that he only uses girls to get his dick wet.Girl gets angry with him for being honest. They meet up 3 years later and stupid girl/jackass biker have lots of unprotected sex. Tragedy befalls bikers family so he turns his back on girl.A further 3 years later, girl is stuck working a crummy job and raising jackass bikers kid when rival biker threatens her (and her son's) safety if she doesn't agree to infiltrate her ex's club as a mole. Long story short, she tries to re-establish contact, he rejects her initial efforts before suspicions arise which lead to him tracking her down and finding out she had his kid. They get back together (don't expect any resolution for their past) and play happy family. Personally, I would have told Joker to 'kiss my a**' but apparently, this particular author prefers insipid and weak heroines who are willing to trade their self-respect for lots of hot sex.

  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*
    2019-04-15 11:54

    If the title didn't say enough to warn me off... But no, I read it anyhow. Damn biker books... love some, hate some.This one is some deep redneck stuff. And it was starting off ok, but as the book progressed, you realize how dumb the heroine is. Like the IQ and smarts of a doorknob dumb.She falls for some biker who rescues from being assaulted by some drunk patron while she flipping burgers. (Right here, she had about 5 weapons she could have used to defend herself.) The biker kisses once then warns her away. She is left dejected... sob!! (After a kiss? Really?) Three years later he returns. (and she still works the dead end job) He claims her virginity and they go at it like rabbits for a awhile until tragedy strikes and he basically tell her to f*** off. What rubs me wrong? Heroine doesn't ask him to suit up. EVER!!! Regardless of the pill, this dude tells her he just fucks woman, that all he can offer. She takes it. In my head I'm like "Ummmm...dude is a biker that's way older than you and who admitted fucks tons of women, probably not the cleanest ones, so why are you not protecting yourself?"Other thing is, heroine has zero ambition, goals, hobbies, interest...NADA! I hate heroines like these. I read them all the time. Its as though they exist only for the hero, the moment, the book! They have nothing else. It makes them horribly bland one dimensional characters without substance. This is what we got here. 100%Anyhoo... Then she has his kid (BC she was prego when he told her to f*** off), and three years after not hearing from him, some rival gang freak tries to use her to lure the biker back. So she goes back to the hero, instead of ; 1) running for her fucking life with the kid. 2) Telling him when she sees him that she need protection for her and HIS kid. NO NO... she does the stupidest shit ever!!!! Then when that broody assholes comes for her, he has the nerve to treat her like shit!! Then what does she do? She lets him force her into giving him a BJ. Then talk to her like she's garbage. And little later, she lets him do her without protection AGAIN... Even after all the shit!!! DUMB!Despite this dumb ass heroine, the sex scenes were pretty decent. Beside that, its a bust for me.

  • trista miner
    2019-03-29 06:04

    Nicole snow has done it again, she blew me away with this book. This book is the third in the deadly pistols mc series. This is joker and summers story. They had one incredible month of insta love and happiness together then a heartbreaking event tore them apart for the years. Summer had to make a decision and she chose to raise the son they created together alone. When a mad man threatens the safety of her son she goes to joker under false pretenses and tries to reconcile with him without revealing that they have a child. When joker finds out summers secret he is instantly lifted out of the fog that he had been in for three years. He will do anything to protect his new family but will it cost him his life?? In this book we get a visit from some of Nicole snows other mc characters and are taken on quite the ride so I suggest you buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride in this incredible book!

  • Heroesinbooks
    2019-04-25 08:47

    5 Joker and Summer StarsI was in the mood for a full on , badass, raw MC read and I definitely got it. Joker is the Vice President of the Deadly Pistols MC. But before that he and his twin, Freddy, were the hot , deliciously bad boys in their hometown. They dip back there occasionally to keep their MC Colours seen and to see their Grandpa ( I have a soft spot for Grandpa) . On one of these occasions the twins save Summer from a nasty Frat boy. Now, I really liked Summer. She was naive but smart. She was very alone in life and I felt that her isolation was really well written and portrayed. I liked her sass that balanced out her innocence. After some time her and Joker share a night of passion followed by quite a few more. Summer falls hard for him and it was good to see Joker softening and getting closer to her. But then events take a sinister turn and whatever was growing between them is stamped out. Summer is very much on her own and Joker goes back to his MC life. Three years later Summer and Joker' s paths cross. He discovers the son he never knew he had with her. All bets are off as Joker claims the family he knew nothing about. This had so many elements of an MC that I love. The hot, badass, dirty talking hero biker. Strong but sweet heroine. Strong secondary characters. No significant drama from club whores or ex's. This one really packed a punch with the underlying plot. I actually squirmed when I read a couple of the scenes. I may have speed read through the more gruesome pages. #Sorrynotsorry. I'm a bit of a wuss with violent stuff and Ms Snow does pack a punch when she writes them. No pun intended! I have read these books out of order but I don't think that detracted from my enjoyment or understanding at all. HEA? Yes- Really gorgeous endingCheating? No Recommend over 18's only due to sexual content and swearing/violence. If you want a yummy biker book with a strong subplot then buy this book. 5 Sparkly Stars from me!

  • Claudia
    2019-04-04 09:53

    received this ARC for honest reviewHAWT DAMN!!!! this book had it jaw dropped from the very beginning and yes I could not stop reading...started reading really early and every time I tried to stop it kept calling my name to finish it...the one part that hit me the most and till this moment I can see it in my head was Freddy aka Piece of what happened to jaw dropped I was like "nooooooo" just the description alone of what happened to him...I felt Jackson "Joker" his anger his pain his need for vengeance...wowjust a small little tid bit about the book...Summer lives in a small run down town due to the economy crisis working for her uncle in a bar at a young age, trying to care for her mom and other responsibilities when an incident at the bar has Joker come in and rescues her...but because of her age and how he perceives her as innocent he stays awayit picks up after 3 yrs later...Joker wants Summer and takes a chance to have something for themselves, but after some time all good things came to an end but the ending of their affair was so awful and painful that Summer knew she lost Joker for goodgetting to that point I needed more and have no complaints of how this book turned was AWESOME!!! phew my emotions were all over the place...up, down side to side and being a mom and reading what Summer and Joker went thru with Alex...I would have gone crazy...Summer's reactions would have been mine and Jokers part had me nervous...I did not know what would happen...I was on the edge of my seat...I applaud you Nicole Snow...if I could give more stars I would :)...PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!!! it is one of my top favorites

  • Tracy
    2019-03-28 10:45

    Nicole has done it again!... Compleately knocked me on my ass and left me breathless and with emotions runing through my body, that i didn't even know i possessed!!! WOW what a book!!!As i hate spoilers in reviews, i won't delve too deeply, i'll leave that part and just say... READ THIS BOOK... It's brilliant!!! The main characters in the story Joker and Summer have known each other for years. 6 years previously... Joker and his twin brother Piece save her from something bad, then Joker breaks her heart... 3 years previously... They rebuild and all is going well until tragedy strikes and Joker changes into a monster with an ice cold heart!!! He leaves Summer broken! (for more reasons than i can explain).Present day... This is where the twists and turns really begin to kick in and will have you feeling EVERYTHING, the story dragged me into it and i actually felt like i was an actual character, so much passion you can feel it in each and every word!!! Then they get their HEA... Right?...A huge plot twist that had me sobbing (keep tissues handy, i used a box full!). It's so damn heart breaking, that it's hard for me to put i to words!!!All i can now say is that i recommend this as a huge 10/10 read that deserved way more than a 5 star rating, sadly it isn't possible, so 5 stars it is!!! I loved everything about this book right from the actual story, to the flow and the amazing characters and the explosive passion they share!!!... PERFECTION!!!

  • Emily
    2019-04-06 05:57

    Joker only came close to loving one woman, but he pushed her away. Summer had given Joker everything and when he pushed her away it broke her. When she found out she was pregnant, she kept to herself and never shared the news with Joker, another rejection would have destroyed her. When a rival gang threatens Summer and her son, she finds herself trying to talk to Joker. Joker though is pissed, he doesn't want Summer in his life again that is until he realizes she had his son. Joker wants to hate summer, but can he find a path where he can keep Summer and his son safe and finally have a full life?Highly entertaining. Several twists and turns in this story which I think will setup nicely for next book. Liked Joker, he is angry and brutal but you can't help but fall for him. Summer was interesting, she was a strong woman who believed she was doing the right thing. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-09 06:45

    I never met an MC man I didn't like that came out of Nicole's head, Joker was no different I loved that man, “good thing I brought plenty of effin' tissue to dry your eyes and some water so you won't run dry,” he growled, smirking the whole time." I liked this book, I love all Nicole's books, I love seeing last characters to see what they're up too, I love meeting the new ones. I'm always excited for the next book.

  • Amanda Stewart
    2019-04-03 07:50

    Loved!! Great book!

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-03-30 04:43

    Nicole has done it again! Oh my I love me some bikers who are rough and tough and don't give a rat's arse about anything except the ones they love.In this story we meet Summer and Joker. Lord these two had me laughing because they have this love hate relationship but Summer loves Joker and wants to spend the rest of her life with him until one day Joker pushes her away. Heart broken Summer leaves but she leaves with a secret.Then one day as life would have it Summer and her sons life are being threatened and she has no choice but to go to Joker and tell him the truth and ask him for help. When Joker finds out the truth he wants to push Summer away but his heart will not let him do that. He knows he loves her but he loves his son more and he will do anything to keep them safe and have Summer in life and on his bike.Great story with lots of twists and fun. Get ready to get on your bike and take a wild ride!

  • SusanBurgess-Ryan
    2019-04-24 07:53

    100 STARS!!! 5 STARS JUST ISN’T ENOUGH FOR THIS BOOK!!!!Nicole Snow is an AWESOME author and her MC books rock. “Never Have an Outlaws Baby” is totally off the charts here. I have to say that this is my favorite book to date of the Deadly Pistols MC. She did a truly amazing job about grabbing our attention from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. Plus, she weaves the characters into a story line that rocks like no other. Then she makes you laugh (spit water on my kindle for the 100th time, surprised it still works), cry, fall in love (Joker is to die for), and makes you get all hot and bothered with the 0awesome sex scenes. This book is full of sex, babies, murder, gun fights, lots of hunky bikers, and a whole lot of loving (sex)!  I highly recommend this book for those who love lots of cocky, dirty mouthed bikers. You will not be disappointed. This book is recommended for mature readers 18 years of age or older because of the violence and explicit sexual content.Jackson “Joker” Taylor is VP of the Deadly Pistols MC, and the twin brother of Freddy “Piece” Taylor. Joker and his brother Piece Rescue Summer from a douche bag college student who is trying to take advantage of her. Then Joker leaves her at her house wanting more than just a kiss from him. He tells her that he is no good for her and she should stay away from him. Three years later he shows up again and Summer has matured and finished school. She has buried her mother and started running the bar for her Uncle who is closing it down because of no business. After a night of wonderful sex with Summer, Joker leaves town again and leaves her behind and pregnant. Summer is really taken with Joker the first time she met him. She is also very hurt when he leaves her with the warning she would be better off staying away from him. She waited three years for him to come back and this time he leaves her pregnant and scared because of the tragedy that struck his family. Now another three years has passed and she has Alex and is barely surviving when the President of the outlaw MC tells her she had better do what he says or he will kill her and her baby. She had to lie to Joker and get him to take her in so she could help take down the Deadly Pistols MC. When she is finally face to face with him she cannot like to him, the feelings are too deep and he now knows about the baby, Alex.Joker is a smart man. He recues Summer at the hotel finding her with his son he didn’t know he had. He takes them back to the club with no intentions on letting them go. He plans on putting his name on her body and tells her that when you have an outlaws baby you wear his name, ride his bike, and love him. Will Joker and Summer be able to work through their differences? Will Joker forgive her for not telling him about the baby? No Spoilers. Lots of kissing and loving. A book you definitely want to read. ARE free book given for an honest review.

  • Jenny Brightman Harris
    2019-03-29 11:47

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Jackson "Joker" Taylor and Summer Oliver. The first time these two meet Summer was just 18 Joker and Piece (Joker's twin) were already members of the Deadly Pistols MC. So Joker thought he would do the right thing and push her away. She deserved better than him in his mind and by pushing her away it would give her that chance. It is 3 years later when they have their next run in and this time there is no stopping the passion between these two. They agree to keep is sex only no relationship but is that just something they are saying with their mouth? When tragedy strikes that year and takes Piece and almost takes his grandfather Joker pushes everyone away including Summer. Will he ever find his light in the darkness again or is he banished to loneliness for the rest of his life?Summer knew Joker was the one for her if only she could catch him. Summer knows she needs to take good things when they come because come morning they could all be gone. She has been fighting a up hill battle for most of her life and Joker popping in and out of her life is just another example of the good and that bad in her life. When Joker had come back 3 years earlier she really thought they might have a chance but when tragedy strikes she is pushes away along with everyone else. However this time Joker leave a little of himself for her to have and hold onto. She knows the right thing to do is tell him about his son but after the last time they were together she isn't sure what type of father he would be and she won't fight for her son. When the Deadly Pistols rivals come after her though what they want is information and they want her to get it. When everything is on the line how far with Summer go to not only save herself but her son as well?This is an amazing hit in this MC series. There is violence, there is some rough and wild times, but there is family in this as well. There are times in this book you want to cry for this couple, you want to smack someone at others but this story will have you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the very end. This is one of those lock the door, take the phone off the hook, and have the grandparents take the kids kind of books. You won't want to put it down once you start. I would recommend this book.

  • Lisa Menor
    2019-03-25 04:48

    I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Summer works hard for her 2 year old son, her world, Alex. Everything she does is for him. One day it will get easier. One day. Her circumstances, and the impact they had on her future, could not have been avoided all because she got involved with the wrong man. The man she met years earlier. The man who saved her. Joker, a wild, sexy soldier with The Deadly Pistols MC. Years after Joker convinced Summer that she was too good for the likes of any biker, he believes he may have misspoke. Summer has grown into a stunningly beautiful woman, too much for a man, bad boy or not, like him to resist. He walked away once, that won't be happening again. Reality and life set in and it ends abruptly; finished as fast as it began. Joker's life implodes.It's going to take some time for Joker to forgive, but Summer is not the naive girl he once knew, she's stronger now. She won't let Joker walk all over her. He knows what he has to do. Will he step up or will he walk away? I have been waiting for Joker's book since the first book in this series. This book reveals what made the man. How his life experiences built him from Jackson into Joker. As strong a man as he became, how could he overcome his past? He needs good in his life. Too bad he gave that all up. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED, LOVED, LOVED JOKER ! THIS BOOK WAS SO AWESOME ! WELL WORTH THE WAIT ! THIS SERIES IS AMAZING, BUT I AM TOTALLY TEAM JOKER-- 100% ! ! GREAT STORY, GREAT CHARACTERS, GREAT SEX ! LOTS OF DIRTY, SMOKING HOT SEX ! ! ! DEFINITELY ONE-CLICK THIS BOOK ! ! !

  • Brandi
    2019-04-19 06:04

    4.5 starsThis was exactly the kind of read that I was looking for today! It was fast-paced & unputdownable. There was violence, vengeance, drama, heartwarming moments & plenty of filthy-sweet sex. How could I not love it?! Joker & Summer were great together. They went through a rollercoaster of emotions & life-altering events in this story & came out stronger because of them. Talk about a love that never dies & that you'd do anything for. *le sigh* Looking forward to the next book in the Deadly Pistols MC series. I think it's about Dust? Woot-woot! SIDE NOTE: The version that I one-clicked ended at the 53% mark & then has another book, Recklessly His, following it. :)

  • Frances
    2019-04-25 09:54

    A baby is always good thingA nice romance story about two people who's in love but have a different lifestyle. Summer and Joker wants a relationship but when a bad situation happens Joker pulls away. Summer lives her life and when she finds out about her baby she decides to not tell anyone. When Joker finds out about the baby he gets all protective and ask for the whole truth.

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-04-05 10:48

    3.5 CocktailsGood MC read, but a horrible title. This was so much more than her just having an Outlaw's baby. Joker was a broken man who was about to give up everything for revenge, until he saw Summer again. The baby played a part in it, but this story was about Joker figuring out what was important in his life.

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-04-06 07:44

    AMAZON FREEBIE 8/10/17

  • Amber
    2019-03-27 06:44

    Never Have an Outlaw’s Baby is an extravagantly breathtaking and unapologetically passionate journey of discovering that the source of your most harrowing pain can also serve to heal and sooth that same pain. The most critical piece is to choose to allow yourself to be restored and made whole. If you don’t open your heart to the impossible, then you risk living a hollow, empty existence devoid of the transforming power of love. That is no existence that anyone should ever choose to live.Who in their right mind would ever have imagined that Joker was capable of feeling love or any emotion? He is only known for his sadistic glee in extracting information from people that no one else could. However, once upon a time, he was a man with a heart full of emotion just like any other. He stumbled and fell into loving one woman extravagantly and completely in his past life, but she along with his heart and soul were stolen from him by a living nightmare that continues to haunt him even in the daylight hours. Summer had been forced to watch everyone and everything crumble around her to dust. When Joker and his brother barreled through her life and saved her one fateful night, she never forgot him or how his very presence redirected the course of her entire world. More than anything she wants him back, but she can’t bare to be pushed away and lose yet another person from her life. With a an unthinkable evil and threatening everything that she holds dear, can Summer count on Joker to help her one last time, or will another demon succeed in finally destroying her?I was completely blown away to find out that Joker wasn’t always the way he is. The one event that ripped his heart out and destroyed most of his humanity left me in shock. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could live through that and still function at all. His behavior made perfect sense after discovering this terrible revelation. Summer’s part in his past was his only beacon of light in his life, and he was convinced that he didn’t deserve her love anymore. How could he allow her to love him when he was dead inside and incapable of loving her back? Oh how I love her spunk and sass. She was exactly what he needed, and she came at a time when he needed her the most. His darkness was lifting and he was finally ready to admit that he needed her more than he ever realized. He hurt them both deeply but staying away for so long when in reality she could have helped to bring him back to life. These two together are most definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their love was breathtaking and incredible. It healed, it breathed life into them both, and it created something wonderful out of almost nothing.Nicole Snow continues to amaze and delight my heart with her magnificent stories that touch my heart and soul. She writes to inspire and encourage, and I sincerely admire and appreciate her for that. I didn’t think her stories in this series could possibly get any better, but this book proved me so very wrong. Now, I can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

  • Susan
    2019-04-11 04:07

    Fantastic!!! I received an Arc of this book for an honest review. I hadn't read any of the others in the series but since they are standalones I didn't let it bother me. This is Joker and Summers Story.Summer had noticed Joker and his Brother around, how could she not they grew up in the same area. But back then he hadn't been an Outlaw, Part of the Deadly Pistols Mc.No that boy had been completely different to the hard-core biker he is now. Now he's a menacingly dangerous badboy but she still wants him. Maybe even more so.Joker sees the innocence that is Summer he knows he's no good for her, can't give her what she needs. What she wants.He's a love em and leave em type of guy. She deserves better and he knows it. Can he do the right thing, walk away from the only girl who makes him feel more than just the physical connection.The girl that actually makes him feel?Let's just say they they have a whirlwind time together untill things all go south and fast. Tragedy strikes and changes everything.Gone is the Joker she knows the man she saw beneath the Outlaw, the side he only showed to her, his loving tender side and in place is the detached angry man that pushes her and everyone away.He left her behind never looked back for years. Got on with his life without thinking of the events that led him to where he is now. Shutting them out is easier. Heartbreak is to hard to deal with. Things are never that simple though and history always comes back to bite you in the ass, this is no exception. Joker is about to have his life turned upside down yet again.His past and present come colliding together with a few surprises he never expected. What's he gonna do about it? I'll say this Joker is a Man not to be messed with, he's had vengeance on his mind for years and he's finally able to do something about it. You don't threaten what belongs to him.I absolutely loved Joker he's a Dirty mouthed Alpha and always gets what he wants. He's the ultimate Biker and the type of man you definitely want to stake a claim on you.I loved this Book so much I've automatically downloaded the other two books. I can't wait to get started. Nicole Snow has a fantastic writing style, I've read a lot of MC books and this one was amazing. Everything I want from a book of this Genre.My jaw was on the floor for parts of this book, I was literally a mess of emotions whilst reading this.I don't normally cry during MC books but this one caused a few tears. A great mix of Thrills, violence, steamy sex, danger, dirty talking, Loyalty, heartbreak and Love.What more could you ask for?Definitely recommend this book, I'm so happy I got to read this. I also found a new Author to stalk so I'm a very happy girl indeed. X

  • Renee
    2019-04-06 07:47

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Three years ago Summer Oliver's was saved by Jackson "Joker" Taylor in her Uncles bar from unwanted advances of a guy who wouldn't take no for an answer. From that day in an intense summer of love, passion, and tragedy created their son Alex and sent Joker into such despair he pushed Summer away and went back to Knoxville Tennessee and his MC The Deadly Pistols. Having no intention of keeping his son from Joker but terrified at the man he's become and how he pushed her away Summer is doing the best she can to raise their son on her own. Life is as good as it can be until the night an enemy MC President shows up threatening her life and that of her son if she doesn't get close to Joker again. Joker has lived the last three years since tragedy struck either deep in a bottle of whiskey or with some strange club hookup. He's got a blood oath to fulfill and lives for the day he can finally get his revenge. Cold and calculating and uncaring for anything he has a fit when he sees Summer in Knoxville for the first time in three years and naturally becomes suspicious and pushes her away. Far far away until the night he discovers their son and vows to make her his again. Wow just wow!!!!! This book is amazing. I'm a huge MC reader. They are some of my favorite books of all time. Nicole Snow has blown me away with Never Have An Outlaw's Baby. This is my first book by Nicole Snow and my first read in the Deadly Pistols MC Series. Each book is written and can be read as a standalone. The characters in this book are ones your drawn to right away and fully invested in their stories. I loved both Summer and Joker. Summer is a strong female character raising a baby on her own and now fearing for her life. She's so in love with Joker and he with her until he pushed her away. Now there's no choice but for the two to see each other and Joker find out about their son Alex. This book is not lacking in the edge of your seat excitement and breath taking moments. I honestly found myself at times so emotional I didn't want to go on in case things didn't go the way I wanted me to. Which is funny because after a pause I went right on and loved every single second of this book. I am so sad it's over actually. Nicole Snow has written a book all MC lovers will absolutely devour. If you've never read a MC book before here's one that there's no way you can't love. I can't wait to read the previous books in this series and any that follow. Nicole Snow now has a place in my favorite authors list and I can't wait to experience more of her books.

  • Laurel Johnson
    2019-04-08 04:53

    OH WOW!!!! I love Nicole Snow's books and Joker and Summer's story may be my favorite yet.Joker is so alpha and all about taking care of business. Summer is 18 when they meet in her uncle's bar where she works. The preppy boys that give her a hard time are taken care of by Joker and his twin brother Piece. After some hot times together Joker thinks he should let Summer move on. She tries but things aren't what they appear and she is keeping a big secret from Joker. A rival gang is trying to take over and threaten Summer. Joker goes ballistic when his life gets turned upside down.What turns his life upside down? What happens when the rival gang threatens Summer? What is her secret? Who will survive all that is going down? All will be answered when you read this fantastic book, but be prepared for a truly alpha biker, some amazingly hot sex and lots of surprises!!I received an ARC for an honest review.Congratulations on another great book Nicole!!!

  • Jasmine
    2019-04-03 04:49

    The Queen of Filthy MC Bad Boys Does It Again! Never Have an Outlaw's Baby is the next book in the Deadly Pistols saga. This book is Joker's story and boy is it a crazy one. There is so much more to Joker than you'd ever imagine that made him into the man he was. The way he tried to protect Summer because he loved her even if it meant him breaking. Then him as a father which was so heartwarming. I loved moments with him and Alex. Nicole Snow had some jaw dropping moments in this book, the beginning and that bit at around 69% had me freaking SPEECHLESS!! I couldn't believe it! You have so much respect and admiration for Joker after you experience his story. Of course, this is Nicole Snow, so you KNOW Joker was as FILTHY as they come!! Her words leave you blushing and having dreams filled with your own dirty mouth biker boy. I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tammy
    2019-04-24 12:03

    I was given this book free for an honest review.... Wow holy hot scorning have to change your underwear... Was Summer crazy to fall I love with the bad ass biker Joker "Jackson" , she knew it was wrong and then when Joker has an issue and pushes Summer away at the first sign of trouble what was she to do except her fate from that night and try to move on and make the best of the circumstances. Three years later when Summer is put on the stop to try and reconnect with Joker for the safety of herself and her son, she tries but Joker the rude crude badass biker treats her horribly. Joker tries hard to fight his feelings for Summer and when he finds out about his son then he turns into a jerk. Amazing story loved this book and enjoyed reading it. This MC series is a great read.

  • Yessica Rivas
    2019-04-20 03:40

    I was given this Great Opportunity by Nicole Snow to read this book and give an Honest review:This is my first time reading a book by Nicole Snow and I Loved every part of the bookThe story is about Summer and Joker. Their journey is not easy, but at the end it was worth every step they took and they have their happy ending Thank you Nicole for giving me the chance to read your book I loved It and I want more (going to read 1 & 2 of this series) Its a great book that makes you love the characters and connect with them I did (I even cried a little). Tou have to read it you won't be disappointed

  • Sharon Richmond
    2019-04-12 04:38

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!Nicole Snow and her MC Series is down and dirty to the core, yet beautifully touching. Powerful and Intense. Family values no different than yours, maybe more. Blood Sweat and Tears but Love shall endure. What would you do or how far would you go to save the heart of what makes you whole? Squeal...Jackson "Joker" Taylor and Summer Olivers story is Awesome!!!!!Not for the faint of heart, strong language and sexual content with intense situations, the fan yourself ones, lol Definitely for Mature Readers only..High 5 stars from me. Reviewer for Nook Books and More.

  • Patty Vowell
    2019-04-06 11:56

    I received this book as a free ARC in return for an honest review...I'm pretty sure that this book is now my most favorite out of all of Nicole Snow's MC books and I loved them all. If you are familiar with the characters from her novels, this is the life story of "Joker", The "Veep" of the Deadly Pistols MC. It's a story filled with love, loss, happiness, anger, regret, revenge and second chances. I highly recommend this book to everyone

  • Brenda
    2019-04-25 07:06

    What can I say. Nicole Snow has done it again. It's frustrating because these macho men think they can't handle a child. Joker is a stubborn Ass! He could stay away from her. He's very devoted to his club and now his family. Great book. Love to hear how the other characters in the series are doing!